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A 2-For-One Deal

This happened to me in the early 1990’s, and I ended up with revenge I really didn’t deserve. Most good revenge stories are about an a-hole getting what he deserves. In this case, I was the a-hole. LONG STORY!

I was working in a large union manufacturer, and I was the shop’s problem child. At the time, I was a raging alcoholic/addict, and you could fit the fucks I gave into a matchbox and still have room for the matches. I had a big mouth, and a bad attitude, and naturally, management was somewhat less than fond of me.

Of course, being an asshole, I thought I was the persecuted one. It was all about me, don’t you know. My problems with authority was all because of the authorities, and I couldn’t see that my problems were of my own making.

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A quick drabble (mostly dialogue) of how Milo and Melissa met Zack on the Hogwarts Express, on their first year at the School. The actual stories I have take place when they’re all 13, but I’ll have some one-shots about Milo’s life leading up to his first day of school. This AU will have some inaccuracies with JK Rowling’s universe from her books, but that’s what AUs and parodies are for ;) 


Most of the booths on the train were either filled or contained children who were familiar with Milo’s condition. He was used to doors closing moments before he arrived, so he never took any heed and would continue onwards.

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Steamy || kth

Pairing: V X READER

Excerpt: ‘Taehyung always kissed you differently, there was no rhythm that every kiss followed, each one like it was your first and today you let yourself get lost in the feeling.’

Genre: fluff, slight smut

Length: 0.7k

A/N: this was such a cute request thank you for resending it aha

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“Take off your clothes and get on the bed already,” the female lead giggled and you watched as she pulled her top off to reveal her perky breasts and suddenly her boyfriend’s hands were encircling her waist and the sounds made it obvious what was happening; even if your eyes were no longer on the television as you looked at Taehyung’s hand that was stroking up your thigh.

When he noticed you staring, Taehyung simply squeezed before shuffling closer to you so your faces were barely an inch apart, “you got new glasses?” his voice was slightly raspy from underuse and you wondered how you managed to bag the sexiest man in the universe. He lifted an eyebrow as he waited for your response, so you nodded before quickly pecking the bridge of his nose, covered in the rose gold wire of his glasses.

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All Of Me

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Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Summary: (Y/N) was having her breakdowns and Steve, her boyfriend, was ready to cheer her up. 

Word count: 1.078

Posted: 20th of November 2017 

A/N: Another Steve imagine, guys! I am so sorry for not posting much, but I am planning some surprises for you. So, please, don’t be angry if I don’t post anything in these days. I really am sorry. 

I hope you enjoy my imagines, guys! I would appreciate it if you leave some comments or feedbacks below. Thank you so much. 

- G. x

Warning: low self-esteem and insecurities 

“Babe, what’s happening?” Your boyfriend, Steve, worriedly asked as he saw you curled up in a ball on your bed in your own bedroom. He heard your loud sobs and you couldn’t help but cry even more when you felt his strong arms around your waist as he lied down behind you. “Dustin told me that you never went out of your room the whole day, not even for breakfast and lunch.”

“It’s nothing, Steve.” You shook your head, totally pushing the sweet boy away. You carelessly wiped the tear stains off your face and you tried to stop your sobs, choking yourself completely. You ignored his words, because you wanted to do nothing, except of crying.

“Hey, you can always talk to me.” He assured you, whispering softly in your ears. You unleashed a long and deep sigh as you felt bad for being a little cry baby. “What happened?”

“Seriously,” You nonchalantly started as you shrugged your shoulders. You were so close that you had no secrets in your relationship, you were not afraid to express yourself, also because he had never judged you and you knew that he would never do it. “I just feel so useless, so insecure.”

It wasn’t the first time that you would feel insecure. In fact, it already happened several times since you’ve started dating Steve, so it wasn’t really a new thing for your boyfriend. However, he never got tired of assuring you whenever you would feel bad about yourself.

“Babe, I have already told you that I still love you no matter what, right?” He sweetly said as he caressed your hair. You covered your bodies with your warm blankets as you started to feel the cold breeze coming from the slightly opened window of your room. “You should never think of it, never.”

“I know but,” You harshly bit your lower lip while you thought of all the girls that drooled over your boyfriend: they were all pretty and gorgeous, not having any flaws. “just look at Nancy or Amy or Becky, they are all good looking. All of these girls have crushes on you.”

“Jealousy attacks!” You heard your brother, Dustin, poking fun at your situation and you just groaned in annoyance. You heard Steve giggle a little bit, but he quickly stopped and shooed Dustin away, making him close the door to leave you some privacy.

“Babe,” Steve started as he made you face him. He looked at your dull and puffy eyes, smiling a little bit whilst he realized how beautiful his girlfriend was. “I don’t care about Nancy or Amy or Becky or any other girl in our school. I am already lucky because I am in a relationship and, I love to specify, with the most beautiful girl in this planet too.”

Your heart melted when you heard your boyfriend’s sweet words. The weight that rested on your chest since you woke up was lightened up by his words and you couldn’t help but thank him for that.

“You should never feel useless, mostly insecure. You are beautiful and perfect. You are never useless, because you make me happy, you make me feel better, you make my heart beat at its fullest. You are a good daughter, a lovely sister and a wonderful girlfriend and partner. You aren’t useless and many people think that you are not, like me, your mother, Dustin and his friends.” He added whilst wiping the tears off your face with his thumbs. He then cupped your cheeks and analysed your face. You quickly felt the heat as you caught his calm and soft gaze, making you blush completely.

He praised you with very sweet and kind words, but you still didn’t believe him. It was hard to love yourself, when you really didn’t think that you were enough.

“I am not perfect, Steve. I am full of imperfections.” You debated, contradicting what he has just said. You were downhearted and you thought that Steve was so patient enough to make you feel better, nevertheless he has repeated uncountable times that you worth something.

“You are perfect, way beyond perfect, I may add, and that is exactly because of your imperfections, babe.” You buried your face on the crook of his neck and he pressed a gentle kiss on the top of your head. “I love your curves, your edges, your flaws, everything.”

You bit your lower lip once again and Steve really made you feel better, slowly accepting your flaws and loving them. You tried to build yourself once again, putting your confidence blocks one on top of the another. “Thank you, Steve.” You mumbled as you drew small circles using your thumb on your boyfriend’s back.

