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Hey Drew, do you think you could go into detail and explain your feelings on the recent Harry Potter debacles (The Cursed Child and also what Pottermore has become)? Your opinions usually mirror mine but I'm having a hard time putting it all together. Cheers! Hope you're doing alright (I think you live in Florida?) watch out for that nasty, nasty weather.

Hey there! Let me see here. I’ll try to express my feelings, I’ll be eager to hear from you to see if you agree!

So basically the current expansion of J. K. Rowling’s wizarding world breaks down into three categories: Pottermore, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and the Fantastic Beasts series. I’ll take them one at a time.

Pottermore started out as this amazing addition to the Potter fandom. We were all so excited to be officially Sorted into our houses, learn what kind of wands we might receive, and delve deeper into the world of Harry Potter. Pottermore was excellent at the start when we were learning more about Jo’s writing process and fun facts. Why were Hufflepuff’s colors yellow and black, for example. Even the character biographies we got at the start were thoughtful and creative and felt like an extension of the universe that was already there. Pottermore has deteriorated as we’ve moved further and further away from what Jo already had written down and we’ve gone deeper and deeper into material invented for Pottermore. Ilvermorny is obviously the biggest example here. The American copy-and-paste version of Hogwarts is so clearly an afterthought developed for a quick name-drop in the Fantastic Beasts movie. It truly makes no sense as an actual American school for reasons that plenty of people smarter than me have expanded on – the trivialization of Native American culture, the absurdity that one school would suffice for the entire United States, the dismissal of the canonically established Salem Institute. The inclusion of “houses” is particularly frustrating for me. I’m sure we have private schools in the States that have houses but in general it’s an extremely British concept that doesn’t translate here. More importantly, the Hogwarts house system is so incredible. The house mascots and colors, the association with the four elements, and the values prescribed to each category all come together in a truly beautiful way. Our generation in particular has come to adopt the Hogwarts houses as core elements to our personality. It’s our way of discussing our values – the morality of ambition, the importance of loyalty, the discussion of mind versus heart or knowledge versus instinct. The Ilvermorny houses belittle the brilliance of the Hogwarts houses and it honestly infuriates me.

As a tangent to this, I think Jo also insults her own system by continuing to sort the “good guys” into Gryffindor and the “bad guys” into Slytherin. Celestina Warbeck would have been a great good-Slytherin but Jo says she’s a Gryffindor. Dolores Umbridge would have been a fascinating bad-Hufflepuff but Jo says she’s a Slytherin. Remember that meta about how Hagrid’s house is never identified in the books and how it makes way more sense for him to be a Slytherin than a Gryffindor? The houses have so much depth to them, Jo even talks about how Hufflepuff is her favorite house, but she treats them in such a superficial way.

My frustration with the Fantastic Beasts series is not dissimilar to my frustration with Pottermore. Mostly my feeling with Fantastic Beasts so far is a lot like my feelings for Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom: it’s beautiful, it’s amazing, but who cares? I don’t care about Newt Scamander and I don’t care about Gellert Grindelwald, especially if we’re going to continue to avoid Albus Dumbledore’s sexuality in telling this story. I wouldn’t mind all of this extra history if I had the history I want. I want Marauders! I want Founders! We know more about the founding of Ilvermorny than the founding of the school we actually care about! If we already had the stories that we’re all deeply fascinated by, I think we’d be more invested in these additional stories. Instead, the Fantastic Beasts series feels like a distraction so that Jo doesn’t have to tell the Marauders and Founders stories. Plus, including the abuser Johnny Depp in the cast is disgusting and infuriating.

Now we come to the ultimate insult to the Potter fandom: Cursed Child. I almost don’t know where to begin with this one. It is unfathomable to me that Jo, who cares so much about her characters, signed off on this and said it can be considered canon. There is just so much wrong here. The characterization of our existing characters, particular the Golden Trio, is so off. Hermione is a shadow of her former self; Ron seems to be based on the film interpretation rather than the book; and while portraying Harry as a misguided father is certainly an interesting choice and could be argued as a plausibility given the fact that he grew up without James and with Vernon, it is certainly the sadder choice, especially considering the wonderful father figures he’s had in Lupin, Sirius, Hagrid, Arthur, and even Dumbledore. It seems like this character choice is only there to serve up drama with Albus.

