i think this was the new zealand premiere

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so the AA american premier date is 15 september, right? and I saw they wrote out some other release dates like in Australia, Hungary and New Zealand and it will be on 14 september? like..what?

I have noooo idea lol. I can’t remember, which I should because it’s an import ant date bc A M E R I C A N A S S A S S I N but I think so anyway.

Dirty Little Secret (A Smutty Harry One Shot)

Dirty Little Secret (Harry Styles One Shot)

Loose lips can’t sink ships if they’re pressed against mine

Warning: Sexual content, Language (NC-17)

Word Count: 3348

A/N: Killed two requests with one smutty story. Special appearance by Dylan O'Brien. Enjoy!

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Carmilla Season 2 Premiere Time Chart

Hey everyone!  I’m sure something was made like this, but I’m seeing a lot of people asking.  Carmilla is premiereing at 5:30pm EDT.  That converts to the following:

Los Angeles, CA / Pacific Daylight Time - Tuesday, 6/2 @ 2:30 PM

Denver, CO / Mountain Daylight Time - Tuesday, 6/2 @ 3:30 PM

Dallas, TX / Central Daylight Time - Tuesday, 6/2 @ 4:30 PM

New York, NY / Eastern Daylight Time - Tuesday, 6/2 @ 5:30 PM

London, United Kingdom / British Standard Time - Tuesday, 6/2 @ 10:30 PM

Berlin, Germany / Central European Summer Time - Tuesday, 6/2 @ 11:30 PM

Moscow, Russia / Moscow Standard Time - Midnight between 6/2 & 6/3

Beijing, China / China Standard Time - Wednesday, 6/3 @ 5:30 AM

Perth, Australia / Australian Western Standard Time - Wednesday, 6/3 @ 5:30 AM

Adelaide, Australia / Australian Central Standard Time - Wednesday, 6/3 @ 7:00 AM

Sydney, Australia / Australian Eastern Standard Time - Wednesday, 6/3 @ 7:30 AM

Auckland, New Zealand / New Zealand Standard Time - Wednesday, 6/3 @ 9:30 AM

Here you go, Creampuffs.  Enjoy.  Let me know if you see an error and I’ll correct it, but I think it’s all accurate.

EDIT: SOME KINDLY PEOPLE POINTED OUT THAT I SCREWED UP MY COPY AND PASTING EARLIER.  Beijing, Perth, Sydney and Auckland were all corrected.  Apologies!  (I blame you, Adelaide.  What’s up with that half hour time zone change thing?)

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Hi! So I'm new to tronnor and I'm not really familiar with anything that's happened in the past between them, would you mind listing some moments that you think are the biggest/most important?? Thanks:)

 welcome to the fandom! theres so many cute moments, but heres the few i think were pretty important:

1. troye’s message to connor saying he cherishes him

and the one on the back of trxye

2. connor flying to south africa to go to troye’s spud premiere for no reason other then to support troye

3. how troyes family ADORES connor

4. the fact that they literally have spent almost every day of 2015 together and were barely apart in 2014 as well, always making time to fly out and see one another despite the fact they live on the opposite sides of the world. one example of this is the super secret New Zealand trip they went on, alone, together, for a whole week, for absolutely no particular reason other than to be together. they filmed videos of eachother while there [x] [x]. heres some fan photos:

5. troye performed for the first time since he was 15 recently, and connor was one of the 10 people who went to see it. troye’s family werent there but connor went to support him, even through it was only for people in the industry [x] [x]

6. they recently went to disneyland together and it was troyes first time there

theres honestly been so much more but i think these are pretty significant!

if you want to see them in videos(since they STILL havnt collabed despite spending every second together), heres a great compilation [x] by tronnorfravan

Out of the Woods music video premieres soon – and like always I’m nervous about what people are going to think of it. I filmed it in New Zealand and it was so much fun. Everything in that country is so beautiful, so it was great to be able to do that. It’s going to be one of the last things I do of 2015 – release a music video, depending on when they show it on ABC New Years Eve celebrations. This year has gone way too fast. What’s everyone’s plans for the celebrations?

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hey I'm on mobile so I can't see the faq, but if you don't mind, will you tell me about ur girlfriend? how did u meet?

It’s not on my FAQ, you’re actually the first person to ever ask, so I’m going to rather delight in telling you the story (anyone who doesn’t know, my girlfriend is Ash / asteriads)

It’s kind of funny, but we actually first made contact via tumblr, back when my url was ofstarfleets. I think I posted something about being from New Zealand, and that always leads to me chatting with other people from New Zealand, one of them being Ash. We found out we were both from the same town, and we chatted a bit through Facebook. Then we managed to book our tickets for the Catching Fire premiere by sheer chance right beside each other, so that was the first time we actually met face to face (read: very awkward encounter, me being like “is that her? is that her?” a lot to myself)

We only had sparse / sporadic contact for about a year, and she went away for an exchange to Italy, but when she came back, we arranged to meet up, sort of out of the blue, just because we had quite a few shared interests and experiences. As soon as I saw her that day, I gave her The Secret History to read, we talked for four hours straight and I missed three buses I should have been on and I was like low-key head over heels. Before this point, I’d had a boyfriend but I’d never had a crush and my lord, did I have a crush on her. 

We didn’t go a day without talking for four months and eventually we just fell into each other and now she feels like home.