“It’s not a big deal, (Y/N)!” He exclaimed, assuring you that it was fine. “I will never get tired of repeating you that you are beautiful, because that’s what I really think. It doesn’t matter if there are other girls drooling over me, I already have the best with me and I will always want the best for me, right? Right.” He pulled you closer to him and hugged you tightly to assure that you were just his, being the possessive boyfriend that he was.

“I’m sorry.” You sincerely apologized and he just chuckled. He planted another kiss on the top of your head and shook his head.

“Don’t be sorry, babe.” He widely smiled. “All of me loves all of you, only you, remember that.”

“I love you too, Steve.” You secretly flashed a sweet smile, but your boyfriend felt it as your lips brushed through his smooth skin.

“I love you more.” He insisted before grabbing your chin and pressing a passionate kiss on your lips. You flutter closed your eyes and you let your lips dance with his, lingering the unforgettable moments that you were spending with Steve.

You were lucky because you found someone who loved you for everything, someone who was not afraid to express his feelings, someone who didn’t give up on you easily, mostly in the times of your personal crisis.

“Stop being insecure, please?” He pleaded with a sweet pout on his face. You just giggled as you still savoured the taste that his lips allowed.

“Then stop being perfect and attracting other girls, Steve Harrington!” You playfully joked, making you both laugh loudly.

“Idiot,” He kissed you once again, but it was just a fast one this time. “my perfect idiot.”

My Aunt was my first

Grown man here almost 40 years old.
When I was in 6th grade my parents split up and the divorce got messy. My mom hadn’t worked in a few years and had to get a job. We lived in New York. Luckily my mom got a really good job but she had to go to Connecticut for a long training program that was 2 months long. It started the week school let out for summer. I thought I would go with her but I couldn’t because she was put up in a hotel and couldn’t have me with her. She made arrangements for me to stay with my cousin and Aunt. My cousin was about my age and we played sports together so I was happy about staying with him for the summer. But a week after school let out he went to stay with his Dad for a few weeks -my Aunt’s ex husband. I was not happy at all. I knew I would be bored stuck with my aunt for the summer. She took me to see a horror movie which I wasn’t allowed to watch. But she told me it would be our secret. Then I thought she wasnt that bad. My mom and Aunt were twin sisters but they were not that close and were complete opposites. They fought a lot and being at that age I never really knew what they fought about. But I was surprised that my aunt agreed to watch me for the summer, and also surprised she seemed cooler than I thought.

After a few days she started walking around in her underwear. I was uncomfortable but didn’t say anything. I wasn’t really into girls yet but I caught myself looking at her ass which made me feel weird since she was my moms twin sister. We didn’t have air in her apartment and one day I walked by her room and she was laying on her bed in her underwear which I was getting used to. She yelled to me to bring her some cold water so I did. When I brought it in she told me to set it on her dresser. So I did and when I sat it down there were Polaroid photos of my aunt naked on the dresser. Also there was a dildo next to them, but I didn’t know what it was at the time. I looked at her pictures and looked up in the mirror and I saw her looking at me smiling. I left and went to my room and my dick was the hardest it ever had been.

The next day at breakfast she asked if I wanted to go swimming at the beach and I said I did. Then she went into her room and called me in. She was wearing a hot pink g string bikini. I was speechless she asked if I liked her bikini. I think I stuttered and felt nervous but o just nodded. I went into the bathroom locked the door and started to jerk off. I saw her dirty panties on the floor and picked them up. I noticed some light white creamy spots on her panties, and I smelled them. Her smell was amazing. I wrapped them around my dick and kept jerking off. I got to the point I was about to cum. I had done that before and always stopped because I was afraid what would happen if I came. Sounds stupid now. We went to the beach and Swam and came home early because it started to rain. My aunt got changed and asked me if i wanted to go to the store with her to get dinner. I said no. Then she said she’d be back soon. As soon as she left I ran to her room looking for the nude polaroids of her but they were gone. I opened her drawer and they were on top. I pulled them out and laid back on her bed and started to pleasure myself. On one hand it was weird seeing a woman that looked like my mom naked but on the other hand at that age I was so horny I didn’t care. I’m not sure how long I was in there but I jerked for a while trying not to cum. Finally I couldn’t stop it and I nervously shot my first load not knowing what to expect. I blew a huge load all over my aunt’s photos. The feeling was incredible I couldn’t believe I had fought cumming for so long. I heard my aunt pull in and raced to get out of her room. I threw her pics back in the drawer and ran to the bathroom. My cum was inside my underwear making a big mess in my pants. I narrowly got away without getting caught. We had dinner then I went into bed. I had the fan on it was hot and all I had were my underwear on. I was about to put my hand in my underwear and start jerking off again. Then my aunt knocked on the door, and before I could answer it she walked in. I had a hard on but my underwear were still on. I tried to cover up. My aunt said she needed to talk to me, and sat down next to me on the bed. I was still hard and she was in a t shirt and underwear which wasn’t helping. She smiled and then held out her hand and when I looked down she was holding the polaroids of her nude. She asked me if I had been looking at her private pics and I said no. She told me she knew I was lying then she pulled the pictures apart but they were stuck together with my half dried cum. I started to get very nervous but she said it’s okay all boys do this stuff. She told me my cousin did stuff like this too. She said what I felt was normal. I just wanted her to leave but she didn’t. Then she asked if I thought she was sexy. I yelled out NO, but I was lying. Then she laughed and said I hurt her feelings. I didn’t know what to say. She asked if seeing her pictures made me hard. I felt like I was in big trouble. And I stuttered and said no. She then told me that those pictures stuck together proved I was lying. She then reached over and moved the blanket and my dick was standing straight up ripping out of my underwear. My aunt laughed and just said wow. Then she asked if she could touch it. I just shook my head and she grabbed it, and squeezed. Then she pulled my underwear down and slowly jerked me off. I looked at her directly in her face and then remembered she looked like my mom but I didn’t care I wasn’t doing anything to spoil this. Then she asked me how it felt and I said good. Then she said she could really make it feel good if I let her. I said ok and then she bent down and took my dick into her mouth. I came within ten seconds. She sat up and my cum was dripping from her lip. I said sorry. She licked my cum off with her tongue and said sorry for what? Then she told me that’s how a girl knows of a boy thinks she’s sexy. Then she stood up and got undressed in front of me. I became hard again instantly. She straddled me and kissed me on the lips. I had never even kissed a girl before this. She took my hands and put them on her breasts and then on her ass. She was so soft and her breasts big and firm. Then she took my hand and put my fingers on her pussy which was warm and dripping wet. Then she told me that’s how a boy can tell if a girl thinks he’s sexy. Then she asked if I wanted to put my dick inside her pussy. I was like hell yes. My heart was beating but I didn’t care scared or not. Then she told me that this had to stay our secret and we could never tell anybody. I shook my head and said okay I just wanted to put my dick inside of her. Then she climbed on top of me and lowered her pussy onto my dick and I Remember it like it was yesterday damn. I think it took me three seconds to cum and I let out a moan and she knew I had cum. She told me that if I practiced it enough I could hold off for a long time before I came. Then she told me not to worry that she would get me hard again. She asked me to sleep in her bed and I said ok. I tried to fuck her again all night but she told me she had to go to work in the morning and drop me off at camp. I must have been worn out and fell asleep. Next think I knew it was sunrise and I felt something going on and looked down to find my aunt sucking my dick. I was already all the way hard but as soon as I realized what was going on I came. She looked up and asked if I liked waking up to that. I said yes. She told me that she had to get ready for work and take a shower and I needed to get ready for camp. She asked if I wanted to take a shower and I was like YES. So I joined her and we did a lot of French kissing in the shower. When we got out she asked if I wanted to play hooky. I said ok. Then she told me that she was going to run out and get a surprise. About 30 minutes later age care home. I was hard non stop all morning and hoped we would have more sex. Then she brought me into her room and sat me on her bed and told me that she got some movies for us. I didn’t want to watch movies, I wanted to fuck more. Then she pulled the movies out and they were porn movies from the video store. She told me we could really have fun watching them while we had sex. We watched three different movies and we stayed in bed all day trying different stuff. I must have came ten times. Every day for the next week we slept together in her bed and we had sex. Then came the week that my cousin was coming home from his dads. I was depressed because I knew it would be over. Then she told me that she enjoyed our time together and that I had made her feel so good better than a man had. The last night before my cousin came home my aunt said she wanted to do a fashion show for me. I laid on her bed while she tried different outfits and lingerie on. Teddys, stockings, all kinds of stuff. I don’t remember what she wound up wearing but it didn’t stay on very long. That night I ate her out for the first time. She had the wettest hairiest pussy but I dove in and put to use skills I learned from the porn movies. She loved it.

