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Kiss Me

Requested by @mikimiska113 - Dany and Jon get drunk while on Dragonstone and stuff happens. 

I guess this is kind of like a sequel to How much of that did you hear? (here) if you’re interested in reading that. Because I did kind of wonder what actually happened in the study. 

Maybe a little nsfw and a little smutty…not even full smut or anything but this is just what I wrote lol because I haven’t written a passionate makeout session in a few days (or maybe I have and I just don’t remember). 

Um…not really spoilers for Episode 5? I’ve managed to stay away from the spoilers, it’s just general plot stuff from last episode. 

The wine is sweet on her tongue and the rush of intoxication that warms the pit of her stomach helps ward off the cold of the winter chill. 

“More wine, Lord Snow?” She doesn’t know exactly how this came about; he’d had to talk with her about the Dragonglass and they were both still slightly embarrassed about what had happened while she was in the bath, but she’d poured glasses for them to be polite…and somehow she’d ended up pouring more. 

He nods, nudging his glass forward so she can top it off. “It’s good. What is it?”

“Dornish red, fresh from the vineyards. A gift from Lady Ellaria and her daughters.” Thinking about the Dornish makes her chest twinge unpleasantly, remembering where they most likely are now-in the merciless hands of the Mad Queen. Westerosi wines are different from those in Essos.”

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Hearts of the Court (Seokjin AMBW Smut)

So, I think I want to turn this into a chaptered series. I don’t know yet, I guess it depends on what you guys think. Yes this is ambw though I don’t really put a coloring on this, I just really like the thought of a black woman as a queen. In case you’re also curious to know I got this spin off really from a commercial but also thinking about Queen Red and Alice in Wonderland.

“My queen, the black jacks have decided to attack again.” One of your subjects informed you.

“What?!” You almost shouted, anger rising in your voice as your hand stilled in the midst of a word, the black ink bleeding onto the paper creating a mess that you didn’t notice until the male who stood in front of you in a red suit had pointed out. He gave a hesitant smile, he was so beautiful, the red suit complimented his eyes as funny as that sounded. He had dark brown hair, tiny dimples on each side of his cheeks. He was young, new to the field but you kept him by your side because he was cunning, charming, and most importantly loyal. He shifted side to side noticing how your eyes roamed over him, a fear deep in his gut that you would take your anger out on him once again like before in the past.

“Thank you for informing me Jungkook.” Your voice rang out a bit harsh and cold after a few seconds, he jumped and bowed his head looking at you as he inched closer.

“Y-yes my lady, but what do you want us to do about this? Unless the King of Black Diamonds calls it off, we will be in deep trouble lady red.” The way your head snapped up and eyes seemed to turn bright must have really scared Jungkook because he paled in the face and moved backwards. You seeing this sighed gently the last thing you wanted to do was to have to find a new right hand man or woman for that case.

“I’m sorry for snapping Jungkook, please prepare my horse. I will go talk to him myself okay? In the meantime, can you please round up more troops and set them on the front line. I will allow you to stay here as well, I expect to be back sometime tomorrow.

“B-but my lady!” Jungkook argued walking close to you as you stood up. He towered over you by a few inches frowning as he looked down at you. “You can’t go alone! What if he becomes dangerous and- takes you hostage? Then who will lead us!” Jungkook questioned fear in his eyes. You gave a soft laugh, a hand reaching up to cup his cheek before you pinched it bringing him closer to you. Soft whimpers of pain left his lips as he looked down at you leaning close with your guidance. Despite you being somewhat angry your eyes trailed to his lips, a curl of your own had his face tinting the lightest of pinks as he became flustered.

“Jungkook, I know that you worry but I am queen red. Queen of hearts and I have run this empire for years. Look around at this room, at my castle, at my court. We may be under attack but I am still in charge and as long as we are not being massacred we will be fine. And let’s not forget who you call mommy.” You let his cheeks go, the male who was once a flustered mess stood up straight pulling down his suit taking a step back he nodded his head. “I will go prepare your horse.” He turned on his heels to walk out of the big spacious office that belonged to you, approaching your large set of dark brown oak doors he looked back at you pausing in his tracks. “Queen red?” He called out for you as you let one of your hands rest against the desk nodding his way.

“Yes, Jungkook?” You asked softly curiosity on your features.

“In a couple of more weeks, I will be a man. And I can’t wait to fuck you against that desk until you realize exactly that.” He slammed the door, leaving you shocked and your mouth hanging open but you could bet that he was running away with a racing heart not believing he had just done such a thing. Sighing, you took down your hair from the tight bun that had been placed there, walking towards your glass windows, the train on the bottom of your deep red rose dress drug the ground. The front of the dress dipped down towards your breast, showing the peeks of them, the curves of the plump flesh as the shoulders hung off against your arms. The bottom was large and puffed out, and your crown, that was decorated with the finest and most pure red gems ranging from rubies to diamonds rested on top of your head with the gold outline glittering and shining through the window. Humming in thought you looked ahead at the other castle that was being shown to you due to the lights that decorated the outskirts of it.

“Seokjin..” You murmured feeling your own cheeks heat up as you walked towards your bedroom turning from the window. Moving into your grand room, you stripped off the dress after great difficulty but you would have been damned to have anybody else help you undress due to the countless hickeys your skin was always decorated with when.. You needed stress relief from the young henchman. It took you a few minutes to struggle and rage around your room to get out of the tight dress but when you did, you shed it for a red jumpsuit that had a tight leather fit to it. It curved up your body, the legs skinny and tight clinging to your form showing off your thighs, the top clinging to your plump breast as well, the spaghetti straps freeing you up to fight in combat if he need was there. Despite it looking tight you could move as freely as you wanted, going to place on red boots on your ankles you zipped them up on the inside hearing a knock on the door, you sat your crown down on your dresser looking at none other than Jungkook who was attempting to not look at your body.

“Your horse is ready, my queen.” He looked up above your head using the trick to make you think he was looking. Rolling your eyes, you nodded walking towards him you allowed him to lead the way towards the outside of the castle. Walking through your long hallways, your eyes lit up with pride at every panting, every royal door that you had even the tile that you walked on made your heart leap in joy. Your mother was way more ruthless and mean then you were, you didn’t even know how she found love but you were happy that you were the only child who could take over her job and run it well after she and your dad past. Once you got outside, Jungkook brought your horse to you bowing his head along with your other servants that were seeing you off.

“Jimin, make sure to keep Jungkook in line while I’m gone.” You teased the dark brown haired male that gave a soft chuckle seeing the frown that graced Jungkook’s handsome features.

“Please return safe.” Was the only words Jungkook muttered, despite you feeling glad that he realized not to question you, you hated leaving with him mad especially when he didn’t say his little corny childish lines like ‘see you soon’ or ‘think about me there and back’. Huffing you grabbed at his hand pulling him with you and the horse a few feet away from the guys.

“Jungkook, do not mope like a child. You are about to be a man yes? Then as a man, realize that I will make decisions that you will not always understand. I need you here, do you hear that? I don’t need anyone else but I need you alive. If I lose you, I have no one, you know too much and you are far more valuable to me than anyone else in this court.” You urged softly frowning as you looked at him. “And I promise, when I come back I will make sure that you do everything you ever wanted to me. As soon as this dies down, I will submit to you, all the way.” You promised placing your hand on his chest. Jungkook looked down at you with wide eyes, about to open his mouth and question how serious you were until he saw the look in your eyes and he let it go. Picking you up he helped you get onto the horse, bowing his head once again.

“Be safe my queen.” He cooed patting the horse’s ass causing it to move forward as you nodded your head letting your heels kick the white horse’s side gently she took off charging down the wooded path.

“And don’t ride Jin dick too much or Jungkook will be sad!” Jimin called out in a soft teasing voice laughing as he watched a dejected Jungkook walk back to him.

“Hey she said she was going to submit to me!” He tried to reason.

“Does that mean you think you’re as good as Jin is?” Taehyung asked in disbelief.

“Because she’s been submitting to him. She’s just now bringing you up to speed.” Jaebum reminded as they walked to secure the premises of the castle.

“And how do you all know these things again?” Jungkook asked becoming defensive.

“Well, because for starters it never takes over a day to arrive there and back. If she really wanted to just handle business she would be back here by noon in the morning. Also, have you not seen the only black shirt that she has in her room that she wears to sleep? Why black when we are the red knights? This is the RED castle! And finally, you forget that he has henchman too. Some that we have to meet for their treaties. You’ve seen how they respect her right? That’s not a coincidence. And look up, the lights have changed at his castle to all be related to the color red.” Jimin stated listing his fingers off.

“And the most important thing is, they talk to us. Jackson shit talks a lot.” Hyungwon sighed softly and Jungkook looked off after you, feeling something stir inside of his heart that he couldn’t explain.

“They also have a Hoseok like we do. Need any more evidence?” Mark asked causing Jungkook to groaned as everyone including Wonho gave soft chuckles of laughter.

“Don’t worry man, she may be riding to him but I be she’s thinking about you.” Jaebum cooed in his voice mocking him causing the men to yell out in heaps of laughter as Jimin clapped his back throwing one arm around him.

The ride to Jin’s castle was a bit boring and some part of you wished that you would have brought some protection, however you couldn’t risk it and you knew that he would have people waiting for you. You knew that he was well aware that you were coming. He always had the guards change the color of the lights scheme to fit red in some form or fashion, it felt like he was taunting you. The wind blew gently, pushing and throwing your hair against your cheeks and up into the air. Though it should have been dark, there was traces of light all around you and the strong white mare that carried you made sure she kept her pace unwavering. Your hands held onto the reigns tight, letting the horse lead the pace as your mind raced with thoughts. Why was he letting this happen? He had some control over the black jacks, even if it wasn’t a lot he knew how to make this stop. But here he was, letting them attack your court, what you didn’t understand was the attack itself. They didn’t hurt anyone, and they didn’t try to charge past the front lines, so he must have wanted to see you. Trying to shake silly thoughts from your head, you rode your horse until you were approaching the gates where his men were already waiting.

