i think this type of photoset is becoming a thing for me


So I’ve been overwhelmed by the black panther comicon appearance and I’ve been dwelling on how revolutionary the black panther movie is going to be, what it’s going to mean to countless people when this movie comes out and how long we still have to go, So I decided to put this short photoset together to illustrate exactly how big of a deal it is and how it is bigger than one person.

it’s so bittersweet because when I was younger (especially growing up where I did, a black kid in Finland) I really wished I had more access to imagery and media that reflected who I was because it would have made my life radically different for the better and I wouldn’t be at 26 (STILL) doing damage control but on the flipside, I’m so in awe of all of the beautiful talent in 2016 that younger black kids are able to see and be inspired by.

I think I was like 4 years old when I conciously picked up race and color via watching Disney’s “Aladdin” and I noticed how Jafar, the evil royal guards etc the villains were more ethnic looking or a shade darker than the “good” characters.

it’s insidious because you’re seeing something but at age 4, you don’t have the comprehension skill or knowledge to break it down and see it for what it is (Colorism, Societal bias against black people which is rooted in centuries of white supremacist doctrine, society associates things that are dark/darker colors with evil, danger, ugliness, dirt etc) and reject it.

so you pick it up and see it on a surface level and you think to yourself “well darker must mean ugly, criminal and less human”…then what happens when you look at yourself in the mirror and find out that you are black?

  how is that going to impact how you see yourself?

and guess what? if a 4 year old black kid can pick that up and internalize that about him/her/themselves….then a white kid can sponge up the same language and imagery that dehumanizes black people too (subconciously/conciously)…what happens when when these people grow up? become teachers, doctors, law enforcement etc? what kind of impact is that going to have?

I’m going off on a tangent and that’s just one personal example but society does that on a global grand scale and it is largely unchecked.

but honestly though,look at the photoset and think about how many talented people out there that we love and respect….who would NOT have achieved the things they did if it wasn’t for another person before them inspiring them to reach their goals and acting as trail blazers when it seemed as though it was impossible….then think about the flipside and how many people, with all the potential in the world, never lived to become great because they were met with more images dehumanizing them than ones uplifting them…this is why the fight for HONEST representation is important and it continues.

argh, I didn’t plan on typing anything but I got in my feelings after watching this again

…anyway, here are some pictures to make you smile, the next gen gives me hope

and if none of that gets you going, here is a video of Michael Jackson surprising James Brown on stage and then thanking him for being his biggest influence (BET awards, 2003)


T.O.P for Arena Homme+ Magazine Interview Translations.

*Thank you so much Dana for the full translations! @bigbanggisvip & scans by Jacly, @shrimpljy! The two translators of Bigbang! ^^

Boom. One man stands in front of the camera. He’s chatting as he is touching the back of his hair that grew out behind his ears. It’s Choi Seung Hyun. Now that name is as familiar as the name TOP. He has already filmed 3 movies. He poses with his hands and feet towards the camera. He relaxes his shoulders and takes over the space. The yellow sunglasses look like it is a part of his body. He was not like this in the editor’s memory. It was when he was shooting for the cover of a movie magazine with his movie, . He looked a bit stiff. His piercing eyes were as sharp as an arrowhead, but his body was hardened like a stick. It was understandable. Since it was his first movie and he had to be shoulder-to-shoulder with some big actors. However, he existed in his own way, apart from them. TOP, who came down from the stage, looked like that. Like an awkward fish that just got out of the water. Of course, this is about his past. Now, he has gotten used to the environment to the point he can freely move out of the water. At least it looked like it. In an evolutionary point of view, he is very successful. Because he has survived the sudden environmental change called .

Q: You were very worried about looking too cheesy while shooting. Why is that so…
TOP: We decided to make the retro concept photoshoot more fun by putting long hair extensions on me. I always usually wore a suit during photoshoots. Since I’m trying to show my new side with this long hair, retro-style clothes, and manly faces, it’s very easy to look cheesy. So I was worried.

Q: Looking at the results, do you think they came out okay?
TOP: I think it contains various new sides of me. I don’t try new concepts very often because I want to save them. If I show too much, I could run out of it. I always save some concepts to increase the freshness of them. But I tried to unleash those concepts through . The character in this movie is very different from the characters that I have acted out before, so I was more eager to show the new sides of me. And I also thought that I should show some new stuff since I’m having a photoshoot
for the first time in a while.

Q: Watching you during the photoshoot was something new. You looked a lot more relaxed than you looked when you were promoting a while ago.
TOP: I’ve become too relaxed now that it’s becoming a problem, haha. I fundamentally like doing photoshoots and I enjoy them. The pictures come out better when I enjoy it. I follow the given concept, but I learned how to show a more sophisticated side of me in that given concept. You have to be greedy to get good results. I actually keep my guard up to avoid getting lazy. Because if I get lazy, new things won’t be made. I always hide my cards and stay ready.

Q: Your new movie is exactly like that. It’s like you’re showing us the cards that you’ve been hiding!
TOP: When I was getting interviewed about , I said that this will be the last movie to show my character and that I will be choosing a shocking, unexpected character for the next movie. While looking for it, I encountered but, I hesitated at first. Because I could be harshly criticized by the manias(fans) of the original comic series. But now, I don’t gravitate towards things that don’t stimulate something in me. Even though I knew that it’ll be hard, I still wanted to challenge myself. I continuously tried to draw out the sides of me that I didn’t have while filming.

