i think those are a thing

moral dilemma in a video game
  • npc: you can kill this evil person.........or NOT kill them
  • player: i think i will not kill them
  • npc: well done! you did the Right Thing! here's a gold star! we learned a very important lesson today, and that's killing certain people is bad. all those mooks you shot on the way here were fine though. don't worry about them.

Do the craziest things
Things the conservative shudder at the thought of. Sing your heart out. Dance your sole off. Cry your sadness away. Don’t think about what others will say or how they will look at you.

Those who love you,
Will love you still
Those no longer,
never will.

—  Me (jnh). You are beautiful, no matter what. I swear it.

For those who have been wondering, the Alien and UFO chewables should be available in early April. The molds are complete and I’ve approved samples and colors so we’re nearly there!

Also, ring sizes that are out of stock will be back in stock in about a week. 

And the “giveaway a day” will happen in April. One thing I’ve been thinking about is supporting some Autistic artists by incorporating their items into the giveaways so if you’re an artist/crafter with an online shop or know of someone who is, please send me a message (a Tumblr chat message thingee or email through the contact link on Stimtastic’s website is better than A tumblr ask because I can look back at links and such easily) and I’ll try to include as many as possible. 


Summary: bucky forgets but your love can make him come back to you.

Warnings: angst, fluff, language, break down + lots of crying (its not as bad as it looks like)

Pairing : Bucky x reader x a bit of Steve

A/n: thus is only a little something which I’m not sure about… As always… So leave feedback!!! Pretty please😊😘

When you chose to stay with bucky you knew what was possible to happen. He could have had a nightmare. He could have hurt you. He could have killed you. You knew all these things could have happened but none of those imaginations could’ve ever stopped you from loving him. No matter what he would have done, you would have forgave him. Although, what did happen was much worse than anything that you ever could’ve expected. 

You lay awake thinking as you heard soft whispers coming from the person besides you. You listened closely trying yo make out if it was a nightmare or a good dream he was having. 

You turned a little so you could face Bucky and in that moment the whispers dyed down. You looked from his lips up to his eyes and jumped a bit as you saw him intensely starring at you. His eyes twitched to your left hand brought up by you to touch and gently stroke his cheek.

 He flinched away at the slightest touch, your skin touched his, your fingers feeling like a feather. You didn’t even touch him properly but he flinched away as if you just sent a hit straight to his face. 

He looked at you in horror , eyes wide opened and lips pressed together in a tight line making concern wash over your features. 

You forced your tired body to slowly sit up and narrow your burning eyes so you could see something In the dark of the night. Your lids tried to fall close but you didn’t let them as you stared down at bucky. 

You attempted to touch him, to reassure him, to make him believe you were real but all your attempts got declined by him. He just laid back down onto his back staring at the emptiness of the blank ceiling.

You knew you shouldn’t talk to him when he was in this state, the danger about him thinking you we’re hydra and only wanted to fool him was too big, but you didn’t know what else to do. You tried to choose your words wisely as they came out of your mouth just above a whisper. 

“Bucky… Can you talk to me?“ 

You knew you didn’t have to ask if he was alright, you saw he wasn’t but after he just continued laying down and staring at the ceiling without even acknowledging you, your whole body started to tense up and you got really concerned and worried.

“Bucky I need you to talk to me” you urged now making him turn his head to you in a fast motion as if you snapped him out of his daze.

 His eyes grew wide once again and he looked at your face before slowly getting of and out of the bed. “I don’t know you… What are you doing here ?” He whispered in confusion. 

You chuckled “yeah very funny babe" 

You watched him shift his position and waited for him to come back to bed, but he never came.

 Your brows furrowed and you, once again, sat there with worries written all over your face. 

“That was a joke right ?” You asked hopeful. 

“What was?” He answered eyeing you up and down in fear and horror.

And you felt the tears brimming. And the throat tightening. And the words disappearing. Your mind went blank and you didn’t know what to do. 

Suddenly your body felt numb. 

It was that brief second in which everything around you, everything that seemed to be alright, went back to the bad. And the happy end was not in sight anymore. 

The tears fell from your eyes.

It clicked, this was the moment you knew would come eventually. Everything seemed good. There is never something good.