“It’s so nice to see you again queen red.” Jackson cooed softly. His hair was dyed blonde with black highlights throughout, combed back against his scalp. He had on a full black suit even with a black button down shirt, but you could see that a clip part of his tie had a red streak around it. Giving a hard laugh you looked off before back down at him and then at the other three.

“Hello, is Jin here?” You asked softly as the mare started to become impatient standing in one place.

“Where else could he be? And would you really leave without seeing Jin first?” Namjoon asked from his position leaned against the gate with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Jin- is going to kick your ass if he hears you using his name like that loose lips.” You growled feeling your eyebrow twitch.

“You’re calling the wrong man that one.” Yoongi muttered under his breath opening the gate for you.

“Excuse you!” Jackson yelped out knowing that he was the one they were talking about from how they laughed.

“Seokjin is waiting for you in his office. We will take you there.” Hoseok called out while Kihyun grabbed the reigns from your hand walking the mare into the gates and up to the castle. You could feel other people’s eyes on you from the nearby towns that had been here for whatever reason. A lot of gasping happened, everyone always treated you like that whenever you came and you didn’t know if you hated it or admired it. Once you were at the door, you hoped off the horse with help of Yoongi and the squad led you into the large castle, completely opposite of yours and decorated in pure black.

“How is Jaebum?” Jackson asked as you all walked.

“My henchmen are all fine.” You replied calmly throwing your head in the air sticking your nose up in the air.

“Even Jungkook?” Hoseok asked causing you to feel a little flustered, as your cheeks seemed to heat up with your ears.

“He’s doing great. I told him to stay backwards to help hold things down. If anything, ever happens to me, I’ve left him as the one to take over.” You admitted with a kind affectionate smile to the male.

“Oh? Don’t you think he’s a bit young?” Seokjin asked standing against the door frame to his office. You blinked shaking your head quickly, too caught up in your thoughts of Jungkook you didn’t realize you had approached his room so fast.

“Excuse me?” You asked feeling a bit defensive as Jin challenged you. “Coming for a ‘man’ who can’t even keep the black jacks from attacking me I don’t think you have a right to say who’s a child in this.” You spoke with anger, clearly not thinking about what was said. The whole hallway got quiet, Jin’s features turned from observant to hard. His brown hair pressed into his eyes, the black suit he had on, had a red shirt under it and he stare at you with something that was a bit harsher than jealously.

“Leave us. It seems the queen has a few things to get off her chest.” Seokjin chirped turning on his heels to walk into his room.

“And something to put on yours.” Namjoon whispered as they all ran off chuckling like little school girls.

You rolled your eyes shutting the double doors looking around his office space, it seemed that it had gotten bigger since the last time you were here. Everything for the most part was black even his desk. He had bookshelves along the walls, a big renaissance painting on the ceiling. His big desk swivel chair was black as well. He moved to sit down behind his desk clasping his hands together to rest against the surface giving you a crooked smirk.

“Do not look at me like that Seokjin.” You warned moving to sit down in one of the large cushioned chairs in front of his desk.

“Ah, whatever has upset you Y/n?” He called out tilting his head.

“You know what! Why did you let them attack us like that! And why can’t you shut up your loose lipped men!” You were silently yelling though the office was sound proof because you didn’t trust him or them.

“My loose lipped men? What about yours! Besides, how else was I going to see you?” Jin asked and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes and lean back into your seat to cross your arms over your chest immediately acting like a child.

“I told you I was busy and I would come when I could! You know I need an excuse when there isn’t a war.” You sat up and he nodded

“I know, which is why I sent in a call to Hyolyn because I knew she would be able to do it for me.” He smirked proudly to himself as he leaned back in his chair.

“Seokjin this isn’t funny. Jungkook thinks something is wrong and he wants to prepare the teams for battle. You are going to get people hurt-“

“Jungkook..” Jin cut in. “Let’s talk about him since you want to bring him up so much.”

“Seokjin please.” You whined out not wanting to have this conversation.

“Please what? I have feelings too Y/N and you’re letting this child, this mere henchman take over what belongs to me.” Seokjin growled out drumming his fingers along the desk.

“That’s not fair don’t talk about him like that! Jungkook is becoming a man now, and he is only trying to look out for me.” You tried to reason.

“So. He is just a henchman.” Seokjin spoke and you could see the anger slowly taking over his features so you chose your words carefully.

“Yes, he is a henchman. He is my henchman and I need him beside me, he knows my secrets my everything and honestly Jin I can’t do this without him. He’s wonderful, and caring he’s charming and sweet and just-“

“How long have you been fucking him?” Seokjin asked you causing you to loose train of thought of your words and stare ahead at him.

“What?” You asked him and he rolled his eyes running fingers through his hair.

“I wasn’t born yesterday Y/N. I know you’re fucking him. You should have seen how your face lit up when you were talking about him. You used to always come when I called but since these last two years it’s been about him and what he thinks. We are allies not enemies so why can’t you come see me come to your court? This is your home too.”

“Jungkook doesn’t think that it’s a good look.”

“FUCK JUNGKOOK!” Seokjin shouted, shaking as he swiped his desk knocking papers down he stood up looking down at you, clearly affected by what you were saying.

“Does he even know about us? Like I know about him? Does he know what you do when you come here? Does he know you fuck yourself on my cock, how you cry out my name? Or maybe when it’s all said and done how you sleep in MY bed and eat MY breakfast not his!” Seokjin asked. “WELL?” He shouted when you didn’t answer and you jumped shaking your head no. Surprising you totally Jin shook his head plopping down in his chair.

“You’re free to go.” He excused you dismissing you with a wave of his hand.

“Excuse me?” You said again sitting up you heart slowly gripping with terror. Jin looked at you with a little snarl.

“I said go! It’s clear who you want to spend your life with! I’m tired of fighting. I’m not getting into this with you. If you don’t want to come than I know a woman who will and we will rule side by side. I, myself should maybe get a pretty henchman to keep by my side so that she can give me what you no longer can. Happy wedding and you can still give me an invite.” Seokjin shook his head and you couldn’t believe it felt like a break up. But the thought of being without him, or to even see him with another woman queen or not on his arms was something you didn’t want.

“That’s not fair Jin. You know it’s not like that.” You couldn’t say much but you tried to reason as if he had it wrong.

“Oh? Then, how is it?” He asked you. When you didn’t say anything, he shook his head sadly. “I thought we were going to finally tell them all about what we were and here you are once again running. I kept taking you back in foolishly, after all these years since we were a child. You may be an only child but so am I and just like you’ve had the world handed to me, I have too. I just haven’t had you included. Good bye, Y/N.” When Jin uttered those words, and stoop up to walk towards the door you were quick to grab his hand pulling him to you though he tried to get from your grip a few times. Grabbing at his cheeks you turned his head towards you pressing kisses against his lips throwing your arms around him so that he couldn’t leave easily, sitting on the desk you pulled him towards your body.

“Please don’t, don’t say those things to me. I know I’ve messed up and I’ve been bad but, I don’t want to lose you Seokjin please.” You whimpered kissing all over his face. Seokjin didn’t budge at first not wanting to let you off the hook so easily but feeling the kisses on his skin, and feeling your plump thighs wrap around his waist he couldn’t help but grip at you. He sighed softly grabbing at your hips giving in to let his lips meet against yours, pulling you close with his arms moving around to rest against your lower back he broke the kiss biting down on your bottom lip pouting.

“I don’t know if I can forgive you.” He whispered out. You smirked lightly unwrapping your arms from around his neck, you moved to sit him down onto the chair you were sitting in before, standing up you dropped down on your knees spreading his legs wide kissing up his thighs.

“I want to make it up to you. I won’t stop until you forgive me.” You frowned kissing his bulge.

“You know what to do then.” Seokjin groaned leaning back into the seat. You nodded your head, kissing up his body until you were straddling his waist, your hands moved up to play in his hair as your hips started to grind down against his, a soft moan coming from your lips. Immediately opening your mouth, you leaned over to his ear nibbling on the lobe speaking in a low seductive voice.

“My king, I want you so very badly. You know how to control my body, how to make me weak, how to make me beg you for it. You are the man that pleases me the most and I just want to feel every inch of your cock pounding deep inside of my pussy until I’m stretched out for you and taking you inch by inch. I want you to fuck me until I’m forgetting my name, make my pussy drip all over your desk, please put your tongue on me. I want to feel you eating me out my king. Please Seokjin I want you to make me yours and take me over and over again. I don’t want to feel my legs when you’re done fucking inside of me, I love it the best when you have me face down on the desk.” You urged, circling your hips as you dry humped him, you could feel him hardening under your ministrations and your own panties were becoming damp with arousal as you kissed onto his ear and down towards his jaw. You moved your lips to press against his, sucking on his bottom lip you felt his hips slowly roll up against yours, but he was poised not saying much not giving away his desires for you because he felt you had to work for it. Your tongue swiped across his bottom lip before you shoved it into his mouth and it dawned on you that he was rebelling so that you would in some sort top him like you did Jungkook. Hands cupping his cheeks you sucked on his tongue, letting your own muscle flick against his and pull it into your mouth making the kiss heated and sloppy. Jin let you take over only flicking his tongue into your mouth but not doing much besides that. You gripped at his shirt, groaning as you sucked on the flesh and traced your tongue across the roof of his mouth, breaking the kiss when you needed air, you started to unbutton his shirt, moving your lips to his neck to suck and bite on his skin. Once you had his shirt undone with his suit you pushed both of his broad shoulders kissing down his chest.

