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This isn't an inconsistency, but you might find it interesting nonetheless. During the Houston con in 2016, Jared launches into a story about eating sour lemons with Gen while visiting the Amalfi Coast in Italy between European conventions, in response to a question about the most romantic thing he's ever taken his wife on. I've always been struck by Jensen's facial expressions during this story, almost like he's remembering it happening... It's on youtube, about 25 minutes into the panel.


first i gotta say that yeah jensen’s face is very sweet when jared tells the story, im sure it was a nice moment for them and he also gets that pensive face like he’s remembering, you’re right 

now i hope you’ll excuse me because im about to elaborate a bit more on this moment

so i found this vid and this one 

and basically jensen doesn’t give a fuck as usual and hets are the fucking worst as usual 

like literally, that girl asks her question “i was hoping that each of you can tell us about the most romantic date you’ve ever taken your wives on” and first we got the audience “awing”, just disgusting (where is that gif of jared gagging when you need it??) but the real IMPORTANT thing here is jensen’s reaction!!!!!!!!!!! JUST LOOK

HE’S FUCKING EYEROLLING AS SOON AS THE HET ASKS HER QUESTION!!!!!!! OH MY GOD he’s so fucking DONE honestly just look at the video, you’ll see 

pics from the other angle (i couldn’t make a gif because the person is shaking, too bad) before and after the question is asked:

he’s so fucking done!!!!!

like what the actual fuck is wrong with hets, who the fuck comes at a convention about a show to ask actors about their personnal lives?????

and it’s even worse since you’re asking closeted gay guys to make up fake stories and making them even more uncomfortable because they have to lie!!


im also really annoyed because look at all those gifs, look at them!  all those gifs were taken from this video but it has been deleted!!! im so frustrated!! because it seemed like a better angle and with this vid i think we could have had a better look at jensen’s eyeroll!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!! if anyone has saved it, make gifs of this moment please!!! 


after the questions is asked jensen rolls his eyes but jared makes a joke so people laugh but jensen isn’t done showing he’s annoyed so it goes: 

jared: i can’t tell you the entire story

jensen: why not we’re already going down that road (while making this face)

he’s not joking there, he’s done with those hets 

and that reminds me of a video where someone asked them for a story about their kids (it was right after they had the first babies) and jensen already didn’t have time for this shit and he says something like “oh that’s it, there’s no more questions about the show, after 9 seasons, now the babies are more interesting” and people were laughing because those dumb hets can’t fucking see that jensen was seriously annoyed, they don’t understand his sarcarm, just like here in houston, they’re laughing without seeing he’s annoyed, just ugh

and then after that they don’t say anything for more than 10 seconds, nothing, just awkward silence because they have to make up some bullshit stories to answer 

so jared obviously uses a moment he had with jensen and says something very genuine which makes it look authentic, and notice how he starts by saying that his story applies to all types of couples and saying that the unscripted moments are the most important and he says that one day “gen” told him “if you buy me flowers on valentine’s day and then nothing till the next valentine’s day then you can shove your flowers up your ass” and excuse the fuck me but that’s jensen talking there (and you can see him nodding a lot while jared was saying it lol)

and then he talks about not wanting his personal life to be scripted like it is during work so what they do is that they go on walks. and excuse the fuck me but how could you go on walks regularly since you’re most of the time in vancouver and gen in the US?? oh i know because those walks are with jensen!! and i can totally see j2 going on walks after work together to relax and bound as a couple rather than just as coworkers just like that moment at the beginning of the show when jensen showed jared a nice spot to eat during wendigo or dead in the water. and then jared tells the story in italy because that’s the only place where gen could have also been, during those bearding trips, and just tell me how am i supposed to believe that gen would eat a lemon raw???? are you fucking kidding me jared???? if she had been there she would have rolled her eyes and dismiss him for stealing them just like she dismisses him when he’s being his goofy self. so yeah that’s a total j2 story and yeah see the gifs at the top for jensen’s sweet smiles

and jensen’s answer is amazing!!! because he doesn’t even bother to make something up, he’s like “yeah yeah the unscripted moments right” and then he just said that it was the honeymoon!!!! he says “we really hit it on the head with the honeymoon” “that was one of the best romantic times” and yeah jensen said the best romantic times he’s had with danneel was the “honeymoon” where FUCKING GINO was invited to and where jensen said at another con HE HAD READ A GOOD BOOK!!! HAHAHAHAHHA!!!! IS HE EVEN TRYING????!!!! you guys remember that?? right?? that con where jensen remembered a book he had read during his honeymoon, that he had picked up because he was FUCKING BORED!!! DURING HIS FUCKING HONEYMOON!!!! where he had “the best romantic times”!!! oh my god jensen is not even trying i can’t believe this omg and meanwhile that dumb audience is howling and squealing like they’re wetting their panties because jensen shared a fake ass story about his fake ass honeymoon just….. it’s so fucking gross uuuuuuuuugh

and notice when he was done with the answer he IMMEDIATELY said a quick “thanks” and moved super fast to the next question!! he HATED that het question omg

it was like that other het question about knowing their “wives” were the ones, and jared was the one to fuck it up and jensen was the one to turn it into a gender neutral answer

so to end what i wanna say sincerely, from the bottom of my heart:


for putting jared and jensen in those uncomfortable situations all that so they can have their little fantasies and be comforted in their fake beliefs that j2 are straight and could be happy with women  

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Could Barry have aspergers?

