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Hey, I really want to decorate my bedroom. The floor is wooden, and my curtains are a pastel pink. All my furniture is wooden. I was thinking of a lilac for my walls. However, I feel like putting wallpaper on two of my walls, I just don't know what color scheme to go for. Neither do I know what decorations to put in my room.

I think that lilac would work for your walls! But I also think that a plain white-washed look would also be nice. I know that white’s a little boring, but pink is such an assertive color, I think they would balance each other out nicely. 

1. Get yourself some wooden furniture wipes and use them frequently. Wooden furniture gets that layer of dust on it so quickly. Keep those surfaces clear of debris.

2. Get yourself some simplistic standing lamps like this one. I definitely recommend getting white lamps that are tall and stand on their own. This sort of thing looks amazing with wooden furniture. The light installed in your room’s ceiling may cast a gross glow on your pink/lilac paradise, so rely on other lamps to light your space.

3. You didn’t mention any windows, but hopefully you have some! Line them with tea candles, potpourri, small rocks or wooden statues.

4. Get yourself some flowering plants that love low-light and/or are low maintenance. Get them white or pink pots. For example:

5. If you have a closet door, hang a series of small pictures of posters on it. Make sure they’re framed! Something abstract would look amazing, or else a simple line drawing.

6. Keep your desk space clear of clutter! Maybe stash one of your flowering plants in one corner, but keep it bare.

7. Get yourself a lilac or pink patterned comforter. I recommend not going for something in a full color, because it may be overwhelming to look at. Look for something with stripes or designs.

8. Organize your books, DVDs, CDs (don’t know if you have any of these, but you get the idea) by color! Same goes for your clothes!

9. Wrap something jangling around the doorknob like chimes or a little bell to add a cute tinkle.

10. In terms of the wallpaper itself, I would recommend sticking to straight colors of a simple pattern. Definitely don’t want your room looking like a 1950s doctor’s office. 


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May I request Izuku and his s/o that is pretty "shy" about her body that does the first move? Maybe fluff with NSFW-ish ending? I hope my English is okay and thanks!

Oh yes, of course you may! I hope I did this right for you dear anon, let me know what you think and have a great day!

- Eclipse  🍇🍇🍇

 You bit your lip as you watched Izuku walk out the shower with a towel hanging loosely from his hips, he had just gotten home from work and while he looked tired, he had a strangely happy expression on his face.

 “Did you have a good day at work?” You questioned, watching as he blinked and walked up to you, another towel around his neck.

 “Yeah, I saved a few people and there was this nice little girl that gave me a flower” He grinned, causing you to stand and make him sit on the edge of the bed, moving the towel from around his neck to on top of his head, drying his hair for him.

 “That’s…great Izuku” You murmured softly, shuddering as Izuku moved his hands to your waist, allowing you to dry his hair.

 “It was, how was your day? I’m sorry I got home late…” He apologised, causing you to bite your lip while you dried his hair.

 “It was…I missed you…” You trailed off before moving and sitting in his lap, moving the towel to uncover his face slightly, blushing darkly while looking into his eyes.

 “You missed me?” He questioned, staring at you as you moved your head closer, pressing your lips to his gently, your arms moving around his neck, pulling him close.

 “I missed you.” You confirmed softly, pulling your head back, pressing your lips over his jawline hesitantly, fidgeting in his lap nervously, causing him to rub your hips gently.

 “I guess I should make up for that” He smiled, pressing his lips to yours as he rolled the two of you so that you were against the bed, beneath his practically naked form.


Surprise! I’m not dead! And neither are the Jims!

This was just an elaborate, Markiplier-esque dramatic introduction to this announcement which, to me, is major bc of what I was mainly posting on here with the Jims

So basically: we’re now a full on news team! We’ve taken on the help of Dark (yes, despite that interview), Wilford, Bim (yes he back for good!), Google, The Brothers who are not evil! At all! They’re nice brothers, really great writers. And other ones who we think would work well on here!

So yea this was what our “deaths” were for and the brothers taking brief “control” over the page, and I’m really sorry if I hyped y'all up for something that wasn’t this and disappointed y'all, I really am !! This was a fun lil project that I wanted to try out and I had fun with it and I hope y'all did too!