It just wasn’t fair. That all of this always happened to you. It just wasn’t fair.

You slowly got out of bed making bucky take a step backwards with every step you took forwards. Your eyes stayed on his the whole time still seeking for any glimpse of shine to show you that you didn’t loose him entirely. 

There wasn’t anything, not what you hoped.

You walked to the door looking one last time over your shoulder at bucky who was staring at you in alert. 

You forced your glance away and opened the door stepping out of the room and into the hallway. 

“Friday make sure Sargent Barnes stays in the room” you ordered while walking down the hallway with a blank stare.

“Of course muss (y/l/n)”

The tears dried down and your eyes became cold as your mind started thinking back. 

Everything was hydras fault. Just everything. You were happy for once, the only one that could give you this happiness was Bucky. 

And they destroyed it again

You knocked at the too familiar door, softly but loud enough for him to hear.


“Come in”

 You heard Steve say through the wooden door. Stepping in you immediately broke down again right next to the door making Steve rush over to you and pic you up.

He picked you up and carried you over and onto his bed he knew bucky wouldn’t like to see this but he didn’t know what to do.

He rocked you. Back. And forth. 

Waiting for your tears to dry and your sobs to die down. And as they did, oh as they did he could not believe what you told him. 

As they did he wished they wouldn’t have.

As they did he wanted all of this to be a dream.

As they did he looked at you. And he stopped being angry because all of the pain his friend had to go through. 

Because when he looked into your eyes , he saw all the love and all the hope that slowly began to fade. He saw everything you built up fall apart and he saw all the walls Bucky managed to put down, coming up again. 

When he looked up he became sad. For all the pain you had to go through.

Steve didn’t want that. You didn’t want that either. So all that was left for you to do was hold together and do what you could.

He surrounded you in a tight hug, feeling your salty tears which ran down your cheeks in silence on his shirt which you gripped tightly.

You cried quietly staring blankly against the wall as you held onto Steve, you felt yourself slipping and you didn’t know what to do until, you let go.

You didn’t hold into your anger, your sadness, your desperation anymore. You let go and slowly felt yourself fall to sleep, the last thing you felt was how the tight grip around you loosened and the arms disappeared.

You woke up in a foreign yet familiar room. You stirred, slightly overwhelmed by the situation as you began to remember. 

You blinked away from the sunlight floating into the room as you sat up on the bed. You looked around. 

You were Alone.

You stood up hoping it was a dream. Hoping all of this was not real.

You knew it was.

Your steps were quiet and slow as you walked down the hallway head hanging low and eyes focusing on nothing in particular just like your ears.

You heard the chit chat , the beeping of the coffee machine and clinging of forks against plates but you didn’t focus on any of that. 

It was as if all of that got blocked out by your mind at it suddenly was just you left in the hall. 

You looked up to the quietness just as you stood in front of your door.

There was nothing. You saw nothing.

Everything was a blur. The noises were gone. And you still felt numb. All you heard was your blood rushing in your ears and your heart beating against your chest. 

You were so afraid to open the door. It was no use though and you knew it. You pushed the handle down and the beating sound picked up and got much faster, the room starting to clear up around you and when you saw the room was empty the ground seemed to be ripped away from under your feet. 

Suddenly everything seemed to be so far away. And you felt yourself loose consciousness and then your hand flew up to the door frame trying to find any kind of support before falling down, but it didn’t help. Not at all.

The next time you wake up you lay in your own bed, surrounded by pillows and blankets that smelled like bucky. They had this sent lingering on them that made you want to throw up, but not because it smelled bad. Because you didn’t know what happened to him or where he is AMD every memory to him makes your stomach turn upsidedown, your eyes burn and fill with tears and your mind race with thousands of worst case scenarios.

As you looked over at the clock you saw it was already late in the afternoon and you jumped out of bed, feeling dizzy from the fast movement but you didn’t care, you stomped out of the room, not becaysetyou were angry.

As you reached the kitchen there was no one, and in the gym was no one, and in the common room was no one.

You were all alone, no one was home.

You wanted to see bucky. You wanted to see him so bad. And that’s when you remembered something.

“Friday? Where are the rest of the avengers?”

