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Goddess - Jay Park

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Request from @belushtful : Can I request a jay park smut scenario where his mixed(black and white) girlfriend is missing him while she is at home and he is at Aomg making music so later that night they you know. Also the girlfriend is teasing him

Genre: cotton candy fluff smut

Pairing: Jay Park x Reader

Word Count: 1547

Contains: romantic smut, (slight) daddy! Jay, fluff

Song: Ride Me - Jay Park

Comments: this turned way cuter than I meant it to be, but I hope you like it because I’m crying at this. Also im sorry if it gets choppy, i was writing this and watching teen mom at the same time, so my attention was going back and forth lmao.


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“Come on, Derek, just let us in, okay? We can’t help you if you don’t let us in!”

Scott banged on the loft door again, the metallic clank echoing around the spacious room, but Derek did not get up to open it. Instead he stayed pressed against the wall of windows, as far away as he could possibly get.

“How would that possibly help, Scott?” he called back. “The closer you are, the worse it gets!”

Even from this distance he could still hear whispers, brushing up against his mind, thankfully indistinct enough to be ignored for the moment. Earlier, in the sorcerer’s lair, the voices had been loud and persistent and completely inescapable at close range. This was better. Obviously it wasn’t a perfect solution, but at least he was no longer hearing things he didn’t want to hear.

Normally, Derek liked to think of himself as a cautious person. Maybe not in all aspects of his life, but on the whole Derek prefered to think before he acted and thereby not act in stupid ways. So what the hell he had been thinking toying with unidentified magical artefacts found in the home of the malicious sorcerer they had spent a week tracking down and eliminating, he couldn’t say. Judging by the suddenly-audible thoughts of everyone around him in the moment the pendant had started glowing and whistling, he hadn’t been thinking at all.

So now here he was, behind the locked door of his loft, hiding from anyone and everyone whose mind he might involuntarily invade. Because that was his luck.

“We need to figure out what exactly is going on,” Scott argued in that annoyingly reasonable tone of his. “If Deaton can determine what curse it is—if it’s even a curse! It might not be! But if he can do that, then he can work on reversing it. But he can’t do that from all the way out here.”

Derek gritted his teeth against a snarl. He didn’t want to be within a mile of anyone else right now. He didn’t want to hear what other people thought of him; he had long had his suspicions on that matter, and the last thing he needed was confirmation of those depressing facts. But Scott had a point. If he didn’t want to live the rest of his miserable life as an unwilling telepath, Deaton was his best shot.

“Fine,” he bit out. “But for the love of all that is holy, Scott, try to keep your mind off Allison.

The mental images Derek had from the ten seconds between the onset of the curse and when everyone else had realized what was happening had scarred him for life.

With every step he took toward the door, the voice in Derek’s ear got that much louder, strangely light and insubstantial in a way that was hard to define but made it obvious even without seeing Scott’s closed mouth that the words weren’t being spoken out loud.

I don’t think about Allison that much, do I? Just because her hair smells good and she was wearing that shirt today with the — like the blue one better, it makes her look like — probably stay over at her place tonight if her dad doesn’t try to shoot me again — need to take milk home to mom, though, don’t forget —

Derek yanked open the door and immediately backed away, hoping that even a few feet would make the thoughts less demanding. He was thoroughly caught off guard to see Deaton standing quietly at Scott’s side; he couldn’t hear a single thought from the man. When Derek turned his attention on him, he just got a very strong impression of a brick wall.

Deaton smiled that cryptic little smile of his, like he was the one reading minds now.

“A mental block,” he said. “A technique for shielding the mind, perfected through years of practice and meditation.”

“Like Occlumency?” Derek asked.

“Not unlike it,” Deaton said easily. “Sadly, not something that can be picked up by novices in a few hours.”

Well, there went his last hope.

Derek let himself be tugged down onto his own couch by Deaton and sent up a prayer of thanks when Scott took the hint to not crowd him. That didn’t stop him from catching stray thoughts— really should get some curtains or something, this place is depressing — smells like sad in here, god, I hate chemosignals —but it was better than a constant deluge of them.

There was some poking and prodding, some following the light exercises, and some sort of obscure, extrasensory magical goings-on before Deaton sat back with another almost-reassuring smile.

“It’s not a permanent spell,” he said, “nor a complex one. However, it is one that requires the source to be destroyed.”

“The source?” Derek asked. “The sorcerer is already dead. Why am I still being subjected to this?”

“By source, I mean the artefact in which the curse was contained,” Deaton clarified. “Luckily, we have the artefact on hand. Now it’s only a matter of destroying it.”

“How long should that take?” Scott asked.

“Shouldn’t be long,” Deaton said, standing up and dusting off his lab coat. “A week or two at the most.”

“A week or two?” Derek repeated, horrified.

Don’t know why he’s so upset by that, we go weeks without seeing him anyway — kind of a hermit, honestly — oh god, he can hear me, can’t he, fuck —

“It’ll be fine,” Scott said bracingly, and Derek had a strong urge to punch him in the face. Luckily, Scott seemed to sense it and started hastily backing up toward the door, thumbing over his shoulder. “Deaton will get you fixed up in no time! In the meantime, I’ll just get out of your hair.”

“Please do,” Derek muttered.

The silence, when Scott and Deaton were gone and the door shut firmly behind them, seemed emptier than it usually did, but Derek was grateful for it nonetheless.

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Going Once, Going Twice, Sold (Birth of a Sugar Baby)

Note: This is a two-for-one deal. I wrote this to participate in the Bangtan Bookclub Monthly Challenge: Sugar Daddy Edition, and also as a (late) birthday gift to my very good friend, MVP, whom I love and adore and respect and would probably donate my kidney for if she were in need of one. I had so much fun planning this out with @94hixtape and @sugaredmarbles - Smut Goddesses tbh. I got Really inspired by Cheese In The Trap! Yet again, this came out Different than how I originally imagined it, but I’m hoping it’s not a total disaster.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader
Genre: college au, sugar daddy au
Warnings: escort/prostitution, online perverts, unsanitary mention, masturbation mention
Word Count: 5144
Rating: A, for Ambiguous (because it’s not really smut, but it’s not exactly the Safest thing for work. Feel?)


But the real reason anything at all started with Hoseok was something much simpler, and probably wholly unexpected - not that you ever planned on any of the other members of the MBA Society to find out.

You leave your unlocked phone in his car before stumbling your way into your tiny, studio apartment. And he sees a twitter notification asking you for further discount on your panties.

That is all it takes.


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Open Mic

Tyler Joseph x Fem!Reader | masterlist

AU: Tyler lays low at a coffee shop open mic night and happens to see you perform.

A/N: Sorry this took so long! Been a bad couple of weeks. A Josh fic will be out as soon as I can write it! Thanks for 1k followers again :’)

Warnings: Mentions of anxiety attack

Tonight was open mic night at your local coffee shop. They happened once a month and you had gone to them for a while now, sometimes with friends, and sometimes alone. You had always wanted to perform but were always terrified, so instead you just watched. However, your best friend had talked you into finally performing.

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No one knew, really, what Shepard had to do to make N7. They talked, they guessed, in the end they just made shit up – but no one knew

In which Yvaine Ryder meets Eliza Shepard. 

Someone who didn’t know better would think Alec Ryder had never been discharged at all, the way he glad-handed across the reception hall, slapping shoulders and shaking hands like he still belonged here, with all the other Alliance types. Yvaine watched him, laughing over champagne like nothing had changed, and shoved her own glass aside before she could do something stupid or embarrassing, like shatter it with a badly-timed corona flare.

The Ryder family name could stand up to a lot, judging by how no one openly rejected her dad, but public displays of idiocy would definitely cross the line.

“I need some air,” she yelled in Scott’s ear. If he heard her over the music, he didn’t act like it. Just kept bobbing his head and making eyes at one of asari across the way.

Good luck with that, Yvaine thought, her throat hot, and headed for the door to the balcony. That’s one of Matriarch Odrade’s acolytes. You’ll have better luck getting inside that volus’ suit than her panties. Or whatever she’s wearing under that dress.

She made it outside just before the headache hit and left her reeling and dizzy and more than a little sick to her stomach. Shit. Not another migraine, not tonight.

Weakness was the one unforgivable sin in this family, she reminded herself, and forced herself to keep walking, even though the lights made her temples pound and her mouth had gone all dry and sour. Sure, she could get her amp replaced, again, but that meant surgery, and recovery time, and she still wasn’t guaranteed a fix.

Dad would tell her to work through the pain, that she could always find a way to succeed, no matter the odds, but then he didn’t have a fucked-up nervous system, did he? And even if he did, with Dad’s luck, he’d just sail through without a headache or any of the other hundred bullshit ways biotics messed with your life.

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Adventure Time Season 7

Quotes from Season 7

Episode 1

‘People get built different. We don’t need to figure it out. We just need to respect it.‘ 

Episode 2 (so many!)

'Is that why you stopped talking to me?’ 

'I like your handwriting. I think it’s really pretty. *BLUSHES*’ (PB: the only one who could make a 'cold and heartless’ vampire blush) 

'I tried. I really, really tried. I just..I thought if I shut everything out and just focused on work, it would all be okay. All I managed to do was push everyone away. I pushed you away. I’m sorry Marceline.’ ‘Come on, what are you even apologising for?’ (Marcie being the best gf ever!) 

'Promise to wake me up in 15 minutes.’ 'I promise.' 

The Bubbline feels are real. 

Episode 3

'Maybe you can pick up from a place you haven’t been yet.’ - Jake giving the best relationship advice ever 

Episode 4

‘If you don’t like your job, it might be time to find a new one.’

Episode 5

‘Listen B-Football you seem like you might be feeling a little donked up in your head or your heart or both, and that’s okay.’ 

Episode 6 

'Someday, when you die, I’ll be the one who puts you in the ground.' 

’…That’s right, I forgot about Ooo’s extensive vampire community.' 

 Episode 7 

'Honey, something weird might just be something familiar viewed from a different angle. And that’s not scary right?' 

Episode 8

‘Old fashioned ideas have no place here.’ (Preach!)

Episode 9

‘Simon, you have to resist the empress!’ ‘But, she’s a woman!’ - can’t argue with that

‘Staking vampires. Protecting the last remaining humans. It felt like I was protecting you. It was the only thing that brought me happiness during those years.’ 

Episode 10

‘Dude was too old fashioned for his own good. He just couldn’t get with the times.’

Episode 11

‘I just wish I could do more for her.’

‘I believed in myself so much that I was blind to the possible consequences. Now, my best friend is dying of poison because of me.’

Episode 12

‘I dreamed about you while I was in my poison coma. I was all old and withered, and you were still nice and pink.’ ‘You think I’m nice?’ (Of course she does Bonnie. She’s freaking in love with you.)

‘No, it’s not fear. I know what fear feels like. So maybe it’s love?’

‘I love you Bonnibel.’ ‘Yeah, me too Bonnibel.’ (Awwwwwww…..)

Episode 13

‘We’re always the underdogs you and me, and we always pull through.’

‘There’s plenty of room there, if you don’t want to be alone.’ - PB (not so) subtly trying to get Marcie to move in with her

‘Now I’m a vampire with fresh mortal memories, and I don’t know, more empathy or something. More grown up. Bonnie, thank you for helping me grow up. Now I guess we get to hang out together forever.’ (PB blushes and I die)


(Stakes was such a good arc!) 

Episode 14&15

'But does growing up just change your body, or also your soul?' 

‘Maybe the lesson is that, when you are grown, you won’t ever be able to tell when everything is going totally haywire. Or maybe, actually, if everything is perfectly fine.’

'I can see the world as it is. But your imagination, BMO lets you see the world how it could be or might sorta be like.' 

'As you were built to give love, AMO was built to receive, but he could not think outside his programming, and was blinded by his need. Such is the cruel physics of love. That those who crave it will repel it, and only the dang rich get richer.’ (Damn.) 

‘But I’m different! It’s not just Moe up here. It’s me too!. And if I cannot trust in Moe, I can trust in me. Oh boy, it sure in confusing being grown.’ (You got that right, BMO.)

Episode 16

‘Time is a slippery devil. Our lives are sudden. They come and go like a summer shower.’

