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Im looking for a soulmate fic(. . .or wrong number fic idk ??) where I think phil is a famous musician and they have a code word(I think it was enchiladas) for when they meet at a concert to make sure it was really dan tysm

Jesus Christ, That’s A Pretty Face - Phil is a famous indie-rock singer who never shows his face on stage and Dan is a massive fan who unknowingly meets his favorite artist at the library.


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Now that this season of big brother is over, who are your overall favorite blogs?

Hmm well lets see. I actually followed a lot of knew people this season and I’m glad I did. @huntyhex is super funny and we were always thinking the same thing. Just overall really cool. @sexologii is dramatic, but a sweetheart. @bbad-orwell is pretty amazing. He get’s really passionate about the show and is really easy to talk to. Definitely one of my favorite new bloggers and I could go on. @tahny-lew @cirie-won-thirty-four @joshmartinezisdaddy  @bitterzero @eaerth@kingoftwilight @matthewdaddyclines @bbcrackedt @usernamegameon1000  @versacethotty are  other nice people I got to know this season. Also @muvaship  but I think I was following her through her main blog for awhile.

Other people I followed were @jackie-ibarras and @normani-x-kordei who alongside @hoh-robe @danielles-curls & @davonnelickey are on the younger side so if you grown ass adult are sending hate to people that are 15-17 you really do need to reevaluate your life. Especially since they’re all just really nice people.

Then you have the people I followed since bbcan5 like @juliechicken who will just drained the life out of you with her attention seeking behavior is in a league of her own. I believe I started following @cocoabutterbetch @bb19flop @pizzapocket24@sarahshanlons @sindysnguyen @sarahtilleke @missdominiquecooper during bbcan5 too and they all are really cool people with great post and personalities. @missdominiquecooper really did that with that Dre stan though lol. @youaregoinghome is a legend. @brimlies has been killing the game all around. I also followed @bigbrothermusings during bbcan5. I lurked during bb18 and like some of her stuff, but she kept talking about the plastics during bbott so I blocked her lskajsajsjajsla, but she’s super chill. 

Then going back to when I first started blogging you have people like @sirdippinghotsauce and @daeneryslegend who typically share the same opinion with me and have really great taste in video games! I remember seeing @d0nnythompson posts randomly and was like this girl is crackedT out of her mind, but I love it! I will forever follow her and @spunkyspy, I don’t know a better person! Nothing, but good things to say about these two. @dayslostson @dumbeatrees are a dynamic duo and absolutely hilarious. @davonneday is THAT bitch and @knightjackie is just a bitch. @whats-up-whats-the-issue is super witty and iconic. @snakole @bitchwebroke @j–wdj @ikamwong @tlffanypollard @helen-kim-was-pushed @cjcdeeezy are all cool. So is @notjustawave  when he’s not playing ***** *****.  @feelsg0od is also a quality blow with quality opinions! I’ll round it out with @shaolinbynature who has produced banger after banger, hit after hit. All around a great person. 

If I forgot you, that’s your fault, not mine!

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Okay so I feel like Harry is pretty blatantly telling the world that he's gay.. i mean, not that we didn't already know but 2 pride flags? The one in SF could be argued because of it being known as a gay city. But now in LA too!? I don't think there's much room for interpretation. When I saw Paul McCartney in concert last year he waved a pride flag at the end of his show, but he did it with the American, British, and Californian flag so it was much less isolated than what Harry is doing. (1/2)

I think if this keeps up it’s gonna get harder for people to deny it (although not like it was easy before). Sea I really, really think that the e** is n***. I think their teams are finally starting to pave the way for H+L to come out. With Louis dropping these not-so-subtle song snippets too… am i crazy? Cause I truly believe that it’s starting, but I want to know your/other Larries opinions on it? (2/2)///

I am loving every minute I watch Harry on tour— his witty, intimate conversations with the audience, his effortless charm, his genuine humility and gratitude, his refutation of media’s lies. He IS grateful for his success. He DOES LOVE One Direction. He LOVES LGBQTA representation. His desire to make solo music doesn’t negate his love of his bandmates.

