i think this one was pretty easy to guess :)

How to make a Servitor.

Servitors are artificial spirits that are made by the practitioner, and are used to complete tasks, or goals set by the petitioner to help him or her in their life, or magical practice. Before you jump right into creating a servitor there are things you must plan out beforehand. It’s a lot like building a blueprint. You don’t just start making the house before you have a blueprint. Here are the things you’re going to need to think about  before building your very own servitor:

1) Purpose

Everything needs a purpose, and it’s your job to pick your purpose for your servitor. A purpose can be anything. You could want your servitor to protect you, or your family. You could want your servitor to help you pass a test. You could have your servitor torture people in their dreams… You know whatever you want. It is important to give your servitor a purpose, because it is dangerous to make a servitor without a purpose. If your servitor does not have a purpose it may go rogue, and we may have a situation like that Jewish story of  "The Golem of Prague", who goes on a murderous rampage. Once you have your purpose feel free to move on to the next step.

2)Spiritual appearance

Now you must create an appearance for your servitor that it will take on the astral, and etheric planes of existence. It is important to keep in mind when making your servitor’s spiritual appearance that the spiritual appearance should reflect the task that they were assigned to complete. If the servitor is for better communication with your peers, then it’s spiritual appearance shouldn’t be a Azathoth looking creature, but maybe perhaps some type of human or anthropomorphic entity. Besides that the you can create any type of spiritual appearance you would like. Male, female, tall, short it’s up to you. You can even say “f*** it, and I’m making this one a shapeshifter”. So have some fun, and do whatever you would like. You also might want to draw a picture, or get some representation of their form once you decide upon it for later steps in the servitor creation process.


This one’s pretty self-explanatory, and again you can pretty much pick whatever you would like. All we’re going to do is think of some personality traits that you would like your servitor to have, like charming, intelligent, funny, friendly, loyal, etc…  So this one is pretty easy, and now that I think about it I have no idea what happens if you don’t give them a personality. I guess they turn into Kristen Stewart, or something. Anyway pick out your personality traits that you like, and move on to the next step.


You like to eat, so do servitors. Feeding a servitor is a lot like charging a Sigil. and you can use all the same methods in order to feed a servitor in the same way you use to charge a sigil. You can also set up some methods of feeding for the servitor that the servitor can do on their own behalf. You could tell your servitor to feed on something like sunlight, or crystals that you have lying around. Not setting up feeding methods, or not feeding your servitor will result in it going rogue, or it finding its own food sources which may not always be more preferable.


There are some people that say the servitors lifespan should not be very long, but in my experience this has not been a problem. In my experience servitors only act up once they do not have a purpose anymore, or if acting up is programmed into their nature, or if they are not being fed. Life span is very based on purpose. If you want your servitor to help you pass a test, then its lifespan should only be until after the test then it will return back to the energy of source. If you wanted your servitor to protect your property then you would need a lifespan that you can end at any time. So then you would need a phrase, or ritual to end its life when the time comes. This phrase, or ritual would not have to be elaborate. It’s never happened to me before, but being on a system like that one could in theory make the servitor want to have self preservation. You would be the only thing that could kill it. So if they took you out then they could go on living. I don’t know if it happens, or not, but that’s just a theory. A Servitor Theory! Thanks for watching…. <– (Tell me if you get that joke.) I always tell my servitor if they try to harm me or anyone I care about they will be terminated immediately. That’s a good enough safety net I guess let’s move on to the next step.

6)The Housing

Now we need housing to ground the servitor to the physical plane. Housing can be things like a rock, a staff, a doll, something you made out of clay, etc… Servitors by nature do not need housing, but it is better to have a physical representation of them for control, and feeding purposes. Housing can be anything, but I would stay away from certain metals because energy does not flow as good through them as it does other materials. It is also better to have a housing made, or created by you, and your hands. Once you find what housing you would like to use you are ready to go onto the next step.


This one is super simple all you have to do is pick a name for your servitor. Literally can be anything Meaningful, or otherwise. All you have to choose a name, and then you can move on to the next step.

8)Making a Sigil

Now you should make a sigil out of the name of your servitor, or out of the purpose of your servitor. You will use this sigil as a true representation of your servitor. If you do not know how to make a sigil you can always Google it, or you should be able to find it by searching back through my posts.

Once you have your sigil you can draw it, or carve it into your housing for your servitor. This would be recommended, but if you do not want to mark the sigil on the housing you can always put the sigil on a piece of paper, and put it underneath your housing during the “Bringing the servitor to life” step.

9) Bringing the servitor to life

Now we just bring together all the materials that we have gathered thus far into a ritual. First thing you’ll want to do is cleanse the area. This can be done through any cleansing method such as the Lesser banishing ritual, smudging, or clap cleansing. Next you’re going to want to cast a circle or use some other form of protection technique. Then you’re going to want to start charging your housing, and your sigil through any form of charging method. Now you’re going to want to enter a Gnostic state of consciousness where you can strongly in vision the energy that you are manipulating. Close your eyes, and in your mind’s eye begin to mold the energy into the spiritual appearance of your servitor. Strongly visualize every little detail of your servitor’s being. Then breathe life into your servitor by just intending for the energy to be alive and to be conscious. Once you have molded your energy into the spiritual appearance of your servitor, then in your head, or out loud call to the servitor. Tell the servitor it’s name, it’s purpose, it’s personality, it’s feeding methods, and it’s lifespan. More focus, and intention you use to create the servitor more put together the servitor will be. Now your servitor is done, and it is alive. Undo your circle, and before you send out your servitor for the task you want them to complete I usually wait one day, and feed my servitor a couple times. I find when I first create a servitor it is incredibly weak so I gave it one day to become a little bit stronger before it starts its task.