Episode 17

‘Being a robot cowboy is a lonely job.’

‘Hey Jake, if you hear my internal monologue, I’m going to kill you!’ 

Episode 18

‘Sometimes I get lonely and need to hear the sound of other people talking.’

‘It’s like there’s this instruction manual that explains how to talk to people and everyone in the world got a copy except me.’

‘Dying together sucks a little less than dying alone.’

Episode 19

‘I say creepy is just another label we use to distance ourselves from stuff we don’t understand. Or that remind us of something in ourselves we’re not comfortable with. I mean, it just ain’t an actual thing you know, unless you choose to believe it.’ 

Episode 20

‘I will never know the pleasures of skinny dipping.’

‘Can we just take a moment to appreciate this moment?’

‘…But I only feel good about myself when I knock other people down.’

‘You should really stop and slow down more often.’ ‘Yeah, you get to hear life happening. Makes you feel good.’

Episode 21

‘If he doesn’t like his food, he’ll just spit it right back at you.’ ‘Ha-ha, Finn still does that.’

Episode 22

‘You scammed us into thinking we were spamming, You scammed us good! You’re a hero.’

Episode 23

‘It’s like the most evil heartburn!’

Episode 24

‘That must have been some cave!’ ‘(laughs) No comment!’

Episode 25

‘I want you to have a relationship with someone cool!’ (Jake being the most supportive bro ever)

‘Attracting forces come and go. It’s the way of the world.’ 

‘If I ever find what I’m looking for, I’ll become soft and I’ll cease to matter in this world. Fear of softness is what drove me to the mad and sad world of wizarding.’

‘But exceptional beasts like us cannot fall in love. That is the secret of ordinary people.’

Episode 26

‘I’m just a person. I’ve done things in the past. Things I’m not proud of. But, today I’m here to celebrate!’

‘Princess, I don’t have a special talent.’ ‘That’s okay too.’ 

Episode 27

‘Not in your everlasting lifetime, girlfriend!’ GIRLFRIEND

‘Imagine a pizza: Only half should be business, the rest should be personal. Personal pizza.’ 

‘Can you please try to get along tonight? (holds Bonnie’s hand) It would mean a lot to me.’ ‘I’ll try.’ 

‘Did you press the wrong button?’ ‘I never press the wrong button.’ ‘Yeah, you always know which button to press. I’m referring to the fact that you know how to annoy me.’  SURE YOU ARE MARCIE

‘So.. you got a boyfriend yet?’ ‘HA-NO.’ SUBTLE

‘It’s okay Simon. I’m just glad I didn’t destroy your world.’ ‘You are my world.’

Episode 28

‘I wouldn’t change anything. I’m a whole package.’

‘What to wear for my speech? Boss next door or hot president?’

Episode 29

‘I can’t believe I just believed Shelby cause he’s a nerd.’ ‘I know. It’s in his tone.’ 

‘Please don’t change. You’re perfect just the way you are.’ ‘Oh, I know! I just like to write sad songs.’

Episode 30

‘One can’t live on love alone. One must also have groceries.’  

‘Being independent is awesome. You guys have any food?’

Episode 31

‘This’ll be fun. Like the opposite of a sleepover! I’ll stay up all night if you w–’ *falls asleep immediately 

Episode 32

‘When we broke up I said sorry, but I didn’t fully understand exactly what I did wrong. I get it now. I shouldn’t have manipulated you. That was a really, really messed up thing to do, and I’m truly sorry.’ ‘You’ve grown up a lot, man. I forgive you.’ 

Episode 33

‘I could not go through with my vengeance. It would not have accomplished anything. Also, you and your brother are very sweet.’

Episode 34

‘Yo! Dogs didn’t use to talk, did you know that?’

Episode 35

‘You’ll outlive everyone you love.’ *turtle cries*

Episode 36

‘I’ve been here singing from the very beginning of Ooo. Since I can’t move from this spot, singing is my only outlet. I can neither participate in joy nor prevent disaster, so I sing.’

‘Only two kinds of people can hear my song, those who see the world with pure, childlike wonder and those with a deep sense of loss in their hearts. To everyone else, I’m just a period in a sentence in the book of Ooo.’ 

‘I’ve always wanted to be heard by everyone. That’s what friends are, right? Just people to observe you. People to enjoy your song.’ 

Episode 37

‘I at least need to unpack my last decade before embarking on my next decade.’

(Will be updated as the season progresses.)

His Little Nightmare Ch: 1-3

Author note: Sooo i did not notice this until i try to give the links to the wattpad version for a friend. So every three chapters ill post the story here as well i hope you like it and let me know your thoughts i havent writen stories for a while and well i hope i do alright “: ). (also i really hope this dosnt feel like spam T.T i just want to make sure people can read it and not just have a pic with a link that some people cant see T.T)

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Maw

How dose a Blind man know about the sea? They can’t see it oh no they can not. But we know more then those who can see. We pay attention to the slow rocking motions on calm waves, the flow of the water that passes threw our fingers, and soft sweet smelling breeze of the sea air as it passes by. I could not see the ocean but I could tell it was inviting.

The first time I ever discovered the ocean I was coming here, my new home, the magnificent maw. Just like the sea, i can not feast my eyes on something so grand as the Maw, but the Day I brought my luggage on board was only the very beginning.

“So you made made it” I heard a woman say with a soft yet a very impatient voice. “The Ferryman was taking to long in my option.”

“Do forgive him mam, it was mostly my fault due to my belongings my deepest apologies for that” I told her trying to bow somewhere close to her direction.

“No need to bow I accept your apologies” She spoke in a kinder tone, “However if I may ask why did you bring so much luggage”

“Well My kind hostess, my home was a place of pure chaos and despair” I began as I opened one of my brief cases that reviled old tattered items. “Due to the chaos outside of these waters I became a mere collector of the lost and forgotten items of the past.”

“A collector you say?” I heard the deep voice of the Ferry man gutter behind me.

“Yes, when your a monster such as myself you tend enjoy the silence and hobbies you make for yourself” I slowly placed the doll back in the brief case and closed it i heard the tone of my own voice soften. “That is why I took your offer to be apart of the maw my lady, I will take any job you assign me all I wish is for a place for my self and my collection.”

“Very well” she spoke “I may have a place for you but if it ends up being too difficult for you do be kind enough to tell me.” she replied

“I will my lady”  

“What is your name?” she asked?

“Roger my lady” I responded.

“Very well Roger I will assign you as the janitor in the lower parts of the maw there you can have access to our spare rooms to place your collection and more for you to be able to keep it ever growing”

“T-thank you my lady, I am truly honored” I replied.

“Do you really think this is a good idea our lady” I heard two men speak in unison one voice was soft and another harsh the harsh one continued talking “Do you really think this blind old man can work cleaning and navigating down there?!”

“I see potential in him for doing this task” spoke the lady “After all I gave you two a chance and you are now the most talented and hard working chefs I ever had…Roger I can not go down below the maw so I shall have my husband take you down and explain the job you will be assigned too.”

I heard footsteps approach me that lead to a kind and soft spoken. “Follow me”

As I Walked away I heard the lady speak one last time.

“Welcome to the Maw”

Chapter 2: Getting adjusted

Bag’s in hand the lady’s husband walked me deeper into the maw, I will admit there were hundreds of little bumps and trips but it would not be something I couldn’t handle in due time. Feeling the slight pull of the elevators taking me deeper into the ship was fascinating to think as to how large the maw really was.

“where here” the host said as he lead me into what I would suggest be my new home.

“There’s not much in here now but by tomorrow we can have new furniture brought for you” He spoke. “The Bellhop will bring the rest of your bags down by tonight as well as the chefs bringing you a meal. You must be hungry after your trip.”

“I am yes, however may you have the nicer one of those two cooks bring it down the other one is quite a rude little git” I began to feel around the room to at least make sure I had a bed to sleep on until tomorrow. A few minutes later I felt my hand get grabbed and placed on a lever.

“Just pull the lever right on the side right here and the bed will come out there are straps in case of a storm” he pulled my hand down and i soon heard a large thump of the bed falling. “and before I leave I must let you know what you will be doing”

“What will I be doing?” I asked

“Well for starters you will be in charged of cleaning the lower sections of the maw as well as the guest chambers before and after the guests have arrived. That will only be once a year however, so that wont be a every day hassle. Second your in charge of making sure the children in the prison do not escape the lower levels, the lady would be furious if you make that mistake.”

“Why is that?”

“The Children down here as you know is what we capture to keep the guests happy, keep them happy will mean more for the lady, and the more for the lady the longer the maw will remain moving. So whatever must be done the children must stay down here until they are ready to be sent to the chefs to be made into meals for the guest”

“ I want to let you know this right now sir, I am not a killer, I can be many things but a killer I will not”

“As long as there fresh when there brought to the chefs you do not need to kill. All we ask is you keep them in these lower levels until it is time for them to be delivered.”

Before he could say anything more I turned to a creek from the door.

“Sir, i have brought the Janitors bags down as requested” the bellhops voice sounded like he was trying to speak while drowning in tar.

“ thank you Bellhop” the host replied “and with that i must be off. I hope you find the maw to your liking?”

I heard the mans footsteps grow distant a few moments after the footsteps disappeared  I soon realized that the bellhop was still there due to a sudden bubbly cackle.

“What’s so funny there mate?” I asked him

“Oh its just its going to fun on the maw soon now that your here.” he replied to me still laughing

“Oh yeah, and why’s that?”

“You don’t know? Oh wait that’s right you couldn’t know unless someone told you” He said seemed to sound amused that I was blind. “ Our lady is expecting a child in a few more months, and when it gets here things are going to get real fun now that your hear.”

“Your not making a nick of sense”

“Oh trust me I will soon enough” his laughter was growing more and more distant as he walked away.

Chapter 3: Death of the Morning

The First night on the maw was interesting, to say the least. Moments after that…eccentric bellhop left one of the chefs brought down my meal and left. It was hard to tell witch one it was since they didn’t speak nor came back to grab the dishes. Since it’s morning I figured might as well take them up to the kitchen myself, good excuse to figure my way around. About a few minutes or so I managed to find the first elevator then the second, then the third. Once I got to that point I could hear the sizzle of cooking meat, the boiling of liquid in the pots and a voice right in front of me.

“What the hell are you doing here old man?” From the sounds of it this was the rude one of the two chefs.

“Well no one came down to get my plate so I figured I’d bring it back up to you.” I replied trying to not start trouble the chefs seem close to the lady so its best if i didn’t get on there bad side.

“I was going to grab it after making breakfast” he grabbed the plate from me. “You don’t need to come up here, this is our part of the maw and down there is yours so beat it were working here.”

“Don’t be rude, you know he’s new here” the other chef spoke. “Hello the name is Dave and this my brother Cecil. Sorry about what he said to you he can be quite cranky if he doesn’t have his morning coffee. Would you like some?”

“No he can get out of our kitchen!” Cecil boomed

“Coffee sounds good actually” I said to spite Cecil just a little bit more. “ I can’t get my day going with out my first cup.”

“ Great it’s almost done, you can sit here there’s a chair right next to you I’ll be right back.” I heard Dave walk away and I took a seat.

“ You think your gonna make it work down in the lower parts?” Cecil spoke up. “You need to know ever nook and cranny down there, one slip up and you fall down quite a long ways hey maybe the old bat down there can keep you company, if the fall doesn’t kill you.”

“Cecil quit scaring him!” Dave yelled in the distance.

“I’m not!’

"Yes you are” Dave said walking back to the table. “Why do you gotta be so grumpy?

"why do you gotta sleep on my side of the bed?!”

“why haven’t you quite smoking?!”

“You know I get stressed!”

“Who doesn’t get stressed!”

The bickering halted the sound of shattered glass came from the far back of the room. It was quiet for a second until i could hear small little footsteps hitting the floor.

“It’s escaped!” Cecil yelled and i could hear both of them running desperately to catch what ever it was. I got off the chair ans stared to to run towards them.

However as they ran one way, I heard the footsteps run the other way I reached out and grabbed it. i could feel it squirm in fingers desperately wanting to be free. I soon realized that what was in my hand was a small human child. I soon felt a strong hand slap my back.

