i think this was very nice of him that's it

i loved the animation in this part, before he turns to look at max his eyes move around very slightly, you can almost tell exactly what he’s thinking and feeling in that moment just by looking at him, it’s a small detail but i feel like it says a lot, it’s nice to camp camp be animated at a slower pace in these scenes since it’s usually animated really fast and bouncy (especially with a character like david whose movements are constantly being exaggerated) also the head turn looks so smooth and natural it’s satisfying to watch

Fake Chats #196
  • Jimin: tell me a story.
  • Jungkook: I don't know any stories.
  • Jimin: well, Tae's stories are weird so, think of something.
  • Jungkook: did he tell the one where you kill your fans?
  • Jimin: that's not even a story!Jungkook: I mean, it's kinda awful, but it's true. Sort of.
  • Jimin: Kookie, tell me a good story.
  • Jungkook: once upon a time there was a boy named Jimin.
  • Jimin: oh great.
  • Jungkook: and he loved to bug his friend Jungkook.
  • Jimin: c'mon...
  • Jungkook: and even though Jimin loved Jungkook so much, Jungkook was very awkward and always teased him instead of being nice.
  • Jimin:
  • Jungkook: but then Jungkook grew up and he figured out that Jimin was his family and now they get along great.
  • Jimin: Jungkookie...
  • Jungkook: except that now Jimin is very sassy and sometimes teases Jungkook.
  • Jimin: Kookie.
  • Jungkook: but it's only fair, I guess, and anyway, Jungkook loves Jimin just like Jimin loves Jungkook. Right?
  • Jimin: right.
  • Jungkook: stop looking at me like that.
  • Jimin: like what?
  • Jungkook: like I'm your baby.
  • Jimin: finish the story.
  • Jungkook: and Jungkook was Jimin's baby and the end.
  • Jimin: what a nice story.
  • Jungkook: shut up.

I got my drunk friend to describe Newsies characters and…

  • maybe smells good
  • like good books, who are nice
  • [what do you think his name is?] I know him I think!!
  • is he a jack or maybe tonie
  • [jack is right!] yay!!!
  • good man he tries with it all very hard
  • [he’s an artist] yes he has art hands
  • is sort like a bear
  • with soft trousers
  • a bit angery, i think maybe
  • maybe won his big hammer but its not what he wanted
  • so he has to look like maybe he is happy and hold it up, yay
  • but he is sad
  • [it’s not a hammer, it’s a crutch!] oh!!!!! :(
  • [what’s his name?] hammer time
  • [he’s called crutchie] thats so rude??
  • poor hammer crutch boy
  • oh dear [oh dear…?] oh dear
  • probably a joanna i think
  • from a farm
  • [she’s a reporter!] with that skirt dress????
  • but her skirt dress is plastic  :((
  • [her name’s katherine] yes joanne
  • she likes chickens not to eat but as friends
  • he’s trying really hard to be valjean
  • but no he is not
  • hes not a similie for jesus like valjean
  • [he’s katherine’s dad] oh oh oh i know him !!!!!
  • you told me!!! he has some paper
  • and is bad
  • or sad. maybe hes both.
  • !!!  is he tony? [no, there’s no tony]
  • and he’s your favourite boy? who you love? [yeah he’s my fav!]
  • ears !!!
  • ben ears!!!
  • fankfurter [close enough]
  • tony 
  • [he’s called davey] almost the same,,
  • he lives with the cows in a little cow house and milks them when they want to give away their milk in the morning
  • and he likes to go to new york city to see his friend hammer man
  • :))

anonymous asked:

i love ur pokemon mob au!!! do u have natures/moves/abilites/ picked out for everyone like u do with shou? and what pokemon is reigen?

yeah!!! i doodled up some reference sheet things of them! :0

mob’s an espurr… or is he? something that’s established in the pokemon anime is that Mew can change its form to look like other pokemon, so i actually like the idea of mob as a mew who doesn’t know hes a mew!!! he only looks like a mew when he hits ???% tho, and that’s also the only time mob uses his hidden power move. im bending the rules of pokemon a lil bit here lmao

Ritsu’s a shiny espurr! even though he’s a psychic type, i think he had a lot of trouble actually using his psychic moves. he and mob are probably adopted in this au tbh. Frustration is his most powerful attack :0

Teru’s a braixen! i almost made him shiny but i think regular braixen’s pallet fits him more nicely. i gave him hidden power electric bc his aura is a spiky lookin yellow!! this is pre-mob teru, i haven’t figured out what he’d look like with haystack hair lmao. also not sure abt his nature.

