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Kanto pokémon: 001-151


After so much careful color picking, suffering, sai crashing, tablet randomly losing pressure i finished it! It’s been three weeks of working on it and i think it really paid of. Overall i had fun and it was a good lineless art practice.

I guess i should start working on gen 2 now???

Do not repost without permission, claim as your own, or delete the caption. You may use them as icons if you ask me first. No need to ask if you’re going to use them for something personal (something you will not be posting online). Thank you!


゚・:,。★·͙⁺˚*•̩̩͙✩Captain America: The Mock Poster Project✩•̩̩͙*˚⁺‧͙★,。・:・゚
                                 THE WINTER SOLDIER

I don’t think I properly introduced this project, but here’s me, recreating famous (romantic) movie posters with the Captain America characters. The hope is to create one for each movie of the trilogy.   as opposed to 6 billions for the Winter Soldier and none for Civil War because SO MANY CHARACTER
Each poster is gonna feature the most iconic Stucky line of each movie (”Not Without You”, “I’m With You Till The end of The Line”, and possibly “Your Bucky”), and credits as similar as possible to the *actual* Captain America poster.
Today’s choice was Titanic (1997) by James Cameron.
It was my first pick, and I never wavered (even if I *might*, if time allows, work on my second and third pick, too). And the more I think about it, the better it fits. The sinking ship. The lovers separated by catastrophe. 

*Here you can find my tumblr post and art for Captain America: THE FIRST AVENGER based on Gone with the Wind (1939)

You can find the art on my Society6 shop here. I decided to post here a version cropped to look as similar as possible to the Titanic poster I used as base. Buuuuuuuut S6 requires square canvas for several gadgets, so the shop contains both this version and also a second, bigger one showing more of the art (the whole helicarrier, the whole shield and other such details.)

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"See you later, Eren" could be referring to either Eren Jaeger or Eren Kruger. And it's also not 100% confirmed that the girl saying that is Mikasa. Any thoughts?

Hello anon, and thank you for the ask.

A second anon sent me this:

Someone else also sent me a slightly similar question to the two above:

I was going to answer each one of these individually, but given that they’re all connected, I’m going to answer them all at once, regardless of whether or not this is the same person being impatient with my slow ass, understandably.

The things I’ll be discussing in this are as follows:

  1. The identity of the girl in the dream from chapter 1.
  2. The identity of the Eren mentioned in the dream.
  3. Armin and Mikasa in Kruger’s memories + Time Travel theory.
  4. Grisha’s memories and inheriting the Titan power.

Buckle up, friends, the ride’s going to be longer than I attempted for it to be.

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I've never seen anyone say anything bad about you but then I found out apperently Aphobe Tumblr thinks you're a massive lesbophobe because?? you support aces I guess???

When I first made this blog they tried so hard to paint me as a massive lesbophobe for using the lesbian flag as my icon but then I added “ace lesbian” to my description and I don’t think they ever got over that salt tbh


I think it’s about time I share some of my page spreads from the project as well.

I would have to thank the wonderful Celine Kim for asking me to work on this amazing project together with her. Many of you have seen her work already, but if you haven’t do check out her tumblr for her amazing work!

The challenge of this project was for us to take the already iconic Sunwukong ‘Monkey King’ and recreate him into a character outside of just a trickster. We presented Sun in his first moments of happiness which develop into a fiery rage as he is constantly wronged over and over again. Much of this reflects a stage in our lives when much unfairness occurs and yet in the end we may be born anew once again with a different view of the world.

Publication or distribution of this book is still in debate between Celine and I. We will make the decision once we finish school in April 2016 so stay tuned!

Higher than the Sky wall

Celine’s post



hello! im alyssa and im an artist now accepting art commissions for the first time!
as of right now, im only doing digital sketches to accustom myself.

send your commission requests to commissionlys@gmail.com

payment with be through paypal which will be shared via email!

please don’t repost my artwork anywhere without my permission or without asking!  DIRECT link me or tag me in a post. for a profile/icon picture, credit it me in your description/bio.
i might post your commission on my insta or tumblr and if its an original character or not, i will mention you in the 

im not really sure what else to write, i think it’s pretty self explanatory. however! if you have any questions you can ask me or email me! im pretty casual lol



so, since it is the 15th anniversary of the ace attorney series and all, capcom recently released some new official art: four different groupshots featuring almost every major character in the entire series. you know what that means?

