i think this is what nightblogging is

im jealous of people who joined tumblr in more recent years. they get to blog blissfully unaware of all the horrors of olden tumblr. fandom vs hipster wars. “can you make that ask rebloggable”. forever alone memes. the solid year or so where benedict cumberbatch and tom hiddleston were considered the hottest guys ever. mishapacolypse. nightblogging. the absolute horror that was the homestuck fandom. it was a dark era. i think those who were not there to witness it personally should familiarize themselves with the commodities of these dark days, to ensure that they are never repeated. “history, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again” - maya angelou

I kind of want the block of ice Ed’s trapped in to have some kind of specially-designed casing that prevents it from melting, because think of the possibilities. It gets stolen from the Iceberg, and stealing Ed becomes the new game in town. You know, like rival college campuses who steal trophies and shit from each other? Who has Ed this week? What happens when the sculpture vanishes entirely and becomes an urban legend? Fifty to a hundred years down the line, does it end up on Antiques Roadshow? Who knows what this thing even is?

Dear game developers,

Stop with the super slow block-pushing puzzles. Give the non-lethal option a reason to exist. Pretty graphics < smooth framerate. The more options in the Settings menus, the better. Let me rebind the controls to my heart’s content. Busy work =/= more fun. Collectibles are boring (looking at you, Ubisoft). Stop treating PC players as second class with sketchy ports and such. Political messages have their time and place, but I came to this high-octane sandbox shooter to escape from the real world for a couple hours, not have anti-Conservative messages rammed down my throat. Multiplayer by itself is not a selling point. Make the “optional” stuff actually optional. Interesting characters and good writing matter so much more than I think you realize. Don’t be afraid to make your characters super attractive; on the other side of this coin, don’t dance around the reasoning behind a sexy female character. Make sure everything works before release; delay release to fix things if you have to, we understand. Enough with the micro-payments already. Have upgrade systems actually make a noticeable difference in gameplay. We don’t need a tutorial to teach us how to move or look around; only tutorialize what is unique to your game.

Most importantly: If it’s not fun, why does it exist?

I just had the oddest image of someone, possibly Julian, talking to/about Asra and referring to his…trouser snake. Then out of nowhere, Faust pops out of Asra’s pocket like, “You called?”

And this is what I think of at 3 am.

Also, the opportunity for “there’s a snake in my boot” memes abound.

Does anyone else have these moments where you just stop and think about the fact that you devote DAYS of your life and mind and soul to a pairing of fictional characters??

anonymous asked:

HOTCHNISS (Or Hotly whatever...) but yea!

who the fuck put the peeps in the microwave
THAT WOULD SO BE EMILY. Hotch tells her not to do it because they will fuckin explode, which only makes her want to do it more. SO, Prentiss shoves like 20 of them in the microwave and laughs uncontrollably as they blow the fuck up and Hotch is just sitting there shaking his head thinking jfc WHY IS THIS MY LIFE? EMILY U ARE A FUCKIN 6 YEAR OLD JACK IS MORE MATURE THAN THIS why the fuck…? BUT he’s smiling because even tho she’s an immature lil shit, she’s his immature lil shit!

who forgot to put the cat outside before sex
Em. She refuses to “imprision” her precious Sergie-pie and the cat often wanders into the bedroom at the wrong time. Prentiss doesn’t care, but Hotch is convinced the little black SATAN is out for his blood. Emily finds it hilarious that Aaron Hotchner, who is fearless when it comes to crazy ass psycho murderers, is afraid of a TINY LITTLE KITTY CAT. “Emily put the fucking demon away” “Hotch its a CAT what’s he possibly gonna do to you?” “Oh, i dunno, KILL ME IN MY SLEEP!” “Right.

who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing shit
Emily. You’d never guess it, but when Hotch gets drunk he gets FUCKING WILD. And giggles. Like a schoolgirl.

who breaks the most phones
They both break a fuck ton of phones because of their job (and the fact that both are super accident prone). Prentiss has even made a tally to try and keep track of the expenses (‘ALRIGHT Aaron u are at 5 this year already what the fuck?’ ‘Emily don’t even get started u broke so many phones last year’ ‘excuse you i was hiT BY A TRUCK MR.’ ‘BUT-’ ‘I ALSO KICKED SOME MAJOR UNSUB ASS FOR YOUR INFORMATION’ ‘EM, HI HELLO you haven’t broken any phones at work sweetie. You are literally just clumsy.’ ‘Well yea…’)

who dies first
ahahahaahAHAHAHA FUCK ME. Prentiss does (like for real this time tho, I mean the woman nearly dies every other episode getting in car accidents, shot, stabbed, held hostage and whatnot. One of those disasters is bound to kill her eventually). If Em really did die, you know Hotch would be devastated. AND he would probably become reckless and take huge risks because Emily dying doesn’t make sense. She was one of the best people he ever had the pleasure of knowing, and if there was a God, or shit, even just karma, Prentiss would not be dead. It’s just not fair. (HAHAHA NO NOBODY DIES WHAT? NO WHAT IS DEATH EVEN HEHEHE no.)

