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in dragon age origins:

  • Leliana: You are very beautiful Morrigan.
  • Morrigan: Tell me something I do not know.
  • Leliana: But you always dress in such rags. It suits you I suppose. A little tear here, a little rip there to show some skin. I understand.
  • Morrigan: You understand I lived in a forest, I hope?
  • Leliana: Maybe we could get you in a nice dress one day. Silk. No, maybe velvet. Velvet is heavier, better to guard against the cold in Ferelden. Dark red velvet, yes. With gold embroidery. It should be cut low in the front of course, we don’t want to hide your features.
  • Morrigan: Stop looking at my breasts like that. ‘Tis most disturbing!
  • Leliana: You don’t think so? And if it’s cut low in the front we must put your hair up to show off that lovely neck.
  • Morrigan: You are insane. I would sooner let Alistair dress me.
  • Leliana: It’ll be fun, I promise! We’ll get some shoes too! Ah, shoes! We could go shopping together!

in dragon age inquisition:

  • [After Camila finds out Dinah hung out with Lucy]
  • Dinah: Look, when it started I was just trying to be nice to her.
  • Dinah: and then one thing led to another and before I knew it, we were..shopping.
  • Camila, while gasping: Oh my god..
  • Dinah: wait, we only did it once.
  • Camila: I can't believe you..
  • Dinah: It didn't mean anything to me!
  • Camila, sarcastically: Yeah right, sure..
  • Dinah: I was thinking about you the whole time, Walz!!
  • Camila: That doesn't make me feel any better!!
  • Dinah: Look, I'm sorry, I never meant for you to find out.
  • Camila: Okay Dinah, I just have to know one thing..
  • Camila: Were her jokes funnier than mine?
  • Dinah: ...
  • Camila, voice cracking: Okay..um..I just really need to not be with you right now.

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I've been poking through your ficlet tag, and that one with Yuuri dancing like a pro by himself? HELL TO THE YES, you hit my headcanon with a sledgehammer, because I freaking LOVE that idea. Just busting out moves to late 90's early 2000's music, and having the time of his life. :D And your Otayuri stuff as well? like super cute and super good? HOW DARE I love all that too! I look forward to whatever you write next!

Oh my goodness, I’m so glad someone shares this headcanon, because it’s all I could damn think about when I wrote that ficlet. Like, you know that boy has some serious skill. I bet Victor jokingly asks him for a lap dance and then Yuuri actually gives him one and fucking obliterates him—just reaches right into Victor’s brain, takes a look at the things he wants Yuuri to do, and says, “Aww, you’re cute. We can do better than that.”

And afterward Victor’s just like:

The next day, after Victor trips over his own skates and faceplants onto the ice for the twentieth time, Yurio demands to know what the hell his malfunction is. Dazedly, Victor grabs Yurio by his ugly Hermès scarf—“Unhand me, you lunatic, Katia Gordeeva gave me this!”—and pulls him close. 

Yura.” It’s so dramatic that Yurio darts a panicked glance at the entrance to the rink where he fully expects some heavily made-up starlet in a sparkly gown to start pelting them with Nika Awards. “Everything has changed. The entire paradigm of the universe—the very laws that govern us from the moment our atoms blossom into being and the moment we shuffle this mortal coil and return to the stars—has shifted, and I will never be the same.”

Yurio cringes. “I already know I’m going to hate this.”

“I saw God last night, Yura, and he danced to Partition.”

“The most common [scary or unexplained phenomena I’ve experienced] is the ‘voices’ phenomena. You’re hiking in the words and you hear people talking. You pause, look around, even wait to see if there’s someone coming around a switchback, but no one appears. Speaking to other outdoors types this seems to be a pretty common occurrence. The mountains carry voices better than you’d think.

Another time I was camping in Shenandoah National Park, not at a shelter or off the AT, but in the back-country a couple of miles from Skyline Drive. The dog tends to growl at every twig-snap or woodland creature she thinks she hears. Around 2330 (11:30pm) or so she abruptly stands up, crawls out of the sleeping bag, looks at the wall of the tent, then crawls back into the sleeping bag. About a minute later a flashlight abruptly turns on and is pointed at my tent. I hadn’t heard anyone walk up (no mean feat as this was in the late fall after all the leaves had fallen off) and I got out my pocket knife to prepare for my role in a slasher flick. Light turns off, and straining, I tried to hear if the individual was walking off or not, but I never did.