“Well, damn” Cecil spoke. “looks like you might be cut out for this job after all old man.”

“What is this!” That booming voice made me froze for I realized the the host must have entered during that little episode.

“A child escaped sir.” Dave replied a little nervously. “b-but the janitor got them see”

Even being blind it still felt as if the host was glaring down at me and the child still desperately squirming in my hand.

“Good” He replied. “Now take care of it.”

“Yes sir I will take it back to t-”

“Not you” he cut me off. “chefs you take care of it.”

I could feel one of them take the child from my hand, the cry and grunts for escape were almost traumatizing to say at the least.

“B-but its not even time for guest to arrive yet, don’t you think we should just take it back to the prison?” Dave said shaken.

“I know you don’t like killing them.” Cecil said as I heard a a blade getting pulled out. Then a small thump. I knew what was going to happen next. “You know I have no problem with this bro, so I’ll make it quick k?”

Everything was quiet except for the cries, but in just a few seconds with a small chop. The cries had stop and the host soon spoke. “Thank you Cecil, i trust you can prepare of this properly so it wont spoil until the guest arrive in a few months?”

“Yes sir” Cecil replied to him.

“Good, now Janitor I have placed some new furniture into your room you should probably go and also go take a look where that pest escaped from and make sure no more has run off.” He said to me. “Unless you want more work for the chefs?”

“I’ll go and investigate the prison.” I replied already heading to the elevator.

[hope you liked it]

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How Could You? (1/2)

Originally posted by fanfic-natic

Author: Arfrona-and-Marvel

Warnings: Cursing

Word Count: 1116

Type: Angst

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Note: I may make a part 2 if requested. 

Anon requested this drabble: “ Hey, could you do number 5 from the prompt list you reposted? Can it be with Steve and a female reader too please. Idk if that’s enough info or not…”


Y/N = Your Name 


I blow out the candles on the table, and drag myself into my room. Steve and I have been dating for three years, today being the third year anniversary.

Well, three years and a day. I spent this anniversary alone. Fast forward to the last six months of our relationship, it started slowly, we drifted apart slowly. The first month it was small, we had little snaps at each other. The second month he came home a little later than he said he would. A day or two later than he was supposed to come home. By the third and fourth month he came home even later. Sometimes I would ask Natasha of his whereabouts, only for her to tell me he has been back nearly a week ago. We went out less and I began to see all the Avengers more than my own boyfriend… Who I was living with? But, by the fifth month when we would lie down for bed at night, it was like there was a wall between us, I couldn’t touch him, he didn’t touch me. He barely said ‘I love you’ and he was always gone before I was awake and not home until I was asleep. We barely talked, when we did it was grunts from him in different tones and me trying to get him to talk to me. But tonight is definitely the last straw.

He has been barely present for our relationship, physically and emotionally for so long, I don’t even remember if he even loves me anymore.

Tonight. Is. The. Last. Straw.

I begin to pack my bags, throwing everything I could find that was mine in there. I don’t give a rat’s ass if it leaves a mess of our, I’m sorry, his room. He isn’t here to do any of the damn house work anyway.

Fuck him.

Tears blur my eyesight as I remember how happy I was this morning…

The second Steve left the house, I had gotten ready. I had been planning this day for weeks, planning the perfect outfit, perfect dinner, and perfect music to play as well. I had spent hours getting the pork roast juicy and delicious. I had put in so much time finding the perfect 40’s music. I had even set up the living room in a more comfortable and open place for us to dance a little or watch the movie we first watched on our first date. Everything was so perfect for a man that never bothered to show.

I’m shaking uncontrollably now, and I realize I am on the floor clutching onto the bed. I start to cry and curl into a ball. My heart aches as I remember how utterly stupid I was to care. How stupid I was to think he would care.

I finally pull myself together and finish packing. I stuff some socks and underwear into the bag and zip it up.

I lug the bag with me as I make my way down the stairs.

“Where are you going?” A voice whispers, but I don’t have to turn around to know it’s Steve. I keep my head down and keep moving.

“Y/N, where are you going?” He says louder. I shake my head and walk even faster. I grab a pair of shoes in the closet and quickly put them on.

He grabs my hand before I can reach the door handle. I look down, avoiding his eyes as much as possible.

“Let me go Steve,” I quietly plead. And he does. But, a part of me wish he did something, fight for me I guess…


I stay staring at my feet and shake my head, I reach for the doorknob and he’s blocking my way again.

“Why?” He asks pleadingly. I give in and look up at him, he doesn’t look sad or scared that I’m leaving. He just looks tired.

“What happened? why are you getting so worked up?”

Oh. Not only did he not show up he didn’t even remember…

“Steve what day is it?”

He rolls his eyes almost and says tiredly,

“Tuesday, Y/N, what is it?”

“It’s our anniversary,  Steve,” I whisper.  

Realization his him,


I just nod.  What else could I do?

We stand there in a few moments of silence, and he finally let’s go of me.

“What’s the big deal about it?” He murmurs, more to himself than to me.

“What?” My voice shakes with building anger.

“I just don’t see why you have to leave over a silly date, we can make it up. I mean it’s not that impo-” his voice trails off and he quiets as he sees my expression.

“Silly date,” I repeat.

“Not that important,” I scoff.

“Yes, it’s not that important. There are bigger things than just the day we decided to be a couple Y/N,” Steve explains.

“You really think that our relationship is so unimportant you can’t take out a few hours from your busy life to spend it with me?” I ask, my voice rising now.

“Y/N, I spend plenty of time with you.”

What the fuck?

“Steve, when was the last time you told me you loved me?” I ask, trying desperately to hold in the anger.

“Y/N, you’re being unreasonable. I told you this morning.”

“You left before I even woke up this morning!”

“Okay then yesterday morning!”


Steve now throws up his hands in exasperation.

“You know, Y/N, this is utterly stupid. I’m going to bed,” Steve says, rubbing the back of his head and leaving.

“Steve, I just want a boyfriend who would be there for me or present in this relationship.”

“This relationship isn’t one-sided,” Steve argues.

“Well, it feels like it,” I growl.

“Well, maybe I want a girlfriend who isn’t so clingy and doesn’t want to leave because I forgot a stupid date,” Steve yells. He never yells.

How could you say that?” I ask, My ears are now ringing and my eyes are filled with tears again. Steve doesn’t look at me, and I shake my head waiting for him to apologize or something. Anything. I want him to do something so bad my hands are shaking and my eyes are hurting from holding back so many tears. I remember how he told me he would love me forever and how he would never want to let me go. This was his time to prove it. To fight for me at least one more time.

He doesn’t.

My mind registers what he said,

“I- if you w-want a girlf-friend like that, then g-go find one. I’m done being yours.”

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prompt: #99 “We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. Sure, you’re totally right, nothing bad could ever happen here.” 
pairing: destiel
tags: friends, fluff, 

please see through illogical stuff 

for @amazingstuartwhoisnotonfire 

drabble night!

“Okay so for the last time, fuck.”


“Cas, I’m not going to calm down! This is not cool. Not cool at all, you hear?”

“You’re exaggerating. Once the storm is over, we’ll be able to get out of here.”

Dean groaned and sank down on the couch, kicking off his shoes.

“Do you even hear yourself right now, Castiel Novak? Once the storm is over. How long is that gonna take? Two days? Two weeks? Two months? Two ye-”

“Until tomorrow, if the weatherman is right.” Castiel calmly said, sitting down next to Dean. He grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. “We have a TV connection, Dean, it’s not that bad. We’re just not allowed to go out in the storm tonight.” 

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fiyori  asked:

How about a HC about RFA+unknown first time celebrating new year's with MC?

Ack, sorry this took so long - busy today! A bit late, but here we go!


  • He’s done a ton of research on the most romantic way to spend New Years with someone. After all, he’s never been in a relationship before and wants everything to be perfect.
  • He ends up deciding to make you a nice meal, complete with candles, some roses and wine obtained through Jumin.
  • Yeah, he’s definitely been saving up for this for quite a while.
  • After the meal, you two head outside on a walk, your head on his shoulder while he’s holding your hand.
  • It’s a beautiful, clear night, and for once he’s not spending it alone. The sight of all the couples out doesn’t bother him; no, in fact, it makes him feel even more elated because he has you. Not just anyone, but you.
  • When you start to get cold, you head back to his place where you two cuddle up on the couch together, sipping hot chocolate and watching the festivities on television.
  • When the ball drops, you start to cheer but you’re silenced almost immediately by his mouth pressing against yours.
  • “S-sorry, I just wanted to give you a New Year’s kiss.” He’s blushing and it’s absolutely a d o r a b l e.
  • You two spend the first day of the year just cuddling together and playing games, exchanging kisses and having a blast.


  • There’s a celebration among his peers and his producer that he’s been invited to, and he asks if you’d be okay with going.
  • You agree, figuring it could be fun and knowing he delights in showing you off to his costars.
  • The two of you enjoy yourself, talking and dancing and just overall having a blast. He’s drinking a bit, but so are you; not an irresponsible amount but definitely enough to be feeling a little tipsy.
  • Time passes quickly this way and before you know it, there’s only a few minutes left of the current year.
  • He grabs your wrist and pulls you outside, waiting until he could hear the loud singing and cheering from inside before wrapping his arms around you and giving you a deep, passionate kiss.
  • “Happy New Years, prince/ss,” he whispers in your ear, nibbling at it softly. “I love you so much.”
  • “Zen… take me home.” He agrees, grabbing your hand and asking if you want to walk to find a ride. In the mood to walk, you two walk down the streets for a while, hand-in-hand, breath coming out in white puffs.
  • You’re nearly there when you start to get cold, shivering and pulling your coat tighter against you. He catches the motion out of the corner of his eye and stops, placing a hand on your arm.
  • His eyes are twinkling and he smiles, turning around and motioning at his back. With a giggle, you hop on and wrap your legs around his waist, arms around his neck and he takes off toward the apartment in a sprint.
  • You’re both laughing by the time you’re inside, and he strips you of your coat, gloves, hat and scarf and carries you to the couch, sitting down with you and pulling you against him, a blanket draped over you to help you warm up.
  • He’s got a movie date planned for the next day, followed up by lots of cuddling and hot tea.


  • You two are both wrapped up in your winter gear, holding hands as you walk down the streets with cups of piping hot coffee.
  • The cafe had remained open rather late so it’s not long until the new year, and instead of spending it in your apartment you decided to go out and enjoy sights and sounds of the celebration around you.
  • The lights are beautiful and you can hear the soft singing of people in the distance as they enjoy their night.
  • You’re just talking and laughing, happiness radiant on her face as you make your way down the sidewalk. Free time like this when neither of you have things to do is rarer than either of you would like; so you’re making the most of it.
  • The fireworks suddenly light up the sky and you stop, both of you just watching them burn bright and high, their beauty captivating.
  • She’s so happy, she never once thought she’d have this kind of life. Not one where she’s doing something she loves with someone she loves.
  • As the last of the color fades away, she leans over and kisses you softly, smiling fondly at you. She’s just so lucky to have you in her life.
  • Unfortunately, you two had agreed to open the cafe the next day and you were much busier than anticipated, so there’s not much relaxation for you.
  • BUT. You did open a few hours late, so at least there was some time to sleep in.


