i think those are the few who sang


Good morning, lovely people. It’s April 23rd! Do you know what that means?! Well, today, it is 1 year since I gave birth to our precious little ones, Noah and Lumi. I’ll give you a moment to let it sink in. Yes, it did take me a good while to finally come to terms with it. We no longer have any ‘babies’ in the house. And I’ll admit it, it feels kind of nice. Less stressful than when Aiden was turning 1, that’s for sure!

I am sure that some of you probably did expect a big birthday party, right? And don’t worry, we will definitely celebrate. But it will just be a small, quiet and calm little family event - all of my siblings will be coming over, and Damian’s mother will be here, too! We did plan on doing a bigger party for them, but the truth is, they won’t even remember it anyways. So, we have decided to just do a small party for them this time, and then do a bigger one next time, when they’ll be older. We also have Max who will be three next month, and Aiden will be two in June. With them, we have decided to do a party for both of them on May 20th, and we already know who to invite. We’re very excited for that. Yes, our children are growing up!

We did wake the kids up a little earlier, to prepare for when the guests will come. We all sang Happy Birthday To You for Noah and Lumi, and let them open a few little presents in the morning, and it was kind of hilarious. I don’t think they have ever looked so confused before, haha. But yeah, that’s about that. We no longer have children under 1 year of age. No newborns. I hate to admit it, but I kinda miss when they were all small babies. And no, we don’t plan on getting pregnant anytime soon - just letting it out there for those who I am sure would ask us!

[Rough Trans] Conversation of Yonghwa and IU at IU’s Small Theatre Concert cr 爱茸花花的小小詹 / Please credit when repost

[ After IU & Yonghwa sang “Friday” ]

YH: Hi Everyone! I’m Jung Yonghwa~
IU: You seemed nervous
YH: The staff said the segment I’m singing along today is supposed to be a fans sing-along session session
IU: Yes it is, it’s suppose to be sing-along part with fans
YH: asked me to be careful
IU: He sang well right?
Audience: Yes!!
YH: Really nervous, previously I sang the national anthem, seems like I’m even more nervous that that now
IU: so I heard you’ve prepared the National Anthem

[ YH sang National Anthem ]

IU: I saw the clip of you singing the National Anthem too. Singing National Anthem (infront of everyone) is really hard… how many people were there?
YH: That day was the day they were giving out Ryu Han Jin’s free bobbly head toy, initially it wasn’t fully seated, but when it officially started, there were about 40000 people
IU: Singing the National Anthem infront of 40000 people?
YH: Really it is, how do I put it… I’ve never been this nervous my entire life
IU: After I’ve seen the clip, I felt that, Wow… he sang really well. But today you kept saying you’re nervous
YH: Seems like I’m more nervous that that
IU: You said that you’re more nervous singing in places you’re not familiar in?
YH: You know where I’m singing right? I was waiting backstage and it’s the first time I’ve experienced this. I had held concerts before but I’ve never thought that male fans cheer can filled with so much power (I think this part Yonghwa was to IU’s male fans screaming before the concert)
IU: But there’s a lot of female audiences today too! Ladies please scream~
YH: Haha, never thought that female fans can be so strong too

IU : I think its the first time we are having a conversation like that right? Usually on TV broadcast, we only converse one or two sentences. I think it’s the first time we are having a official proper conversation

YH: Officially?
IU: How is it? I’m feeling a little awkward
YH: Yes, its a little awkward
IU: I have to speak in formal and it’s a little awkward, I worried about it, we haven’t work before. During rehearsal, I kept feeling nervous, I thought what do I do if I’m really nervous, but we still sing well right?
Audience: Yes!!!!

YH: Really nervous, completely nervous… We sang better without rehearsal
IU: Ay don’t lie~ It’s really a blast ~
YH: That was to make you feel less nervous
IU: So I was less nervous because of Yonghwa-sshi. He is really a dependent friend to me. He plays the guitar well, he composes well. If I writes a new song, I will let him listen to it. When I first wrote Friday, I played the “guide” version for Yonghwa-sshi, at that time he gave me negative comments

YH: Me? IU-sshi, you’re still misunderstood until now
IU: We even fought on the phone
YH: I think it was only the difference in speaking tone, let me tell all of you what happened. Everyone please do not be misunderstood. It wasn’t negative comments at all. When I first hear the demo of “Friday”, i thought “wow…there’s a hongdae feel to the song” (i think he meant, the song sounds like a song that can be heard from the buskers in hongdae) In the past, we have those mini sites, and I said, this would be a good song to be a background music of those mini sites, I said something like that without any bad intentions.