First, and I genuinely don’t mean this as any sort of attack, I just want to note that Aspergers = autism spectrum. Aspergers used to refer to a related spectrum but was often considered “milder” than autism, and modern research and clinicians have realized that they’re ultimately the same (broad) spectrum and the issue was their diagnostic tools classifying people on “severity”. There are issues with separating people into “high functioning” and “low functioning” groups the way the Aspergers/autism distinction does and there’s just… a lot of stuff that goes into this.

That being said, I think what you’re really asking for is more a question of “could Barry be neurodivergent, and specifically could he be somewhere on the the autism spectrum?”

And the answer is: of course! Why not?

For the purposes of headcanons, I always say: go for it, if it works for you.

For the purposes of canon-analysis, it’s a bit harder. Writers will sometimes write neurodivergent characters without even consciously realizing they’re doing it, because as human beings we recognize behavioral patterns and think “well this person is like that” without always knowing how to name or identify where that characterization comes from. This is part of the reason some characters get coded as neurodivergent without it ever being made explicit in the text (there are other, sometimes more insidious reasons as well but we don’t need to chat about them here).

I’m not sure if I’m the world’s best person to write an analysis of Barry as being on the autism spectrum specifically, because although my husband and some good friends of my are on the spectrum, I myself am not. I can take a stab at it for you though since I’ve been learning and reading a lot in the past few years about it (and may one day come back to that question I got like 2 years ago about Len being on the autism spectrum because… yeah, he really is I think). 

Anyway, hopefully what I say will ring true for people, fully realizing that of course all people on the spectrum are going to have slightly different experiences.

Before I do that, however, I also want to say that my personal headcanons for Barry are really that he’s ADHD, which is a related form of neurodivergence, and one that I’m more closely tied to (I’m not diagnosed but I show a ton of the signs and symptoms for it and it seems to run in my family, so I have more personal experience with it). So a lot of this discussion might end up looking more like general indicators of neurodivergence that can fall into autism spectrum and/or ADHD or both, as they do overlap a good deal.


Some canon discussion/evidence?

Well, first, Barry’s single-minded focus. Neurodivergent people can have difficulties with switching attention and can get totally absorbed by things, and Barry’s no different. Once he has a goal or a thought in mind, the rest of the world sort of gets put on mute, it seems. From searching for the Man in Yellow to Saving Iris to whatever the goal of the day is, that becomes ‘it’ for him for a little while.

That helps lead me to ‘special interests’ and hyperfixation. From what I can tell, Barry ran a blog on ‘the impossible’ and raced across the country looking for cryptids and other impossible events whenever he had the opportunity. I would say that this could be classified as a special interest for him. He likely has others or has had more in the past: musicals (maybe even specific ones), specific aspects of the sciences that he’s pursued, the Speed Force, etc.

Also, and I’m sorry if this ends up stereotyping slightly, people on the autism spectrum generally have advanced abilities in mechanical understanding (and score noticeably different as early as the age of 4 on tests of engineering/mechanical types of knowledge) and Barry demonstrates this type of understanding time and again in the show.

Originally posted by theflashdaily

He uses those abilities all the time at crime scenes, and as the Flash as well, like when fighting Zoom and using gravity to his advantage. He pursued a career in the sciences and uses chemistry, physics, and mathematics in his everyday life (and when working on things such as the speed equation). 

A little less “stereotype” and we see Barry’s physical behavior. 

In S1, he was often physical awkward in that he was clumsy and backing into doors, always running, and seemed to have… too much energy? It’s been said elsewhere that speedsters, or at least Bart (from the future), were introduced in part as a metaphor for ADHD (and that at least Bart’s arc was supposed to help educate people about ADHD because comics can be awesome like that). So that spectrum of “too much energy, almost clumsy because of it, always moving and kinetic and touching or doing something or running out the door” has made me think of Barry as having ADHD and thinking of his behavior more from than perspective. But from an autism spectrum perspective, you sometimes see a lot of the same behaviors. Clumsiness is common, from what I’ve read (though of course, not for everyone. My husband is the least clumsy person I know). And being late! Barry is often late, and that can be a sign of ADHD for sure (I’m always late, my husband always wants to be exactly on time… it’s an issue).

Originally posted by superflarrowgifs

In terms of sensory processing, I can’t think of anything too specific. Certain fabrics, textures, foods, or physical sensations can all be important to people on the autism spectrum due to how they process sensory information, but I don’t think canon provides us with much information for how Barry deals with sensation. I also can’t think of any evidence of physical stimming off the top of my head but sometimes that won’t be obvious anyway. Barry keeps chemistry toys in his lab (we’ve seen them in background shots a few times) but nothing else really comes to mind there. He paces a lot? Is standing whenever it’s an option, really? Rubs his hand over his hair/ head whenever he’s tense or anxious? None of that is specific to neurodivergence (over, say, anxiety) but it is still technically self-stimulation behavior.

