i think those girls are dead


i. there’s a ghost standing at the foot of my bed and it’s you, it’s you, it’s you, it was you ii. i can’t stop thinking of all the things i should’ve done that i never did, all the things that i should’ve said that i never said iii. say goodbye and don’t look back, so long to happy every after iv. all those words we wrote are just the rules of the game, and the rules are the first to go v. your disappearing act is getting harder to bear vi. and i’ve forgotten just how you smell, i only remember i loved it so well vii. if you are chased by a nightmare i will dive into your dreams, and if you are followed by old ghosts i will watch them till they leave viii. follow me back home, ‘cause the night is young and i’m tired of being alone
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  • Commissioner James Gordon: [to teenaged Barbara Gordon] I had a friend who used to smoke. Know what he's doing now? He's dead. You think smoking looks cool, let's go dig him up and see how cool he looks now.
  • [later]
  • Commissioner James Gordon: You know, there was a girl in our school... And she had premarital sex. Know what she did on her graduation day? Died! Of a heroin overdose!
  • Barbara Gordon: Dad? Are any of your friends alive?
  • Commissioner James Gordon: The smart ones.
  • [even later]
  • Commissioner James Gordon: I guess you'd prefer we listen to that punk rock music I've been reading about. You know those Sex Pistols? They spit on their audience! Yep, that's what I wanna do. Spend my hard earned money to be spit on. Now that's entertainment... Elvis didn't expectorate on his fans.
  • Barbara Gordon: No. But he died on the toilet.
  • Commissioner James Gordon: Well, that's paradise compared to where the Sex Pistols are gonna end up.
Got7 Ideal Type

A/N - An anon asked about Got7′s preference in girl (girly/badass/in between) so here’s my opinions! Again, these are my opinions so they obviously don’t reflect the boy’s views just what I think they’d like 😊 ALSO CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT MV HOLY CRAP THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL I LOVE THEM AND I AM DEAD (also Jaebum is trying to be my bias again and idk if I’m okay with that)

So Jinyoung and Yugyeom would prefer someone who’s more of a ‘girly girl’ and has more of an innocent look. I think they like girls who look soft and cute and wear more dresses and skirts. They’d still date other girls but I think that would just be their preference.

The members who’d prefer a girl who dresses more badass/sexy would be Bambam and JB. I can definitely see those two liking girls who wear much darker and less feminine clothes than the girls Jinyoung and Yugyeom like. Ripped jeans, leather jackets, anything that gives them an edgier look.

The three members who I think would be inbetween or indifferent would be Mark, Youngjae and Jackson. Those three wouldn’t really mind how a girl dressed as long as she felt comfortable in it. Some days they might lean more towards the sexier and edgier clothing and other days they might prefer a more innocent look.

I still think one of the best Aria theories is that Ezra, whilst writing his book, found out about Aria being uber A then decided to join her. Ezra even said that he was happy Charlotte was dead. Those two are so shady. It’s my belief that Aria has been involved since the start, but became a lot darker around season 3. I think it’s possible that Aria was in Radley at some point, there’s even hints to this. So is it possible that she knew Charlotte and perhaps even Mary? Eddie Lamb sure as hell recognised her. Then he went missing the next day. Also I have my own theory that Aria has been writing the story of what’s been happening to the girls and in her story she’s A. She did have a conversation with Ezra once about something she was writing and she said that it started off different but now she thinks the villain might win. She seemed weirdly happy about this. Aria lives in a fantasy world through her writing, maybe she started to forget what was real.

I bet Sherlock has scars too.

You know the scene where he’s in the doorway of 221B with the girl with the cane before they go get chips? I keep thinking about it and Sherlock’s mental health from how he was acting.
The way he notices, or guesses, her scars makes me think he has some up his sleeves. It makes sense when you think about his unhealthy coping mechanisms and all he’s lost. And he stays with her to keep her from harming herself like someone who’s experienced it before.
I think when Sherlock is talking to the girl with the cane (whoever she really is) HE needs to hear those words too. I mean, look at him. He is basically dead to his best friend, but he is still putting himself through hell to save John, without knowing if it would even work. He’s alone and feels like shit, there’s no end in sight and it’s probably just going to get worse. Maybe the scene by the water where he throws her gun is a wake up call to Sherlock too, to remind him his life isn’t just his own, it’s John’s too, and they’re the ones who will miss him and not be saved if he’s not there. And that Mary saved him on purpose, because he is worthy of being saved.

Better Than This

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Better Than This
Genre: Angst

You wandered around the house looking for Jay. He disappeared a while ago, and last time you saw him he was quite a few drinks in. You were just worried that he was going to end up passing out somewhere.