A few more times during the night the Dog crawled out and repeated her ‘stare into the night, retreat’ bit, but the flash light didn’t return. What’s creepy about this is that she went with ‘whoa! I’m going to be quiet about this!’ when she’s growled at bears that have been near our tent before.

I’d initially thought that it might have been a park ranger, but if the dog detected the same individual multiple times, I’m now thinking poacher. Or axe murderer.”

By: [deleted] (What is the scariest (unexplainable) thing that has happened to you?)

i get the criticism of danny in iron fist because season 1 was poorly written with weak characterizations and sloppy action scenes 

but i don’t really get why there’s still so much hate for him in the defenders

i mean yes, he is still annoying with the incessant “i am iron fist” spiel and he is still very white and very privileged

but he is also making an effort to be better and is so enthusiastic and genuinely wants to save new york and protect the people he cares about and tries to use his privilege for good and is just looking for a place to call home and thinks his new friends are so cool even though they can all kick his ass and just wants to be taken seriously by his enemies and allies alike and only has the one good story about the time he punched a dragon in the heart and just wants some pork dumplings to recharge his chi

what i’m saying is

please be gentle with this precious boy who always orders too much food and only owns one pair of shoes and is just trying his best

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To celebrate today's solar eclipse: Could you please headcanon Cress and Thorne watching a solar eclipse? They travel around a lot so they should be able to see one at some point. I would really love your take on it. Jjust make sure Thorne wears those glasses - I know he might be concerned about his looks but I think he would be more concerned about his eyesight after everything he's been through.😉 Thank you!

Thorne is like, freaking excited to take Cress to see the total eclipse in its path of totality. He decides it’s better to see it from Earth since Cress would’ve already had these types of views from her Satellite, so they park the Rampion and head to Oregon.

Only problem is, Cress has seen it. Along with every other possible solar view over the years. She doesn’t like the moon. And when it covers the sun it reminds her of when the satellite got too close to the moon and she would hide under her bed. She doesn’t like the darkness that the moon will bring in this total eclipse.

Thorne has his eclipse glasses on and is geeking out. Meanwhile Cress is kinda not enjoying it. But she’s being brave so her Earthen boyfriend can see something cool, something rare. And she likes how happy he is since she’s the one who already knows about all this stuff. So she doesn’t look at the moon or at its totality. No, she looks at all the planets that appear around it and she squeezes Thorne’s hand real hard. She reminds herself that she is safe and no longer alone.

When the diamond ring effect of the corona pops out during the totality, she hears Thorne say, “You call that a diamond?” And then he’s on his knees with his own diamond ring.

He’s taken off his glasses and he’s squinting up at her and when she says yes they’re both sobbing. Thorne says it’s because the sun is blinding him but Cress knows better. And then amidst all the people cheering about the eclipse, Cress and Thorne are cheering (and kissing) for something else:

For a future, hope, and love!

in four months’ time
will you think of your mother
or will you think of my thighs
i am sorry
for not being sorry at all
i would have licked the column of your
both of us were searching for something
tell me,
did you find it on the train tracks
i just want to know -
did it feel like blue sky
one last time?

if i say that i feel something
which i cannot name
will you help me look
this is what it is like: waves crash i feel
space where my breasts
should be. wind
whipping my ribs. always
the ribs you could have kissed
but my bare thighs feel better
and my bare feet in your lap
a beautiful swelling crescendo, none of that neon
just what we were promised
and never received.

i was so empty and out of it
i became full again
an overflowing sink
like when i swallowed the ocean
i feel like i am more

and you laughed. put me
in the taxi and let me
be shameless again.
it has always felt good
so what if cab drivers know what i
whisper how i giggle how i find
a hundred ways to show that yes,
i am respectable in one universe
but i’m just heat and lust
in this one. right now with this pretty boy
and a promise of his head between my
thighs. always the thighs
like i don’t have anything better – listen,
i have so much to give and don’t you
call me just pretty
(but you can moan my name
if you want to).

