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Can I ask a mini fic or scenario where unknown breaks into Mc's apartment but Mc is quite loopy (like from meds w side affect or maybe she's a bit drunk) but like she's super affectionate, so she leans against him or rubs up against him cuddling and nuzzles into him innocently, and plays w his hair and boops his nose etc Just silly affection, but she does this as unknown takes her all the way to mint eye, so then he's just in front of rika with mc leaning against his shoulder all happy

Hello~! I’m not sure if this is quite what you want, but it’s still pretty cute, I think~! Hehe!

– R.I.

God, where is this woman??

6 hours. He’d been waiting for her for 6 hours. Granted, it wasn’t like she was supposed to be quietly waiting for me to break into her apartment to scare her, but- but… Okay, no that actually sounds reasonable. Never mind.

A part of him was a bit worried if you’d found out about his plans somehow, and you’d already taken shelter with one of the RFA members. But he decided to wait it out for a while longer. According to his research, you were always home by 12 in the morning.

Finally, the door unlocked, and he could hear the jangling of your keys as you pushed through the door. Before he could step out creepily, he could hear the bounce in your steps as you skipped through the entrance, shutting the door closed behind you. Well, you seemed to be a great mood.

(Or he’s just in a bad mood, after being left to wait 6 hours to scare you. At this rate, maybe he should just stay for a sleepover or something. He deserved it lololol)

Unknown stepped out from the shadows of the wall he hid behind, a sinister glint in his eyes as he eyed you carefully. “Well, well, well… Look what we have he-“

You notice him and jump over to him excitedly. “Ohmigosh! I didn’t see you there!!” you exclaim happily. “Welcome to my humble abode~ Let’s play!”

A bit offended by your lack of reaction, he furrowed his eyebrows in frustration. I swear I had the creepy act perfected. Why is it not working?

You sniffed him, then suddenly pressed your nose into his chest, wrapping your arms around him. “You smell soooo nice~” you sigh dreamily, burying yourself into his scent.

“Are you… drunk?” he asks cautiously, feeling a bit overwhelmed. This was not going according to plan. In fact, it was the opposite. You were creeping him out.

“Drunk? No way, I don’t drink!” you glare at him for his assumption. “But I diiid just grab a niiice cup of coffee from Jaehee earlier… Seven was there too!! He was acting a bit weird though, he laughed the entire time…”

My stupid, idiotic brother must have put drugs into her coffee… Unknown realized, mentally facepalming. He figured that the caffeine’s effect on making you act hyperactive plus an enhancement drug probably brought you to this… unrefined state.

“Well, come on, let’s go,” he stated, dragging you to the window.

“What? No! You just got here,” you pouted, tears welling up in your eyes. “You smell so nice, please don’t leave…”

His cheeks reddened, embarrassed by what you had said. “Sh-shut up already!” he mustered a weak glare at you, which only served to make him look absolutely adorable.

You giggled at the sight, and raised your hand to his nose. “Boop!” you pressed his nose. “Daawwh, you’re so cute~”

Annoyed (no, he’s actually enjoying this, guys), he drags you to the window, where a safety line has already been attached. He holds you in his arms, (in which you lean into his chest because man, he has some nice muscles) and jumps out the window.

“WHEEE!!” you screamed as you felt the wind blow against your skin from the force of your fall.


Seriously? That’s what you’re worried about? Unknown mentally sweat-dropped from your random statement. No, more importantly, what do you mean by yet? I’m kidnapping you, woman. What the hell are you going on about?

Finally, the two of you land on the grass, and he takes the brunt of the fall on his back. You lie on top of him, feeling the aftereffects of the fall in your head—you felt a bit dizzy.

“Are you okay?” he cautiously asked.

“Man, you’re a weird kidnapper! Who asks their victim if they’re okay?? This isn’t like the movies at all… or maybe you’re just a nice guy!” you wonder out loud.

Well, at least you were aware that you were being kidnapped.

He leads you to his car, and puts it into autopilot as you hop into the passenger seat cheerily, swinging your legs. “THIS IS COMFY! You have good taste in cars, Mr. Kidnapper~” you compliment him. “And the car smells just as nice as you, wow!”

Again, his heart seemed to skip a beat. “You… you’re really… strange,” he muttered, suppressing a blush from spreading across his cheeks.

You crawl over to his side of the car, and sit on his lap. “Hehe~ you’re even more comfortable, Mr. Kidnapper,” you mumble as you hug his chest, suddenly falling asleep.

His heart beat insanely fast, but you were already close to losing consciousness.

“Your heartbeat… sounds nice,” you yawn before the darkness faded in.

One can only imagine how flustered Unknown became throughout the ride back to Mint Eye Headquarters.

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okay some one probably said this already but I know there's questions about what sangwoo does with the bodies and someone was talking about him being a florist/doing gardening so- do you think he might chop up the bodies and then put at least parts of them in his garden? Like, people used to use dead fish to fertilize crops so maybe he has the same mindset toward the bodies.