Q: Daily life, delicate emotions between sexes, fights in the gambling world, humanity, etc. You had to show a wide range of things while acting. It’s completely different from your previous roles that were just mostly emotional.
TOP: Even from the moment I saw the scenario of the movie, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do this movie without taking off a few layers of me. And because of that, I had to fight with myself a lot. If I try too hard to draw something out that I don’t have in me, the audiences will think, ‘Uh? Why is that person doing that?’ and think that I’m trying too hard, so it’ll be hard for them to focus on the movie. You must never let the audience see that. The night before we started filming, I was very troubled, thinking about that. How could I express my character more exclusively without making it banal? I thought about that a lot. I didn’t really want to draw a line to indicate how far to go, but I just wanted to take off all the layers of me.

Q: Do you like gambling?
TOP: I just don’t play games at all, including cards. I’ve never even played any electronic games since I was little. I have a serious desire to win, so I feel like I’ll see the end of it once I start. I always keep that in mind, and never play games. I practiced Hwatu very hard this time, but I have decided that I will only like it for acting purposes. I promised myself that no matter how good I get at it, I will not play Hwatu. Haha.

Q: So you don’t want to do it at all cause you get furious when you lose, right? I understand what you mean.
TOP: That’s right. I will even bet my life over it. Haha.

Q: Actually, your movie this time is like a gamble as well.
TOP: I thought that this movie will definitely be a nice growing period for me. Since I had to act out the sides of me that I’ve never shown before or didn’t exist at all, I knew that I was taking a huge risk. But because I knew that it was risky, I gravitated more towards it. Now I don’t gravitate towards things that aren’t risky.

Q: Now that you’ve finished filming the movie, in what way did you grow?
TOP: Honestly, I’m not sure about the appropriateness level here. Haha. As I was filming, I tried to catch all the unique features of each actors, and I was sure that I could show what I learned in the next movie. I gained a little more confidence in a good way. They say that when you work with someone, you can see the spectrum of the life they’ve lived. Through this experience, I could see their spectrum to a certain degree, and I received a lot of good energy.

Q: Since so many famous senior actors were in the movie, were you intimidated at first?
TOP: I actually gained more confidence. Through this movie, I met some deft, amazing people and that stimulated a desire to win inside of me, so I received good vibes from them. They say that there’s a war of nerves between actors during filming, and singers on the stage. But I’m not good at doing something like that. In contrast, I try to feel the good vibe of other people. I try to receive good, powerful vibes and return it to them. I did that a lot while filming this movie.

Q: is a movie for Korean Thanksgiving. When they say “A movie for Korean Thanksgiving”, that means that it’s highly anticipated. It must be a different feeling being in a movie like this.
TOP: I never actually thought about that. It still doesn’t feel real to hear things like “A movie for Korean Thanksgiving” or “Highly-anticipated film”. The movie itself was a burden to me, so I did not have the energy to think about that. Because I already knew that it was highly risky. Ham Daegil was a character from Mr. Heo Young Man’s series that was read and loved by many of the senior generations. I thought and thought about how I could make the character more interesting. I still feel like I was a “substitute” of Daegil that was created by Director Kang Hyung Cheol and Mr. Heo Young Man.

Q: Despite all those burden, you must feel a lot more relaxed now that you’re done filming.
TOP: Not really. My face is breaking out pretty bad right now. I usually don’t really get pimples. I was shocked when I looked at my face in the photo taken during the photoshoot. The moment before a movie’s release or an album’s release is when my skin is at its worst state. Finishing something and waiting to present it to people is the most anxious moment in the world. It’s very nerve-wrecking, and I become more sensitive. I get nervous, and I can’t sleep. So I drink a lot by myself. Right now is the most anxious time for me. Because it’s a movie that I poured out all my energy and emotions into, plus a year of my life.

Q: There’s some ‘sexuality’ in the original comics. You probably had to act that out too, and weren’t you worried as an idol?

TOP: There was never a time when I said, “I can’t do this.” The director also doesn’t really like to show things explicitly. I think he thought that since the story is already very explicit, it would make the original series ‘not-so-classy’ if we were to film it explicitly. But there are some intense scenes too. I filmed a scene where all the actors were naked, I filmed a bed scene, and I also filmed only in my underwear for the first time since I was born. Even though I’m someone that doesn’t even wear short sleeve shirts…

Q: Did you feel a sense of freedom after doing that?

TOP: No, I was so nervous. But I couldn’t even let it show. If I tense up, all the other staffs and seniors would feel that negative vibe too and feel nervous. On the outside, I acted like I was fine, but I was actually very nervous. Just like what I said, I really hate showing skin. I don’t even wear short sleeve T-shirts in the summer. But when I filmed (without clothes on), there weren’t that many thoughts in my head. Haha. Maybe this will be my first and last movie with such exposing scenes.

Q: Why are you talking so conclusively like that
TOP: There is a reason why I decided to show skin in the movie. For example, in an action movie like , it would have been too much if there was a scene where they showed muscles to look cool. People might say, ‘Is he taking his clothes off to look cool in the movie?’ But in the movie, , they didn’t control the lighting to make my body look cool, it wasn’t that type of a scene. As I read the scenario, I thought that ‘the more clothes I take off, the more fun it adds
to the story’. I thought that taking the clothes off makes the movie’s plot more interesting.

Q: True. The scene where you guys play Hwatu naked symbolizes the theme of greed and doubt.
TOP: Because I felt that would be important, I gained the courage to willingly take my clothes off. Hmm.. Looking back at what I said, I feel like I talked like an actress. Haha.

