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New Year ‘One-Shot’ ;)

Taehyung and Jungkook BTS (minus hyungs) - ‘Smutty, dirty threesome 3 part one-shot’ ;)

i need more of your bts smut otoke. please a smutty dirty threesome with taehyung and jungkook do you think i’m a bad person ? because I think I am


OH MY GAWD! I dont know if youre taking requests for it but this last one got me so worked up I cant even stay still!!! OK, please make the second part with hobi please please please hes my ultimate bias of all and I saw him lookin and and and and ok



AU: Oops… ;P (P.s. its slightly angsty at the start, but boy does it get better.) Thank you for all the love on this one-shot! :D <3

‘So, I say…you give them another chance…to show you just how good they are at sharing….’

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

'I hope you haven’t been having fun without me.’

Your mouth drops open when you see the other boys dark eyes pinned to you, his rain drenched shirt sticking to his chest and showing off the beautiful contours of his body. You cant move as you stare at him, Hoseok’s fingers still wrapped around your neck and Jungkook’s breath continuing to was over your stomach, although his attention is turned to the boy who’s just entered the room.

'Although it looks like you have…My turn then.’ Taehyung growls, making towards the three of you, but before he can come close, Hoseok has gotten to his feet, leaving you to curl into Jungkook, heart pounding despite how tired your body is as he pushes Tae back, the violent action surprising you and you yelp as you cringe into the Maknae, calming slightly as he wraps his arms around you, eyes glued to his hyungs, waiting on their next move.

'She was mine, first.’ Taehyung hisses back, standing nose to nose with Hoseok and daring him to answer back, the one year age difference apparently disappearing with his possessiveness as he dares the older boy to do something.

'Thats great. But since both you and Jungkook have had your go at her…now, its my turn.’ J-hope snarls, cracking his neck intimidatingly as he smirks at the younger boy.

'Jungkook, stop them!’ you murmur in fear, fingers clinging to his shoulders as you hide your naked body behind his, both of you looking like startled cats as you watch the tension roll off of the other two.

'Dont touch her.’ Tae shouts, suddenly raising his arm as if he was going to hit the older boy, but as you shout out, the limb is knocked away, Hoseok throwing his own punch and knocking Tae to the floor, teeth bared as the younger boy falls.

'Hyung, stop!’ Jungkook shouts, springing to his feet and grabbing at J-Hope, trying to pull him off of Tae after the other boy had jumped onto his Hyung, arm around his neck as though he was trying to strangle him, the two of them struggling and knocking things flying everywhere.

'STOP!’ you shout, getting to your feet and quickly wrapping the throw that had been laid across the back of the sofa around you, before you jump into the fray, slapping at everything you could, desperately trying to brake up the fray and eventually succeeding when Jungkook eventually plucks Taehyung from Hoseok, having switched boys seeing that the other was weaker and a much easier target. You quickly move to stand in front of Hobi as he goes to follow after the retreating Dongsaengs, glaring up at him despite being a foot shorter.

'Get OUT!’ you shout in his face, angrily pointing in the direction of the door and trying not to get pulled in by the sweat dripping slowly down his chest, the perspiration left over from sparring with Taehyung.

'Im not leaving unless they do to!’ he spits back angrily, glaring at the other two boys over your shoulder and you narrow your eyes at him for a few minutes before turning to the other two, and nodding your head in the direction of the door.


You see Taehyung about to argue but you shake your head sharply, glaring at him as you see him shake himself from Jungkook, the younger boy watching you sadly and you smile at him apologetically, walking away from Hoseok and hoping that he didn’t try to throw another punch as you pick up Jungkook’s still damp clothes, frowning at them.

'I’ll go and find you some more clothes, you two- out!’ you demand, seeing Tae and Hobi not having moved from their spots and they both turn to you with frustrated expressions.

'We’re not leaving till-’

'Get out, before I throw you out! I’m going to get Jungkook some clothes and then he’ll be straight out that door too.’ you fire back, staring them down as you stand your ground, point at the door again.

'Now.’ you snap, finally seeing them move in the direction of your front door, J-hope angrily grabbing his shirt before following Tae out the door, the other boy sporting a mournful expression as he looks back at you, before the door shuts in his face.

You dont look at Jungkook as you go to your room, finding an old pair of oversized black denims and one of your old jumpers that your dad had gifted to you before you moved to Seoul, before walking back out to find him perched on the arm of the sofa, a cushion covering himself.

'Here, they were the biggest thing I could find, but I figure if you cant fit into them, I have a onesie in my cupboard you could borrow.’ you say emotionlessly, trying not to feel bad from the Maknae despite already missing his warm body pressing against yours.

He smiles thankfully at you as you pass him the clothes, turning and walking into your kitchen to give him some space, using the excuse that you would dry his clothes now, and get them back to him in the morning. When you walk back to see him out, he’s just slipping the jumper over his head, his thighs, calves and butt filling your jeans easily, although not quite at the point of being uncomfortable, and you struggle to move your eyes to his face, all your will power being used to keep your expression neutral.

'You best go and find the other two, before they start fighting again.’ you say, walking to the door and opening it for him to walk out.

'I’m sorry.’ he says quietly as he pauses at the door, looking at you from beneath his fringe, his expression filled with remorse, eyebrows drawn down sadly.

'It wasn’t your fault, It shouldn’t have happened in the first place…no matter how much we all wanted it…but if they cant play nicely, its hardly fair to carry on whatever we have going on.’ you murmur, cheeks heating slightly at admitting that you had wanted it…and that you wanted more.

Although his eyes are burning into you, you dont look back up at him, hearing him sigh quietly, muttering something about 'i’ll see you in the morning’ before dipping out of your apartment, shuffling down the stairs and out of sight.

You wake up to a text from Namjoon the next morning, the ding of your phone rousing you from sleep and you groggily roll over to grab the device from your bedside, groaning as you do so before you see the name and your interest is peaked.

[NJ: We need to chat.]

The short words put you on edge immediately and you think about not texting back, but since he wasn’t supposed to know what had happened last night, your curiosity gets the better of you and you decide to answer him.

[Y/N: About what?]

[NJ: You know what. Be at the dorm in an hour.]

Your hackles raise at his answer and you chuck your phone down on the bed in frustration, but already you know that you will go, although you cant decide whether to hope that the dorm is empty or whether the other 3 boys are there too.

After showering, dressing and folding Jungkook’s now dry clothes into a bag, you begin to make your way to the dorm, trying to delude yourself into thinking that you hadn’t picked your best clothes and worked for almost an hour on your make-up, in the vain hope that they might be there. Its a 15 minute walk there, and when you finally turn the corner onto their street, your heart is racing, legs shaking a little and by the time you’ve got to their door you’ve convinced yourself to drop the bag of the Maknae’s clothes and run, but before you can do so, the wooden panel is opening and Namjoon’s face appears, expression plain as his eyes lock onto you, jaw tightening as he grits his teeth.

'I think you should come in.’ he says, deep voice rattling your bones and you have no choice but to nod and walk in, breathing quickly as you shuffle through the door, removing your shoes, but stopping before you could walk into the lounge when the door closes ominously behind you, a long sigh following the sound.

'I’m guessing you know about last night?’ you murmur, hearing his slow padding footsteps but still jumping when his hand suddenly sits on the small of your back, his other hand taking the bag from you and chucking it into the corner, before he grabs your hip, not saying anything as he begins to guide you forward, heading toward the lounge.

You weren’t ready for what was waiting for you in there.