I just pictured Sangwoo in one of those cute gardening aprons planting flower seeds over chopped up body pieces in his yard.

Life With Namjoon (02. Sleep)

<– [01] |

A/N: Here’s the second installment of this little series~ I’m glad the first part got a lot of positive responses despite it not being a smut or anything like that haha. There might be smut sprinkled here and there in this series, but for the most part my goal is to craft an ideal, cute relationship (by most people’s standards, I think), and so far I’m having fun doing just that~

Words: 2,216

02. Sleep

This happens every once and a while. When Namjoon slips into his ‘zone’. The zone where attempts to fulfill every single thought on his mind, and in the process pushes basic needs aside.

You’d witnessed him in his zone a few times before—both times occurring in the weeks prior to Bangtan wrapping up their new albums. He always strives for his lyrics to be perfect. He wants his compositions to reflect the mood of the song and the meaning behind the lyrics, and if he feels he’s lacking—even if in the smallest way—he’s going to push himself until he feels content with what he has done.

This is what you’ve learned about Kim Namjoon—mostly through his own recounts. Because not only is he your boyfriend, but he’s your best friend, and over your time together he’d let you into his buzzing brain and big heart.

And in a time like this, you have no doubt that that buzzing mind of his has descended into sleep deprived madness. With the clock striking 11PM, and Namjoon not having returned home in 2 days, your heart aches for him, and you know that you can’t sit back a second longer.

You had been trying to respect him—to have trust in him that he’d be able to know when to take a break and come home to eat and sleep—but…this is getting out of hand. You had even texted Yoongi asking if the boys had managed to drag him back to the dorm to sleep (even though Namjoon always prefers staying with you), and, of course, his response had been “no”.

Pushing off your couch, you sigh and grasp at the extra fabric of Namjoon’s oversized hoodie, his scent reaching your nose and causing you to long for him even more. His hoodie keeps you warm against the permanently cool temperature of your apartment, yet you want more—you want him—cuddled up with you and whispering silly prospects about life into your hair as his body heat presses against your back.

You miss him—and you’re worried, on top of that—so this is the final straw.

In the kitchen, you scoop up some of Namjoon’s favorite snacks and shove them a little backpack resting in your room. You then slip on your shoes, place the bag on your back, and leave your apartment after flicking off the lights and locking the door.

You’re sure if Namjoon knew you were walking the streets of Seoul at this time of night he’d have a little bit of a heart attack (because he’s a cutie that always says “when you’re alone at that time of day a drunk guy may try and steal you away from me”), but you confidently traverse the streets anyway. The new Bighit building isn’t more than a few blocks away.

Stepping up to the mainly closed building, you swipe in with your keycard (thankful that the boys had finally convinced the other staff to make one for you), and start towards Namjoon’s studio. You pass by not a single soul on the way, the halls eerily silent save an increasing loud thrum of bass as you near Namjoon’s studio.

“Joon?” you call quietly as you knock on the shut door. You wait a few seconds, brows furrowed, but the music inside doesn’t stop. Sighing, you turn the knob and slowly step inside, your eyes casting to where Namjoon is hunched over his desk. There are three empty Starbucks cups beside his keyboard, along with an energy drink, and an empty sandwich wrapper. (You internally thank the boys for looking out for their leader, even if they hadn’t been able to get him to rest).

The floor space leading up to his chair is full of ripped out notebook pages—scribbled with words and crumpled in frustration. And Namjoon himself…seems crumpled with exhaustion. Elbows propped up on his desk, his entire body is slouched, dark hair messy and unwashed. You can practically see the fog clouding his mind—like all the gears had overheated and jammed, leaving Namjoon frustratingly stalled because his body isn’t acting as he wants it too.

“Joon,” you say quietly when the partial song ends, taking a large step forward. You wrap your arms around his shoulders, your hair tickling his cheek as you nuzzle your face against his neck. At first Namjoon tenses, caught off guard by the unexpected contact, but even his sleepy mind manages to rationalize that the only person who holds him like this is you—so he relaxes into your grasp with a long sigh.

“Babe…,” he says, hand reaching up to grip your arm. Your presence is comforting to him, yet he realizes that you being here likely means that you’re going to try and make him stop—and he’s not ready to throw in the white flag yet…there’s just….something is missing from the melody and he’s been debating adding more synth to the first verse—

“You need to rest, Joonie,” you tell him quietly, knowing that he won’t agree with that. He’s stubborn in his own right. “It’s not good to drive yourself into the ground like this,” you continue, holding him tighter when you feel him weakly attempt to shrug you off.

“I’m not, I just…I need to finish up the lyrics and fix this one cord…,” he mumbles, scooting forward and attempting to reach for his keyboard. However, you don’t let him get there. With your arms still wrapped around him, you tug his chair away from his desk and then spin it around, causing Namjoon to face you.