The next day my cousin was home and my aunt ignored me I guess she was nervous around my cousin that he might figure out something. Two nights later I snuck into my aunts room at night and she forced me back out. We didn’t have sex again. The next weeks were boring. Then finally my mom got me. My mom had to move us to CT. I had to start school right away and we’ve been here ever since. I jerked off for months thinking of my aunt. Once I spied on my mom in the shower to refresh my memory. I even went as far as to smell her dirty panties to see if she smelled the same as my Aunt. She didn’t but I felt like such a pervert. I’ve only seen my aunt a few times over the years. I got married in 2007 and my Aunt and cousin came to the wedding with my aunts new husband. It had been like 12 years since my aunt and I had sex. I had never told a single person not even my best friends. Then at the wedding my aunt caught me alone. She whispered in my ear “you fucked me way before you fucked her”. She still looked very good for her age, a real milf who still looked like my mom besides a different hairstyle. I was instantly turned on but she walked away and we have never spoken about it again.

I’ve always wanted to tell somebody about this but didn’t want my aunt to get in trouble or have my family get embarrassed, so I was very excited when I found these confession sites.

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I don't know if you're still taking headcannon requests, but if you are, can you do one of Sweet Pea celebrating your birthday? Thank you!


  • Waking up up in the morning to a billion texts from toni and fangz on behalf of SP bc they were almost certain he would forget  
  • Getting ready to leave for school and seeing SP leaning against his harley at the end of your driveway with a bouquet of ur favourite flowers and a small teddy bear wearing a leather jacket (with a popped collar, ofc)
  • ‘You didn’t really think i’d forget, did you?’
  • SP making a comment about the birthday outfit with a smug smile
  • Getting a ride to school on his harley 
  • SP planting one on you in front of everyone
  • Definitely got some tongue action 
  • He also probably smacked your ass 
  • Wandering to your locker to get your books for first period - your locker explodes open with balloons and streamers and confetti (getting a text from Sweet pea immediately after this happens with a winky face and it reads ‘it’s hard to sneak into riverdale high after hours jsyk’)
  • Trying to slam your locker closed before too many people notice 
  • Barely making it through the day, excited to see Sweets waiting for you in the parking lot after school 
  • ‘You hungry?’ ‘always’ 
  • Going to SP’s for dinner - seeing the trailer decorated with white christmas lights and balloons, with picnic tables set up outside 
  • ‘What is this?’ ‘surprise?’ 
  • Everyone being invited to the trailer to hang out and celebrate
  • Small gifts and tokens being given 
  • SP and Tallboy cooking for everyone 
  • Awkwardly blushing when everyone started to sing happy birthday 
  • Sweets coming out with a large box carrying your favourite cake 
  • Which he also made from scratch 
  • he’s so damn proud about it too 
  • Pulling you into his lap when you go to blow out your candles bc he’s over you giving your attention to everyone but him 
  • Pressing kisses to your neck to distract you when you’re trying to talk to your friends 
  • Watching your boyfriends friends clear the immediate area of all garbage and the tables faster than you thought possible; Sweet pea all but drags you inside bc its finally his turn to celebrate your birthday 
  • Giving you one more gift bc he’s tired of you always stealing his shirts (he went out and bought another plaid shirt and wore it for a few days so it ‘smelt like him’) 
  • Sweet Pea getting super intimate and mushy; grabbing your face in his large hands, stroking his thumb across your bottom lip, pulling you into his body to leave no space between you. Hot and heavy open mouthed kisses, wandering hands. 
  • Peeling his shirt off over his head, voice deep and husky as he whispers ‘happy birthday babydoll’

Commission for @undermemory, her characters Memory and Nil from her AU Memorytale.

Hoooo boy, these two were challenging!! They featured so many details and I think that a Tumblr post won’t do them justice. Either way, It was quite an exciting task to work on them. After getting to know these two a bit better, I got this picture in mind and I think it shows who the characters are quite well? (Also Memory should totally invite Template to guard duty, they could both sit in front of Memory’s mirrors and watch AUs together xDD)

Thank you for commissioning me! >u<


Klaus x Reader

Requested by @basketmaniac

Christmas Prompt List

Christmas Prompt Masterlist

“What do you want!” You groaned into your phone as you held it to your ear, not moving from your cocoon of blankets.