When you walk in, 3 pairs of eyes turn to look at you, the deep brown of each burning into your skin and you feel like your entire body has set on fire as Namjoon guides you to the chair nearest to the door, but facing toward the other boys who are sat on either of the two sofa’s in front of you.

'Now, Y/N…I was awoken this morning to find 3 empty beds, and a few minutes after that these 3 boys walked in the front door shouting at each other- near to beating each other.’ Namjoon starts standing behind your chair and leaning on the back as he speaks, the hairs on the back of your neck standing to attention in his presence as you look at the floor, not being able to meet anyone’s eyes.

'They tell me its because you said they couldn’t share. That you let Jungkook fuck you after Taehyung had fucked you, but when Hoseok wanted his turn he was interrupted by Taehyung and they ended up arguing until you kicked them out.’ he goes on, purposefully enunciating the word 'fuck’ every time he said it by murmuring it into your ear until it was almost a moan, and the way it drips from his lips has your heart racing, cheeks flaming and hands twisting in your lap as you subtly press your thighs together, feeling your core pulse between your legs.

'But from what I know- as far as boys go- these three are pretty good at sharing…So, I say…you give them another chance…to show you just how good they are at sharing.’ he murmurs, his lips so close to your ear at this point that he was practically licking your lobe, his hot breath making goosebumps rise all down your neck and his suggestion makes your eyes dart up to the other three, seeing their eyes boring into yours intently.

'W-H-How?’ you stammer, your nails digging into your thighs as you swallow thickly, Namjoon’s hand curving round to tilt your head in the direction of the door that led to the boy’s various rooms, a very familiar flash of red hair mounted on top of a well sculpted body, covered in only a pair of shorts, resting against the frame. When your eyes finally come to rest on his face, Jimin is smirking at you, biting his lip in that teasing way of his and you resist the whine that wants to escape you, not remembering how you’d come to be in this situation, your mind just being clouded with the thoughts of his body writhing against yours and being joined by 3 other boys.

'Jimin is going to pleasure you whilst these 3 watch.’ Namjoon says bluntly, although his tongue still wraps around the words like he’s caressing them before drooling them in your ear, his hand that moves away from your chin not being able to resist sliding meaningfully across your chest as he pulls away and you cant stop the shiver that runs through you, your panties practically drenched at this point.

Your hands move to the edge of the seat, clawing at the padding as Jimin begins to swagger over, a mischievous grin on his face as he comes to a stop in front of you, blocking your view of the others  as you look up at him nervously, eyes keen on his face as he bends over you, brushing his lips over yours- not in a kiss, but just to tease you, before he finally addresses you.

'What do you want me to do, Y/N? I’m yours to do what you want with…tell me what you want…’ he mutters, each brush of his full bottom lip against yours making you suck in a sharp breath and you can see by the way his eyes crinkle slightly and his lips tighten over his teeth that he was amused by your reaction.

'I-I dont know…What do you want to do?’ you ask shyly, completely entranced by his eyes, jumping slightly when you feel his hand suddenly touch your knee, thumb massaging circles into your skin as it dips between your legs, encouraging you to spread them slowly.

'I want to taste you.’ he whispers, finally dropping the hint of a kiss on your lips as his hand climbs higher on the inside of your thigh, fingers inching closer to your wet core, the tiniest giggle escaping him as he bites his lip, eyes still locked with yours as the tips of his fingers ghost over your panties beneath your dress, feeling how damp they were.

'Does this excite you?’ he asks cheekily, pressing another, more lingering kiss on the edge of your lips and you finally give into the whine that wants to escape you as you feel his thumb join his teasing fingertips, pressing against your clit and making you snap your hand to his forearm, stopping him before he could do anything else.

'Whats the matter, Y/N? Are you nervous?’ he asks, voice lilting as he tilts his head cutely, the action contrasting with his words, but when he does it your eyes focus behind him, seeing the other 3 boys with dark expressions on their faces, each of them seeming to communicate with you what they would be doing if they were in Jimin’s situation and you shiver as your eyes drop back to Jimin, leaning forward so that your mouth was near his ear, eyes flickering back to the other boys, deciding to try and provoke them.

'I want you to eat me out.’ you whisper, loud enough for the others to hear, biting your lip as you sit back, just about seeing Tae’s chest heave in anger, before Jimin has blocked your view of him again, smirking at you as he forces your legs apart, making you sigh in anticipation.

'Your wish is my command…’ he murmurs as he bends down so that he was eye level with your crotch, fingers reaching for the waistband of your panties and pulling them slightly raggedly as you lift your hips, locking eyes with the now viewable J-hope and tilting your head back as you do so to expose your neck, teasing him as you remembered his favourite thing to do from last night.

The chair is suddenly reclined, Namjoon chuckling from his place behind it, but its just enough for you to slip down so that your hips were at the edge, the angle still giving you a good view of the other 3 boys who were all breathing heavily at this point, fingers clawing into anything they could find.

Jimin doesn’t waste any time. The first kitten lick of his tongue has you gasping, keening quietly when its gone just as soon as it had appeared and your fingers moving to twist in your dress, pulling it slightly higher on your stomach to make sure he could see what he was doing.

The second lick is not as gentle, his strong tongue begins from your entrance, his fingers parting your lips allowing him to swipe the muscle over the entirety of your core, and when he brushes it over your clit your entire body quakes, the high pitched moan leaving your lips causing the boys watching you to growl. You open your eyes to see J-hope pressing the heel of his hand into his crotch, teeth bared slightly as he watches you with a black gaze, Jungkook beside him having lost his usual innocent child look and replacing it with raging horny young-adult, the look of both boys making you chuckle quietly to yourself before you’re moaning loudly again, Jimin having began a savage assault of your core, lapping away greedily as you clamp your thighs around his head, immediately having your legs parted again as he pushes them away, his shoulders bulging as he does so.

You pant and moan quietly as he continues to eat away at you, gasping when he pushes a finger into you, sucking your clit into his mouth and you almost explode around him on the spot, reaching down to grab at his hair and holding him in place as you try to ride his digit, groaning angrily when he slips it out of you with a chuckle.

'Sit still Princess, let me work my magic…’ he says, voice rough with arousal as he smolders up at you and you whine as you remove your hands from his hair, just to have him put them back.

'You can hold on, just try to hold still…its going to be a wild ride.’ he says, winking at you and you whimper as you tip your head back, fingers twisting into the strands of his hair and you shout out as soon as he goes back to your core, feeling him plunge two fingers into you as he presses his tongue flat against your clit, twirling it in ways you couldn’t imagine, but with the way his digits were thrusting in and out of you frantically you feel like your skin is peeling off of you with the heat coursing through your body.

'Open your eyes Y/N’ comes Namjoon’s command from behind you, his hands tilting your head up so that you were looking at the 3 boys across from you, eyes immediately going to Tae who had his hand down his trousers, hips bucking into his palm as he glowers at you, tongue whipping out of his mouth as he sees you looking, trailing languidly over his lip whilst his other hand lifts his shirt up his chest, revealing his taught abdomen and you whine at the sight, wanting to feel it against your own.

Namjoon’s finger taps your cheek to get you to look over at the other two, and you moan loudly as you feel Jimin add a third finger to those already thrusting into you, at the same time you see a shirtless J-hope pumping frantically at his clothed member, the only thing he was still wearing being his boxers and an expression that cause your walls to clench tightly around Jimin’s fingers, causing the boy below you to hum in satisfaction.