“Y/N–,” he begins, his brows furrowing unhappily. You see the dark bags under his eyes and the stubble on his chin, and your heart aches.

“I know, I know,” you say, hand reaching out to cup his cheek. You rub your thumb along the stubbly skin, leaning down to kiss his slightly chapped lips. You kiss him gently yet the emotion behind the gesture is firm, and Namjoon sighs as soon as you pull back, his hand moving to run through his messy hair.

“I know you’re determined to keep working. I know you want to get it done, but…let me be the rational side of your brain that you’ve gone deaf to,” you plead, hands smoothing down his shoulders. “If you get rest it will likely help your creativity to come back. You’ll feel better, you’ll be more alert of the tune you’re crafting and the flow of the lyrics you want to write. You’re going to get this done, Kim Namjoon, but you’ve been here nearly 3 days now—and that’s not healthy. I don’t like seeing you like this, the boys don’t like seeing you like this, and I’m sure ARMY wouldn’t be happy knowing their favorite leader is beating himself up trying to get a track done. The album will be ready when it’s ready, you have all of the boys sitting around willing to help you. Please, baby,” you whisper, kissing him softly. “Take a break.”

This time, Namjoon tiredly kisses you back, giving in, and you feel a sense of relief. It seems he’s come around a little.

“I know…,” he echoes, his arms reaching out to encircle you. He pulls you sideways onto his lap, his forehead slumping against your shoulder. The contact has you smiling, and you begin petting your hand through his hair, nails gently scraping against his scalp. Namjoon nearly purrs at the feeling, his body turning into jello at the sensation.

“Hey babe…I brought your favorite snacks,” you tell him after a minute, his eyes closed. Namjoon quietly groans in acknowledgement, his face lightly rubbing against your shoulder in order to wake himself up.

“I’m hungry,” he grumbles, and you giggle, glad to see that Namjoon is back to being a tired cutie instead of a stubborn, exhausted man.

“They’re in my bag,” you say, and wiggle in his hold, pulling your backpack off and setting it on your lap. Once the zipper on the main pouch is open, Namjoon digs around inside, tearing open packages and shoving the snacks in his mouth, mumbling about water when he eats them too fast.

Rolling your eyes, you scoot off his lap and fetch one of his empty starbucks cups from his desk.

“I’ll get you some water,” you say, starting towards the door, but Namjoon stops you. Grabbing your wrist, he pulls you back towards him and snuggles his head against your tummy.

“Don’t go,” he says, and you bend down, kissing the crown of his head.

“You really do turn into a baby when you’re exhausted. I’ll be right back, Joon. I promise.”

Nodding against the hoodie you’re wearing, Namjoon releases you, and, true to your word, as soon as you’ve filled the cup with water at the nearest drinking fountain, you return to Namjoon’s studio. However, Namjoon is no longer in his chair. Instead he’d somehow moved to the floor, and is now using one of his studio plushies as a pillow, your snacks spread on the carpet around him.

“Are you trying to perform a séance with my snacks, or what?” you laugh incredulously, stepping into the room and shutting the door behind you. Namjoon grunts, making grabby hands up at you, and you roll your eyes but soon join him on the floor.

“Here’s your water,” you say, and, barely managing to sit up, Namjoon thanks you and takes a long sip. You move the cup away when he sets it down, and then go back to petting his hair.

“Should we go home? You look like you’re going to pass out.”

“It’s too late I’m already dead,” he grunts, his eyes refusing to open, and you smile.

“Are we sleeping here tonight?”

“There’s a blanket in Yoongi hyung’s office.”

Huffing, you get back up and jog next door to Suga’s studio. He’s got a little couch in his room—because he tends to pull all-nighters more than Namjoon—so you somewhat apologetically scoop up the two blanks and pillow he has spread on the couch.

In the minute it takes you to get back to Namjoon’s studio, the man-child has fallen asleep, light snores filling the room. You roll your eyes, but don’t even think about leaving him. He’s too precious to leave, and you’ll last one night on the floor. So, that being said, you crawl onto the thankfully soft carpet beside him, tossing the blankets over both your bodies. You place the pillow on the ground beside Namjoon’s plushie, and then nuzzle into his chest, sighing contently.

Despite the fact that your bed is much more comfortable, you’re simply glad that you were able to get Namjoon to rest, and with the time ticking past midnight, you’re fairly tired too.

However, just as you’re beginning to doze off, Namjoon’s deep breathing lulling you to sleep, said male groans slightly and lifts one of his arms, wrapping it around you.

“I love you,” he says, leaning down to press a kiss to the top of your head. His warm breaths fan against your hair, the male seeming content with staying there, and you smile tiredly.

“I love you too.”

The next morning, the other 6 members of Bangtan flooding out of their car, Taehyung races into the building with his face set in a determined frown. Jin yells after him, tone warning, but Taehyung brushes him off. He’s worried for Namjoon—their leader needs a break—and he plans to drag Namjoon away from his computer even if it’s the last thing he does.