It’s easy to talk the talk, but Harry’s actions set the tone for what he wants to see. Just before San Francisco, Twitter was ugly with threats of violence against Rainbow Directioners and Larries. Harry counters this not by words, but by picking up a pride flag early in the show and having it on his mic stand the entire show. He counters this ugly hatred by singing Just a Little Bit of Your Heart, a love song that he wrote, without changing gendered pronouns. He counters it by featuring merch that tells people to treat each other with kindness.

In 2014, I read this article, titled “Why I Hope One Direction’s Harry Styles Is Really Straight,” by a gay male writer named Jeremy Helligar.


The article argues that while many in the rock & pop world have flirted with ambiguities in sexual preference, the frontmen of boybands have always had a Straight Straight Straight image. Boybanders who want to make it in the music world do not do anything to suggest they might be gay, or imply they’re okay with that image.

Harry outright says, “I prefer not to discuss my sexuality.” His vocal support of LGBQT issues make his concerts safe spaces for every fan. He makes it clear that he doesn’t consider gay rights an issue of a special interest group, but one of basic human rights.

Whether Harry seems gay to the public at large or not, his actions say that this perception is okay with him. It’s not an insult. Given the potential backlash (the risk of losing het Harry fans, alienating conservative fans worldwide), his stance is courageous. He’s saying every person deserves to have their sexuality honored and protected— not just celebrities.

Remember the concert after the Attitude article came out, where “print-Liam” said he didn’t like rainbow flags at 1D concerts? Harry famously picked out a rainbow flag at the (13 September 2015) Boston concert and ran down the long stage with it. His statement was clear.

I recall a gif of a young Harry at the VMAs maybe? In 2012? He was upset, walking away from a pap who had called him a derogatory term for a gay man. Louis was steering him away and telling him to forget about it. It’s heartbreaking and difficult to watch.

Being the target of homophobic attacks is the reality of many people every day, and Harry knows it. With his actions, he makes it clear which side he is firmly standing on. Of course he can give multiple signals at once— as a Larrie, I believe he’s also loudly and proudly proclaiming his love.

As a songwriter, Harry knows how to take personal experience and make it universal. Equality is a personal, intensely emotional issue for him. He has taken the personal and used his celebrity to make it a universal cause. He might not want to/ or is able to come out right now, but he’s doing all he can to reassure others that he knows, he shares, he cares.


I know we feel like we have to apologize for breaking down after being stressed out. I know I do. It’s as though we’ve imposed on someone, and we feel like we’re just being intrusive on their probably perfectly normal lives.

But let me tell you guys, if someone is honest enough, tired enough, and broken enough to show me their weaknesses, I definitely don’t need an apology. That you trust me enough to show me such a vulnerable side of yourself only makes me love you more and want to do everything I can to help you.

And I’m pretty sure that a whole lot of people feel this way. It’s not that I think this is going to stop people from apologizing, and I’m probably not even going to stop doing it. But I want you guys to understand that when you break down in front of someone, chances are that person is not judging you for being weak or feeling some sort of detached pity.

Chances are that person is hurting with you, longing to help you, realizing that the two of you really have a lot of the same struggles and can help each other. Chances are that person is thinking of how strong you were to bear what you bore for as long as you did. Chances are that person is impressed with how real you’re being, and only growing in love towards you.

At least, this is how I think, and I know I can’t be the only one. 

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Hi~✨ May I request a scenario where Bakugou's fem!s/o confesses to him that she has had a male stalker from her old school for the past 3 years, who constantly calls/txts/and shows up at her house (nothing abusive, just creepy) and she's starting to get bad anxiety that he might hurt her or something? (A tru story sadly ;-(

(Dear, I think you should alert someone about this! You should talk to someone, because these things are not alright, especially when they might put you in danger!)