Next up, perhaps the most absurd piece of the Cursed Child puzzle, is Delphini Diggory. She might as well be named Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way. Delphi is the worst part of the entire Harry Potter universe. Her very existence makes no sense - not only would Voldemort have absolutely no need or want for a child and no need or want to have sex with Bellatrix, it also doesn’t fit into the timeline as far as I know. On top of that, she is so illogical as a character, underdeveloped in every way and uncompelling as a villain.

The story itself is aggravating because it seems to be entirely manufactured as fan service while simultaneously letting the fans down. The time turner storyline is clearly all about allowing the play to show us scenes and characters from the original books, yet the scenes we go to are the Triwizard challenges where very little actually happens to advance the Potter story. It’s such an odd choice. And so much centers around the Diggory family, who we hardly know anything about and it’s not like we really learn any new information about them except that apparently if Cedric hadn’t died he would have become a Death Eater, which is so absolutely ridiculous. They clearly just wanted to show us some of the old characters and that’s where this story came from. Even in the present story we see how fan service affected the writing - Jo has said the McGonagall wouldn’t be headmistress by the time Albus got there, and yet here she is. I haven’t even touched on the concept of returning to the night James and Lily died and forcing Harry to watch this trauma or the various stupidities of the alternate timelines like Ron and Hermione’s loveless fates if they aren’t married to one another. 

Also, I have to mention that Jo establishes some very clear laws of magic that this story just decides do not apply. If we all just believe hard enough, we can make Harry look like Voldemort! I know there were other cases of this, but it’s been a while since I’ve read the play so I can’t quite remember them off the top of my head. I could say though that this is probably the aspect that makes the whole thing feel so much like fanfiction (along with Delphi). The Potter world has rules and Jo sticks to them very carefully. The play’s disregard for these rules is sloppy.

The final issue I have to discuss regarding Cursed Child is, obviously, the relationship between Scorpius and Albus. It’s been discussed to death, I know, but any criticism of the play is incomplete without mentioning it. These two boys are great characters on their own. Albus living in his father’s shadow is compelling. Scorpius in particular is a wonderful character. I also have to applaud the choice to sort these two protagonists into Slytherin, finally breaking the mold I talked about earlier. But the queer baiting in this play is blatant and painful. Honestly, it wouldn’t be so bad if we hadn’t forced Scorpius into asking out Rose at the end of the play. I get it, fourteen-year-olds don’t always understand their sexuality, and maybe you could even say attaching Rose to Scorpius is part of that, but the play certainly doesn’t imply it that way at all. It’s particularly hurtful because Jo is amazingly progressive in her politics and actively talks about LGBT rights, feminism, Black Lives Matter, and so on, but she does not demonstrate all of these powerful values in her books, especially when it comes to LGBT characters. The only character she has identified as anything other than straight is Dumbledore, and even that is never mentioned in the literature, and if you know it’s there it’s still  only implied as a tragic barely-there subplot. The wizarding world struggles with diversity across the board. Jo’s made steps. Casting black actresses as Hermione and Rose is absolutely incredible. We’re starting to see characters of color appear in the Fantastic Beasts series, although way too slowly in my opinion. But despite all of her politics, Jo is dragging her feet when it comes to LGBT representation, and denying us even an implied future relationship between Albus and Scorpius is just… frustrating. I could go on and on about the details of their relationship throughout the play and how the writing clearly indicates feelings between them, but others who know the text more thoroughly have already been there and done that.

Basically it all boils down to this: Jo is giving us an overload of information that we either don’t want or don’t care about and denying us the stuff that we do. Maybe she should have quit while she was ahead. Goodness knows the Potter fans have enough creativity to fill in their own blanks. I can only hope that as Pottermore and the Fantastic Beasts series continue to grow, maybe she can do better. 

