i think this pretty much explains itself

Monsta X Kissing Styles


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-these are all my opinion, I have never actually kissed the members personally, therefore they are probably not actually true-

-gifs not mine-


Shownu: Though he seems like a pretty shy guy, once he was comfortable with you he would most likely be the one in control of the kiss.

-Type: What I could think of for him was an ADD kisser, having so many different techniques and wanting to show you every single one of them.

Wonho: He is no doubt the dominant one. He would seem to get over excited which would make him move pretty fast with it all, probably trying to remove your clothing within the first minute.

-Type: He seems like a biter to me. I mean look at him, that is all. Just look at him.

Minhyuk: He would be a caring kisser, making sure not to cross any of your boundaries and probably asking before he kissed you for permission.

-Type: I was thinking mostly a “no-tongue kisser” but when it got hot and heavy he would make sure to use his skill full tongue.

Kihyun: He would also ask you if he could kiss you before he actually did too though when you say yes he would blow your mind with his skill.

-Type: I think he would also be a biter but in a more subtle way.

Hyungwon: He would be pretty over active, hands grabbing everywhere while your were kissing.

-Type: Huge lipped kisser. This one pretty much explains itself.

Jooheon: He would be down for letting you take control, giving you chances to impress him with your skill.

-Type: He would probably like lip biting as well. Though maybe more if you were doing the biting.

I.M: Where do you start with this boy, he would probably be a lip virgin. Allowing you to take more of the control as well since he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

-Type: The open eye kisser, probably because he was so excited about it he would want to see your face. Hopefully not in a creepy way.


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I’ve been seeing posts, many actually that Sansa Stark is ‘becoming’ like Petyr Baelish, a more grey character. This is a statement that I have always disagreed with, as it seems to be based on the following:

-Sansa’s treatment of Robert Arryn is her moral decay
-Sansa has always been more 'southern’ than her siblings, she has no direwolf, therefore is more easily influenced by Littlefinger
-Littlefinger is the only current mentor of Sansa

All of these statements are untrue. Sansa has completely different motivations to Littlefinger, always has and always will. 

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whats the story with taylex? i never knew that was actually a thing

DUDE. Okay, so I went through my Taylex tag cause I feel like I’ve answered this before but nada - anyway, just means I found a tonne of good resources and can now tell you all about it! I love this.

Right, so Tay and Alex were a thing beginning in early 2012, I believe? That’s when they recorded Kiss Me Again and the video, which kinda suggests there’s something; especially at 1:38! Oh, and in this interview at 3:40ish it was insanely obvious.

After that, there was Warped Tour, where I guess it was kinda confirmed? Apparently it was in magazines and stuff, but idk. YouTube search ‘kiss me again we are the in crowd warped tour 2012 and you’ll find loads of shit. These three photosets may also help, and this photo :)

Unfortunately, after that, (from what we know) Alex was a bit of an asshole. I think he kinda lead her on, she felt more for him than he felt for her … Anyway, he was the bad guy, and it by October him and Lisa were back together. He’s such an ass haha.

Anyway, from there we have the beauty that is The Best Thing (That Never Happened) - a song that I among many others always suspected was written by Tay about Alex, but today I finally got confirmation. Anyway, firstly the song says “don’t you get sick of only hearing your own voice” (singer alert) and the title itself (that whole ‘it was over before it even started’ vibe) suggests the same. In interviews, Tay has always dodged the question that it was about him, but again made people assume. 

But anyway, I just found this tweet - “Guess I deserved that one. Yowch!” And the date he tweeted it? Yup, you guessed it - same day as The Best Thing came out. Fucking perfect. By the way, I would totally give the song a listen.

I think that pretty much summarises most of my Taylex knowledge! It’s a fun lil masterpost. Hope that explains everything, and enjoy!

PS Sorry this took so long to reply to my mum kept bugging me about shit and then I watched a movie lmao


here are my clone OCs!! (not to say i won’t make more, but these are the ones i’ve gotten the farthest with pff)

So first there’s Dusty (Dusty as in the english name, meaning “brave soldier.” that pretty much explains itself, right). She’s a heavy gunner. Yup, she. I get really enthusiastic about putting lgbtq+ characters into my favorite things, and who’s to say there was never a transgender clone?

Second, there’s Red, who’s just a basic soldier for now I think. His name is because he blushes REALLY easily so people teased him for it but he doesn’t really mind (do you think he would’ve gotten those tattoos if he minded? then again, maybe he didn’t realize before he got them how that would look). It’s silly, I know. Let me live.

Third, there’s Jace, he’s a medic (Jace is a shortened version of “jason,” which i’ve heard means “to heal.” funny story i named him BEFORE i decided he was the medic, but it works even more now. the universe is incredible sometimes) He lost both his eyes dragging a wounded trooper away from a live bomb, which unfortunately went off before they could get to a safe distance.


I always wanted to make these so here we are!
Let me know if you know the authors of those arts i used so can leave them a credic.

List of songs:

1. Hollywood Undead - Lion (used for mob because of that meaning of something wild inside of him)

2. Mindless Self Indulgence - Hey Tomorrow Fuck You And Your Friend Yesterday ( because Reigen is always positive, confident and easygoing but is also smart and responsible )

3. Marina and the Diamonds - Teen Idle ( it describes pretty well Ritsu’s inner conflict in adolescence, a conflict to being a perfect and good student or someone who want to make mistakes and sin a little )

4. Innerpartysystem - Don’t Stop ( this is just pretty much pre-mob Teru itself, no even need to explain this one )

5. Marina and the Diamonds - Family Jewels ( i think it fits Shou’s relationship with his father pretty well ) 

6. Marina and the Diamonds - Primadonna Girl ( this song reminds me of Tome pretty much, this is just how she behave )

You got something to add? Go on! That’s only songs I found, there’s still lots of characters.