Not Possible | Jimin, You

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‘Cause I’ll love you over and over again

He had seen you around campus a lot before, and you would be lying if you said you hadn’t noticed him too. With his luscious brown hair, always styled into a middle parting, and his gorgeous eyes which seemed to always sparkle despite where he was. Not to mention his smile, one that could light up the whole world. When he smiled, his mouth would open wide to reveal his perfect teeth, his face would lift so much that his eyes would turn into bows, creasing like paper at the sides. It was a sight that made you believe in angels. No one was to blame if they did a double take on him.

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Shadowhunters 2B theory

So four episode titles have been released and I was thinking about it… So!

Ep.11 Mea Maxima Culpa 

I think it will be focused on Jace, since the title means “My grievous fault” in Latin, and knowing Jace, he will feel responsible for all these dead Downwolders at the Institiute. It is pretty easy to guess, but of course, i could be wrong

 Episode 12: You are not your own 

Maybe Alec will comfort Jace? He knows the struggle of killing someone innocent unwillingly so maaaaaybe he will be able to convince Jace that it was not his fault

 Episode 13: The Fair Folk

Easy one. The Seelie Court AND Clace kiss yaaaay XDD

 Episode 14: Those of Demon Blood

Sebastian. It HAS to be about Sebastian and i think it could also be about Magnus and (maybe) his past since it was announced that they were looking for somebody to play younger Magnus and this is giving me soooo many Malec feels that i can’t even… I mean think about it! Magnus talking about his past with Alec and Alec would be so shocked and maybe will try to comfort him or something? *.* OMG

I can’t wait till June!! Hugs to you all ^^

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P.S. I’m so exited!

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P.S. you can find the next part here

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Sophie, I really want to know why you are so diligent about A. Lot. Of. Stuff. But mostly lately why you're so diligent on Camila being gay gay gay. I understand someone wanting someone to be something, and I csnt understand if you're just being playful and witty sometimes or if you really are 100% in your notions. How are you really going to ignore the fact that she does use male pronouns and says Boys, Boys, BOYS.. and you're just always going to think shes lying or making it up? Bi/Pans.

I don’t think you know what the word “diligent” means sweets but anyways I think you mean why am I so set on Camila being gay?

Okay first of all you can’t deny the fact that Camila has been completely inconsistent in her stories - first she didn’t have her first kiss but turned out she did, then she’s never been in a serious relationship but the album is about someone she’s obviously been very serious with, but then again it’s not about boys, so it’s supposed to be about her journey, and yet she keeps bringing up this “relationship” and this “someone” she saw at the studio and thought about while shooting the music video - then the whole album is a concept to tell a story, a story she said she doesn’t have anything more to say about, that she got everything out of her, and yet there she is a couple of days later saying that the album isn’t finished and that she needs a boyfriend to finish it! You add to that the fact that she didn’t sing the “her” during her BBMAS performance, because someone certainly told her not to - I’m not saying Camila is lying because I absolutely want her to be gay, I’m saying she’s lying because I really think she is!  After all these years it’s pretty easy to detect Camila’s bullshit and the management’s plans behind them!

As to me being so set on her being a “lesbian” and not “bi” or “pan” I’m usually just joking around, because non of us know for sure except Camila, she’s the only one who gets to decide what she is and if she even wants to label herself - so when I pull out my Gaymila file or slide it’s usually because there is a gay behavior there and tbh it’s hilarious how many there are!  But nevertheless , my personal opinion, my guess, my theory, that I keep strictly to this blog, is that Camila is a lesbian, just like others are gonna think she’s straight, or bi, or pan, or something else, this is all supposition - if tomorrow Camila identifies herself clearly as one of these sexualities then I won’t love her any less - I won’t lie, if tomorrow she gets a real boyfriend, not a pr stunt, I’ll be disappointed for sure but it won’t be the end of the world, I love her too much to get hung up on that.

That being said, as long as I don’t see her actually in a straight relationship, I’ll keep believing that she’s gay and is forced to stay in closet because of the industry she’s evolving in, which is something that highly pisses me off and worries me.

I’ll add to that I have the right to have a settle opinion and believe what I believe as long as I’m respectful to Camila and to other people’s beliefs - you’ll never see me say to an anon that they’re wrong for believing that Camila might be straight or bi or pan, I just respectfully agree to disagree or use a Camren laughing gif, because I like them and they bring a nice effect! (also I truly find it funny to even imagine Camila with a guy, I can’t help it, it’s just the way my brain works - just like I find mascots falling hilarious, I find straight Camila hilarious as well)

You know I once answered to an anon who thought all the Camren theories were absurd, that you should just take this whole thing as a giant fanfic that feeds off real events, and in my fanfic Camila happens to be gay - I’ll never bring that fanfic into the real world because I’ll never directly bother the girls with it, and as long as I do that, I see no reason for me not to be as delusional as I want to, and believe Camila is as gay as it comes.