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Some Ravenclaws feel that they would fit in to some of the other houses, the most common second fit is Slytherin because of their similar traits, next is Hufflepuff and then Gryffindor.

rant for hufflepuffs

hello it’s ur friendly neighborhood hufflepuff here.

now, i have something that i need to get off my chest. i hate, hate, hate how hufflepuffs are only known as being cute, fluffy, adorable, little beans. i HATE it. yes, hufflepuffs are cute and stuff but THAT’S NOT ALL WE ARE.

you hear gryffindor, you think “brave.”

you hear ravenclaw, you think “incredibly intelligent.”

you hear slytherin, you think “ambitious.”

you hear hufflepuff, you think “bean!”

no. that is NOT all we are. do you know how long it took me to accept being a hufflepuff? a very long time. i took my first sorting test on pottermore three? years ago. i got hufflepuff and was incredibly disappointed. i immediately made another email just so i could retake it. i got ravenclaw and was happier, but not incredibly happy. so i made a third email. i got gryffindor and was off the charts on the happy graph. you want to know why i was disappointed on getting hufflepuff? because i wanted – and still want – to be more than just “an adorable little bean.” i want to brave and intelligent and ambitious but when you’re a hufflepuff, you’re just an adorable little bean. also, hufflepuff’s traits are completely ignored. WE ARE LOYAL, DEDICATED, HARD WORKING, PATIENT (not me hahah), KIND, FAIR AND TOLERANT (once again, not me at times) PEOPLE. WE ARE NOT JUST BEANS.

a year later i made a fourth email so i could retake the pottermore test to decide once and for all what house i am in. i got hufflepuff. and while i wasn’t the happiest, i began to think.

cedric diggory, a 17 year old boy who out of all of hogwarts, was chosen to be in the triwizard tournament. a 17 year old boy who told his peers to stop wearing those badges which showed unkind feelings toward his competitor. a 17 year old boy who felt it would only be fair to give a hint to his FELLOW COMPETITOR in that same tournament about a task. a 17 year old boy who didn’t have to tell his competitor about the task, who didn’t have to tell his competitor that they would both be winners if they grabbed the trophy at the same time. it would’ve been so easy to just keep his mouth shut and not tell his peers anything, to keep his mouth shut and not tell his competitor about the task, to just lunge for the trophy. but he didn’t. he was fair and he was kind and he was brave until the very end of his too short life.

newt scamander, who was expelled from his school because he decided to help his friend and take the blame for a prank that went too far. who tried to calm a teenage boy who didn’t understand the powers he had. who cared so much about these creatures, he couldn’t let harm come to them. newt could have just let his friend be expelled for her prank, he could’ve let the teenage boy just suffer for his own, he could have just let the ministry take his magical creatures but he didn’t because he’s kind and he’s caring and patient and tolerant.

nymphadora tonks, who was a hufflepuff, lacked the ability to behave properly in class yet got outstanding marks. who became an auror when she left school. who gave birth to a son, also a hufflepuff - mind you, yet went immediately into a war with her husband, unsure if her husband and herself would make it out of this war alive. tonks could have chosen a safer job, she could’ve stayed with her son in safety, but she didn’t because she was a smart and brave and hard working and dedicated and loyal hufflepuff.

hufflepuffs are loyal to their friends and family. they are hard working and dedicated when it comes to school work, and work in general. they are patient and tolerant when need be. they are fair and kind to people who deserve it, and even sometimes to those who don’t. they care deeply and they deserve more than to just be deemed as “adorable.”

i am a proud hufflepuff and i am absolutely sick of just being seen as adorable. i am so much more than that. i am loyal, hard working, dedicated, kind, fair, and even patient and tolerant at times. but i am also intelligent, i am ambitious, i can be sarcastic and sassy like you’ve never seen before. i am brave in my own way. and so is every single hufflepuff out there.

hufflepuffs deserve so much more than to be deemed as just adorable. they are so much more than that.