Your tongue swiped across his nipples causing him to stir slightly and tense up, your mouth falling on your knees as you kissed along the V of his hips. Your hands worked to undo his pants and pull them down with his boxers. His hips lifted so that he could help you guide his clothes off and rest towards his ankles. His legs spread wide for you, and your hand gripped at his shaft pumping it lightly, you moved to pepper kisses along his shaft but not wanting to tease you wrapped your lips around his thick girth. Pushing you mouth down onto his shaft you started to bob your head slowly, moaning as you had to relax your jaw, because he stretched out your mouth. You looked up at Seokjin who had dark eyes looking down at you. You saw his fingers twitch with the urge to touch you and force you down. You only took half of his cock into your mouth because he was so thick you would choke. Your tongue twirled around his shaft, pressing against his sensitive veins. Seokjin wasn’t able to handle your slight teasing after a while. He gripped at your hair forcing your head down feeling your tight throat wrap around the tip of his shaft. Groaning he threw his head back, snapping his hips up to bury himself deep down your throat each time, his nose scrunched up as the pleasure seemed to course throughout his body, his fingers threaded into your hair. He started to hold your head down while he choked you, feeling your throat muscles tense around him while you made gagging sounds. He pulled back to let you breathe before he did it again, one of his hand moving to cut off your air by pinching your nose. He held your head in place smirking at his looked at you taking back over.

“Look at how dirty you are for my cock. Always so eager to, please aren’t you? God, I could cum in this dirty little mouth but I would much rather reclaim that pussy with all of my cum.” Seokjin pulled your head from his shaft, helping you stand up as he released your nose letting you breathe again. He quickly undid your jump suit, moving to tear it down your body until it rested under your plump ass cheeks, pulling your panties to the side he plunged two fingers into your wet pussy scissoring you open. You gasped in pleasure throwing your head back as a wave of euphoria hit your body. He leaned his mouth down to latch onto your breast sucking harshly on your pert nipples pulling them with his teeth as he alternated between sides. He curved his fingers inside of you immediately landing on your spot, your hips twitched and bucked upwards and he knew then that he had found it. He attacked that spot, sucking on all parts of your breast until he marked you with hickies from his lips. He pulled back from you when he felt your warm velvet walls start to tighten around his fingers, sucking them clean he turned you around to press against the desk, aligning his shaft with your entrance he slowly pushed inside of you, burying himself to the hilt. You both groaned out, your hands reached up to grab the edge of the desk as you felt him fill you up to the brim. He pulled out of you and slowly slide himself back into you, letting the pace immediately pick up. His hands gripped at your hips keeping you rooted in place so that he could fuck you hard against the desk, your breast slid up and down the surface causing your back to arch as your cried out his name.

“Does he fuck you like this? Does he make you scream his name like this?” Seokjin questioned you, one of his hands moving around to cup at your clit rubbing it with his middle and ring finger tapping at your clit when he wasn’t rubbing it in harsh quick circles. You shook your head no, your words seeming to fail you as your hips bucked backwards when they could. He kept himself buried deep inside of you, not leaving no space or room as he rutted against you. He growled out lightly, slapping you at your ass cheeks until they were stinging and red.

“NO NO HE DOESN’T!” You were crying out under him, your body was shaking and feeling the mix of pleasure and pain together. He grits his teeth as he tried to push you towards the edge, his hand moved from your ass to grip at your hair making you arch your back, he shifted his hips to slam against your spot pulling you back down on him every time he thrusted up against you. He could feel you tighten up around him again fumbling to get your words out, he leaned over against you to brush his lips against your ear.

“He will never be able to fuck you like I can, and no matter what only I own this pussy. Every time he fucks you, my cum will always coat his cock just like it coats your pussy. When he eats you he will be tasting my cum, he will never be me. This pussy is mine.” The sheer words Jin uttered to you alone had you cumming onto his shaft, your body writhing in pleasure against the desk under him as your hands pushed against the desk to steady your quivering body. He continued to rut into you as you wrapped around his shaft and lost yourself into the pleasure, he held you close thrusting a few more times before he filled you up to the brim. He slowed his hips slowly, letting you both ride out your high as he pressed you against the desk kissing along your shoulder blade.

“You’re going to have to tell him soon.” Seokjin said with a soft sigh against your skin.

“I know Jin, I know.” You admitted biting on your bottom lip, but some part of you had a feeling he already knew.

trappedjesus475  asked:

Companions react to Sole giving them Christmas gifts, even though they have no idea what Christmas is. (Great gifts too, like armor mods and a jetpack attachment for Danse, or a brand new printing press for Piper, etc.) Oh and they don't expect any gifts in return.

In Fallout 4, if you go into Diamond City on December 25th, christmas lights are strung up around the city. That kind of winter holiday has been around for centuries, and would likely still be around for centuries in the future. However, some companions may have a better idea of “Christmas” than others.

Cait: “Well, shite, Sole, you didn’t need to get me anything.” She’s taken aback by the generosity, even a little suspicious. “You’ve got to want somethin’ in return.” But Sole insists, so she shrugs off the gift and pretends it doesn’t matter that much to her. But, later, she finds herself watching and re-watching the kung fu holotapes Sole got her. She even cracks a smile when she pulls off a roundhouse kick, just like they showed in the film.

Codsworth: His voicebox crackles with emotion. “Oh, Mx. Sole…” If a robot’s eyestalks could water, Codsworth would be weeping. It’s a handmade set of matching oven mitts and apron, with a mitt for every claw and an apron that fits perfectly around his torso. It’s a simple gift, but one that makes him overjoyed. He insists on wearing them every time he cooks.

Curie: “Oh, Sole!” She claps her hands to her cheeks in glee. Real lab equipment is rare in the wasteland. Test tubes are often chipped or cracked, medical textbooks are ruined, microscopes are broken… She runs up and clasps Sole in a hug, thanking them profusely for her pristine lab equipment. “It is so beautiful! I will be able to do so much with this!”

Danse: “I…” He’s speechless. To most, it would look like just a few boxes of tech. To Danse, it looks like the pieces to the finest power armor mods in the wasteland. He holds up each piece of metal in awe, running his fingers over it, making a plan in his mind for how to put them together. There’s the faintest glimmer of a tear in his eye. “This is so generous of you,” he says at last, with a shocked, sweet expression on his face.

Deacon: He stares. For once, for a few critical seconds, the liar is rendered speechless. “Wow, Sole,” he murmurs at last, picking up the Pre-War “disguise kit” with a lop-sided smile. It’s full of paints and wigs and costumes. It’s something a make-up artist or entertainer might have used 200 years ago, but now… “I didn’t know you moonlighted as Kris Kringle,” he jokes. He laughs it off, but people don’t often get him things. It touches him deeply.

Dogmeat: He gets a Deathclaw bone to gnaw on. He’s delighted by it, and makes it his business to drag it around and chew on it all day and night, despite it being as big as he is. To show his appreciation, he lavishes Sole with doggy kisses, jumping up on them and nearly bowling them over as he nuzzles them.

Hancock: He waves away Sole’s insistence that he doesn’t have to get them something in return. “Fahrenheit!” he calls. “Have this framed.” He hands over his present - a copy of the Constitution, in all its glory. He’s never actually read all of it before, and it makes him unable to stop grinning for two days. He informs the Goodneighbor residents that they now celebrate Christmas, and proceeds to buy everyone presents. 

Nick Valentine: He lets out an uncharacteristic laugh. It’s a mug, with the words “World’s Best Sad Toaster” handpainted on the side. He smiles every time he looks at it. It turns out that he got Sole something for Christmas, even before he knew they’d get him a present. His gift is an intact snowglobe of Pre-War Boston. “Found it in a tourist trap,” he says, with a faint smile. “Dunno. Guess I hoped you were an old sap like me, and that you’d appreciate it.”

MacCready: His eyes bug out of his head. “This is for me? For me? You gotta be kiddin’ me, Sole.” It’s the finest, shiniest sniper rifle he’d ever seen. Growing up on half-modded, half-broken guns, MacCready always wanted a decent weapon but never had the heart (or caps) to get himself one. Though, after receiving the present, he drives himself half-crazy trying to think of a way to repay Sole, refusing to take it as a charitable gift. He’s still thinking.

Piper: “Blue, you- you-” She shakes her head, a wide grin on her face. “You amazing, wonderful person!” The printing press, all clean and fixed and good as the day it was made, gleams in the front of Publick Occurrences. Piper whips around and pulls Sole into a tight bear hug, squeezing the air from their lungs and thanking them a million times before running over and hugging the press and kissing its surface dreamily.

Preston: “Oh, Sole, you didn’t have to get me anything.” But he can’t help the blushing smile across his cheeks as he takes in Sole’s gift. A refurnished farmhouse, just south of the Castle. Preston might be a militia man, but in his heart he was a farm boy, who wanted land to tend and somewhere to call home. The house itself isn’t much, but it’s the promise of a future that makes him wipe an embarrassed tear from his eye.

Strong: “Is… for me?” He gives Sole a suspicious look. “Won’t get mad if Strong kill?” With Sole’s reassurance, he lunges into battle with an unsettling grin. Strong, being away from his brothers, does not often get the chance to wreak havoc. Sole spent a month collecting various wild animals and putting them together in a big field, then challenging Strong to wrestle/eat them to his heart’s content. The mutant is very pleased.

X6-88: “Mx. Sole, I really do not know what to say.” Coursers are not given presents. It just isn’t done. So when Sole shows up with a restored motorcycle and a brand-new pair of sunglasses, he’s not sure what he’s supposed to do. “Thank you,” he says at last, running one hand over the smooth metal of the bike. “Am I… allowed to use this?”

Chemical Infatuation

summary: in which peter and the reader are paired up to work on a science project together and go to her house to work on it. (fluff)

word count: 2,256

A/N: this is actually my first ever fic on tumblr ! i hope that you like it and feel free to drop by and tell me how you feel about it! i also accept requests if you have something that you’d like me to write !!

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A Court of Hearts and Darkness Chapter Sixteen

It’s been over a century since the epic and bloody war against Hybern, but a new, unprecedented horror lies in wait to threaten everything the Inner Circle holds dear.

At a mere 17, it seems that the only one who can save them is the Heir to the Night Court, Feyre and Rhysand’s daughter Eleana, but as a creature so vile promises to kill everyone she loves, she must combat the urge to succumb to the darkness herself. The key to success lies hidden within her mate, the bastard born Kaden, who is as oblivious to the bond as her Court is oblivious to the war on the horizon.

With the help of her cousin and warrior Felix, the son of the famed Nesta and Cassian, they will try to save everything they hold dear, hopefully before the darkness takes them all.