Originally posted by theflashdaily

In terms of speech patterns, I can’t think of any really canon examples of atypical speech patterns that might imply autism spectrum neurodivergence (in contrast to say, Julian, who is sometimes overly formal or literal to the point of awkward, which can be a sign of autism spectrum for some people). Barry does info dump a little sometimes about things related to speed (a new special interest? It would make sense) or other information, but the show doesn’t often give us conversations that aren’t related to the plot so it’s hard to say. 

(That being said, one of the things that used to be used to “distinguish” autism spectrum from Aspergers was the children with Aspergers didn’t show the same language-related issues in childhood, and now that we understand autism as more of a constellation of behaviors, not all of which will be present in the same person, it’s not overly surprising not to find it here. Also, Barry really doesn’t use almost any adjectives or flowery language, even few adverbs, and he sticks to either simple or exact words for things [in contrast to Wally who’s word-choice is a lot more diverse!] so maybe we do see a bit of evidence through that? His speech is relatively straightforward?)

Originally posted by ccrogues

(precise, specific, informative)

Sociality… well we know that Barry didn’t have many friends as a kid, especially after his mother died. He talks about having been bullied and we know he was a big anime nerd and part of a lot of clubs in high school. That’s not evidence in and of itself of neurodivergence because neurotypical kids get bullied all the time as well, but some of it could be a sign, especially because it’s clear through the clubs etc. that he was trying to put himself out there and maybe it wasn’t working. 

Originally posted by speedstergifs

He clearly gets along just fine with other people who are on the side of scientifically-oriented (i.e., all of the Star Labs team, Felicity, eventually Julian) and other people who are smart and kind (Iris, Oliver) so it’s definitely not that Barry can’t make friends. But kids can be cruel and neurodivergence can be easier to notice in childhood for one reason or another (including because people haven’t ‘learned’ to hide or suppress their own signs as well, and it sucks that people would ever ‘have’ to but that’s what childhood teaches some folks).

In either case, there’s evidence he had issue socializing and pretty much only had Iris as a close friend until he hit adulthood? And it’s also clear that although he’s “liked” at the precinct, he doesn’t really have friends there and he sticks out, at least not until Patty came along.

Last points: again, not to stereotype, but anecdotally at least, there does seem to be some potential overlap between people on the autism spectrum and the asexual spectrum, and a lot of people headcanon or interpret Barry as being demisexual? Which makes a lot of sense to me, and could be part of an interpretation of Barry as being neurodivergent. (Though it really should be clearly noted that people can be on the autism spectrum without being on the asexual spectrum and vice versa, and I don’t want to imply otherwise!)

And… I think that’s most of what I have to say? I’d have gifs for more of this but honestly they aren’t easy to find for this topic ^^;

And I invite people to make additions to this post if they have any more headcanons or canon examples, or clarifying information? 

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I've only followed Black Sails through gifs (and shipped some things) but now I see all your flailing I want to watch it too

Dude. DUDE.

Like. I think part of the reason I’ve been so disappointed in O*nce lately is that I have been bingeing Black Sails and it is SO GOOD. The writing, the characters, the plot lines, the twists and turns, all of it is just. so. good? 

Like. Listen. There is maybe one milquetoast, typically hetero relationship on the show, and even that one involves a woman who is bi. But it’s not, like, poorly done? 

Every single character has an arc, and growth, and motivations, and they betray each other and they hate each other and they love each other. 

The women run the fucking world in this show, and neither the writers, the show, or the actors shy away from that. The men are super pretty and mostly a bunch of assholes, but you fall in love with them all anyway. The women you kinda just stare at in awe, but in the end you love them too.

Every single one of the characters is flawed, and honestly most of them are downright horrible most of the time, but somehow, we end up loving them all anyway. 

The plotlines of the show are always present, and they arc over all four seasons. The writers keep you in suspense from episode to episode, but it never feels trite, it never feels like they’re stringing you along (TWD, I’m looking at you). The number of times I just let my jaw drop before muttering “What the fuck. OH WHAT THE FUCK!” (okay, there was some yelling too) at something is honestly astronomical at this point, so obviously now that the series is done it’s time for a rewatch. 

I can think of one death on the show that felt a little Game of Thrones-y, and honestly I think that’s just because I’d gotten so used to them eliciting drama and tragedy without the usual GoT torture/death porn tactic. 

And the scenery, and the cinematography, and the choreography, and the FUCKING SOUNDTRACK OMG as if Bear McCreary didn’t already own my fucking soul, they are all so good.

The series finale was the best payoff of any series end I think I’ve ever watched. It wasn’t so much that it was tied into a neat little bow (it wasn’t, not really) but that the show ended in a way that brought it full circle. 

I’m still super bitter about my fave getting killed, but even in that, they executed the death masterfully and it was for a reason - it moved the story to where it needed to be, yes, but it also shed a light on who that person truly was, there at the end. 

At the end of the day, this is a show about, of all the trite things, love. In all it’s forms, in every iteration, the most important thing about this show, the thing that draws you in, the thing that makes you invested, is watching the way these characters navigate around each other, to each other, away from each other. 