  • He takes you out to an extremely fancy restaurant, making sure to only order the finest wine for your last night together of the year.
  • The outfit you’re wearing is brand new, purchased by him specifically for tonight. It’s lovely, comfortable and you know it makes you appear even more attractive than usual - part of his intent is to show you off.
  • There’s some festivities going on downtown, and while he usually avoids doing “commoner” things, he decides to take you there. You’ve mentioned it in the past how much you’ve enjoyed it before, and he wanted to make sure that you had the best New Year’s possible with him.
  • You mill about for a while, enjoying the different sights and excitedly showing him everything you find so fun about it.
  • Even if he doesn’t quite understand, he’s still having fun because of how bright you’re shining tonight.
  • When it’s time for the countdown, he pulls you into his arms, his head resting on your head as he waits for the finale.
  • You gasp once the fireworks begin; they’re always your favorite part, but they’re so much more extravagant this year. They’re so beautiful!
  • He squeezes you from behind, pressing a kiss to your hair and whispers, “Happy New Years, my prince/ss,” as the final light bursts in the sky, a mixture of your favorite colors leaving you “oohing” and “aahing.”
  • As for New Years Day, you spend it together happily although he doesn’t let you out of bed much


  • The Meme lord spends most of the day spamming your phone with New Years themed memes. A lot of them are of cats… and you squeal every time you see a cute one.
  • You’ve never really been into celebrating the coming of a new year as much as some, and he’s never had a reason to celebrate, so you two had debated the idea of doing something so start a new tradition but ultimately decided you didn’t care enough to.
  • So you end up sitting on the couch together, doing a marathon of the LOTR movies and enjoying your healthy meal of HBC and Dr. Pepper.
  • He invites Saeran but he declines, stating he has no reason to see the new year in.
  • Those movies are long, especially since Seven owns all of the Extended Editions… so by the time the third one is done, it’s well past midnight and you two missed the fireworks.
  • “Oh. I kinda wanted to see those.” You’re a little sad, because you love fireworks. They’re the only thing you appreciate about the celebrations this time of year.
  • “Sorry, babe,” he apologizes, wishing he had set an alarm to make sure you could see them.
  • You shrug, leaning over to kiss him for the first time this year, wanting to start it better than the last.
  • He responds eagerly, pulling you in close and deepening the kiss, drawing the breath right out of you.
  • “I think I know another kind of fireworks we can make to ring in the new year,” he says, smiling against your lips.
  • You end up spending a good portion of January 1st sleeping due to those fireworks and not regretting a single moment of it.


  • You decide to surprise him with a nighttime picnic to end the year. It’s been a crazy one and you’re sure that he didn’t expect it to end like this.
  • He loves the stars, so you plan to borrow one of Saeyoung’s cars and drive a little out of the city so that you can see them better.
  • You know that he’s never actually seen fireworks before - but you’d scouted out a few possible areas and chosen one that should also allow a good view of them.
  • He gets into the car when you ask, glancing in confusion at the picnic basket but not really asking anything and you feel your chest swell a little; he trusts you so much, and that’s not something to take lightly.
  • When you get to your little spot you park the car and get out the basket, pulling him over to a place where the ground is frozen but without any mark of snow.
  • A thick blanket is placed there and you two sit, you handing him some warm soup and scooting close to him.
  • Eventually he’s laying down, the sides of his lips turned up just the slightest as he’s staring at the stars, occasionally murmuring things about them to you.
  • You join him, of course snuggling into his side and enjoying seeing him happy like this.
  • He jumps when the fireworks start to go off and you sit up, pulling him up with you and pointing at the display in the sky. His eyes are wide and his mouth is slightly open, a look of wonder on his face.
  • When they finish, you lean over and give him a soft kiss, wishing him a happy new year and smiling at him.
  • He gives you a hug, digging his nose into your hair and whispering his thanks.
  • The two of you stay there a little longer, drinking some now lukewarm hot chocolate and talking about what the next year might hold - with some worried anticipation on his side, understandably.
  • The next day is clear and he asks about going back to that same spot to watch the clouds and you agree, happy to see him excited about something.
  • That becomes a place you two visit regularly in the new year.
Sign Language pt.3

Yoongi x Reader / Jimin x Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Warning: inappropriate language

Note: I haven’t decided if I want to continue this series warning to those who just started reading!

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) TBC

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The drive back was unusually quiet and awkward- or it seemed to the outsiders. To the two that were actually in the car, it was perfectly normal. One of them didn’t like talking while driving, the other didn’t talk. Literally. The only noise in the 20minute drive back was the music from the radio, and the shift in gear.

At the entrance, Yoongi pulled out his keys to open the door and stepped to the side to let her in first before closing the door behind himself. She walked in to the apartment and stood there awkwardly, watching Yoongi take off his shoes and put them in the closet. When he noticed her watching him, he jumped a little. “What’s wrong?”

Nothing was wrong.

She was just unsure of what to do since he was actually here in the apartment for once.

Yoongi noticed her lack of response and the awkwardness on her face, “Just do what you normally do, I’m going to take a shower.”

She blinked and nodded, but grabbed at his sleeve when he walked past. Yoongi looked at the small hand on his sleeve and stopped in his tracks, he didn’t wait for her to take her phone out of her pocket. Instead, he held out his palm for her. It took her a second to realize what he was offering.

“It’s faster isn’t it? I can understand fine.” Yoongi shrugged, forcing his voice to be leveled. There was something about the way she wrote on his hand… That made his heart pound like nothing else.

She took his hand hesitantly, and slowly traced out the word.


Yoongi blinked and echoed, “Eat?”

She pointed to him, and wrote ‘eat ?’

“Ah!” Yoongi never felt so stupid. What else could she be asking? “Anything is fine. Uh, anything quick and easy.”

Seeing her nod, Yoongi went and grabbed his towel and a change of clothing to shower.

When he finished, a nice bowl of fried rice and egg covered spam was on the dining table. A soft smile found its way up his lips, as he thought, ‘I could get use to this.’

A full month had passed since the incident at MBC, and something changed between Yoongi and her. A subtle change that the two hadn’t notice, a huge change to those close to them.

“Kang Manger-nim!” Jimin grabbed Yoongi’s manager Kangwoo and dragged him into a door. “Them! Them? Them?!”

Kangwoo looked into the room, and gave a Jimin a puckered brow, showing that he didn’t understand his question.

“They… Since when were they so… Close?” Jimin rubbed his eyes and blinked repeatedly as if the two inside were illusions from his exhaustion, and that they would disappear once he comes to his senses. There, inside, was her and Yoongi.



Yoongi didn’t even like eating with him damn it???

“Ah, since like… A month ago? You just came back from Singapore didn’t you? Y/N has been making Yoongi lunch since like two week ago. I asked her the favor, that guy never eats when I tell him to, so I asked literally everyone in the building to help me make him eat. As you can see, the only one who succeeded was Y/N. She hasn’t been subtlety kicked out by Yoongi nor has Yoongi avoided her so, it shows that she doesn’t disturb his work. It’s a great relief to be honest. I’m off the hook for that part at least.”

“But… How come their eating together?” Jimin couldn’t describe the feeling in his chest, it wasn’t comfortable.

“That you’ll have to ask him personally.” Kangwoo shrugged, not minding it at all, “Ya, I gotta go.”

Jimin nodded, not even sparing a glance at Kangwoo running down the hall to wherever he was supposed to be. It was slightly bothersome, seeing them like that. Especially when Yoongi suddenly held out his hand, and she took it into her own.

Jimin almost scowled, setting a hand on the doorknob, but just as he went to open it, he stopped himself.

What was he doing?

Slowly, he released the doorknob. The metal felt strangely cold in the palm of his hands, and his mind flashed back to that time in the car. When he took her hand to warm it up, but she pulled away. Now looking into the studio, seeing at how she held Yoongi’s hand willingly, a bitter smile surfaced on Jimin’s face.

Taking a deep breath, Jimin pushed opened the door to the studio.

“I can’t believe you guys didn’t call me when there’s food!” Jimin interrupted, running over to the table at lightning speed and stealing the chopstick from Yoongi’s hand, he stole a bite before Yoongi could even say anything.

“Ya! Park Jimin!” Yoongi gave him a slap on the back, slightly displeased to see her being startled, but a smile appeared on his face at the appearance of his favorite dongsaeng. “When did you come back?”

“Mmmm, this is so good! How come you never cook this for me Y/N!” Jimin gulped down another mouthful, stretching his leg out to take the extra stool not far behind him.

She couldn’t help but smile at Jimin’s way of eating. He looked exhausted, his eye bags were a deep shade of blue, and his eyes slightly bloodshot. She reached instinctively to the right, only to realize she hadn’t carried her notebook up. Yoongi eyed her and smirked, holding out a hand, and giving a light shrug when she looked at him in astonishment.

Jimin peered up at her writing on Yoongi’s hand, and held back a comment.

“Next time. Rest more.” Yoongi read off his palm. “Me or him?”

She gave a disapproving pout, slapping his hand away lightly. Yoongi chuckled at her expression, and turned to face Jimin, “She’s right though. Still heading to places?”

Jimin sighed, “Yep. One last stop, radio recording tonight. Then I’m heading back to Busan for my 5-day vacation, you guys want me to bring anything back?”

She gave a light shake of the head in response to Jimin’s questioning look. Yoongi also shook his head, “Just enjoy your off time.”

“Okay!” Jimin laughed, putting down the chopstick. Throwing his arm over Yoongi and give him a squeeze on the shoulder. “I gotta go now, I’ll see you two when I come back.”

She waved Jimin off, watching him until he disappeared from the little window on the door. When she pulled back her gaze, she realized Yoongi was watching her. His head slightly tilted and resting on his palm.

She looked at him quizzically, unable to read his expression with his locks draped over his eyes.

“What do you want for dinner?” Yoongi asked as if what he said was, “The weather’s nice today”.

“Have to repay you somehow for this food.” He gave a quick glance at the dishes laid out on the table. “So? Anywhere you want to go? Or try out? Oh, and I’m not taking no for an answer.” He had it all planned out, he even mentally prepared himself to a restaurant on the other side of town, even though knowing her, she wouldn’t do such a thing.

Seeing that Yoongi was determined, an idea instantly popped into her head, except… She bit at her lips while she pondered over whether she should ask him or not, not realizing how that habit hers had bothered Yoongi.

“So?” Yoongi leaned in closer, his bangs were brushing against his eyelids, so he gave a light shake of the head to get it out of the way. He held out his hand, “You have an idea in mind right?”

She hasn’t exactly thought through her decision when Yoongi stuck his hand in front of her, but seeing the look in his eyes and seeing that he wasn’t going to put down his hand, she gave up trying to think of another place she wanted to go. She wanted to just walk around on the street and eat whatever was there, except just after she wrote the word ‘Street’ she realized that Yoongi probably wouldn’t like it. She quickly grabbed at his hand, but he had already read the word out loud.

“Street?” Yoongi pondered on the word, he didn’t know any restaurant with the word street in it. However, seeing her shake her head desperately and noticing how her hand hasn’t let go of his, he closed his hand over her small ones and thinked harder.

“Street… Street food? Like the one a few blocked down from my place?”

Her face instant grew pink when he had correctly guessed her thoughts, but she only held on tighter to his hand continuing to shake her head.

Yoongi gave a wholehearted chuckle and placed his free hand on the side of her head. “Don’t you get dizzy doing that?”

She stared at the table, feeling the warmth of his hand on her ear, and her cheeks turned an even brighter shade of pink.

“Okay, we’ll go there. Ah, don’t you have to go back to work?” Yoongi teased.

Her head snapped up at the comment and quickly looked at the clock, her lunch break was over.

Hiding his grin by quickly standing up, Yoongi watched her frantically close the lunchbox containers. She paused to look at him as she walked by.

Her gaze was one of uncertainty. She didn’t want to cause any trouble for him, nor did she want to make him uncomfortable. She knew he preferred quiet places over loud ones, and he probably shouldn’t be seen with a girl.

“Go. Just come back when you’re done, I’ll be here.” Yoongi smiled, he couldn’t help up raise a hand to give her head a light pat, fingers lingering in the soft strands of her long hair. He knew what she was thinking about, and he didn’t want to spend the time trying to convince her that it’ll be okay.

He’ll just show her with his actions.

She stared wide eyed at the place they were at. The exact place she wanted to be.

“There’s a lot of choices, so take your time and choose wisely.” Yoongi teased the figure standing slightly in front of him, “Just tell me what you want.”

She spun around on her heels to look at Yoongi, she was happy. Yoongi could tell by the way her eyes sparkled in the street lights, it was as if her eyes were talking to him. He never felt so fulfilled watching someone be happy.

Yoongi realized, this look of happiness and content was his new favorite of hers.

He hated the look of fear in her eyes, so when shock replaced it, he was satisfied. After a while, he saw the found of gratitude, which was another step up from surprise. Then, an awkward smile, casual greetings, friendly exchanges … And this, genuine happiness. In this moment, Yoongi realized how much he wanted to see her happy.