So back when we first started dating, husband gave me the nickname “Bunny”. It stuck over the years to such a point where other people started calling me Bunny, though never with as much feeling. It ranges from amused indulgence (which is the only way to live with me) to straight up filthy ardent devotion that should be impossible to convey in just two syllables, and yet he’s been doing it for over a decade.

Anyway, I’ve been badgering him all night to take the Patronus test on Pottermore and he’s doing the options like a grumpy old man like “oh no think of a happy thought, I don’t have any” and “oh look how spooky, blood and bone, such darkness, such drama” and then it gets to the bit where your patronus is waiting to be generated and he’s like “all right lets see what shit this throws at me” and

[caption: an image of a bunny rabbit hopping over the screen with the words, ‘your patronus is a wild rabbit’.]


you know in order of the phoenix how all the Slytherins sing “Weasley is our king” at the quidditch match to psyche Ron out, and Malfoy came up with it

how did he actually do that? just lying awake in the dormitory thinking of rhymes late into the night and then the next day bursts into the common room like LADS I’ve got this tune and a set of disparaging lyrics, everybody in our house has to learn both of them immediately so we can aggravate this one specific Gryffindor most of us won’t have heard of. what are the logistics of this. I need answers. 

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Hello Robin, I'm a huge fan of your wonderful gaming videos! What house do you think you'd be in at Hogwarts? Also, what are your favorite animals? Thank you so much for your time!

Hello! Well, regarding the Potter house and stuff, I have posted about that before but since you asked so nicely and politely, I’ll just do this - here are my things as according to Pottermore! Also, dragons :D

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Howdy! If you had a potronus and/or be an animagus, what animal would they be?

my patronus is james potter.

at least pottermore says it’s a stag, because apparently im a living cliche…………..

if i were an animagus, i’d probably be a border collie, i think. as one my expect from my url.

Pukwudgie? But what does heart mean?

Closing your eyes to hear the rain, a song on repeat on a on just because, hugs just a little bit too long, ‘your hair smells nice today’, shouting when angry, running the last few meters before arriving to your destination, knowing when strike to hurt someone, sticking your whole arm out of the window of a moving car, laughing too loud, crying because a book character is suffering, hearing music and automatically start to dance, racing to take the first sit, taking your friends by the hand to make them do what you want, sticking your tongue out and drinking directly from the rain, being so angry that you lash out at everyone and everything, jumping out of your skin when scared, getting personally offended, singing at the top of your lungs with a crowd in a concert, feeling your eyes watering in anger, taking pranks way too far, being dramatic when telling a story, ‘Damn you are no fun’, water so hot you skin steams after you shower, looking up at the sky when it thunders, throwing your hands up in the air in roller-coasters, getting excited when you see your footprints in the otherwise untouched white snow, being mean to someone who has done nothing wrong because you want to, being the first one to dance in the club, going to the front of a boat and opening your arms screaming that you are the king of the world, showing memes to irl friends even though you know they won’t get it, suddenly feeling afraid of what might be underneath you when swimming in the sea, putting too much acid in your words, your sides hurting from laughter, crying in the shower where no one can see you, following your instinct, feeling sick satisfaction, deep conversations at 3 am, staring at a painting for longer than usual, going to someone’s home and touching everything, exchanging meaningful looks with your friends when someone says something stupid, moving your hands when you talk, feeling numb when hurt and then boil for revenge, hating love, having bags under your eyes because last night the book was just reaching the best part, cursing at a movie, using too many emojis, liking your fingertips after eating, telling scary stories so good you end up scaring yourself, falling in love, having to stop reading mid-sentece because you need a moment to process all the feels you are getting, being rude because you don’t have time for this, been heart broken, cursing like a sailor, not caring about what other people might think, the wind hitting your body as the motorbike flies over the road, obvious sarcasm, performing in the shower, hating too strongly, headphones too loud, acting the guitar solo, pushing other people to get a better look, knowing what someone is gonna say before they say it, sticking your tongue out to someone as an answer, way in anything and everything, not awkward silences, smelling flowers at midnight, raising your eyebrow, holding grudges and having your emotions in tune with your life.