I’ve heard the actual theory. Someone guessed it, and it’s not like it’s that easy. It’s really not. It’s very off the beaten path, you know? But I read one online, and it was pretty much dead on so. A lot of them have been insane and just totally off. I heard a lot of ‘I think Aria is A,’ a lot of stuff, but I think people are going to be very happy with the end. It’s very gratifying. I think people will be satisfied
—  Lucy Hale

jongyu / seaside au / 860 words
Jonghyun moves to a quiet seaside town, looking for a fresh start and maybe even a new muse for his next novel. He finds one in Jinki, his lonely and handsome next door neighbor who, just like Jonghyun, carries a past he can’t seem to let go. 

i’ve had this idea ever since i saw the teasers for jonghyun’s lonely mv and jinki’s lullaby mv because they seemed to match so nicely. this is just a small part of a very long au. thank you to @shitfics​ for reading this over for me! 

Jinki regards him carefully, eyes dark and reflecting the pale moonlight that rises over the waves behind them. “So why did you decide to leave Seoul to come out here, Jonghyun?” he asks.

There’s so many things Jonghyun could say. Family issues. Heartbreak. Loneliness. Betrayal.  He decides to go with the simplest one. “Writer’s block,” he replies. “My editor thought a change of scenery might help me get out of my funk.”

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Pic 1 - I used the foam mats pictured. They are from Harbor Freight, it’s known as EVA foam, and is about 1/2″ thick. I cut out a cardboard version of the sword first,like a rough draft. To make the sword as long as possible out of one piece of foam, I had to cut it out diagonally. This is the cardboard version I used with the finished piece!

Pic 2 - Cut out TWO slices of foam, one for each side. You can use high-power scissors or exacto/drywall blades.

Pic 3 - Close up of the detail near the base of the blade. The sword has those petal-looking parts. I used my Dremel lightly to make these indentations.

Pic 4 - Carving out a channel for the wooden dowel to go through. It forms a handle and keeps the blade stiff. Again, I used the Dremel for this, though there may be a few other methods to make this possible.

Pic 5 - The dowel/core of the sword sandwiched between the two sides. The whole thing is hot glued together. The dowel is somewhere between 1/2″ and 5/8″ so I had to carve a little more than halfway through the foam! Now, I KNOW this is not an ideal core for a foam sword, and if it breaks, there is pretty much no fixing it at all. So this is unfortunately not a LARP-ready sword. There ARE different cores made for LARP foam swords that are flexible and won’t break easy, this is just what I used. I think other ones are made out of fiberglass or something. If you want that, do the extra research and find where to get them. I just need to be gentle with it.

Pic 6 - This is the guard. I used a dog food bowl to get the circle right. I pretty much guessed for the length of the guard. I used my Dremel to bore out holes to stick it through the dowel.

Pic 7 - Here I have the guard put on. For the actual handle part, I used a strip of super-thin craft foam, wrapped around several times. It adds to the thickness of the handle and is pretty comfortable and squishy.

Pic 8 - The rose-shaped pommel of the sword. This is four little pieces of foam glued together and Dremeled into a roughly rose-shaped piece. It’s a bit rough but I’m happy with it.

Pic 9 - This is the best picture I could find that shows the edge of the blade, also smoothed down with the Dremel. This is one time you could easily use  sandpaper in its place. It’s a little rough, because this is one of the first things I tried the Dremel on.

Pic 10 - Before painting, I first used Plastidip on the foam to seal it and keep me from needing a million coats of paint. Bare foam tends to soak up some paints. I’ve mentioned this stuff in my other tutorial posts, and they have pictures of a can of Plastidip in them. I’m out of space for pictures on this post. Use a minimum of two coats, three or more and you’re gold. 

And that’s it for construction and paint-prepping. I’ll need to make a part two for painting it. This was not too complicated of a thing to make. If you’re still here, thanks for reading, I try my best to go into detail as much as I can about my process. I hope this helped, if only a little. I’ve seen lots of cool Rose Quartz Swords out there, I chose this way based on what I’ve done in the past and my experience with foam. Do whatever works for YOU specifically. But don’t be put off from trying something new! If you have any more questions, as I’m sure I missed something, please feel free to ask! I am super happy to help.

Rose Quartz Sword painting tutorial/explanation: http://pkloveboing.tumblr.com/post/136345518754/making-rose-quartzs-sword-part-two-painting

Peridot headpiece tutorial/explanation: http://pkloveboing.tumblr.com/post/135477992344/making-peridots-limb-enhancements-i-still-dont

Peridot Limb enhancements tutorial/explanation: http://pkloveboing.tumblr.com/post/135325836494/i-dont-know-how-to-put-the-words-in-between-the

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i laughed so much when soraru said "my crotch is glowing" in the soramafu snipperclips game vid. it's probably his most iconic quote this year. do you have any fave quotes (or phrases and such) from soraru/mafumafu?