And the writing and the acting are fucking phenomenal on every level. Honestly it may be one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. 

1000000/10 would recommend.  

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Couldn't the changes in Len's character in Legends be due to how he fell for Sara? With the one deleted scene they released it looked like it was almost love at first sight. He was kinder and more honest and open with her than anyone else including Lisa and Mick. No one saw through and understood him like she did ever before. His getting rid of Mick was more about him trying to hurt Sara than the team. And she was the one who got him to make up with Mick. It never would have happened without her

Anon, there is so much wrong here that I very strongly considered not answering because the only things I can say are to disagree with you and that’ll probably make you angry.

But, well, I was a little angry too, particularly at the line “His getting rid of Mick was more about him trying to hurt Sara than the team” but I decided not to let anger rule my thoughts. Nonetheless, I’m gonna answer because I feel it’s worth a discussion for why I think differently, and why your post struck a bit of a nerve. Sorry if this isn’t what you want to hear, but I really do feel it warrants a meta/commentary response.

First, no I don’t think all the changes in him are due to Sara and I’d say that’s an oversimplification of how and why a person changes. It strips Len of those changes being about him at all really, taking away some of his autonomy in making the changes. If you change solely for someone else and not for yourself, that’s not sustainable. Len changed for himself and through the influence of a host of different factors, and to reduce it to largely one thing misses so much of the complexity of how and why people change in reality. And I’m not saying that falling in love can’t change a person (through the different viewpoints they take on and through the trust they develop), but I also don’t read Len as having been in love with Sara. People, a single person, can help catalyze change in us even without being in love, of course, but it’s still missing some of the point to make it all about that other person. Change happens internally.  

And there are a lot of the factors that could plausibly, canonically, go into him changing. I mean, I maintain that many of the changes that bothered me (the very subtle characterization ones that tilt him more to a slytherin-hufflepuff than a slytherin-ravenclaw) are ones that came in from the writers wanting to have him work with a team and taking over his character from a different team, losing a bit in translation. But in canon, if we try to explain those changes, I really would not ever want to attribute them to solely one character.

I feel that if we explain the canonical changes in Len, we can point to a couple of major factors, and his budding friendship with Sara is one of those (because it shows him letting people in and believing that change and overcoming one’s past is actually possible, because it’s something she is doing and demonstrating). A few others are Barry’s staunch belief in Len’s goodness and his willingness to help Len, working with Lisa and Mick again and the effect that has on him, being free of his father in a final way, and working with a team of people who’s wellbeing he feels responsible for (especially Jax). I’ve made posts that talk about most of those factors in one way or another though, so I won’t delve into them here.

More specific to the points you raise, I disagree that he demonstrates anything approaching love at first sight in the deleted scene.

Honestly the only thing I read into that is that he a) is trying to get a feel for people on the team and doesn’t quite know what to make of Sara yet, except that she might be the only one aside from Mick he has anything in common with (she shuts that down with the reincarnated point), and b) that he’s a bit intrigued at her willingness to bite back, but maybe a little annoyed at how barbed she is with him. (For the record we literally never see him even glance in the direction of her ass so I don’t get where that line is from.)

I also strongly disagree that he’s “kinder and more honest and open with her than anyone else including Lisa and Mick”. I don’t even know where you get that idea, to be frank. Len loves his sister to death and would do anything for her. He would never raise a weapon to her like he does to Sara in 1x15 and there’s zero reason to suspect he’d be less honest with her than with Sara (or anyone else). If you try to raise the point that he didn’t tell her his dad kidnapped him, I’d counter by saying he didn’t really have a chance and wanted to protect her. He also happened to lie to Sara (alongside the rest of the team) about having killed Mick. 

If you want to talk about Len opening up about his past to people like his heart-to-heart with Sara while they were freezing to death, he’s even similarly expository with Ray (who I maintain he ultimately dislikes) without much prompting.

Originally posted by coldsflash

Len also lies to Sara’s face at least once or twice, particularly about Mick. “Everyone okay between you two?” “Peachy.” Even if it’s unbarbed and obvious, he’s not really being honest (with himself or with her, and they both know it). He’s not opening up to her.

With Mick, Len is admittedly not always honest, or fair. 

But that’s in part because he takes a high degree of responsibility for Mick, maybe more than Mick wants him to. He doesn’t always expect Mick to make decisions in his own best interest, and Len has a very high need for control and believes he’ll make the best decision for his friend. 

Is it okay? Not necessarily. But I don’t think he means that he’s largely dishonest with Mick or that there isn’t a huge amount of trust and understanding between them. 

Mick’s the one who knows Len’s intentions for going in the trip, knows where Len’s head is at, is the one at Len’s side who can literally finish his sentences and move in sync with him. They have one-word codes like ‘Alexa’ and ‘like that time in Chicago’ that tell them everything they need to know about a situation. 30+ years of history will do that with someone. 