“They had to leave for a highly classified mission, everyone was needed”

“And where is bucky”

“He is in level 19. containment base.”

You gasped and looked at the ceiling wide eyed. 

“Thank you Friday” you shouted as you made your way to the elevator quickly and pushed the right button.

As you rode down everything started to twist and turn again, your throat went dry and your fingers played with one another. This time you didn’t allow yourself to fall over again. You just couldn’t.

You reached floor 19 in a matter of seconds and stepped out of the elevator only to be met with cold and monotone surroundings managing it to make your mood drop further down. 

You walked on the cold hard floor your shoes clicking against it every now and then. You looked around the room , all the glass cells were empty. You wondered where bucky was until you rounded a corner and saw a heavy door.

You stepped into the room and saw a big window which you knew was a mirror on the other side of the room. 

Your steps were cautious, quiet, actually not wanting to see what was going on on the other side. 

As you stood just in front the window you saw him, sitting in a corner.

Face full of fear as he rocked back and forth.

There was nothing for him to forget his fear. White walls, white floor, white ceiling, white cloth. 

All he had was a bed, a table with a chair and a separated bathroom. 

You couldn’t take it anymore, seeing the love of your live so helpless, so empty and not being able to do anything against it. 

You stepped to the side walking over to the door opening it.

His head shot up to you and you smiled at him weakly, you weren’t afraid. You knew he wouldn’t do anything to harm you.

His eyes looked into yours with fear and he noticed the tears that streamed down your face. 

He didn’t understand you smiled and cried all at the same time. 

He didn’t understand.

You kneeled down besides him slowly wanting to see if he would let you or not, but when he did nothing to stop you 

, you turned over and sat next to him leaning your head back against the wall and wrapping your hands around his right arm. 

You sat there in silence for a while, you already wondered when he would push you away. It was a wonder that he let you touch him.

But you actually didn’t care, you laid your head onto his shoulder and you felt his whole body tensing but you didn’t care. Your tears fell onto his dark blue shirt and you gripped onto his arm more tightly afraid he would just leave you now.

The silence stayed for a while both of you just starring against the wall.

You felt him turning his head and looking down at you, but before anything else could happen the door was ripped open harshly and both of your heads shot up to see Steve standing in the doorway.

“What do you think you are doing?!”

He yelled. The anger in his eyes like flames, but yours didn’t show anything else.

You knew bucky was terrified, you could practically hear his heart racing as his whole body tensed and he gripped onto you. Out of pure comfort, probably not even noticing it.

“Steve, this is my boyfriend not yours, I can do whatever I want in here.”

You growled at him but your voice didn’t raise.

“Do you think its good for him that you are here ?!”

He snapped again. 

“But you can be here or what ?" 

You snapped back but you knew you had to comply anyway. You turned to bucky burying your face in his neck and whispering "I’ll come back tonight” for only him to hear. 

You pushed yourself up and stomped out of the room, sending daggers to Steve.


The night had come and you desperately wanted to go see bucky. You wanted him to remember who you were. 

You packed a little bag for him.

Only stuff that he needed like his journal and some pens.

You even packed your pillow in hopes that the smell could make him remember

You sneaked out of your room in silence and as you reached the elevator, you put the others on lockdown making sure they couldn’t follow you. 

You reached the floor and Bucky’s room opening and stepping in. 

Bucky saw you and he knew it was you but somehow he still flinched away as you sat down on the bed next to him.

“I brought you some stuff” you held the bag up and he eyed it suspiciously even though he couldn’t see anything.

“Friday can you turn on a light” and next to you a light was lit. You sat down on the floor in the middle of the room and pulled out your pillow looking up at Bucky already staring at you. 

You amazed him the first one who wasn’t  afraid, the first one coming here voluntary.

“Can you catch?” You asked. He nodded. You smiled.

You threw it over to him and he catches it letting it fall next to him in the bed.

The smell illuminated the room and he loved that sent. And he knew it. Where did he know it from.

You pulled his journal out and stood up standing in front of him and stretching your arm out for him to take it.

He took it from your hand  and you looked at him a moment before talking. 

“Do you want me to leave. I mean I would like to stay but we’d have to sleep in one bed and I don’t mind leaving.” You asked with slightly shaking voice.