Hahaha I loved that too :P I gotta admit that I love dirty jokes so that’s where my mind is jumping for “favorite Soramafu quotes” but I’ll restrain myself on that one www
I must say that I’ve actually been trying to think up good answers to this question for days now and I’m totally drawing a blank?? One of my favorite recent Soramafu exchanges was Soraru’s trainwreck in clay-charades in Hikitabi 2, when he was trying to convey the word “Spain” with clay by building a “spanish omelette.” I’m paraphrasing heavily but it was like this:

Everyone: (yelling at him for making something impossible to guess)
Soraru: I think it should have been pretty easy for you guys? (smug voice) Oh, that’s right, you guys have never been to Spain, so you wouldn’t know.
Mafumafu: …Do you guys see what I have to deal with? This is my unit partner. He makes my life so difficult

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Cant find ur art of pokemon au! Ml for some reason (tumblr mobile is kinda shitty). So can u tell me at least what type of trainers alya, nino, mari, and adrien would be n one pokemon that would be constantly next to them?

I don’t think they would be type specific like a all Flying type trainer or what have you but I wouldnt put it passed them to have a few more of one type. But no, i think they would be pretty generalized. 

I think Adrien would have a male meowstic! 

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I think Nino would have a Raichu!

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I think Marinette would have a Ledian! (obviously but also some other ones)

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I think Alya would have a… well, vulpix would be easy I guess but… MAaaybe a Eeveeloution? Or a Torchic? OH MAN WHAT ABOUT ROTOM

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February 14th (Lin x Reader) Platonic

WC: 1092

A/N: Unpopular opinion, I actually don’t like Valentine’s Day. Wrote this out of frustration, kinda made me feel better. Enjoy!

You took a snapchat of your mug in your lap, adding the timestamp (12:43AM) and the caption ‘anxie-tea’. You smirked at your pun before sending it off to the one person you knew would be awake at this time. Immediately Lin’s face lit up your phone as your ringtone for him went off (Usnavi’s introductory rap from ‘Heights’).

“Hey,” your voice came out barely a whisper.

“What’s wrong?” Lin wasted no time.

“I have a date tomorrow… well, today I guess,” you said.

“That’s adorable,” he stated, “why’s it got you anxious?”

“I dunno, I just have a bad feeling about it. I keep thinking about all the horrible possibilities,” you were honest with your best friend. Your longstanding friendship had taught you it was useless to lie to him.

“Understandable. Who’s the guy? Or girl? You know I love you (y/n), I won’t judge, no matter which way you swing,” he quickly tacked on.

“It’s this guy I met at work. He came in with one of the school groups. Single dad, business man, seemed pretty smart. Stable too,” you mused.

“Stable is good for you,” Lin told you sincerely. You cracked a smile.

“What are you saying, Miranda? You think I’m not stable?” Lin immediately started backtracking.

“No no no! I’m just saying stable isn’t something that comes easy to you. You’ve been fighting battles as long as I’ve known you. Dating someone stable might just make it… easier.”

You mulled over his words for a moment.

“I guess you’re right,” you said.

“I know. Now, finish your tea and go to sleep. Close your eyes and count to 100 in Spanish,” he instructed. You sighed your agreement.

“Night Lin.”

“Night (y/n).”

In the time leading up to your date, you found yourself spending longer in front of the mirror than normal. You were wearing some nice pants, a pink and red sweater you only wore on Valentine’s day, and a good pair of boots. Your hair was done without a strand out of place.

You walked to the restaurant and got a table for two, sipping a glass of wine as you waited for your date to show up. You lost yourself people-watching, seeing all the couples around you and the various interactions occurring.

“Ma’am, are you sure you’re waiting for someone?” Your observations were interrupted by the waiter. You looked at your watch, noticing that you had been sitting alone for over an hour.

“I guess I’m not,” you said, throwing some cash on the table (that was quite a bit more than the price of the one glass of wine you had drank) before gathering your things and walking back out onto the city street, fighting back tears. Your phone was immediately at your ear.

“He stood me up,” you didn’t even let Lin finish his greeting.

“He what?”

“He left me waiting at the restaurant for over an hour without showing.”

You couldn’t decide if you felt anger, frustration, humiliation, or sadness.

“I’m sure he had a good reason. You said he has a kid, right? Sometimes things come up. It was a dick move to not even text you that he wasn’t coming though,” Lin said. You took a deep breath, trying to collect yourself.

“Lin, this is why I hate Valentine’s day,” you reminded him.

You and Valentine’s Day had not had a very good history. You were single for most of the ones that had occurred in your lifetime. Out of the few that you had been in a relationship for, one you were broken up with during your date, one was with a guy who ended up being abusive, one gave you extravagant gifts and made you feel guilty that the gift you gave him was hand-made. You had given up trying to make Valentine’s day a good day after the third year in a row Lin had invited you to go to dinner with him and Vanessa.

“I’m not third-wheeling.”

“Come on. We both know you’re just going to sit at home and eat ice cream. You’ve gone out with V and I before! She likes you!”

“I’ve gone out with you guys to the store, to the theater, to the park, to our favorite pizza place, but not on an actual romantic Love Day dinner date. I’ll leave the mushy gushiness outside, thanks.”