“Settle a bet.” Klaus hummed cheerfully.

“Klaus. It is three am on Christmas eve. I’ve heard of getting up early but this is silly.” You complained and he scoffed, ignoring you.

“If me and Santa got into a fight, who do you think would win?” He asked you and your eyes shot open and your whole body went ridged from shock.

“Klaus you can’t kill Santa it’s christmas!” You yelped, to tired to really understand what you were saying.

“I have not killed Santa. If I had I wouldn’t be asking.” He pointed out and you heaved all your duvets off the bed, dragging them to where you’d last seen Klaus.

“I love the new look.” Kol said as you stumbled in and looked around.

“What is going on!” Rebekah huffed as she stomped into the room in christmas pajamas that were far too cute for a Mikaelson to wear.

“Klaus woke me up and then murdered Santa!” You wailed and started sobbing.

“This is why you let human’s sleep Nik!” Rebekah sighed and lifted you over her shoulder. “You keep the poor things awake until ungodly hours of the morning every night, eventually they break. (Y/N) Santa is fine.”

Ready or not (Young! Sirius Black x reader)

A/N: wrote this imagine this morning in school. I really hope you like it. Kind of proud of it to be honest. I was so happy to read the request and I started writing it right away bc I just have nothing else to do except to study.

Request: Heyy could you write a Sirius x reader in which there’s some months before school finishes and she finds out she’s pregnant and is so scared but Sirius is excited and so over protective and all but only the guys and lily know??💜

Warning: My English and I was a bit drunk writing this. Comma addiction.


You were sitting on a toilet, tears rolling down your cheeks and holding on a pregnancy test. “Positive.” you mumbled under your breath.

You heard a knock on your door and a familiar voice spoke. “(Y/n)? Wha- what is it?” asked Remus, who was waiting for your response. He was your best friend out of all the marauders so you trusted him with everything. “Is it positive?” he asked quietly through the door.

“Is what positive?” you heard James come into the dorm.

“James, Peter! Umm…nothing.” responded Remus turning towards them.

You opened the door and all eyes were on you. Your cheeks were wet and your eyes were red and buffy.

“(Y/n)?” asked Peter, wondering what the hell are you doing in the boys bathroom.

James, who was like a brother to you walked over and brushed your tears with his thumbs. “What’s wrong?”

You hugged James tightly and started crying. “It’s positive.” you sobbed. “How can it be positive? We were careful and-and…” you stuttered, tears rolling down your cheeks.

James looked at Remus confused. He didn’t know what it was about so Remus showed him, using his hands, and started pesturing an imaginative baby. James’ eyes widened and he grabbed you a bit tighter. “Oh, (Y/n).”

“What am I going to do? It’s our last year and I- I…. How do I tell him? What will..how will he react?”

“Shh…” whispered James, hugging you even tightly. “Don’t worry,okay.” he tried to comfort you.

“Don’t worry!Don’t worry!!!!” you pushed yourself out of his grip. “What do you expect me to do?!? I get knocked up just before the graduation and you expect me not to worry!! How will I take my O.W.L.S or my Newts!! Do you know how stressed will I be!! What will my parents say?! What will Sirius say!?” you started panting from all the screaming.

Remus’ arms wrapped from behind you. “Calm down, (Y/n). Take one step at the time.”

“And what is step one excatly?”

“Step 1: Calm down.”

Three weeks had passed and you still haven’t told Sirius about the baby. It was almost a month and still you were procrastinating in any way possible. Remus was nagging you about telling Sirius but you just snapped at him everytime he mentioned it.

You were sitting at the Gryffindor table with your boyfriend’s arm around your shoulder. Remus, like always, was giving you the stare. The stare he started using since you all found out and to be honest you wanted to punch that staring face so bad.

“ So I was thinking, Hogsmeade this weekend, you and me, and maybe something else later.” Sirius winked at you.

just as you were about to come up with an excuse you suddenly smelt Peter’s tuna sandwich, making your stomach turn upside down. You quickly got up and ran to the bathroom.

Sirius looked at his friends whose stare quickly moved away from him to something else. Peter back to his tuna sandwich, Remus back to his book and James stared into his cup of tea. “Do you think she wants to break up with me?” Sirius asked all of a sudden.

James choked on his tea and Remus on his coffee. Peter just stared at him and tensed up. It all felt too suspicious to Sirius. Peter always tensed up when he was holding something from him. “Peter?” he asked suspiciously.

Just before Peter could babble it all out, James immediatelly jumped in. “Why would you think that? That girl loves you.” he said and wiped the spilled tea off the table.

“Does she love me? Because I feel like we are drifting apart. ” he looked at his friends, who didn’t say a word and kept staring at him. Sirius leaned closer. “And…and…well…” he hesitated for a bit. “We haven’t. You know….slept together for a month.”

James choked on his tea again, spilling it all over Sirius face. Remus and Peter started laughing and soon Lily, who was talking with few of her other Gryffindor friends to avoid Sirius, started laughing along.

“Really?” said Sirius glaring at him.

“Sorry.” was all that James could say. He was a great liar, all of them were. But when it came to lying to their own friend, now that was a problem.

Sirius was pacing in front of your dorm and you knew it. You knew that those were his steps and he wasn’t sure if he should knock on the door or not. ‘What if she breaks up with me?’ he thought just before he was about to knock.

You walked over to the door and opened it. You placed a smile on your lips, pretending everything was normal, where clearly it wasn’t . “Are you going to actually knock or were you waiting for me to open the door? ” you teased.

“Are you going to break up with me?” he asked all of a sudden, your smile dropped and your eyes widened.

You wrapped your arms around his torso and laid your head on his chest. “No. Of course not.” you mumbled quietly.

You felt him relax and he let out a deep breath. He hugged you back and leaned his chin on your head. “Than why do I feel like you are slipping through my fingers. ”

You took him into your dorm and sat him down on your bed. “I have some huge news and I have no clue how to tell you.” you let out and put your hands on his.

He started playing with your fingers and his gorgeous grey eyes were gently looking at you. “I swear if you tell me that you will dye your hair green I will cut it untill your beautiful (y/h/c) shiny hair grows back.”

You chuckled and looked at his breathtaking smile. “No. ”

“Not that you wouldn’t look hot in green. I just prefer your natural color because well-”

“I’m pregnant.” you cut in, immediatelly shutting him up.