Q: Haha. So you’re more focused on the character rather than the scene?
TOP: I don’t think I’ll take my clothes off if it doesn’t seem essential to the narrative of the movie. I felt that even more through this movie. I think I hate it(exposing skin) psychotically. I always wear long sleeves at home. I hate it when my skin touches objects. It’s been over 10 years since the last time I wore shorts. I wouldn’t say that I’m sensitive; I’m just very shy. To me, “showing skin” is a very embarrassing/shy act. When I was filming (the bed scene), I asked the director, “Do you want to take my underwear off too?” Haha. I thought there would be no difference in wearing underwear and not wearing underwear since I already showed my skin. Haha. It was fun though. Experiencing something like this in my life time.

Q: There are a lot of worries about the movie … Like some comments.
TOP: I read them but I don’t get hurt by them. Even when Bigbang released albums, there has always been hateful comments. But afterwards, I learned that people’s thoughts change over time. It’s also pretty interesting to watch that change. And I feel like I don’t have that many ‘anti’ fans up to now. Haha. Ah, this time, (while I was reading the comments) I did see that people were criticizing me for something that I’ve never been criticized for before. Haha.

Q: Musician and Actor. I think you have a good balance between the two. You’re not leaning towards one, and you’re not doing too much either.
TOP: My main profession is a musician, but I try to find a balance
between the two. I think it’s been about 8 years since I first appeared in a drama. I think I’m someone who carefully goes ‘all-in’ in one specific thing. Not someone who tries a lot of things and finds one thing. I’m the type to put a lot of effort into something and prepare heartily and sincerely one by one. So I think that I am capable of achieving that balance.

Q: The circumstances that allow you to do that must be very nice.
TOP: Well, not necessarily. I know that I should be working more at this time, but I’m the type that can’t easily put something into action. I feel like I’m always saving things. Even when I’m acting, I still sometimes watch music shows. And I watch what people these days do. I don’t really like to jump in, and I really hate showing weaknesses, so I don’t try to get involved in or jump into something that I don’t feel the need to.

Q: Because there’s a risk of losing even though you’re skilled?
TOP: I meant the exact opposite of that. I don’t really want to do things when there aren’t any “strong” ones in the field. Hmm.. Am I being too honest here? Haha. It’s my first time doing an interview in a while… So yeah, I’m someone who makes a move when I feel something stimulating inside me. I slowly became more like that. The fact that there’s a lot of risk in the movie, stimulated me even more. That made me gravitate towards the movie more.

Q: Because it’s a “High-risk, High-return” movie.
TOP: I’m still not sure about what I can get in return from the movie. Compared to the risk I’m taking, I actually don’t think that I’ll be gaining something big from it. If I don’t do well enough to deserve an applause from everyone, this is certainly a risky movie. I know well that the original series was a piece loved by a lot of people. But I still wanted to challenge myself.

Q: As I was listening to you, I noticed that you work very hard.
TOP: I try not to get lazy. Since I’m still young, I try to work while looking at the future. If I don’t take risks and try new things now, I feel like I’ll be an old-fashioned person in 10, 20, 30 years. Even if you fail, if you always look for something new, wouldn’t you be someone who can set the trend even when time passes? If one always takes the safe road without any risks, he will have no change in his life. People will certainly get sick of that person.

Q: Because it’s easy to run out of ‘change’. In that aspect, it seems like your strategy to not show yourself often because of that is not that bad.
TOP: But it’s not a very practical strategy for these days. I don’t show myself a lot also because there’s nothing to show off about me. If I was a highly confident person, I would take ‘selcas’ and post them. But I’m too strict to myself to do that. My problem is that I’m too thoughtful.

Q: You have to be thoughtful to avoid encountering external dangers. If you show/expose too much, it could make risks.
TOP: I never do anything that would lead to dangerous situations. When I rest, I seriously just stay at home. If I could have 2 weeks off to rest, I will not come outside of my house for 2 weeks. Even when I meet with my friends, I bring them to my house and drink wine together. I try not to make mistakes any where. I know that I’m like a loose cannon that is unpredictable, so I try to restrain myself even more. Haha.

Q: It must be difficult to wait.
TOP: There’s an expression, “showed all the cards one had” (meaning that one showed everything about oneself). I always have conviction that I have some cards left unused. I always try to save them. As a public artist, I can picture what I should do at this time. Because of that, I’m not anxious or anything. There are still so many things that I can show. Even with music. That’s also the reason why I have never released a solo album, even though the group, Bigbang, has been around for almost 10 years. But of course, that wasn’t the only reason - I did miss the timing to
release it since I had to promote as an actor and as Bigbang. So I am gradually collecting more cards now. And I’m also saving some songs that I have worked on.

Q: So you’re calculatingly planning to release the cards when you need them?
TOP: I’m not calculative. I’m actually a very emotional person. Honestly, I think I’m more of a coward. Since I am an emotional coward that can’t live a calculative/premeditated life, I always try to hide. I also feel like I lack some confidence inside me. Gradually, I will wait and show more things to people when I get stronger. If I were to calculate my talents and skills in percents, what I showed up to now is merely 5% of what I have in me. I know that for sure.

Q: Are you waiting for the moment of explosion after boiling up?
TOP: I like being patient. I’m actually a very enthusiastic person. But as I suppress that enthusiasm, I feel a sense of catharsis. Sometimes when I look at some people, I feel that they don’t have anything left in them because they showed too much. You can tell if you work in the same field. But I’ve always resisted those things. Even when people around me tell me to do more and try to stimulate me, I restrain myself even more. I want to show more of myself when I become more “full”.