She reached for his hand, holding it in her own as she put more pressure than usual while writing the words, ‘Thank you’.

Yoongi fought the urge to close his hand around hers when out of the corner of his eye, he saw a motorcycle coming their way. He could have just pulled her to the side, but he didn’t. He closed his hand around her cold wrist, and tugged her into his own arms as the motorcycle roared by at a speed much faster than standard. Normally, he would curse at the driver, but today, he was thankful. He held on much longer than he should, not letting go until he felt a weak pull on his jacket.

“Ah sorry,” Yoongi coughed, “Scared me for a bit.”

She observed the flash of pink on his pale skin, and an idea raced through her head. She quickly shook it away, it was impossible. She reached for this hand to write ‘thank you’ once more, but Yoongi quickly interrupted.

“Thank you, I know.” His words came out fast, but not harshly. She didn’t exactly believe his words for being scared by the motorcycle, but seeing the way he talked, he did seem rattled. Then she watched as he began to trip over his own words. Min Suga, the rapper, tripping over his own words.

“I-uh-, that-uhhhhh…” Yoongi mentally slapped himself after finally being able to get his words out, “Where do you want to go first? Milk tea? Girls usually like that right?” He mumbled the last part out, remembering what his friend Hoseok had said when he texted him in the afternoon, and also what he found on the internet.


Hoseok was taking a break from his dance when he saw Yoong’s message: ‘Mhm’

No reply.

Hoseok frowned at his phone: ‘What? Why aren’t you talking?’

Yoongi: ‘What do you do when you take a girl to eat street food’

Hoseok almost dropped his phone: “WHAT’


Yoongi glared at the screen: ‘… Just answer the question.’

Hoseok felt a chill down his spine: ‘…’

Hoseok: ‘… Why street food, shouldn’t it be a nicer restaurant if you want to ask her out?’

Yoongi narrowed his eyes, suddenly rethinking his decision to ask Hoseok: ‘I’m not asking her out and she choose the place.’

Hoseok blinked in surprised, of course the girl Yoongi picks would be… Different: ‘…’

Hoseok: ‘First of all make sure she’s not cold or anything like that… It is winter afterall…’

Yoongi: ‘Aside from the obvious…’

Hoseok: ‘=_= if you’re so smart then why did you ask me’

No reply.
Hoseok: ‘Let her choose where she wants to go but have suggestions as well? Don’t complain about having to walk too much (you know you have that problem) and buy her stuff. Little stuff that she likes, nothing expensive, don’t scare her like that, and… Relax and be yourself?’

Yoongi almost smiled, he knew Hoseok was more reliable than Namjoon. He still rolled his eyes at the thought of Namjoon’s reply 10minutes ago which was: ‘What do you mean what do you do, just kiss her at the end. Not bobo, kiss.’ Followed by: ‘Wait is this for real?’

‘Okay, thanks Hobi.’

Hoseok: ‘So who is it?’

Hoseok: ‘Yoongi you can’t just stop replying after making me think so much!!!’

Hoseok: ‘I’m not helping you next time!’

Hoseok: ‘… Just tell me who it is I’m curious TAT’

Yoongi: ‘…’

Hoseok: ‘OMG your still here TELL ME’

Yoongi: ‘… I’m not anymore.’
Hoseok: ‘YAH!’

Finally throwing down his phone, Yoongi frowned at the music program on his screen. For the first time ever, he minimized the program and opened the internet to search up something completely unrelated to work. Slowly typing into the search bar, “Popular street food” Yoongi internal groaned.

He couldn’t believe he was doing this.

But he was.

Seeing her nod, Yoongi thanked the internet and walked forward. When they entered the fairly crowded area, Yoongi reached back to grab her wrist to make her walk in front of him. She looked back at him in confusion, and she finally noticed how crowded the place actually was. She felt panic rise in her chest.

“It’s too crowded, just walk and I’ll follow you.” Yoongi suggested, but her violent shake of head shocked him. “Why what’s wrong?”

She bit at her lips, not wanting to answer and avoided his eyes. But Yoongi already saw the fear in her eyes.

There was something she wasn’t letting him on, because the look in her eyes was the same one as the first time they met. One of pure terror.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Yoongi stepped closer, shielding her from all the people that walked by. His chest tightened at her petrified expression, and he watched her eye rims grow red slowly.

She didn’t try to explain herself, she blinked several times to force the tears back down, and reached for his hand. Yoongi immediately stretched out his hand, allowing his hand to be the canvas that she painted words on.

‘Can’t I just’ She paused, ‘Hold your sleeve?’

Yoongi didn’t know what scared her, and seeing how she reacted, he wasn’t sure he wanted to know. If he knew, there was no grantee what he would do.

Yoongi didn’t say anything, he simply grabbed her hand, holding it in his palm as he put both of their hands back into his warm pocket. He ignored the look of surprise on her face and started walking to where they were headed for in the beginning.

She’ll tell him when she’s ready.

Ink Blots and Jots  (Part 1/2)

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

Author: Arfrona-and-Marvel

Word Count: 1274

Warnings: Cursing? 

Pairings:  Steve Rogers x Reader

Type: Fluff/ Crack

Notes: Enjoy


Steve’s POV

I slam the punching bag one last time before smiling and grabbing my towel nearby. I dry the sweat off of my face and reach for my gym bag, but pause when I see her.

She’s sparring with Natasha, a stern look on her face as she kicks Natasha down and holds her stance as Natasha dodges the attack easily. Natasha lunges at her, but misses. Y/N steps out of the way and kicks Natasha back with a graceful roundhouse kick.

I look away, not wanting to seem creepy, and sit down on the bench. I smile at myself a little as I close my eyes and picture her stern face again. Her eyes are concentrated and her lips form a firm line. To be frank, she looks determined, yet elegant and… maybe even a little bit cute.

I feel my cheeks heat up at the thought of Y/N and I quickly walk out of the gym before anyone notices my flustered state.


I finish my shower and open the small beat-up notebook that I keep with me.

I flip through the pages, one listing different movies I’m supposed to watch to get accustomed to current society and another with ways to use the “Internet”.

I reach an empty page and begin to sketch. I feel a sense of calmness as the pen glides smoothly across the paper as I begin to outline her face. I begin sketching her bottom lip lightly before going over it again with heavier, darker strokes. I close my eyes and recall the features of her face as she was sparring.

After an hour, I finish and lean back in my chair. I lift up the notebook and view my work. I shake my head, it doesn’t look right.

I sigh before getting up and stretching, putting the notebook into my jacket pocket securely before joining the others for dinner.


“We should have a movie night,” Tony says, as he takes a bite of his garlic bread.

“We should watch that one movie…” Y/N suggests.

Tony laughs, “No one likes that movie, Y/N, it’s just you.”

“But I love Disney movies!” she insists.

I smile at the image of her under a blanket, smiling happily as the Disney logo appears on the screen…

and she scoots closer to m-

“What do you think Steve?” Y/N asks.

What were we talking about?

“I- uh-” I look around the table quickly to see if anyone noticed my lapse in attention.

“I think that’s a great idea.”

Y/N’s smiles even wider, “See, even Cap agrees that we should watch a Disney Movie.”

My heart flutters a little as she smiles. She’s smiling because of me.


Later that night, I sit down in my chair again and close my eyes. I recall the little wrinkles around her eyes and how happy she looked tonight.

I open up the notebook once again and jot down a few notes:

-Disney Movies

-Eats sandwich crust first

-Likes her tea hot

-Coffee is 3 sugars, 2 creams.

Then I take my favorite black ball point pen and, instead of outlining her face, I start with her smile.

I blow on the paper lightly to dry the ink and avoid smudging before placing books on either side of the notebook to hold the papers down to dry overnight.

I look down at the picture and smile happily before turning off my light and going to sleep.


“Okay, scratch movie night, let’s have something more exciting!”

Tony says as he walk into the dining room in his pajamas.

Natasha takes her cup of coffee before rubbing her temples.

“No. No parties, Stark.”

Tony walks over and joins us at the dinner table with a sad face.

“B-But, masquerade…”


Tony sits down in his chair, defeated, and takes a slice of toast.

Y/N, looks at him slightly concerned and rubbed his back.

“It’s okay Tony,” Y/N says, “We can do other team activities.”

“What do you suggest, Y/N?” I ask.

She looks at me and smiles again, before leaning back in her chair . She stirs her coffee with a spoon thoughtfully before answering,

“I see nothing wrong with a masquerade party, it sounds like fun. Putting on a mask and dancing for a night, why not?”

Natasha chuckles a little.

“Anyone specific you wanna dance with, Y/N?”

Y/N blushes a little and shakes her head.

Tony smiles and slings his arm around Y/N’s shoulder,

“See, little Y/N agrees to it, who else agrees?”

Y/N looks around in hopes of the others agreeing as well.

I clear my throat, “It doesn’t sound like that bad of an idea.”

As soon as I say that, Y/N’s smile widens like it did last night.

I smile back as the rest of the team agrees to a masquerade ball.


After breakfast, I head back to my room to draw again.

I pull out my laptop and look up the iconic scene in Cinderella where she walks into the ballroom and immediately captures the prince’s attention.

I draw Y/N there, with her hair in the same bun and in a nice flowing blue dress.

I smile when I finish and then move on to the next page.

I outline her eyes, trying to capture the same concerned and thoughtful expression I saw her on today when she was comforting Tony.

I spin the pen between my fingertips before beginning my last drawing of the night.

Feeling brave, I begin to outline not only Y/N, but myself as well.

I draw us watching a Disney Movie on the couch, her head on my shoulder with a blanket wrapped around the both of us.

I blush a little as I sketch my arm wrapped around her.

In the end, I decide to draw myself looking down at her, this way I could get away with not drawing my facial features. It’s also to avoid making it obvious that I had drawn myself in.

When I finish, I lean back in my chair again and admire the drawing, or more importantly, how I drew her.

I smile to myself before laying the notebook out to dry again and getting ready for bed.


As I walk to the gym for training, I see workers prepare Tony’s house for the party tonight.

I enter the elevator with a smile on my face wondering if I was brave enough to ask Y/N to dance with me.

The elevator stops 3 stories before the gym to allow another passenger in.

“Hey Steve,” Natasha greets as she enters the lift.

“Natasha,” I reply, smiling at her.

She looks at me skeptically before standing next to me,

“Planning on asking Y/N for a dance?” she asks smugly.

Before I could deny my feelings for Y/N, she puts a finger in front of my lips to shush me. She points at herself and explains simply,


I sigh, giving up and knowing that I could not lie to Natasha.

“I… How do I even ask her, Natasha?”

Natasha leans against the wall and smirks, “How about, if you don’t ask her… Someone else might.”

“Do you know something I don’t, Nat?” I ask, feeling a bit sick at the thought that Y/N might like someone else.

“I’m just saying, Captain, Y/N’s a really nice girl. Of course other guys are going to compete for her affection. Maybe you should too,” she explains.

Without any further dialogue, Natasha pats my back as the elevator stops.

We get off and begin training.




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Do u have anymore kaisoo moments? I'm desperate T-T

 Of course I have anon!! But don’t be desperate! Maybe Kyungsoo and Jongin are doing things together rn and we’ll never know~ 

This time, I’ll do a Kaisoo spam with cute moments of them together. I tried not to use the same moments I used in my last spam, so I hope you like it :3

Mama era is a blessing era for Kaisoo shippers. It’s their beggining, when both Kai and Kyungsoo didn’t know music industry very well and they were pretty innocent about what they were doing and spontaneus. That brought a lot of precious moments like this one, a BTS one (isn’t without reason that Kaisoo is called “BTS Couple”) when we see Kai massages Ksoo’s throat. I don’t think it has a second intentions meaning in this one (like, I want to be in bed with you tonight), but it’s perfect because it shows everyone who is able to see, how Kai always (until these days) take care of his hyung and how much he cares about him as a person.

That image was the first who came into my mind when I began to do this spam. Jongin cuddling on Kyungsoo and the cute way Ksoo look’s at him makes everything too cute and intimate. I like it!

