i think tumblr is eating my messages uh oh

angstymelon  asked:

... Can i get all the 50's.. >_> : >

Ye sure haha thanks friend!! :)

50. favourite picture of your idol: oh man this was so hard to choose but um maybe this one right now? 

51. starsign: Sagittarius!!

52. something i’m talented at: Uh… writing??? eating?? staying up too late??

53. 5 things that make me happy: friends, fangirling, animals, food, stories

54. something thats worrying me at the moment: hm. im worried somebody is gonna go through all my stuff tomorrow.

55. tumblr friends: In no particular order, these are some people I’ve talked to, and basically i immediately think we’re friends once we’ve messaged each other at least once, even if we never do again lol. @angstymelon, @mylasagnaisraw, @princeyandanxiety, @eriysa-p, @just-a-random-word, @godammiteren, @imin-loveanon, @liberalautisticnerd831, @evilmuffin, @pansexualroman, @dailyweirdoupat2am, @pancakesanders, @momfriendlogan, @pattonpending?

56. favourite food(s): Ohh um hmm dude i love food um…. Like.. maybe curry? It’s just so good.

57. favourite animal(s): Dogs, tigers, dolphins, snakes, etc etc, i love every animal :)

58. description of my best friend: a total babe who doesnt see how pretty or amazing she really is and i love her very much and she gives the best hugs and she’s very dramatic and funny and nice and smart and i just really love her <3 

59. why i joined tumblr: my sister lmao she made me an account and just told me to use it