Here’s who’s working on Jim News now and if you have anything you wanna ask them or talk to them about, you know where to drop your inquiries. Just be sure to address who you’re talking to!

Here’s the list:





The Host

The Author


Dr. Iplier

^o^/ I actually wanted to submit a drawing here for a while, since I’ve been looking forward to the game ever since 2015 I want to say. Your game is a huge inspiration to me since it’s just looks amazing. What happened a while ago did upset me since no one deserves to get messages like that. (Like no one, It just made me upset to see people act like that)

But I do hope thinks are going okay, also take as long as you guys needs to work on the translations for the game. Since I know that the work and game is going to be worth everything, because of the amount of detail and care that went int this project.

I apologize if I’m rambling a lot, also I hope the sketch I drew out is okay. But I hope you have nice day and I’ll be 100% supporting you and your team if anything like that happens again. Since no one deserves that. Also I’m really looking forward to the game, let there be a bunch of bunnies, donuts, and books for little Aria. >:3cc


Waaah so cuteee! She looks adorable!! <3
Thank you so much, I really love the sketch!
It makes me so happy that you’ve been following the project during these two years! I really hope you like it!

Yes, I think the problem has been solved now! I agree, nobody should receive messages like that. Developers already have a lot of pressure ;;

Thank you so much for your support, I appreciate it! (*´▽`*)

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Do you mind sharing the pattern you used for your crocheted white and multicolor scalloped blanket? I love the design :^) (Unless it's totally your design and you want to keep it a custom look I completely understand)

Dear @devilradioes

Hi lovely, and thank you for your message.  I think you’re talking about this post? 


If so, I don’t know when and how I learned the pattern for that blanket.  It’s one of my total favs, but it’s certainly not mine.  I think I just saw this in a picture years ago and worked it out.  But since you asked, I went looking for the pattern.  And there are a ton of blogs featuring it.  But this was one of the first I found, and it’s a nice and easy read as well.  The Shell Stitch - a free pattern - by The Stitch’ Mommy.  

Hope that helps!

Claire xx

helloooo ! i’m late to the party so pls think about this more as a ( unnecessarily long oops ) rough draft scribbled on a dumpster on fire that’s located behind an old bar where a dude who had too many margaritas previously threw up next to… which is interestingly enough, the exact way to describe minjae. huh !!! 

my name is ping, i’m 19 and i go by them/they pronouns. i have a cute one year old cat named navi, i’m a cancer, and my favorite color is green ! my ult is bts and my bias is jimin. i live for bakugou katsuki, kaneki ken, uchiha sasuke and any angsty emo boy u can think of. i love music so much so rec me some tunes ! ( i’m mdt timezone n work from 7am-4:30pm )

to get to the fun part tho, here is minjae ! he is the epitome of angsty emo boy with a touch of flirty charms and really cool b-boying moves ( he is, also as mentioned, a human version of a dumpster on fire ). to find out more about him, continue reading under the cut

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I’ve never even had a platonic crush but I don’t think Ama is online so imma try and help.
Okay so if you’re allowed on your phone in class can you listen to music when the teacher isn’t talking? (sorry not sure how this works my school would have taken my phone by now) if so can then you could try that and just try to ignore the other person.

Or you could try to talk to them, it seems scary but I’m sure they’re a really nice person and you might get over your clumsiness if you realise that you don’t need to try hard to impress them

Sorry for this probably bad advice

~Mod cat

positive ace experience

i’ve been thinking about this interaction i had at work several months ago.  since it’s AAW and i never shared it here, i’d like to do that now :)

a customer at work came up to me to set up a membership with us.  since they’d already filled out the application, it meant a little more waiting on their part.

this person was patiently standing there while i was entering their information.  most people usually are patient, but i got this v chill vibe off of them which is always nice.  i type pretty fast but it’s frustrating when you can feel the waves of impatience radiating off someone lol.

anyway, they pulled their phone out of their pocket and started playing around on it.  i didn’t think anything of it of course.  after about a minute, they put their phone away, then pointed at my asexual flag button on my lanyard, and said ‘i looked up the colors - that’s really cool.’  i was so pleased that i didn’t have anything great to say in return other than ‘thank you’.  i barely managed to stave off a blush lol.

like… the fact that someone saw the stripes, decided to look it up while i was still helping them, thought it was cool, and had the confidence to say something to me about it??  i’m still impressed by it.  i wanted to burst.  it made my day.  thank you, random person <3


Thank you Anonymous for the request!