Stomping to Namjoon’s studio, Taehyung grips the handle of the shut door and steps inside, his mouth open and ready to scold Namjoon and drag him away. However, he immediately freezes when he spots you and Namjoon cuddled on the ground in each other’s embrace. His previously steeling heart melts, and he pouts at the cuteness, quickly backing out of the room when Jimin yells up the hall for him.

“Shhh!!” Taehyung scolds, shutting the door as quietly as possible. Jimin blinks in question, a few others mimicking his face as they round the corner.

“Mom and dad are sleeping!”

“Mom and dad?” Yoongi echoes, eyebrows furrowing. “You mean….Y/N and Namjoon are sleeping in there?”

“Do they have clothes on?” Jin asks nonchalantly, and Yoongi nudges him.

“It seems that Y/N got Namjoon hyung to finally rest,” Taehyung says, and the others are glad to hear it. Splitting off—Jungkook, Jimin, Hoseok and Taehyung going to work on choreo, Jin leaving to record lines, and Yoongi retiring to his studio to finish up a track—the team breaks apart and gets to work.

Walking into his studio, Yoongi sighs and shrugs off his jackets, tossing it onto the couch. Unfortunately, he misses his aim and is forced to turn and pick it up. It’s at that exact moment that he realizes his couch has been rid of its usual inhabitants—mainly his pillow and blankets.

“Those two,” he grumbles, shaking his head. Yet, as he sits in his chair and spins it to face his desk, he finds himself smiling. Yoongi is glad someone like you is around to support Namjoon in the ways they can’t.

From 'My Hero' to 'My Kryptonite'

I just saw the latest episode of Supergirl. [S2Ep13: Mr. And Mrs. Mxyzptlk] The episode just aired here so I’m a bit late to the #KaraDeservesBetter tag. I really need to rant this out cause this episode made me cry, since… so many things are wrong here.

The Luthor’s episode gave shine to Kara Danvers’ faith, her own heroism and not so on the Super part (that epic flying out of the smoke of Kryptonite had me on the edge of me seat though).
I know what y'all are probably thinking
“Great another bitter Supercorp Shipper who can’t understand that Karamel is canon”
But this is not about Supercorp anymore in fact it never really was with Mon-El. I mean yeah sure I saw that Lena and Kara would make a pretty cute couple than Karamel since they actually have chemisty and they understand each other’s pain in a deep sense that they know and lived that pain that the other felt, plus we get it they are not canon, Sanvers is.

What got me crying is the fact that, in just a span of an episode Kara went from
‘Being a Hero’ to ‘Being a Kryptonite’

And that is just like the biggest slap in the face. To call Kara/Supergirl a Kryptonite. Kara who is always trying to find the good in people, Kara who is Supergirl that gives other people Strength, Kara who believes like no one else because she knows that everyone is a hero, Kara Danvers who is scared of being the cause of someone’s pain and Kara who is scared to be feared. To call someone who deserves to know that she is a Hero, that she gives people the strength and hope to become the Hero she knows they are, a kryptonite. To call someone who pushes her own feelings aside for the sake of other people, a weakness. That is just, a big fucking slap in the face.

See me problem isn’t that Kara isn’t picking Lena, no me problem is Kara picking Mon-El when she so clearly deserves better. I kid you not when I say that I think even Cat Grant’s youngest kid suits Kara better. This is not about one ship over the other, if you guys still think, even after the latest episode, that Karamel is a good ship then go ahead, don’t fucking care. I’m just sayin that, Kara’s struggles as Supergirl/Kara Danvers and how she overcomes it, is like a reminder that ‘yeah shit happens and it really knocks us down the curb but at the end of the day, you can just wash the shit away and try better tomorrow’. She overcomes her troubles without a guy, without anyone Defending Her Honour because she doesn’t need to.

Mon-El treating Kara as if she couldn’t break him in two with her own hands without breaking a sweat is just fucking hilarious and frustratingly annoying. Him treating Kara like some kind of Damsel in Distress that couldn’t think for herself that couldn’t defend herself is just straight up disrespectful to the Girl of Steel.

Me problem is that Mon-El is not seeing how strong Kara is and how she doesn’t need a babysitter or someone to ‘objectify her’ but she needs someone to understand and be the rock when being Supergirl becomes overbearing, be the source of her strength like the Superfriends is to her and how she is to the rest of National City.

I’m not saying that she deserves to end up with Lena, cause at this point I think that I’d rather just see her do so well without the love drama or guy, and prove to Mon-ew’s narrow-minded brain that Supergirl is a force to be reckoned with, either with or without a guy. Like seriously, I’d rather see Kara be totally bad-ass and show to Mon-hell’s face that she isn’t useless. Now that I think about it… that’s kinda what she does everyday, so maybe just more Alex Danvers passive aggressively shooting comments about Kara being a kick butt lone wolf whenever Mon-El is around. I don’t like Karamel because Kara is so far from being a Kryptonite.

