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I mean if you honestly think that Raphael would hurt Mama Lewis, I don’t know what to tell you. One of Raphael’s defining character traits is how much he loved his mother, and he has done nothing but help Simon since he turned, and Simon wouldn’t even be “alive” if it weren’t for Raphael saving him.

Like, yes, Raphael’s methods of helping are unconventional and not always morally sound, but at the end of the day, he was saying and doing what needed to be done to protect his clan and family, which he has stated multiple times, includes Simon, even after the betrayal. Raphael wouldn’t let harm come to Simon’s mom if he could do anything to stop it, and he certainly wouldn’t do it himself. And now Simon is going to be much more motivated to find Camille, which is great, because honestly, Mrs. Lewis, (like the entire clan) is in danger from Camille just because she is Simon’s mom, and Camille is not above killing mundanes for spite and fun.

But Raphael is. 

So yeah, was this Raphael’s nicest moment? No. But it will take a lot more than that to ever make me doubt his character and I trust the Shadowhunters writers, they haven’t let me down yet on the Raphael and Saphael front. 


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What do you think about the relationship between Jyn and Cassian? Is it love, romance, friendship, something else?

To some people who think Victor and Yuuri aren’t in love because they didn’t outright say ‘I love you’, think again. 

So basically, re-watching the episode for the nth time (with my dad this time because he loves this show now) and he points something out. 

Y’all remember that moment where Yuuri has this inner monologue at the end of the show while he’s running with Makkachin?

“We call everything on the ice love”. 

What’s the title of this show? 
Yuri!!! on Ice. 
What’s or Who’s on the ice? 
Yuuri Katsuki. 
Who said this name?
Victor Nikiforov. 
They’re in love. End of discussion. 

To be, or not to be...

Something else interesting to note about Sherlock and Molly, and who they ‘pretend’ to be in the real world:

Sherlock only likes himself when he’s something he’s not.  When he’s dressed up in his detective identity.  He hates himself, or is terribly uncomfortable, as anything else.

Molly is only not herself one time in the series, during the Christmas episode.  She dressed up in a ‘costume’, to try and be something she really wasn’t.  It’s the only time we see her look completely and utterly uncomfortable.

In TEH, when Sherlock shyly asks Molly to come and participate in a case with him, she asks him what John usually does.  By this point, Sherlock knows Molly.  He remembers the last time she was at 221B, trying so hard to be someone she wasn’t, for him.  This time, he makes sure she knows all he wants is for her to be herself. “You’re not being John, you’re being yourself.”

Molly is only comfortable when she’s herself.  Something I think Sherlock admires greatly about her.

Sherlock is never comfortable, never okay when he’s himself…except when he’s with Molly.

Sherlock trusting Molly enough to be himself with her is in itself a kind of love. It’s not an everyday romantic kind of love, but I think for Molly, it’s worth far more than any dinner date or night at the pub.  To her, it’s pure diamonds.

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omg i love eldritch skywalkers please share more of your ideas? like on leia and ben/kylo? or how leia and luke find comfort in each other because of their shared monstrous heritage?

  • Her son is born shining. Many mothers have said similar things; but Leia means this quite literally, for she bears what on first glimpse seems to be some kind of opalescent octopus. It shifts and judders into shapes that human eyes cannot comprehend, and Han ducks his head, swearing through his teeth.  “Don’t look,” she says, soft and infinitely sad. Her son is like her: this should be a wondrous thing. And yet it isn’t. She takes the bundle of light and shifting colours – at least half a dozen colours that have not been seen in this universe – and at once it solidifies into a little baby. “Look,” says Leia. “Look how much he looks like you.”
  • He does. When he is human at least: the same knowing smirk, a smuggler’s grin. And at other times he looks like her, just like her, only at those times Han can’t look at him for longer than five seconds without cringing in pain. Hey princess, he said, when she brings it up, says how it bothers her, sometimes I can’t bear to look at you for longer than five seconds, you drive me kriffing mad, but I love you still – and she had slapped him, kissed him, and they’d laughed into each other’s mouths. 
  • Kylo Ren is roiling rank blackness. He is void. He is starless night. He is, he is, he is: this is what Leia and Han tell themselves. Their shining boy, their Ben, is locked away somewhere in there. But that isn’t right. And when Han faces Kylo Ren he doesn’t see darkness but white light, endless and shining and beautiful, and that’s when he realises how badly he has misjudged this. Because Ben didn’t die; Kylo Ren grew out of him, and they are one and the same, and it isn’t as easy as plucking Ben free from the mess that is Kylo Ren, for Ben made his choices again and again, and made himself into the monster that burned the temple. How could I have been anything else. I am a monster, you could not bear to look at me, says Kylo Ren, says Ben, and Han –
  • Han never gets a chance to answer. I love you. You’re a wonder. You’re –  
  • Kylo Ren wants to eat Han’s heart (Snoke’s suggestion: something final, derisive, the act of one who will never fall to the Light), but he doesn’t get a chance, because Rey – human and whole and beautiful – is intent on ripping his own out. 

you know why i think tarjei’s acting is remarkable? i just saw the latest clip, i don’t speak norvegian, and my heart is just aching. his way of conveying emotions is so subtle yet so precise and on point. i don’t even need to know what he’s saying to feel it all. his emotions reach the viewer perfectly.

i’m not kidding when i say this: someone give this guy an award



He’s never seen Baze smile.