His eyes drifted from yours to the wall. He stared at the photos of your friends and family, which were all over your wall and on your nightstand. You started to panic. Noone stares at the wall for six minutes straight and what the hell was happening in his head. “Sirius.” you said quietly, rubbing your thumbs on the back of his hand.

He immediatelly snapped back into reality, looked at your interlaced fingers and slowly looked up into your eyes. “I’m gonna be a dad?” he asked quietly at first. Since the words didn’t want to come out, you just nodded. “I am gonna be a dad!” he yelled with a huge smile on his face. A big rock rolled off your chest as you saw your boyfriend jumping around the room and screaming: “I AM GONNA BE A DAD!!” he yelled even louder. He jumped in front of you and put his hands on your belly. “Hello Sirius Jr. I am gonna be your dad. And I thought she was breaking up with me. Do you believe that? ” he looked up to you and saw that you were crying. “Why are you crying?” he asked.

“I am just so happy that you are happy.” you cried out and threw your arms around his neck.

He lifted you up and spunn you around. “I couldn’t be happier! ” He slowly put you down and leaned his forehead against yours. “ We are going to be a family.”

“We are.” you smiled at him and gave him another hug.

“Wait till I tell James and the others!” he yelled and sprinted out of the door. “James! You are gonna be an uncle! ” you heard him yell down the common room.

You came down to the breakfast, still wearing your pijamas and your hair put up in a big mess. You walked over to Sirius and sat down. “Good morning.” you yawned and stretched you arms.

“What are you doing up? You should be in bed, resting.” worried Sirius. “And put on a sweater will you. You will freeze to death.” he said and took off his jacket. “Here.”

You chuckled and took his jacket only to put it on your lap. “Sirius. Calm down. It’s been only few months and I’m fine to walk and do stuff on my own.” you explained as he was clearly not familiar with all the baby stuff.

“Yeah. Wait till the hormones kick in, that’s when the real challange lies.” said Lily grinning at the two of you.

The only people that knew about your pregnancy were the four marauders and Lily. Since she and James are dating and the fact that she is one of your closest friends, you trusted them enough to keep their mouth shut. You didn’t want to tell anyone else but the belly is already growing and you knew that the big sweaters won’t help that much after another upcoming months.

The morning passed rather quickly, but even though you loved him, you were so annoyed by Sirius right now. He kept insisting to carry your books, he got really upset if someone accidentally bumped into you and he made sure to yell at anybody, who stepped in your way. It was cute, but it was also a bit annoying.

After lunch all six of you were studying for your Newts and you couldn’t stop to notice, that Sirius was glancing at you from time to time. He glanced at you again and this time you cought his glance only to disappear back into the book and pretend to read it. “Sirius.” you said annoyed.

“ Yes, love.” he slowly closed his book and looked at you.

“Why are you staring at me?” you asked.

“Because you are so adorable.” he beamed at you.

He let go off his book and wrapped his hands around you. Your back was pressed against his chest, your hands holding a book and your eyes carefully reading it. Suddenly you felt his warm hands slid under your sweater and around your belly. You closed the book and looked up to his grey eyes. “What do you think we should name him?” he smiled down at you. “ I like Tobias.”

“What makes you think its a he? What if its a girl?” you said and put your hands on his, which were still placed on your belly.

“How about Norah?” he spit out the first name he thought of.

“Norah?” you chuckled. “I am not naming our daughter Norah.”

“If it is a daughter.” he corrected you.

“What if its a boy you call him James and if its a girl you can call her Jamie.” said James looking up from his book.

“Or if its a boy you call him Peter and if its a girl, Petra. I like that.” added Peter.

“I prefer boy as Remus and girl as Remi.” continued Remus.

“How about girl as Lily and boy as Louie?” said Lily closing her book.

Both you and Sirius started laughing. “Clearly you gave a lot more thought in naming our child, than we did. ” said Sirius interlacing his fingers with yours.

“Yeah lets just name a boy James Remus Black and what…a girl Petra Lilly Black?” you continued to laugh.

“That would be so awesome.” said all four of them at the same time.

“His or her surname would be Black?” asked Sirius, looking down on you. He didn’t know if he would either be happy, that his kid will carry his last name, or if it will only be a burden.

“Of course. After his or hers brave and handsome father.” You said giving him a quick peck on the lips and turning back to your book.

“But my family, (y/n).” you felt him tense up so you sat back up and turned to him. You took his hands, which immediately turned cold.

“We are your family.” you said putting his hand on your belly. “You, James, Remus, Peter, Lily, me and this baby. ” you said quietly, feeling his hand grow warm again.

He gave you a light smile and you both put yourself in the same position as you were before. He started running his fingers through your hair and you tried to focus back on the book. Everything was so quiet, so perfect.

“But what if you had quadruplets? ” said James breaking the silence. You all groaned and threw a pillow at him. He blocked few of them with his books but he got some to the head. “But just imagine. Three boys and a girl. Then you would have no problem naming them.” said James,again, getting pillows thrown at him.

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What's your theory on the VSFS? It literally was a mess from beginning to end. It was never confirmed but rumor was that Tay was performing, then she wasn't, then she was but backed out because of KP, then KP got banned, then people said it was possible for Tay to perform after all... If first rumors were true, calling KP after already booking HS and Tay just smells like foul play from Ed imo, probably to create controversy = get more views. I just don't know what to make of it. Thoughts?

I’m with you on all of this. VSFS got greedy and tried to court controversy for views, and Taylor didn’t like that, is my suspicion. It never sat right with me that Taylor would be comfortable sharing that day with Harry, but I think she was willing to suck it up and just be extra carefree with Karlie. Katy, however, was a step too far, that risked turning the whole thing into a circus, so Taylor pulled out. It’s a shame, but maybe the timing wasn’t right for a such a big shared event anyway. Next year might be better.


“What are you reading?”

Loki jumped, twisting around on the bed faster then you thought possible. 

“Nothing.” He said, blushing intensely. He slowly slid the object behind his back.

“I think those are comic books.” You said, grinning. 

“They’re definitely not comic books.” He said.

“I think they’re Thor comic books.” 

“They’re really not Thor comic books.”

“Are you reading about your brothers heroics, Loki?” You said, holding back a laugh, “Are you a Thor comic book fan?”

“No.” He replied haughtily, but he was still blushing. 

You laughed and reached forward quickly, tackling the trickster to the bed. 

