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@polyamorousparson tagged me for the fic writer’s self rec!!! 

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)”

I did this a few months ago I think?? But I’ve changed my mind on some stuff idk man, this is hard for me… maybe I have 5 recent ones? We will see 

1) Howl Nursey/Dex (AO3) (Tumblr Post)

Over his first few weeks at Samwell, Dex becomes sure of three things. 1) Eric Bittle is not entirely human, 2) Larissa Duan is most certainly a Druid, and 3) Derek Fucking Nurse is the most annoying person he’s ever met in his life.

As Kat said, every fandom needs a teen wolf style werewolf AU… right? I wrote this fic over the course of a couple of days, which was pretty fast for me, because I was super excited about it. I actually re-read it the other night and fell in love again… and fixed a few things i did not like lol

2) Bite Down Nursey/Dex (AO3) (Tumblr Posts)

It’s the Fall of 2016, and the air is filled with chirps, UST, and the scent of AXE drifting from the LAX House. The weekends are filled with pumpkin carving, costume parties, and enough shenanigans to keep the SMH team on their toes. Oh, and hockey, there’s a little bit of that. Dex and Nursey are sharing the attic now, have become kind of sort of best friends, and spend a lot of time pining. Secretly. For each other.

Or basically, a normal autumn in the Haus.

this is just like… my typical, goofy, assholes in love nonsense, you know?? 

3) You + Me = Better Math Ransom/Holster (AO3) (Tumblr Post)

Justin doesn’t think about it.

The problem of course, lies in the fact that Justin has always been extremely successful at the things he puts his mind to. And sure, that’s all well and good, until one day he, Holster and Lardo are decorating the tops of their caps in the Haus kitchen, and the next Justin’s got three new roommates in a too small apartment in Providence, with almost 200 miles separating himself from his best friend.

Justin is decidedly thinking about it.

this is one of my favorite fics I’ve ever written!!!!! like, i struggle a bit writing holsom compared to nurseydex… but like!!! I!!! Love!!! Them!!!! 

4) Meat & Candy Nursey/Dex (AO3) (Tumblr Post)

Billy Poindexter might be great at hockey, and working hard, and annoying his sisters, but he definitely needs some help when it comes to navigating his emotions. He’s not sure what’s worse, still missing the girl that broke up with him over a year ago, or being on the same defensive line as the rich pretty boy asshole she was “friends” with at their preppy, private high school. As Billy becomes Dex, he not only becomes part of the team at Samwell, but learns that maybe he doesn’t hate Derek Nurse so much after all.

This is the monster, the ONE, the fic i poured my heart and soul into while projecting heavily onto Dex. But like, I still like it a lot?? I know we don’t need another fic from Dex’s POV but oh well.

5) Mission: Impossible Nursey/Dex (AO3) (Tumblr Post)

When Nurse asks Dex to be his fake boyfriend for the night, he probably should have said no. In fact, he probably should have said no over a year ago when Sgt. Duan asked him if acclaimed writer Derek Nurse could shadow him for a little while. But as usual, Dex has made all the wrong decisions.

And this is the one that will haunt me forever until I write more for this AU lol. But I re-read it the other night and I was like… oh yeah, this is why you guys are all yelling at me in the comments lol. Good times. :D

(Honorable Mention goes to I’ve Been Thinkin’ Bout Forever which made me cry while I was writing it and will probably forever be one of my favorite things I ever wrote)

I tag… @geniusorinsanity, @dizzy-redhead, @chillwhiskey, @angeryginger and @ahausonfire (as always, if you have already done this or do not feel comfortable please do not feel pressured)

The Year of Intelligent Tigers

Some A shit ton of highlights of the last EDA I’ve read (The Year of Intelligent Tigers). Probably my longest post so far.

I took these screens while reading, along with my reactions. As usual, this is full of spoilers.

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Cap-IM Exchange Fic: Think of This as Solving Problems (That Should Never Have Occurred)

Authors have been revealed for the @cap-ironman Holiday Exchange, and I may now dramatically reveal my secret identity! I did, in fact, write a very long early-canon 616 identity porn & amnesia story for @captainshellhead:

No one knows Tony is Iron Man. Then Tony gets amnesia, and literally no one knows Tony is Iron Man.

I wish to thank @beckydawolf and @kalashia for beta, and a large number of people (see story notes) for helping out in various other ways.