Kara Zor-El was, is and will always be the Girl of Steel. She’s Supergirl with or without the suit and emblem. She’s Kara Danvers, and Kara Danvers is a Hero

mugiwaratrash replied to your post: i dont understand why zoro wears glasses…

I read a theory once that part if zoros lack of directional skills is because he cant see shit about where hes going. Bad eye sight lol

ahaha awww that’s a cute theory.  i think his lack of directional skills is mostly just…..his brain having problems but i wouldn’t be surprised if he had bad eyesight too lol.  

he’s totally the type of guy who’d refuse to actually wear glasses even if he needed them tho because he couldn’t be bothered and “what’s the point of seeing if u have haki anyway” “….so you can read, zoro” “i can’t read anyway so it doesn’t matter” 



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barcelona is funking iconic okay like it is the mediterranean san francisco. highly recommend

see okay i love this cuz the spaniard i talk to on growlr sometimes says that barcelona is full of gays which i think is cute! i mean i do authentically want to go for other reasons (la sagrada familia, antoni gaudí’s other works) but like… this definitely is a reason also bye cuz i need to go to actual san francisco! part of me feels like i should travel around the US before traveling internationally but for obvious political reasons its so… uninteresting to me. which is a shame cuz the united states like geographically and naturally like landscapes and shit? this country is SO beautiful its a shame its… like that.

S.coups: Let’s make sure everyone is here. 1…2…um where’s Seungkwan?

Vernon: I’m here!

Seventeen: *groans* Not again…

S.coups: You’re Vernon!! How many times do I have to tell you guys to stop this? Now where’s-

Seungkwan: Don’t take this the wrong way but-

S.coups:  When I said you can be anybody you want, I didn’t mean each other!

Seungkwan: You’re so ice ice baby

Jeonghan: Are you two having an identity crisis?

Vernon: NoooooNONooonOONoNoNo

Wonwoo: Well I guess it’s true when you love someone so much you start to act like them…



Vernon: I wanna be your morning baby


distorts are nice


supergirl season 2a meme → [2/8] scenes

“I think I owe you an apology. For not creating an environment where you felt like you could talk about this with me. All those years we spent together growing up, the endless nights talking and sharing, now I realise they were all about me and my secret. There’s never been room for you, and that’s my fault, and I’m so sorry. I know this is not the same at all, but I do know how it feels to keep a part of yourself shut off. To keep it inside. And I know lonely that can make you feel. But Alex, you are not alone.”

My favorite part of this damn musical

So, I have mentioned before that I am utterly in love with the Helpless/Satisfied bit because of the juxtaposition presented between the name of the two songs and the feelings of the two women playing them (ie. Eliza being the satisfied one and Angelica being helplessly in love with a man she can’t have.) 

But my favorite part of these two songs is the use of the word “fine.”

In Helpless, Alexander says “My life is gon’ be fine cause Eliza’s in it” which I initially saw as a really cute line. But in Satisfied, Angelica says “She would say ‘I’m fine.’ She’d be lying.” Now, Angelica says this in regards to her sister, but I think we can all agree that this line perfectly describes how Angelica deals with Eliza and Alexander being together. She tries to put on a happy face, but deep down she longs to be with him. She’s lying.

So, here’s my thought process: Alexander and Angelica are always presented as extremely similar characters (ie. neither of them ever being satisfied and Angelica being the only one who matches his rap skills in the play.) Alexander saying that his life is gonna be fine with Eliza adds another layer of similarities in my book. Alexander says he’ll be fine with Eliza, but ends up having an affair with Maria Reynolds. He’s lying. 

Layers, guys. So many layers.

Playing with Fire - 05

Summary: After breaking up with you, you decide the only way to get back at your -now ex-boyfriend and avoid public humilliation is by making a deal with resident bad boy Min Yoongi: you’ll give him money as long as he pretends to be your new boy.

Genre: Romance.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Rating: Mature (angst? + smut)

Length: 3.3k

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 [Finale]

A/N: here it is! so theres a bit of yoongis pov and i mention jungyeon from twice bc i actually think yoongi and her would be cute concept?? anways eNJOY

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This wouldn’t let me post the whole thing at once so here’s part 1

Part 2 is here: http://blackblackdust.tumblr.com/post/157204210956/this-wouldnt-let-me-post-the-whole-thing-at-once

AU where Eliza falls in love with Maria instead of Alexander at the Winter Ball. Hercules and Lafayette dance, Laurens and Alexander dance, Angelica chats with a random cute girl, Burr marries Theodosia and everything is happy and no one dies cheats or is hurt in any way shape or form.

basketball player!jungkook

a/n: this is part of a sports series with my girl @wangpuppo (: and a request from one of my cute anonies that i miss. also, the bit with meeting a cute boy in philosophy happened irl and inspired this so heh enjoy!