#17: So much pink and purple in this one! And pretty ladies! :D

The Riders outfits are so simple in design yet trying to fuse them into one turned into more of a hassle than I’d’ve liked. But it made for interesting ideas, like those tiny wings! They’re my personal favorite!

listen, the studyblr community can be a wonderful place - but there’s this emphasis on absolute perfection that really doesn’t help a lot of students dealing with other issues on top of their studies. here are five unconventional study tips that might not fit the studyblr aesthetic but have helped me get straight as whilst learning to live with mental health and family problems too!

1. don’t study whilst commuting

i walk to school, so posts about studying on the bus just aren’t helpful - i don’t have the option to do that! even if i’m taking the train somewhere, the last thing on my mind is studying. i’m thinking about my bed and how early it is and whether or not my coffee is cool enough to drink without burning myself yet. not all of us can start working the second we’re awake, and that’s okay!

instead: record your lessons and listen to them as you travel!

even if you’re not paying attention, you’ll remember more than you think! this is especially useful for languages - i recorded myself reading a few essays and listened to them as i walked, which made noticing grammatical errors so much easier!

2. don’t rewrite all your notes

i love the studyblr aesthetic as much as anyone, but i honestly don’t have the time to write out pages and pages of notes in the hope of gaining a few followers. of course it’s nice to have pretty-looking notes, but when you have a huge list of tasks to do, it can become a way of procrastinating work that’s actually needed for a grade.

instead: organise your class notes!

check the material you’ll study before the lesson! if you’re into the brush lettering aesthetic, write out or print titles off ahead of class so you can stick them on your page without having to waste valuable lesson time drawing them. plus, knowing what you’re going to study before you actually come to it means you can prepare a list of questions to ask the teacher and improve your understanding of the subject! this way, you’ll have organised, clear notes from the beginning, so you won’t have to copy anything out at home.

3. don’t buy expensive stationery

i know everyone seems to have those tombow brush pens and leuchtturm journals. as someone who can’t afford them, trust me when i say i get how it feels. but spending money on expensive products (especially ones you don’t know how to use) is just counterproductive - your grades won’t magically go up if you start shopping at muji.

instead: try budget alternatives!

would you buy a £90 contour kit if you’d never used foundation before? the same goes for stationery! substitute for cheaper products from your local stationery stores whilst you get a feel for what’s helpful for you, not what anyone else has. for example, i tried so many types of pens before realising that my writing’s nicest with gel pens, so now i let myself get more expensive ones - but i didn’t waste more than £5 figuring this out because i’m #cheap. this list of popular studyblr dupes is constantly being added to if you really need to try something, but stressing about your stationery is not going to help you in the slightest.

4. don’t worry too much about being organised

look, we’d all like to be organised, but i’m an adult who’s lived with depression since i was thirteen, and i know it’s not always possible to have that pinterest-ready study den. sometimes your homework will be done on a bed that’s not been made in weeks of it’s going to be done at all, and that’s okay.

instead: do what you can.

had a bad day? stick on some guns n roses and do the work later. too exhausted to function? just finish that last maths problem and go to bed. it’s okay to not have a picture perfect lifestyle - most of the people who post those photos don’t have it either. just do what you have to do to get through the week.

5. don’t ignore your mental health

there’s such a weird culture of perfectionism here and it’s so damaging! of course no one has to post about their personal lives on their studyblrs - but please don’t let that lead you to believe it’s not important. this mentality of “everything is fine and i must be perfect” isn’t healthy.

instead: talk about how you feel!

it doesn’t have to be on your studyblr, but if you’re feeling suffocated by pressure to achieve, or you think you’re depressed, or you’re just going through a tough time and need to vent, talk to someone! bottling things up is not a healthy way to live life - believe me, i’ve tried it. it doesn’t work. there are so many impressionable young people here and we need to stop acting like our studies are all we can ever be.

i’m not trying to “call out” anyone who finds the minimalist note taking and study devotion helpful - everyone here is different, and i’m glad it works for you! but not all of us can do that, so this is for the people who can’t.