AND finally, the Dad… reigen’s a Zorua posing as a Drowzee! But he has No offensive moves whatsoever, he’s useless in a physical fight. He’s very good at keeping up his illusion though, only dropping it when he’s alone.

and yeAH thats everybody that i’ve figured out so far!! not including shou, who is in another post ;v;

hold my beer

Ok so this is yet another idea that I will NEVER have time to write (for those that follow my Cross the River one shots, I’m still sorry for inflicting the half finished fics on you haha. But I’m not sorry for inflicting this idea on you

Three words:

Drunk. Ladynoir. Wedding. wait is ladynoir even technically a word?

  • It’s quite a few years into the future and Adrien and Marinette are happily revealed and happily married. Everything’s just friggin peachy
  • One day there is an akuma, a girl who got dumped by a dickhead bf for another girl and then goes on a rampage to show everyone she is ‘good enough.’ After they defeat her, they try to cheer her up
  • Chat, being Chat, thinks that being a flirt will help boost her self-esteem, bc, you know, getting flirted at by a superhero is an ego boost no matter how sad you are
  • Lo and behold, it backfires
  • The girl (lets call her Ada) gets pissed off that Chat is flirting with her right in front of Lady, because “Aren’t you guys like, together??”
  • Chat backpedals, Lady facepalms. No it’s still not official or public that they’re together (keep work separate from home, yknow what I’m sayin, and besides, it’s unwise to let Hawky know the full extent of how much they care for each other because they don’t want to be emotionally manipulated in battle)
  • The girl is like “shit I thought you guys were like.. the perfect relationship. Obviously not. If even you aren’t together, then where’s the hope for me…. sighh….” :’(
  • Ada is so upset that they decide to let her in on a little secret. That in their civilian lives… they are married
  • Ada is all,  :’D omg seriously
  • (^..^) and >(:-:) are like, yeah, but dont tell anyone. It’s a secret. ((SLAPS YOU WITH HEAVY-HANDED FORESHADOWING)) Hey I know what’ll cheer you up, Ada. Lets go out for drinks!
  • AND SO MY FRIENDS, that is how Adrien and Mari end up spending a night on the town with a recent akuma victim as Chat and Lady…

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Sharing is Caring.

Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns/OC- Reader’s shower stops working and needs to use Roman and Deans. Things get a little carried away.

Warnings: I don’t know why this is so long but it is, also there aren’t any except for pure smut.

I don’t know where this idea came from but I’m damn glad that its here now : @alexispoo @the-geekgoddes @vebner37 @sierrarukia @ambrosegirlforever

I smirked as my heels clicked on the concrete in the halls of the arena. Seeing that I wasn’t scheduled to fight tonight but instead I had a promo with Dean and Roman, my outfit had to be perfect. My heels made me feel a little bit more superior than my fellow wrestlers and the whistle that just left Finn’s mouth made me giggle in delight.

As I stood in the gorilla waiting for my cue, I checked my reflection once more and smiled as I saw how well my dress hugged every curve on my body. My music pulled my attention away from the mirror and I walked out the curtain to an audience chanting my name.

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THIS UNI SESSION IS FINALLY OVER!!! 💕 which means i can post some of my final projects!!

i had the luck to have a class where we had a free subject so i decided to be super self-indulgent with it and made some boards about my boy 93!.. the story is a little disjointed because its a part of a bigger thing going on between him and @dinqo​‘s Junjie, but im super proud of how it all turned out still and i hope its at least enjoyable to look at!! 🤖

dating jaemin!!

for my homie @jaeminnana

4/? for dating series!

i have a lot of requests and stuff (surprisingly) for a bunch of members!

thanks for all the reblogs and notes too!