Link on Ao3

One  Two  Three  Four  Five  Six   Seven   Eight   Nine  Ten  Eleven  Twelve   Thirteen  Fourteen   Fifteen 


-Chapter 16-

“I’m going to find you!” Felix sang. He knew exactly where his sister was from her giggling. He knew she was behind a tree in front of him, but was just letting her think she was going to win their game of hide-and-seek. It had only been hours since he returned home from his mission to the mortal lands, and all the other members of the Elite had been dismissed. He, however, was awaiting the arrival of a certain bastard and heir and couldn’t make a public appearance until they were with him.

He’d lied to High Lady Feyre and told her that he and Eleana were going to spend some quality time with Quathryn for a few hours, but that would become longer if Eleana didn’t arrive home soon. He was a little worried about how long Laya was taking to come home from the wedding, but there were multiple explanations for it. Firstly, her and Kaden were having such a splendid time that they let time slip away from them. Unlikely, knowing how angsty the two were. The second option was that they had a fight and Eleana is blowing off steam somewhere, but if that had happened Kaden would have come to him by now. Then there was the possibility that things went so horribly with his family that they were all dead and Felix would never see his friends again.

“Come find me! Lis!” Quathryn sang back to him. Her little voice warmed his heart and made him think more realistically. Together, Kaden and Eleana were an unstoppable force – he had to believe that nothing would go wrong. He’d go insane if we worried about them as much as they warranted him to.

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anonymous asked:

Can't wait for the next update of the wasteland AU! Also I know you probs have your inbox full of writing suggestions so instead of giving you suggestions, I thought I'd just share some Kagehina AUs that my friend and I enjoy talking about that hopefully make you as happy to think about as they make us,, -ella enchanted -beauty and the beast -mad max (kind of like the wasteland au lol) -stranger things -just a general superhero au That's it lol, have a great night!!

LISTEN – sorry to ignore the rest of this ask (ty for loving Wasteland though <333 these are all good ideas MAD MAX AU!!!) but I just watched Beauty and the Beast with @ellessey-writes​ and I’m COMPROMISED. Siiiince it would be a bad idea for me to start another fic rn, have… whatever this is 

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful castle and a handsome prince King, who liked to spend his days holding the finest volleyball tournaments in all the land. He was an incredible setter, but demanded the highest level of athletics from those who attended his tournaments.

One tournament, a spiker appeared suddenly in the midst of the dark and rainy night, looking for shelter. Though he brought a volleyball as a gift, this spiker wasn’t up to the king’s standards and couldn’t hit his tosses, and the King had him thrown from the castle. 

But the spiker turned out to be a Magical Turniphead, and for the King’s cruelty, he cast a spell upon him and the entirety of his castle, turning the King into a monstrous beast and all his servants into furniture (instead of like, smaller beasts or something? The servants got totally screwed in this deal, you guys, at least Beast still had hands) that they may be forgotten from the minds of the town and all those who lived in it, unless the King one day found a spiker who could hit his impossible quicks – and fall in love with him along the way. 

If he could not do so before the last spot on the Turniphead’s magical volleyball turned completely black, he, and his castle, and all those who lived in it would be cursed, forevermore. 

And so they waited, as the Beast King’s heart turned forever colder. 

Okay gonna stop narrating there bUT CONSIDER:

  • town weirdo Hinata, the shorty spiker who is always practicing off by himself and insists HE CAN JUMP – he really is a funny boy, a cutie but a funny boy, he really is a funny boyyyyyyyyyyyy, THAT SHOUUUUU
  • Asahi as Maurice, the timid inventor who shuts himself away from the town that finds him too strange
  • Bokuto as Gaston, he’s actually REALLY NICE and just wants Hinata to be his loyal pupil but Hinata wants to be THE GREATEST ACE sorry Bokuto-senpai, but he’s gotta surpass you, bye
  • Bokuto goes into sad slumps over his lack of pupil-ship a lot and Akaashi has to break into so many musical numbers about how great Bokuto is to pull him out of it
  • One day Asahi ventures into the forest and gets lost and stumbles upon the Volleyball Castle, where he attempts to grab one of the shiny, brand new volleyballs lying about the court(yard) to replace Hinata’s wonky, worn out old one
  • Beast Kageyama f l i p s out and imprisons him (he needs to chill)
  • Kageyama still looks normal btw, but maybe he’s got horns and a tail and cute ears stop looking at me like that don’t judge me
  • Hinata comes to Asahi’s rescue and trades places with him, immediately cannot stand this asshole Beast 
  • But he does get to eat a lot of good food, courtesy of Oikawa the candelabra and Suga the teapot (feat. Iwaizumi as Cogsworth and Noya as Chip)
  • When he goes to the forbidden wing of the castle and discovers the magical volleyball, Beast flies into a rage and calls him a dumbass and so Hinata LEAVES
  • but he gets attacked by wolves and Kageyama saves him, so Hinata reluctantly drags him back to the castle to tend to his wounds and notice his rockin’ bod
  • Also, he wonders, why does everyone call Kageyama the Beast, and why does he hide in his castle all the time? Like, yes, there’s some beastly factors but he’s really pretty normal looking otherwise
  • Oikandle is like “Smile, Tobio-chan” so he does, and Hinata is like “oh, I see why, please stop smiling”
  • After typing Oikandle, I belatedly realized that Suga could make sure the tea always has enough SUGA-R god i’m sorry ok moving along
  • After the mutual life-saving, Hinata and Kageyama begin to BOND and Kageyama finds out about the way Hinata always has to practice volleyball in hallways and by himself, so he shows him HIS ROYAL VOLLEYBALL STADIUM
  • Hinata is beside himself, it’s so big and fancy and GWAAAAHHHHH smells like air salonpas, this is the Real Deal
  • And so they continue to get closer, though Kageyama won’t practice with him… because he just doesn’t think it’s possible that anyone could ever spike his toss, and he doesn’t want to allow himself to hope
  • But then one night he asks Hinata if they can play together, and they meet in the royal court 
  • Hinata is wearing a beautiful golden uniform and shining as bright as the sun and Suga is singing “Tale as old as time…” 
  • Kageyama is so in love that he can’t help himself, he tosses, his old king’s toss that no one could ever hit and everything is beautiful 
  • And he’s loved Kageyama as well, ever since Kageyama showed him his volleyball courts instead of telling him he’d never be good enough
  • They kiss!!!
  • And all the castle and its inhabitants and Kageyama go back to the way they were because the curse has been broken!!! 
  • Hinata is a little bit sad because maybe he liked Kageyama’s cute fuzzy ears a little bit 
  • but then Kageyama smiles a real, actual smile at him and he decides he can live w/o the ears
  • Bokuto gives his blessing upon the couple because he’s a sweetheart 
  • And from then onward, they all lived, and played volleyball together, happily ever after



Jon x Sansa Remix - Day 4: Fairytale Couples: Allerleirauh/All Kinds of FurAllerleirauh x The Good King


“You’ll be queen,” he whispers, eyes glittering like a toad’s, as he leans over her chair at the dinner table, “There is no higher match in the kingdom.”

Gods, no. No. Sansa squirms in her seat, trying not to vomit up her lamb as his hands clasp about her shoulders. “It’s not right!”

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cracked like a glass floor (DA:O, Branka)

Branka is two years old when her mother first passes her a hammer and a bit of tin and a toy anvil.  She hits her fingers with her first swing of the hammer and bites her lip.  She doesn’t want to cry; she wants to figure this out, the magic in the metal.

Hammer, tin, anvil.  Little taps.  The flat tin stretches, curves, molds itself in her small hands until she holds a little badge.  It looks like a nug’s ear if she squints.  She squeezes it within her palm, ignoring the sharp edges scratching her skin, and demands another piece of metal from her mother.


She’s eight years old and the flame of the forge fascinates, catches in her eyes like liquid gold.  She’s burned herself more than once, scars on her wrists and fingertips, but she doesn’t care.  The other smith children in her group still hang back from the fire, nervous of the heat, but Branka keeps so close to it her cheeks glow ruddy and the sweat paints her brow.  The flames reward her with clever bits of work the grownups’ fingers are too fat to craft.


Branka is twelve when her father brings her to the healer for the rattling cough.  “Smith’s lung,” the healer confirms, though she says she’s never seen it in a dwarf this young.  Branka’s impatient to get back to the forge.

Her parents manage to keep her away for a full two weeks – half of what the healer had insisted on – and when she returns, thick cloth bunched over her mouth and nose, her head spins with ideas.  Does the coal always have to smoke so?  She ignores the burn in her chest and sorts through the coal in the smithy.  Black smudges mar pages of frenzied notes, and the cough’s urge is ever present in the back of her throat, but she knows it’s just a puzzle.  Puzzles were only ever made to be solved.

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The Perfect Plan

PAIRING: Reader x Steve Rogers 


WARNINGS: slight swearing and lots of fluff and a frustrated Steve! 

Request from Anon: Hi if you wouldn’t mind, I have an idea. Tony hosts some kind of fundraiser ball or formal event, and the reader is kinda like date but platonically, and Steve gets really jealous bc he thinks reader and Tony are together? But then they have a cute dance and get close at the after party? If you want to make it fluffy or smutty it’s up to you. Btw your work is amazing it’s honestly my favourite x

This was such a cute request, I leaned more to the fluffy side as it’s been too hot today for my brain to try and write anything smutty as that has been the last thing I’ve wanted to think/do today! (lowkey Australian weather can kiss my ass ugh) Anyway I hope you enjoy this! Also Happy Birthday Stan Lee !! 

GIF NOT MINE (good lord it took me so long to find this gif holy shit) 

Originally posted by chazelle

“(Y/N), I need your help” the sudden loud and brash voice of Tony nearly made you jump nine feet into the air. If it wasn’t for you working alongside Tony Stark for a number of years now you were sure that your heart would be beating a mile a minute. But fortunately for your nerves you had grown accustomed to Tony sudden and sometimes volatile behavior.

“What is it now Tony, please tell me there isn’t some PR mess you’ve created for me” You signed your fingers still tapped rhythmically on the keyboard.