Originally posted by donewithjeon

  • meet jeon jungkook, power forward of seoul university and computer science major extraordinaire
  • you would think from the size of his thighs and his arms that he was a hockey player but he assures anyone that it’s really just a hobby for him and that basketball actually has his heart
  • his mom is actually the reason how he got acquainted with the sport bc a little before he was born, she was actually a college player with a semi-pro spot ready for her until she met his dad who was actually the waterboy
  • they shyly flirted with one another until some of her teammates locked them in a supply room closet together bc it was so unbearable for everyone else to deal with their feelings (lol) so by the time they were out of the closet they were together and happily so
  • however, come around their final year in college when things go kinda wrong and she ends up pregnant with baby jeon and of course they’re ecstatic but holy shit they haven’t even graduated yet and they’re gonna have a baby and well…. she didn’t go onto the semi-pro team and jeon’s dad did his best to work hard for them while she finished getting her degree WHILE nursing jungkook for 9 months
  • to say the least mama and papa jeon managed to get through the whole ordeal with degrees
  • by the time they graduated, baby jungkook was born and he became the light of their lives and despite their initial struggles they did their best to provide the family and make it as comfortable as they could for him because dammit they brought him into this world, they wanted to make him live well too
  • the comfort of their lives came the moment papa jeon scored a position as a nutritionist and mama jeon became a physical therapist so that’s how jungkook got acquainted with the world of fitness and finding interest in the way his parents could take care of people
  • however, the moment he fell in love with basketball was when he saw his mom’s basketball tapes. all the glorious videos of her scoring that winning shot and zooming around the court with such swiftness and agility he damn near got whiplash from trying to keep up
  • and from that moment on, he wanted to play too
  • of course, his parents were very ecstatic about that and enrolled him in a community team and he excelled so damn quickly
  • for the next nineteen years of his life, he played basketball and loved every damn second of it and along the way he found an interest in computers too. (let’s just say he read a few books that his high school computer teacher gave him and he was determined to take apart a computer and put it back together - he succeeded) and so that is why he has a full ride to SU with a basketball scholarship as a compsci major
  •  anywho, seeing jungkook on the court is honestly a sight because you would expect him to be stomping around, too slow for the muscle all over his body, but jfc no he is so goddamn quick and agile. he could be on one side of the court and somehow end up right in front of the opposing member to block for his teammate to make that shot
  • he’s a great team player really, not much for the glory and usually to himself, but on a handful of occasions he’ll surprise even his members with a half-court shot
  • he doesn’t care much for the glory of the winning shot, just the feeling that basketball gives him when he’s on the court, gaining callouses from the ball, and running around until he can’t seem to feel his calves and god the happiness on his parents’ face always gets to him
  • so yeah, that’s jungkook as a basketball player - a really sweet and hardworking boy who loves to make his parents happy and to make his teammates happy too
  • remember how i mentioned how he’s a compsci major?
  • well, you’re actually a compsci minor because you find computers really fascinating and cool and unfortunately quite a few others do too so it leaves you two at a disadvantage as first years compared to the upperclassmen so you’re both resorted to taking these random General Education (GE) classes i.e intro to philosophy
  • it’s hard not to notice jungkook that’s for sure, especially when he’s lugging around his sports bag and when he’s cute as all hell in your honest opinion
  • you once told this to your friends and they never let you down about it either. honestly they’d tell you when he’d walk in or try and get you to sit by him but the closest you’ve ever gotten was probably sitting one person away and that was on the final exam day
  • on a few occasions you two would actually inadvertently glance at one another during your discussion (dear god none of your friends let you live, best believe that) but you were always too shy to approach him and he was actually quite shy himself because let’s face it baby boy is a shy nugget who only knows basketball and comp sci and some philosophy (barely tho lol but it’s okay cuz you knew the bare minimum too)
  • anyway, that quarter you didn’t get to know him as you wished and both of you ended up regretting that because damn y’all thought each other was cute. for him it was especially seeing you laugh with your friends and for you it was that little perplexed expression on his face when the professor would mention soundness and the theories about the concepts and dshgjds yeah you really wished you had taken that chance to tell him he was cute on the last day like you initially planned but was too chicken to do
  • but guess what?
  • the next quarter you see him in your intro to computers class and somehow you two end up seated by one another and although there’s no seating chart, it just becomes a thing that this is that person’s seat the moment they sit there more than twice and so you both are seated not too far from one another
  • your hair is a slight mess and your eyes are puffy while you sip your coffee and he looks fairly content albeit sleepy with his hood drawn up and you both don’t even realize it’s each other until hour two of the lab goes by
  • you’re both starting to wake up and looking around at each other cuz people are shuffling around and some are moving closer toward one another and then it strikes you that the kid with slightly ruffled hair is very familiar and then it hits you and you’re just like “wow ok holy shit cute person from that philosophy class!!!!”