“Ah! Stop, enough!” He said, laughing as you wrestled the comic book away from him, “You’re going to wrinkle it.” 

Both of you were laughing wildly before you finally got the comic away from him. It was a newer one, with the Avengers featured. Luckily for Loki, in your scuffle it was only slight crinkled on the edges. 

“Loki,” You said, jokingly solemn, “I think this is just adorable.”

He rolled his eyes playfully, “These stories are much better than what actually happens in my brothers idiotic life.” 

“Oh sweetheart you don’t have to explain to me,” You said, flipping open to one of the pages, “I mean this is just amazing. I wish he was this good looking in real life.” 

Loki laughed loudly, “Don’t ever tell him that. I don’t think his ego would survive.” 

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What kind of relationship do you think Horatio and Ophelia had? They didn't really interact in the play, but I mean they must have had to at some point since they were both pretty involved in Hamlet's life?


Yup, the text barely gives us any info about their relationship. I may have… uh… overshot the point of this ask, but I looked back at the scenes they shared and took some notes. ^ ^;; This is something I’ve been wanting to study for a while, so it could get a bit lengthy. 

Going over the play again, they actually seem more distant than I remember them. (Unless I’m missing some details. Please let me know if I did!)

Keep reading

To all non-vegan/vegetarians:

Eggs are honestly the best. One large egg has 75 calories. I personally think they taste good without anything added, but just a dash of salt and pepper makes them even better. You can scramble them, poach them, boil them, fry them, make them over-easy, in an omelet, etc. I like to scramble one and put it in half a cup of white rice with soy sauce. That’s 175 calories, but it feels more like 400.

They’ve got protein, they’re really filling, they’re inexpensive and they’re super low-calorie as far as meals go. When I first started cutting calories and losing weight, eggs were a lifesaver. When you first make the change from 2500 calories a day to 1000, you need something filling to keep you from feeling sick. Eggs are perfect for that. They’re just awesome.

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hello! i was wondering if you could do a Stranger Things Billy imagine for me! ☺️ so it goes like this: you’re Jonathan and Will’s sister, about 19 years old. Then when Billy, the new bad boy shows up one day at Hawkins, he takes an interest in the reader. you can go on from there, thank you! 💜

i combined this with another request in my inbox because they were similar in concept, so two birds with one stone!

second request :

  • two things come to mind when billy thinks “byers”
    • weird, pretentious jonathan
    • quiet, sweet little will
  • so when he discovers there’s a third byers kid, he’s already got a pre-established image in his head
    • a weird, quiet, unkempt little thing that never leaves the library, never does anything ever
    • so when he sees you at the party at jessica’s, he’s stunned by what he sees
      • or rather, what he thought he was going to see when he met little miss byers
      • you’re prettier than he expected, more popular, enigmatic
        • everyone wants to be around you
        • and so does he
  • but that’s what’s throwing him off about everything
    • usually, he’s the one that everyone wants to be around ever since he arrived in hawkins
      • yet he’s only just now meeting you for the first time, and at first, all you offered him was a smile and a wave
  • billy is pretty used to girls pretty much throwing themselves at him, especially here in hawkins
    • you weren’t just playing hard to get, you were playing not to get
    • why was he so into it?
      • after the party, at school, he’s going out of his way to be around you, but only in the way billy hargrove would
        • he sits next to you at lunch (after giving your friend next to you a shove so he can wedge himself between you)
        • he gives you rides home from school (he’s still pulling 60 in a 45)
      • but after a while, the dickish attitude drops because he knows you don’t care, and for some reason, he’s starting to care a lot
      • maybe this “little hick town” doesn’t suck so much after all


So I got the usual Minutemen “Sanctuary is under attack” radiant the other day, and when I arrived there were the standard gunners with laser pistols versus this… 

I didn’t know who to protect the settlement from! Pretty sure Marcy did more damage to the razorgrain with her gatling laser than the gunners did! Last time I stopped by the toughest weapon in the settlement was Preston’s laser musket - I guess they’ve been letting themselves into Nora’s supplies or something! XD

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Where I yumas scar on which cgs? O want to see it 😱😍

I don’t think they’ve ever been in a cg but they were mentioned in MB. oh, but they were shown to us in the manga:

edgar had a bunch of bruises on his left shoulder - he says he got them from falling off the roof. and then when he grows up:

yuma has the same marks, plus a bunch of burn marks from, yknow, being on fire and stuff

1K+ Followers/HeckYeahHarrisco Fam! - Origins & Many Thanks

Yup, the (HeckYeah)Harrisco Fam here expanded past 1,000 last week and now we’re at 1,030! It tickles to think back to being excited over quickly we got to 75 peeps in 19 days; because back in the days of what do we even call this ship–ahhh, maybe there were a dozen or so of us shipping and gabbing Cisco/Harry.  

(Let’s take a moment to appreciate some Harrisco name origin story. "Petition to assign the tag Harrisco to the E2 Harry Wells/Cisco ship.“ @thecowboyarthistorian:  x)

  • I created heckyeahharrisco after I’d re-read the few but great fics around, reblogged @platoapproved ‘s early sets a few times, sought out all the shippy ponderings and metas (plenty from @politeandnotgay and our early bitty cluster of folk). The eternal tiny ship lover - and old LJ comm. runner - in me couldn’t stand it anymore. I’d decided to gif with abandon, craving to get this ship and its fairly decided name out there way more

A bit trepidatiously - welp, no harm in at least having it be - I figured I’d house all of my Harrisco gif sets in one convenient spot for those who’d also been quietly suffering in their rare pair despair and eaten through all the content available. Provide a little light tower, get a loose headcount, maybe help folks feel freer and welcome to love these two to their heart’s content… and, man, this ship fam grew. It’s such a neat thing to take in, both number of Harrisco community (period) and expansion of content. It certainly gives me a dopey fond smile.

  • * My immense thanks for supporting this blog and my works, from the early days to current. Every reblog, like, and reply is a joy and very much appreciated. Because of your support, this blog grew in followers despite posts and sets being search blanked and dropped because of (I later figured out, then had confirmed) any links - my little [✿] back to my gifs page - and, at times, having more than five tags (because I’d at least gleaned onto that problem on my own long)… perhaps, the right position of the moon, ffs, and lack of ritual blood sacrifice. 