Bakugou Katsuki:

  • The moment Bakugou hears about the situation his significant other is in, he’s going to go over board, his anger reaching some pretty high limits, especially since this has been happening for a couple of years.
  • At first he won’t think it rationally, seeing the possible danger she is in. He would ask to talk to him or text him back every time he tries to reach his partner. He gets over protective and really suspicious of his intentions.
  • After school or dates, he will be walking her home, no matter if their houses are in different directions. He wants to make sure she is not getting followed or approached by the sleazy dude.
  • Bakugou told her partner that is she ever sees the stalker outside her house, he would be there in no time to kick his ass. If he doesn’t get the point from his talking, Katsuki will bomb his ass into the hospital.
  • Of course, if this ever slips up in a conversation with others, Bakugou would be advised to have just called the police, but sometimes he’s safer knowing he did something himself to help.

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what do you think is the most ridiculous card effect?

Honestly? I kinda think Exodia is pretty ridiculous.

Yeah, it’s just like it is in the show, but that it’s still useful even now (5 spinoffs later) is so frigging silly.

Drawing all five may be more difficult than before and in the anime since Pot of Greed and cards that let you draw are banned, but even so, just imagine you’re destroying someone completely and you’re about to win and then they draw the last piece of Exodia.

Kaiba had the most relatable reaction to it, let’s be honest here.

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i've been following you for a while and it does seem like you favor and support the maknae line a lot more than the hyung line...

I’m not sure what you mean by supporting the maknae line more because I’m the gal who still hasn’t watched Hwarang, that variety show Jungkook was on with the burger fiasco, or the one Jimin and Hoseok were on about sewing pants. And I don’t buy fan goods so I don’t even support one line more with my money. 

But, if you mean supporting them on my blog, I probably reblog more pictures of the maknae line because Jimin is my UB, Jungkook is almost always second (except when Yoongi pops in like “Hey, time to swerve”), and Taehyung was my UB for 2.5 years but that doesn’t mean I don’t like hyung line. I think I’ve been pretty open with the fact that I run through lanes like I’m drunk and playing Frogger. And, if you consider each chapter of Mr. Min as a separate unit then I have written more for hyung line than the maknaes. Not to mention the next series I’m starting is for Seokjin and Namjoon centered.

Regardless though, I think this entire thing about which line people stan is a bit ridiculous. I’ve seen people insult the maknae line fans by saying the kids have more fans because it is “easier” to stan them so hyung line fans are more dedicated or “real”. And, vice versa, I’ve seen hyung line stans be insulted for being “too smug” about rap line’s influence in album productions. Just…all around the entire thing is ugly and pretty immature imo. I love all the members for different reasons. Stanning any one particular member or line doesn’t make you a better fan or person than anyone else. So basically…

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Wretched..... How much money can we collect to make @fromheretoeternity1121 watch the show again? She's now too much into Spongebob lol Do you think if we gave her some dollars she will join us? I need her humour.

Mmmmm…. I don’t know. Spongebob is pretty fucking awesome. Hilarious and much more insightful about life and humanity than Outlander ever has been.

What’s your fav episode? I’m torn between the iron butt and the chocolate salesmen.

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How can i prove to an INTP that i really care about him to be with him and won’t disappoint him or break his heart?

Tell him so. 

I mean, that’s probably the only way that he’ll ever understand. We need these things spelled out for us in words of one syllable, because, yes, we INTPs really are that dumb when it comes to anything emotional. 

Also, believe me, just spending lots of time with him and being there for him is a huge deal. We are quiet, and I sometimes get the feeling that we are the “out of sight, out of mind” sort of people. We are, in short, forgettable. And if we aren’t, we tend to think we are. So, show him that you aren’t forgetting him. We love to be noticed. I suppose most people do, at that.

It’s pretty simple, in fact. If it sounds too simple, well, remember that an INTP, with his inferior Fe, is pretty emotionally simple. It doesn’t take much to make us love you.

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.

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Do you still think Robert is definately the dad.

I’m not sure if you meant to put a ‘not’ in this sentence nonnie? I’ve pretty much always been on the robs not the dad bandwagon! (I believe I once promised to eat my hat if he was so it’s kinda good I don’t think I own any hats 👀👀 and tbf I think I based that certainty on them not being able to drag this plot out for the full duration of a pregnancy so that shows you how much I know 😂😂)

Anyway I’m pretty much totally at peace with whatever happens but like in reality I don’t want him to be the dad, but not for any reason other than it just makes it boring af. Like the whole sl has just been prescribed exactly as is? B O R I N G. Gimme some drama ffs. Gimme the look on Ross’s face when Debbie chooses him over the rich guy only to find out he’s Rebecca’s baby daddy. Don’t lumber the most #iconic #dramatic couple in the show with a boring ass baby, please.