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Will you be giving the og Potter characters daemons? Also - there are a lot of theories on what your animagus/patronus means. How does your settled daemon compare to those? (Love your art, love the au, sorry to be a bother!)

I actually have been thinking about this too, but forgot to include it in the post! 

So it is a known fact that your Patronus and Animagus form are both determined by your personality and can be the same animal that symbolizes a manifestation of your inner self, but! They can be different animals too (for example, I find it really incovenient for your Animagus form and Patronus to be the same if the latter is an aquatic animal), and Pottermore page on Animagi states as much. So seeing as in His Dark Materials series dæmons are also manifestations of one’s inner self, I think in this AU it’d apply to them as well. It can be the same as your Animagus form and/or your Patronus. Or different from them. Or all three of them are the same animal. Or all three of them are different (although I feel like this case is probably very rare, almost nonexistent even, I mean, what kind of inconsistent personality one must have to get three different animals as its embodiment). That said, personally I think most, but not all, people have the same animal as their Patronus/Animagus form/dæmon.

(and yeah, it’d be cool to do this AU for other HP characters sometime in the future; I can even list one fact about it right off the bat: Nagini totally was Tom Riddle’s dæmon)

I asked you right here to agree with me that a scar is never ugly. That is what the scar makers want us to think. We must see all scars as beauty. Because take it from me, a Scar does not form on the dying. A scar means I survived” -Chris Cleave on Little Bee- 

Ravenclaw vs Slytherin 01

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff meets Smut in later chapters 

Rating: M

Written by xoxoTheQueenOfHearts

A/N: My Harry Potter obsession is real. I wanted to try something new. If you want to see other members, send in your request. I kind of have an idea in my own mind of which houses BTS would be in or GOT7 or other kpop groups. Myself, I am a Slytherin (Pottermore made it official a few years back.) I hope this isn’t cringe-y because I just thought of this idea and wrote it down before I forgot. Tell me what you guys think. BTW Y/F/N means your friend name.

Today was the match you were excited for. Ravenclaw vs Slytherin. Being the teams Captain, you made sure to pick the best players in wit and knowledge; which included your two best friends, Kim Namjoon and Y/F/N with a few other people from your house that wanted to play. 

You were a proud Ravenclaw even if you were a half blood. Your dad being a wizard and your mom being a muggle. You were academically motivated and wise using your intellect in all things. You were very clever. You made Out-standings on all of your O.W.L.S in your classes. Charms, Potions, Ancient Runes, Care of Magical Creatures, and Defense Against The Dark Arts. All of which were shared with your enemy. 

Min Yoongi. A Slytherin. It’s not that you didn’t have a problem with Slytherin House because like Ravenclaw, Slytherins are also very intelligent however, Slytherins including Min Yoongi still believe in blood supremacy and older traditions. But just like you, he also made Out-standings in your classes which ruffled your feathers. 

You and your team were headed to the Maze that changes to start the game. When you had arrived, Slytherin was also arriving. You, Namjoon, and Y/F/N were shoulder to shoulder as Yoongi, Jungkook, and Jimin stood before you shoulder to shoulder. Everyone glared at each other. 

“Let’s have a fair clean game.” Madame Hooch tells everyone as you could hear every house cheer their favorites. “Ravenclaw goes in first followed by Slytherin. 3,2,1.” she says just before blowing her whistle. 

Within moments your team take out your wands and head into the maze that changes. You whispered to your team. “Okay, Let’s split up and do our best! Don’t go for the obvious kill alright? Get them when they least expect it.” Everyone goes their separate ways.

After awhile you finally hear the points racking up. “Kim Namjoon scored 30 points for RavenClaw leaving the score to be 30 to 10.” The announcer said. As you rounded a corner you saw the back of Jungkook and Jimin. You smirked as you whipped out your wand and quietly mumbled something as your wand shown a laser and pointed it both at the two and quickly ran back. You could hear them yelling confused profanaties. 