Finding success in the tarot community

In the tarot community there’s been discussion about everyone in the community wanting to be appreciated, and how the view of how appreciated we are gets skewed by the system of followers and notes that tumblr has. More numbers mean more approval and more investment from the community - at least, that’s how it seems. In reality, how many people see your post and register an opinion on it can change due to a lot of random factors, so it’s bad to draw too much meaning from the stats tumblr gives us on our posts.

But that doesn’t dismiss the core problem: people want recognition and interaction and a stronger sense of community on a social media network with few actual community-maintaining features. Numbers and stats are tangible, visible things, so it’s easy to latch onto them when you’re trying to figure out what’s wrong, but let’s look more at connections in the community itself.

How many people do you know in the “community”? Are you aware that any tumblr “community” is really just a bunch of bloggers who all happen to post in the same tags and know some of each other? This isn’t a bad thing, but it means that most tumblr communities are really groups of micro-communities sort of unified by a topic instead of by any particular common goals or ethics. These micro-communities will not all eventually unify because some are ideologically opposed.

Instead of focusing on forcing that impossible unification, your best bet is to simply make good connections with people and strengthen the parts of the community that intersect with you. That way even when someone is posting on some uncensored/confession blog about all the things wrong with the community, you can experience the pleasure of having no idea what they’re talking about. And by this I don’t mean that you should ignore the problems that affect the parts of the community that you intersect with, but you’ll get a better sense of when to completely ignore “all of you people are terrible and this is why we can’t have nice things” types of comments on anon submission blogs. (Maybe you will even stop paying attention to those blogs at all since they often just become soapboxes for people who want confrontation-driven attention!)

How do you foster good connections with people to form a sense of community within your micro-group? How do you even get a micro-group? It’s actually pretty easy, though it takes time, thought, and nuance. These are also things that a good friendship requires, and that’s no coincidence!

Your first step: find blogs you like that are associated with the community you’re trying to build relationships with. Read these blogs for long enough to get a sense of the people behind them. If you can’t get that sense from a blog, take it off of the list for now. You’re looking for actual interaction from people so if you can’t get a sense of how someone interacts yet, then that’s not gonna be a useful blog for this exercise.

Okay, now wait for these blogs to do things you like, then promote these things. Don’t just reblog, but comment saying what you think is important about the post, or ask questions, or make suggestions, or add a link to a related post from someone else’s blog, or do literary analysis. Just any constructive contribution and signal boosting that shows you’re thinking about their work and appreciate it, and that possibly connects them to others. This is different than a critique response or a debate-style interaction, because this is for stuff you agree with that you want to promote, not stuff you disagree with that you want to advance your own narrative on. The goal of this is that you like THIS person’s narrative and you want to advance it. You aren’t just subscribing to their metaphorical newsletter, you’re forwarding it to your friends with a recommendation note.

This takes some time to invest in! Which is why you should only do it for stuff you care about and are sincere about. Don’t waste time presenting a false front about what you enjoy or care about because then you’re building up a false friendship, no matter how nice your intentions are. It’s important to be genuine or you’ll end up playing a game instead of truly interacting with people! This means that not everything your tumblr favs put out will be something you promote, which is good anyway, because constantly promoting every single thing a person puts out just makes you look like a PR machine. Instead, remember that this is all potential interaction. People might talk with you about your observations. Hopefully they will! That’s sort of a huge part of real community interaction.

If this seems like a silly or unexciting suggestion, remember that it’s not just about reblogging and commenting! It’s also about noticing other people’s needs. I saw thewitchyrose​ was giving away an oracle deck soon, and I’d just gotten the same deck myself and had taken photos of the cards. I was going to go ahead and post the photos but asked her when she’d be doing the giveaway so I could hold back and link to the giveaway in the photoset’s description. People who liked the photos would probably want a chance to win the deck, and it helped Rose out in the process.

What does this gain me? That’s not actually rhetorical, we might as well think through what this sort of effort gets a person in response and what impact it has on our community. First of all, I promote content I want promoted. I think the giveaway is cool and I want people to know about it! As a demonolator, I’d also like to see more people connecting to the Goetic demons this deck is based off of. And TBH I believe linking to the giveaway made more people share the photoset, and I did want the photos to get an audience. Now, does the benefit extend beyond me? Yup! Rose is rebuilding her follower count and getting more exposure for her giveaway will help with that situation. People who want the deck will have a chance to win it and will be able to connect with other people who have it and ask questions about it.

But what I think is also important is that people see me promoting Rose for no monetary gain. I wanted to show a way you can support a person besides reblogging. I want to show that it’s okay to help a fellow reader out even if there’s no profit for me, since I see people in the comm observe on occasion that all tumblr readers/seers are competitive or only out for themselves. Sometimes they are, but quite a few tumblr readers are actually very invested in friendships and community. And that’s to their advantage, because investing in the success of your peers is also an investment in your own success.

That’s counter to the attitude that all other peers in your field are competition. Sure, on a certain level they are, but who cares? Who is going to understand your struggles in a field more than your peers will? Who is going to have been through the problem you’re going through already, and can share solutions? Who will most likely have connections to people who can further your advances through the field or teach you amazing things? Your peers! They are the biggest help you can get. And all you have to do is give them a reason to genuinely invest in you.

The best part of working in a field, even for free, even as a hobby, is that when you succeed it can impact everyone around you. Not only can people who invested in you, even with just well-wishes and reblogs, be happy that their investment was successful, but the energy of success is in itself a boost. You know how good news tends to make time pass better or faster? Or how it might grease the wheels on a difficult task because your attitude changes? These are the shared benefits of success! And when you start understanding how it feels to share success with someone, you want to do it more. You want to connect more. Your connections feel stronger and more valid. And if you have a hand in someone’s success you gain an understanding of someone because you went through something together.

This isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s not even something that happens in a week. But it works. I try to do it with each community I interact with, because I love to boost voices and connect people. It’s not like I go for incredible success stories either, sometimes I just want a meme to get more mileage or I think this person might like this other person’s art. But overall I have made friends, found great content, and fostered real connections with micro-communities because I just helped boost other people’s signals and paid real attention to the kind of help they needed. I have also gotten a lot of follows/notes/recognition through this, by being helpful instead of trying to figure out how best to get people’s attention on my own. People pay attention to you when they know you’re helpful!

I think the only con is that I can’t do this at a macro scale, personally. I can’t read very fast so I only follow about 70 people (and half of them don’t post much). I keep up with people well enough to remember what’s going on with their lives and I’ve only got so much mental capacity for that. So I, as a person, can only keep up so many direct connections. But if other people are doing the same thing, helping boost signals for each other and making connections, then a larger amount of people will gradually become interconnected through this extended web of people and be able to share each other’s overall successes on a larger scale.

You could almost call that a community.


SO SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT EVERYONE T_T all of your messages were too sweet augh. also it looks like the pigeon post has been making its rounds but unfortunately i wasn’t able to answer every bird-related ask. there were a lot of similar questions to sort through so i just added some to the faq!

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uchihasavior  asked:

[[ i consider you a true sakura fan because you aren't willing to cover up her flaws or pretend they doesn't exist, and when she shows truly terrifying/bad behavior you dont' sugar coat it, you criticize her for it. admitting a character has flaws or makes bad choices doesn't make you "bitter" or "salty", it means you see past the idealized version of them for who they are, good and bad. ]]

Okay, people, I got to a computer and I can type better so BEHOLD!

I am going to write something I was due for a long long time now so your question comes just in the right time. 

First of all, thank you for your kind words! Now, what I want to get at…

First things first, one thing people need to remind themselves is that I was, am and still gonna be a Sakura Haruno fan FIRST, shipping SECOND!

Another thing people need to remember when telling me shit like “you’re not a true fan” or whatever, is the following: when I analyze a character, I do it from at least 3 angles: as a stand-alone character, in connections with others, and also from a development from point A to point B angle.

Now, bearing this in mind, let’s start.

People have this thing with saying that the reasons I do this aka criticize her is because I am a NaruSaku fan first. Nothing more wrong since: I am a Sakura fan first and second, don’t forget I come from a NH/SS background so I KNOW MY SHIT and there’s a reason I stopped shipping those two ships.

Some of these people absolutely loooove to pin the shipping thing because they know that if we take those aside, they’re fucked.

You want to tell me that I say these things because SS got canon and NS didn’t?

May I remind you about the very photoset I made a while ago and reblogged these days while thinking about wasted potential in Naruto and ways of how things could’ve been done better, which is SS btw, which could’ve been AT LEAST A STARTING POINT for SS into getting it ‘real’, at least speaking from a bare minimum point, aka this one:

12 years old Sakura was selfish, yes, I give you that, but she did have something to say in regards to this - I will talk more about it when I start continuing the Haruno Sakura: the character, the meaning, the hate series - however, it wasn’t her journey! She had something else to learn - but didn’t!

However, point is not this. Point is, that when people try and tell me that I say all these things because I’m bitter because of what happened to the ships, they couldn’t be more wrong as I can easily make abstraction of the ships, take out SS interaction threads in the manga that Kishi could’ve built on but DIDN’T or whatnot! Example? Look above you. That would’ve been a GREAT ONE!

But the point is that Kishi didn’t want.

Anyway, moving on.

I may have different opinions regarding different aspects of the story when it comes to Sakura, however, what’s there in our faces cannot be put aside and there’s a reason why a MAJORITY can agree over it. Because it’s THAT FUCKING IN YOUR GODDAMN FACE!

Does a wife that begs for a kiss from her husband look like a feminist icon to you? 

To me it doesn’t, and if people can’t take this well, move the fuck on. But don’t try to excuse it.

Trust me, I did it for such a long time unknowingly, in the hope that Kishi is actually writing something smart and going somewhere with it, that I know how it feels. 

I know how that urge to make something good out of something trashy feels. I FUCKING KNOW IT!

However, there’s a point, a limit to ALL of it. With me, it was The Last, as I always said. 

Kishi doesn’t write something smart, Kishi writes TRASH! And that includes Sakura. At this point they ARE ALL TRASH! If people think that I’m gonna exclude Sakura just because she’s my fave, they’re oh so wrong. On the contrary! I have HIGHER expectations from my faves. Just like a teacher has higher expectations from their faves. Why? BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY CAN DO BETTER!

This feels like the Sakura vs. Karin argument I had in the past when I called on someone’s BS, can’t remember exactly whom atm, that put Karin down for being sexual but oh so praised Sakura, when at her 12 years old she had the desire to see Sasuke’s…ahem, you get it, and people started telling me I am not a Sakura fan. Lol bitch, really?

I am not a Sakura fan because I know her that well and point out that she, as well as Karin, had sexual desires but for some reason you taking Sakura out of the equation but trashing Karin, are?

Some of these people make me laugh, I swear. 

When I hold someone up or down, I hold them on the same principles. Same scale. 

Some tried to use Sakura’s age against me back then, that she was just 12, what did she know? Well, she knew enough for a 12 years old to know there’s a dick inside there (that she wanted to see), don’t you think, pardon my language? How’s that different then Karin expressing the same internal thoughts?