You were on the very edge of your orgasm by the time your eyes finally found Jungkook, the Maknae having his head laid on the back of the sofa, a cushion covering his groin as he tries not to touch himself, his fingers gripping like his life depended on it to the sofa cushions as he watched you, his expression half pained and half dominant, eyes telling you he needed to touch you desperately and its as he mouths 'please’ that you fall, crashing hard around Jimin’s fingers and mouth, feeling your juices drench the chair beneath you, despite how hard Jimin was trying to lap them up, his rough tongue driving your body to the point of over-stimulation and you keen and moan out, voice hoarse from having almost screamed through your orgasm.

And yet, you knew very well that that was not going to be your only one. Because the minute you cry out, Taehyung has lunged out of his seat and is knocking Jimin out of the way, pulling you into him and attacking your mouth with his as he wraps an arm around your waist, his other hand going between your legs and thrusting his fingers inside you, swallowing your moans and growling low in his chest as your nails dig into the skin of his back, desperately trying to hold on.

Chaos erupts around you as J-hope runs towards the two of you shouting, arms going under yours to pull you away from Taehyung, hands strategically cupping your breasts as he does so, but when Taehyung growls at him, refusing to let go of your hips, Hoseok lets up and instead crashes his mouth to yours, groaning as he swallows your moans, only breaking away to slips your dress over your head, moaning when he sees that you haven’t worn a bra and immediately attacking your breasts, pinching and rolling your nipples between his fingers as he goes back to kiss you, his tongue ravenous inside your mouth.

The deep chuckle of Namjoon reverberates around the room as Jungkook shouts about how unfair it was, the leader moving closer to you where you were writhing beneath the other two boys and grabbing you from their grasps, pulling you up and tucking you into his arm, dark gaze daring the other two to defy him- the age differences having flown out the window in the situation you found yourself in.

'Now, now, boys…do you remember what we talked about? Sharing is key to enjoying this moment- we dont want Y/N thinking that you three cant play nicely.’ he says and your gaze strays over to Jimin who had reclined on the sofa, smirking at you when he sees you watching him, breath coming in quick pants as you watch him play with himself, biting his lip for extra effect as he grins at you.

'It was Taehyung’s fault! He couldn’t control himself!’ Hoseok counteracts, quickly going silent when Namjoon shoots him a look and you feel yourself tremble at the dominance in his gaze, not missing the way he smirks to himself, fingers pinching at your shoulder slightly, and he whispers something under his breath that sounds like, 'You can have me another day, Princess’ .

'Jungkook on your back on the floor.’ Namjoon commands, and you watch as the younger boy follows the order without a word, obviously already knowing what was about to happen. You feel Namjoon’s hand slide down your waist to your hip, his other sitting on the other side as he brings you to stand in front of Jungkook, looking down on the maknae as he removes his shirt and positions himself ready on the floor, eyes piercing into you as he looks up.

'You can start with Jungkook.’ Namjoon murmurs in your ear, giving your hips a pinch, making that your knees buckle, and he slowly lowers you so that you’re straddling Jungkook’s legs, letting you go as the Maknae replaces his hands, bringing you further up his body so that you were straddling his hips, his arousal brushing between your legs roughly and you moan quietly as you almost collapse forward, Jungkook catching you and pulling you into him, pressing his lips to yours to calm you and you end up losing yourself in him as his hands trail down your body, moving to cup your ass and grinding you down onto him, causing you both to moan and you instantly take control, circling your hips and feeding off of the needy whines he was letting out.

'Fuck-’ he breathes and you groan as you feel yourself growing aroused again, fingers raking down his chest as you pry his shorts off of him, moaning happily when you feel his hard member finally rub against your folds, body convulsing and you have to steady yourself with your hands on his chest, butterflies trembling in your stomach as you fling your head back at the feeling, seeing the others watching you, but not being able to feel embarrassed as you get lost in the way his body felt beneath yours.

You cry out when he suddenly enters you, clawing at his chest and getting lost in the sound of his hisses and groans, after Jimin had already stretched you the sting was barely recognisable, but the friction from Jungkook was dizzying and you cant help the moans that slip from you, panting as you rock your hips down onto him, quickly leaning back so that you could bounce on top of him, using his thighs as stability and feeling shivers race across your skin as several moans sound around the room at the sight of you.

You’re not surprised when a pair of lips descend on yours, recognising the familiar scent of Taehyung and smiling against his mouth as you reach a hand up to his neck, keeping him in place as you continue to rock on top of Jungkook, hissing as his fingers dig into your hips, forcing you to go faster as your mouth slides over Tae’s, the older boy growling in aggravation before he settles into a more comfortable position behind you, reaching his hand around your body to pluck at your clit, making you gasp and keen loudly as you’re split between the two boys, not realising that Tae was slowly lowering you into a bent over position on top of Jungkook, and whining when his lips and hand disappears.

You lift off of Jungkook, body practically vibrating as you expect Tae to take you, moaning out when the maknae leans up to attach his mouth to one of your breasts, arms buckling and you begin to fall, but once again Jungkook holds you up, his mouth continuing to ravage your chest.

You gasp when you feel both boys members sliding and poking at your core, the coil in your stomach tightening to the point of snapping, but you quickly clench your walls to hold on, not wanting to come without one of them inside of you.

'Remember what I told you…dont let her come until all 3 of you are satisfied.’ Namjoon says suddenly and you quickly turn your head to look at him, glaring at him in question and seeing him smirk at you, shrugging as if to say- 'Its nothing in comparison to what i’d do to you’, and the thought makes your body tingle, a visible shiver running down your spine as you turn your head to see Taehyung smoldering at you, a small smirk turning up the edge of his lips as he dips his head to between your legs, blowing cold air over your core and making you clench at nothing, the feeling making you frustrated and the fire in your belly begins to die down.

You turn back to Jungkook glaring down at him as he looks up at you, having stopped caressing your breasts with his mouth, his expression unsure, and at the same time needy, like he was silently asking you to touch him. But you simply lean down to attach your lips to his, setting sweet kiss after sweet kiss across his mouth and jaw, smirking at the frustrated groans he lets out and moving slowly to his ear to whisper to him.

'Now you know how I feel.’ you murmur, being surprised when his hands squeeze your hips harshly and he brings his own up to teasingly rub his member through your folds, holding back his own moan by clenching his teeth as his mouth makes its way to your ear.

'No…but i’m going to know how you feel…and so is Taehyung-hyung.’ he whispers and your eyebrows fly up your forehead as you read the hidden meaning in his words, suddenly feeling two heads poking at your entrance and your heart begins to race as you pant, half worried and half aroused from the surprising actions.

Its Taehyung’s hands smoothing up your back, relaxing you, that allows you to focus on loosening your core, pressing your forehead to Jungkook’s as you prepare yourself, biting your lip when you feel Tae slide his tip into you, thrusting shallowly a few times, before he pulls back, leaving his head inside of you and you cant help but pant as you feel Jungkook slowly start to push into you, causing you to close your eyes as you focus on relaxing. You feel yourself finally stretch around them both, breathing heavily with the feeling, fingers practically digging holes into Jungkook’s chest as you try not to focus on the pain of being stretched that much, hissing as the maknae accidental moves his hips, trying to get comfortable and being rewarded with Taehyung shouting at him.

When the pain has subsided, you slowly push back, cringing the more you’re stretched, but biting your lip harshly and moaning as you get lost in how amazing they feel inside of you, stretching you so much that your walls are vibrating with your need to release, but you cant decide if that was just where there lengths were pulsing within you. When you feel Tae’s hands join Jungkooks on your hips, guiding you into a slow rock, you feel tears brimming at your eyes at the intense feeling. You try not to let it show on your face that you were close to your edge, especially now that Namjoon had let on that you weren’t allowed to come until everyone else had, but Jungkook must have felt your stomach tensing against his and before you know it, all movement had stopped. You whine angrily at both boys, hearing Namjoon chuckle once again and you look up to glare at him, your eyes first landing on Jimin who had his head laid on the sofa arm as he thrust into his own hand, only slowing his movements when you stop whining and turning his head to look at you questioningly, smirking when he sees your eyes blown wide at the sight of him.