- ok so y'all r classmates

- your desk is right in front of his

- he actually annoys u sm but u like it ;)

- “y/N” x278938393

- “whAT BITCH”

- “hi”

- jfc jaemin 

- once he was laughing so hard that he fell out of his chair

- ofc being the nice person u are, you go help him

- “omg r u ok?”

- thats when nana started to like u


- he choked on his spit and like suddenly his heart was beating 4x faster


- so of course he seeks help from is pal jeno

- “boi help me i think i like y/n”

- “fucc boi ur screwed” - advice that jeno gives to jaemin

- jaemin starts planning out his confession very precisely

- “imma bake her a cak- nO IMMA TUTOR HE- nO WAIT SHE’S SMARTER THAN ME-”

- “jfc jaemin just tell her you like her” - rest of nct

- “nO??!/1 SHE DESERVES MORE THAN A SIMPLE i like u!!!?!?!”

- #firstworldproblems am i rite

- in the long run though, he decides to decorate your locker

- he goes to school EXTRA early I’m talking 7:30 am (my school starts at nine so it considered early i guess)

- he has all these treats and party stuff

- he spends an hour on the inside part of your locker

- it says “ i like u! make me the happiest boi alive nd date me!”

- with a bunch of decor stuffzies around it

- he rly likes u 


- so when u get to school u have no clue why all deez bois r surrounding ur locker and giggling 

- you just open your locker and BAM

- so many candy and snacks fall out of ur locker

- and then u see the message

- and die

- cause like thE JAEMIN JUST ASKED U OUT

- you then hear a cough and turn around

- all of nct is behind u

- pushing jaemin to talk to u

- “uh-,,,hey there,,, wanna date?” 

- “jAEMIN THAT WAS NOT WHAT U PRACTICED” - doyoung honestly

- you accept cause duh u like him back

- time skip to first class

- you just hear constant giggling behind you

- you turn around (and jaemin gawks in your beauty)

- “shut up or i’ll end it”

- giggling stops right away and is never to be heard again



- “aww c’mon babe u know u love me”

where did the shy jaemin go just moments ago 

- u aint denying that


- and y'all r on the couch together 

- not cuddling, oh no more like sitting as far away as you can possible


- it was so awkward

- you wanted to die

- jaemin wanted to die

- moving on

- jaEMiN liKES yOU sO Mu CH

- like in the halls he is always like 

- “hey babe have a good day!”

- all your friends and all his friend go

- “AWOOOO” y’know



- y'all were walking on a cold winter day

- and you forgot you mitts

- and he sees your numb lil hand


- udhuskgwicdh you suddenly heated up and forgot about the numbness you were feeling

- jaemin loves pda

- in class he like rests his head on your shoulder and the teacher swoons




-  his members always embarrass him in from of you

- “omG jAeMin JusT fARtEd!!!!”


- dat kid did nothing wrong

- he just sheepishly smiles

- and the members r like 


- thats not a lie

- he just loves u sm

- omg your first kiss!

- it was a spur of the moment kind of thing

- you were blabbing about you day to him and

- he just kisses you




- like i bet he uses baby lips



- doyoung was lecturing jaemin on the birds and the bee’s

- he almost puked 9 times


- jaemin may be young, but he knows he loves you

- he hasn’t said it yet, but he wants to keep u forever 

- like forever

- and ever

- and ever




now I’m working on that scenario of yuta (the one based of the dating au)

I'm on a rapid update schedule cause I’m not gonna have a free week forever :( i will post when i will be a little less active

anyway bye!