“Y/N just laid double damage in stealth. Leaving the score to be 50 to 10.” the announcer said once again and you were happy because you knew your team would win. But the smile got wiped off your face when you that announcer again. “Min Yoongi and Park Jimin both scored points to Slytherin. 50 to 40.”

‘What the hell…’ you thought to yourself as you began to worry about your mates and the result of the game. You were walking down the maze row when you heard the wind whistle just before you heard a scream from Y/F/N and her rescue light rose to the air that could be seen from above. 

“Slytherin scored another point leaving the scores to be tied. 50 to 50.” the announcer announced. 

You pouted as you rounded another corner quickly only to scream when Min Yoongi scared the living daylights out of you. You held your wand out getting ready to attack only for him to yank it out of your hold. 

“Give me my wand back!” you shout at him as you try to grab it from him but he was much taller than you.

“No, I don’t think I will, not until after the game.” he started. “You attacked my teammates so you should suffer too.” he said while he watched you. 

You glared at him. “That’s part of the game!” you yell getting frustrated. “Now give me my wand back!” you say reaching for your wand once more. 

He chuckled at you. “Attacking my teammates from behind and then sneaking away, is that all you Ravenclaws ever good at?” he asked smirking at you. 

You were about to retort when you felt his lips crash onto yours. He kissed you as a distraction just for him to hold you there while the announcer started to go off. You tried to push him off but he was too strong. And then you heard it. 

“Slytherin wins!”

He released you as he gave you your wand back and disappearing like the snake he was. You were pissed. He cheated. And that kiss, you hated to admit it but you kind of liked but as soon as you thought that, you internally smacked yourself. Oh he would pay for this. When you walked out of the maze, Yoongi and his mates were all smirking and laughing at you as you walked over to your mates only to have Namjoon and Y/F/N to follow you. 

“What happened?” they both asked as they saw you upset and blushing. 

“Min. Fucking. Yoongi. Two can play at this game. He’ll pay for it.” You seethe as you make your way back to your common room with your friends trailing behind you. 

So I saw a post with a nice little flow chart explaining how the Hogwarts and Ilvermorny houses interconnect, but it didn’t connect all the houses, so, as the over-achiever that I am, I obviously had to make a full version. With color-coding,

I’ve seen this in a few different posts already so it’s not all that revolutionary, but the Hogwarts houses sort by personality traits - the brave, loyal, cunning, and wise. Ilvermorny houses sort more by your dominant function (what you do with your personality traits) - the adventurer, scholar, warrior, and healer. While some combinations will be more typical than others, every combination is possible. 

I took all the dominant traits listed under each Hogwarts house and divided them up among the Ilvermorny houses. This is all subjective and some people may believe some of these categories should be switched, but I tried to take as few liberties as possible. Some just didn’t want to work out nicely. For example, Ravenclaw split up perfectly. I didn’t have to think much about how to match up the houses. Gryffindor, on the other hand, was a bit of a nightmare. 

Take what you will from this, but I thought it might be helpful to people trying to make sense of a strange house combination or just to illustrate that the Ilvermorny houses are not renames of the Hogwarts houses.

Edit: Emotionally volatile = quick temper. It’s a phrase I saw on multiple websites so I used it. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. I think of Draco and probably Ron as emotionally volatile.

(Inspiration from post by @allhailqueenmargaery and @violettsbaudelaires)

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I just read what you wrote about Draco's patronus, and it's such a coincidence because I wrote something about it only few days ago. I think his Patronus would've been a Thestral. Here's why: (1/2

(½) •Thestrals are quite clever, and well, Draco’s too. Thestrals would forcefully attack anyone or anything they see as a threat and any enemy of its owners- Draco was very loyal to his family, and did not hesitate to mock anyone who said something slightly offensive about his family. Draco was the owner of the elder wand for a certain period, and the elder wand’s core is a Thestral hair. Thestrals are attracted to the smell of blood- metaphor to blood- purity. :3 what do you think?