And as far as I’m concerned the tweet about Ryan and Emily and the baby today literally changes nothing. If they’ve come this far they were obvs gonna have her give birth with Rob thinking he’s the dad, whether he actually is or not. I’m still banking on a twist of some sorts. I just don’t think a robron reunion could happen with the baby there so like it seems obv to me that he can’t be? But I dunno bc there’s also the argument that if they want Aaron to come round and make it work then they’ll just write it that way.

Basically I’m just very 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ about it. Whatever happens, happens. I won’t be free of them either way 🙈

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You should show us all a picture of your new dyed hair once it's done !! 😮😊😍

I sure will! I’m pretty excited I think this is the darkest I’ve ever gone!

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The most weird thing is I thought we couldn't get bed scenes like this with Robert and Aaron because there was some kind of censorship when two male actors can't be too naked intimate in a scene/bed together. And they burst my bubble by giving us Larry and Robert stripping? I feel dizzy

my understanding is that the watershed rules/ofcom standards are pretty vague and case by case

obviously it’s common sense stuff around language and graphic violence and sexuality etc etc that’s monitored, but there’s definitely no hard and fast rules around two dudes in bed together - and it’s unlikely that a simple shot of two men shirtless in bed together at 8pm would be something ofcom would take action against

it’s up to itv what they want to show and what they feel is acceptable - but emmerdale has made enough fucking gay anal sex jokes that i don’t think they’re like… overly controlling about that stuff tbh

or maybe they are, idk i don’t work there

but like, they let this show get away with a hilarious amount. i don’t think two dudes getting ~~intimate in bed together is something they’d want to actively try and suppress.

emmerdale do tend to only get a little more graphic when the sexual content of the scene itself is in a very humorous context, which is why we’ve now all see far more of jimmy king than i suspect any of us ever anticipated

(ie where’s our funny robron sex scene hmm)

having said all that, i do feel that maybe robert sugden’s general presence deserves at least an occasional ofcom complaint though tbh tbh

my god he’s a nightmare

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It's interesting because again and again Kubo and Sayo have said "Please don't attack others for their interpretation. It's up to the viewer." A lot of people got angry because they said it confirmed the show was queer baiting. I think they make things very obvious that Viktuuri is cannon, but I disagreed. I feel like the official stance on everything is pretty much, "up to you bro." (To me evidence they're masculine but pretty gender-fluid. Viktor clearly was feminine leaning earlier, though)

Victor’s default gender is “fuck you I do what I want” tbh but they both have pretty male gendered speech patterns. I’m just tired of this prescriptivist bullshit and I’m sorry if I ever came across as trying to lay it down.

i cant fuckin believe people actually think you have to know shit about science or whatever to enjoy Rick and Morty. I mean I like the show and the writing is pretty clever but it’s not highbrow hard sci-fi. Basically there is a legion of dudes who spent too much time on reddit and wear fedoras and basketball shorts at the same time in public and they’re all wrong again and I just want to enjoy this stupid fucking show without worrying about what dumb shit Neckbeard Nation came up with this time.

So the reason why I tag my stuff is for easier access to old posts I want to read(pretty sure everyone does honestly) so I went into this particular tag of mine and…wow. Past events really show there.

It’s nothing bad, it’s just the deal with why this character, this blog and my current choices exist in the first place. Long story short, I had this fallout with a friend early August of last year. She was, pretty much a huge deal to me and we were good friends despite barely knowing each other for a year. I thought we clicked pretty well, we talked for hours, on Mumble, Skype, etc. However, she suffered from a mental illness that was and hopefully is now being treated. To this day I don’t even know what it exactly is because she wouldn’t talk about it, to anyone, but it severely affected her life and how she acted around her friends. I can go into huge detail on what transpired, but I’ll spare it because it’s done and over with it. As far as I know she doesn’t have a blog anymore and even if she did she’s already made her mistakes and won’t show up. (hopefully never again) Anyway, her mental health was out of control that one fateful day she just, put a beatdown on me, who was recovering from mental instability myself. She was mad at me, blamed me, demanded me to make it up to her and pay for trying to take time for myself. That made me angry, and pretty much drove me away.