Let me know what do you think about it!

Okay honestly here’s how I feel about Riley. I’m all for her representation of mental illness and substance abuse, but so far the show hasn’t done her justice as to saying exactly how she helps THE CLUSTER. She sure as hell helps the audience, but I want to know what her skills do to help like… The cluster. Does she help the show itself? Yeah of course. Does she help the audience? Yes completely. Is her character representation important? Of fucking course, people deal with mental illness everyday and it’s important to have someone you can relate to. But I just wanna know what she brings to the CLUSTER. She’s a good character with so much potential honestly, but I think the show didn’t explain what she brings to the table to the cluster. So pretty much this all comes down to season 2 explaining this to me. SHE’S A FUCKING SURVIVOR TAKE THAT INFORMATION AND DO SOMETHING WITH IT SENSE8 WRITERS!!!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

So… in the excitement from the new episode, I’ve started to revert back to my theorizin’ ways. I have tons of posts I want to make, but I thought I’d first address some symbolism that I’ve been noticing for a while but didn’t make sense of it until AToTS.

Spoilers, of course, for anyone who hasn’t seen the new episode.

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you ship romanogers? what happened to stony?

Yes. I ship Romanogers. And Stony. I’m a whore for this, I know. But I don’t care. I’ve always been full-blown Stony trash (even after the dagger through my soul that was CACW) but I graduated from loving Romanogers as a platonic friendship, to wanting them to get their brooding asses married, especially after CACW. 

CAWS was pretty eye-opening for that dynamic (for reasons I don’t think I need to explain, the flirtation was all over the place, not to mention how much they are together in that movie! YES!), and then here comes AOU, somewhat ignoring all the inroads Steve and Natasha made in CAWS, but then it saves itself when Nat literally stands by Steve’s side and can’t think of a better way to go if it comes down to it. I LOVE that image of them looking out into the sky side by side, then S.H.I.E.L.D. shows up, so that my babies don’t have to die like the heroes on blaze that they are. 

Then, CACW nails how much Natasha cares about Steve and tries to toe the line between what she believes is the right way to go for the Avengers, for how to keep them all together (”Staying together is more important than how we stay together”), and how to help someone who means a great deal to her, maybe a lot more than she realized (”You’re not gonna stop are you?”….the fact that she kept asking him this for like the last two-thirds of the movie means that she was not ready to take him down, that she actually COULD NOT DO IT). 

I get that they’ve thrown Sharon Carter his way for absolutely no reason other than to keep Peggy’s spirit alive in his world (because come on, Steve was not really checking for her until he found out who her great aunt was…in CAWS, Natasha was still trying to hook him up with the barista at Starbucks if that’s what it took), but with how upset Steve was that Natasha wasn’t Team Cap to start, shows itself for how much he relies on and cares about her, maybe a lot more than he realized. Steve didn’t bat an eye when it came to anyone else except for Bucky and Natasha. This is just fact. I love Stony, but there was a lack of emotional turmoil, desperation and devastation there for Steve that was not the case when it came down to finding/protecting Bucky and realizing that he and Natasha now stood on opposite sides and how he would struggle with it.  

Anyways, to make a long story short, I ship both, but I am more inclined to Romanogers, because there has been so much more evidence of an actual chance of pursuing a romantic relationship in the MCU. The real challenge is how they plan to deal with the colossal mistake that was Bruce and Natasha going forward and how or if Natasha’s feelings have changed given Bruce’s abandonment of her. CACW was one big saga for Steve and Natasha, with no mention of Natasha and Bruce’s failed courtship if I recall (so I have my fingers crossed that the Russo Brothers want to erase it from their memories too). Natasha chose Steve over the mission. I REPEAT: NATASHA CHOSE STEVE OVER THE MISSION. That’s kinda huge IMHO. That will hopefully be addressed in Infinity Wars, because if not, I call major bullshit.  

Okay so have some Natasha looking like she wants to mount a very pent-up Steve beefcake.


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I'm a new TØP fan and I just want some background info bc it's not the same coming from a fan than a source so yeah what's the significant meaning of all the masks and the paint and stuff like its cool and all I'm just not exactly sure what it symbolizes?

hey welcome to the clique, I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to you!!!

basically the masks were a vessel thing, and they pretty much explained in the intro to the guns for hands video. to me,there’s two main meanings behind the masks, the first being insecurity. from what I can tell, josh and Tyler are very insecure about what they create so getting on stage every night and performing something that’s so personal can be difficult for them, and I think the masks helped with that. the other reasoning behind the masks is the idea that they are creating something bigger than themselves- by wearing masks they can distance themselves as people from the music and let its speak for itself

the black paint on tylers hands is something they only started recently for blurryface. I wrote an interpretation of it a few weeks ago, but since then tylers actually said that its where he feels blurryface on his body, that it can make him feel like he’s choking. my personal interpretation is
“the thing that stands out to me is where the paint is on his body.the black on his hands stands out to me because tyler mentions hands a lot in his lyrics, like he mentions them in guns for hands, addict with a pen, forest, and glowing eyes, and he does a lot with his hands in music videos and live performances.
In most of the lyrics where he mentions hands, he’s talking about guilt or loss of control which feels very important to me. I think when you’re struggling with mental illness, you really become aware of the fact you can use your hands to hurt yourself and others. and then sometimes, when it gets really bad, you lose control of your hands and do things you regret. So the black on his hands, to me, represents those times you lose control,and the guilt that comes after.
and then there’s the black on his neck, which is lil trickier for me to figure out but it makes me think of suicide and nooses, and also the the lump you get in your throat when your anxious thoughts start taking over.
so i guess to me, the black represents depression spilling out of your mind to your physical body”