Actually, the whole ‘pulling the cold gun out’ thing is neat with respect that. He pulls it on Mick, Mick pulls the heat gun out, they have a stand off for a minute. Len appears to think about it and calm down and come up with the next step for what to do, or else it gives him space to remember to be the reasonable one. Mick gets this too because he doesn’t ever pull his trigger, just waits for Len to decide to end the stand off, every time we’ve seen them have one. But with Sara, she called his bluff. She didn’t understand why he’s doing this and what he gets out of pulling out his gun and having a stand off with someone so she calls him on it (which is fair, I’m not saying she’s in the wrong). And maybe it’s all dysfunctional as hell of him, but I think it demonstrates how Mick understands Len better than Sara does. He moves along to the beats Len is playing in a way that Sara won’t (which is fine because no one needs to, but you can’t tell me that Mick doesn’t understand Len inside and out, up and down).

Which is why I so strongly shirk at the idea that Len ‘got rid of Mick’ (just that in the first place, he didn’t get rid of him), more for Sara than for anyone else. Len marooned Mick for the stated reason of worrying what would happen to his sister if Mick went back to 2016. He knows Mick has impulse control problems and anger issues. He knows that he himself acts like a check/balance on Mick, so dropping him off in 2016 could have some high-damage consequences. So it was about protecting the team, and protecting their loved ones in 2016 (particularly Lisa, the person Mick is most likely to go after because it’s more Len he wants revenge on than any of the other team members). Beyond that canonically-stated reason for marooning Mick, it could also have come down to a lot of personal shit between Len and him. 

To the extent that once he chose not to kill him, Len always planned to return for Mick (till death got in the way), he probably intended for the marooning to be a very short cool-down period for Mick before Len picked up back up and brought him home. A “okay you betrayed us you jackass and it fucking hurt and I’m pissed but I’ve had time to think about it and you’ve been stuck here to think about it for a day, so now let’s go home alright?”.

I mean, you can read a lot more into it than that with respect to their relationship, but I don’t think it’s valuable to bring anyone else into that. It was about Len and Mick, and to a lesser extent about Lisa, and then about the team as a unit. There’s no evidence it was about anyone else, and certainly no evidence that Len was worried Mick would hurt Sara if he stuck around.

As for her being the reason they made up, I agree she had a part in that, but I also think it would have happened eventually in the same way regardless. She was a catalyst though, and showed empathy and deep understanding in that situation. I think that’s highly to her credit, actually, and I’m not sure why you’d make that about Len’s character changes when it really shows her own development and insight. 

But Len and Mick have been at serious odds before, were apart for a few years even, and still manage to find their way back to one another. They always do, with or without anyone’s help, and being confined on a ship together was going to press the issue sooner rather than later. Sara didn’t convince Len to lay down his life for Mick and die if that’s what Mick wanted from him. Len’s love for Mick did that, full stop.

tl;dr - Mick and Lisa understand Len better than Sara does as per canon, and he canonically demonstrates more honesty with his sister and more mutual understanding with Mick than he does with her. There’s nothing to suggest love at first sight (intrigue, at most) and there’s nothing at all to suggest that him marooning Mick had anything to do with Sara herself. The implication Len changed solely/mostly because of her is just a large oversimplification that strips him of personal autonomy in making those changes.

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I've always seen Hoperai as a subtle one-sided thing throughout the trilogy, but going on after the games, i still don't see Light as being interested in him romantically. What do you think Hope would do to bring their relationship onto mutual romantic ground?

…..hehehehehehe *rubs hands together* :D

I think a lot of us shippers agree that it was one-sided for a very long time, but most of us (at least the people I talk to on a regular basis, anyway) believe that Lightning started thinking of him romantically at the end of LR, especially when he came to save her. I mean, just look at the expression on her face when he comes for her:

This gif doesn’t exactly show the very moment I’m talking about it, but oh well - during the scene she’s alll awed and amazed and it looks to me like she’s seeing him in a new light - I mean, okay, maybe she’s just stunned that he’d come back for her, but of course I like to think her mind’s leaning in a romantic direction ;D

But of course since the world ended, there really wasn’t anything they could do about it…at least not then….

Since it was all but confirmed that Lightning was going to meet Hope during the epilogue, I really like to think that when they met up again, he finally got to initiate his own hug. Lightning just stands there all surprised at first, because he’s tall and adult and like almost a head taller than her wtf but eventually hugs him back :3

I feel like she’d be confused for a long time about how she feels about him, because for so long, she viewed him as a sort of brother/partner/more familial. Plus, she went without any sort of intense emotions during LR, so to really be feeling things again is probably a lot to sort out…

Hope would probably take the ~romantic~ side of things really slowly at first. After all, Lightning’s never really seen him as his real self like this, all tall and handsome and adult. They’ve both got to get used to being around each other as they really are, you know?

It’s obvious Hope’s a lot more confident when he’s older, even though he’s still all quiet/private and whatnot. This probably extends into how he tries to be romantic with Lightning - just really subtle, but like he knows exactly what he’s doing. Like putting his arm around her for a moment, brushing their hands together, letting their knees touch under the table - things like that

Of course, Lightning doesn’t really notice this. Not only is she kind of oblivious to feelings of loooove, but this is Hope - someone she would literally trust with her life, and quite possibly the most important person in her life next to Serah

So while Lightning doesn’t notice all these little touches…everyone else does, and finally, after weeks and weeks, someone - probably Serah or Fang - points it out to Lightning as an “offhand” comment: “Hope is awfully touchy-feely with you.”