You were never a fan of the huge blowouts that AOMG threw. You weren’t even sure what the occasion was, you rarely did. Those guys just liked to party. When you finally found a familiar face you smiled, hurrying to him. “Kiseok, have you seen Jay?”

Kiseok had his arms around two girls as he relaxed by the pool. Seeing you, he greeted you with a smile, his hands instantly dropping from around the girls. “Jay? Uh-Last I saw he was with ChaCha”

You sighed “Chacha left a few hours ago…Jay’s not answering his phone. Do you think he’s ok?”

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HAVE YOU SEEN NAYEON's YONCE FANCAM YET?? Omg I think Im swerving to her, I cant. Pls You need to make a quote appreciating Nabongs sexiness bcs most people just see her as a cute Bunny-- but when that girl unleashes sexy Nayeon its game over.


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I can't buy Glinda as a good witch when she wants Lucas to murder the woman that he loves. So what if she's jealous of Dorothy? Girl is innocent! She risked her life to save him! Shouldn't that matter more to Glinda than her bruised ego? Or maybe she thinks if Dorothy's dead she can claim East's ruby gauntlets from her? Those things are super powerful and I bet Glinda would want them for herself.

Well I think that’s the point: that Glinda isn’t entirely good despite appearances and, for the audience, despite previously associating her as an absolutely pure character. I think it’s a mix of jealousy and wanting to be rid of someone who made an attempt on her life that’ll make her antagonize Dorothy.

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So this may be a weird question, but i just thought of it and i live your dbz headcanons, so. Since Goku was dead at the time, who do you think was the best man at Krillin and 18's wedding?

My guess is probably Yamcha, honestly. Like if Goku had been alive at the time he would’ve been Krillin’s first pick hands down, those two are best friends and have been for eons. But Krillin’s pretty close with Yamcha, too. I mean I think everyone’s pretty close with Yamcha; he seems like the sort of guy that hasn’t got much trouble making friends (that aren’t girls). But they studied under the same martial arts master, they’ve known each other for a long time, they were both The Single Friend™ for a while and I think they commiserated with each other about that.

And more than that, I think Yamcha would be one of the few people Krillin would trust to not screw up the best man duties. The best man and/or maid/matron of honour have a lot of responsibilities, and of the group I think Krillin would look around and go “yeah I’m going to go with the guy whose dream is to get married instead of one of the Emotionally Constipated Manly Men™, the literal child, or the perverted old man who was basically my father figure for most of my life, because my fiancee told me that if he had anything to do with the actual ceremony she would leave my ass at the altar and rightfully so.” (Side note: Roshi is not allowed to have anything to do with weddings ever. Ever.) But Yamcha? Yamcha’s probably the most normal guy in the group, or at least fights Krillin for that title on a regular basis. Yamcha understands weddings, and the importance of them, and how important it is to have the bride and groom happy on their big day, and how they work in general.

tl;dr Yamcha was Krillin’s best man because nobody else was qualified and they are Turtle School Bros.

Why We Should Listen to Ezra!

New clues and theory alert! So, we all know that Ezra was spying on the girls for the longest time, gathering informations, folders, notebooks and at some point Aria discovers all of this and ends up reading a lot of his notes. I decided to screen shot many of those pages and let me tell you, there’s some interesting stuff in there. Now, the show explains (and at this point we all think Ali is dead) that Ezra believed that one of the girls were involved with whatever happened that night. And for the most part, after the girls discover all this information, they do nothing about it and Ezra’s knowledge is never put to good use. Well, I am here to say that we should be listening to Ezra, because he makes some pretty valid points and honestly, I think he was on to something. 

Personally, I think there has to be a reason why he chose to approach Aria out of all the other girls. As we’ve seen both Spencer and Hanna have been into older guys, but he chooses to befriend Aria and while I don’t necessarily think she’s A, I feel like there’s more going on with her than we know. 

In episode 4X22 the girls are together discussing Ezra and everything he did, including the book he had been writing. See, I love the opening scene of this episode because it raises some important questions and clues. 

Let’s begin. Spencer asks Aria if she read the book, but she responds that she only read a few pages. 

Aria goes on to explain that Ezra knew who she was and who they all were when she met him. The girls exclaim that he must know about A or must be A, or must have had something to do with Alison’s murder. While Aria explains that he probably didn’t because his whole book is about trying to discover who the murderer is. 

When Spencer asks Aria what Ezra’s theory was, Aria explains that he believes one of the four girls had something to do with it. The girls go on the defensive, but Aria even more so. Spencer demands to know who he thinks hurt Alison, while Aria says she never asked because she knew it wasn’t true. 