I think this headcanon is wicked cool! Also you know how when pottermore patronus quiz was released a lot of people were disappointed with their patronuses, even in denial about them? I think that’s how Draco would feel about his patronus being a thestral, since it’s known that most wizards have a superstitious fear of them (and I kind of doubt that Draco would be among those few who are actually fascinated by thestrals). But only at first! I believe that eventually he’d grow to like his patronus. Not least because it’s very rare to have a thestral patronus and its owner should probably feel very special.

Ilvermorny Sorting

So everyone’s been busy comparing the houses of Ilvermorny to Hogwarts houses, but I’d like to propose an alternative. I think Ilvermorny sorting requires asking a slightly different type of question. 

Hogwarts houses are chosen based on traits you consider important and value beyond yourself, e.g. Hermione thinks bravery is more important than “books and cleverness.” That’s because the founders wanted to see those values in others (i.e. the students they chose).

On the other hand, the characters of the Ilvermorny founders “leaked into the houses,” so it seems to divide along the lines of how you define yourself and what tools you prefer to use in your approach to life.

  • Horned Serpent: “I’m defined by what I think.” (Scholars, mind.)
  • Wampus: “I’m defined by what I do.” (Warriors, body.)
  • Thunderbird: “I’m defined by my experiences.” (Adventurer, soul.)
  • Pukwudgie: “I’m defined by what I feel (or maybe love).” (Healers, heart.) 

This could apply to a variety of Hogwarts houses. So, for example, a Wampus is defined by action, but why they fight (to defend the weak, to promote themselves or those they consider family, because it’s wise, or because it’s right) defines their Hogwarts house. Meanwhile, a Horned Serpent in Ravenclaw might think, “My mind defines me, because knowledge and/or creativity is important.” The Slytherin counterpart might think, “My mind defines me, because that is how I can achieve what I want out of life.”

FFXV Harry Potter AU

tA/N: This is my headcanon for what the boys would be like in the Harry Potter Universe. I imagine them being their post 10yrs selves. I actually took the time to create email addresses and Pottermore accounts for each of them. (bc I have no fucking life.)  I answered the questions in the sorting quiz to the BEST of my ability in thinking of how they would respond. Enjoy!

Noctis Lucis Caelum:

(@mistress-light​ for this wonderful gif)

HEADMASTER of Hogwarts
-Hails from House Slytherin, breaking all the bad-y stereotypes for the house. 
-Is hands down the coolest headmaster since A Very Potter Musical’s Dumbledore. 
-Has a super lazy black cat named “FISH” that follows him around the castle. No one knows why that’s his name. 10 pts to your house for a good guess, though.
- Occasionally drops in on Defense Against the Dark Arts classes to give special demonstrations. It’s his favorite subject. He likes to make a BIG deal out of the time when students cast their first patronus. 
- Hogsmeade is his favorite place in the world. ALL OF THE SWEETS. 
- He eats meals with the students , rotating which house table he sits at each time and where. Professor Scientia disapproves, but as long as he isn’t being a bad-eating-habit influence, he supposes it’s okay.
- Has the HOTS for the nurse, Madame Nox Flueret, and will feign illnesses just to spend time with her.
- MESSIEST Headmaster’s office of ALL time. He offers pts to whoever offers to clean it up for him. 
-His amortencia is the warming aroma of freshly baked goodies.
 -His wand is 11in cherry wood with a core of unicorn hair.

Who do you guys want me to do next?

Masterlist (<—- for more good times)

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When taking hogwarts house quizzes, what do you do when you can tell/immediately start to analyze which house would do which thing? This is my second ask in like 5 minutes and I'm sorry.

honestly my least favourite thing about the pottermore quiz like ‘how would you most like to be remembered? the good, the brave, the great, or the wise?’ like just offer me the houses on a fucking plate why don’t you ???