Before you can plead Namjoon to let you have your orgasm, someone grabs your chin and you’re turned to face Hoseok who had appeared behind Jungkook’s head, stroking himself as he looks down at you, a appearing on his face before he speaks.

'Lets see how good that pretty throat of yours is Y/N…’ he murmurs, leaning down to capture your lips in a quick, sloppy, passionate kiss, before he positions himself in front of your mouth, his hand going to the back of your neck, stroking down your throat as he does so, and guiding your mouth to his length, sighing and groaning when you take wrap your lips eagerly around his head, and smirking at him before you go to take him further, but you’re suddenly jolted forward and you cry out around Hoseok’s member as Tae and Jungkook once again plunge into you up to the brim.

The noises rumbling out of your throat become indecipherable as you moan around Hoseok, looking up at him innocently to urge him on as you feel your stomach once again tensing, needing this time to reach your high, before you exploded. His grip tightens in your hair and you let your throat go lax as he begins to fuck your mouth, hissing and moaning at the feeling, his hips snapping before your face and demonstrating just why he was such a good dancer. But you cant focus on that image for long as Taehyung becomes impatient behind you, forcing your hips into a faster rhythm on him and Jungkook, any ounce of pain that you had felt before, being replaced by pure ecstasy as you whine and moan at the feel of them sliding in and out of you, as well as against one another, both of them groaning as they twitch within you, the pressure of you around them obviously becoming too much as Tae slips out of you quickly, causing you to moan in protest, but the sound quickly turns to pleasure as he comes over your back, leaning on you heavily as he comes down from his high.

Taehyung reaching his climax sets off a chain reaction however, as you hear Hoseok above you shout out, suddenly filling your throat with his come, and you hurriedly swallow it so that you dont choke, pulling air desperately into your lungs as he pulls away, sitting back on his haunches as his hand rubs up and down your throat, gently pressing you back and reminding you that Jungkook was still in you. The Maknae quickly flips you over however, sliding himself out of you and instead using the friction of your folds to chase his own high, the sight being too much for Jimin as you hear him gasp in breath after breath, turning to see white cum dripping over his fist as he rides himself through his high and when he looks down at you its enough to make you explode. Thankfully you crash over your edge, just as you feel Jungkook climax over your stomach, his thumb replacing his member as he shuffles away, rubbing frantic circles into your clit as you scream through your orgasm, tears falling from your eyes at the sheer intensity of it, missing the way the 5 boys watched as you squirted your juices over their living room floor, Jungkook and Tae eagerly running their fingers through your come and the older boy even goes so far as to thrust his fingers back into you to release any excess fluid, grinning like a cat that got the cream when an after shock forced you to orgasm again, your pitiful moans being the only thing heard in the room as everyone silently watches you fall apart.

You’re panting exhaustedly when you finally come back to your senses, opening your eyes to see Namjoon crouched over you, a shit eating grin on his face as he strokes a finger down your cheek, resisting a smirk when he sees you open your eyes and come back to reality.

'See, they can share.’ he murmurs, pushing your sweaty hair back from your forehead and you go to shoot him a sarcastic reply, but when you speak no sound leaves your lips and you remember just how rough Hoseok had been when he’d fucked your mouth.

'Oooh, Hoseok you need to apologise to Y/N…she cant speak after your torturous hips!’ Namjoon chuckles looking over at the sofa and you turn your head to see J-hope get up, coming to crouch the other side of you- having found his pants- and he too strokes your cheek.

'I’m sorry Y/N, I didn’t mean to be that rough…but that beautiful throat of yours is too good! I’ll go and get you some ice-cream.’ he murmurs, flashing you his golden smile before he’s disappeared again and you flutter your eyes closed, turning your head into Namjoon’s gentle hand that is running a finger across your cheek, cupping your face when you roll your head his way.

You try to sit up, but you groan as your hips screech against the movement, your entire lower half feeling like it was dislocated from your top half, Namjoon luckily catching your shoulders as you almost crash back against the floor.

'I see its not only Hoseok that needs to make an apology…boys, help her onto the sofa. Jimin get up and get yourself clean- we need to make Y/N comfortable.’ he directs and you see Jimin grinning at you shyly as he jumps up, having wiped himself off with his shirt and swaggering back to his room with a smirk, shooting you a wink before he disappears.

Taehyung is at your side instantly, slipping his arm under your shoulders and legs and lifting you into him, pausing as Jungkook rearranges the pillows so that its comfortable and whilst he does this, Tae leans down to place a gentle kiss on your head, the heat of his lips feeling like it was warming your entire body. When he drops you carefully onto the sofa, Jungkook is sat by your head, pillow ready in his lap and Namjoon helps to fold the waiting blanket over you, smiling away to himself as he does so and you’re almost entranced by the expression, until you feel Jungkook’s gentle hands on your head, smoothing over your hair his fingers brushing gently at the tear tracks that were still evident on your face.

'I’m sorry if I hurt you, Y/N.’ he says quietly, a worried expression on his face and you shift slightly to get more comfortable, refraining from cringing at the dull pain that seems to be coming from every place on your body and curling your face into his lap, humming happily as you close your eyes, letting him know you were okay as he goes back to smoothing his hand over your hair.

When you hear someone crouch down in front of you, you squint your eyes open to see Hobi with a bowl of ice-cream, smiling at you angelically as he gets a spoonful and holds it out ready for you, making you smile contently as he feeds it to you slowly, watching your face intently the whole time, and when you’ve finished the bowl he leans close to press a small kiss to your cold lips, heating them up for you before he smiles and takes the bowl back to the kitchen, his vacated space being replaced by Namjoon who crouches down to eye level so that he could check on you.

'Feel better?’ he asks, grinning at you as you nod.

'I’ve never felt better in my life.’ you croak quietly, making a deep rumble escape the leaders chest as he reaches forward to stroke your throat gently, smirking slightly as he does so.

'Whats that look for?’ you ask, trying not to give into the exhaustion that was weighing your body down and smiling happily at him before he answers.

'You said you’ve never felt better in your life…I’m just thinking that I could probably change that…

…although i dont like to share…’


thermometerblouse  asked:

don't you believe that trans sherlock should be played by a trans actor? i'm all for trans sherlock and i love it and i love all the evidence, but do you think it's good that a cis actor plays trans sherlock?

imo the ideal is trans male playing trans male, chaotic bad is cis female playing trans male, not ideal but 10x better than that last one is cis male playing trans male. that’s just my take as one trans person/ trans boy. like lol don’t make me say it out loud here but no i don’t believe they were really intending sherlock to be trans in this show. i mean, i would love more than anything to be proven wrong on THIS. at the very least i think it wasn’t a plan from the inception. i’m honestly, slightly convinced they may have realized it was a popular fan theory and began to indulge it here and there. or added hints in s3. (*THIS IS LIKE…..the absolute bare minimum of course and like nobody should get back pats for this and i would LOVE IT if they were doing this and chose to explicitly address it, btw, like no i don’t think the bare minimum is enough, but when i wasn’t expecting anything at all it’s a nice thought, but) idk though. anyway yes obviously ideally more trans actors in trans roles- and hell, cis roles too! more trans actors period. anyway

A continuation of this that I didn’t think I’d actually do but…here it is anyway.  Again, Blackmadhi, with implied past Blackbright/Phantomquill and a lot of focus on Simon’s mental state.  Deals once again with Simon’s PTSD and includes descriptions of a panic attack.  Approx. 2600 words.