Alrighty, we’re all caught up so far. So tell me, isn’t it interesting that while Aria has the opportunity to check who he thinks is Ali’s murderer (and he has literally been watching these girls for “years” as she put it) she does not check because she thinks ‘it’s not true.’ Honestly, that seems like a bogus excuse. Which leads me to the conclusion that Aria actually knows more about that night than she would actually like to and she is not telling the girls. Because Ezra, my friends, was on the right track. 

You see there are two different story lies that will be explained by the end of this show. What the hell happened 'that night’ and who and why A is! While I don’t think Ezra knew who A was or is, I do believe he had discovered a great deal in terms of the girls and that night. Which leads me to my next observation:

When Aria goes through all of Ezra’s things in 4X22, she comes across a notebook that specifically has information, details and facts about her life. The camera pans through these quickly but let’s look at these pages one by one!

So, these are the facts that Ezra has on Aria. She’s independent, artistic and in some ways the odd ball. Now here’s something that caught my eye! 3 YEARS IN ICELAND…wait WHAT?! There was one year between Ali’s disappearance and the show’s beginning. Aria says she just came back from Iceland. So we assume she’s been gone for 1 year. Where did Ezra get 3 years from?!!!! 

If we continue reading we see that he states that she tends to be interested in older guys (which older guys?) and tends to carry on multiple relationships at the same time. That’s weird. 

But the background information continues in the next page!

Ahh so some information about “that night.” Finally! So the girls do go look for Alison. It’s interesting that he states “A FEW YEARS GO BY - GROUP SPLITS UP.” Once again, I thought they were only separated for one year (????). But Ezra says differently. After Ali has apparently gone missing, a few years go by. What?! 

In the next page, Ezra explains that a possible motive for revenge on Ali would be the Jenna Thing. He suggests a boyfriend of Jenna’s or Toby. But unlike his other notes, these notes make sense on the timeline. The Jenna thing happened before Ali disappeared and thus, his timeline does not seem to be wrong. So what’s going on here?

Now, Ezra is kind of like one of us: a theorist! Lol. And just like us, he has his eye on Jason. Supposedly drunk the night of Ali’s disappearance but also had so many pictures of Aria. You said it Ezra, creepy! (I know, Ezra was kinda doing the same thing lol)

It’s clear through his notes on Jason, and even Caleb below, that Ezra really did have his eye on everything and he knew how Jenna was observing the girls and what talents Caleb possessed. If you look closely you can see he writes, “Whether or not Caleb’s working with Jenna, his technical skills could come [in handy].” Is it possible that Caleb might have helped Ezra with his computer watching and hacking plans? 

Ezra! Why are you so smart? He knew, unlike the girls, that Mona was not A and he also knew that a new A had emerged. He knew there was a “new A.”

In the last of the pages we get to see, we see that he describes a close call with the girls and that Aria does not suspect a thing. 

See, these are all clues and facts about Aria and that night and Rosewood never get discovered. Why? Because besides Ezra who wrote all of this, Aria never tells the girls what she reads. She just brushes it off. And then, after reading all of this she destroys Ezra’s apartment. You could say, it makes sense that she destroys everything because she was betrayed but it almost seems that reading everything caused her to have a panic attack. 

After looking through all of Ezra’s notes, I realized that what he had been writing was not silly nonsense. He was really trying to piece together what happened that night but the show never mentions his books again and thus we forget. But I think he chose to approach Aria because he knew she knew something, more so than the other girls. I think that the person he suspected of killing Alison was Aria. 

At the end of the episode, A is reading Ezra’s chapter that Aria dropped. You can see it below and it’s actually AMAZINGLY INTERESTING. I’ll transcribe it, in case you can’t read it. It reads:

“Danger. That was Alison. Alison was different. She’d walk into a room and the room would take note and if heads didn’t turn, they were bound to roll.

She was heaven in hell. A chilling inferno. Deliciously wicked, when standing with saints. Hopelessly innocent yet laughing with sin. The capability to touch you as softly as only a child could, shaded by the power to drive you to fury filled by the wrath of a vengeful old man. No shock that she’s lost… not a wonder she’s gone. Less that she’s talked about long after her day. She’d make you laugh but rather you cry. And believe me…you would. But only in time… and always on hers. As lovable they come and as cruel as the world’s ever known.

Perhaps Aria knows best. She was the first to reveal herself to me. Or perhaps I was the one to reveal myself to her. The setting as ironic as the meeting itself, but there she sat, in the same stool as her friend, a year after her disappearance. She hadn’t a clue, as she sat their unmoved, pretending to be someone else… beyond her years. Something I couldn’t help but think she’d learned from Alison.”