- emma

au where isak skates and even has a small (huge) crush,and he’s friends with vilde who’s friends with eva (and is also crushing on her) and eva is one of isaks best friends so even always sits with the two girls but only talked to isak like twice and it was just small talk about his skating and vilde rolls her eyes too much at even and one time she calls even like hey we’re going to the skate rink wanna join, and of course even does but when he gets there the girls arent there, actually there isnt anyone except isak who’s skating along and when he spots even he’s like whats up what are u doing here and even just stands there confused and nervous ,”the girls told me theyd be here?” and isak picks up his skateboard and walks over to even with his eyebrows raised and he chuckles, “they told me the same thing” and even is definitely going to kiLL vilde ,then isak is sitting down on the bench, “did they just. set us up” and even lets out a fake loud laugh, throwing his hands up “i have noidea why they would do that!” and isak puts his foot on the skateboard, staring at the ground grinning and even takes a deep breath and sits down next to him, “did i ,like, interrupt ur practice?” and isak looks up at him with a fond smile and evens breath stuck in his throat then isak shakes his head,then nods his chin towards even, “u ever skated?” and even snorts, “have u seen my legs, im a clumsy mess” and isak stares him down then shrugs, “u got nice legs. come on” and he’s standing up and even is pretty sure he’s like, gonna faint or smth but follows isak and then he stops in front of the skateboard and isaks like “go ahead. step on it” and even inches away from it “i really dont think thats a good idea” then isak is there next to him holding out his hand for even to grab, “i’ll help, do it” so even puts his hand in isaks (which by the way is very nice and very warm and very soft) and puts one foot on it and its all cool until he tries with his other leg too, then he’s falling forward and isak catches him and wow alright even could totally do this for hours and then isak laughs, “its alright i fell off a lot in the beginning too. here,” then he’s putting a hand on even’s waist and even succeeds to step on the board and he’s grabbing isak tightly, his shoulder and his hand, then isak starts walking slowly and even is rollin after him and he’s all “wow im so cool” and isak lets his waist go and alright even is not That cool and jumps off in time and isak is laughin so hard, even pushes at his shoulder then laughs along w him. and they stay there until its dark, isak trying to teach even, even watching isak skate, sitting on the bench just talking and smoking. then even walks isak back to his flat and they linger in front of it for a while too and evens mind is racing and he’s thinking whether he should go for a kiss. he doesnt though and he’s dyin but he just bites his lip, “see you around?” and isak nods and looks down at his lip and with a shy smile he turns around and walks inside, looking back once. even calls vilde, “im totally going to murder you but first imma tell u everything that happened” and she listens and giggles at the right parts. and since then on, when the girls and even are watching isak (and the others) skate, isak always shoots a thumbs up at even and they dont know a small talk anymore. and one night when theyve stayed there again and theres a slight breeze ,isak shivers and even offers his arms which isak accepts and theyre looking at the stars, then isak starts talking about them and even finds his face absolutely priceless as his eyes shine and theres a colour to his cheeks and he cant stop staring at his profile and then isak turns to him and whispers “what” and even just smiles and shakes his head and theyre looking at each other and their lips and isak visibly swallows and evens mouth falls slightly open and isak lifts his chin a little and even takes it as a sign and presses their lips together and after another kiss ,isak makes himself more comfortable in evens arms and they stay like that for a while before even walks isak home again and their hands brush too many times on the way and they cant stop smiling and evens cheeks are hurting SO bad but he loves it and when they stop at isaks flat, he doesnt hesitate this time to kiss isak and isaks hands bury inside the pocket of evens hoodie and its so damn adorable, he kisses him again and isak ends up inviting him in and they fall asleep kissing and cuddling, their fingers laced together, legs tangled, and well maybe after all he can let vilde live

renegades-of-pvnk  asked:

in my new campaign my friends character is an orc named Attic that's super sweet but kinda dumb and all of us love him. he's also really bad at common so he says things like "good coffee... pleasure?" or "very nice! want! please!" and im telling you this bc i 100% think magnus would be friends with him

i’m imagining Attic petting a dog and being like “… soft… nice…” and Magnus is just nodding really fast and wiping tears from his eyes

me? still talking about ryuji? yes

ok but i think something really underrated is that at least ryuji tries with mishima. thruout the game mishima’s kinda brushed off by the protagonist i feel like and never really considered a friend by the game which is heartbreaking because he’s genuinely a nice character and very important.