The blanking got so shitty here (practically zilch, a wall) and on my main’s gif sets around this March that I contacted support, incredibly frustrated. There was that and the many nuts nsfw flags on def. safe things going on for everyone. They just gave me a, *yup, noted that external links were a cause on the list we gave you–but even with it being a tumblr, internal, link, that’s your prob. sorry*.

Anyways, I went back to every original post and removed each flower link to my gif page here (literally a link from within this damn hellsite) or other links–and *poof* a large amount of gif sets reappeared in “search/harrisco”. (Truly abysmal luck with my other main - tinier - ship.) Hell, there’s a high chance this post won’t show in search or will drop, but that OG link is important and cool to look back on, damn it. Search is still super poor, period. The other night, it was telling me “thallen” had all of four posts… Yeah. So, bless you reliable lot. 

  • I doubt this blog would have steadily grown in Harrisco fam the way it did during all of that without you sharing my gif sets, headcanons, the fests, and etc. with each other. Much love as well to those babes who reach back and help boost the early gif sets that really suffered.

As well, thanks for pimping our ship–and for the juicy conversations & content, headcanons, art, and for making our first two Harrisco Fests (1, 2) lively, awesome, and successful. 

~ A final, in this post anyways, thank you for just making this so much fun! I know we have much more ahead. Oh my, you’ve read through all of this journey ramble. ;) ~ Cat ♡

  • Take a trip back to the past, rewinding to the very first HeckYeahHarrisco posts, and frolick your way forward. You’ll find some gif sets you likely haven’t seen yet, yummy early fic recs, and hella cute little ship fam things: *click*
  • Don’t forget to switch on notifications so that you never miss a thing! Tumblr is way too wonky these days.

for old times’ sake:

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Bonus footage of me w/HeckYeah when life and my health are being an ass:

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“The only way I’ll ever talk to you again is if you are dead. And clearly you're not.” - TIM DRAKE X READER

Heyo! I’d like to request prompts 11 and 12 with Timbo ? looking forward to the upcoming content on this blog <33

12. “You were suppose to be here”


“So I’ve got your suit and my dress so I think we’re oficially ready” You smile doing a little celebration dance
“Did you pick my tie?”
“Do you want me to tie your shoes too?” with a furrowed brow you mock Tim while he smiles holding you by your hands
“I just wanna things to go as you planned. You’ve waited too long for this”
It’s true, after all the drama you were finally graduating from college. And being your’s class speaker was a huge deal.
The last few days you were nothing but a stress mess around the house, getting everything ready for the party and also the cerimony.

Tim has been nothing but supportive around you. He helped you though all your anxiety and sadness after you find out your parents decided not to show up or even call you for your graduation. They didn’t support your choice of carreer neither the fact that you decided to come to Gotham instead of a huge Ivy League University. And Tim was there for you in a way that no one did.
Also over the fact that you’re in love with him in years.
Yes, breaking news, you weren’t a couple. This was a shock to everyone around you too.
You two met four years ago during a huge fire over the city’s high school. Tim wasn’t in his costume to evacuete the school by himself, so you jumped in (beside his protests) and helped him. He saw so bravery in you that even after you passed out over the smoke, he waited in the hospital and since then boom, best friends for life.
It started with a stupid crush over seeing him asleep, and then the hot and bothered thing whenever he was flirting or training around you, but you realised it was love the moment he jumped in front of you in a mug so you wouldn’t get shoot. He literally took a bullet for you after 3 years knowing you. Of course you didn’t know he was Red Robin until that moment so you freaked the hell out when a car stopped carrying the both of you inside and leading to a dirty cave. Hours later, he woke up asking nervously about you and his brothers had to hold him down until you show up and slapped the hell out of him for not telling and almost dying in your arms.
You had invite him to go as your date since you weren’t that comfortable with other guys and he gladly took it. In fact, you did a whole stupid promposal to him envolving flowers and balloons that until this day he tells to whoever he talked to about how amazing it was.

Now, a day before, he’s across from you in the sofa with the light of the TV reflecting on his face. This man had being nothing but your rock through so many days, it wasn’t just love for him you felt admiration over everything he did and the fact that he insisted to call you his ’number one girl’ lately, it was really difficult to not feel your heart flinch by every hour.
You took a deep breath licking your lips still starring at him with your legs in his laps and his hands around them. You think sometimes that he absolutely feels the same way. I mean, c'mon you weren’t that stupid but he’s life is so complicated that he maybe was scared to confess? Or maybe he just liked you like he’s sister since he had been in a few relationships during your time together.
But he wasn’t right now. Right now he’s all yours. It was a friday night and he could be anywhere in the world with anyone but he choosed to be with you. He choosed to be your date even knewing that would be awkward to explain to all of your friends that you weren’t dating and stuff.
So you made your mind, this was it. You were telling him tomorrow at the prom. You were telling him that you’ve been in love for so long that you barely remember your life before him. Even if he doesn’t feel the same way you needed to get this out of the chest. He smiles to the TV as he knew what you were thinking and you couldn’t help but smile too.

With you asleep during a certain time in the night, Tim turns to you smiling at himself. You looked so peacefully unlikely the last few weeks it was very comforting. He picks you up carefully taking you to your room and laying the sheets over you. He brushes lightly over your hair kissing your temple and chuckling over the sound you made after that.
Tim looks to your headboard near bed and there’s a photo of the two of you when he took you for a road trip. It was certainly one of the best days of his life, seeing you singing stupid songs in the car and you both pretending to be british at the dinner on the road as if someone else would recognize you was hilarious. He also remembered the look on your face when a girl came up to your table giving her number to him ’It’s the accent, you can’t blame the accent’ he said trying to recover her smile but it didn’t work until late a night when you stopped at some motel on the road and he was gone for a few minutes telling that he was going after food. Tim came back with a rose for you telling how special that day was, he can’t help but grinning remembering your red cheeks that day with him telling you he couldn’t be more happy to spend the weekend with his number one girl.
Before he could jump in conclusions, he got a call from a desperate Alfred telling to meet him at the cave.

You wake up annoyed over the loud knocking in your door. Rubbing your eyes realising what was going on “I’M COMING DAMMIT”
Opening the door the was a man with most beautiful bouquet in his hands handing you a paper
“I-I’m sure you knocked on the wrong door”
“Y/N L/N? From Mr…” he checks his papers again “Timothy Drake?”
You’re out of breath, did he actually did this? You sign the papers thanking the guy and runs back inside the house landing the flowers in the table taking a good look at them. They were bright red as the day he gave you one in that cheap motel, you giggle over this.
Taking a picture of them you text Tim back thanking him for the flowers and go take your bath starting your day.