The story title was borrowed from They Might Be Giants’ Erase, my new favorite song about amnesia. Also it occurred to me after I posted it that these two panels from Deadpool vol 3 #7 are essentially a summary of this story. Ha.

Read Think of This as Solving Problems (That Should Never Have Occurred) on AO3 (35,216 words).

Welcome to my blog

Here, I’ll write scenarios with characters from my favorite anime, boku no hero academia. There are a few rules and things you should remember:
-I don’t think I’ll do rape or any kind of abuse for now. I don’t feel comfortable with it and have no idea how to write those.
- I’ll do 3 characters at a time for now. The number might go up in the future.
- I’ll do s/o and ships even if I don’t ship it.
- If s/o you’ll have to tell me the prounouns. (I’ll use they if not told)
- I’ll also do storys with the characters as your siblings or parents. As long as it follows these rules.
-I might do nsfw if requested.
- You can request any character who has been seen on the manga so far.
Thank you for understanding. I can’t wait to see your requests!

Here’s my “Tribute to The Legend of Zelda” ! I worked on this piece off and on for the past few weeks in between work and projects. I think it’s finally finished. This piece was done just for fun and practice, and is dedicated to one of my favorite series of games. There might be a character from this game and that, it’s not particular to any certain one. Hope you guys like. And thanks to Shigeru Miyamoto for countless hours of gaming fun. +10 pts if you can name all the characters.

20 Questions

My favorit pal @the-whovian-down-baker-street tagged me! Thanks buddy!

1. NAME: *sh gesture* (Embry)
2. NICKNAMES: Em, Embers, Bibs, Bibbles, Goof, Bean, there might be more?
3. ZODIAC SIGN: Libra (the scale)
4. HEIGHT: 5″6 
5. ORIENTATION: Demiromantic Asexual. 
6. ETHNICITY: Latinx (Dominican)
7. FAVORITE FRUIT: ….first off how dare you make me choose, second, mangoes.
9. FAVORITE BOOK: I… actually can’t think of any? Uh… Magic Treehouse idk I’m sorry.
10. FAVORITE FLOWER: Forget-me-nots (i love so many flowers,,,)
11. FAVORITE SCENT: Fresh rain, freshly sliced fruit, and new books
12. FAVORITE COLOR: Lime green
13. FAVORITE ANIMAL: Brown bats
14. TEA, COFFEE, OR HOT CHOCOLATE: Hot chocolate, but honestly coffee is good too
15. SLEEP HOURS: …*poor attempts to mask laughter* /oh darling/. 
16. CAT OR DOG: Cats.
17. FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER: Lucas Cassia (the other side)– actually, just everyone in the other side plus danny fenton except maura. Fuck Maura.
18. FAVORITE MOVIE: Song of the Sea and the first Curious George movie (the /palette/
19. WHEN DID I MAKE THIS BLOG: sometime in January 2015
20. NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS: a solid beautiful 80. Like the grades I wish I had. 

I wish I had friends, and if I may be extra wishful, ones that weren’t already tagged… so, I tag anyone who wants to! Go wild!


SPLATOBER DAY 2! Your favorite gear!

I have a huge soft spot for the backwards cap, leather jacket and gold High horses. I cheated and did this last night…but…did I actually cheat? It was already past midnight so I think I nailed it haha.

I want to colour these at some point, but I’m no where near my tablet so I might have to go back and colour them at a later stage.

Wanna join the splatoon themed drawing challenge? Join ussssss 

Dad, Dimensia and Disneyland

We used the passes we received from putting on some cosplay, and cheering on the #CarolCorps & the other runners at the Half Marathon, in order to take some visiting family to Disneyland. They hadn’t been in 20 years and there has been a few changes. Well, we also decided we would bring our Dad.

He was not amused.

Dad has Dimensia/Alziehmer’s. He hates anything out of his normal day-to-day schedule. Which is mostly Netflix. So this was like the worst day ever, for him. But then he’s like that everyday. Everything is an extreme. Also he won’t admit it, but I think he takes pride in his grumpy personality.

We had to bring him to Cars Land though. Cars is his favorite disney/pixar/anything animated movie. Mater is the same model vehicle as his old Welding Truck. He loves the accuracy of the tires, Mack w/ his bulldog hood ornament and the old Jeep, Sarge, reminds him of his dad’s jeep. Also the racing reminds him of going down to the speedway and a million stories that he will tell all jumbled and mixed together. 