For the next 2-3 months after that I was terrified, upset, paranoid, angry. I felt isolated from everyone because I thought what I was doing to help her was the right thing to do, by avoiding my FC, my friends so she could stay with them. But in the end I only beated myself in and she did not improve. You know my white miqote Sho? He was my main up since I started FFXIV. He was very first OC I made in this game and his career pretty much ended with Heavensward. He was in a relationship with their OC, but it turned out to be more than Sho and I could handle. It started to no longer be fun, I admit I was really bad at communication, but the thing is I was also terrified to talk to her because I knew what she was capable of. And well it all eventually fell apart.

The moment I took Sho away, retired him, etc. It was over. The friendship was over from the start, but me taking away Sho was permanent damage. Am I still upset over it? No, she disrespected me and made me feel obligated to do things for her because I was her friend. Just something to remind you all about: Friends should never feel obligated to do anything for friends, or even expect it.

I was upset that I lost Sho. I mean I created him from level 1 and leveled him all the way to the end of Heavensward. Now he’s doing a lot better, but the damage is obviously there. I guess you can’t really understand it until you felt it. But instead of mulling about it I created Svan sometime in the Spring of last year. And needless to say despite my own currently ups and downs, she’s a huge symbol to me overcoming this hurdle in my life.

So I guess, don’t give up. Don’t allow yourselves to be caught in a vicious toxic cycle. If you lose a friend it’s probably meant for the best. But just remember to love yourselves and love the friends who choose to stay with you. And don’t hate, just walk away. It’s unnecessary and no one needs that

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show us more of ur eyebrow scar n pretty eyes like holy shit im gay 👌👌👀👀💕

does this suffice?

and i think you meant my gross eyebrows and lazy eye (I’m joking, thank you so much for your kind words)

Crimson: I rarely show progress work, but this is pretty important. We are thinking about moving the comic to its own separate blog due to NSFW content(Tumblr flags everything!). We also wanted to add more guest masters that would appear throughout the story as well because we wanted it to be more community driven, where we will ask questions~. What do you think about the MerlinxCoda comic having its own blog?

(BTW: This is Takashi speaking now, what do you think of Crim’s character now? We all decided to tease her(actually, we always bully her) about it because out of all of us, she only got Merlin during his first release~ Plus she got him to max level 90 in 3 days after it! Amazing right?! It was my idea to do the comic so I think I did well on forcing her to draw it(None of us other than Crimson can draw… So please support her in this, not even we’re paying for it, she’s doing it on her free will)  Don’t you agree? 愛してます ! ! !(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

gallihafry replied to your post “happy 9 years to the show that somehow became so incredibly important…”

Do you remember the moment you decided to watch Merlin? Why did you watch it? I remember watching the trailers and thinking that it looked pretty cool, hmmm, I must give this a go! Nine years later I still chuckle to myself about Giaus and “saucery”. ��

i actually watched it bc of colin morgan! i instantly fell in love with jethro when the doctor who episode ‘midnight’ first aired and then a few months later i started seeing trailers on tv for merlin and realised jethro was playing merlin. i thought i’d watch the first ep because i wanted to see colin and it looked interesting..and i just ended up loving it pretty much straight away!

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"I think LR is one of the weakest actors on the show (after Casey, Marisol, and Luke, honestly) so why they keep promoting her like this really puzzles me. " *Snatches PT's wig* Lili's the weakest actor ? Are you fucking kidding me? Pretty sure she spelled KJ & CAMI wrong ! The writers know talent when they see it. What a petty, jealous thing to say. I would love nothing more than to slap the smirk off her ugly face.

Well, TBF, I don’t think YaoiHag is smirking all that much this AM….my take is more like tasting bile from the envy she’s feeling…