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Talking with that one anon made me want to draw a (kind of) realistic looking August, which I have done before but not with much luck. I like this one a lot better! Sunny wanted me to do Zoe too, but I don’t think she came out quite as good. I messed with it a little, now I like how she looks more~

I want to rant because I KNOW if I told to that person what I really think I’m going to get into a pointless fight.

You can’t talk about making a “better manga than everyone” if you don’t read o know the works of others, A manga don’t need to have the most pretty drawings or the style YOU like (How you dare to call amateurs people who make comics and good ones? Have you even watched the level of detail of their work?! If it don’t look so “anime/manga Desu” IS BECAUSE THAT DON’T SELL ON CHILE, AND IS CALLED HAVING An ORIGINAL STYLE, you dipshit)

How you want to people to respect YOU and YOUR WORK if you don’t respect or at least study the works of others? You know how really hard is to publish something? I even showed you a manga that WON a really big contest on Spain, in a place where is possible to make “manga” and you just go like “meh, amateurs”

A manga is Nothing without a good story

You KNOW nothing about manga in chile because YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT MANGA IN CHILE, NOT BECAUSE IT DON’T EXIST. 

I feel so angry… is good to have dreams to make “the best story ever” but you are just arrogant. 

Possible Art Improvement!

Again, sorry for a slight lack of dailies! I’m working on them though, I swear! <3 Anyways, earlier I looked at an older sketchbook of mine’s first page! I looked back at one of my more recent drawings, and I thought it’d be interesting to show!

This is an older drawing I did on Christmas!(This was before I improved on things like proportions, size, anatomy, detail, etc.
Dem legs)

This is something more recent! Its a bit messy of a sketch, and I made this during class without ref, but I still love it! And I think it’s really nice seeing I’ve been getting better at drawing!

Long post, but meh. I plan on doing more things such as making another blog or two soon in the future, and I’ll try and get a Daily out today. For now though, I hope you have a great day~!

Almost 5000 words on wolf!Dean fic are done! Looking through the rest of the outline I think it’s the first chapter of a three chapter fic. Since there are time jumps I feel it’s better to make three chapters than to do one single but 10k long chapter.

(But I’m struggling a bit with the part that this wolf!Dean has wolf ears and a tail. Apart from Sam and Dean’s wiggling ears it hasn’t really come up in the fic, so I fear people will be confused. But I can’t just leave it out because this is the ‘official’ back story for Dean in the lamb!Cas Verse.)

well since you all think this is nothing to be ashamed of, I’m going to brag:

I almost did this post in the format of a shoplifting blog and then I thought better of it so. Obviously, all of my books are paid for. Legally. Proudly. I love my books. Take a look!

Starting small: some childhood favorites (except the middle one, which is just by a children’s author I adore)

Some great adventuring and swashbuckling - adding to and finishing up a couple favorite series:

Brian Jacques. Always.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret and Wonder Struck. ^_^

I now own the entire Squire’s Tale series! *squee* If you have never read these books, please don’t let the awful cover art fool you. They. Are. Amazing. I flippin love these Arthurian retellings. (Also, please do not confuse Gerald Morris with Gilbert Morris. Gerald’s writing is better. Just my two cents.)

Christian Fiction of the type that is actually worth reading: The Warden and the Wolf King is a gift for a friend, since I already own the whole series myself. XD I still do have a soft spot for Donita K Paul. And Andrew Klavan is phenomenal. Crazy Dangerous is a little freaky for my tastes, but the ending is excellent.

Aaaaaaaaaand, saving the best for last!

NOT ONE BUT TWO BRANDON SANDERSON NOVELS!!! My sister found Firefight for me, she already owns a copy. ^_^ *squee*

That’s it for the books. I have some other non-book finds too. I’ll brag about them in another post. But here’s the whole haul:

Cost to moi? About $50. The two Brandon Sanderson novels alone would be that much new. Score!

Do you ever think?

First off, that episode was gold!!! The one thing that comes to my mind is it’s been almost 8 years. I have to wonder how many times did he travel back to the past (not to change it, cause he knows better than to do that again), but just to look at her. Watch her walk to work or just watch her work or watch her drink coffee.
Look at her smile? Or watch her laugh 😭😭😭

@hmeetsfitness Results using my #bbg program !! She says “When I started this journey I didn’t think I’d make it this far. I didn’t think I loved myself enough. I thought I would do it just to look pretty in my bridesmaid dress. But now I realize this is my life and I only get one. You get one chance to live it and enjoy it and to relish in the beauty that God offers. Now I want to be better. Stronger. Healthier. I want to do it for myself and for my family. Because they deserve the best possible me” www.kaylaitsines.com/app #bbgprogress

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i think “ceramic” would have been a better pet color option than “clay” because then it would be really cool to see like different-colored glazes on ceramic pets, and not just have them all be boring brown dirt color but like pretty works of art like!!




zevet-xiv  asked:


“Oh goodness!” Lafeyette let’s out a tinkling, pleased little laugh. “What a strong young man he is. And no! Don’t you dare look at me like that! There’s plenty of ways to be strong and I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. Sometimes strength is soft and strength is quiet. It’s being able to hold your loved ones while they’re in pain and allowing it to be about them, not about you.”

“I think he might be lonely. People look at shimmering, bright things and they get scared. I admit I’m not much better. It’s can be painful to bask in someone else’s light and sometimes not feel dimmer for it. I think folks might be afraid he’ll judge them, and yet I don’t think Zevet is that manner of person.”

Leaning her cheek to her fist Lafeyette sighs in a wistful sort of way. “I’d like to be his friend but I’m terrible at making friends when I really want to be friends. I’m worried he’ll think I’m trying to court him.”


I’ve heard Skam being compared to the UK series Skins a lot, and while usually Skam is referred to as a better quality version of Skins, one thing I think Skins got right that I hope Skam does as well is, at the end of the series, giving all its actors their “curtain calls”. Just in case they don’t, I decided to make one myself. This video is sort of how I imagine/hope the very last moments of the series look like.

I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…

Slytherin house.

One thing I absolutely cannot forgive J.K. Rowling for is how Slytherins were treated in the end. Not one Slytherin was given the benefit of the doubt. I’ll always think the scene where Professor Mcgonagall sends the entire Slytherin house away should have gone differently.

We deserved better. Slytherin deserved that chance of redemption. But no, apparently Pansy Parkinson is the Slytherin spokesperson.

How brilliant would it have been? To have a group of Slytherins stand still and say “No, we’re not moving, we’re fighting as well. This is our school too.” and have Minerva look at them sympathetically, asking “Do you know who you’ll be fighting against?” ‘possibly your relatives’ left hanging in the air. The group of Slytherins nod fiercely and join the battle.

Give me scared Slytherins that know they have to do the right thing. Give me Slytherins jumping infront of Harry when he’s running the corridors to shield him. Give me Slytherins buying their classmates more time. Give me Slytherins shakily, but bravely raising their wands and attacking.

If you can’t fly, then run; if you can’t run, then walk; if you can’t walk, then crawl; but whatever you do, keep moving forward. — bangtan through wings era.


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