“You can stay.” A whisper said.

Your eyes shot  up and all the surprise was shown on your face. 

You climbed into bed next to him, the small bed forced you to lay close together but none of you mind. 

You laid on your back staring into Bucky’s eyes as he hovered slightly over you. 

He didn’t know why he did that but he wanted to. He was comfortable around you. Just like that.

“I’ll have to leave early in the morning Steve doesn’t like me here.” You stated.

Bucky Nuzzled his face into your neck and mumbled “Steve can go fuck himself, and when captain small ass yells at my girlfriend only one more time I’ll break his face." 

He chuckled before resting his forehead against your jawline again.

You laughed along until… Captain small ass, girlfriend and yells sank in. You froze. You didn’t even know your hand still ran up and down his arm as you starred at the ceiling blankly.

"Did you watch game of thrones since I’m here, you know we watch it together.”

He asked completely unaware.

Your hand froze and suddenly you felt like throwing up again, suddenly everything was normal again and  the happiness seemed to hit you pretty hard.

“Oh my god” you whispered after your hand stopped running up and down his arm.

“What’s up doll?” He asked concerned.

“Oh my god”

He didn’t know what was going n until he  processed all his words. “Oh my god”

You starred at each other wide eyed. 

He kissed you passionately and so full of love you forgot that the world was turning for a moment. His left arm helping him keep his balance but his right hand touched your cheek ever so lightly as your lips melted together and danced in reunion.

You broke apart and he looked into your eyes deeply getting lost in their beauty.

“You made me remember.”

And he kissed you again long and loving.

Both of you made your  way up into your shared room hand in hand. 

Smiling to yourselves you snuggled up in bed together. 

Your head laid on his chest and his hand was around your back the other one pushing a strand of hair behind your ear and stroking your cheek like feathers running over your cheek. 

You listened to his steady heartbeat your hand laying on his chest lazily as your lips stayed in a tight smile and you closed your eyes. 

Bucky looked down at you being completely overwhelmed by you. 

You were so beautiful and so strong for both of you.

And in the moment where he noticed he was back with you, he knew he would never let you go. 

You were his anchor and it was all the love for you that made him come back. 

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I knew the Ocatvia/Illian paring was gonna happen. I wish they would hurry up with Bellarke the same way they do all these other ships. But then it also makes Bellarke that more special because once they're together, they're together for good. I want Bellarke now, but I guess I'll wait.

But how can you even compare Bellarke and Octavia/Ilian? Bellarke is a real, solid relationship built on trust, love and devotion. What happened with Octavia was fucking. Period. 

Now I actually think that Ilian is going to help her get through her pain and realize it’s not the only thing out there. Not that Ilian is so magical, just that she needed to rejoin the human race.

Kind of like Niyah in season 3 with Clarke. She was reaching out for human contact with a person who did not have all those horrific associations of guilt and blame and love and pain. 

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So I was thinking. I've been obsessed with things before but like... at what point do you realize your obsessed and at what point do you kinda... pass obsession? 😂 - T

honestly no idea lmao ?? i deal with obsessions but they’re mainly hyperfixations from my adhd and those like, rarely ever go away so idk like how long regular obsessions last for asdfgggh

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I remember reading this in total disbelief, even back then. Regardless of how the girl feels, this article advised that you HAD to give sex, that you owed a boy sex, if you made it to a bedroom. It even mentioned that it doesn't matter if you're at a party or in someone else's home. There was no mention whatsoever on if you'd even kissed the boy. Just that once you were there, tough titties, you had to put out. Suffice to say I did not continue reading the magazines.

It’s so sad to hear that this is in a magazine that’s often read by impressionable young girls.

I remember eagerly reading Seventeen Magazine and like magazines when I was as young as 12. They seemed very mature and sophisticated to me and I would, maybe not knowingly, look to these types of things to see how older women behaved… How I should behave.

Those are not the things we want men or women to think. Men and women have the right to say no at any time for any reason.

If I were in a situation where I was in someone’s room and I thought something was “going to happen” and then they said no… I’d be disappointed. I’d probably be annoyed. I’d probably be frustrated. But that’s the way it’s going to be. You have to suck it up and respect that person changed their mind.

I’d be interested to know when this magazine was published.