“Nope I only make those on the last Thursdays of the month” you gave Tony a dry look over your computer screen as he flopped down on the chair opposite your desk.

“Seriously what do you want Tony?” the annoyance in your voice went unnoticed by the billionaire.

“I’m throwing a party” he shrugged.

“When aren’t you throwing a party” you rolled your eyes.

“This one is actually for a reason”

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Loki in Avengers Tower headcanons

Loki retreating to the roof of Avengers Tower because the only one who ever goes up there anyway is Clint, and maybe Loki has a death wish but he can’t help being intrigued by the possibility of a conversation now between just the two of them.

Loki keeping the same hours as Tony–in other words, erratic and probably not too healthy. No one is really surprised.

Loki playing a silent game with himself whenever Natasha is in the room, trying to figure out how often she tells lies or half truths. It keeps his mind occupied, and though he doubts he will ever be able to read her completely, it’s good to keep in practise. Later, Natasha catches on, and starts throwing in subtle, harmless lies just to see if Loki will notice them.

Loki maintaining that everything he did on Midgard was clear-minded and intentional. It’s easier than admitting the madness grew too strong, and that sometimes he thinks he can still see wisps of blue in the corners of his vision.

Loki insisting that Thor bring him back several dozen books from Asgard, as well as a few flagons of his favourite wine. He doesn’t share except with Thor–and, once, with Pepper. She isn’t afraid of him; she’s just all-out pissed at him, and it’s so refreshing that he offers her a glass of his finest. She refuses, and he smiles, but the offer still stands.

Loki keeping mostly to himself, but every once in a while finding the silence a little too eerie. Sometimes when the others are gathered in the lounge over drinks, he slips into a corner and sits there without a single word. Everyone is pretty suspicious the first couple of times this happens, but Thor tells them not to worry. He suspects that Loki actually does want the company.

Loki sneaking into Tony’s workshop at odd hours to look around. He’s actually quite impressed with it all. Sometimes he adds little popups to the computer programs just to annoy Tony. (And then, to throw him off-balance, he occasionally adds something that’s actually quite useful. JARVIS knows, of course, but it’s amusing to watch Stark’s reaction all the same.)

Loki having two states of dress: impeccable, and careless lounge lizard. He is often seen padding around the tower with bare feet, even in Tony’s shop. On the rare occasions when the others allow him outside, he becomes a pristine, elegant bastard whose goal in life seems to be stealing admiring glances away from the rest of the group–or just stealing away from the group.

Loki getting up early and making breakfast for one. He deliberately wafts the scent of bacon into the air vents just so he can sit back and look smug when someone comes into the kitchen looking for the source.

Loki fighting nightmares even worse than Tony’s. Steve finds him one night huddled in a corner, and though he doesn’t say anything at the time, he does inform Thor the next day, with a murmured suspicion that there is still a lot Loki isn’t telling.

Loki turning up with a large brazier in his room from God-knows-where. He sets the fire late at night and sits before it for hours without moving or speaking. He hates the flames, but he needs what they can show him. Sometimes he even gets through. Frigga never knows how close he comes to showing himself in her fire.

Loki treating Bruce with a wary, room-skirting respect he offers no one else. He knows, after all, what it is to try to bury one’s demons. Bruce avoids him just as often; he does’t much like what happened either.

Loki trying not to show his surprise when, after the others begin to relax around him, they start asking if he needs anything. (They may not trust him, but they’re basically decent, after all). The first time Natasha throws out the question, Loki’s eyes flick automatically to Thor, seeking clarification. He cannot remember the last time it mattered what he wanted.

Mutterings, ramblings and mullings...(or, why Joker? An essay)

So an interesting thought flitted into my mind the other day when all this hullabaloo about the Telltale Batman game started to really hit its stride and folks reached the inevitable end of that opening chapter to the season.  Particularly in regards to the matter of privilege that some writers may heap upon the particular rogues. Some are darlings, some are unburnished gems awaiting their time to shine. And some are set afloat in the flotsam that is the collective, babbling stream of pop culture.  Riddler, as some of you out there may astutely notice, is on the rise once more.  Yet there is always an issue that comes up time and time again for all those fans of the villains yet untapped or languishing in a certain unfavorable status quo: There is always a precedent to live up to.  Which presents us with the particular quandary I’ve been pondering.  What gives the Joker such sway as to constantly draw writers back to him again and again…and again?

The simplistic answer would be that the Clown Prince of Crime represents the ultimate antithesis to Batman. Psychologically, philosophically, and spiritually Joker serves as that dark mirror which we delight in peering into. The one who actively calls individuals to the edge of the abyss so that they can see whatever eldritch, uncaring horrors come from the maw and laugh at the absurdity of how insignificant our efforts are.  Thus we see it time and time again, Joker pulls the curtain back and unveils that exact design to the victim. Now, whether Batman prevails or not, it often leaves an indelible mark on the crusader and the would-be-sacrificial lamb (either as a rictus grin for the grim outcomes or an unseen wound or…maybe, just maybe, a lingering case of Mad Love). The emotional appeal, that’s what most see in Joker beyond the obvious charisma.  He does what no other rogue is capable of doing by peeling the layers of flesh back with nigh frivolity til that persona falls to the wayside.  Or until an individual must wear a new mask, at the very least!  It’s captivating in a way to watch it unfold, like some march down a grandiose, macabre promenade.

But there’s something more I would argue, something not about the Joker himself but about how we, the consumer, and creators alike see him.  He is an icon, a statue firmly planted in a heady garden closest to the visage of Batman himself.  He is, in so many words, deeply rooted in the popular psyche. Regardless of your preference in presentation, we intrinsically know what the utterance of the pulcinella’s name entails. The ideas roll freely as we either grimace or contort or perhaps even celebrate the coming of what will no doubt be an intriguing premise by way of the grim grinner’s appearance alone! A kinetic force, an active player more often than not (and a practical astronomical body even in his more sullen stories…gravity, dear readers, the rambling is about gravitic hold).  Thus not only does it serve some (pardon the use of the term, but it is in the loosest sense) comfort to the reader that there is an agent within that promises something volatile, but it seems to do the same for writers. So many decades of material, so many fantastic stories told across several mediums! His features are chiseled into that metaphorical statue meticulously, each generation refining and reintegrating aspects that others may have washed away in their own attempts.  Joe is a guiding pole for some writers, a lofty and at times dreaded figure to approach for he is…so famously…Batman’s arch nemesis.

Forgive me for positing what ought be your question, very rude, I know…but how does this relate to the Riddler? Well, Edward works in an opposite fashion.  He appeals to the logical side of us, the sociological fear of being proven wrong, the superiority of the mind, the very idea that there are rules (however malleable they may be to his end).  Without getting into the neurotic reasoning that causes each of those to fall apart in Nigma’s own practice I will say that he, and so many other rogues, set one row of mirrors in that gothic fun house after another. Logic, in the hands of the detective, is a key, a symbol of liberation.  One might be able to gather what the other hand entails. A crushing sense of doubt and dread, a need to know, perhaps with an impetus akin to “Outthink your own demise.”  The childlike glee or frustration in the challenges doled out add flavor, a certain hubris to it all.  Eddie’s character is akin to creating the world’s largest house of cards while simultaneously stacking the “deck” in his favor, all while smugly looking across the room at the viewer and daring them to approach it.  Some will invariably crack the writer’s conceit, but there’s always some schadenfreude to be had in finding the single card that makes the entire construct fall apart.  Batman often literally ripping it from its place to do so.  Much like Icarus, Edward Nigma, Nygma, Nashton (whichever you like) is built to be set upon by his own petards. And perhaps therein lies the chink in his armor: he is always set to fail in some destructive manner without leaving behind that wound that won’t heal, without sowing the level of doubt and instinctive twinge a Gothamite may have upon hearing an errant, out of place giggle.

Or at least, I argue, writers often leave that to the wayside. It’s not often we receive a large scale story for Riddler, or many of the Rogues, that doesn’t have some nebulous end to it, that doesn’t show the suffering his (or their) actions cause on a broader scale.  Partially because his “gimmick” is a tough sell on that level, most treat him as an (un)common thief or some grandstander that works towards smaller ends.  Often quirky, often inconsistent, his statue lays in a state less finished. And this is no fault of the character’s, rather, it’s a reaction many people have instinctively when dipping their toes into the pool (or peril infested moat as I prefer to think of it) that surrounds him.  How often have you heard an individual or even a team state in interviews “It’s really hard to write the Riddler”? Well, on the one hand, it is.  There’s the matter of clever word play, the fear of triggering a switch that leaves you (or worse, him) the fool in the eyes of the consumer who quickly unravels the mystery and lays bare any depth to be had. But let’s explore the other hand, shall we…?

The statue I spoke of serves to clue one into how ingrained a character’s anchoring characteristics are among the general populace due to the efforts of creators abound.  Often when a person says that the Riddler is “hard to write” it is due to boiling the character down to that one portion that everyone hones in on when looking at that blurred countenance. Which obviously would be (say it with me): RIDDLES! Oh! Delightful games! Wondrous presentations of lateral thinking at their finest! And yet the bane for many an individual when they know not the rules by which they are set nor by which they must play.  I’m looking at every single person who has ever attempted to complete the quest lines in anything beyond Arkham Asylum. You have my pity, my compassion, and my in-character joy, contempt, and incredulity at your success.  But that’s not all of the man’s character, which save for that natural pride, insufferable nature, and somewhat…playful countenance tends to be blurred.  Is he a camp machine? A more calculated individual troubled by his constant setbacks within a game he himself cannot completely grasp? Or perhaps a control freak who stoically moves each chess piece with cold efficiency from the background?

I would argue we’ve gathered a far clearer picture with DC’s recent fascination with good ol’ Riddler thanks to the combination of said video games and comics since approximately September of 2013 (Villain’s Month and the growing momentum towards Zero Year).  There’s been an active hand in creating continuity between his appearances rather than simply languishing in the background or sporadically rising to the occasional episodic appearance without that connective tissue. He has built capital within canon by solidifying a turning point in Gotham’s history, by effecting change in the lives of people abroad, in Bruce, and in Duke Thomas’ own rise.  In doing so, people could effectively look at a singular point and exclaim “Ah! That’s what he is capable of! That’s who Edward is!”  Therein lies the anchoring point, the bridge across the moat to start chiseling from.  …though I’ll save my grievances with Tom King and editorial’s fuzzy memory on the facts since Rebirth for another ramble if you’ll so indulge me (hint: prize fighter Riddler is not my favorite thing in the world).