my casual suga post just got a bunch of notes recently and people seemed to like it so i thought id draw another one in my own outfit from a couple of days ago bc im Gay And Edgy

Bruise [ VI ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [M]

Length: 9.2k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary: He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

Bruise Masterlist

Originally posted by mochidoni

Brown sugar was a smell that had grown to make your heart swell, the familiar scent one that lingered in the air of Chanyeol’s apartment every time you stepped inside. The feeling of the plush carpet of his bedroom floor was now your favorite thing to feel in the morning, second only to his lips on your skin. Hearing his groggy morning voice was your preferred alarm, closely followed by the humming he’d do while he brushed his teeth. Everything about him had grown along you, for a month straight Chanyeol had tightened his grip around your heart more with each word that left his lips. He was unsure and slow, not taking any steps too big to backtrack from should he need to. You knew to anyone else you’d probably seem stupid, staying with someone who couldn’t promise you more than what you were now, a non-relationship relationship with a non-committal boy who got anxious even saying the word boyfriend.

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AU where all the sides are actually ghosts that haunt Thomas. (Warning, death talk from here)

Logan, car crash. Drunk off his butt and raging quite madly, he smashed into someone else.

Roman, poison. Specifically rat poison.

Virgil, unknown. He refuses to tell.

And Patton, heartbreak. Years of things going horribly and everyone he loved leaving him no matter how nice he was eventually took its toll and made his heart give out.

Now they all try to teach Thomas lessons and keep him safe, all while doing silly ghost things too. They also only ever let Thomas see them (And perceive them the way they want him to see them), so they scare his friends silly when something falls over or the lights flicker.

(If anyone wants to add to this or has any better ideas, be my guest!)

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hi viria, i was wondering what brand/kind of make up do you use? i get so overwhelmed looking at youtube videos because it feels like you need a lot like foundation, concealer, powder, primer, etc. and i'm worried it'll look really obvious/bad but you make it look natural and subtle

on wwh, thank you!

Personally, I don’t feel like myself with heavy make up and I think it doesn’t quite suit me, so I’m happy to know what I do is liked by someone! 

But I feel like I might use a lot of stuff too? A year ago or so I happened to get myself into korean skincare/makeup, so ended up getting a bunch of stuff, mostly for skincare, but still. My foundation, highlighter, a few lip tints and blushes are from there. I think from what I use on a regular basis I only have loreal concealer and some cheet eyeshadows that are mass market. 

Generally tho, everything I have is mass market because cool things american youtubers use in their videos are. very. expensive here, so korean ones are good alternative for me. Like, usual maxfactor foundation probably costs around 200 grn, korean be a bit more expensive but I feel like the quality is a bit better would be around 200-400 w hile something like mac or nyx (and those are the most affordable) are 600 and up to 1500 or so…

ANYWAY! I drew a tutorial of what I tend to do on a regular basis as in my go to makeup! 

For step 2, I tend to use soothing/brightening cream right after I wash my face, so I don’t use it right before I do my make up (unless it’s sunscreen)

3. I LOVE BEING DEWY okay, I try to find the good balance between dewy and looking oily, but so far I think it works. My last fave is secret key tattoo cover cushion foundation, but I’m running out of it.. it’s what I used for the past 4 months or so. As for concealer, I use loreal with brush that you have to swirl to get the product out which I don’t remember how to call but it’s subtle, covers bags quite nicely and doesn’t look heavy:3

to be honest mostly I just use my blush as an eyeshadow..Unless i use something brownish. I don’t know the brands I have but they vere like 20 grn back in the day, so. very. cheap stuff.

as for lips, I mostly use matte or semi matte lipsticks or tints, they are easier to smudge and my hair doesn’t stick on it which is very important! 

Generally, from what I learnt, you don’t need a super excessive amount on a daily basis? I don’t have a single bronzer or contour palette or specified brow products and I only use what I have in eyeshadows for that. same ashy brown somehow looks nice as contour and as my eyebrow shadow.

I think it’s hard not to get overwhelmed at the amount of products a lot of people use in their videos, but…I’m not sure, maybe it’s just the quality of what I buy here, but I can’t say primer EVER changed anything for me. Like my foundation still lasts however long it can, with or without it. Or those fancy glowy or moistrusing essanses instagram beauties drop all over their faces, i’m not even sure what are those and how necessary those kinds of things are.