“V told me she doesn’t mind.”

“That’s not going to change my mind, Lin. I’ll be happy at home. Besides, you’ll be making sex eyes at her the whole time, which is gross in my opinion. I don’t mind being home. Go have a nice dinner with your wife and get laid after.”

Lin had ended up having sex with Vanessa that night, as you had predicted, and nine months later were blessed with a cute baby, which made your next Valentine’s Day much easier to plan for.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to intrude on any plans.”

“When have I ever had good Valentine’s day plans? Of course I’ll babysit for you. Sebastian will be a better date than I’ve ever had anyways.”

“Can you take care of a three-month old?”

“You forget I get paid to hang out with tiny humans. You and Vanessa need a night away anyways. Seriously, with Sebastian and Hamilton, when was the last time you guys had any alone time?”

Lin paused.

“Ok you’re right. I’ll see you at 5:00 then? On the 14th?”

“You got it.”

Back at your apartment, you kicked off your shoes and dug around in your freezer until you found the tub of ice cream you had been saving for the weekend. You sat down on your couch, pulling a blanket over you as you turned on Netflix and started up the show you were currently binge watching. You were only ten minutes into the episode when your apartment door swung open and little Sebastian ran over to you, launching himself into your lap.

Lin and Vanessa were standing in your entryway, holding paper grocery bags full of who-knows-what.

“Valentine’s day isn’t just about dates. It’s about love. We love each other, but we love you too,” Lin said.

“We’re havin’ a picnic!” Sebastian said happily.

“I brought all of the pink food I could think of,” Lin grinned along with his son. You and Vanessa locked eyes, exchanging a look that mutually said “why do I love this man” (though you meant platonically).

Maybe Valentine’s day wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Poor thing. Even his bones burned to ashes. With such a death it’s just—

Ahh… But.. the “Earl of Phantomhive” is still with us, after all.

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Imagine if Mike tricked Michael one time and he drew him some elaborate picture and Michael spends ages trying to work out the meaning and then Mikes finally like 'Dad it's just a rainbow, literally, that's it'.

hahaha i can see it now…

“Sara, I can’t get this.” Michael says, frustration tinting his normally calm voice, as he drops the colorful paper on the table in front of him.

“Don’t ask me for help,” Sara replies, walking behind Michael, skimming her fingers over his scalp as she peers over his shoulder at their son’s handiwork. “I never understand how you two see anything in these.” 

On the paper in front of Michael is a drawing of a city skyline, in front of a bright blue sky with a rainbow arching over the top of the page. 

“I think the message is here, in the lights on the building,” Michael says, pointing to where Mike had colored different squares on the buildings in yellow, “but I can’t figure out what the rainbow means. See, how it connects the tops of these buildings?” He sighs and rubs the top of his head, growing quiet as he examines his boy’s drawing, Sara disappearing into the other room, offering no help, leaving him to study.

“Did you figure it out yet?!” Mike calls out as he bounds into the room, his new lightsaber toy in hand, his prize for solving Michael’s latest drawing for him nearly instantly, a picture of a cowboy waving a lasso no match for his sharp little mind. Almost immediately he had recognized the shape of the lasso to match the shape of their backyard, and then it was only a matter of minutes before he had deduced that the badge on the cowboy’s vest was where his new toy would be found, in the backseat of Michael’s car. 

“No, buddy, I’m still working on it,” Michael smiles up at his son. “You did a really good job with this one.”

“I thought it was pretty easy.” Mike shrugs, and makes his way over to where Michael sits, climbing up into his lap, looking down at his creation.

“Well,” Michael begins, peering around Mike’s head to look at the drawing with his son, picking the paper up off the table, “I think I’ve almost got it. I just need help with one part.”

“What?” Mike asks, tilting his head back to look up at his father, before looking back down at the paper.

“The rainbow. I can’t figure it out.”

“It’s not a clue, dad. It’s just a rainbow.”

A Royal Commission (6)

This fic references irl shit too, so imagine hollywood/pop culture still exists in Eos?

I started this late today and you guys sent me asks like “Please more” as if I could ever not write more of this… as if my love for @fleetstreetfatality would let me. Also she’s not feeling well so please, bury her in love <3

Loqi’s voice breaks Prompto’s concentration as he finishes touching up some tiny leaves on a young woman’s tattoo, luckily he’s used to it so nothing happens, but it’s still annoying.

“Hey, you’re big client’s back.”

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I’ve been playing The Sacred Cards recently, and I think it should more appropriately be called “Battle City, now with more FIERCE MUFFIN”

Seriously, compared with the anime/manga, Yuugi is so much more present here. Atem hasn’t even shown up yet, and I’m just about to head off to the finals (as soon as I finish grinding so my deck capacity is more than enough). Which kind of makes sense in the context of the game - for whatever reason, in this version of events, Malik isn’t blaming everything on the Pharaoh, so his only target is the God cards. Yuugi and the player only become targets because they keep interfering by standing up to the Ghouls and defeating them. Which I think works pretty well to integrate the player into the plot in a smooth, non-contrived way.