—  Lana Rafaela

pls tell me im not the only one who thinks the short for junkrat and roadhog had poor quality and wasnt up to the usual standards of the other overwatch animated shorts?? like i know it was comedic and all but it looked like an SFM just slightly better?

like on one hand i get that it might be confusing but on the other hand you all should know better than to uncritically reblog some morons fearmongering shit about how ‘omg the eclipse will BLIND YOU INSTANTLY if you look at it AT ALL keep your animals inside omg!!!!” without thinking ‘hmmm does this make sense?’ or bothering to fact check at all


Sorry for not posting for so long. There was no real reason, other than the fact that I just didn’t feel like it. This household is made up of four supernatural friends and their government handler, (who happens to know how to use magic, but that’s got nothing to do with not being human, right?). They live in Isla Paradiso in one of the EA houseboats. I’m actually looking for a better house, but I haven’t had any luck. Mostly because it has to be on the water somehow. They’re going to university. Well, not their handler. He already has an degree. This is incredibly long, so don’t say I didn’t warn ya! :P I think before I place a ‘read more’, I’m going to state their species. Going clockwise from the top right corner we have a plantsim, a merman, a werewolf, and a vampire. 

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name: Lynn
nickname: I don’t really have one
zodiac sign: Aries
hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
height: 4'10
sexual orientation: Demisexual/biromantic
ethnicity: Caucasian
favorite fruit: Watermelon, cherries and strawberries
favorite season: Fall
favorite book series: Probably Percy Jackson but it’s difficult because I like stand alone books better
favorite fictional character: Jack Kelly, Race (Newsies), Winn Schott (Supergirl), Jack Skellington
favorite flower: I don’t think I have one but roses are pretty cool
favorite scent: Peach and coffee (but not together)
favorite color: Grey and burgundy
favorite animal: Australian Shepherd dogs (look them up they’re adorable)
favorite band: A tie between All Time Low, Our Last Night and Pink Floyd
coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: coFFEE !!!!
average hours of sleep: Probably a solid 4-6 during school but during the summer it’s either I don’t sleep AT ALL or it’s like 7-9 hours
number of blankets: One all year round, I just layer up with hoodies during winter
dream trip: Probably Canada and a lot of cities that I’m too lazy to list
last thing i googled: The lyrics to Nobody Needs to Know from The Last Five Years
how many blogs i follow: 302
number of followers: 341
what i usually post about: Musical theatre and occasionally hockey, it’s sorta just anything really
do i get asks regularly: Almost never, please change that name: Lynn
nickname: I don’t really have one
zodiac sign: Aries
hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
height: 4'10
sexual orientation: Demisexual/biromantic
ethnicity: Caucasian
favorite fruit: Watermelon, cherries and strawberries
favorite season: Fall
favorite book series: Probably Percy Jackson but it’s difficult because I like stand alone books better
favorite fictional character: Jack Kelly, Race (Newsies), Winn Schott (Supergirl), Jack Skellington
favorite flower: I don’t think I have one but roses are pretty cool
favorite scent: Peach and coffee (but not together)
favorite color: Grey and burgundy
favorite animal: Australian Shepherd dogs (look them up they’re adorable)
favorite band: A tie between All Time Low, Our Last Night and Pink Floyd
coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: coFFEE !!!!
average hours of sleep: Probably a solid 4-6 during school but during the summer it’s either I don’t sleep AT ALL or it’s like 7-9 hours
number of blankets: One all year round, I just layer up with hoodies during winter
dream trip: Probably Canada and a lot of cities that I’m too lazy to list
last thing i googled: The lyrics to Nobody Needs to Know from The Last Five Years
how many blogs i follow: 302
number of followers: 341
what i usually post about: Musical theatre and occasionally hockey, it’s sorta just anything really
do i get asks regularly: Almost never, please change that 

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Whelp all the DCBBs that had caught my eye as ones I’d potentially like to art for have been claimed, so I guess that’s that…I don’t really have time so it’s for the better…there are still about a dozen fics unclaimed so if you’ve been thinking about it but unsure - they all look good (if not in my personal wheelhouse) and you should definitely check it out! Go to @deancasbigbang for more info!!


I had an Estrella sketch dump kind of day.
Pic 1: This is how Estrella makes her entrance every morning in nanba and no one can prove otherwise.
2: Tbh I just think short hair looks cute on her and wanted to draw her with short hair in honor of my new haircut.
3. Estrella in gym clothes is my kink okay.
4. A colored version of yesterday’s sketch bc her interactions with Nico are so sweet and I love them.
5 and 6. Estrella worked as a dj at a club before being arrested so I drew some of the outfits she may have worn. 6 came out much better than 5 imo. Oh well.