Lightning immediately denies it, because they’re just friends, duh, but after that, she can’t help but notice how Hope’s hand always seems to linger on her shoulder. Or that he always manages to sit himself beside her. Or the way he really focuses on her when she talks, looking at her like she’s the only person in the room

So she freaks. Inwardly, of course. The possibility of Hope liking - loving her in a way that was other than familial is just completely beyond her. It’s so crazy, so she should just totally forget about it

But…she can’t.

And naturally, since Lightning’s not one to beat around the bush, she flat-out asks him one night when they happen to be alone: “Do you like me?”

He’s all blushy and stammers a bit, but manages to get it out. Yes, he does. He has for a long, long time, but it’s okay if she doesn’t feel the same way because he values her friendship above it all. After he gets that all out, he can’t help but use all that adult confidence, “…Is there any chance you would ever feel the same way?”

All she can do is hesitate for a long while and finally go, “…I’m not sure.”

It’s enough for Hope, because the possibility seems to open a dam. Suddenly, they’re alone together a lot more often. His lingering touches grow a little bolder. Sometimes he buys her little presents, like a book or one of those fancy chocolate bars she secretly loves. This continues for a long, long time - he basically just eases her into the idea of the two of them being something more than friends and partners

And honestly…she likes it.

Lightning’s always liked being around Hope, of course, but this is…different. It’s nice to see him in a different light and be so close to him. They know each other’s drink and pizza orders, they constantly finish each other’s sentences, they record their favorite TV shows in case one of them has to work late and wasn’t able to do it…

It’s nice, being so close to him. He understands her better than anyone except maybe Serah - but hell, maybe even more than Serah. Lightning hasn’t felt so happy and content and…and at peace in a very, very long time

Somehow, she just knows that she belongs with him.

It’s still a little nerve-wracking to actually say anything, so the only hints Lightning really gives is touching him back. She’ll lean into him, brush their hands together, maybe - gasp - be a little flirty. It just seems to help cement in her mind that she does want this.

Hope totally gets it, because a few weeks after she starts getting all touchy-feely with him, he shows up at her place with a single, long-stemmed pink rose and an invitation to dinner. She thinks it’s going to be a little awkward, but it’s not at all. Being around him feels as natural as breathing….and so does kissing him. She doesn’t get home from that first date until almost dawn, because the idea of leaving seemed so ridiculous

They don’t make any declarations or anything. It’s nothing dramatic. They just take it as they go and let their feels grow deeper.

It’s just a natural progression, really. Their love and trust in each other defeated a god, so of course it’s too deep to ignore. Simply put….they’re just meant to be <3


I was just wondering what you thought a typical day of work for Malcolm consisted of. At some point in 1x02 he is seen at his office at 2:45 am! And if you look into Alastair Campbell’s working hours, they were immense too.

(as asked by an anon)

Hmmm, this got just a bit out of hand – as my Malcolm meta tends to do – but there’s lots of pretty pictures to go with all the many words.  I do try to stick to the main point – what does a typical Malcolm work day look like? – but I get there by a path that could generously be called the long way round.

I’ll start by saying a typical working day for Malcolm is really going to depend on which series you’re talking about.  His workday in the first six episodes when everything is more or less stable and the government is ticking over smoothly – which actually meant longer work days for our Malc to keep it so – is not the same as his workday in the Specials (not that they are really typical anyway since from almost the first minute of Rise of the Nutters we know the PM is on his way out and Spinners and Losers doesn’t count at all) and then by series 3 when the wheels are slowly but inevitably coming off the wagon, what constitutes typical couldn’t be more different than what it was like in the good old pharaoh days. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi ~ I just came new into kpop and I really like inifnite ! But I've a problem, I cannot recognize them yet.. And I also cannot remember all their names .. Could you give me a hint how I can remember their faces and names? <3

Hi there, and welcome!~

Wow this is going to be so much fun ok here we go. Hopefully you were expecting a crazy masterpost because that’s what you’re gonna get.

  • Kim Sunggyu

He’s the leader, the main vocalist and the eldest of the group.

As for his name, here are some nicknames associated with him that could make the recognition easier for you: 

Hamster Gyu (the resemblance is uncanny) 

Grumpy Gyu (disapproving Gyu is the best kind of Gyu) 

Grandpa Gyu (had back pain from lying down too much)

And as you can probably already tell, his main prominent feature is his eyes, which are noticeably smaller and narrower than the other members’ (and get even smaller and narrower when he’s mad or tired), and thus Gyuliner was born:

And though the eyeliner does really make Sunggyu’s eyes pop out, nothing quite matches up to his adorable beady little eyes.

Honorable mention: nose and teeth.

More under the cut since this is so freakishly long.