The localization of the game is a little weird sometimes - it’s using the English dub names for characters, but it’s not using them in the same way they’re used in the English dub. The characters are often referred to by their surname, which is just a bit odd with the dub names. For example, Mai doesn’t call Jounouchi “Joey” as she did in the dub, she calls him “Wheeler”. It just is odd, since they went to the trouble of localizing the names, but still kept referring to them by surname.

But other than that the dialogue isn’t too awkward, although there is the occasional typo:

Some of my favorite things about the game, besides Yuugi being badass, are the Ghouls’ reactions to being defeated - they leave, saying things like “Master Malik must be informed”, and I just imagine them saying it in the brattiest “I’m telling mommmm” voice and it cracks me up.

Except for Haga, all the minor characters that you can repeatedly duel are really nice and supportive of you after you duel them. Bonz is especially adorable, actually - I mean he’s everything that you would associate with trying to be edgy and yet the impression you get of him isn’t cringy at all - it’s like just let this poor kid hang out in the graveyard like he wants to.

Also this part was so great I had to take pictures:

(Hell yeah I am)

(You…have a tracker thing, you could easily go and find him and tell him yourself. Side note that he uses this tracker thing to help you find Jou later as he specifically says he’s not helping you. Kaiba pls.)

(I love this because instead of “Tell Yuugi that I’m challenging him to a duel,” as you would expect from Kaiba, it’s “Tell Yuugi to come challenge me to a duel.” What made him decide to wait to be challenged rather than be the challenger? Are you afraid of rejection, Kaiba?

I bet he spent days rehearsing some dramatic speech, but he needs to be the one being challenged in order to use it, so it just wouldn’t work if he went and challenged Yuugi/Atem.)

(Kaiba, I can assure you that he is not just sitting around thinking “Gee, I’d really like to challenge Kaiba to a duel. Oh darn, guess I have to wait until the finals.”)

(Uh huh. When he next shows up in front of you just ask what we’re doing at the art gallery. You don’t even duel or challenge him/Atem to a duel)

(When you don’t know how to finish a conversation, default to maniacal laughter)

  • me: I actually haven't seen Rogue One, yet.
  • my dad: oh I saw that one. it was pretty good. I liked it. even though pretty much everyone died.
  • my little brother: SHE JUST SAID SHE HADN'T SEEN IT, SPOILERS.
  • me: it's okay, it was pretty easy to guess, especially from the posts I've seen on tumblr. like most people could've guessed going in that Han Solo would die in The Force Awakens. it just made narrative sense.
  • my dad: ...Han Solo died?
Finals Suck, but You Don’t

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Member: DK
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 4906

You could never pay attention in class with him around. The professor droned on and on about something that would probably be on the final exam, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. You were too busy drinking in the sight of the sun himself, Seokmin. He sat two rows ahead of you, but you could still feel the warmth radiating off of him. He always laughed a little too loud, smiled a little too big, and talked a little too much; it was probably annoying to some people, but not to you. You found yourself slowly falling for him, which was a little bit of a problem because you’d never actually talked to him.

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For a short prompt: celebrating a win directly after one of them wins an NBA game.

Coincidentally enough (or maybe it’s fate), the NBA teams designated for Kise and Aomine may face off in the finals for this year’s playoffs… (Golden State Warriors + Cleveland Calvaliers)


Ryiota collapses to his knees, short of breath and strength, his eyes wide as he stares at the once-pristine polished floors of the stadium. The cheers of the crowds are muffled in his eyes. He can only hear the beating of his heart and the sound of his breathing.

He can’t believe this is real, can’t believe this truly happened.

After all this time, after all these years- he finally beat Aomine Daiki.


Ryota looks up, seeing a hand extended toward him. He can barely focus as he instinctively reaches out for it, and before he knows it he’s pulled up to his feet and balanced against a warm, familiar body.

“You did great.”

He worked his ass off all season, pushing until their team made it to the top of the Western Conference. His body couldn’t take it, but that didn’t matter anymore. They won.

He laughs, soft and disbelieving. “Thanks…Aominecchi.”

The afterparty is lavish, with papparazzi lining the perimeter. The players are all in suits, and Ryota’s slipped away from the crowds to grab a breath of fresh air. He still can’t believe the results, even after the continuous congratulations thrown his way. It still doesn’t feel real, like he’s about to wake up from a dream.

“Don’t go acting like you’re the one who lost, idiot.”

Ryota turns, blinks in surprise when he sees Daiki, dressed nicely but with missing tie and undone buttons. Ryota runs a hand through his gel-slicked hair, turning back to stare at his half-empty wine glass. “I- just don’t know what to do now, I guess.”

“Get your ass back in the game, that’s what,” Daiki snorts, bumping shoulders with Ryota. “If you think for a second I’m not going after you for revenge, then you’re in for a surprise.”

“Hey, take it easy on me. I’m already pretty surprised!” Ryota sips at his wine, contemplative. “I-”

He pauses when he feels an arm around his waist, pulling him toward the other. He blinks- then relaxes, leaning against Daiki’s shoulder. Even after all these years, Daiki still had those few centimeters over him.

“I guess- this night is just full of surprises, huh?”