Please, everytime you doubt on Kaisoo, remember this moment. I beg you! If you see this whole part, you’ll notice the difference Jongin treat the other members. I mean, the other’s poems are pretty random and stuff. But, when it’s Kyungsoo’s turn, he writes Oranghae (I know it’s Saranghae, but he changed the “Saran” part with “O” to match with “D.O.” and it means five in Korean, what remembers me of people that write things like “i love u 5evah”). Jongin’s expression was full of admiration and love on this, what shows me that Jongin loves Kyungsoo in a whole different dimension (what not means necessarily, that it’s a romantic way. But I would like this tho).

I’m pity for Baekhyun in this whole interview. He was put in a team with Jongin and Kyungsoo, but these two would just be stucked together, cooking, or teasing or playing with each other. It’s interesting that, in the real interview, a lot of these intimate moments were edited. I wonder why.

Just Jongin being a shining knight. Not a big deal. I mean, you can see Luhan playing around with Kyungsoo’s coke and Kyungsoo want it back. So, Jongin appears out of nowhere and and beats Luhan’s stomach (playfully, ofc) to defend his “buddy’s” dignity. But, even with playfull approach, You can see his expression. He’s serious as hell. Playfull serious? You decide.

I can’t comment properly on this one! I’m just listening Angel in the background, and Jongin contemplating Kyungsoo like he’s the most precious person in the universe… *sigh*

I really recommend u to see a interesting/funny post about this moment here. It’s basically one time that Kyungsoo was almost hit by the sliding door. Jongin saw this, and when they were at the aiport another time, he hold the sliding door for his hyung.  This is one of the little gestures that makes me see Kaisoo as more than just a fanservice couple. If this thought is real, they don’t need a reason to interact or at least care for each other out of the stage. It’s just for fanservice, right? But here we see, Jongin doing little things to prevent Kyungsoo to get hurt by a fucking sliding door! I don’t need to say more for you understand what I mean.

Just Jongin help Kyungsoo to get down the plataform adjusting the chair for him. Anything about this moment is a big deal. Even Jongin’s beautiful smile in the end irony speaking ofc.

Kaisoo just playing around on stage. This is a more impactant form of fanservice, more than two guys almost kissing each in front of thousands of fans. Well done on planning ths, SM!

Just Kyungsoo back hugging Jongin. And people want to tell me that Kaisoo is one sided. Bitch, please! We know that Kyungsoo is the reserved type, but, if you look closely, you can see another moments like this shared with Jongin. And this makes my heart complete <3

I hope you like it, and remember: Kaisoo is that the kind of couple who’s hidden behind cameras, that’s why their moments aren’t easily seen. But don’t give up them just yet. They’re really precious like this!

cr of the gifs and pictures used go to the owners!

Bad Blood Part 4

A/N: Hiya! I got carried away for this part but it was hard to write at the same time. Not sure I got everything right but I’m pretty happy the way it turned :) There is a small episode rewrite at the end (01x04) and we got to know a little bit more why Jim doesn’t like Dean so much… Anyway an angsty/fluffy part! Let me know if you want to be tag and feedbacks are welcome! :) 

Pairing: Dean x reader

Story: The story starts in between season 10 and 11. The reader leaves Dean after years together (8 years +), but he isn’t about to let her go. Can they save their relationship and be happy again?

Words : 4000ish

Warnings: swearing, angst, labor, fluff, character death, injury, italics part= flashbacks/backstory

Read Bad Blood here!

tags: @rusticbellamy

Originally posted by thewinchesterdaily

You were totally wrecked, you hadn’t even realized that you’d made it to your house in no time. “Mommy? Why are you sad? it’s because me?” you dried your eyes.

“Uh, I’m not sad baby I have something in my eyes” you could tell she wasn’t convinced, you wouldn’t be either. But it was better than saying it was because Dean wouldn’t let you go. And that hurt, so much.

“When can I see Daddy again?”

“He’ll see you this weekend with Sammy but if you really want to see him tonight, uncle Jim can drive you” you answered quietly. Now that you thought to what happened an hour ago you felt stupid. You should have talk with Dean, end this in a better way.

“But I want you to come with me, it was great today”

Penny’s words broke your heart. She was the one suffering from your choices, and you were too blinded by your own pain to see it. You cursed yourself. “I- I’m tired sweetie so not tonight, maybe tomorrow, okay?” she sadly nodded.

Jim wasn’t home yet. Luckily. You didn’t need him to say “I told you you it was a bad idea".  All you wanted was to forget about Dean and the rest of the world for a moment. You thought a bath would help you to relax. You could still call Dean later and talked without any nerves.

You made your way upstairs with Penny who ran into her bedroom.  As you reached the last stair you felt a sharp pain down your core. “No, not now” you tried to breath out to calm down. You had felt some small contractions while driving but hadn’t paid much attention. You should have.

A bigger contraction occurred and you let a half-muffled scream out of your mouth. Your heart was pounding so hard in your chest and found yourself panicking. All you could think was you were alone with your daughter. You sat in the hallway and exhaled loudly, trying to focus a minute to call Jim. But your body wouldn’t let you. You cried out.

“Why are you screaming mommy?” Penny got out of her room to see what was going on.

“Sweetie just staayyy -breath- in your bedroom for a little while okay?”

She nodded slightly afraid but did as she was told. You eventually grabbed your phone and dialed Jim. He answered almost immediately and told you he was on his way to get you. The call released a little bit of stress and you decided to wait in your bedroom to be more comfortable.

Dean’s phone went off with your ID. “Y/N” it was a bit of a surprise that you called him but he thought maybe you’d changed your mind.


He tightened his grip on the wheel when he heard the fear in his daughter’s voice. His mind started to work the worst case scenario, he instentively sped up.  “Penny? What’s wrong sweetheart?” He demanded nervously.

“Mommy is screaming, I think it’s the baby” she said, her voice slightly trembling. She had taken the phone from Jim’s bedroom. Seeing you in pain, she thought calling her father was the best thing to do to help you out. And if she was calling that meant you were alone and Dean wouldn’t let you handle this by yourself.

“Keep an eye on mommy for me, I’m coming” he told softly Penny.

“Okay Daddy”

As you were about to reach your bed, your waters broke. “Oh, I’m cursed” you muttered. You tried to calm down but truth was you were completely frightened and your breathing became uneven. Jim wouldn’t be here on time you were about to give birth all by yourself. The worst thought crossed you mind. What if something wrong happened to Robert?

As the anxiety raised your pain increasingly grown, you almost fell on the ground. Your body was uncontrollably shaking, you were panting hard and used the wall to keep you on your feet.


You grabbed some cloths in the bathroom and spread them on the bed. You tried to relax as much as you could sitting down but the ache felt like someone thrown your core apart with a thousand knives.

“Robert I need you to hang on  just a little more”. You hated to think that but you wished Dean was there. Between two contractions you gripped your phone and hesitated to dial him. Just to hear his voice telling you’d be okay. You gave up on the idea after another sharp cramp.

Few minutes later, your breathing became steady again when you heard the familiar roared of the Impala coming from outside. You shook your head thinking the unbearable twinge in your core had you imagining things.

“Y/N!” Dean called as he walked into the house. “Daddy!” Penny answered from the top of the stairs.

“Mommy’s in her bedroom” she said as Dean climbed quickly the step.

“Thanks Princess”

He stepped quickly in your bedroom with Penny following, holding tightly her teddy bear. “What are you doing here?” You asked almost shocked.

“Penny called me” you sighed in disbelief. This child was way too smart sometimes. She was hiding behind her dad’s leg, her small hand gripping now his jeans.

“Come on Y/N/N” Dean spoke softly as he approached you.

“No, it’s okay- breath- Jim will arrive in a minute”

You got another strong spam and managed to not scream. Dean could see how anxious you were. It never was your plan to give birth anywhere else than in an hospital and your kid would certainly not be delivered by anyone but a doctor. And he knew it too well. He knelled before you and took delicately your hand and you naturally closed yours around his. You were both amazed how easy and nice the gesture was. He rubbed his thumb along your fingers and your body relax under his touch.

“Are you okay?” he asked softly and you nodded

“My-breath-my waters just broke… I’m think I’m -breath- I’m close”

“Okay, we gotta move” he said pulling you to help you to stand but you cried of pain.

“Mommyyy!” Penny called crying, putting her head into her bear. She couldn’t stand to see you suffering and didn’t know what else to do.

“I’m okay sweetie, I’m okay- it’s okay, stop crying” you breathed out softly, your hand reaching her. Dean fell to one knee and placed his hand on either of her shoulders. “Princess, do you know where is Mommy’s bag?”he asked calmly. “Ye-Yes” she sobbed.

“Go grab it for me all right?” she nodded and ran out of the bedroom. He turned back to you getting ready to lift you up. He frowned realizing you were staring at him. “What?” he asked confused.

You shook your head. “I thought you’ll be as panicked as the first time I’m -breath- I’m just surprised”

“Oh trust me sweetheart, I’m like super freaked out right now but I can’t show it to Penny she’s already afraid enough” you smiled slightly.

“Come on” he said and grabbed you delicately bridal style and climbed down slowly the stairs. You got another contraction and clawed Dean’s shoulder making him slightly groaned. “It’s been a while since you claw me like this” he bantered.

“Oh don’t you dare! I so fucking hate you right now” you muttered.

“I know sweetheart” he deadpanned.

“No, no, you don’t know! -fuck- it’s the last time you touch me ever Winchester”

“You said that last time too” he was about to smirk but you grabbed his collar forcing him to look at you.

“Listen to me Dean, I’m suffering like hell because of you, both physically and emotionally so keep your smart ass comments to yourself!” you roared.  His eyes went wide and he swallowed hard.

“Ye-Yes Ma'am”

“Now take me to this freaking hospital or I’ll drag you back to Hell myself if I have this baby here”

“We’ll be there in no time Babe”

“Don’t -breath- Don’t pet named me I don’t have the patience for that!!”

“All right! You don’t need to yell it right into my ear” he growled.

Dean let you down in front of the passenger seat. Penny ran outside with your bag and handed it to you. “Thanks P -breath- you’re my strong little girl” you stroke her cheek and she gripped your hand.

You were about to close the door when your brother arrived in the driveway. He climbed out quickly and walked over you and Dean. “What the fuck are you doing here?” Jim shouted toward Dean

“I’m driving her, she needs to get to a hospital now” Dean shouted back.

“She doesn’t need you! I’ll do it! Now get the fuck out!” he stepped closer to the  car.

“I ain’t going anywher-”

“Dean, Jim knock it off!” you shouted to both of them. “I’m about to have a baby if you haven’t notice yet -breath- I don’t have time to deal with your stupid alpha male tensions bullshits”

The two men looked at you slugging hard. “Penny, never repeat that okay sweetie?” she nodded. “Jim take care of her please”

“Y/N/N don’t do-”

“Jim, it’s okay. He needs to be here- I want this” you told honestly your brother.

Dean didn’t try to hide his surprise. He smiled slightly but it didn’t reach your eyes. Jim gave up to reason with you for the moment and approached Penny.

“No Mommy!” Penny cried out and thrown herself against you. 

“Penny, listen to me -breath- you need to stay with Jimmy okay?” you stroke her hair.

“But-But- I want to stay with you and Daddy!” she sobbed. 

“Princess, Mommy’s right. You’ll come with Jim when your brother is here okay?” Dean said softly and pulled her gently away from you.

“I’ll see you really -breath- really soon little mouse, with your brother, okay?” she nodded.

“Come here P” Jim called softly and she hold his hand. Two big contractions occurred in a row and you bite your lower lips to muffle your scream.

“Dean-please-can we just go” you asked panting.

Dean jumped behind the wheels. You waved to Penny, and smiled softly and she waved back, but you could see how worried she was.

“urgh!! We said one Dean, one! I didn’t want to live that twice” you complained.

“Two is good number” he argued softly and you glared.

“Sure, when you’re not the one getting an unplanned pregnancy and have to give birth, it’s awesome” you muttered.

“I’m sorry all right? You know wasn’t my will either”

“No kidding” you switched in the seat to get more comfortable.

“Come on, don’t tell me you’re not happy to have this kid” you stayed quiet breathing out. “This’s what I was thinking”. You wrung the leather of the seat letting a painful moan out of your mouth. Breathing correctly was getting harder and harder.

