i think this part of the meme is becoming my favourite rose moments

Jealous // Wonwoo

wonwoo x reader

genre: fluff

word count:840


The boyfriend you have—man he was just so perfect. Although Wonwoo had a busy life, juggling both his social life with his hard, and difficult idol life, he still made time for you. No matter what, he is always there for you. And so were his friends.

You met your boyfriend through your best friend, Seokmin, whom you had been friends with since you entered kindergarten. You can say it’s a small world because who would’ve known that he and your boyfriend would be in the same group and would eventually become friends as well.

Since Wonwoo had been so busy the past month, he asked you if you wanted to go get some ice cream because he missed you so much. Looking forward to seeing your significant other, you began to get ready and put on the clothes he liked the most. It was about 8PM when you heard the doorbell to your loft ring. It opened to your boyfriend with a bouquet of roses in his hand.

You grabbed them, gave him a hug, then a quick peck on the cheeks. “Ah, babe, they’re beautiful!” You said putting them on the kitchen counter.

“Not as beautiful as you though.” He smirked. “You ready?”

You nodded, “Yeah, let me just get my bag!” Grabbing your bag, you linked arms with your tall giant then left the loft.

The busy streets of Seoul were lit up by the many, many skyscrapers that surrounded the two of you. You almost forgot how much you missed holding Wonwoo’s hand. It’s been way too long.

“Let’s stop here!” You stopped in your tracks in front of a vintage ice cream parlor which was pretty full so people would be distracted by other things and not notice your idol boyfriend. Sitting down, you went to get ice cream for Wonwoo since he had a phone call.

Rocky road was your favourite flavor so you got two scoops of that for yourself. Walking down the row of ice cream, you got excited when you saw your boyfriend’s favourite flavor. Sherbert!

Wonwoo insisted that you used his card. Of course, you denied it, but then he told you he wouldn’t take you out to eat again if he didn’t pay, so you had to.

Walking back to your table, you sat down with your boyfriend, and he just simply smiled at you. “I’m so glad we’re on this date.” He spoke.

Your heart skipped a beat for some reason. You swallowed a lump in your throat, “This is a date?”

“Yeah, what else is it?”

And right at that moment, a loud, “Wonwoo! And Y/N!” came towards you guys. It was your best friend. He gave you a tight hug.

Wonwoo was confused, but gave him a hug anyways.

“What are you doing here?” Wonwoo asked.

“I invited him..” You mumbled. You heard a soft ‘oh’ coming from your boyfriend’s mouth as he sat down and licked his ice cream cone.

After all the laughter with your boyfriend and best friend, the night came to an end. And Wonwoo walked you back home. Quickly letting go of his hand when your phone’s text tone came off, he pouted. You laughed at the meme Seokmin sent you to say goodnight.

“Isn’t Seokmin so funny?” You laughed then showed your phone screen to Wonwoo.

He just shrugged, “No, he’s not that funny. I bet I’m funnier.” He said, but kind of whispered the last part. You didn’t fail to hear it though. It was loud and clear. The jealously in his voice. “Also, why are you wearing shorts? It’s kind of too cold to be wearing that at night..” He questioned.

“And you’re just wearing a t-shirt without a jacket. Isn’t it too cold?” You snapped back.

Wonwoo grew silent for a little bit while you were replying to Seokmin. It was oddly quiet so after you said a bye to your friend, you looked up to your tall boyfriend.

“I wish I was the one who put their jacket on your lap to cover your thighs.” He finally said, but it was more like a mutter. “But look at me, I can’t even put my jacket on you right now. I never think about these things.”

You chuckled. You found him so cute.

“Wonwoo, are you jealous of our friend?”


You squealed, “Oh my gosh, you are! Why would you be jealous of Seokmin! I would never! We’re practically like siblings!”

“It’s just you guys are so close, and I’m just upset that maybe you would end up falling in love with him instead.” Your boyfriend stopped you guys from walking and turned to you.

You went up on your tippy toes, “You don’t have to be jealous. You know why?”


Your faces got closer and closer together and finally they met. “Because I’m yours.”

Wonwoo broke the kiss, and smiled at you. He began giggling because he was so happy. So happy he could only respond with, “Your right. And I’m yours too.”

note:i suck at writing fluff but thanks for requests! Sorry if it took long.