Likes/reblogs much appreciated por favor. 💖

(long post, sorry)

In spite of everything I love Harley Quinn but, damn, writers treat her so badly. I swear, the temptation to make her actually stupid must be terrible because it’s so often implied, or explicitly stated, that she slept her way through school. First of all, it does not work like that.  Second, she’s not a therapist or a psychologist, she’s a psychiatrist, she’s a fricking MD and a damn young one too. Managing pre-med and collegiate gymnastics that she relied on to keep her scholarship? Harley is fucked up, but she’s not the dumb blonde she plays. (also stop making her stacked, she’s a gymnast. she is 4’11” of pure muscle and is not top heavy)

If you want a good Harley backstory it’s simple. She’s ADHD but medicated and slightly robotic because of it. I want to take special care not to demonize meds but, rather, people’s disapproval of neurodivergence and a lack of focus on what is best for a patient rather than what is most convenient for others. So, maybe, around ten years old Harley is a hyperactive space cadet who’s brilliant at tests but sloppy at coursework, who would be a gymnastics prodigy if she could actually focus on technique and put in practice time instead of fooling around. Then the meds come and it’s actually really cool because she can do the things she needs to do instead of just wanting to do them, doing something else entirely, and getting in trouble. People are proud of her, she’s proud of herself. But now there are expectations. Family and teachers and coaches overschedule her, find worth only in her success and don’t care about her mental health at all as long as she’s performing and castigate her when she does fail. Fuck if you don’t internalize that. But she doesn’t look unhealthy and she’s doing amazing. She actually has to choose between the Olympic trials and continuing her grad studies. She probably has some issues with self-harm but it either doesn’t look like self-harm or is well covered up. 

When Arkham accepts her, fresh from her residency, it’s not a mistake. The woman is amazing. All they can see is a mountain of achievements rather than the seething ball of nerves, self-loathing, and imposter syndrome boiling just under the surface. That’s when Joker comes in. He’s got the Hannibal Lecter shtick down. Where everyone else sees an intelligent driven young woman he sees a frightened overwhelmed girl who is working her hardest to convince the world she’s anyone other than herself. Sending her into a nervous breakdown would be too easy so he doesn’t even bother. Instead he’s open with her, almost friendly. The other doctors are amazed, Harley is amazed, she’s not done anything particularly revolutionary but, for the first time in forever, it looks like the clown prince of crime is showing progress. He unravels her and it’s a challenge, she flinches back and gets very serious when he comes too close to the real Harley under the professional. Still, soon she’s questioning everything. She doesn’t even really like her co-workers. She hasn’t had a real friend in years. She’s forgotten how to have fun. Did she ever want this to be her life or did she just do it for other people? It starts so slowly that it looks, at first, like she’s getting better at self-care. Maybe something totally silly one weekend, a trampoline park where she can enjoy the way her toned body moves without stressing out over landings, a face painting booth at a street fair, some garishly colored downright tacky decoration that clashes with her sensible apartment. Suddenly she realizes how much she hates knowing the difference between cream and ecru. The beigeness of her life is repulsive. She hates the person she’s pretending to be even more that she hates herself which is really saying something.

After her weekend of freedom she would have called in sick if it wasn’t so suddenly important to see him. The relief she feels at talking to one of Gotham’s most infamous supercriminals is disturbing but it is relief and she’s been swallowing a slow-motion panic attack for hours. She admits, though she shouldn’t, that she took his advice about doing something fun and he teases her, what would straight-laced Doctor Quinzel do for fun? Did she realphabetize her sock drawer or buy a new clipboard? It’s not important to impress him, it’s really not. He’s dangerous, cruel, and he looks so proud when she admits that she bought a lamp shaped like a lawn flamingo. The only mistake, he says, is that she should have stolen it. She hopes the wicked thrill it gives her doesn’t show on her face. It does. She almost even laughs. He likes it when he can make her laugh and she likes it when he likes things.

It’s wrong and unprofessional, the relationship she develops, and she knows it but her whole life she’s been so high strung. Nothing she’s done has been for her, she’s not sure she knows how to really do selfish things anymore, but he knows the selfish things she needs to do. It feels good when she follows his advice even when it’s small things like the rainbow striped socks she wears concealed under her very bland slacks and sensible shoes. She’s so happy, almost giddy, and he loves her happiness, he loves her, he loves the real her that she’s had to beat down and hide for so long, the her that even she isn’t able to love. She is able to love him, though, and since he loves her she’s able to love herself for him, to protect and nurture something so important to him.