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denahavesomerage  asked:

Could you please explain to me what the heck is NightVale? I've seeing it EVERYWHERE and I tried to search for it and I think is like someone faking to be a radio broadcast of a imaginary town, all novel-like? And also where can I listen it? Very much thanks!

As soon as I started reading, my smirk just got bigger and bigger until I felt like:

Originally posted by alexiisvv

And that’s a pretty good gif to use as a WTNV post. XD (Seriously- it’s kind of FREAKY.) (I listened to part of ‘The Sandstorm part B’ last night and…. I … I shouldn’t have done that in the dark…. >_>) (…..so much blood.)
Honestly, I’m laughing so hard right now though. XD
Okay, It’s not really ‘pretending’, it’s a podcast that is basically like an audio book. If you’ve ever listened to ‘War of the Worlds’ it’s kind of the same thing. You’re playing a character as well, the radio listener, as a story happens in your world which you’re hearing about like it’s your morning news.
In WTNV you are essentially a citizen of Nightvale, and you are listening to your local community radio station hosted by Cecil Palmer. 
Cecil is the voice of the news, and he tells you what’s going on. Sometimes he has guests come in for interviews (OR ATTACKS- COUGH), so he’s not the only character. 
It’s really odd and strange but the more you listen the more sucked in you become and the more used you get to the ridiculous stuff.
But aside from all the ridiculousness, Welcome to Nightvale is actually an incredibly complex and fascinating story, and I’ve been moved to tears MULTIPLE TIMES, along with feeling I was part of something BIG. 
You really start to feel like a Nightvale citizen, and when revolutions or tragedies happen… You get this way cool adrenaline burst. I was making a quilt my senior year of highschool so I was in the sewing room a lot, and during one of the most intense/revolutionary episodes I started cheering- and then quickly pretended to cough because I forgot there were other people in the room…
I know there’s a lot of episodes, but it’s important to listen to them in order. I know people listen to them in the car, I listened to them while I cleaned my room or drew. 
But the best way is probably in the dark with your headphones on. ;)
You will NOT regret getting into this- I guarantee it.
Here’s the first episode… now come join us. :)


anonymous asked:

Why do you like Carol so much? No hate Im just genuinely curious as I've never understood people's fondness of her!x

Hey there! Thanks for asking and I appreciate your curiosity. <3

I hope you realize that you’ve just asked me a very rich question, which will reap a lengthy response–Carol is my favorite character ever, and there are as many reasons that I like her as there are [insert appropriate comparison involving generous numbers, because my tired brain can’t think of one].  So I’ll try my best to answer this as concisely as I can.

Some big reasons I’m totally in love with her character:

  • Her journey of self-discovery

[.gif by @stuckinreversemode]

Carol is a survivor of domestic abuse, and before the ZA this took a toll on her not only physically, but a huge part emotionally. Her previous life was in many ways a prison. She couldn’t speak up for herself, she made very few of her own choices, and walked on eggshells constantly, because 99.9999% of her actions were catering to her abusive asshole of a husband Ed, and she was made to believe for years that she was worthless to serve any other purpose.

But since Ed died and she was given her own room and independence, it’s been an absolute heartwarming triumph to see her take the reigns of her own life, speak up, make executive decisions, become one of the most valuable and essential members of the group, and most importantly, recognize her own strength and abilities and use them with self-assurance, knowing she is no longer a victim.

  • She’s so selfless and compassionate, holy crap.

[.gifs by @popplagios]

Carol, no matter what she wants you to believe, is a very kind person to her core. She’s a sweetheart. It’s just not in her to not care about someone. And if she has to downplay this in order to protect you, she will (i.e. Sam Anderson). It always finds its way to the surface, though. She’s looking out for others first, all the time, too often at her own expense. And she never wants to take credit for it.

That’s just who she is–she’ll protect you and fight for you no matter what it takes. The lengths to which Carol is willing to both physically and emotionally compromise herself to keep everyone safe is beyond admirable, and while I often wish that she’d look after herself nearly as well as others, this is such a beautiful and endearing aspect to her personality.

[.gif by @baskervielle]

  • Her complexity

[.gif by @hedacarol]

She has such range. Like, it doesn’t matter what she’s doing, odds are it’s going to be captivating to watch. She can make you laugh or cry; she can seem completely invincible or totally helpless. She feels real. And in spite of the absolute hell this show has put her through, she’s remained so strong and resilient, and she just keeps going forward (which is why her part of the season 6 finale was so heartbreaking and difficult to watch).

She’s courageous, extremely clever, sensitive, sassy, kind, pragmatic, protective, stubborn–all these things at once, and more. And no matter what she is or what she does, underneath it all she has a big, warm heart. And I love her for it.


This was undoubtedly a longer answer than you wanted, but as Carol is so important to me, I needed to do her minimum justice. So there’s your general overview. :))

The greatest love story (n)ever told

Or: Why I firmly believe SQ is going to happen [or is endgame, depending which term strikes your fancy]

In the past year and whatnot that I’ve been in this fandom, I’ve seen a lot of ups and downs with this ship. I’ve seen moments that made me seriously doubt SQ would go anywhere, and moments where I can’t see it not going with SQ because it’s just so obviously there.