Just because I love Sakura, doesn’t mean I’ll just stand by and love her and keep promoting her that she’s perfect, has no flaws, etc etc.

NO! I won’t. And some people will have to deal with it. 

It’s because I love/d her dearly that I am this critical of her! It’s because I know or knew (since who tf knows nowadays with Kishimoto’s trash writing) her THAT WELL INSIDE OUT that I’m calling her trash. 

Current Sakura is trash compared to past Sakura or what she should’ve become if not for a misogynist  writer and popularity polls.

And if people are going to close their eyes to this reality, well, good for them.

But don’t they DARE tell me I am not a true Sakura fan or that I’m bitter just because I realistically point out some things that for some reason, bothers them.

I don’t care it bothers you. I will throwit at your face 2x times more if necessary, until you get it. That’s it if you insist on ‘dueling’ with me. If you can get past my opinions, I can very well do the same.

But for God’s sake, let’s accept that Sakura has flaws, shall we?

That was the very basic character trait of Sakura’s until it turned into something obsessive and stupid and apparently, addictive, as if Sasuke’s some kind of meth - in a world filled with perfect shinobi, an imperfect girl wanted to make more of herself and make the world a better place.

Instead all she ended being is a trash doormat and a baby machine.

Wow, such development, much not positive!

Like how long are people going to excuse Kishi’s trash writing just because the ships are canon?



logan and veronica appreciation week | day seven - favorite au

couldn’t come up with a good au photoset idea, so have a season 2 lilly lives au fic instead:

“So, what have you been up to while I’ve been off being studious, Ver-on-ic-a?” Lilly emphasized each syllable in her name simply to annoy her sometimes, she was pretty sure.

“Studious?” Veronica choked on a laugh. “Because I’m pretty sure the only college stories you’ve mentioned have involved boys, parties, more boys, that girl you kissed at the gay bar you went to, and more boys. Did you actually do any studying, Lil?”

Lilly shrugged. “Eh. I passed everything. Though one of those grades may have involved flirting with one of my professors.”

“Ick, Lilly, please tell me you’re not seeing a teacher.”

Lilly flipped her hair back and sighed dramatically. “No, no teachers. But only because none of them are hot enough. But there’s always next semester!”

Veronica shook her head. “Terrible idea. Stick to the boys.”

“Oh, but men are so much better in bed!”

“Please never tell me how you know that.”

Lilly grinned wickedly in response but kept quiet. 

The girls were sprawled out in her room at the Kane estate. It was mid-December, and Lilly was back home for winter break after her first semester away at college.

“But seriously Veronica, what the hell have you been up to lately? You only answer half my calls and have been surprisingly tight-lipped on your personal life since I left. What are you hiding?” she teased. 

Veronica laughed and tried to keep her poker face intact. “Nothing exciting. Senior year grades are important if I want to get into Stanford, you know.”

Lilly pouted. “I don’t know why you can’t come to USC with me instead.”

Veronica rolled her eyes. “How about because Stanford is an amazing school? And I’d be lucky to get in? And I want to succeed instead of getting dragged to frat parties by you every night?”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever. But seriously, I know you haven’t been just studying, Veronica. So what…or more like who…has been occupying your time? Please tell me it’s not my idiot brother?”

Veronica blanched. “Ugh, no. Not that again. I mean, I get why he broke up with me and everything, now that mom left and the whole story came out. But even with the paternity test proving I’m a Mars through and through, just…no. No way. Not going there again. He was too much of an asshole to me. I could never trust him again after the way he treated me, even if he did have his reasons. Besides, he’s still hung up on Meg.”

Lilly frowned and took on a softer tone. “How’s she doing? Any change?" 

Veronica shook her head sadly. 

"I liked her.”

Veronica nodded. “Who doesn’t? Hopefully she wakes up…”

Lilly nodded and sighed. “Anyway, someone still hasn’t answered my damn question, Veronica Mars. Who has been occupying your time? Don’t think I didn’t spot your blush earlier when I asked. No one takes studying that seriously, even you, Miss All A’s." 

Veronica shrugged and did her best to appear nonchalant. "Oh, no one special.”

“Oh, but there is someone? Do they go to Neptune? Anyone I know?”

Veronica shook her head and kept her mouth shut. “It’s nothing exciting, Lil.”

“Then why are blushing and so tight-lipped?”

Veronica sighed. “Let’s just say he’s not my…usual type. And things are going pretty well. But we’re kind of keeping things…between ourselves until we figure out what it all means.”

“So then I definitely know him.”

Veronica laughed in response.

Suddenly, Lilly’s face went slack. Veronica observed a look of dawning on her best friend’s features and watched as the corners of her mouth curled up into a smirk.

“Oh,” Lilly said simply. “I get it. I know who it is.”

Veronica blinked. “I sincerely doubt it.”

Lilly chuckled darkly under her breath. “Oh, I know it. I was wondering if this was going to happen. You two became such close friends last year after he lost his mom. Not that you weren’t already, but…yeah, I kind of saw this coming. I just thought you would at least tell me you were dating my ex-boyfriend, Veronica Mars!”

Veronica spluttered. “What? What makes you think…? And which one anyway, Lilly, you have so many ex-boyfriends….”

Lilly ignored her. “Well, this explains why for some reason both you and he were both busy at the same time last night when I came into town. You said you were tutoring freshman in math!”

This time it was Veronica that smirked. “Well, his math skills are about on that level, so really…”

Lilly threw her head back with laughter. “So how long have you been sleeping with Logan?”