When the choice comes between her old self, the tedious endless labor of making the world proud, and Him, the spectacular man that brought color into her life, it’s not even a question. She kills Doctor Harleen Quinzel, she throws away the version of her that let herself burn just for medals and hollow accolades. She embraces Harley Quinn and it’s so much a part of her nature she can’t even see that she’s still living her life for someone else’s approval, except this time that person is a murderous clown. She hasn’t let her hair down, she’s just put it in pigtails instead of a bun.

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Do you have any kind of process for picking colors for the backgrounds? They all seem to have really nice uniformity, and I would love to read up on how colors like that are picked (or if it's more intuition based). I do remember you mentioning that you also had help from another color lead before, so I was wondering how much of that they help out vs the colors you chose?

hey, thanks so much! this might get a lil long (as it always does!!) so bear with me.

firstly i want to say, there’s no right or wrong way to pick colors. every artist has their own palette they prefer and i think it’s super delightful to spend time developing your own special sense of color. so even though i’m explaining things in a “this is how you do it” sort of way, it’s not the only way! just my way. the best method to develop your own sense of color is to look at a LOT of art, look at a LOT of the world around you, and practice practice pratice.

at this point in my life i pick colors intuitively just because i think it’s something i’m naturally tuned into, and i’ve been doing it for a few years, so i don’t actively plan my palettes. but here are some things that i think about as i pick colors.

firstly, i want to go over hue, value, and saturation. i’m sure everyone knows these intuitively but i want to explain them in words. hue, value and saturation are what make up a color, and decide how colors differ from each other.

hue: what color the color actually is. red, purple, green, yellow, and everything in between.

value: how light or dark a color is. if you’re painting traditionally, adding more white or more black to a color lowers or raises its value.

saturation: how “pure” the color is vs how much neutral tone is in it.

here’s an example of all three:

this comes into play because a big mistake i see beginners make is that they pick a “just” color, and by that i mean they pick “just blue” or “just yellow”. imagine buying a set of oil paints and only using paints straight from the tube without ever mixing. it would be impossible! so i try to avoid picking “just” colors, except as for a complementary color (more on that in a bit). here are some variations of a red, for example.

so, the biggest thing for me when i pick colors is that i want them all to be friends. i want them all to have something in common so that they get along. i usually lose control of a painting when my colors feel to different from one another. so, i will usually start a painting with one color i know for sure i want, and “subordinate” other colors to it, meaning every other color i pick has to look good with that color. as to how you figure out what looks good and what doesn’t, that just takes time and lots of observation to build a personal opinion :) here’s an example from one of my paintings. in this case, the main color is the trees.

and here’s another from rick & morty, the main color is the sky this time.

now that that’s out of the way, i’m going to give you the Actual Cheat Sheet for color palettes. in color theory, there are 8 basic color schemes that are generally pleasing to look at. here they are.

i usually use an analogous palette or monochrome palette out of preference. the two examples above more or less fall into those categories. however, i also like to use split complementary because the complimentary color adds a LOT of contrast and visual interest. it’s great to use if you have a specific thing in a painting you want to draw attention to. here’s an example:

it doesn’t always have to be a perfect split complementary, just one color that differs from the “family” of colors that take up a majority of the piece. 

now! you might be wondering when’s the right time to subordinate a color, or where to put it, or how much of it to use, etc. and the answer is: CONTRAST. there is always visual interest in things that are different. i was rifling through my school notes and found these great types of contrast when working with color.

value: things that are light vs things that are dark.

hue: two colors that look different. I.E. yellow vs blue.

saturation: things that are saturated vs things that are desaturated.

proportion: note the example above. a majority of the painting is orange, so the green stands out because there is proportionally less of it.

temperature: things that are warm vs things that are cool.

complementary: red vs green, blue vs orange, yellow vs purple. when in doubt, these colors always contrast against each other because they have nothing in common (there is no red in green, etc).

simultaneous: this is a little advanced and i’m bad at explaining it, so please read up on it here. 

a super helpful exercise is to look at your favorite illustrations, paintings, photographs, designs, etc and assess which one of the 8 color schemes (linked above) it has, and which types (can be more than one) of contrast it has. we did this in school and it REALLY helped me look at color better. here’s part of the assignment i did, the artist is annette marnat.