I think you just have to try and answer it honestly. I put the good for that question and still ended up a ravenclaw so just go with your gut and trust that the quiz will come to the right decision

also maybe take this quiz, it’s all the possible pottemore questions and it tells you your percentage for each house, so it’s probably more accurate than pottermore

anonymous asked:

So since Bee revealed their hogwarts house now I have to ask what house you’d be in (I may or may be planning some fanart idk we’ll have to see 👀)

I dont 100% recall my pottermore results, but I think I got Gryff

At first I didn’t want to be in this house. Because of everything they say about evil witches and wizards coming from slytherin… I did the Pottermore test like 100 times deleting my account and creating it again… Always Slytherin… I guess that’s what I am. So I read about the house and discovered that it was more me than I thought. All the values, ambition, greatness, the friendship. People don’t seem to know that in this house we can be good or evil or whatever we want. What make us slytherin are the things we admire the most… so where are my slytherins?

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You and your friends have literally made people afraid to admit they love Cursed Child, even when they do. You're controlling bullies forcing your opinions on other people when you haven't even read the play. Do you feel at all bad about that? About making people who create fanart feel like they have to say 'I didn't like CC, even if I wanted to spend ten hours drawing art for it. Please don't hate me!' Why can't you let people enjoy it? Why do you have to shame people?

i started an answer to this seven times.

do i say ‘what the fuck??’

do i say ‘find a post on my blog where i’m shaming someone who likes cursed child????’

what do i say? 

so like this, in everything, i can’t go wrong by starting from a place of empathy:

i can only assume that you’re writing this message to me [and probably to others] because you are frustrated and upset. and if i felt like i was being shamed for liking part of a fandom, i’d be frustrated to.

i’m not going to lie - i don’t like cursed child. but to my knowledge, i have never disparaged anyone who does. and i know that on several occasions, i’ve gone out of my way to say that if you like it, that’s great for you! 

i’ve heard the play and the experience itself is phenomenal, even for people who don’t like the material. 

i’m sorry if reading this blog has made you (or anyone) feel that way. my disdain of cursed child is from a place of ‘i do not like this material’, not an attempt to shame others. i am expressing an opinion I have about a piece of media…nothing more, nothing less.

i do ack that i have a popular hp blog, and with that comes influence beyond what i sometimes think about.

so, to clarify:

1. i don’t like cursed child. i did try to read the play. it didn’t go well.

2. if you like, love, adore cursed child a little bit, or to the ends of the world, that is fantastic! i am genuinely happy for you.

3. i’m actually really upset that i don’t like cursed child. i wanted to love it! actually cursed child and the pottermore content from last year really did a # on me in terms of fandom. i almost walked away! i was so sad about it. fantastic beasts reignited it for me, but it would be SO MUCH EASIER if i loved cursed child.

5. but i don’t! and i’m not going to lie about that.

6. the fact that i hate cursed child and you love it are…completely separate things that can exist at the same time

7. make your art! make your fics! make your edits! there is a niche for you. don’t ever be afraid because someone doesn’t like something you do.

i’m not going to reblog, because 

  • i pretty much reblog marauders and trio era stuff, and that’s it
  • i don’t like cursed child

but i would never, say, reblog a cursed child post and say ‘aha, you suck’ or whatever it is you think i’m doing.

all that being said, don’t be a dick to people! this was a shitty ask to get! what the fuck? i am super conscientious about what i post, that the person on the other side of this screen is a HUMAN, that there’s nothing in fandom worth upsetting other poeple over, and i always say that my opinion is mine and it’s 100% okay to have a different one. i don’t answer 70% of my asks because i don’t. like. drama.

this damn ask sent me into a tailspin of anxiety until i meditated. THEN i thought about it rationally and decided i’m not intentionally doing the Thing you so happily accused me of doing.

also, if my (super infrequent?) posts do make people feel bad, i am happy to tag anti cursed child posts with whatever tag you’d like so you don’t see the fact that i don’t like cc on your dash. just let me know.

be well <3


I have been thinking about what uniforms at the Ilvermorny school of witchcraft and wizardry would look like and this is what I have come up with. I know I don’t have robes in any of these and on Pottermore it said that the “robes are fastened by a gold Gordian Knot” but I feel that just as normal clothing has changed over the years so have school uniforms. I think nowadays students would only were the full robe on special occasions like graduation.

Anyway, what do you think?