i think this is the second day i've skipped

nct 127 as things seniors have said
  • johnny: "I don't think I have given a fuck about school since I got accepted to college"
  • taeil: "ok but does it really matter if I skip school today...or the next day or the next"
  • jaehyun: "I'm doing better than I thought for second semester I've got all C's lmao"
  • yuta: "I really need to take a shit do you think the teacher would let me or will she think I'm ditching"
  • doyoung: "did u hear about him getting into an ivy league school? I didn't think he was smart enough to get in wtf"
  • winwin: "I'm too scared to ditch...what if my university rejects me and I have to go to a community college"
  • mark: "remember when in grade 9 I said I wouldn't swear, drink, or smoke weed? well FUCK this project I already did the AP exam"
  • donghyuck: "high school was the worst four years of my life anyone who said it was fun is a fucking liar"