Veronica gasped and turned a deep shade of pink. “What?! Lilly! I’m not…I haven't…I mean, okay, there’s been a fair amount of fooling around, but we haven’t actually…”

“Oh, but things are headed in that direction?” she teased. “He’s very good,” she conceded. “You picked your first well.”

Veronica gaped at her. “So you’re not…pissed? Upset? Furious with me for hooking up with your ex? I mean, I know you tend to be pretty carefree, Lilly, but let me just say I wasn’t expecting…this. Some screaming about betrayal of friendship, maybe.”

Lilly frowned. “Logan and I have been done for over two years. You know that. And okay, I wasn’t exactly thrilled by the idea, but seeing how close you two got last year…I kind of expected it. I guess it makes sense,” she said with a shrug. “Logan’s a romantic. It’s one of the reasons we were never gonna work. He’s a good boyfriend, just a needy one. But that kind of thing wouldn’t bother you like it bothers me. Plus, all that snarking you two did over the years was clearly becoming sexual tension after a while,” she added with an over-the-top eye-roll. 

“Was not,” Veronica muttered.

“Sure looked like foreplay,” Lilly disagreed.

“Yeah, that’s what he called it, too.”

Lilly simply laughed in response, then proceeded to entertain Veronica with tales of her most recent sexual misadventures and vivid descriptions of the hot guys she’s seen in the co-ed bathrooms. Then out of the blue, Veronica heard a very familiar laugh from across the hall. 

Lilly turned to Veronica and smirked. “Sounds like your boyfriend’s here.”

“Is that really surprising? He’s still Duncan’s best friend.”

“Yeah, and I’m sure Donut is going to take the news of your love affair just great.”

Veronica sighed. “Why did we have to go and fall for our best friend’s exes? Why are we making our lives more complicated than they need to be? I mean, are we kidding ourselves here, Lilly? It’s Logan Echolls. We’re radically different people.”

“Not so different, I think. You’re both loving and loyal and have a keen appreciation for my fabulousness.”

Veronica grinned. 

The laughter and voices were getting louder now, seemingly just outside their door, and Lilly glanced at Veronica with a mischevious smile. 

“HEY ECHOLLS!” she shouted, much to Veronica’s dismay, “GET YOUR ASS IN HERE AND SAY HELLO TO YOUR—”

“Lilly, don’t you dare finish that sentence like I think you’re going to…” Veronica said in a low, dangerous voice.

“–FRIENDS!” Lilly finished, raising her eyebrows at Veronica like she had no idea what her problem was.

The door swung open, and Logan stood there grinning expectantly, Duncan’s head peaking out from behind him. 

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the illustrious Lilly Kane, back from the hallowed halls of academia.”

The way his gaze slid quickly to Veronica wasn’t lost on either of the girls, nor was the little smirk he wore or the spark in his eyes when he looked at her. 

“Hey Donut,” Lilly started, “Would you do your favorite and only big sis a favor and go make some popcorn?”

Duncan rolled his eyes. “Do it yourself, Lil.”

“Fine, then I’m telling Mom about the time you broke the vase after you got drunk at–”

“Fine, fine! Always with the blackmail…” He headed downstairs and away from them.

Lilly’s lips spread into a cheshire grin. “Sit down, Logan.” She patted the space on the bed in-between her and Veronica.  “Let’s have a chat.”

Logan quirked a brow. “I’ll stand.”

“Suit yourself,” Lilly replied. “So tell me something…has my influence on Veronica left her as kinky in bed as I’d always hoped she’d be?”


Logan stared at them both with wide eyes. “Uh…”

Veronica collected herself and took a deep breath. She met Logan’s gaze, smiled, and shrugged. “Yeah, Lilly knows.”

His lips curled up. “Well, in that case…”

He took his intended seat on the bed between the pair of them, pulled Veronica against him, and kissed her passionately. 

Lilly blanched as the pulled apart after several moments. “As glad as I am that you’re bringing our little innocent friend here some sexual enlightenment, Echolls, I think that’s something I could go without seeing again for a while.”

“Sucks to be you then, Lils,” he smirked and pulled Veronica into his lap. “And trust me, she doesn’t need much enlightening. Some people just have a natural talent,” he leaned in and planted a kiss on his girlfriend’s neck. 

Veronica shook her head at both of them and climbed out of Logan’s lap, knowing the more clueless member of the Fab Four would be back soon, but stayed glued to Logan’s side. 

“I think that’s enough for today’s episode of Let’s Mortify Veronica,” she said, “But I’m sure there will plenty of time for more of that tomorrow.”

“And every day I’m here until I head back to school,” Lilly agreed. 

Veronica groaned and shook her head dispassionately. “I’m going to the bathroom, then let’s watch that movie we were talking about?” She squeezed Logan’s thigh and stood up. “Do try not to kill each other while I’m gone. I’d miss you both, and I’d really hate to be stuck with only Duncan for company.”

“That would indeed be tragic,” came Logan’s response, and Veronica exited the room.

Lilly turned to Logan with a serious look. “You get that if you hurt her…”

“You’ll rip my balls off and shove them down my throat?”

“Right in one.”

“Trust me, you’ve got nothing to worry about. That one,” he gestured to the door Veronica had just left through, “Is a keeper. I’m not stupid enough to mess up one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.”

“Good, because you’d seriously regret it.”

“Don’t I know it,” he agreed, appearing wistful for a moment. “C'mon,” he stood up. “Let’s go get the movie set up. Wouldn’t want to keep my lady waiting.”