And ultimately every villain, every notable character within Batman’s legacy is deserving of such effort should an individual find that right way to present it.  To refine and connect a narrative that goes beyond simple gimmicks, to present something terrifically human or abominably inhumane.  It just so happens that Joker has a legacy, a staying power.  And there’s nothing wrong with that in the least (though I think everyone else could use a little more breathing room…but I do confess it’s Joe’s style to hog the limelight)!  But perhaps in this paradigm of the connected comic book universe, where ultimately everything works in cohesive arcs or long runs that become integrated more and more down the line…we’ll see to a day where a lush, overgrown garden of our heroic dreams and twisted nightmares is tended.

To those of you who read all of this rambling, thank you.  It was a matter I’ve been pondering for about a week now and while I am getting better (you’re all lovely for sending all those sweet thoughts in your tags), there still may be a gap more to cross before voiced content becomes common.  May all your days be filled with queries by which you shall challenge yourselves!

Double Trouble

George Washington x reader x King George

Warnings: Alcohol, jealousy, and cursing

Request by anon: Could you do a king george x reader x george washington where the reader owns a tavern where she allows soldiers from both sides of the army to stay, but george and the king both want her on their side and they fall in love with her.

A/N: I’m pretty hyped up for this one because this is my first request!! I kinda went a little overboard with this so I’m sorry if it’s too long, but let me know how I did for my first request! Also this kinda switches off between the readers first person pov and third point of view! And to the requester, im sorry if it isn’t exactly like you wanted it but I hope its still good altogether!


War was always stupid to (Y/N). She always believed violence was stupid and was never the answer.

With the war between America and the British, it just made her business grow, sometimes for the worst.

(Y/N) didn’t support either side, as all she wanted was to come to America to start her own tavern place.

It was out of place for a women to own a business such as that, but (Y/N) didn’t care, as that’s where her skill set lie.

(Y/N) owned a rather large tavern along the outskirts of Jamestown, Virginia, where both red and blue soldiers from the war were welcome.

Although this arrangement wasn’t the best, it still brought in customers.

But on one summer night, madness had awoken in (Y/N)’s tavern.


I heaved out a sigh as I finished cleaning up the counters.

It was around 11 in the evening and business would usually be in full swing around this time.

But for some reason it wasn’t tonight. There were a few regulars scattered around, but that was it.

I went behind the rather large bar counter near one of the corners of the tavern and began organizing some of the bottles, bored out of my mind.

That’s when I heard the front doors bell chime throughout the tavern. I looked up to see who had entered.

Three men dressed in blue coats had walked in, giving off a rather intense aurora.

They sat down at the end of the bar counter I was at and engaged in conversation with each other.

I walked over to them and bluntly asked. “What can I get you boys?” like usual.

“The hell is a women doing working at a tavern? Shouldn’t you be at home serving your husband at his any wish?” The man on the end snapped at me.

I ignored the man. As I turned to the other two.

“Lee, watch your mouth, it’s impolite of you to ask a lovely lady such a question.” The man next to who I assume is Lee said. “I apologize for my comrades behavior to you Miss..?”

I gave a small smile. “(Y/N).”

“Well Miss (Y/N), me and my men would each like a pint of your finest whiskey if we may.” He smoothly said, smiling at me.

“Coming right up.” I said as I look one last glance at the man and went to get their drinks.


Right when (Y/N) was out of earshot, both Charles Lee and Alexander Hamilton, the two revolutionaries who had joined General Washington out for drinks, burst into small fits of laughter.

“What’s so amusing to the two of you?” General Washington asked as he looked between the two men.

“Well it seems as though you’ve taken a liking to the lady, sir.” Hamilton said as smirked at Washington, nudging his side a little.

The general slouched in his chair and facepalmed himself. “Was it that obvious?”

“Maybe not to her, but to us, definitely.” Hamilton snickered.

“Sir, I think what you need to do is make a move on this lady if you are so infatuated with her.” Lee stated as he looked over at (Y/N), who was finishing up fixing their drinks.

“For once, I actually agree with Lee.” Hamilton muttered out.

Before Washington could object to anything, (Y/N) had came back over with set their drinks in front of them, giving them a warm smile like all the rest.

The three thanked her and (Y/N) was about to take her leave when Washington spoke up.

“E-Excuse me, Miss (Y/N)?” He spoke, gaining the girl’s attention. “I w-would like to know if-” The general was cut off by the sudden sound of the front door slamming open the the large screams of someone.

“Have no fear for your humble king has arrived!” A certain irritating British ruler called out.

Both Hamilton and Lee inwardly groaned at the sound of the mans voice. They knew they couldn’t engage in battle outside the battlefield as King George was accompanied by two British soldiers who wore red coats.

(Y/N) let out a soft chuckle at the man. She didn’t have the slightest clue who he was, nor did she know who General Washington was and his status.

King George looked at the blue coated general and shot him a grin. “Ah! If it isn’t my favorite general from the colonies!” He sung out as he walked over to the three men with open arms, his soldiers following behind him.

“I never expected a nobleman such as yourself to come to a place like this.” Washington said as he kept a kind smile plastered onto his face.

“I have heard that this place sells the best brewed alcohol. And so I am here to see if these rumors are true.” King George stated humblily.

“You don’t need a drink, you already act drunk as it is.“Hamilton muffled out before taking a sip of his drink.

The King glared over to Hamilton. “I beg your pardon?” He asked, his British accent getting a little deeper.

“You heard me.” Hamilton said as he stood from his chair, itching for a fight.

The two soldiers who had accompanied the King had now stepped in front of him and eyed down Hamilton, having no care in the world if they break into a fight.

“Hey!” (Y/N) hollered out, causing the men to focus their attention on her. “I won’t allow any fights in my tavern! Not now and damn it not ever! That’s the only warning I’m giving you men!” She barked out as she glared daggers into each of the men.

Hamilton shot a quick apology and sat back down as King George just pouted and mumbled “He started it.”

Washington held back a laugh as he looked back over to (Y/N), who was smirking at him in triumph.

King George took a long glance over the owner of the tavern. Carefully making note of every physical detail of the lady. Something about (Y/N) had aroused him, and he liked that feeling.

“Your beauty is very capturing miss, may I ask your name?” King George warmly asked as he took (Y/N)’s hand in his and softly kissed her knuckles.

The young lady blushed at his words and his gentle touch. “It’s (Y/N).” She said as she tried to keep her composure.

“He’s trying to steal your girl!” Lee harshly whispered to the general.

Washington shot Lee a weird glare before shaking his head in protest.

He wanted to say that the gorgeous girl was his, but he knew that wasn’t true. Washington was absolutely driven to (Y/N), even though they had just met.

“So tell me lady (Y/N), are you a loyalist to Britain?” King George asked as he attempted to engage in conversation.

“Well actually-”

“I’d like to think that the beautiful lady is more of a patriot.“ Washington butted in as he walked over to the two.

“Ha! In your pretty little dreams!” King George snickered.


“You really must be a fool to really think someone as strong as (Y/N) to be a follower of-”

“Hey! I’m not a patriot or a loyalist! Just- look okay? I’m not one for choosing sides, all I came to this country for was to start my business. That is it.” (Y/N) stated as she sent a firm glare to the two men.

“Hmph, fair enough.” King George puffed. One of his soldiers tapped his shoulder and whispered something into his ear. “Well it looks like I must take my leave. But I will return again, lady (Y/N)” He kissed her hand. “And when I do, you shall be mine.” He smirked at her.

(Y/N) gave a faint chuckle as Washington rolled his eyes.

“Sir we gotta leave too, we got that thing in the morning.” Lee mumbled on.

Washington nodded and smiled at (Y/N). “It was an honor to meet you m'lady.” He said as he took her hand in his and softly grasped it. She smiled at him. “The honor is all mine!”

As General Washington left, the only thing that ran through his mind was winning the heart of (Y/N)

As King George left, he thought up ways to win the heart of (Y/N).

Two important and powerful men, drawn to a strong and independent girl.

It’ll be very troublesome…


WOW THIS TOOK ME TWO WEEKS TO DO!!!! Im sorry this took so long!!! But I’m still taking requests!!! Ugh again im sorry this took so long -_-

A Smile like Watercolor- (f/m)

@montrealae90 requested:
Jikook life drawing artist college au. this time though Jimin as the artist and Jungkook as the muse. Jimin is studying anatomy and jungkook is the new model! Jimin is captivated by the sheer confidence that jungkook has in his own skin. the tension is real with these two, sultry smirks from jungkook at a squirming jimin. private modeling sessions ensue ;3333

Pairing: Model!Jungkook x Painter!Jimin 

Warnings: too much painting, too much pining, too much fluff (strong language, nudity and mentions of smut)

Words: 8,023 ~~bye~~

-inspired by this song // disregard the horrid title //

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Daycare Drama

“What did you just say to me?”

Barry was completely still as he stared at the woman in front of him. He had simply come to pick up Michael from daycare because Len was off dealing with some business, and this… this… person was giving him a hard time.

“I said, Sir, that this is a respectable daycare facility and your… boyfriend… is not welcome here. He makes the other parents nervous and frankly I’m about half a second from calling social services because I’m fairly certain that a criminal” at that she sneered, “is in no way suitable to care for a child.”

Barry was shaking he was so enraged and to make matters worse she was holding their son out of his reach. Barry reached out for Michael because the three year old was reaching for his daddy but the lady kept him out of his reach as she instructed her coworker to call the CCPD. Barry looked at her incredulously,

“Excuse me. What?”

“I’m afraid we aren’t allowed to just turn over children to strangers, especially ones with apparent criminal ties.”

“Where is Mrs Marigold? She knows me. Please your upsetting my son!”