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anonymous asked:

Okay so I've heard some people talk about Paris either 2014 or 2013 does that ring a bell? Like at the show?? Care to explain it to me cause I'm lost on this topic and was just wondering, it would be cool if you could show me some gifs or videos too.

okay, sooooo when people first say paris, i think of the paris interview that took place on valentine’s day 2012.  you know, this one.

snort.  thank you dangerous dave.  but then i also think of when louis wore this shirt (check out the link, it explains why the shirt is so awesome)…

which technically didn’t happen in paris, but it comes up in my mind anyway. just more to why paris is so big for them.  anyway….

so going back to wwa paris, i’m guessing there are a few things they might have been referring to.  the first i don’t have any photos or gifs to go with because i was the worst tagger ever.  (the only reason i found the photos below is because reminiscingintherain remembered paynoisbatman has the best tagging system ever basically, so thank you to both of them, and you can find all the photos and gifs below from these tags)

so, if i remember correctly (and i could be wrong…) paris was…fun.  it was after weedgate and it was when the “official narrative” was that eleanor was going to be touring with them as louis’ minder, basically.  to make sure he didn’t get into anymore drug related trouble.  because apparently concerned and well meaning “girlfriends” babysit their rockstar boyfriends.  anyway, she had been mia and then showed up in paris.  of course.  paris which, as i shared the video above, has quite a bit of meaning for larries.  however, the only photos we got very distinctly had elounor not ever touching.  apparently most fans were brushed off and not given photo chances so what we got were, if i remember correctly, either blurry fan photos as they passed or maybe a couple of pap shots.  and if you know anything about pap laws in france…yeah.  they were defo called.  but louis couldn’t even be arsed to hold his “girlfriend’s” hand? interesting.  

also interesting to note is niall, louis, and eleanor were spotted in the stands watching mcbusted, if i remember correctly, before one of the shows.  the best part?  louis paid huge amounts of attention to niall and hardly even recognized that eleanor was there.  she had to try so hard to get any attention from him at all and mostly just sat on her phone.  i felt rather sad for her actually. anyway…

niall also had a blast with his instagram (my post here explains a bit more for those confused by the photo)…

and that’s not even including the shows.  there were fun moments during their performances there, mostly revolving around harry.  i’m only sharing a few, mostly related to either harry’s image, which had only started becoming a bit more relaxed from the het!harry narrative, and the husbands.

first and foremost you have the “larry arm”.

this wonderful concert goer wrote larry quite large on her arm and held it up for the boys to see.  harry acknowledged her not once, but TWICE.

that’s two thumbs up from harold.  excellent.  he also impressed us with his pink underwear.

that’s beautiful, harry.  imho, he should wear pink more often.  we also later got a photo of louis’ shirt riding up and it looked like he was wearing the same underpants, btw.  but that’s neither here nor there.

so i’m guessing that louis’ more outward defiance against the elounor narrative as well as this larry arm girl got harry in a good mood, as you can see here…

oh baby.  lol

now because i wasn’t around before wwa, i have no recollection of anything happening in paris in 2013, but i could absolutely be wrong and missing something, so for that i apologize.  i hope this helps you figure out a bit more about the importance of paris and maybe clears up some of the confusion for you!

anonymous asked:

okay but hook has constantly lied to Emma, he's assaulted people, he's blackmailed people, he's refused to share important information with people who can help with terrible results, and that's from this season. Why do you still ship Captain Swan?

Alright, if you want to go there, Anon… let’s go there. 

hook has constantly lied to Emma

When? Seriously, when did he ever deliberately lie to Emma? This season - or ever, really? From 4x08 on, Rumple had his heart, so he simply couldn’t tell Emma about the hat or whatever else he knew. And even though he couldn’t, he still tried to, which must have taken an awful lot of strength. 

Before that, he didn’t tell her the whole truth about his hand or that he’d punched Will, yes - but he didn’t lie to her face either. And why didn’t he tell her? Because he was ashamed, that’s why. He didn’t want to jeopardize what was growing between them, but at the same time he’d only tried to get his hand back for her, and then slipped into that spiral of blackmail and half-truths. But, guess what? Most of that was entirely Rumple’s fault. Killian had every right to demand his hand back. And he wanted it back for love. Rumple used that against him. Rumple forced him to do terrible things he didn’t want to do and he was - and still is - devastated because of that! Hook was the victim in this storyline. Sorry, but that’s just how it is.

(And let’s not forget that he actually did tell her, but Rumple deleted got rid of his heart-wrenching speech before it could reach her.)

As for the last episode, we have the same reason: He is ashamed of his past and hence is reluctant when Emma asks him about it. But Emma calls him out on that and it’s fine. That’s how it is supposed to be in a relationship.

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scorrched  asked:

hi okay so since i am just forever enthralled by ships involving bands/boybands could you please tell me all about cole/dalton that'd be superb thank you (idk much about im5 either i'm subscribed to them mostly bc of their covers and i've only watched a couple of interviews and twitcams)

HI! :D

Oh my god, I don’t think you’re ready for this hasfaiuehfldgjlçtjghçejsl I’m gonna try and make it short and simple and shit.

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