so! that’s pretty much how i think about color and how i pick my colors! i hope it was somewhat helpful! there’s so so so so much about color theory i can’t even begin to cover, i highly urge you to watch some videos and read some books and articles to further your study. a great starting place would be this series of videos. these are made by my teacher Richard Keyes, i think he had a dvd or something. everything i’ve talked about so far i learned from him and he is an absolute expert in color. these videos are invaluable. if you take anything away from this post, let it be to watch these videos hahaha.

to answer your question about my color leads, every painting was a collaborative effort between the three of us, and sometimes other painters too. it was a very hands-on crew, so i can’t say any of the r&m bgs i did are 100% “mine”. however, i think my personal color sense is waaaay different than jason or phil’s, which made the process very interesting because we usually had 3 very different opinions hahaa. you can check out their work here and here to see what things they brought to the table in relation to my own contributions.

thank you for the ask! again, i hope this was helpful :)

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pls do bts as classmates to make me feel better about school starting


  • the class clown
  • super popular
  • head of the drama club
  • talks during the lessons
  • balances pencils on his nose
  • highkey annoys all the teachers
  • says dumb stuff when he gets called on which makes everyone laugh 
  • i’m not saying this vine is him but that vine is him
  • slacks off during class because he always has the plug™ for answers on upcoming tests
  • “knock once if it’s A scratch ur nose if it’s B and blow a kiss if it’s C” 

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  • the artsy cute guy who always smells like coffee
  • zones out during lessons
  • sits in the back with his headphones in
  • hides his phone behind a book and watches netflix
  • doodles instead of paying attention
  • either he’s sketching 
  • or writing names in a death note
  • no one knows
  • on rare days he’s in a really good mood and dropping funny sarcastic comments every now and then
  • has a tight knit group of friends
  • eats lunch in the music hall 
  • intimidating but once u get to know him he’s super sweet
  • orders pizza during class
  • has no fucks to give


  • one of the cool rebel kids
  •  u get forget he’s enrolled because he’s never there
  • strolls into class late every day 
  • chews gum really loud
  • “okay but how will trigonometry ever help me in the real world
  • u can hear the music through his earbuds from a mile away
  • throws a party at his house every weekend
  • never studies but somehow has all As
  • because he’s actually really smart
  • acts like he doesn’t care about school but secretly stays after school in the library reading 

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  • teacher’s pet
  • has color coded notes with neat diagrams
  • and more highlighters than any normal human should possess
  • raises his hand to answer every question
  • reminds the teacher about homework before class ends
  • captain of the academic decathlon team
  • voted most likely to succeed
  • tried to set the frog used for dissections free
  • [throws it out the window]
  • namjoon it’s DEAD
  • is seokjin’s plug™ for answers


  • social butterfly 
  • so perfect and angelic it’s sickening
  • “sorry i was late, i was taking my neighbor’s kitten to the vet when i saw a homeless man who need a bus ticket, so i gave him mine :)”
  • voted prettiest smile, nicest hair, and most likely to be a backup dancer for beyoncé
  • didn’t even run but somehow became class president 
  • the only one who actually likes group work
  • popular but isn’t stuck up
  • flirts with the female teachers which gets him all As
  • wow mrs. you look gorgeous today ;)
  • has tea on everyone 


  • the weird guy that all the girls have a crush on
  • lowkey thinks he’s better than everyone in the class
  • and let’s be honest he is
  • denies he’s rich yet wears designer brands
  • has 20/20 vision but wears glasses to look smart
  • looks like he has his shit together 
  • but procrastinates and is internally screaming half the time
  • in every social group
  • goes from the jock table to the nerd table to the preppy table all in one lunch period 
  • always tries to leave as soon as the bell rings
  • teacher: the bell doesn’t dismiss you, i do
  • taehyung: then why is there a bell ??

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  • the socially awkward jock
  • in every sport offered
  • including bowling
  • but unlike his teammates he’s not an asshole
  • quiet and keeps to himself
  • but once u get to know him you’ll need ear plugs
  • well mannered and polite to everyone
  • teachers pray that he ends up in their class
  • backpack looks like he’s hiding bodies in it
  • and he probably is
  • falls asleep in class 
  • because he stays up all night playing overwatch
  • but never gets in trouble
  • accidentally calls the teacher mom
  • several times

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