i think those r all my tags yay

30 questions tag!!

the lovely @dabwons tagged me to answer 30 q’s! yay

  1. nickname: i don’t really have one!
  2. gender: female
  3. star sign: scorpio
  4. height: almost 5′8!
  5. time: 7:49 p.m
  6. birthday: november 16th
  7. favorite bands: monsta x, nct, vixx, exo.. i also still love all my baby emo bands like p!atd, bmth, ptv, chiodos~
  8. favorite solo artists: troye sivan, dua lipa,… those r like the only solo artists i listen to a lot sacjk
  9. song stuck in my head: new rules by dua lipa lmao
  10. last movie i watched: coraline i think
  11. last show i watched: the office/buzzfeed unsolved
  12. when i created my blog: december 2016
  13. what do i post: mx/nct, memes,… thirst posts
  14. last thing i googled: jon snow
  15. do you have other blogs: yes but the only sideblog i keep up with is my hate blog
  16. do you get asks: sometimes! 
  17. why did you choose your url: i love yuta and also the fact we share the same sign
  18. following: 541 (DAMN IT DOES NOT FEEL LIKE IT)
  19. followers: 323~
  20. favorite colors: black, deep red, brownish pink, mauve
  21. average hours of sleep: it really depends.. a lot of times like 10, but its usually during the day which is no bueno lmaoo
  22. lucky number: 6
  23. instruments: i wish 
  24. what am i wearing: a black t-shirt, adidas trackpants + slides
  25. how many blankets i sleep with: one
  26. dream job: i don’t have one.. prolly be a teacher tho
  27. dream trip: south america, east asia, australia..
  28. favorite food: anything.. sushi.. mexican food.. dominican food
  29. nationality: american (latinx + black)
  30. favorite song rn: i pretty much only cycle between the whole cherry bomb album

tagging! @dolltaeyong @rapgodjae @ytsgf @yutapricot @rosehyuck @prettyjaehyun @yteen if y’all want ~~~