without mishima you wouldn’t even have a big game mechanic of the gameplay which is mementos missions so yes, he’s a p important character

but besides that, ryuji seems to try with mishima. at the beach in hawaii, he hung out with mishima and spent time with him and back with operation maid watch he hyped him up with saying thats an amazing name and generally seems to support him. he let him tag along and i feel like ryuji wishes to give him a place to belong and give general company

it may just be my opinion but i think ryuji treats mishima the best out of any character especially akira / joker since he never seemed to REALLY consider him a friend throughout the gameplay’s options

  • [sakura n sasuke hanging out sitting on the sofa w their tinders open]
  • sakura: hmm.. cute.. cute.... very cute.. ohh shes so hot
  • sasuke: .... ugly.. ugh pass.. gross..... hmmmm looks unnervingly like kiba, fuck no....
  • sakura: [has a match] ohhh nice i got a match
  • sasuke: [looks over] why dont **I** ever get a match
  • sakura: well lets see. go on
  • sasuke: [swipes 2 the next guy] ......ugly
  • sakura: what why hes kinda cute
  • sasuke: annoying bio with too many exclamation points. next [swipes again].... hmm no i dont think so
  • sakura: thats suigetsu and youve banged him
  • sasuke: hmm? anyway moving on.. [swipes]
  • sakura: oh i think hes ok
  • sasuke: yeah i guess [still swipes left]
  • [this goes on for a while]
  • sakura: hey you ever tried like swiping right instead of left
  • sasuke: well im sorry SOMEBODY here has standards
  • sakura: well IM sorry that youre such a picky BITCH. have fun moping after naruto i'll be at my house eating pussy, asshole
The Signs under Supernatural Quotes
  • Aries: I'm gonna go stop the Big Bad Wolf. Which is the weirdest thing I've ever said.
  • Taurus: Zombie-ghost orgy, huh? Well, that's it. I'm torching everybody.
  • Gemini: A bloody, violent monster... and you wanna be Facebook friends with him? Nice, Sammy.
  • Cancer: Dude, stow the touchy-feely, self-help yoga crap.
  • Leo: I like to think it's because of my perky nipples.
  • Virgo: Details are everything. You don’t want to go fighting ghosts without any health insurance.
  • Libra: I am calmed down. Somebody stole my c... :(starts to hyperventilate)
  • Scorpio: Dean, this is a very serious investigation. We don't have any time for any of your blah blah blah blah.
  • Sagittarius: I found a liquor store. And I drank it.
  • Capricorn: Today, you're my little bitch.
  • Aquarius: Last time, I wanted to be normal. This time... I know I'm a freak.
  • Pisces: Wait, there's no such thing as unicorns?
"Tell us a few things about your character."
  • Benedict Cumberbatch: Sherlock has regressed, but what's the most important thing here is his relationship with John Watson, played by Martin Freeman who is an absolute delight on set and I adore him, I mean, you know, in a completely platonic way, um, what was I saying?
  • Martin Freeman: We 're not fucking. John is the protagonist.
  • Amanda Abbington: Dude, I love that everyone thinks I am a villain, I am very villain, I am the biggest villain in the villainous history of villainy, see the black jumper I'm wearing?
  • Louise Brealey: Well I loved this scene when Ben had to kiss me, it was all so lovely, he was amazing, this hair ruffle, yes, so beautiful... I think... that's what you asked me, right?
  • Mark Gatiss: Well, obviously, Mycroft is the coolest character ever written in the history of humankind, therefore I was the only one who could play him.
  • Rupert Graves: Lestrade's a nice chap.
  • Andrew Scott: Well, I know people consider Moriarty somewhat evil, but I don't see him like that. I don't think he's a dark character, he's actually a very soft, sad, sensitive, calm, good, bright, smol and slightly flirtatious human being *go cries in a corner*

anonymous asked:

Do you think that Reylo could ever have a happy ending? especially with everything that's happened and how Kylo Ren has done so much wrong right in front of Rey, I don't really see it happening; Although they might foreshadow it with a nice little hand hold or smile or something in the very end.

If by happy ending you mean marriage and babies, I wouldn’t hold my breath for it. But I do expect some kind of sweet, ambiguously happy ending for the two, with Kylo Ren exiling himself because of his past misdeeds and Rey willfully following him to his self-imposed exile.