(hint: if you said “more new icons than we’ll know what to do with” then you’re right. here’s set #1 for ya)

i don’t really have a schedule for these except “in a somewhat timely manner in whatever order i feel like”. if a character from the new official art doesn’t make it into an icon, they were either too small or too much of them was cut off to make a good reconstruction. feedback on how i did is very much appreciated, and please like/reblog/credit me if you’d like to use these ^^

hi friends

so I haven’t had a computer since november. yes, seriously. 

First it was hell, but as the months went by, it wasn’t so bad, because I had my ps1, ps2, ps3 and ps4 to watch youtube on. 

BUT I AM BACK NOW. And I am doing a major purge on who i am following. I’m going kinda fast and I probably don’t recognize a lot of your guys’ names and icons any more. If I unfollowed you, you can tell me.

Also feel free to say hi!

//the struggle continues. I think I’m going to get all info and verse pages for all muses up and running first, and wait for my icon sets to roll in before I resume heavy play. Leila’s verse page is already done, go see it at http://dancing-dagger.tumblr.com/verses

I’m also going to get some promos up and running as well. Target date to resume playing: April 10, the first anniversary of @guerreradelosmuertos / @guerreradelosmuertos-archive

i think it’s funny how , when i first started rping about 2 years go on tumblr , it was all about fancy promos / themes / formatting , and now it’s reverting back to simple themes with limited formatting , and that new promo style where it’s just icons and a summary . and i love that , i think that’s what it should have been from the beginning . i think it’s more welcoming and less work .

tumblr is on a mission to make me look like boo boo the fool i always see my mutual’s icons first when reblogging posts.., i never pay attention to the urls and now bc of the glitch i;m getting tricked into thinking certain blogs are Safe™ since they show up with the same icon


InuYasha Icons pt. X

So, I got requests from someone (I think they deleted their blog because I can’t seem to find that ask in my inbox anymore!) for Kanna/Kagura icons! I love coloring Kagura but Kanna was a first and I am SO proud of the result! I thought it’d be difficult to color her because it’s mainly white but with the mirror and the shadowing, I found a way. Also, an anon asked for Kagome with different facil expressions, I hope you’re satisfied with this!

These look a lot better on your icons, tumblr scretches them a little bit on the photosets (they’re 150p x 150p). Requests are open HERE! Please credit me if you use/take any of them (like reblogging the post or letting people know on the description of your blog, whichever!) and DO NOT REPOST, thank you! ^-^

ectothermkid  asked:

Honestly I think your icon (which is awesome) is what made me really committed to the idea that Laura Moon had blonde hair, so when I saw she had brown hair in the show I got really upset lol

Oh my goodness!

The icon I’m currently using was created by @tinyhaunt who is an amazing artist who created this before the show was cast and was exceptionally kind when I completely forgot to ask permission first (which I know better than to do so I felt exceptionally guilty and they were very kind to forgive). 

So great artist and very forgiving person! So buy them a coffee 

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I would love a blograte and congrats on 700 Cameo!! You deserve all that and more! <3

Thank you so much Meghan!! <3

URL: 9/10 - Meghan your change often but I always love each new one you get!! teach me your url ways?! <3
Icon: 9/10 - It’s so pretty!! :)
Mobile Theme: 8/10 - I love how simple it is because that means the attention can be placed on your blog’s content (which is amazeballs)
Desktop Theme: 8/10 - I love how simple and easy to navigate it is (because I get confused real easily ;) ) 
Overall: 9/10 - Meghan your blog is actually goal and it’s not fair ;) <3
Favourite part: Your content and how easily I’m able to view it :) x

Am I following you?: Lol I think you were one of my first tumblr crushes tbh so ofc xx

Want one ?

was tagged by the beautiful @gargoyles42 💖 thanks!

1. Who’s the first person you talked to when you entered this fandom?
melissa, who left tumblr months ago :(

2. First five blogs in your messaging?
@chrissiewhites, @stulot, @cassiopea-13, @gargoyles42 and @chrissiebex :)

3. What/Who is your icon?
the love of my life, aja naomi king (most people think is michaela but no, it’s aja!)

4. Number of followers?
195, don’t talk to me, im famous 💁🏽

5. Number of following?
86? my phone doesn’t tell me anymore and i haven’t use my computer so idk

i tag all the people i mentioned already bc im too lazy ✌🏽😌

So this started off as a warm doodle, this is also my first fully freehand drawing. I typically draw my drawings as sketches on paper first and then scan and draw them digitally. I thought I should draw a new version of my little lady with my new drawing style, I think she look pretty cute!
 I plan to doodle some more work of her but, for now here is my first one of her.
Yes it is small, I plan on using it as a icon for on here and my tumblr.