Review of Ask The Fallen Heroes

External image


(Thank god there’s a ‘start from the beginning’ link, this one’s huge)

Presentation- 7/10

There are a few things that stand out to me that bother me a bit, and no, it’s not the art. The art is fine, it’s clean enough to see what’s happening, though expressions perhaps could use a bit more work. That doesn’t affect the story or presentation though, just going to make that clear.

Firstly, the current theme is set to endless scroll. This story is huge, the endless scroll makes it harder to load the further down you go. And one time, I clicked on a single image set which took me to a separate page and I lost my place because hitting 'back’ just put me right at the start of the blog and having to re-load every single set up to where I was. So I would suggest finding a way to make it a page blog rather than a scroll.

Next, the fonts used can be a little difficult to read because of how fancy they get. It was a good idea to choose colors and fonts for specific characters, but I suggest finding fonts that will be a bit easier to read.

Lastly, as some points in the blog there are text heavy posts seperate from the photoset. These can become a little distracting and pull a reader out of the story. Think of it like a comic rather than a blog, people will be reading the images, they don’t tend to read long footnotes of text on the side. What you can do, as a suggestion, is make black or blank images with text so that it at least stays within the photoset format.

Grammar- 7/10

The grammar is mostly fine, but many times, often more than once in a photoset, there’s a common mistake that should be easy to fix. That being the mix up of words like “there”, “their”, and “they’re”, “its” and “it’s”, “a” vs “an”, and sometimes words missing a ’ when needed, such as “we’re”. 

The mistakes aren’t enough to make the story unreadable, but they happen often enough to be a bit of a problem.

Story- 9/10

The story is unique and clearly well thought out. It’s able to keep old elements from Doctor Who and MLP while twisting them and making them in to new elements.

 Gallopfrey being an ancient society rather than a planet is a great example of this.

Without too many spoilers, the best way to explain the story is that there was something called 'the event’ that destroyed what we know of Equestrian society. Rebellions, riots, political corruption, a group known as the council being in control, slavery… While Twilight and her friends are left trying to solve these problems in this dark world.

It’s a dark world, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s 'grimdark’. It’s more corrupted than it is grim, and it’s left many characters hardened.

They are joined by the Doctor, but it’s not quite the Doctor we’re all familiar with, as he has a few twists and alterations to give him a fresh and interesting spin on the character.

My only complaints I suppose would be that the pacing feels a little off sometimes, some areas seem too slow, others seem too fast. Important moments are skimmed over or put in to text, while other less important moments drag for a bit.

Characters- 7/10

I’m a little conflicted on this rating, because of course this is a different world and the characters have had different experiences. But sometimes I get distracted and pulled away from the characters when there is heavy language, or when a pony says “person” or “man”. I understand this story is taking itself a little more seriously, and it’s hard to take pony terms seriously, but sometimes it makes things feel a little awkward.

And the swearing can feel forced at times, being very general and not specific to a character. I would suggest finding different types of swears and figuring out which characters are more likely to do it than others. For example, I can picture Twilight calling someone a 'bastard’, but I can’t quite picture her saying 'fuck you’. However, RD seems like she might say it more readily.

The characters may be broken, but they should still retain some of their speech patterns and preferences.

BUT, on a positive note, these characters still keep their basic traits in tact.

The Doctor still shows himself to prefer mercy over death, he still maintains his guilt, soft nature, and ingenuity, despite the changes to his history and origins. 

Audience Interaction- 3/10

I’ll keep this particular score separate from the overall score because honestly this story feels more like a story blog than an ask blog and I wouldn’t feel right punishing it for that.

But, the blog is called 'ask’ as the first word, so asks still look like they have some significance. But not much.

And I wouldn’t say it’s because of a lack of asks, but more rather, a lack of interaction and prompting the audience.

This is clearly a story, this isn’t just a character or a group interacting with an audience. These characters are in their own world on their own journey, and asks feel very out of place in that context. 

It’s a very 'speak when spoken to’ set up we have here. People wont ask things because they aren’t sure if they should or not. 

Not unless they are told directly they have a choice in options, or when a character directly states wanting to speak with them. 

There was never really anything establishing it was okay to speak to the characters until the Doctor specifically said it was okay.

There were no “hellos” or introductions, the audience was thrown in to a full blown story that seems to have every single intention of answering it’s own questions rather than validating whatever the audience asks.

You need to decide what you truly want this blog to be. 

In order to have something story heavy, you need to either make it just that and keep with an audience 'choose your own’ route, OR find clever ways to give the characters and story an 'ask’ break, where they break away from the story and directly interact with the audience.

Our audience are either observers or part of the story. And if they are a part of it, they need a bridge and the permission to know they can speak, and the characters need to acknowledge them in some way other than just randomly speaking with them.

The audience in an ask blog are also characters. They need to be given a reason to exist, or else they simply wont be there.


I love the lore in this story.

I really do. 

There’s a lot of clever explanations to things, backstory, and societies all very well planned out. Alterations to characters make sense, they aren’t just gimmicks thrown in for the hell of it. Everything has a reason and those reasons are always explained.

Not only that, but the way the Doctor is portrayed in this story is very interesting and it makes up for the other things that are missing.

There is no regeneration, but instead, a passed on title. Not just a title, but the memories that go with it. 

There’s more than just character explained, there’s a whole world and years of its history unraveling as the story goes on.

In Conclusion-

80% - B

[Recommended read]

Yes, there are some kinks that need to be worked out. 

Yes, of course the art can improve and has been improving over time.

But overall the story is solid and well worth looking in to and keeping up with.

Just be sure you decide what you really want this blog to be, a story or an ask blog, and make sure you make everything understandable to your readers.