  • but this isn’t enough to get you two to start talking to each other
  • that self-established seating chart has already set in notion and so there’s no honest chance in getting to know him from that and so you kinda give up because you’re very sure he probably doesn’t remember you and dammit your TA is standing over your shoulder staring at your codes with narrowed eyes (rip you but he was just playin’ cuz he liked what you had)
  • this whole exchange isn’t to say you both never talk because on this chance encounter of finding out why he lugs that damn nike bag around all the time comes full circle
  • so you do work at the infirmary, usually filing papers and the like since it’s sort of the track for your major and on a particular day comes in jungkook!
  • he looks like he’s in a lot of pain clutching his shoulder and the nurse gets him to do the necessary papers and shovels him off to the doctor who tells him that he has a pretty bad fracture and he won’t be able to play for the rest of the season (at least that’s what they think)
  • reason: some asshole from one of the other teams hit him a little too hard after one too many unnecessary roughness calls and on this blow jungkook fell a little too hard and too awkward for it to just be another minor bruise and yeah :(
  • he’s pretty devastated about this and he has to go through a bunch of testing and whatnot and as an assistant you usually run around making copies until you have to hand off some paperwork for him to fill out
  • prior to this, you noticed how most of his appointments took up his time during the labs and the lectures so you nicely set a copy of your notes with his, adding in things you figured he might need to know from the lecture since he was unable to attend and the moment he receives the large stack his eyes grow wide
  • and you’re like “oh so i remember you from my comp sci class and i figured you might these notes… -oh and those are just basic info that the doctor wanted you to sign off on and the like”
  • he blinks at you, still pretty surprised at your kindness (and totally not freaking out that such a cute person is chatting from him aka the same one he’s wanted to talk to for a while) but he flashes you a small smile (and omg you love it so much) and thanks you
  • coincidentally most of your volunteer shifts are during his appointments and whatnot so you talk every now and then, usually about the notes and eventually about your majors
  • the doctors and the nurses think it’s absolutely adorable so sometimes they let you two chat a little longer than usual just for young love to bloom <3
  • this exchange goes on from some time until he finds the guts to ask for your number when you hand him the large stack of notes in this rushed blurting of words i.e. “soumiwaswonderingificould-maybe-getyournumber??”
  • you: “wait what”
  • he looks down, cheeks quite pink, “can i -um- get your number? since y’know we have comp sci together so it’d be easier to like study for exams and talk about it and stuff…. yeah….”
  • you grin and nod, scribbling it onto one of the notes and the two of you can’t deny the butterflies and erratically beating hearts y’all have going on
  • you both see each other during his check-ups but he’s healing quite quickly thanks to having such strong bones so he may not be out for the rest of the season like they thought thankfully and so when he’s fine and his check-ups are less and less
  • so along the way, you two end up talking day by day even sitting by one another in your comp lecture because you’re semi-friends now and it’s just nice to have someone you know in that class since none of your other friends were interested in comp sci like you so nowadays you’ll text one another about the class and how your days are and those little butterflies emerge whenever you wait for his text or receive a response and you’re just like “dsjghsdjgshdgs”
  • little do you know he’s honestly the same exact way and his roommates jimin and taehyung are always like “???? WHO DAT? :D” and jungkook’s like “lol gtfo bye”
  • anyway, one day you text him about the upcoming final bc you’ll be damned if you miss out on your chance to actually ask his kid out and studying together and he agrees but it’d have to be after his practice and you ask him about his shoulder and if he’ll be good to play at championships
  • and he’s like “oh yah!”
  • and you’re like “o: woah, can i come watch? i haven’t gone to a game and i wanna see you play. prolly treat ya out if you win”
  • and ok, at first he’s a lil’ shy but he says “ok sure, just say you’re with me at the door” and you do and jin (the RA)’s at the entrance like “O: WHAT MY FLOOR CHILD HAS A GIRLFRIEND, THAT PUNK KSJHFJS” but before he can say anything else one of jungkook’s buds urges you to sit by the front and you do until you see jungkook and he looks so nervous, glancing around until his eyes settle on you and he just flashes you a grin and wave which you return as well
  • the game is going by swimmingly and you can’t help but watch jungkook especially because even though he’s the power forward he’s also very conscious of his shoulder which you were extremely worried about until you feel like you can finally breathe when your school wins and you stand with the crowd cheering like crazy
  • out of everyone tho he actually approaches you first with a grin and you’re congratulating him and he feels so elated he really just wants to take you up in his arms and kiss you tbh but he has self control and mercy bc he’s sweating like crazy
  • ngl tho he looks crazy attractive in your opinion
  • anywayy, as you two are talking since you did tell him that you’d buy him food on his win, the rest of the team’s like “yooo kook! party at jackson’s!!!! you in??”
  • and although you’re disappointed you tell him you won’t mind if he goes but he turns to you and says with a grin “nah i got plans already” and jsdkghsjgh the team goes “oOOOOoooooOoooo” but y’all ignore them and he goes “i’ll be back ok? gonna get cleaned up and we can get food?”