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thinking mon-el is good because technically the owners of the slaves must have been his parents is like thinking trump jr is a cinnamon roll because he isn't donald trump. or thinking anyone who lived in a house with actual slaves servants is innocent when they stood by and did nothing while their spouse or parents owned those people -- this was reality not too long ago and they are excusing it? i guess those people are innocent and should not get punished because the slaves died or got freed

karamels literally use racial slurs when referring to james, transphobic insults, are KNOWN homophobes and sexism is basically their middle name. They’re all ugly like thats the whole thing. Theyre u g l y.

Remus Lupin AKA Moony test

In the Gryffindor common room:

James: “MOONY where’s the chocolate??”

The day after Sirius stole his favourite beanie, Remus took it back and avenged himself by stealing Sirius’ eyeliner and mascara:

OOC: And here’s a photo because on those goddamn gifs we can’t see the scars I made :(

I still need practice to do the scars I think because they’re not realistic x)

I would appreciate if you could tell me what you think of my Remus, if there are things I have to change or to improve?

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Ok, so Bellamy says "You floated my mother" and thats meant to be a you as in specifically Kane? Or you as in all of you, members of the council?

I think it was meant to be him. Kane. As in Kane was the one in charge of the execution, as he was head of the guard. 

Kane was probably in charge of most, if not all of the executions. Remember who Kane was in season 1. He followed the law. The law said floating was the just punishment for crimes. He did what was best for his people ACCORDING TO LAW.

I think in a way, Bellamy’s conversation with Kane here was very similar to his scene with Jaha in The Four Horsemen. In both scenes, the older men were trying to impart wisdom that justified Bellamy’s actions and told him he was doing the right thing when he thought it was the wrong thing. 

In both scenes, he called them on their own past actions where they used those justifications to excuse their OWN sins towards the people. With Jaha, he was a lot more snarky and dramatic. With Kane, who he cares more about and is closer to, he knew the exact right phrase to call him to account and twist the knife. I’m guessing it’s something he’s been holding onto for a while. 

My understanding about that scene has changed as people have been discussing it. His repetition of “You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved” shows a change. It’s no longer about saving lives. It is now about salvation. He’s admitted his sins and he does not believe they can be redeemed. But he’s still going to do what he needs to save as many people as he can, regardless of whether he’s “going to hell” or not. 

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i wonder about garnet’s occasional “harsh truths” + steven challenging those assumptions. her statements don’t feel like lies, or deliberately trying to shut steven down, so much as hew own acceptance that “this is how i think it is”. the show’s really more about the gems learning from each other than steven learning from his guardians, or slowly becoming like… well, anyone, even if he understands why people are the way they are.

steven’s usually more focused on helping than challenging. his response to garnet’s pessimistic statements usually follow the overall trend of *gem assumes negative thing* *steven goes “ok but… we could try?”* *gem doesn’t really think it’ll work out* *things (partially) work out, even if they couldn’t accomplish exactly what they wanted right away*.

he’s a bit harsher when the gems legitimately are hiding things: you have that “blow-up” in steven’s dream, fittingly between him and garnet, as steven really has every reason to believe that he can go outside the crystal gems’ wishes, and that it’s sometimes even necessary to find out the truth.  

i thought that might happen someday - steven stands up to garnet - and really the crystal gems’ authority in his life - and *directly* says no, i’m not gonna give up on this, stop trying to hide things, instead of going behind their backs or temporarily accepting what little they do say. he’s done: he’s looking for answers insistently, regardless of how far he has to go.

ideally, this would prompt them *actually* start sharing, and do so without reservations, like steven wants… but they still seem scared. and even if they do share, the question then becomes whether steven will accept what they pre-approve as “facts steven can handle” as the end of it, guess we’re done here, let’s accept the status quo… or keep searching for other perspectives.

(except that’s not really a major question, becauuuse)

i mean. it's steven. knowing steven, of course it’s the latter. he knows the crystal gems are well-intentioned, especially when it comes to him - they’re often right that there's some danger involved in revealing everything, but… steven accepts that. so it really turns into a question of whether the crystal gems can accept that he will continue to try to change things, help “enemies”, and risk a lot, regardless of how they feel.