Wow wow wow. That last paragraph really got to me. Because I always saw Aria as so independent, I guess I never realized the similarities she had with Alison. How she seems so much older than her years and how she pretends, just like Alison did when she first met Ezra. If that’s not some amazing insight, i don’t know what is. 

All I can say is, is that all of Ezra’s notes and writings show how much detail there is behind each and every character and how there is so much we actually don’t know about the characters. I can’t wait to see if Iceland will be explained in the future!

That’s it for now :) but please let me know, did you find anything I missed in these pages and Aria’s behavior?! 

What did you find interesting about Ezra’s notes, clues, and writing? 

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Doesn't Vega kinda look like Strength from Black Rock Shooter? I saw a gif post about her today and I came to think about Vega haha

✿ Sort of, yeah! That’s a pretty common “anime color palette” though - white hair with warm colored eyes and dark skin. Vega is also way taller than Strength, and has a different haircut. 

and they’d never be caught dead in those stockings.

Strength is actually my favorite among the BRS girls! I’m really into her huge gauntlets that she walks around on, and her skeletal tail. If I could get any Black Rock Shooter figurine, it’d be one of her.

anonymous said: Would you be up for trying like an art challenge or something? For example trying out different styles, or doing everything on one layer etc.? I would love to see it if you do!

✿ Ooh, maybe! …Though I actually tend to work on one layer already, so I’d have to do a style mimicry or something. There are plenty of styles I’d be interested in trying to mimic.

anonymous said:  do you have any tips for keeping characters in character? 

✿ Try to hear a character’s dialogue “in their voice”. Now, that works better if you speak the language of the VA (or if they have a VA at all) but when I’m trying to write dialogue, I try to “hear” what it’d sound like in the character’s voice. It can sometimes keep you on the right track.

Also, as tempting as it is to just mimic a character’s speech style in canon, that can often lean to boring, overused dialogue. Like - for example, don’t have Seven always calling himself “God 707″! Extrapolate from the jokes he makes in canon to come up with more material. That’ll keep the character feeling “fresh” and “lifelike”.

A good place to start with “keeping a character in character” is just… asking yourself questions. “Why does said character act like they do in canon?”, then look at your own writing, and ask yourself why the character is acting the way they are. Do those motivations/thought processes match up? If not, why? Asking yourself questions and putting a character’s personality into words is the first step to really identifying their core essence, and once you know that, it’s a lot easier to keep a character consistent. 

I hope that maybe helped a little?

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I think if I could recommend a book for you, would be "The diary of a young girl" (Anne Frank), have you read it? If so, I would love to know your perspective about those lines ❤. I saw a documentary about her life and I believe is a very interesting point of view from everything that was happening at that time. This is definitely a book that deeply touched me. Last but not least, a powerful quote "Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude.".

Of course I’ve read it. WWII is part of my personal history.

It’s a very true quote, and sad. It’s very fitting when it comes to holocaust, refugee crisis that is happening right now, and every interpersonal situation, for example gay teenagers killing themselves due to bullying and parental negligence of their problems.

I wish there was more appreciation of life, when it lasts. We tend to forget cherishing the people we love, we take them for granted, until it’s too late to give them flowers and see the light in their eyes. (The Catholic tradition of decorating the graves with flowers and candles)…

I wish humans learned from history, but I understand the complexity of the world and life. A miserable person cannot show love and appreciation to the other, because they don’t know how. I’ve been reading and watching Holocaust researches,literature, and films (in Darkness by Holland, highly recommended), also from the perpetrator’s point of view. And it’s my personal observation that people who harm other people are the ones who are hurt the most (something like Voldemort. His soul was already shattered). As if hate was merely the absence of love.

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the dead girl walking demo is good but it lacks "whered u find my address - i tHINK YOU TORE MY MATTRESS" and jd's tiny "ok ok" so therefore it is Lacking

true. i posted these all at once so i didn’t listen to most of them before hand and i scrubbed through it to see if jd was in the song and i was looking for those exact lines and they weren’t there so i jut assumed he wasn’t in it at all.

I’m a little upset right now.

I was debating abortion with a couple girls at my college. Don’t get me wrong, they were the most open minded and respectful pro choicers I ever met. They didn’t resort to name calling or tried to shut me up. It was a nice change from how debates with pro choicers usually go.

However they kept saying how abortion would be better than

- having a disability
- being abused
- being poor

All things I am/ were.

They were sitting across from trying to convince me that those people would be better off dead.

One of them openly admitted abortion was an act of killing, yet saw no moral implications in the act of abortion.