Mistakes Part 2

Read part 1 here: https://supernaturalshortimagines.tumblr.com/post/135065452034/mistakes

Request: Part 2 to Mistakes

y/e/c- your eye color

y/h/c- your hair color

y/ht- your height

It had been months since Sam or Dean had heard from y/n. All Dean wanted to do was make it right. He wanted to apologize. He wanted to tell her his true feelings, even if she no longer reciprocated them. But for now, all he could do was hunt with his younger brother, and hope she was hunting, too, and they would bump into each other. He hoped that each hunt he went to. Yet, she was never there. Maybe this hunt would be the one. He had a good feeling about it. And Dean never had a good feeling about much.

“Agents Grimm and Belko.” Dean introduced to the sheriff.

“More FBI?” He asked, confused. “How many FBI need to come for an animal attack?”

Dean’s eyes widened, and looked at Sam, hopeful.

“This other agent,” Sam asked, “Does she have y/e/c, and y/h/c, and is about y/ht?”

“Yes. Agent Miller. You know her?”

The brothers nodded.

“Know where we can find her?” Dean asked excitedly.

“Sure, she’s talking to the coroner right now.”

“And you said the heart was nowhere to be found?” y/n asked.

“Police searched the whole area. No heart. What kind of animal does that?” The coroner asked, not believing something could do this.

He was right, of course. Not that he needed to know.

“Hello, agent Miller.” A deep voice said behind you.

You close your eyes and sighed, knowing the voice. Turning around, you are face to face with the brothers. Sam giving a gentle smile, and Dean staring at you like a precious stone.

“Agents,” You greet through your teeth. “what are you doing here?”

“Strange death. We always show up to a strange death.” Dean answered, softly.

“Well, I’ll leave you three to it, then.” The coroner says, and leaves.

There was a long silence.

“Well, I was here first,” You begin. “So don’t expect me to leave, and don’t get in my way.”

You shove past them.

“Y/n, wait!” Dean said.

You stopped and turned around.

“What, Dean?!” You snap.

“Y/n, I’m sorry… I’m so sorry. I treated you like shit. I snapped at you for nothing. I can’t give you a good excuse for what I did. All I can tell you is that I did stupid things because I like you. I really like you. And I don’t express that too well. And… I know you like me. So what do you say we pretend that I never did any of that stuff, and we move on?”

You stood still for a second. Did Dean just say he liked you? You slowly approached him. He reached his hand out to you, smiling. You smiled back. You raised your hand, balled it into a fist, and punched him square in the jaw. He stumbled back, shocked, holding his jaw.

“That’s for making me cry, Winchester!”

You angrily stormed out. How he could just think you would pretend any of the stuff he did never happened?! What an ass! A pretentious asshole!

It seemed like everywhere you went, the Winchesters would follow. It seemed you grew into their lifestyle. They stayed at the same motel, and ate at the same diner. There was no avoiding them! You were getting ice, when Sam had approached you.

“Hey, y/n.”

“Hey.” You said.

“You’re not gonna punch me, too, are you?” He asked.

I chuckled and shook my head, “Not unless you deserve it.”

“Well, you got Dean pretty good. His jaw was out of place. Had to snap it back in.”

“Good.” You laughed, “He fucking deserved it.”

“Perhaps it was long overdue.” Sam agreed, “But you can’t hate him forever, y/n.”

“Sure I can,” You argue, “It’s easy.”

“Easier than admitting you still like him?”

You glared, “He lost that when he called me a burden.”

“Y/n, you’re a forgiving person. You always have been. But telling yourself you hate Dean is much easier to admit than admitting you’re in love with a guy who really hurt you. Who broke your heart, but is still attached to it. And may be the only one who can fix it.”

You grit your teeth.

“Whatever, Sam, cut it out with the love guru shit. I will never forgive Dean. That’s final.”

You walked past him, to see Dean peeking out of his motel door. You shot him a glare, and went to your own motel room. You tried hard to stay strong and not cry. Sam’s words stuck in your head. Maybe he was right, but you didn’t want to admit it.

You paid for your meal, knowing Dean was across the diner, burning holes into the back of your head. You left and walked out into the cold air. You lit your cigarette as you walked back to the motel. You heard a trash can knock over from the alley behind the diner. You reach for your gun with silver bullets. You raise your gun and slowly approach the alley. You reach the trash can that has been knocked over to see some raccoons eating out of it. You shook your head and placed your gun back. As you turned around, you came face to face with the coroner! His eyes were yellow, a sharp set of teeth, and claws. He roared and picked you up, throwing you down the alley. You landed hard, knowing there’d be a bruise on your ass and back. You tried to reach for your gun, but he ran to you, and pounced on you. He knocked the gun out of your hand, and pinned you down. He raised one clawed hand to attack, and suddenly, a gunshot stopped him. Right through his shoulder. He screamed in pain and turned around to see the shooter. It was Dean!

“Come get me you sonofabitch!” Dean yelled.

He got off you, but not before ensuring you were hurt. He dug his claws into your side, and scratched. You screamed in pain, as blood spilled out. He began to charge Dean. Dean shot him several times, but nothing. Why the fuck doesn’t he have silver bullets?! The werewolf attacked him. They fought, as you crawled in pain towards your gun. You grabbed it and aimed for his head. He was in line and- boom- you shot him in the head, and he fell, turning into his human form. You groaned in pain and Dean ran to you.