“How do you feel Babe?” Dean asked anxiety in his voice.

“Stop calling me -breath- calling me Babe asshole!” you shouted.

“Fine!” he yelled, “How do you feel Y/N?” he asked again annoyed

“Your son is killing me but I’m just fine!” you suddenly broke down. You couldn’t  ignore what you were feeling anymore, you needed to get it out somehow.

“Babe what’s wrong??”

“My dress is ruined” you started to talk about the lamest thing on your mind .

“Are you fuc… I’ll buy you another one, okay?”

You tried to calm down and reopened your mouth. “Thank yoouuu” speaking was a bad idea and made things ten times worst. The pain down your core consumed all your strength and you felt helpless. Crying was the only way your body find to release your distress.

“Babe talk to me” Dean said softly and took your hand in his.

“Why Dean?”

“Why what?”

“Why did you have to screw everything up?” he clenched his jaws focusing his eyes on the road.

“I could have handle all the supernatural craps, I could Dean, hell I did -breath- but-but why did you cheat on me? It’s because You don’t- don’t find me attractive anymore?” you sobbed.

“No, no! Babe you are so beautiful I swear it’s hard to breath everytime I see you”

“Re-Really?” you dried your cheeks as best as you could.

“Yes, you are the most beautiful woman I ever met, you’ll always be”

“Thanks” you answered quietly.

“I love everything about you Y/N/N, you are a badass hunter and the best mom in the world, you’re the funniest person I know, I even love when you’re mad at me” he paused, trying to find the right words.

“Hear me out here Sweetheart, I’m sorry I let you down for some chicks, there is no way in hell I can find a good excuse because there is none… We were distant from each other and I was really-I didn’t think straight I was just- selfish…I took you for granted I thought you’d stay no matter what- no matter what I do…I’m a stupid ass I don’t deserve you…” he poured his heart out and you listened in silence, his words touching you deeply. You tightened gently your grip in his hand.  “I’m really sorry Y/N.. I know you and Penny have suffered all those years because I made the worst decisions- I’m sorry for all I’ve done, I should have seen you were the right choice” he looked at you boring quickly his eyes in yours. “You’re my everything Y/N”

If you hadn’t been in labor you would have probably answer or do something. You got once more, what you thought every time was the worst pain you ever felt.

“Fuck!” you yelled as the contractions were brought forward. 

“Hang on Babe, we’re almost there”

You did make it at the hospital on time. Five minutes after you stepped in the labor room you were giving birth to Robert. It had been faster than when you had Penny but the pain and anxiety had crushed you. All you energy was gone and you fell asleep in no time after being place in your room.

It was almost midnight when Jim and Penny arrived. Dean convinced a nurse to let them in late after the visit hours, he knew you needed Penny with you. The little green eyes girl hopped up and down to meet her brother after she were reassured you were doing okay. She hadn’t say a word to her uncle from the moment you left until Dean’s call.

“Can I climb back onto the bed?”

“Yes Princess” you answered her softly. Jim lifted her next to you. She kissed Robert’s forehead and whispered “Hi again Robbie”. Robert seemed to smile every time his sister spoke. “His hands are so tiny” she said taking them gently. You smiled.

“Can I play with him? Because I want to share all my toys with him”

“You have to wait few months” the little girl stroke gently her brother hair and snuggle on your side keeping her hand on her brother. Jim chuckled as she fought her eyelids to close.

“Can we go home now that he’s here?” She mumbled half asleep.

“Uh- I have to talk with Daddy first” you answered softly feeling Jim worried look on you. “Okay” she breathed out before falling totally alseep. At least she wasn’t worried anymore.

“Where’s Dean?” Jim asked carefully. 

“He went to take a coffee and make some phone calls” you sighed slightly.

“Y/N/N, it’s your life but- don’t go back with him” you turned your gaze to your brother, knowing too well what he would say. “Your relationship will never be healthy. He will never change”

“I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do Jim. I need time to think”

Jim breathed out heavily “I lose you once because of him” he put his head in his hands.”After today-”

“I was reckless Jim, it’s not his bad. And you’d have be right on time. It’s over we’re fine”

“If you hadn’t met him-”

“Jim, you know I would have met him one way or another” Jim scoffed.

 “Don’t be so sure. If I could go back in time I’ll make everything I could for you not to meet him” he stopped himself seeing you were affected by his words.

“I would not have them” you said quietly and turned your eyes back on your son. Jim breathed out and opened his arms to take Robert. 

“I’m sorry Y/N/N” he whispered. 

“It’s okay, I understand. It hadn’t been easy for you either” he looked at his nephew and smiled at the way he moved.

“Whatever decision you’ll take I’ll be there for you” Jim eventually said.

“Thanks Jimmy” you leaned and hugged him.

You lied back down on your side pulling your daughter against you. You thought about what Dean had said in the car, the way you kissed each other after Robert’s birth. You let your mind wondering for a moment.



“I found her Sam. Again. She’s hunting werewolves in Utah” Ruby said annoyed through the phone. 

Sam turned toward Jim and gave him a small nod. “Where?”

“Once we find her, I’ll cuff her until she forgot her own name” Jim muttered.

Jim and Sam had been looking for you for a whole month. You kept escaping Jim every time he found you, saying you were okay when really you weren’t. When you realized you could do, closed to nothing, to save Dean you just went back to do the only thing you knew. Slaying monsters. But you weren’t doing it a good way. If it ever was a good way doing this job.

They walked towards the motel you were staying in. “Jim” Sam called as he found a large puddle blood next to your car. “Y/N what have you done” Sam whispered. They both ran to the door and found more blood on the knot.

“Y/N!” Jim yelled as he opened the door. You were lying on one of the bed, your hand on your stomach where you’d tried to patch yourself.

“Y/N” Jim came closer. You were covered in blood, your lips were slightly blue, your skin cold but you were still breathing.

“Y/N, it’s alright, I’m here now”

You tried to open your eyes. “Jim” you whispered.

“We’re gonna take you to a hospital Y/N/N, you’re gonna be okay” Jim said tears in his voice. Sam had grabbed the first aid kits to patch you better and stopped your blood loss.

“Just a second and we get you in the car, you’re gonna be fine” Sam told you, trying to convince himself at the same time.

“It’s too late” you murmured. “No Y/N/N, I promise my brother I’ll take care of you, I’m not letting you die” Sam spoke shakily.

“Screw him!” Jim yelled “If he really wanted her to be safe he wouldn’t have let her in his life” he continued tears running down. Sam shook his hand trying to focus on you. 

“Come on Y/N/N, stay awake” Sam said seeing you switching slowly to unconsciousness.

“Jim… Sam….” you started to cough in your own blood. “I’m sorry…”

“Y/N! Stay with us! Stay with me…!” Jim yelled desperate. He pulled you against him. “Y/N please stay with me”

He couldn’t feel your pulse anymore. You were gone.


Dean opened the door and found you lying with Penny and Robert asleep on you. “Hey” he said softly. 

“Hi” you answered moving your gaze from you kids to him. 

“You’re not sleeping?” Dean asked.

“I’ve tried… but Rob was hungry” you answered placing a kiss Robert’s head. Dean sat on the bed next to you and dropped some food on the nightstand. He checked on his daughter who was deeply asleep, taking away some hair of her face.

“She’s out” he whispered.

“After what she’d been through all day, she needed to sleep” he nodded.

“Got some food if you’re hungry. I thought it would be better than what you get here”

“I’m too exhausted to be hungry now but thanks” you smiled softly. “Can you put Robert in his crib?”

He nodded and took delicately the small form in his arm. “So handsome already” he whispered kissing his cheek. You smiled as you observed him be so gentle and affectionate. He sat back onto the bed, pulling the crib closer. He bored his eyes in yours, waiting silently for you to say something.

“Lie down with me” you said quietly. You pulled Penny against you to leave him more space, the way she was between the two of you. You looked at each other for a moment without saying a word. Penny sighed heavily and mumbled something in her dream, making you both smiled.

“Did you- Did you mean everything you said?” you whispered.

“Yes, Sweetheart, every words”

“What about hunting” you continued knowing what would be the answer. He sighed. 

“I’ll stop once I make sure Amara is locked away again” 

You nodded slowly and looked away for a second. “Do you really want it?”


“Do you really want to stop hunting? Or it’s because of me?”

“I don’t want this fuck up life anymore” he answered straight. “I want to be with the kids and you, build the life we wanted before Penny”

“It’d never be our life Dean” Dean frowned as you spoke. “We tried, we tried hard and we failed because we just can’t.”

“That doesn’t mean we can’t try again” he spoke softly but you shook your head.

“I don’t think we’ll ever have a chance to have normal life anymore…I’m not sure I want it anyway… I just want to make sure Penny and Robert will have a chance for a normal life” you tightened your grip on your daughter.

“What are you saying” he demanded confused. 

“I’m saying you’ll keep hunting as long as you feel you have to or want to… And meanwhile I’ll make sure Penny and Robert will choose a different path. The bunker is the best place they can have to grow up, with you and Sam”

Dean stayed quiet. He didn’t know if you were saying that you decided to move back with him or to simply give him another chance. “So that means you- you’re coming home, right?” he eventually asked and you closed your eyes for a moment.

“I can’t” you whispered. Dean face dropped at your answer but before he could speak again your hand reached his face.

“I just can’t come back with you like if nothing ever happened” you rubbed your thumb along his cheekbone his large hand coming over yours.

“But we can- I can try. I just need some times…we need some times to get over this” he nodded and he kissed your palm. “I’ll stay with Jim for now. And you can come when you want” he smiled slightly.

He slid his arms under Penny and you as he came closer, putting his forehead against yours. You eventually closed the distance between the two of you and pecked shyly his lips.

“Goodnight” you whispered closing your eyes.

“Good night Sweetheart”

He looked as you fell asleep in his arms like you used to and thought about what you said. His fingers trailed gently on your face and hair, studying your features, all over again. His hand slid on your side, feeling your warmth, your rib cage rising and falling as you were slowly breathing. He knew it would take sometimes for the two of you to find each other again and for you to forgive him. For him to forgive himself. He kissed softly your cheek. You moved naturally your head to nuzzle against his neck. He knew you were doing it unconsciously but it felt so good.

“Daddy?” Penny called half asleep.

“Hey P, you should sleep it’s not time to wake up yet”

She looked at both of you on each side of her. “Are we home?” She asked confused to be in the middle of the two of you. It was something you were doing often when Dean was just back from a hunt. Just taking the time to be you three all together, keeping your daughter safe between you.

“No, we’re still at the hospital” 

She frowned. “But tomorrow we are coming home?”

“Uh-Mommy and Rob still need few days here and then-” he sighed. “Mommy will stay a little longer with your uncle but I’ll be there much more often, okay?” he rubbed gently her head. “We’ll come home together soon Princess” she rubbed her eyes. 


“Yes, forever” she moved against him, her tiny arm circling his waist. 

“I love you Daddy”

“I love you too Princess”


“So tell me, what’d it cost?” Dean pressed his brother.

“The girl? I don’t pay, Dean” Sam answered nervously. 

“That’s not funny, Sam. To bring me back. What’d it cost? Was it just your soul, or was it something worse?” Dean demanded angrily.

“You think I made a deal?”Sam asked perplexed.

“That’s exactly what we think” Bobby muttered.

“Well, I didn't” Sam answered quickly.

“So if not you it’s Y/N” Dean continued. Sam eyes landed on the ground. “I knew it!” Dean shouted a mixed of anger and fear in his voice.

“Where is she Sam? I can’t reach her or Jim, none of their numbers are working, and I can’t track them either” Sam stayed quiet.

“You’re planning on answer us one day?” Bobby asked almost yelling. Sam nodded and cleared his throat, trying to hold back tears. He sighed.

“Y/N and I we tried to found anything. That’s the truth. We tried opening the Devil’s Gate. Hell, we tried to bargain, Dean, but no demon would deal, all right? You were rotting in Hell for months. For months, and we couldn’t stop it” he said sharply. “And Y/N, she couldn’t handle it. She took off one day and covered her tracks…she was a mess, killing everything she found then and there, barely sleeping” he paused few seconds. “About a week ago I found where she was staying, I called Jim- When we arrived-” he couldn’t bring himself to say it to his brother, his eyes went back on the ground.