It’s a sad world when we think those who are poor, disabled or abused are better off dead, or not existing.

One of the girls even admitted that she saw her life as more important than a fetus. Because her future was more important.

It’s a sad world when someone has the mentality that your education, plans or dreams justify murder.

Please pray and work to end not only abortion, but the dehumanizing mentality of it.

What the fuck is with the Sushi Pack characters though

Like it shows that they have family, but they’re all realistic animals. The salmon guy has actual salmon family, who don’t have humanoid figures like him. Same goes for the crab girl, and the other two sea creature ones. So why are they different?

Then I started thinking “hey, they’re literally sentient sushi, which has those animals in them as food”

So every member of the Sushi Squad is a dead fish/crustacean that was somehow resurrected when they were made into sushi. How fucking traumatic must that be? That’s pretty dark for a little kids show

For the wasabi guy, he was never even sentient to begin with. He went from complete nothingness to a fully aware living being in an instant. What the fuck.

i want to tell you what it feels like, because it is eating me alive from the inside out. have you ever seen those trees rotted from too much rain and anguish? that’s what the crevice of my ribcage looks like: riddled with holes, air whistling through the cracks in my slowly-beating heart.

they say that your stomach is filled with butterflies when you meet someone you love, but all i’ve got is rust under my fingernails and something evil and dark and burning;

i want to tell you what it feels like not because i think it will hurt less but probably because i know it will not - because i know that no matter what i do, a dead girl is walking around in my skin and i need someone to remind her to get back in her casket.

—  have you heard about my nightmares? // (h.q.)

me: so i wasn’t gonna do this, but now i really think we need a picture together.
mark: okay!
me: so you know those dead twin girls from the shining?
mark: yeah..
me: so you know how they hold hands and look all creepy and just stare at the camera?
mark: yeahhh……
me: so i think we should do that.
mark: …..
mark: …….
mark: okay!
me: but you have to really get your creepy on.
mark: okay, i know.
mark: wait, is my head in the frame?
mark: turn the flash on!
mark: you should stand like that.
mark: you can’t see our hands, hold the phone like that.
mark: okay i think this one’s good!

A Dark Ali

K episode 10 of season 5s title . A.D? In our face the whole time? And I think it’s interesting because she did threaten Cyrus in this episode and look what happened to him.

I think it’s also interesting that in the Christmas episode she is the one that had a dream of her mother in the black widow uniform. I don’t believe the Sara Harvey crap at all. Ali was the original red coat with her Vivian Darkbloom get up and more than likely her mom or Mary or who ever that secret lair belongs to at aunt carols house , is the real black widow.

That’s just further proof that Alison has always known more than what she has lead on. How do we still nit know what she has been up to those years she was missing? It’s a real convenient way for her to keep an eye on everyone . Complete invisibility when everyone thinks ur dead.

I think she has always hated spencer knowing the truth about her. Why else would a girl like Alison pick such a polar opposite person to be friends with?

We still don’t know why she needed to seduce Holbrook in order to change the lie detector test.

And As much as I think cece lied in 610 I totally think Ali lied in A is for Answers, also a very interesting title. Did we get “ answers” from A?

I think season 5 in general is very damning evidence for Alison. She had to change from stalking them for years to being their “friend.” We saw a few slip up s like the text in season 5 where Ali almost signed her text -A to the girls.

A has always stood for Alison no matter who was under the hoodie previously.

Think the show coming full circle meaning it started with Alison it’s going to end with Alison.

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how old are you if you don't mind me asking?

I’m 38. Almost dead.
And yes, I feel strange when I read about all those girls from the other TW and Cody fanblogs that are just 17 and 19 and I think: Well, I could be their dad. So call me daddy.

Mentally I feel like 17 :D

tokyopt replied to your link “Chapter 7 of Those Three Words - azriona - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)…”

This chapter revived me from my deadness, but if this is the last chapter I might just die again. ������

Last full chapter, but there’s an epilogue tonight that should wrap everything up nicely.


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It’s wonderful! About russian name Sasha, it’s for boys and girls, we use same short for Alexander or Alexandra

Oh, you’re right, I forgot about that! Silly me. Thank you for reminding me! I’ll think about how to fix that.


gyntare replied to your link “Chapter 7 of Those Three Words - azriona - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)…”

But Misha in russian is not a girl’s name, just short for Michael.. my language is strange :-D

Oh, you speak Russian! My verbal Russian is terrible, and I can’t write it at all. My husband’s close to fluent, though, and luckily he’s amused when I ask him to translate things like “Darling, I will now proceed to skate the pants off you.”