She snorted,

“Mrs. Marigold is on vacation and your son? Doubtful, probably a kidnap victim who is too young to know better.”

Was this woman for real? A kidnap victim seriously? Michael had begun to cry at this point and Barry was about ready to cry as well. He didn’t even know this woman she was obviously new, a fill in for Mrs Marigold no doubt. At that moment the sirens and blue lights announced the arrival of CCPD’S finest. Eddie Thawne and Joe West walked in guns drawn and Barry really did start crying at that point,

“What’s going on?” Eddie said a bit frantically,

“We got a call about a kidnapping in progress and we knew this was Michael’s school… Barry? What are you doing here?”

Before Barry could even open his mouth the woman, and he should really get her name was right in Eddie’s face,

“Thank god officers! This man is attempting to take this child off the premises and I have reason to believe that he has known criminal ties.”

Eddie looked from between her and Barry and nodded,

“Uh…huh. OK Miss…?”

“Van Buren, but you can call me Jessica.”

Eddie looked highly uncomfortable at the moment,

“Ummm right. Well let me take the child… alright? ”

She handed Michael to Eddie giving Barry a triumphant look as he went willingly

“Unca Edy!” Michael cheered grabbing Eddie’s ear causing the other man to laugh,

“Hey there champ. Let’s get you back to your daddy ok?”

And Eddie handed him over to Barry much to the dismay of Miss Van Buren…

“But officer! This man is…”

“My brother in law,” Eddie cut her off,

“And a CSI for the Central City Police Department, and this child’s father, which you would have known, had you checked the records before casting your harsh judgemenal attitude due to what you think you know about my other brother in law. ”

Speaking of… the door to the daycare crashed open and Len walked in, in full Cold gear. Joe walked in a bit sheepishly behind him,

“I called Len.”

Barry facepalmed,

“I can see that.”

But Len just walked over to Barry and kissed his head then leaned down to kiss Michael’s.

“What. The. Hell. Is going on here?”

Barry smacked him in the chest,

“Len! This is a daycare!”

“Could’ve fooled me. Looks more like a circus? Look,” He gestured over at the slack jawed teacher,

“They even have monkeys!”

Miss Van Buren gasped,

“How dare you!”

Len advanced on her, towering over her smaller frame easily,

“How dare I?! How dare you! You caused my husband undue stress. My son was crying. My father in law had to call me from the parking lot to tell me some teacher at my child’s school was accusing my husband of kidnapping our own child! You’re lucky I don’t ice this entire place!”

His outburst had gotten louder and louder and suddenly Michael was crying again. Barry attempting to shush him and Len looking over a bit guilty. He hadn’t meant to get so worked up but this was exactly what he was worried about when Barry had suggested daycare. People judging them based on his former life. He hadn’t been Captain Cold in a while and Commander Cold was a hero in this city.

The woman was looking properly cowed and Len gave her one more glance before moving back over to his family pulling Michael into his arms and wiping his tears,

“It’s ok buddy, daddy’s not mad at you. Not ever. OK? We’re leaving. And I’ll be having a discussion with Mrs Marigold about the… type of teachers they are employing.”

With that Len steered his family out of the daycare. Everyone inside let out a sigh of relief that was short lived as the sound of the cold gun going off had them rushing to the window,

“Ummm” Eddie said, “who drives the toyota camry?”

Miss Van Buren rushed outside and let out a scream at the sight of her frozen car. Everyone looked at Joe who smiled a bit,

“I may have had dispatch run her tag number and I may… have passed it on to my dear son in law… maybe?”

Eddie had to sit down he was laughing so hard,

“I can’t wait to tell Iris”

De-Aged Loki Universe

I have added 3 parts to what I have already written and posted previously on my blog.

The full story is now posted on AO3 here as part of my one-shot collection, Variations on a Theme.

Summary: Loki has somehow become de-aged and is now a tiny infant incapable of speech. However, he has retained full memories and the thoughts of his adult self. Basically, no one can understand him, but he understands everyone else.

Notes: This is pure, unadulterated crack. My six-month-old twins were the inspiration for baby Loki’s behavior, but I must give credit for the ideas to my wonderful tumblr followers. Each part is a result of a prompt sent by: @thorkys @itsnotmaybelline @loki-on-mjolnir @led-lite and several anonymous tumblr users.

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Forget the World

Malec fluff post-CoHF

Cassandra Clare owns these characters, not me (unfortunately), and I’d like to thank allexandergideon for helping me edit this :)

Send me an ask if you have any comments/prompts/suggestions!
Magnus stumbles into the kitchen, bleary-eyed from summoning a particularly difficult demon the day before, to see Alec standing at the coffee machine in just his boxers and one of Magnus’s robes, a concentrated look on his face and his hair going a few hundred different directions. Magnus still can’t believe that Alec is actually here after the events of the past few weeks. Alec’s entire demeanor has changed since they got back from Idris- he no longer looks at Magnus’s sofa like it might bite him if he sits down wrong- and Alec’s obvious ease in Magnus’s loft makes Magnus’s breath catch in his throat.
Alec twists away from the coffee machine when he hears Magnus bump in to a wall, and Alec smiles softly at him, a smile that reaches his eyes and softens their normally steely blue. Instead of saying anything, Magnus wraps Alec in his arms and buries his face in Alec’s neck, letting Alec run his hands up and down Magnus’s back and kiss his jawline.
Alec hears a muffled “I love you” from the vicinity of his shoulder and huffs out a laugh, the corners of his mouth turning up slightly, and disentangles himself from Magnus so that he can kiss him, soft and slow and chaste, before whispering an “I love you” back against his lips. That earns him a blinding, if haphazard, smile from Magnus, and he returns the look before turning back to the coffee maker. Magnus, like usual, rests his chin on Alec’s shoulder and threads his hands under Alec’s arms so that he can hug him from behind.
“You know, I was thinking,” Alec muses. Magnus nods his head- or tries to, but he ends up knocking his head against Alec’s, much to the amusement of Chairman Meow, who has taken up residence on top of the coffee maker. Alec stifles a laugh and grabs two mugs from the cabinet while Magnus glares at Chairman, blue fire sparking across the table. “I was thinking, there has to be somewhere in the world you haven’t been, right? You can’t possibly have seen everything. So, um-” Alec stops his slightly mumbled speech to turn to face his boyfriend, “I think that, well, we should go. Somewhere. Somewhere you’ve never been. So we can make new memories.” The “so you have something to remember me by when I’m gone” is unspoken, but Magnus can feel the weight of it behind Alec’s words.
“You know,” Magnus says slowly, “I agree with you.” Alec’s eyes widen slightly, and Magnus melts inwardly, honored that he can see Alec’s raw emotions like this. “I told you that I want to share my life with you, and I mean it. And that includes all of it- not just my past, but my future too.” He pulls away slightly so that he can reach a hand up to brush Alec’s cheek, and Alec leans in to the touch.
Alec may be getting used to Magnus’s little romantic speeches, but he is still surprised by how vulnerable Magnus has been since the demon dimension. That notebook…he had read it in his spare moments, had gobbled it up as if he needed it to live, and had emerged from his reading spree more in love with Magnus than ever. That said, he still had some questions about Magnus’s past, but for now, he grabs their coffee and pads over to the sofa, waiting for Magnus to follow.
Magnus collapses onto the sofa and pulls Alec down next to him, levitating both coffees and settling them softly on the coffee table before shifting so that Alec’s head rests just below his clavicle. Alec tilts his head back slightly to look up at Magnus’s cat eyes, which are catching the dim morning light filtering through the window and glittering like golden fire, and reaches across his chest to take Magnus’s hand.
“I’ll go anywhere for you, you know that,” Alec says, looking like a very sleepy but very content cat. Magnus scoffs.
“I did gather that after you followed me to my father’s demon dimension,” he drawls, but his tone is light. “I don’t know if ever thanked you for that.”
Alec shifts so he can look down at Magnus; his eyes look very young yet very pained. “It was terrifying, not knowing if you were alive or dead.” He puts his head back down on Magnus’s chest, letting Magnus tangle his hands in Alec’s hair, and rubs Magnus’s sternum softly with his thumb.
“But I’m here now,” Magnus whispers against the top of Alec’s head. They lie contentedly on the sofa for a few minutes, ensconced in the warmth of the sun and each other, before Alec sits up. Magnus pauses, wondering if he did something wrong, but one look at Alec’s face tells him otherwise.
“So.” The word comes out in a drawl, and Magnus spares a moment to run over his mental list of Things Alec Lightwood Might Be Mad About but comes up empty.“You wanted to be a cactus, huh?” Alec finally asks, his tone teasing but his eyes bright. Magnus rolls his eyes and tightens his arms around his boyfriend.
“It was not my finest moment, Alec,” Magnus sighs. “I was heartbroken and very, very drunk. Or so Catarina says,” he amends quickly. Alec just laughs.
“Do you have any other drunken tendencies I should know about?” he says before burying his face in Magnus’s robe and shaking slightly from suppressed laughter.
“Of course not!” Magnus exclaims indignantly. “I am always completely refined when drunk!” He considers this blatant lie for a moment before deflating slightly. “Well, there was one incident in Tokyo in the early 1900’s…”
- - - - - - - - - -
When they finally drag themselves off the couch, the sun had already set behind the city skyline and a soft blue fire was glowing in the fireplace. They had spent all day talking, and Magnus had let his guard down enough to tell Alec about his mother and the Silent Brothers who helped him when he was young. Alec knew how much that mean to him.
There would always be more stories to tell, but for now, it was enough.

anonymous asked:

One of my favourite fics ever, in any fandom, is your Amy-sort-of-dies-AU. Do you think you may write more for that universe?



amy fake-dies verse PART ONE and SORT OF SEQUEL

For this first time in what feels like her entire life, Amy’s pen is lead-weight heavy between her fingers, difficult to maneuver. The stamped documents are official and orderly and formatted correctly, paradoxical in their relaxing appearance when the only thing she can see is, list family members or next of kin to be informed of the nature of the operation.

It’s like the reality of “I’m going to be dead” is finally sinking in.