which one I could see as being lactose intollerant
Hotch (I mean how could Emily be, like i can picture her putting cheese on literally everything) AARON IS, but he doesn’t like to admit it which bugs Emily. “hon, you are allergic to tht DONT EAT IT” “NO IM NOT, ITS FINE EM. NEVER SHOW WEAKNESS. “JESUS CHrist Aaron, its a dairy allergy not a missing limb what the fuck”

who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t
Emily thinks she is the fucking shit when it comes to sports. Don’t get me wrong, she is extremely fit and athletic due to being in the FBI, but playing Children’s level sports? Forget about it! Something about having the gracefulness of a drunk chicken really doesn’t mix well with that, but it doesn’t stop her from trying. Hotch thought it was adorable, until the FBI baseball game where the dork managed to hit Morgan in the balls with a baseball bat! Prentiss apologized (while laughing her ass off) and decided sports weren’t really her thing…

who is more likely to get kicked out of the bed
Hotch, although it’s not for reasons you’d think. When he’s not working, Aaron is actually super goofy and he and Em usually end up in prank wars. Sometimes those pranks involve putting huge fake spiders under the blanket to scare the living shit out of Prentiss (‘JESUS MOTHERFUCKING CHRIST WHAT THE FCUKISTHATKILL IT- oh my god AARON U FUCKING ASSHOLE’) It’s hard for her to stay mad, though, and she usually ends up joining him on the couch.

who uses the computer most
Em totally has a Tumblr (@imwearingagunbitch) She posts pictures of Sergio, and is responsible for a lot of strange/drunken nightblogging posts (‘What if lawnmowers are so loud because they cover the screams of grass being massacred?’ ‘Dude imagine if boobs were square’) Hotch thinks it’s cute that Em runs a blog, but also thinks that half the people on tht deranged website are probable unsubs.

I’m sick and tired of all the unsupportive people in my life, always saying things like “Don’t do that” and “that’s impossible” and “You’re bleeding too much to make that jump”.

Stop invalidating me with all your “You need stitches” and “Are those bone fragments sticking out of your arm?”

Take your “I’m calling an ambulance” and “I think you have a concussion” and get out.

If they ever made a movie about Morgan Freeman, who would narrate it? 

What do we call a drink a drink but not a food an eat? 

What’s up with aliens being obsessed with making circles from crops? 

If one were to download a movie from the Bahamas, wouldn’t that make one a pirate of the caribbean?

These are the questions I ponder at 1 in the morning. 

I woke up in the middle of the night and now I can’t sleep.

And something has been bothering me.

Like, what if you had an identical twin, but your parents mixed you up as babies, so like you grew up thinking you were one twin?

But then like years down the road you discover that legally you’re the other twin?

Like is that a thing that happens?

Out of general curiosity, which of these stories/plots sound the most interesting to you? Either for the story or visual aesthetics. Primarily I’d like to dedicate time in fully fleshing out one of them as a visual development personal project.

1. Small modern-day New England fishing village is invaded/attacked by a giant “kaiju” from the ocean. Monster stories always involve big cities, but what if one appeared in a very rural area? Where did it come from, what does it want, and how do the people of the town deal with it?

2. Odd supernatural events keep happening all over a small town. Local kids set off to discover the origins of the “ghost” that doesn’t follow typical haunting rules, and appears to be evolving. Think “Super 8″ and “Stranger Things”, but with a ghost that haunts a whole town.

3. Future Sci-fi setting. Animal genetic experimentation is the new (yet still controversial) frontier. A new one-of-a-kind private military task force is created that utilizes lab-bred intelligent “hybrid super dogs” and other animal experiments, along with their trainers and handlers. The squad is called upon different situations, such as search and rescue, and escaped prisoner hunting. The squad is under a lot of scrutiny from governments, and is being allowed to operate on a temporary experimental basis.

4. Big Original Fantasy World - A world that is inhabited by many intelligent races (creatures, hybrids, and humans). Each race has their own culture, history, religion, and complex political relationship with the other races. Demi-gods walk the planet, and war between the races is always brewing. Basically a giant never-ending worldbuilding sandbox.

5. Readers Chooses The Adventure - follow an unnamed character as they wake up without any memory, and travel through whatever adventures they happen to stumble in to (aka the readers vote on what should happen next). Purely an excuse to design and draw lots of different backgrounds and characters. Plus I don’t have to worry too much about plot.

Feel free to give any kind of feedback. I’m just kind of stuck in a massive indecisive rut, and need to kick myself into gear.