He used to be a Welder and Mechanic. Vehicles were such a large part of his life. He hasn’t driven one in something like 10 years. You can tell he really misses it. 

Another reason I wanted him to come is that Dad’s favorite movie, hands down, has to be Cap2:Winter Soldier. You can meet Cap now, like you can with the Princesses, and I knew we had to do that. Dad has seen that movie twice a week since it came out. Maybe more. 

Dad gets stuck in story loops sometimes. He can only remember 3 stories about Disneyland. 1) When he was 9 or 10, he and his brother swapped seats in the middle of riding Autopia and an employee burst out of the bushes and screamed at them. 2) His grad night and the bands that played. 3) And the last story, when he and my mom lost me for a couple hours when I was a child. Good times.

Here we are trying to make new memories.

That is the face of someone meeting one of his favorite animated characters.

You can feel the joy.

You might not be able to see his glee behind all of his anxiety. When it was our turn, Dad went up to Mater and inspected his engine. Once he saw no spark plugs he became very worried about Mater. He asked the character-wranglers if they had any and even offered to change the oil on the truck. I have to point out that if I ask him to help me change the oil on my car he has a mini panic attack because he is afraid he won’t do it right. For him to outright offer his help? He must love that truck. Too bad the camera can’t tell.

Giving him a shopping cart to control can be kind of hazardous for other shoppers so I thought, what the heck, let’s do bumper cars! While in line Dad notices the Tig welding and starts reminiscing 

He was worried again but I made him drive his own car anyway. He got flustered and had to ask for help. 

He forgot he was supposed to be grumpy for a little while.

It didn’t last long though. Back to everything being the worst. Humbug. Maybe more time behind the wheel? To AUTOPIA!

I made him drive again. Another flustered spew of complaints but he did it.

He can still give a mean Side-Eye.

Luckily no one jumped out of the bushes and screamed at us. He didn’t want to show it but he enjoyed it and even wished they went faster.

Next we were off to meet his Hero, Steve Rogers.

I don’t mean that Captain America is his favorite superhero. No. I believe my dad has started to think of Cap2:WS as a documentary. 

Here is ol’ stomach stripes helping my dad out of the wheelchair.

And that was Cap letting my dad win an impromptu arm wrestle. Dad randomly challenges people. I’m kinda afraid of what might happen if he ever meets Lou Ferrigno…

He asked Steve if it was true he was 95 and saved the world, and promptly thanked him for doing so. Cap was very patient with him. I probably should have told the guy my dad had Dementia/Alziehmer’s but Dad didn’t let me get a word in. He was so excited.

Out of no where, Dad asked Cap “Where’s Natasha?”

Let me just say here that my dad Ships Steve & Nat. He has no idea what that means but he ships them so much. He thinks Nat would be so much better for Steve than “that nurse that is always doing laundry”

So yeah, he asked Cap and Cap responded “Who? Agent Romanov? I’m impressed. Not many people are on a first name basis with the Black Widow. You know I can’t divulge her location, it’s Top Secret”

Eventually Dad accepted that and we parted ways with the good Captain. So yeah, that was my Dad asking a Disneyland employee for more female superhero representation.

After that Dad inspected the welding on the Mark 1.

I got him onto Space Mountain. In the middle of the ride I just hear him say “this was a mistake” He didn’t want anymore spaceships so he sat out Star Tours but I got him to join us for Indiana Jones by asking him what kind of tires are on the jeeps. The ride was so bumpy that he informed me that they must be Land Rovers, not Jeeps.

Soon the sun started to set and Dad decided he was freezing to death. Everything was the worst.

He was so cold he wished he had never left home and was watching Little House on the Prairie. 

But then it was time for our fast passes for Radiator Springs Racers. I have been wanting to take him on that ride for years now.

He was maintaining his grumpiness pretty well until the speakers started making powerful engine noises. 

He started Speed Shifting and a little smile kept popping through.

He really enjoyed that ride. He even put his hands up for a bit. He also got a little competitive with kid in the car next to us. He was so happy to see the Hudson Hornet and all the characters. 

Not that the camera could usually tell. 