Her parents, she thinks immediately. Not her brothers - or, at least, not all of them, because there are so many and it would definitely be a risk, telling so many people such sensitive information. She can feel the plastic of the ballpoint pen pinched between her fingers turn warm as she imagines the twins’ looks of shock, sees Raphe’s drawn, worried face - the same one he’d made when she fell of the swing when she was six and broke her arm. She hears Luis in her head, saying, Mimi, you can’t always play the hero, like he’d say when they were kids and she’d get mad that she couldn’t always be the one saving the day, couldn’t always be the Superman, the Robin Hood, the Nancy Drew who solved the case and won the day.

List family members or next of kin to be informed of the nature of the operation.

Clearly, her brothers were out of the question, and something in Amy’s chest twists at the realization that all the reactions she’s been imagining in her head have been as though she gets to tell them, in person, exactly where she’s going. There really isn’t anyone other than her parents that she could tell, reasonably, and -

(Something bad might go down, and I’d hate myself if I didn’t tell you this.)

The pen drops from Amy’s fingers onto the table and she stares at the official print line on the official print documents, sitting so neatly in front of her. 

Everyone’s gonna think you’re dead, Santiago! sounds Rosa’s voice in her head, harsh and sudden. She’d realized, then, Amy thinks, exactly what Rosa had meant - or rather, she’d told herself that she understood, that she knew the repercussions.

“Detective Santiago?” Agent Alvarez’s voice is gentler than Amy has ever heard it over the course of the whole op. She swallows, and looks up at the other woman’s questioning gaze over the table. Captain Holt has returned to his office, and Rosa had opted to stand outside the room, arms stiffly crossed over her chest, glaring at the wall opposite. Amy swallows again. “Is everything alright?”

She picks up the pen, still warm from where her fingers were wound around it, and looks down at the paper. She can see his laughing eyes from a week ago, when she dropped by the precinct with the coffee - a small apology for not being around that much and leaving him with one of their bigger, more complicated cases. Technically, she wasn’t supposed to have come to the precinct at all that day, but the most traitorous voice in her head - the one that she usually ignored - had said that it was worth the way his face lit up in a smile when she slipped into the seat across from his and pushed the fancy caramel macchiatto over the table. 

“Sorry I ditched our case,” she’d said, grimacing, as Jake had lifted the coffee into the air with the pomp and circumstance of a man crowning the next queen of England. 

“You brought me Greenberg’s finest! Ah, Santiago, your sins are forgiven.”

Only one time,” she’d said, raising her eyebrows, because coffee was not usually allowed to be eight dollars and Jake already had a frothy mustache.

“Shhh,” he’d said. “I’m reveling in the expensiveness. Go back to being mysterious and stuff. Like, sneak out of the precinct doing spy moves. Can you do that? Do they teach you that stuff?” Jake had leaned forward, steamed-milk mustache and all. “Santiago, can you do a somersault entrance?”

“I’m co-working a prostitution ring,” Amy had said, snorting. “Relax.”

“Relax,” Jake said, swiveling back to face his computer. “Definitely not one of Santiago’s sex tapes.” She groaned, and made to get up from the desk. “Hey -” he paused, looking back at her, one hand still clutching the coffee. Something about the sudden softness of his brown eyes made swallowing difficult. “Um, anyway. Come back soon, or whatever. It’s boring around here with no one to throw eraser shavings at.”

“Try Scully,” she’d said. “Or Hitchcock. Or Charles.”

Charles?” In his most betrayed, offended voice. “How could you even think that of me, Amy Santiago!”

Amy stares at the paper now, pen in hand, and tries not to think about how Jake is two floors above them. She could go see him, she thinks, after she signs the paper. She could

In an alternate reality, where she wasn’t Amy Santiago, and there weren’t Rules about this kind of thing, and she wasn’t about to sign this paper, and she couldn’t see his soft brown eyes so clearly in her head, she could.

She doesn’t. 

She thinks, something bad went down, and signs her name at the bottom of the document.

anonymous asked:

Have you already talked about Mickey's coming out scene in 4x11 and whether or not you think Ian forced him out? If not I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Surprisingly I have yet to directly address this scene. (Except for some shorthand humor.) Unsurprisingly I feel empathetic toward both characters. No, I don’t think Mickey owed Ian a public declaration of commitment and also no, I don’t think Ian was behaving like an unforgivable cad for pressing him. I do think teenagers are SO DRAMATIC and I live for it.

You ever have someone get mad at you for not doing something you didn’t want to do and in the end you love them so much you do it for them regardless but you do it in the most obnoxious way so it doesn’t feel like you gave up anything by relenting to their wishes? 

Yeah, that’s what I think happened in this scene. 

The only way I would see the situation as “Ian forcing Mickey out” is if it were Ian the one quieting the room before informing everybody Mickey was a big ole ‘mo. Not to say there wasn’t any hand-wringing or confused emotional manipulation in the ultimatums Ian was throwing at him left and right up until that moment, but I always thought he left enough room for Mickey to react in his own way. And not because Ian was being entirely thoughtful. In this case, I think Ian was absolving himself. Because leaving it up Mickey would mean it was Mickey’s problem to make or break them up. Ian gave him the illusion of choice. It really is passive aggression at its finest.

Mickey did not have to come out that night. That is, even if he let Ian leave then, they would not have been done forever. Would you really believe that? They probably wouldn’t. If they didn’t believe they were done two seasons ago, they’re not going to believe they’re done now. For better or worse they know they’re yoked to this thing (love, natch). It doesn’t mean they can’t get frustrated at each other or be melodramatic about it, like any couple. But Ian did not force Mickey to come out. If he did, why would he look so surprised here? 

Forcing implies a certain level of expectation of the consequence, and I don’t think Ian expected Mickey to come out like that. I think, rather, he was looking for a way to leave the party with the upper hand to release the sadness he’s been wallowing in through anger. He swung to hit. (“You’re afraid…you’re a coward." Inflammatory accusations to toss at a man in this town and many others… ) This was petulance. This was spiteful inflexibility. To say nothing of his bipolar downswing that’s likely exacerbating—though not the cause of—his emotions.

Some people may not want to forgive him for this. And others may want to forgive him because of the amazing thing it galvanized in the next moment. I don’t see why there is a need to “forgive” anything in the first place. Ian was behaving in a rash and insensitive way because he is still young and beautiful. If you recognize that much, you don’t really need anything else to process this scene painlessly. 

I’ve got another unpopular thought here, and hear me out: I never found the coming out speech that particularly brave. (Honestly, I think the word “brave” is overused in this fandom. So is “important”. It makes it harder for me to use these words without the diluted impressions.) Don’t get me wrong, I wholeheartedly believe it was a risky move on Mickey’s part that demanded his blind courage but there is also something else at work here—something a little more puerile, a little more self-serving… 

Let me ask you this: who was Mickey coming out for? Not for the folks at the Alibi, surely. He doesn’t care what those assholes know. He even tells Ian, “Who gives a shit about everybody else?” (read: I got you, babe). It may have looked like Mickey was addressing the room but he was not really talking to them. No, Mickey’s speech was designed for one person, to have the last word. 

That sentence ought to tell you his state of mind and the true impetus for his actions. “You happy now” is the sort of thing you say when you’re trying to sound sarcastic about what a person has done or “made” you do. Usually as a way to defer blame. Like “You ruined dinner with your bad attitude and now I’m making everybody leave. You happy now?” “I just ate twenty of these cookies you made and now my diet has gone off the rails. You happy now?”

I just did what I told you would endanger my life and yours because you wanted me to get in touch with my true gay self. "You happy now?” Could you even tell that I cared about you this much, bitch?

I laugh so hard. What could Ian even say back if Terry didn’t so rudely interrupt them? Um, yeah, thanks? It’s kind of hard to know what to say back to that. ‘Cause Mickey’s tone would have you believe he was #SoDone with Ian’s shit, which is why the lines are so hilarious; even in this naked confession, Mickey undermines the grand gesture with his bad-tempered sarcasm because he doesn’t like being vulnerable. He was steeling himself to expect the worst from everybody. And then it’s even funnier when nobody gives a fuck (except Terry), making his point moot. 

So Mickey came out for Ian. For them. And less obviously but no less importantly, Mickey also came out for himself. He was thinking in the moment and in that moment he wanted to prove a sullen bitch wrong. There were consistent communication problems that night and here he was making himself perfectly clear in language Ian could understand. He’s fuckin’ gay. He was never that scared, only practical.

We know Mickey thinks fast. It only took him one look at a police car before he made up his mind about going back to juvie. It took him one beat here to abandon almost 18 years of fear and repression to let it go in one spectacularly ornery public announcement. He was tired; he was exasperated by so many people that night. Ian most of all, the one who was supposed to understand him best. So the fact that he was able to relieve this weight that’s been pressing on his soul for so long is but a side benefit to him showing up Ian and calling his bluff. Mickey was having a selfish moment and we should all be so happy for him. This was him throwing his hands up and saying fuck it, fuck you, fuck everything, THIS ME (because of you).

Of course, I’m not saying this was all he was thinking. Only the way he decided to deliver it. Well, okay, the last look he throws at Ian was pretty much pure spite:

But the first part of his reflection tells me there was more to it: 

Maybe in that moment, he really did take his own words to heart: ”…what you and I have makes me free not what these assholes know.” Well, if Mickey didn’t care about those assholes when they didn’t know, he’s still not going to care when they do. Or so he convinced himself. 

A lot, honey. A lot. Maybe he even remembered what he promised to do earlier that morning:

And in that moment he realized he could deal with both stupid shits at the same time. Or it was the same stupid shit all along. But it was never about coming out to the world. It was about reassuring someone he was his world. But shut up about it already. 

Tony @anonymoussong prompted this.

Title: More than a song
Word count: 660
Summary:  After the funeral, Bilbo puts on the ring, slips away from the others, and goes to see Thorin one last time.

On Ao3.

Bilbo slips off the ring and comes to stand before the stone bier on which Thorin Oakenshield is laid. It ought to be easier seeing it now for having seen it before, but still his face twists in a grimace, and something knots painfully in his belly.

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