IU: Nope.. Yonghwa-sshi said my lyrics were too commercialize, and when I heard, I said I wrote it with my heart! When the final product is out, Yonghwa-sshi said that the song is very nice, and it will be really popular

YH: Really! I’ve heard Friday for many thousand times, I really like it~

IU: (Yonghwa-sshi) really a friend I’m thankful for, in a lot of areas, he is a precious friend to me, so today I would like to recommend him to everyone as a guest of my last concert… You just returned to Korea yesterday right?

YH: Oh no, 2 days ago.. Since a year ago, IU-sshi had been telling me she want to hold concerts at a small threatre, from then she had been looking for people (as guests) saying “you have to come and join me” At that time I said, okay. This year, I’m really a guest at her small threatre concert here

IU: He came without any hesitation
YH: Everyone had been looking forward for the last day of concert, and in the end I came….
IU: No.. everyone is happy right? As my fans, I know the best that they’ll enjoy it. Yonghwa-sshi brought your guitar today… What are you going to sing today?

YH: Yes, today…
IU: What are you going to sing?
YH: It’s not my concert today but its IU-sshi’s concert, I’ll sing songs everyone is familiar… I was asking IU-sshi about the songs I should prepare, she said anything will do, so I just prepared a few~ Please sing along with me if you know the songs, if you don’t know just follow the mouthing of those people who knows~ Haha, and if you can give me some applause, i will be even more thankful~

YH: Ah~ I’m so nervous~ Everyone will sing with me right?

[ Yonghwa Sings You & I + Love Light ]

IU: Yonghwa-sshi, you’ve prepared before you came right?
YH: Just now I heard someone said they want to listen to it, so I sang thinking about that
IU: Yonghwa-sshi is really smart. Awhile ago during rehearsal, he too sang like that with a fuss-free and refreshing feel. It’s a simple singing way, but I’m surprised he prepared so much~ Yonghwa-sshi really… Let’s give him another round of applause~ He’s really a singer!
YH: Now the mood’s better, I’ll continue~
IU: Oh Really?!

[ Yonghwa Sings I’m A Loner (Unplugged) ]

IU: Yonghwa-sshi’s really my good friend, I’m thankful~ Seems like everyone can’t get enough, but it’s time we send Yonghwa off ~

YH: It’s time to leave??? [ Yonghwa Sings Love Tell Me Why Why Why ]

[ Continues with one line of Intuition]

IU: I’m really thankful, say something to our audience~
YH: I appeared abruptly today… but I’m thankful I can be part of this meaningful event mingling with audiences in a close distance. Because it’s the last concert today, IU-sshi will be singing for everyone with all she has, hope everyone will have fun, making beautiful memories with IU-sshi. I’m really thankful, please come to my concert next time!

Original Trans by 爱茸花花的小小詹 (http://www.weibo.com/p/1001603716822967927453)

Eng Trans by Flyfurryfly
Audio posted by Sotong_Q

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The Gardens of Lorien

(First off, for anyone confused: we’re talking here about the Lorien that exists in Valinor - it’s the dwelling-place of two of the Valar, Irmo and Este. These gardens were a source of inspiration for Galadriel in Lothlorien, which is why the names are so similar.)

Tolkien gives us a few snippets of description, scattered throughout the Silmarillion, which I’ve found to be enough to really get the imagination going. Tolkien makes clear from the beginning that the gardens of Lorien were “fairest of all places in the world.” As far as actual details, though, what we know is this:

  • “filled with many spirits” What, exactly, this means is a little unclear, as Tolkien doesn’t often talk about “spirits.” Based on other comments, though, I think he means Ainur - it’s known that the Valar and Maiar spent time in the gardens, usually in order to relax and “ease the burden of Arda.”
  • “the tree-shadowed lake of Lorellin” Apparently the gardens are large enough to include an entire lake - and a lake large enough for there to be an island in the middle. This island is where Este sleeps during the day.
  • “the pools of Este” Presumably these are separate from the lake.
  • “the fountains of Irmo and Este” Tolkien doesn’t describe the fountains, though he does say that from them “all those who dwell in Valinor draw refreshment.” Also, in the early days, it’s said that the fountains would stop during the twilight hours (when the light of the two trees mingled together) so that everyone could hear Melian singing. Which, I think, implies that there were enough to create steady background noise.
  • “the trees that flower” and “silver willows” I mean, they’re the gardens of Lorien, so plants are implied. But these two quotes are as detailed as Tolkien gets in that area.
  • “the nightingales sang there” The nightingales are mentioned a few times, so I’d say they’re definitely a highlight of the Gardens of Lorien experience. It’s said that Melian taught them to sing, and that they were especially known to follow her around.

Basically, I imagine the most beautiful, and most peaceful (like, make you want to lay down and take a nap kind of peaceful) gardens ever, then multiply it by a couple thousand, and you’ll probably get the gardens of Lorien.

SOURCES: The Silmarillion