  • so you’re content to wait by the locker room for him, grinning af bc holy shit the cute boy you really wanted to get to know last quarter is going to dinner with you!!!!!
  • meanwhile jungkook’s so nervous and stuff cuz he plans on confessing and stuff since it just seems right and his teammates clap him on the back like “yo you got this bro!!!!!!! goood luck tho jin definitely sent him some salty messages and warnings to be safe ahahaha
  • and ok so y’all go to dinner at this nice ramen shop and it’s really great! and you two are laughing your asses off about how this one time oneo f his roomates taehyung got stuck in between the washing machines because he was so certain he could fit and how they had to call the fire department to get the boy loose and yeah ahaha
  • and he’s just in awe with how damn beautiful you look when your laughing and he just blurts out “you have a really nice laugh” when you ask him why he’s staring and you’re like “o: oh thank you…. you do too”
  • and he says “i wanna hear you laugh more and be the reason why you do….” he lets out a deep sigh, appearing a lot more nervous than before, “i like you a lot. i think you’re incredibly cute and i love that you love compsci as much as i do and talking to you these past few weeks have made me happy and god i really wanted to kiss you after the game but i didn’t want to scare you and i feel like this is a lot less eloquent than in my head so i’m sorry”
  • and you’re just in awe because damn you really planned on confessing first but you can’t deny the smile spreading on your face and you tell him “kook, i like you too. and i’d really like it if you kissed me, by the way”
  • and he’s all wide eyed but he grins and after y’all eat and you’re strolling around the city with his arm draped over your shoulders, you guys stop at the top where it overlooks the city lights and on a particular moment when you both are still and quiet and glancing at one another you lean in and do it
  • and it leads to a shocked expression on his face but he lets go of your shoulders and puts his hands on either side of your face and kisses you again
  • and ahh it’s just so damn sweet and neither of you can stop grinning because damn it really worked out as you both hoped
  • dating jungkook entails a lot of visits to his practices after you’re done with volunteering where you’ll come by with ice packs and water and snacks and usually you’ll bring enough snacks for the others who absolutely adore you for that
  • you also have a tendency to fuss over him whenever he overexerts himself because he’s a very big overachiever in sports and academics and sometimes you gotta threaten to withdraw your kisses and affections just to get him to settle down honestly
  • his roommates were so happy to hear how things turned out for you two and they go out of their way to tease him whenever you’re around and dear god Jin
  • well when he found out you two got together, he saw y’all holding hands and he literally sat you both in the lounge, brought out some snacks and just chatted with you
  • to jungkook, this was horrendous but you loved chatting with jin because he’d lay out a bunch of things about kook like how he isn’t the cleanliest and you shouldn’t be surprised to find anything and everything under his bed and how there was one time when jungkook spent an hour googling how to work the washer and dryer were right by the bulletin board in the room and that’s when kook lost it and dragged you away
  • it was then decided that jin approved of you tho
  • bc after the season when everyone is still training after, jungkook’s shoulder was bothering him and he refused to admit that he might’ve overexerted it and you stormed over to the dorm and scolded him for not taking proper care of himself before running around just to grab some ice packs and just a mini kit of dealing with this brat and jin just knew that you’d take care of this kid so he leaves y’all be and even closes the door to the dorm tho you pay no attention as kook starts opening up to you
  • even on days when he feels his worst like he feels like everyone depends on him and he’s not sure if his abilities are good enough since his shoulder’s constantly bothering him and all you think to do is give him words of advice and kissing him to let him know that he isn’t alone
  • because although you count on him, you want to be there to support him and well…. jimin and taehyung aren’t in the room and with the ice pack on his shoulder, you climb atop the bed, sitting on his lap and kissing him with more and more fervor that he reciprocates
  • you convince him to let you take care of him and you do indeed~
  • the one day he actually loses a game (bc hey no ones perfect) and you’re there doing your best to comfort him he just tells you how much he loves you and is grateful for you being there
  • and holy shit this is the first he’s told you this, you tell him you love him too and god he looks significantly happier
  • on days when you’re at your worst, he tries his best to get your mind of it, taking you on walks to your favorite places and carrying you when you’re too tired
  • other days he’ll even forgo practice, finding the frog leaps on the stairs worth it, when he can pick you up after your volunteer shift just to surprise you with snacks and a semi-well made bento box and boba and it’s just so damn sweet ok
  • you and jungkook manage to complement one another in the best way possible and when you’re both overexerting yourselves you’re there for one another to tell each other to chill
  • to say the least, both of y’all have never been more grateful for a philosophy class even if you both suffered incessantly in that damn class

Pitch is such a special show in part because it’s this living breathing thing held together by tape and fic tropes, like, I’ll read a Bawson fic with a really fluffy (and brilliantly written) prompt and think, that’s so cute but alas this is just a headcanon/wishful thinking

and then the writers hit me with the “I’m Going to Realize My Undying Love For This Person Via an Unexpected But Passionate Rant About How Intimately Annoying I Find Them” like what is this show