I guess focus more on the products you actually need instead of those people say you absolutely have to purchase.

I’m sorry I don’t know if it helps but I hope it does at least a little bit! 

PS I think there will be many typos and I’m sorry for them, but for some reason I can’t fix them without deleting every single letter in front of my typo:( tumblr text is hard

local gay witch makes it his personal duty to make everything gayer

thomas is apparently going to his first pride today?? which is so cool!! I started making this before I knew that, but I think it works out nicely :D I hope he has fun! <3

@thatsthat24 @pattonclub @parkersanders @justanotherpurplebutterfly @emo-space-trash @ssides @deadprinxietywalking

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Another prompt, sorry I’m sending you another one but I just thought of this, Keith listening to Lance and Allura’s Allurance moment over the comms in the new defender and getting hurt and jealous because he thinks Lance is replacing him or something??

Hey so I’m not going to do exactly this prompt, but I like the idea of Keith noticing Lance and Allura growing closer, so he starts to feel sad and insecure about potentially losing what small chance he had with Lance. So here’s that!

Keith pilots his ship into the caste’s hangar with the adrenaline of their recent fight still coursing through his veins. His uneasiness over his near-death experience has been temporarily forgotten as he prepares himself to see his friends again. He knows they’re alive, but he won’t feel calm until he can see them with his own eyes. Touch them. Hear their voices without the aid of communicators.

Keith fumbles with his seat belt before he launches himself out of the ship and into the castle’s halls. He still remembers its complicated layout like he was here yesterday. His heavy footfalls clang against the metal floor. 

He reaches the armoury at the same time as the other paladins. Shirt has ripped and is almost back in his civvies. Hunk is giving Pidge a congratulatory pat on the shoulder.


But Keith is cut off by the sounds of whooping echoing through the halls. Allura jogs into the room and Lance sprints in from the other side.

“Allura!” He calls. Even underneath his helmet his brilliant smile is visible. Allura laughs and prepares herself.

Lance whips her up into his arms, spinning her around and laughing. She clings tightly to his neck and kicks out her feet.

“You did so well!” Lance slows down and starts to slowly set Allura’s feet on the ground. He continue to hold onto her waist as she removes her helmet. A few strands of hair have been loosened from her bun, but she otherwise looks perfect.

“I knew you could do it! Didn’t I say? Aren’t I always right?” Lance moves his hands to Alura’s shoulders and shakes her good naturedly. Allura laughs and reaches out remove Lance’s helmet for him. 

“Well I couldn’t have done it without you.” She smiles. Lance flushes.

“Aw nah, that was all you I promise.” He nervously rubs behind his neck.

“Even so, Lance…” Allura steps closer and passes him his helmet. Their fingers touch when Lance takes it.

“Thank you.” Allura says seriously. “For believing in me.”

Lance blinks. He’s surprised at the Princess’ gratitude, and isn’t sure how to respond. His open mouth quickly slips into an easy smile. 

“You’re amazing, Allura. I’ll never doubt you for a second.” His voice is low and intimate.

Allura’s cheeks grow dark. She forces Lance’s helmet into his grip and quickly lets go. 

“R…right well uh…” She stammers. Lance laughs and scoops her into a big hug before she can protest. Allura stiffens, then relaxes into the embrace. 

“I knew Blue chose the right person.” Lance sighs. Allura grips Lance tighter.

“My father would definitely approve of you, Lance.” She smiles and the two begin to separate. The air between them is warm.

Keith’s gut feels icy. He stares, transfixed on the spot. He can’t bring himself to emerge from the shadows.

Allura coughs. Lance casts his eyes down.

“We need to get ready…”

“Yes, the Blades of Marmara will be docking soon so…” Allura’s eyes flit sideways and she does a double take as she makes out a figure in the shadows. She jumps slightly, then relaxes when she realises who it is.


The room falls silent. Everyone’s eyes move over to where Keith hangs in the dark. His hood is still up, but his face is exposed. He holds up a weak hand in a wave.

“Uh… h…hey,” He steps into the room. Lance lights up. Keith hates how it makes his stomach flutter. 