It occurs to Chirrut that this is a problem, that for once his lack of sight is an obstacle. He wants, desperately, to know what Baze looks like with a smile curving his mouth, lighting his eyes. Does he have a dimple? Chirrut needs to know.

They haven’t been friends for long. Sometimes, Chirrut isn’t sure they are friends yet. But they share a room, and occasionally a bed, when acolyte training is especially exhausting and Baze is too tired to drag himself to the top bunk.

Chirrut wakes sometimes with Baze’s arm around his waist. It takes everything in his power then not to trace the lines of Baze’s face while he’s unconscious, memorize everything about him. The shape of his mouth, loose in sleep. The line of his nose, his hair in its soft shamble around his head. 

But he doesn’t. Because Baze hasn’t given him permission, and Chirrut won’t take that from him.

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A list of things Papyrus says/that are said about him that are… disturbing, to say the least, especially when compared to similar things others say. There’s probably more, but these are the first to come to mind.

Thanks to @zekestrife and @fandomhop for some of the screenshots! And some youtube videos. You can tell which screenshots are mine because they generally have that blue border around them.


Wait, what?

When I say I’m thinking about teen Mileven, what I really mean is I’m thinking about Karen being a little wary when she hears something that sounds suspiciously like crying coming from the basement and when she gets downstairs, El and Mike are cuddling on the couch, puffy eyed and surrounded by crumpled tissues while watching Bambi 


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Akaashi is a liar 

Honestly, I think Mark Lee is such an incredible person. NCT haven’t even had their one year anniversary and yet Mark has debuted 3 times and is currently preparing for NCT 127’s comeback and he’s only 17. I know we all love kpop here but I think we can all agree that it can sometimes get very competitive and just generally very difficult. But here we have a 17 year old kid who has debuted multiple times, keeps up with school work and stays connected with his family. Can you imagine how stressful that must be? He’s the leader of NCT Dream so that alone must be very burdening but he still looks after the younger members very well and makes sure he’s a good role model for them. As cliche as it sounds, NCT is a family and I know they’ll always look out for Mark, just like he’ll look out for them, but I can’t help but worry about him. I really hope he stays healthy and happy because oh my god does he deserve it.
All I’m trying to say is Mark works ridiculously hard and always gives it his best and I really hope he knows how much he’s loved and no matter how stressed or scared he gets, he’ll always have his members and fans right by him.

Storm Witch

“The weather is nature’s disruptor of human plans and busybodies. Of all the things on earth, nature’s disruption is what we know we can depend on, as it is essentially uncontrolled by men.” -Criss Jami, Killosophy

Must be the Season of the Witch

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Hello is it alright if I ask what brushes you use? Btw i love the way you paint stuff its just so cool

hello!!! i use this brush primarily!! i keep 2 copys of it and mess around with the density/blending if i need too… my stabilizer’s on 0 so the lines look nice n janky :+)

(open the image in a new tab for better res)

n for blending i use this tool!!

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I was wondering if you had any thoughts on Mick Rory's speech patterns? (If you've already answered this in another post then sorry!). In particular I think (at least I've noticed it once or twice) that he sometimes doesn't use contractions and as a result the sentence comes out a little awkwardly (ex: in his first episode he says "what *are* you talking about" instead of "what're" and the result stresses the word "are" a bit) Idk, it could just be the actor's way of talking?

Mick Rory’s speech patterns are a fucking nightmare to parse. Honestly. I’ve been trying to pin them down since The Flash season 1 and they’re a goddamn moving target. A big part of why is because they changed his speech patterns for Legends (along with his characterization, a little bit, and Len’s). 

Dominic Purcell has also said in an interview that he didn’t hit his stride with Mick until they were filming the first Legends’ episode, and that’s when he really came to understand the character and when it fell naturally into place. So that’s bound to have affected his speech patterns some. It also doesn’t help that his accent occasionally drops and his Australian side slips out (I always laugh when it happens; it’s been happening more on this season of Legends).

But okay. This got crazy freaking long so I’m putting it under a cut. 

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