Excellent words from Felix, as usual! And, yeah, it is very interesting that even with the idea of the Gems trying to be more open with Steven, I think they’re partially very scared of potentially losing him. His esteem and happiness has come to mean a lot to them, and there’s things like Pink Diamond where I think that gets in the way of being honest and informative.

If Pink wasn’t a tyrant that couldn’t be negotiated with- if Rose was not 100% justified in taking her out- even as it is, this is the root of a massive interpersonal conflict between Steven and Rose, and with Garnet and Pearl in particular, they hinge so much of what they do on reverence of Rose. But Steven, being who he is, and Rose being who she is- it’s not even a matter that Steven isn’t like Rose and isn’t going to become Rose Quartz 2.0 at this point, it’s a matter of, Rose’s actions during the war are fundamentally irreconcilable with Steven’s worldview and values. If everyone’s important, how can you accept killing someone? That stands whether or not we take Rose Diamond theory- the Crystal Gems did not get through the war without enemy casualties. It was a war. That’s not how they work.

And Rose Diamond, arguably, paints it in an even harsher light- Rose abandoned a bunch of people, leaving them to mourn her for thousands of years, letting them think she was their perfect devoted leader to the end even when she turned on them. For people like Jasper, Rose didn’t even afford Jasper the dignity of letting her be a broken pedestal.

So there’s an increasing shakeup in the Crystal Gems because I think Garnet, Rose, and Pearl all kind of had similar biases and fit together on that. They all have felt pretty vindicated in their approach to Homeworld, and trying to maintain that solidarity, when they had personal doubts, they buried them. Pearl in Space Race aggressively tries to downplay how much she misses space, and Homeworld, even when, as we see in that episode, it’s an incredible driving force for her. Rose cheerfully presented herself as untroubled, while quietly, privately telling people that she’s an awful person and they really shouldn’t get to know her. And it seems entirely possible there’s a lack of communication between Ruby and Sapphire on Blue Diamond and how to feel about her- because they’ve just been able to leave that in a box under the floorboards, because it isn’t like Blue Diamond is going to show up again- only now she has, and, that’s a problem.

But Steven’s not letting that lie, and I think it comes back to the theme of cathartic release. Because on both sides of the divide, feelings have been allowed to stagnate rather than being processed, and Steven, in his need to know, in his unwillingness to just say “okay!” when told “don’t go there, don’t try to find out more about Pink Diamond”- he’s dragging those skeletons out of the closet. And, really, people will be happier, ultimately, if they do process those issues- even though it takes a period of actually letting yourself feel bad.


Macey: Hey, Savannah, who the hell do you think you are?

Savannah: What are you talking about?

Macey: You know damn well what I’m talking about! Who do you think you are to come up here into our house and say those things to my sister?

Savannah: Oh~ that. Yeah, I kinda figured she’d tell you.

Macey: Why would you do that to a person?! Do you just get off on treating people like garbage? You were supposed to be cool, if I had known you were really like this, I would have never even invited you!

one thing they added to season 2 of into the badlands that i love is a title card for the episode title because the naming convention i think is one of those neat little gems about the series. i love that they’ve made it more prominent to casual viewers now.

If any of these statements apply to you: 

- i feel restless and unable to relax 

- i feel unable to enjoy things i used to enjoy 

- i feel constantly tired 

- i lack energy for my normal daily activities (showering, going out with the dog etc.) 

- i sleep less than 6 hours at night 

- i don’t enjoy social activity that i used to enjoy

- i’ve lost weight because eating is too exhausting 

- I want to hurt or kill myself 

- I think about hurting or killing others 

Please talk to a doctor or another medical professional, especially if you’ve felt that way for longer than two weeks. Those things deserve to be taken serious as they can be symptoms of serious physical or mental illnesses! 

If either (or both) of the last two statements apply to you and those thoughts get overwhelming or are acute (I want to do that right now/I have a plan how to do that), please call your local emergency number. No, you’ll not keep them from caring for “more important” or “more serious” cases - You are important and you deserve help. 


This person is saying she knows some information about Camren … it seems like she’s a model living in Paris. I think she’s just one of those crazy Camren shippers that spread aleatory things. 

Don’t believe everything you read…