After that first night, Simon would be lying if he said that things hadn’t gotten better with Nahyuta within the next couple of days.  

The investigation seemed to run smoother, and even though they still bickered some, it was mostly teasing, and the two prosecutors would smile at each other after delivering some half-hearted insults. Yes, once in a while they would actually get frustrated, but that was mostly due to the contrasts in their personalities.  Luckily, it would not really last.

Nahyuta was even able to find a local restaurant that specialized in Japanese food, and surprised Simon with that one evening, which had made him smile rather happily instead of just giving one of his trademark sly smirks.  He could have sworn he saw Nahyuta’s cheeks tinge pink after that, but perhaps he had just imagined it, because the foreign prosecutor had turned his face away.

Even the nights had gotten a little bit better, if only because Nahyuta had been able to drag him out of his nightmares almost as quickly as they began.  Each time he slept, as soon as Fulbright’s face materialized in his mind, Nahyuta was gently shaking Simon awake.  It was poetic, Simon couldn’t help but think…when Fulbright’s face – only existing in his unconscious thoughts – disappeared and Nahyuta’s took its place. At times, Simon had felt an overwhelming urge to reach out and touch the other prosecutor’s features…his cheeks, his hair, his lips…if only because Simon wanted to make sure that he was real.

And that his face was actually his own.

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I got tagged

@mommabearsdayoff tagged me in one of those sweet “I want to get to know you better” things that occasionally float around. These are always so nice. And thank you for complimenting my work. It means a lot. Anyways without further adieu, let’s begin.

Relationship status: Single with nobody in mind.

Favorite color: Greens (preferably darker greens) . They’re so calming and make me feel like I’m surrounded by life. Also looks good with my hair.

Pets: I have a small and adorable dog named Eubie who’s hatred of the world is matched by no other (he thinks he’s a rottweiler when he’s 15lbs tops + 8 years old). I also have a goldfish named Koi who is 9 years old and will not die. Ever. It’s slightly unnerving how immortal he is.

Last song listened to: Six Shooter by Coyote Kisses and (I know it said one but I love them both too much) Bring me back to life by Extreme Music (on YouTube).

Favorite TV show: That’s a toughie. The earlier seasons of RWBY (pre-Vol. 3 or “the parody” as I call it) would probably be a good one. I don’t watch much TV so that’s all I can think of at the moment. Animes though, whoa boy, if those counted then this post would be way too long.

First Fandom: Mystery Skulls. I’ll admit it. Although I joined rosewick about a week after because someone (*cough cough* you know who you are *cough cough*) caught waif of me getting my first glance at fanfiction.

Hobbies: Let’s see, I write, play video games (Xbox One & 360), play percussion, watch anime, and use accents/voice acting.

Favorite Book: I have a favorite novel and a favorite book series. They are not the same. My favorite novel is “172 hours on the moon” while my favorite series is “Artemis Fowl”.

Worst thing I’ve ever eaten/tasted: Peas. My family would feed them enough to me as a kid the very scent of a single pea can now make me gag.

Favorite place: I can’t think of anything off the top of my head which leads me to believe I haven’t found it yet. I look out for one in the future.

Now I’m supposed to tag 10 people but I got 9 (mommabear, you’d be on the list if you didn’t tag me first) so that’s close enough. These are some people who I’d like to get to know more: @midblooder, @coltaire, @yukiapoy, @littleredscythecosplay, @rosewick, @dragon-of-nights, @r-sugar, @gravitypiglet, @rositabluemoon

None of those I tagged are forced to do this but they can if they wish. I needed something to break the ice with these people. Anyways let’s see if we can keep this going.

Thanks for tagging me in @discogrohl xx

  1. Who are you named after? Dame Kiri Te Kanawa (Kiwi opera singer - Dad happened to hear her name one day when Mum was pregnant with me and went, “Bingo”)
  2. Last time you cried? I think a few happy tear came up over a movie last week? Stuffed if I know which one it was
  3. Do you like your handwriting?
 It looks only slightly better than when I was eight and that’s not saying much
  4. What is your favorite lunch meat? 
  5. Do you have kids?
  6. Do you use sarcasm? Y’know the teen in The Simpsons at the festival whose friend asks him if he’s being sarcastic and he says, “I don’t even know anymore?” Me
  7. Do you still have your tonsils?
 Nope, had them taken out when I was little. Mum says I was so boisterous that she was chasing me up the ward in the dead of night, and I made such a racket that she started shoving ice cubes in my mouth for a moment of peace.
  8. Would you bungee jump?
 What’s that variation where you can sit upright in a chair and they shove you over the edge? Because I might consider that (I don’t bungee for the same reason why I don’t do rollercoasters - the whole upside-down factor)
  9. What is your favorite kind of cereal?
 I don’t/can’t eat it anymore but if I had to pick one, Weet-Bix
  10. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Yes, all the while sighing because i’ll never have a pair of those Nike power-lacing shoes despite waiting patiently my whole life and being a good girl
  11. Do you think you’re strong? 
Deceptively so. A kitten with claws
  12. What is your favorite ice cream? 
Homemade banana and cashew butter ‘nice’ cream
  13. What is the first thing you notice about someone? 
I go right for the eyes
  14. Football or baseball? I’ve got to say, each time i’ve been in the US, i’ve been captivated by American football. There’s no mere game no matter who’s playing, there’s an event
  15. What is the least favorite thing you like about yourself? The structure of this sentence is confusing. Name something I like about myself but I don’t? Um? Least favourite thing in general? The way I mentally shut down and withdraw at the thought of having to do the whole first conversation/date process. It’s the one thing that intimidates me
  16. What color pants are you wearing?
 I’m in my sleep pants at the mo so it’s black with pink tropical flowers and green leaves
  17. Favorite smell? 
Freshly baked bread
  18. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
 My energy supplier…Your adulting call history becomes less and less thrilling
  19. Favorite sports to watch on tv?
 My friends and I watched a jousting tournament and it was not awful
  20. Hair color? 
Brown roots segueing into letterbox red
  21. Eye color?
  22. Favorite food to eat?
 Avocado and goat cheese
  23. Scary movies or funny? 
  24. Last movie you watched?
 The Final Girls
  25. What color shirt are you wearing? 
Black with white lettering (Time To Do Absolutely Nothing)
  26. Favorite holiday?
  27. Wine or beer? Wine. I’ve only tasted beer once in my life and that was when I tried to shotgun it at a party. Never again. Nope. Nein.
     It tastes like someone squeezed out a rat.

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5x04 “The End” // 12x01 “Keep Calm and Carry On”
“Horror Visions of the Future” or “It All Comes Down to a ’Yes’ or ‘No’”

So this is kind of what I had been rambling about loosely and vaguely yesterday in this text post already. Since I found a clip now though with slightly better quality (though I still apologize for the crappy quality of the gifs of Mary) I couldn’t resist giffing these moments that reminded me so majorly of one another.

And one thing I’d like to say from the get go: This parallel to me doesn’t imply or allude to Mary getting possessed by Lucifer. That would be devastating, but such a repeat to last season with Cas possessed by the devil that I would be seriously underwhelmed if they did that. The only way I could see this playing out would be if the writers decided to write Mary out of the show again, because then I think  it could be a true possibility that Mary would be the one to say yes to Lucifer, so they could box him back up as she may feel responsible for having been the one (or rather he death) to set her boys on this trajectory. It’s the last thing I would want to see, but it would be a scenario I could see the show explore. So in this regard you could see this parallel in direct relation. I personally however thought about a parallel with a slightly different angle.

