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Law of Attraction Chat - Morning Momentum
  • (The scene was with a friend the other morning, and it was silent. No one was speaking, just kind of chillin out. Felt like they may have been worried about something or really tired so there was inspiration to get some positive energy flowing.)
  • Me:Hey, good morning! How are you?
  • Friend:I'm alright. You?
  • Me:I'm great!
  • (Silence and head nodding. Friend looks at phone then looks back up.)
  • Me:Let me ask you something, what's 5 things you're grateful for?
  • Friend:I don't know.
  • (Friend looks like they're thinking about it.)
  • Me:Ok.
  • Friend:Why?
  • Me:I was just curious. Thought it'd be fun to talk about what we appreciate.
  • Friend:Oh. Well I guess I appreciate food, my family, sports, music, and real friends.
  • Me:Cool-cool...Why do you appreciate food (said in a curious tone)?
  • Friend:Because some people don't have food (said with hands and body posture that expresses that what was said was obvious).
  • Me:True, I appreciate food too...Especially when you put it that way. I really like sweets, takes me back to good memories.
  • Friend:Right? I really like food around the holidays because it reminds me of good memories too.
  • Me:Why do you like sports?
  • Friend:Because I like playing them (in a tone that was like "why else would I?")?
  • Me:Guess that's an obvious reason huh? Well, why do you like music?
  • Friend:Because it makes me feel good.
  • Me:Same here, there's certain music that just puts me in a good mood. Remember when I was bumpin that guap song and you were looking at me funny cuz I was all into it?
  • (Then goes to playlist and plays the guap song.)
  • Friend:Yeah, but you were dancing silly on purpose...THAT'S why I was looking at you funny...there was people around...it was a little embarrassing...
  • Me:But you laughed though, don't lie... Let me ask you another question...Do you know what we just did right there?
  • Friend:Not really, what did we do?
  • Me:We just focused on things that feel good and then we both started feeling gooder and gooder.
  • Friend:I don't think gooder is a word...
  • Me:But how do you feel though?
  • Friend:I feel good, why?
  • Me:Because when I first asked you, you said you were alright...

anonymous asked:

I remember you saying you had body goals. How is that going. WHat weight are you up to? I think your body is nice :) And your a good height to.

I don’t weigh myself I don’t care about weight I care about how I look and feel, and tbh I’ve kind of fallen off track with working out but I’ve been eating pretty healthy and I think I look ok, not really much improvement physically but my state of mind has improved so I’m much more content with myself which is cool I guess

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For ancestor night it would be really cool if you drew some the ancestors in Lolita. Sweet, Gothic, or Ouji-loli are my favs but you can pick any. And pick any ancestor you'd like to. I just want to see ancestors in lolita. and today seemed like a great day to request it. You by no means need to do this request, but it'd be cool if you did. Have an amazing day!