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Changes Underway

One of my co-workers is looking for a new job, and today we were trying to figure out what’s going to happen to the schedule after she leaves. It’s looking like I’m going to be working (5) 10-hour days per week instead of (4), at least until we get another full-time person hired.

Also, Nick starts a new job early next month, and he’s going to be going down to California to see his folks the week before he starts. Which happens to be the week before my schedule gets heavy. And I happen to have asked for a couple (extra) days off while he’s gone.

I’m thinking I’m going to van camp with Ivan on those extra days and go in the woods and get lost. I hope the weather is good. Now I just need to decide: Coast, Mountains, or Gorge?

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Three things I know 1) Jesper reads to Wylan. Funny voices, grand hand motions, the whole thing 2) Sometimes when Jesper is 'working himself into a sulk' Wylan will just sort of sit near him and draw just so Jesper isn't alone 3) Wylan kisses Jesper first

Oh my god I just died a little bit. Yes, yes and yes to all of the above holy shit. You are a wonderful person anon and I’m with you on all of it and everything else involving those two being adorable as hell.

Kobayashi's Commentary on The Last (A few points, at least)

Thanks to scans from the program guide provided by rieriebee, I’ve looked over what director Tsuneo Kobayashi had to say about The Last. I didn’t have time to get through a full translation tonight, so here are a few notes from it:

  • It was decided in the first meeting that this would be a romance movie instead of an action movie after it was requested that the main character would be Naruto instead of a guest character. They decided that romance was what Naruto was lacking.
  • After the scarf idea was introduced, they came up with the scene where Naruto and Hinata are running through the space with all of their memories together in the glowing bubbles, and then came up with a story that would tie to that scene.
  • He talks about the visuals for this movie being different from those of previous Naruto movies. He also mentions that the scene where Naruto confesses to Hinata has a color scheme like a Gogh painting, specifically mentioning the blue spring and the glowing golden butterflies. (I think he’s referring to “Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh, with those colors.)
  • Mentions the flashbacks in the genjutsu scene where Naruto finally realizes Hinata’s feelings to be in non-chronological order like a puzzle… though he doesn’t say anything about it that wouldn’t be evident from watching.
  • Toneri was initially going to have an image like Johnny Depp as “Scissorhands.” (Lol.) Says that because Toneri lived by himself on the moon since he was a kid and can’t understand the feelings of others, he lacks romance for reasons different from Naruto’s.
  • Confirms again that Kishimoto checked the scenario, gave them advice, and came up with some of the important lines.

Hopefully I can finish translating this soon. (And those waiting for novel updates, please be patient for a little bit longer!)

we drifted towards the storm

we watched the day go by, stories of all we did // aos next gen series
gen. cocreated with siimmons.

Twenty-something years in the future Ace Peterson is given his own Shield team. He accidentally recruits a lot of prodigies. ao3.

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