“Keith! How long…?”

“Guys, Kolivan and Captain Olia have docked. We need to meet them in the common room in five.” Shiro announces. Everyone starts to file out of the room, except for Lance. When Keith moves past, Lance reaches out and tugs him back to his side. 

“We’ll catch up in a bit.” Lance calls. Shiro nods and continues to move out.

When the room has grown quiet, Lance turns to Keith with a beaming smile.

“Hey man! How are you?”

Keith stares at him with a skeptical glare.

“You kept me behind for that?” 

C’mon, I know as soon as we walk through these doors you’re going to get swept up in blades junk and it’s gonna be all ‘Lotor this’ and ‘Knowledge or death’ that.” Lance talks animatedly with his arms. It makes Keith smile.

“I’m fine.” He sighs.

“Yeah? We appreciated your cannon work out there. Some real nice shots.” Lance punches him in the bicep. “Though of course, I think you should leave the shooting to the best shot next time, ok?” He winks. Keith rolls his eyes with a grin.

“Sure thing. Though it looked like you had your hands full.” Keith chuckles. “Wandering into that mine field and all.”

“Hey, hey I’m just an arm now!” Lance holds up his hands defensively. “And oh man! Did you see how Allura froze them all! Man it was so easy once she…”

“She’s really great.” Keith interrupts suddenly. Lance is taken aback.

He stares at Keith’s unreadable expression. He looks calculatingly calm. Like he’s intentionally trying to look blank. 

“Hey…” Lance steps forward. “You ok?”

“Fine.” Keith sighs. Lance’s eyebrows scrunch together.

“Are you… listen if you’re jealous because Allura has cooler moves than you…”

“She doesn’t have…”

“Just come back. If you wanna be a big hero again, just come back.” Lance states. Frustration taints his words. Keith shakes his head.

“That’s not it. I’m sorry. You two….” He closes his eyes and steals himself. He relaxes into a sad smile.

“You two make a good team.” He states.

The words sink in Lance’s stomach. Keith goes to move past him, but Lance’s grip is on him again. He almost loses his sense of balance as he is yanked into a crushing embrace. Lance’s breath is warm on his ear.

“Hey,” Lance speaks quietly. His grip on Keith is bruising, but Keith doesn’t pull away. Instead his nails begin to dig into the soft body suit Lance wears underneath his armour.

“I’m your right hand man. Don’t forget that.” 

Keith nods. He doesn’t dare to open his mouth out of fear of all the confessions that may come pouring out. 

Taking Care of a Sick Yoongi

Originally posted by queen-of-suburbiaa

You woke to the sound of a coughing fit. Rolling over you found your boyfriend curled into a ball as coughs shook his body.

“Yoongi?” you mumbled. The coughing finally stopped. He sniffled as he turned over to face you in bed and grumbled incoherently at you. Worry seeped into your face and you reached out to put your hand on his forehead. It radiated heat. “You’re burning up Yoongi.” Any sleepiness you felt rushed away. Quickly, you got out of bed and grabbed some cold pills from the bathroom cabinet. You also got a cold washcloth to cool down his fever. When you reentered the bedroom, Yoongi had already fallen back asleep.

You brushed his hair out of his face and kissed his cheeks to wake him up. After being with him for a while you learned a gentle approach tends to result in a less grumpy Yoongi. His eyes finally fluttered open. “You need to take some medicine.”

“Alright,” he mumbled. You helped him sit up in bed before  handing him the medicine. He took it in one gulp then slumped back down into bed. Before he could fall back asleep you placed the cold cloth onto his forehead. You turned around to leave but felt a hand grab your wrist.

“Stay,” he said in a groggy voice. Smiling, you slipped back into bed and cuddled him from behind.

Once you were sure he was in a deep sleep you slipped away. Quickly, you brewed some herbal tea that tasted terrible but did wonders on the immune system. The mug was set on the bedside table for when he woke up. As he was still sleeping, you decided vegetable soup would be a good meal for him. You called Jin.

“Hey Jin, do you know any good vegetable soup recipes? Yoongi’s come down with a cold and I think it’d be nice on his throat.”

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Here is a bit more, ke ke. (WIP)

(I even tried to write a bit more, especially for this drawing/scene, uff)

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