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Music Series: Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur

I think this is such a romantic song. And the video? Forget about it. I can’t watch it, it makes me cry. Damn hopeless romantic blood in me!

I hope my imagine does this song justice, because it is truly romantic and truly beautiful, and I hope someday to find a man that feels this way about me. Cleverly written. Just beautiful. Thank you for the request, Anon.

Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur. If you would like to listen, you can find it HERE on my Spotify playlist called ‘I Love You Long Time”. And if you want to watch the video…grab a tissue, hug the person you love most, and you’ll find it on youtube under my puddle of tears.




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Hey Mods, a fellow Anahardt shipper here. I just wanted to ask you guys what your reactions are on the official reveal that Reinhardt is not Phara's father. I for myself still ship Anahardt, but only because I think that Pharah never really met her father before Ana 'disappeared'. I think Phara's father is the man we see in the latest comic. They don't seem to be angry or anything in the panel tho, suggesting that Pharah has a good relationship to her father. What do you guys think?

Not sure what Tiki thinks, but I honestly was never on the ‘reinhardt is pharah’s dad’ boat haha. I like the adoptive dad dynamic betwen the two. Maybe Ana and Pharah’s dads relationship ended on good terms and she visits for the holidays?

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Thoughts on what happened last night in Charlottesville with the "KKK" / "White Supremacists" (I put them "" because what's what the media is calling them) protesting over the removal of a statue of General Lee at the university?

I think the racist idiots carrying tiki torches and chanting about white nationalism are, well, racist idiots.

ok so the trader joe’s employee training video is pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a trader joe’s employee training video- funny, filled with a lot of nautical imagery and pop culture references, but what i keep thinking about is the narrator, who is referred to only as “tiki guy” through the entire video, and is supposedly a long time trader joe’s employee. 

this poorly-animated fellow wears a tiki mask consistently until the end when he removes it to reveal this unexpectedly grotesque face that i cannot get out of my head. i can’t find any online imagery or copies of the video to prove it, it was shocking to me….snakes are manifesting in my home physically

Wooden Moai Pokémon!!

The wooden Moais are a recurrent souvenir in some polynesian islands and I think it would be funny if Nosepass and Probopass had a Grass-type forms for this reason. On the other hand, I think they are the best options to make a possible Alolan-Tiki form because Moais and Tikis are both polynesian statues. 

Personally I would prefer that Probopass was Grass/Steel-type, but this design seems pure Grass-type.

I forgot upload this in Tumblr, but it was uploaded in my Twitter few days ago.

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Say'ri/Tiki - sunbathing

Say’ri finds Tiki sprawled across a rock, sunning herself in a manner thoroughly unbefitting of her station and virtue. 

“Milady,” Say’ri says, fighting to keep her voice even and stern. Tiki finds great enjoyment in teasing her, and Say’ri does not wish to give her further material for her pranks–especially not when she has Say’ri at such a disadvantage. Say’ri takes a knee, determined not to raise her eyes. “If you wished to rest, surely the tent would provide more pleasant housing.” 

“Mmm? Oh, Say’ri.” The rustle of cloth, and Say’ri dips her head even further, shameful heat creeping up her neck and cheeks. She can hear the smile in Tiki’s voice. “But the sun is so warm, and the sky so clear. It would be a shame to hide myself away on such a beautiful day, don’t you think?”

“Of course,” Say’ri says. Her gaze is still firmly affixed to the ground, but Tiki has begun to shift on her rock. Her bare legs, patterned with scales the color of forestry, sway before Say’ri’s eyes. “I shan’t ask you to deny yourself the pleasure of a day so fine, but ‘tis dangerous to rest so far from the army. And you are… unarmed.” Bare of weaponry and clothing both, in truth, but she isn’t uncouth enough to say as much.   

Tiki’s hand brushes the underside of Say’ri’s jaw, jolting her from her thoughts. A clawed thumb strokes her cheek, and Say’ri shudders at the sensation of scales against her skin. Gently, more gently than those dagger-tipped hands ought to be capable of, Tiki guides Say’ri’s chin up to meet her gaze. 

“You should join me,” Tiki murmurs. Her eyes gleam as they flicker about Say’ri’s face, a hint of satisfaction in its depths. “It’d do you good to be away from the bustle of march, I think.” 

Say’ri wets her lips. Tiki follows the motion, looking very much like a cat presented with a dish of cream. 

“If that is what milady wishes.” 

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See,I was thinking once I saw Tiki say "1000 years before Marth's time" before I actually played 4, I thought it was Sigurd. Then it came to me that it might've been Sigurd or Seliph. Remember that after the Belhalla BBQ, it had said that the stories of Sigurd's gang went untold and forgotten. The hero has to have been Seliph, and then they restored the Naga Bloodline with the First Exalt's Awakening

Well the tales of those who died in Belhalla are untold and forgotten. Arden, Noish, Alec, Midir, and unfortunately not Beowulf.

This line is probably meant to more dramatic than literal. Personality wise, Sigurd fits Chrom more than Seliph does. Also Seliph restoring the Naga line ain’t possible with that Minor Naga and we don’t want to go down the road of what that would imply if he did.