In my opinion the visual cues here are undeinable, the whole setting in a park like location is similar and even the way we see Dean run into the frame in 5x04 “The End” resembles the way Dean runs out of the woods in 11x23 “Alpha and Omega” after he hears someone - his mom - scream for help. And of course there is the parallel to how Mary (dressed in white) overpowers Dean and pushes him to the ground coming to stand with her foot on his neck that reminds a great deal of the scene Dean sees Lucifer (dressed in white) kill his 2014!Self. Not only is this painful because with meeting his mom, even though one can understand her reaction, for the first time after 30 years Dean is subjected to violence by one of the people he loves most (similar as with Lucifer/Sam in 5x04 “The End” or John/Azazel in “Devil’s Trap”).

All that said, to me the more interesting possible parallel here exists between Dean and his time travel to 2014, where he is met with a horror vision of the future in which Sam said “yes” to Lucifer and he himself was unable to stop that from happening as he said “no” and how Mary being brought back from the dead after decades and experincing it almost like a time travel is also thrown into a world she doesn’t understand, but more importantly is met with the reality of what used to be her biggest nightmare: that her kids would grow up as hunters.

This is the painful and yet kind of amazing parallel I see here and that I think could be a very rich one to draw from, because in Dean’s case Zachariah created 2014 to make Dean feel guilty about refusing to say “yes” and making Dean feel like everything - the end of the world really - was his fault, that all could be different hadn’t he said “no”. Imo there is neat reverse mirroring going on between Dean’s time travel and Mary’s S12 resurrection/time travel as Mary is met with this horror future, because she was the one to say “yes” to Azazel’s deal. In this regard Mary and Dean are aligned quite directly again and of course this is perfectly in line with how the show has alluded for seasons to how Dean is/seems to be more like Mary while Sam shares more similarities with John.

So keeping all that in mind, I think for Mary being alive again and finding her way around this new reality is probably very comparable to how 2014 felt for Dean at the time: A complete nightmare.  But even thought his all seems horrible and tragic and screaming for drama. I can’t help but think of another nice reverse mirror/parallel. 5x04 was titled “The End”, now in 12x01 the Winchesters by getting their mome back can write a new beginning and with that also an enirely new ending.

one of the most fascinating parts of the passover seder—one of the most eminently quotable, as well—is the narrative requirement that you envision yourself as someone who was taken out of slavery. in many ways, this is a call to action, to social justice: we are tasked with remembering the oppression of our people, and we must look around the world and see the oppression of others. we may not close your eyes and enjoy the victory of freedom: we must mix celebration with sorrow, taking wine out of our goblets with our fingers when we remember the plagues wrecked on the egyptians. this requirement shapes many sedarim all over the world, and i think it allows us to emerge as better people from the eight days of passover, hungry for the thick lushness of bread, for complicated meals and flavors and tastes. for the simplicity and comfort of routine.

but this requirement and call to action is not the only part of the passover seder that instills us with the promise of change. and while a lot of people—including myself—like focusing on the mandate to justice almost exclusively, this year i’ve found myself thinking much more about the happily ever after, about the gift of the ten commandments, the burden of freedom, and that elusive land of milk and honey. this year, for a number of extremely personal and emotional reasons, i’ve been thinking about the way passover is a promise of the future, not just a mandate of the past. the way passover creates a template, tabla rasa, for the year to come. the way it’s a beginning, the way it instills hope, and the way it creates structure for the year to come.

this year i’ve been thinking a lot about after. not just about dayenu (”it would have been enough,” we say, noting our liberation from slavery, our release into the desert, the gift of the torah, the gift of god’s presence), but also about the moment moshe looks over into the land of israel, forward and onward and into the future. the moment the children of israel cross into the land, the moment they put down roots and call themselves tribes of judah, reuven, binyamin. the moment they find names for themselves, find homes, find places where they can plant crops and expect to see them sprout. the moment we, as a wandering, placeless people, put down roots. the moment we become more than a faith–the moment we become a people. the moment we stop worrying about yesterday and today; the moment we can start worrying about tomorrow.

i’ve been thinking a lot about that moment. the apex of self-definition, of coming together, of community and of promise. not because it’s the end of the story, barely mentioned in the haggadah. but because it’s the beginning of the story, in a sense. it’s the moment we put down our history books, sweep away the remnants of food and wine, and talk to one another. it’s the moment we stop remembering, and it’s the moment we make plans. what will we do tomorrow? when do you think we’ll wake up? what time is it–do you think our seder was longer or shorter than anyone else’s? it’s the moment that i remember that my father is one of a few hundred heads of my family who have worn a kittel and stood at the front of our table and said we were slaves and now we are free with a voice that is terribly scratchy and getting older and fainter every year.  one day i will stand at the head of that table with my partner, and it will be me making that proclamation of faith. i will be the next in the line of jews who celebrate, commemorate, and then continue

the seder gives us the gift of reflection. it’s a memorial. it’s a lesson. but sometimes i think it’s more than that–it’s the promise that even in the darkest of times, even in the bleakest of moments, there is always an after. there is a the bed that awaits us after the seder, after we put away our plates and glasses and trudge into bedrooms cool, dark, and welcoming. after the matzah crumbs have been swept off the table, after our stomachs are heavy and our hearts are light with wine and wonder. there is a later. there are eight days of dusty crumbling meals, eight days of regret, eight days of difficulty. eight days where we are reminded of the lowest points in our history–of those people who are still at their lowest points. the mandate of social justice, the call to action, the requirement to see suffering and to address it.

but then there is the ninth day. there is the tenth day. there is the week after, the month after. there is the opportunity to begin again, to look at the body of law handed to us in the vast, empty expanse of desert, and say i will, i can, i must. it is the promise of an unbroken chain, of thousands of years of judaism stretching in every temporal direction. it is the memory that wherever you go, the roots of your story will follow you. you are not alone, and you will never be alone.

this promise of tomorrow is especially meaningful to me. i’ve been thinking a lot about freedom blessed by the constraint of law and by the necessity of compromise. i’ve been thinking a lot about the future. both of these things sound difficult and terrifying sometimes–unbearably overwhelming, unacceptably heavy burdens. but lately i’ve also been thinking about the opportunity of the seder to impose order on all of this chaos–on the chance i will have to set aside a short period of time to reflect, to mourn, to dedicate myself to grounding my story in memory. and then i will be given the imperative of thinking about the future, about tomorrow, and about the promise given to the am, to my people. 

my grandfather once told me that jewish history is the promise of thousands of stars that was given to avraham. everything else is a consequence. he never told me that being jewish meant that you will never, ever be alone. you will never be just history. you will always have tomorrow.

now i think he never said this because he knew he didn’t need to. because he knew, one day, i’d figure it out.


A/N: Damn…I didn’t mean to go on this long of a hiatus. Really. I just started working full time and I didn’t have my laptop and I’ve been dealing with my stupid brain being dumb XD

 Anyway, here’s the next request. One more to go! This one’s for @painttainted. Sorry it’s so late!

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Rating: K+

Prompt(s): Marinette comforting Adrien - “That boy needs to let out his feelings.”

Word Count: 1384

Summary: Adrien finds himself in front of Marinette’s bakery after his father cancels their plans on an important day. Who else but Marinette could coax out the pain he feels and make him feel better? Adrienette Fluff. OneShot. Complete.

For the most part, Adrien was tolerant of his father’s continuous absence in his life.