With a wrapped towel around your head and body, you run to your phone checking for some answers from Tim but still there was nothing. His suit wasn’t there anymore so you just thinks he’s gonna pick you up then.
It takes you almost five hours, but you were finally putting your dress on finishing the last details on it. Your phone finally vibrates and you rush to it. Tim had finally showed up.

The flowers match your eyes x.x

Also, I think I’m gonna run late just a little bit. Do you mind meeting me there? The car is still picking you up at 7.

You sigh couldn’t helping being a little dissapointed. You actually let yourself fantasied a bit about him showing up at your door step and you both being out of breath by your looks. But it’s okay, you still had your mind ready about telling him everything and everything would work just fine.

Hi… Uhm, It’s me. Don’t know why aren’t you answering your phone but I am on my way to the cerimony.”
It’s me again… So I am here and I can’t see you. I’m heading to the backstage getting ready to jump on stage, so I believe I won’t see you until it’s over which is… Sad.
I’m fifteen minutes away now and you still don’t answer any of my calls, Tim did something happen?
Okay so I called Dick and he haven’t spoke to you but I know he’s lying. Timbo what’s going on? I-I can’t do this without you, please tell me I am going to see your face while I’m up there

The voicemail was already tired of your voice, you felt your heartbreak when the lady call your name. You try to protest saying if she could only wait a few minutes, but what was the point.

Being up in the stage with so many faces staring at you was so hard. Talking about your years of experience and fun when all of them wouldn’t be the same without him. You actually had to cut the part that you thank him briefly for helping you be there, it was the hardest thing and you almost cried there.
But now it was over, you throw your hat up along your classmates and their parents join them hugging and saying proud words to them. You finally let some tears drop and run to some corner calling a cab to get you home. There wasn’t any point to go to the stupid party after all.

Removing your make up off and getting rid of your hairstyle letting your hair fall down in a waved curls, you sit down ordering pizza finally stops the crying.
It was around midnight when you woke up in the couch with a knocking on your door
“COME BACK TOMORROW” You yell knowing damn well who it was
“Please, Y/N I need talk to you”
“The only way I would ever talk to you again was if you were dead. And clearly you’re not.”
“Y/N, open the door. Please” his voice sound hurtful. But not as much as you were. You put so many expectations for this day and now it was ruined in hours, tears came back to your eyes remembering.
“Tim, please go away.” your voice cracks and his heart breaks again. Hearing the disapointment growing through her voicemails was bad enough for him.
“I can explain, please let me in”
“FOR GOD’S SAKE LET HIM IN” a screaming neightbour yells and you both jump in scare “LET ME GO BACK TO SLEEP”

You roll your eyes opening the door with the angriest face you could but you didn’t pull up for to long seeing the boy in front of you wearing the tuxedo you got him.
Tim was out of breath wide open with besides your puff eyes from crying, your hair and dress still looked incredible and your face as always had him shaking.
You recompose trying to remember the worst day of your life again and continues “I don’t ever wanna see you again” but he stops before you could close the door on his face
“Please, I would never do that to you on purpose”
“Yeah, I’m not a idiot Tim. But it doesn’t matter because you made me believe the entire day that you would come. And honestly at this point, I don’t care if you had a dying body under your arms or a burning building in your back, you should told me” you try to smash the door and once again he stops you
“Look, I’m sorry okay? I really am but let me-
"Let you what? Explain why you let me think you would come late at every second while I was the only girl with no one in the crowd for me? That you would stop me from leaving or find me in the corner where I was crying while everyone celebrated? Or for thinking that you would let me fantasize about this day where we would have a stupid slow dance and I would kiss you or whatever?”
“You-you what?” he stops whatever he was saying hearing your words. You roll your eyes again cursing yourself
“The point is, you were supposed to be here. Or there. With me no matter what. And yes, I’m letting myself being selfish on this one for the first time in my life and honestly I think I have some rights”
“We found Scarecrow and he poisoned me for hours. The guy who talked to you was Dick because I was literally out until two hours ago having nightmares.”
Oh that’s a way for shutting you up.
“And while I was out, I saw you. And you’re on the stage giving the speech but you’re alone. I saw you running back home and I was so close to you but everytime that I tried to reach you, you vanished away. And I couldn’t speak or make any move, I just watched you crying because of me and telling how much you hated me.” his words came out on a crack as he was about to cry in front of you. “So I woke up, escaped for whatever treatment Alfred was giving to me and runned back here. To you…”
He pulls out of his pocket a smashed corsage and shyly picking your hand while your mouth was open from the shock. He places carefully and land a kiss in your knuckles. You hold a smile in the corner of your lips
“If you do this again, I’ll punch you myself even if you’re passed out”
“Yeah, I know” he smirks to you and that gives you the courage to pull him closer “No, wait wait” he pushes you away you’re panicking. He enters in the apartment pulling out his phone and a cheesy balad starts playing. You couldn’t help but laugh on how incredible embarrassing that was and he stands his hand for you to come closer.
His hands comes down slowly from your arms to your hips as you lean closer to his body and hold him tight around his neck. Your noses touch as he plays with you for a while admiring the silly smile on your lips that he knew as “You’re the biggest idiot in the Galaxy” and just like that, his lips touch yours entering in a sweet passionate kiss.
You both stand in that position for a while slow dancing over the song. With Tim twisting you and pulling back to his arms quickly

“I really love you, YN”
“I love you too, Tim”

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do you think that Sam was Aelin's mate, but she never got to find out because he was killed too early into their relationship?

No …

I know very little about Sam, but honestly from what I have seen I think if he survived their relationship would have gone the way of Chaolaena eventually.

He was killed in the “honeymoon phase”, so she will always remember him with love, but I think they were more a source of comfort in a horrific situation for one another. I don’t think they would have lasted once they were free of Aerobynn…

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I'm teaching the undergrad intro bio lab, and one of the bonus questions (I give them two to pick from) on my last quiz was "what is a foramen in a skull?" Which I thought was a ridiculously easy question. Most of the answers I got were specifically about the foramen magnum, which is fine. But I got this hilarious sentence: "for example, herbivores, like humans, stand on 2 legs, so our foramen is at the bottom of our skull." I corrected it to bipeds lol but it made my day

you never know, maybe they’re a militant vegan who thinks that all humans should be herbivores