Dad did claim that he was dying a couple times during the day and needed to go to the hospital, or just drop him at Pick-A-Part with his Jeep. (He has convinced himself that it is a legitimate option when the time comes) But it turned out he was just hungry and needed some food. Apparently he can’t tell the difference anymore between hungry and dying.

We asked if he wanted a season pass, so we could come on days that we watch him (and give my mom some days off). He flat out said NO, it was a waste of money. But then we asked him if he wanted to come back and ride Cars Land again and he could not hide his smile. He tried to hide it but it didn’t work.

So now Dad has a season pass. 

Might not be the happiest place on earth, but it has it’s moments.

Alziehmer’s/Dementia is a progressive disease no matter how good the medication.  I don’t know how long we have with him, but I hope we can give him some good memories


Tunney Week: Favorite Tunney Screen Caps

I choose these as my favorite screen caps because I believe they might have been Robin’s TM character, Lisbon’s, too. They’ve just taken their vows and it’s time to kiss the bride. I think Mrs. Jane would have loved her dewy eyes looking with love and shy expectation to her husband. And she would have loved seeing those same feelings reflected in his eyes, her new ring on his finger, as he lifts her veil for what would become a long passionate kiss. Because Mrs. Jane would not let go of the kiss and Mr. Jane was soon lost in it. Their first moments as husband and wife, soon to share their first nuptial kiss. I like to think of these photos in their wedding album. It’s just too beautiful.


Stay With Me
Sam Smith
Stay With Me

Jehki and I used to have a Dropbox folder where we shared music, pictures, documents…basically everything we think the other might be interested in. I opened the folder for the first time in months last week and saw an audio file titled “FOR MONKEY” (caps and all). Monkey was his pet name for me.

I had no idea what it was and to be very honest, a part of me didn’t want to find out. I was afraid I would hear his voice and I wasn’t sure what it might do to me. But I manned up and opened it anyway.

It was a recording of him singing Stay With Me by Sam Smith, my favorite song by one of my favorite vocalists.

I spent the last hour replaying his cover, letting the lyrics resonate and sink in. I missed his voice so, so much. J was an incredible singer; everyone who has ever heard him sing absolutely loved him. He used to send me a cover every week and he always picked songs that he knew I would love.

If J was still alive, I’d ask him why he chose this song because even though he knew I was obsessed with Sam Smith, he never knew that I had a particular soft spot for Stay With Me. If J was still alive, I’d ask him why he added this recording into our Dropbox without telling me. How long was he going to wait for me to discover it on my own?

If J was still alive, I’d scream my answer to his questions…

I don’t want you to leave, will you hold my hand?
Oh, won’t you stay with me?


anonymous asked:

Hello! A friend of mine recommended i drop you a message because I am wanting to learn more about the Steve-Bucky-Natasha arc of the marvel comics after seeing cap 2, but I know there are a lot of comics out there and I'm not quite sure where to begin reading. Do you think you might be able to help me with that? Thank you for your time!


Okay, so here’s a list of comics you’re gonna want to pick up:

That’s a pretty good start, I think, although if you can find a good New Avengers omnibus edition that includes the Dark Reign and Siege storylines, I would pick that up too because there’s lots of lovely Bucky/Nat in that era. 

Have fun, and prepare yourself for feels!! :)

miyomika  asked:

I was told that describing clothing is the domain of "the most horrible of amateur writers", but still I believe, that doing that may help express some parts of characters' personality, even though they are not bound to fashion industry in any extent. What is your opinion about applying certain ways of clothing to certain heroes and heroines?

One of my favorite creative writing professors at school used to say “Any rule can be broken as long as it’s done brilliantly.” That being said I think there are some merely clever ways to break this “rule.” Describing clothing can be helpful in certain situations. For example if the character is trying to go into hiding describing the fact that he is in a trench coat and a baseball cap might come in handy. Or if someone sees another person from far off and can only make out clothing it might be interesting to see what they’re wearing and get a feel for the person they’re seeing. I think the key here is to avoid getting too bogged down in description. You can say she slipped on a pair of jeans and a t shirt before leaving the house, but you don’t want to spend 5 pages showing her trying on every scrap of clothing in her closet. It’s mostly a matter of when and how much, but it is by no means a rule that NO ONE is allowed to describe clothing EVER! Try playing around with different amounts of description and see what flows best to you.

Happy Writing,