i think this would work best for my second and third fav characters though

Selection/ Hamilton crossover

Alright so recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the selection/ Hamilton crossover thing that seems to come up a lot (does everyone in the selection fandom love it? I feel like they do) so I have compiled a list of characters mashups.

Disclaimer: These are based on my opinions and character traits, so the schuyler sisters are not related and genders are not taken into consideration while casting.

Alexander Hamilton- Obviously America Singer, and here’s why: constantly forks up, still precious and loved, tries to do good- ends up doing bad, star of the show. (ex: How does a Singer, red head, 5, and a poor girl, get into the selection for a princes heart? [to the tune of ‘Alexander Hamilton’] there’s a reason I’m not writing musicals lol)

Eliza Schuyler/ Hamilton- Maxon Schreave: is too pure, doesn’t deserve the stuff they put up with- especially from their partner, gets betrayed by lover but forgives them, beautiful. (ex: Do you know what my father said when I told him I was in love? He said I do not approve of her, she will never be a one. [to the tune of ‘Burn’] seriously I’m sorry I’m so bad at writing these crossover things, I should just leave it to people like @prince-consort-erik)

Angelica Schuyler/ Church- Marlee Tames: so good, doesn’t end up with the guy she originally wanted, such a good friend, strong af, willing to do anything for loved ones. (ex: I remember that night, I just might regret that night for the rest of my days. I remember the dancing and good times and smiles on everyone’s face. I remember that dreamlike ballroom, looking like a dream that you cant quite place. But Carter I’ll never forget seeing your face. [to the tune of ‘Satisfied’])

And Peggy- Natalie Luca: totally forgotten after awhile, vry nice, not much to say about either of them? (ex. Natalie confides in me ['Helpless’] sorry peggy doesn’t give me a lot to work with in this one)

John Laurens- Aspen Leger: in love with ham/ ames, soldier, idk I don’t have much reason for this one. (ex. Me? I fought with her. ['Alexander Hamilton’])

Marquis de Lafayette- Princess Nicoletta: European, everyones fav, both beautiful, amazing people, always trying to help our star, besites with ham/ ames, fun drunk. (ex. Give it up for Illea’s favorite Italian Princess! Nicoletta, I’m taking this horse by the reigns, gonna help America win ['Guns and Ships’] I’m actually sorta proud of this one lol) 

Hercules Mulligan- Elise Whisk: is around because of connections, actually an amazing person, not much to say here either it just seems right. (ex. We need someone on the inside that’s right Elise Whisks! gonna create a peace treaty with new asia and win the selection, then shes done. ['Yorktown’] I know I know this was horrible)

Aaron Burr- Kriss Ambers: does something bad, actually an ok person, fandom has mixed feelings about them, some hate them (me honestly), some love them. (ex. Even though we worked like the very same kind, soon the Southern Rebels began to climb. How do we account for the rise, man this group is non stop. ['Non-Stop’] OR It must be nice, it must be nice, to have Maxons heart secured. [Washington on your side’])

George Washington- Queen Amberely Schreave: so good, helps make good decision, fights for good, too pure, doing their absolute best for the people they care about, defends lee/ Clarkson even though they don’t deserve it. (ex. Can I be real a second, for just a millisecond, let my guard down and tell you girls how I feel a second. Now I’m a queen and a role model for a country full, I love my husband but he can be quite distant, you know? ['Right hand man’] god I love her)

Miss Maria Reynolds- Celeste Newsome: seductive and beautiful, actually just a victim in their situation, super great person forced to play a role, please don’t hold my babies accountable for their mistakes. (ex. My parents doin me wrong, tellin me, saying to me, everything that I have to be ['Say no to this’])

Charles Lee- King Clarkson: given power- shouldn’t have power, gets shot, stupid, idiot, idk just bad at their jobs. (ex. I’m a King WEEEE! ['Stay Alive’])

Samuel Seabury- August Illea: just wants people to listen to their opinion, honestly that’s it, I don’t have much which is what I say on every single one. (ex. Hear ye hear ye! My name is August Illea and I present “Free thoughts on the proceedings of the caste system”  ['Farmer Refuted’])

Thomas Jefferson- Queen Daphne of France: likes France, generally not liked in fandom, idk I needed someone and couldn’t think of anyone but her, it seems to fit ok (someone fill in an example for me, I’ve been doing this all night and cant think of a good one.)

Phillip Hamilton- Eadlyn Schreave: kid of eliza/ maxon and ham/ ames, does stupid thing but overall is pure, acts on impulse. (ex. The suitors say that’s about where the resemblances stop, I’m only 18 but my mind is older. Gotta be my own person, like my mother but bolder ['Blow us all Away’])

That’s all I’ve got people, I couldn’t figure out where King George the third fit in (he also seems like Aspen aka the bitter ex lover, except I like John Lauren better, idk tell me what fits better) and I couldn’t decide who James Madison would be. I was grasping at straws on some of these *cough Jeff/ Daphne cough* anyways I’d love to know your thoughts on this, what you agree or disagree on, feel free to add your changes/ opinions.

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