He’d be disappointed—and missing the presence of the last parent he had—which took its toll once in awhile. There are only so many times your father can cancel on you before you start to think he’s trying to avoid you, and as much as Adrien knew that wasn’t the case, it didn’t stop those thoughts from getting the better of him.

But not today.

Today…Adrien was pissed.

Sure, ditch coming in to talk to his class about his job. Miss dinner because you need to stay late at the office. Give a pen as a present every year for his birthday. He could take those.

But of all days to cancel…today?

He couldn’t believe it.

The stone was cool beneath his fingertips as he brushed the fallen leaves from his mother’s grave. With l’automne just around the corner, a few leaves were starting to change and dust the ground, filling the air with their smell. The scent calmed Adrien as he traced the letters on his mother’s tombstone, doing his best to swallow the anger directed at his father.

He was failing miserably.

Gently, he rearranged the bouquet he’d brought before standing up. As much as this day hurt, there was a part of him that was grateful for the time he got to spend with his father. Gabriel had always set aside the whole day for his son and the two would mourn and celebrate her life.

With tears pricking the backs of his eyes, Adrien spun on his heel and nearly ran past Gorilla, away from the limo.

His driver knew better than to follow him.


He broke into a sprint soon after.

With the endurance he’d built up during his time as Chat Noir, it took him longer than he’d thought to tire himself out. His muscles ached, but didn’t scream at him.

He needed them to scream the way he currently couldn’t.

Head down, Adrien bit back his tears as he pumped his arms and legs harder, finding a nearby hill to push himself up. The back of his throat was raw and he needed water…

But he didn’t hurt enough yet to calm down.

It was only when he ran up a huge flight of stairs that he began to tire out.

His head began to swim and he stumbled into the side of a brick building. The sweet smell of warm bread invaded his nostrils and made his mouth water. His stomach churned as he pushed his way through the front door toward the intoxicating scent.

He blinked and looked around.

He was in a bakery.

Surrounded by bread, pastries, desserts…he wanted to eat it all. There was even a section with different styles of cheese which Plagg would’ve loved if he were with him.

He felt weird without his kwami.

The soft sound of footsteps grew louder and he looked up to behind the counter.

It was Marinette.

…what was Marinette doing here?

He nearly smacked his own forehead.

It was her parents’ bakery. Duh.

He managed a gentle wave and he watched as her face turned beet red.

“H-h-hi, Adrien,” she stuttered, a smile on her face.

“Hey, Marinette,” he said weakly. The feel of his vocal cords moving irritated his throat and he coughed into the elbow of his sleeve brutally.

Marinette went wide-eyed and dashed around the counter, hand hitting his back to help.

“Are you okay?” she asked, looking him over once he was able to stand upright again.

Adrien scratched the back of his neck and smiled weakly, “Yeah, just hungry…and thirsty.”

Marinette smiled wide, “Well…I can help with that.”

The two spent the next few minutes wandering around the shop finding something for Adrien to eat. There was so much variety and he just wanted to eat everything, but no way he could despite how hungry he was. They’d eventually settled on a €7.99 box deal and filled it up with croissants and other treats. It was only when he was cashing out he realized he didn’t have his wallet on him.

“Dammit,” he moaned, rubbing his forehead, “I forgot my wallet in the car.”

The designer smiled, “I can wait for you to run out and get it.”

Adrien shook his head, “Nah, it’s back at the cemetery.”

Marinette just stared at him.

“I ran here,” he blond explained, “I honestly don’t even know how I ended up this far but it’d take me awhile to go there and back and even then I doubt it’s there anymore.”

The distinct chink of the register going through caught Adrien’s attention as a bottle of water and the box of food was pushed towards him.

“My treat.” She blushed.

“Marinette…I…I can’t…I mean…”

She waved him off.

“I-i-it’s the least I can do,” she managed to say, a shy expression on her face.

The warmth that built in Adrien’s chest at her gesture prompted him to open the box and smile a very Chat-like smirk.

“Only if you have them with me.”

They stood there, laughing and chatting away like they were the best of friends—which they were…they just didn’t know that—until there were no more pastries in the box and the sun was significantly lower. Marinette rounded the counter to shut the front door and turn the sign around to ‘CLOSED.’

“Oh crap…I should leave so you can close up.”

Marinette panicked slightly, “No! You don’t have to go! It’s okay, really, I—”

Adrien shook his head, “You’ve been too kind already, I don’t need to impose anymore. Plus I should probably get home anyway.”

Marinette held the door open as Adrien slipped out, smiling back at her.

“Thank you, Marinette,” he said, waving slightly, “you made today better for me.”

He turned to go but a question from the raven-haired girl made him stop.

“Uhm…if you don’t mind me asking, why were you at the cemetery?”

Adrien froze.

Should he tell her? It wasn’t a secret that his mother was dead, but it wasn’t advertised either and he didn’t really feel like going through another pity party.

His eyes met hers with the intent to avoid the question, but their bright blue shade instead left him saying, “My mother died a few years ago today.”

Marinette swallowed, brow furrowing in pained sympathy. “Oh…Adrien.”

And with those two words, he broke.

He told her about his father, and how he’d cancelled not just today, but so many other days. He told her about how things were different before his mother had passed away and before his father’s company had taken off. He told her about how he constantly felt that he wasn’t good enough and would never be good enough and how no matter what he did, he just couldn’t seem to please his father.

He didn’t know where all of this was coming from. He didn’t know why he was telling it to Marinette. There was a certain aura about her that just seemed to pull it out of him unconsciously, so familiar yet he couldn’t quite place it.


He pulled his head up from where it rested in his hands, doing his best to hold back the tears.

She rested a hand atop his shoulder, giving it a soft squeeze.

“No matter what anyone says, whether they’re your family or friends, know that you are good enough. Just the way you are.”

The tears surfaced, running down his cheeks as he cried in mourning. He wanted to see his mother again. He wanted his father back. He wanted the family back that he’d loved so much when he was small. He hadn’t really been hugged in years, and the loneliness was starting to eat away at him.

Gentle arms wrapped themselves around his shoulders, drawing his head to a soft chest.

He could hear a heartbeat.

“I’m so sorry, Adrien,” Marinette whispered, resting her chin atop his head. “I’m so sorry.”

He stayed there with her hugging him until his breathing steadied and couldn’t cry anymore.

“Thank you, Marinette,” he breathed, closing his eyes.

“Anytime, Adrien.”

And he knew that she meant it.


Blanca and I went on our pretty-much-yearly jaunt to Spain this week and I managed to squeeze in some more drawings (you can see last years’ here, I think overall they’re better). I have a slightly larger sketchbook atm so I tried to take advantage of it by doing full scenes rather than the usual bits and pieces. The result is a little less fun (no little doodly self-cariactures in there) but it felt constructive. These drawings are posted in reverse chronological order - I think you can tell since the bottom one is super stiff, the middle one is fast and crazy and the top one gets a sort of balance. I did a few more but these are the only ones I liked! (actually i only like the top two here but I am posting the bottom one too to fill out space)

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! Working on a bunch of things at the moment but they’re all at kind of pupal stages. Probably will post a big burst of stuff in a few week’s time.

A New Addition

AUTHORS NOTE: Since you guys responded so kindly to my last fic, this one is a continuation of the general setup/idea of “What’s The Harm In Daydreaming?”. Hopefully I can get a main basis set up in this one and kind of relate my others around it. If that makes any sense lol


Bruce had been told to meet with Harley and Joker that night, but again was given no explanation as to why. He knew better than to think whatever they wanted to meet him for would be simple. Nothing is simple with those two. It had been a few months since he’d seen them which he found slightly concerning. It’s unusual for them to stay out of trouble that long.