Yo, I got a question

To those who consider Varchie/Archieronnie’s relationship to be “rushed”, can I ask you why do you think that? 

I ask because I don’t think its rushed at all. They experienced mutual attraction; and clearly they are both very supportive of one another. They comforted each other and care about each other. It’s not like they are getting married, or moving in together. That would be rushed; yet this isn’t it. They are teenagers who want to get to know each other better. Isn’t that the entire point of dating?? 

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Requested by Anon. Hope you like it .Thank you for requesting.

Happy ran in to the clubhouse. Yelling at the guys he needed help.
“Brothers I need help”. Hes breathing was heavy.
“"Where and who”? Tig pulled out his gun cocking it
“Not that kind of help”. “I need help with Y/N”.
“Whats wrong with her”? Chibs piped out
“Nothing, I’m going to ask her to marry me but dont know where to begin”.
“Really Hap you had us rallied up”. Jax said sitting back down.
“You should be, this is a big step for me”. “You know I never wanted to settle down now look”.
“I can help you if you want, me and Juicy boy”. Chibs nudged Juice.
“Thanks Brother, where do we start”?
“You got a ring”? Jax asked
“Umm, yea I’ve had it about 2 months after we started dating”.  He said pulling it out of his wallet.
“Well, your started”. “Now you need a place and time”.
“I want to do it here but she’s working now”. He looked at his phone
“You want to do it today”? Chibs shouted
“Yeah, tomorrows our anniversery and I wanted it to be special”.
“Jeez Hap you could have warned us sooner”.
“Our Killer is becoming soft”. Tig teased.
Happy growled. “Stop Tiggy, leave the Lad alone”. Chibs smacked Tigs arm.
“So you’ll help”?
“Of course brother, thats what family is for”. “You go get her and bring her here, we will have everything ready for you”. Chibs said getting on the phone.
You were finishing up your paperwork when Happy walked in. Surprise. He never came to your work unless there was a lockdown or he was going to kill one of the men you work with for talking to you.
“Hey Happy, what are you doing here”?
“I came to pick you up and take you to the clubhouse for a party”. He said kissing you
“Alright, I’m finished let me get my stuff”.
You left your car at work and rode Happys bike o the clubhouse.
As you pulled in you saw Tig outside smoking.
“Hey Hap Chibs wants you”. “Hey Doll, you looking good”. Tig walked up to you helping you off the bike.
“Trager, back off”. Happy snaped at him
“Baby hes begin nice now go see what Chibs wants”.
“Yeah I"ll talk to Y/N and keep her company”. Tig smiled
“Watch him if he trys anything you have my permison to shoot him”.  You rolled your eyes

Happy walked seeing the clubhouse felled with balloons and streamers. Candles in mason jars, a banner that reads Congradulation. Rose peddles on the floor. Happy was very impressed.
“Brother I think you out did your self”. He laughed as he gave Chibs a hug
“Nah, Juice wanted to hire a band and let them play "I’ll make love to you” but I stopped him".
“Thank god, thats not her kind of music” Happy laughed
“Its great, she’ll love it”. “Thanks again brother”.
“It was Juicy boys pleasure”. “ He loved playing decorator”.
Chibs and Happy laughed as Juice called Tig on the phone to bring you in.
“Lets go inside Doll”.
You walked in. You heart stopped. It was gorgeous. What was going on?
“Hap, whats all this”.
“Its for you Y/N”. “I have a very important question”.
“Yes Happy”.
He got down on one knee and presented a diamond ring. “Y/N Y/M Y/L will you do me the honor of becoming my wife, my old lady and my ride or die forever love”.
You were speechless. He did all this for you.
“Yes Happy Yes a million times yes”. He picked you up twirling you around as he kissed you.
“I love you”.
“I love you more”.
The boys came out clapping. They hugged you and welcomed you to the life of a bikers wife.
This new chapter in your life couldnt come at a better time. You and Happy were so in love and coulnt wait until you were husband and wife.