“Holy shit, y/n! Are you okay?!” He asked, genuinely concerned.

Sam came around the corner, “What the hell happened?!” He asked.

“Long story short, coroner was the werewolf and y/n saved my life.” Dean explained.

“Not such a burden now, am I?” You chuckled, grabbing your wound in pain from the laughter.

“No. You never were. I was an asshole. Y/n, I will do everything in my power to make it up to you, if you’ll just give me a chance.”

“Tell you what, Dean, patch me up, and I’ll give you that chance.”

He smiled, “Deal.”

He picked you up and headed to the motel.


“Yeah, y/n?”

“I’m sorry for punching you.”

He laughed, “You and Sam were right, though, I did deserve it. I gotta give you props, though. I didn’t think you could hit so hard.”

“I was just going easy on you there.”

“That was going easy?! You broke my jaw!”

“I could have shattered it. But I guess Sam was right… I do still like you, so I couldn’t break the jaw of such a pretty face.”

“Well my pretty face appreciates it.”

“Your pretty face won’t be pretty if you ever make me cry like that again.”

“Sounds fair to me.”

BTS Reaction: Dating a foreigner who‘s older than them.

Thank you so much for your request, I really appreciate it! To clarify so that nobody feels offended: These are just my personal ideas of them that might be really far from the truth, but I do think that none of the guys would dismiss you purely because of your nationality, especially not if you spoke Korean. As long as they liked you and the two of you could communicate, it’d all be pretty easy. <3 For further requests and feedback, send them my way here. <3


Besides touring the western world, Jungkook has even lived in the states for a short while, exposing him to the idea of dating a foreigner. He’s also relatively young, growing up exposed to the western world, which made him pretty easy-going when it came to dating a foreigner. His family would be pretty accepting of you, especially since they aren’t really typical Korean parents when they’ve raised a kpop idol – I guess you could say that they were kind of expecting it. I don’t think I have to say it twice, but Jungkook has said plenty of times that he likes noonas, and while I suspect he’s partially saying it for legal reasons (since he’s the youngest, he doesn’t have a lot of room to wiggle around before it’s considered illegal), he’s expressed on more than one occasion that he likes older girls. Besides, if his previous dating rumors are true, he’s dated IU in the past, who’s 4 years older than him, so hey!


Jin never really considered a foreign girl, although he had noticed all the beautiful girls when they had done shows and especially during fan meetings. He might be a little worried that the cultures are too different and that his parents might not approve, but when he met you, he knew it’d all be worth it. However, his parents ended up approving of you – madly impressed with your Korean. I can imagine Jin wouldn’t care about age, as long as you weren’t playing the mom, since he likes to be the caretaker.


I see Jimin liking foreign girls, although he’d be nervous to approach you first, as he knew his English was horrible. So when he overheard you talk in Korean to your friend, he’d exhale in relief and walk over and immediately spark a conversation. He didn’t even notice that you weren’t Korean to be honest, he’d just notice that you were beautiful and fun and cute and that would be enough to get him hooked. When you told him that you were older, he’d be a little intimidated at first, but he’d probably tease you about being shorter than him although you were older and he wouldn’t care about it – although I imagine he might be a little careful in the beginning, making sure that you were actually interested in someone younger.


Hoseok just likes people. I would bet money on the fact that Hoseok wouldn’t notice anything about you other than the fact that you were beautiful to him. He would honestly forget that you were a foreigner to the point where he wouldn’t even tell his family when he talked to them about you. You’d just meet them thinking that they knew and they’d be shocked – however, they’d accept you the minute they got to know you. Hoseok always thought he wanted a younger girl, but as long as you were silly and not too mature, he’d barely notice the age difference.
“Why don’t you ever call me oppa?”
“I’m older than you?”
“Oh, right.”


I strongly believe Namjoon even has a preference to foreign girls. I think he’s super attracted to foreign girls and possibly also to girls that were older. He likes women with experience, intelligence and wit – characteristics that primarily noonas acquire. For some reason, I imagine Namjoon thinks women like Ciara and Kim K are sexy as fuck, but what do I know? This guy would be turned on af though when he saw you and nobody would be even slightly surprised that Namjoon found a foreign noona.


I could make this reaction one sentence long: Yoongi doesn’t give a shit. Yoongi doesn’t care that you’re foreign, nor what his family might think of it, nor the fact that you have a little accent every now and then, nor the fact that you were older. If he vibed well with you, he’d be down for the ride 100%. As long as you didn’t become his caregiver or became degrading because he was younger, he’d barely notice it.


Taehyung wouldn’t care that you were foreign nor older, but he’d definitely mention it more. He’d ask you to learn him your native language or help him with English, asking you if you’d like to go on a vacation and show him all of your home country. He knew his parents wouldn’t care, but he’d just generally talk about it more with them as well, asking you to tell stories about your home. When it comes to age, he wouldn’t really notice it, but I think it might be a little weird for him if you were dominant due to your age. However, he’d also be really fascinated that you were older and more experienced. All in all, I think Taehyung would talk a lot about everything.