He arrived at the abandoned apartment buildings and surveyed the surrounding area for any traps. Everything seemed safe, so he continued to the back parking lot; the usual meeting spot for these occasions. He heard what sounded like quiet humming, which he quickly identified as Harley.

“Ya here! Finally, I’ve been waitin’ for ya, Bats!”

Harley said as she skipped over happily and stuck out her hand. On her finger was large diamond ring with her initials carved into the gold band.

“Pretty nice, huh?”

Harley smiled and admired the large ring. Bruce didn’t really know how to respond at first, but decided it was best to stay civil.

“Where did you get that ring, Harley?”

“Where do ya think? My Puddin’ gave it to me!”

She giggled and twirled her hair innocently. Bruce looked around and noticed she was alone. He figured Joker must have been busy but was partly glad to not have to deal with him.

“I didn’t want to make such a big decision without havin’ a ring. I have standards ya know!”

Bruce had no idea what she was talking about and had the feeling he’d regret asking. Despite knowing he’d likely not like the answer, he knew he had to ask.

“What decision?”

Harley laughed and took off her jacket.

“Ya didn’t notice? Geez, B-man, for being ‘The World’s Greatest Detective’ you ain’t too bright. I wasn’t supposed to say anything yet, but I can’t keep it to myself anymore…”

She rubbed her growing belly and smiled happily.

“I’m pregnant…”

Bruce was hoping this was all a joke, but she seemed much too sincere.

"So that’s why you two have been so quiet… Am I the only one who knows this?”

Bruce asked sternly. Harley scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“Of course not! But ya do have the honor of being the third person to know about our new addition. I’d be pretty flattered if I was you.”

“I thought you would have known to be more careful.”

Harley frowned; looking quite offended.

“This baby is no accident. I’d advise you not to ever imply that around Mistah J. I don’t think he’d be as forgiving as me…”

Bruce had so many questions but didn’t really know where to begin.

“Why would you do this, Harley?”

“Because it’s my life and I can do whatever the hell I want with it! It’s not like you can stop me now, Bats…”

She grinned menacingly before putting her jacket back on.

“Well, I gotta go. Mistah J is gunna be home soon and he told me not to stay out here too long. Bye bye, B-man…”

Bruce sighed as he watched her leave. He knew Harley was blinded by her obsession with Joker, but he didn’t think she’d take it this far.

Thoughts & Speculations

My last chance to speculate on what I think of the FF characters. After talking a lot with Jess a lot, I have a slightly better idea of each character, so this is my chance to look at it with fresh eyes. I don’t have any thoughts about Tengan, Kizakura or Miaya yet so I’m leaving them out.

Pictures downsized for length’s sake.

He’s one of my top 3 favorites. He doesn’t take shit from anyone.

He is just happy to be here and I am happy for him. Good for you, buddy.

Also, his voice is not what I was expecting. I was expecting something more like Alphonse from FMA (Kugiyama’s most popular role), but this is fine too, I guess. I’m sure it’ll grow on me.

In addition to his voice, he also has a feminine speech pattern (from the one line of dialogue I heard.) It’s cute.

I thought he was just a regular asshole, but apparently he’s just one to people he doesn’t like? Which is Naegi & Co. His character relationship chart has him in a pretty mutually respectful partnership with both Sakakura and Chisa, so at least he doesn’t treat them as disposables.

When I first heard about his character, I joked about “he probably only talks to her because he wants candy,” given how apathetic he looks. Turns out that’s true. It would be funnier to me if the candy wasn’t described as “strong as narcotics,” which basically means that he’s addicted to them, and probably willing to do whatever she says. That starts crossing into “okay, that’s dark” territory.

I do think it’s interesting. A junkie/dealer sort of relationship where Ando has control and it looks like Izayoi has none. 

She’s cute, but not cute enough for me to overlook how she’s drugging a person specifically to keep them subservient. She’s clearly keeping Izayoi as an attack dog, and bribing him with sweets. I don’t want to say “alienating him from people” because it doesn’t look like he would want to talk to anyone anyway, but she’s… sneaky.

I think his character is cool and everything, but Sakakura just seems like a less-likable Mondo Oowada to me. The whole “completely devoted to serving Munakata” is interesting, because those two have always seemed like the most dangerous players to me.

I weep for this man. This situation probably is not helping his stress.

 I was interested in her character before but holy moley look at that.

Also really cute, but I actually trust this one.

To be complete honest, I didn’t like the last episode except for knowing Mason was the beast (although I’m slightly skeptical about it).

Let’s start with no Kira and Arden DID filmed for this episode. Honestly, I’m really irked and mad about this because I believe that she was cut out necause of Crystal Reed and that’s what pisses me off the most.

The fact that Crystal decided to be killed off the show was because she DIDN’T WANT TO BE ON THE SHOW. She was done. Over. But now, Teen Wolf is praising her ass and she is suddenly back, not as Allison, but still her. What’s the point of quitting a show but accepting to be part of it for an episode as someone else? I can’t be the only one who thinks that she returned because no one else would offer her something better? If you ask to be out of something is completely, but I digress. They gave all the screentime to Crystal because she is “oh so amazing and the one the fandom adores to death”, and then there’s Arden.

Arden who is always promoting the show, giving her best, SHE IS AMAZING AS AN ACTRESS AND EVERYTHING SHE DOES, and the whole fandom sides her because “she is Allison’s replacement” which we all know she clearly isn’t but this fandom sucks that much. I will be honest here, I won’t be upset if Kira gets killed off. I love her to death, seriously, and Arden as well but Teen Wolf DOES NOT DESERVE ARDEN IN THEIR CAST.

She gets cut out of scenes and she is a main and she has a storyline running. Scenes that SHE DOES FILM but the crew cuts them off.

We all saw how Ian went against her with the Paris attacks and how bad he treated her, he sucks so much I’m glad his ass isn’t back on the show and I hope he never returns for being a rude mf.

This fandom just sucks over all and she doesn’t deserve the hate she gets of “Being Allison’s replacement”, “Get your shit together with your fox side already”, “Beings just Scott’s love interest”, “Being a boring character” and many more which I call bullshit.

Arden deserves much more than what she gets by being a part of this fandom. I wish that we could somehow let know the Teen Wolf producers/writters/team how upset we are about this and for them to get their shit together because what they did with Arden was seriously a DICK MOVE just to praise Crystal when she decided to leave everything while Arden is there and being loyal, but then again, this fandom only cares for Allison and Scallison and they care of nothing else which is truly sad and selfish and assholic of most of this fandom.

Good old Watson! You are the one fixed point in a changing age.

His Last Bow, Arthur Conan Doyle

I think one of the questions that I still can’t put a finger on is what flicks the switch to Victoriana in Sherlock’s mind, if that is indeed what is going on in TAB in some way. I found this quote interesting, especially in terms of the broader context of the quote, the full being:

“Good old Watson! You are the one fixed point in a changing age. There’s an east wind coming all the same, such a wind as never blew on England yet. It will be cold and bitter, Watson, and a good many of us may wither before its blast. But it’s God’s own wind none the less, and a cleaner, better, stronger land will lie in the sunshine when the storm has cleared.”

Now we have the sunshine reference (I think I’m connecting correctly) already in the trailer, and I find it slightly interesting that we get the East Wind mention on the tarmac and the mindpalace, and now both of these “scenes” might both converge (a mindpalace moment upon return to the tarmac).

A changing age indeed. With Watson at the center. 

This still gets me nowhere, just putting drabbles of thoughts out into the void….