“Sam what happened?” Dean demanded almost voiceless knowing where this was going even if he wouldn’t admit it to himself.

Sam’s eyes turned red and he took a deep breath before looking back at Dean. “The hunt went wrong, she-uh- she died in Jim’s arms”

Bobby gripped the tip of his nose “And it didn’ t come to mind to grab your phone and give a call!” he yelled to Sam.

“I know, I’m sorry…Jim told me he’d do it” Sam apologized and turned to his brother.

Dean seemed like he couldn’t process the information. His eyes were fixed on his brother, trying to understand what was just said.

“Dean, I’m sorry, I failed to keep her safe” Sam spoke trying to keep the tears from falling. Bobby reached Dean’s shoulder. 

“She’s dead…” he eventually whispered, hot tears suddenly rolling down his cheeks. “Did you- did you burn-”

“Uh- No. Jim wouldn’t. She’s buried with her parents” Sam answered.

“I need to- I need to see her” he said walking out of the room. He wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the woman he loved. He promised himself he’ll find a way to bring you back, even if he had to go back burning in Hell, once more.

Part 5

i managed to get my work for today done! :D so i wrote a thing.

kiwiitin​ asked “maybe Jack getting to see just how bad Rhys is in the kitchen? By accident witnessing him trying to make something maybe?"but left it up to me to put it in canon or in quid pro quo verse. Because I am a masochist, I’m gonna do both. This is the one for the canon verse!! The other one I’m saving for tomorrow <: along with claptrap/loader bot bc #challengeaccepted

This one is gen and set during the title sequence of ep.3!! No shipping sorry s: next one, i promise! (although if you squint you could probably see rhack bc i am v v predictable)

heavily inspired by kiwiitin‘s art, specifically, this one <:

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Don't want it to be awkward (Part 10) - Nash Imagine

Part 9 - http://jjanoskiansimagines.tumblr.com/post/89376417592/dont-want-it-be-awkward-part-9-nash-imagine

Mahogany opened the door before I did and yanked me in “so spill. I know something’s up now tell me” she said pulling me to the bed “Well.. Once I tell you this. You can’t look at me differently and don’t judge me and just I don’t know just don’t make a big deal about it ok?” She nodded “well me and Nah have been hooking up and-” “wait like hooking up like..” I nodded “oh wow oh god ew ok” “you said no judge” I said raising an eyebrow. “right sorry this is just wow ok never mind continue” “ok but I wanted to be in a relationship with him and he claims that he did too but he ‘doesn’t want it to be awkward around you guy’” I said doing it “” with my fingers “so I was getting annoyed and ended up staying with Matt and we kissed and-” “wait that one night you slept in-” “yes so then Shawn was going through some problems with Megan and he needed to talk to me about it and he practically told me he liked me and then Matt kissed me again and Nash got pissed at me cause I left him for Shawn when Shawn needed me and then I told Nash that I was done with him and wait no then that’s when Matt kissed me again .. So scratch that last kiss. And then me and Shawn made out in the Van and we just made out again right now and me and Nash are patching things up” I said taking in a huge breath “that’s it?” She asked shocked that I was finally done. I nodded she smiled at me. “Honestly you just need to find your Jacob” she said still smiling more to herself than to me. “Yeah thanks I’m trying” she sighed “which do you actually like?” I shrugged “all of them! That’s the thing they both have these amazing qualities!” I said throwing my hands up in frustration “you want to know what I think?” She asked I just stared at her “I think Nash actually really likes you he’s just scared of actually committing and he doesn’t want to recognize that he has actual strong feelings for you” she said and we sat there in a moment of silence “but then again Shawn is an amazing guy and so is Matt.. They’d treat you right” she added I sighed. “Well you know Nash said he just wants us to be friends. So I’m just gonna focus on that. And I’ll just see where I go with Shawn and Matt. And until Nash admits his feelings for me.. If he has any then I’m not gonna let his unspoken words ruin something that hasn’t even happened yet” Mahogany nodded and smiled “Good life lesson right there yn!” She said reaching over to high five me. “You know I’m here for you whenever you need me” she said Standing up. “I love you girl” she said putting her hand on my shoulder “love you too hogs. Now are we going to look at each others clothes or what?” I said getting up. We raided each other’s shopping bags and then we started to get ready. I wore the same thing I just redid my makeup. Mahogany being her put on a new outfit. The show went as normal and then it was time for one of my favorite parts. Shawn’s singing. But this time was a little different. “Now tonight I’m gonna sing a different song for you guys” he started and everyone screamed “I’m sure all of you know the words.. And I want to dedicate this song not only to all of you guys but also someone very special to me. And don’t freak out she’s not my girlfriend… Yet” he said with a smirk. I felt my heart beat speed up. Mahogany came beside me and elbowed me smiling at me. He then started to sing Favorite Girl by Justin Bieber. The girls went wild and Shawn would turn and stare at me a few times longer than he should have. I knew I was red cause I felt my face heat up. “I’m assuming he’s talking about you?” Someone said approaching me. It was Nash. “Well.. I’m assuming so too but I mean it could not be too..” I said quickly looking at Nash then back to Shawn. “You wanna sleep in mines tonight?” He asked hesitantly “yeah sure” I said looking at him to give him a quick smile. Shawn cam off stage from his performance with his guitar still on him. He moved his guitar strap so his guitar was on his back “so.. Who was that dedicated to?” I asked pulling him in by his waist. He chuckled at me “now normally I would joke around and say it was about some random girl In the audience but I don’t want to. You know it was for you” he said getting a little serious. He started to lean down to me and I don’t think it would have came off as a shock to everyone. I mean they already saw me and Shawn make out in the van. The only one I would feel bad for was Matt. Me and Shawn were about to kiss when someone grabbed my arm. “Common we gotta go back out” Mahogany said pulling me. She might have saved me from a mistake. But then again she might have not. The rest of the show went as normal. We ate are group late might dinner like we always did except me and Shawn were being a little flirty with each other. I didn’t really talk to Nash or Matt the rest of the night. So when I went back to my room I texted Nash if he still wanted me to go. He didn’t reply. I sighed he sounded pretty damn genuine when he said he wanted to be friends. I took my shower and got ready for bed. I checked my phone to see if he texted back and he did. He spammed me. “Of course” “waiting on you babe” “sorry meant YN..” “Forgot can’t call you babe as friends” “where are you?” “Are you ditching me again?” I felt bad. So I quickly walked to his room. A sleepy Nash opened the door. He smiled at my presence “hey ba- YN” he said his voice low “you can call me babe” I said walking in. “Sorry I took a shower and yeah..” I said crawling into his bed. He had his own room. The bed was warm and I knew I was lying in his previous spot but I didn’t want to move. His scent lingered around me. He didn’t tell Me move either so he walked around. “Were you asleep?” I asked pulling the covers over me to my neck facing him “eh not really” I glared at him “don’t lie to me Hamilton” he chuckled and I felt his hand snake around my waist tugging at me a bit. Our bodies were closer now. I could feel his warm breath hitting my cold lips. I saw his eyes flicking from my eyes to my lips. Back and forth continuously. “You look really beautiful right now” he saw low “so what do I look like other times?” I asked smirking. His lips curved into a smile. “Beautiful. But I just said you look SO beautiful right now” I smiled and looked down afraid I might blush. “UGH you can’t do that to me!” He yelled in frustration moving his hand from my waist and hand palming his face and rolling over on his back. “What?” I asked rolling over too so I was closer to him. I was almost hovering over him but I wasn’t. “Smile” he said his hand still over his face. “What?!” I said confused. “If I just want to be friends with you you can’t smile like that!” He yelled finally looking at me “but that’s my smile!” I exclaimed. He shook his head quickly “nope don’t care you’re not allow to”he said still shaking his head. “Well that’s not fair.. Then you can’t do that thing with your hair!” I exclaimed sitting up. “What thing?!” He said siting up too. “This. When you do this thing” I said pushing my hair back and pulling it a bit like he does. “No that’s not fair I always do that!” He said shaking his head. “well I always smile!” I said back “well then maybe that’s the problem” he said getting closer to my face. Now this time it was me looking from his eyes to his lips. “YN?” he said slowly and quietly. I stared at his lips move while he said my name. If he kissed me right now I would not hesitate to kiss him back. “Hmm?” I asked finally looking into his eyes. He opened his mouth to say something but he never did. “Uhm” was all he said “we should just go to bed. Long day ahead of us tomorrow” he said backing away from me. After he said that I snapped out of my trance and thought of Shawn and how much I liked him. “Yeah you’re right” was all I said laying back down and facing my back towards him making my body as far away from him as I could without falling off the bed.

Sorry for the wait guys. I’ve been super busy and a little lazy. Not sure if I can promise the 1 a day thing but I’ll still upload as soon as I can. You won’t wait more that 3 days promise.
Time Out

It’s time to press pause. 

I need to address something, so we’re going to take a little time out to do it. I’m sure some of you have noticed I haven’t been posting very much this weekend. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Heck it’s been a crazy ten months, so I decided to just relax, get some sleep and just savor what Arrow gave us this past episode and what it has given us these past four years.

I opened my inbox tonight and it is wall to wall panic. Over 200 messages from the last 48 hours. Panic about the 4x23 episode title. Panic about what Emily just said in Facebook live. Do I think Olicity will get together in 4x19, 4x20, 4x21, 4x22, 4x23? Do I think Olicity will get reengaged? I can’t go a whole summer without Olicity together!!! This season is ending on a bad note. How can they do this to us? Everybody is going to die!!!!

Now, I don’t know if these are anti Oliciters spamming my account. Certainly could be some, but given the sheer volume I’m left to believe some are from Olicity fandom members. I realize everyone views me as the person who makes everything better and I appreciate the compliment. However, that isn’t my prime goal in running this blog. My goal is to enjoy Arrow with other people who also enjoy the show. My goal is to have fun.

I spent all last season reassuring the fandom that Olicity would reunite. 

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Tonight I was out walking and I heard a little girl yell at her mom:

“When do I get to have a sleepover?”

And her mom yelled back:


I completely understood.

Sometimes we are definitely NOT having a sleepover. Which sucks, and every human being ought to have the right to sleepovers, sleepovers are awesome.

Sometimes we are having a sleepover, and we recognize it as such, but it’s not exactly how we pictured it all week at school when the thought of the impending sleepover was the only thing keeping us sane. Our parents are being a little more observant than maybe we promised our friends, or a little less chill about the noise we are making than they were last time, or Kevin who’s extremely charismatic talked everybody in to renting a video we ourselves had no interest in watching instead of Monty Python And The Holy Grail which we know everyone would like if they would’ve given it a chance. And the superficial differences between the sleepover we were having in our heads all week and the one happening all around us is bugging us, until around eleven PM we start panicking, it’s almost lights out and here we’ve spent the entirety of the time since everyone got dropped off at seven noticing how this sleepover is not measuring up to our mental one, not at all, and it’s completely prevented us from enjoying the sleepover in front of us, and we’re not gonna get to have another one until next year if we’re lucky, our parents are cool enough but not that cool that we can just have everybody over again next Friday night if we so choose. 

And then sometimes we are having a sleepover and we can’t even bring ourselves to recognize it as such. We are having a Tuesday middle-of-the-school-day feeling and here it is, a Friday night when everyone’s over. And we might even find ourselves saying out loud that we wish we were at a sleepover and somebody might remind us that we are. And we might think “how dumb or messed up am I that I was longing to have a sleepover in the middle of what everyone agrees is my sleepover.” And we have to fight to make ourselves enjoy the pizza and soda and the just-ever-so-slightly-too-mature movie and feel the airy freedom of the oversized t-shirt and novelty SPAM boxers we’re wearing as pajamas. And everyone else is having the greatest time and we feel very alone.

I hope that ten years on when that mom echoes back to that girl what she said tonight, that she longed to have a sleepover when she was in the middle of having a sleepover, a rare one on a weeknight no less, I hope the boyfriend or girlfriend or best friend or whoever is there that the mom is telling the story to in hopes of mildly embarrassing her daughter, I hope that person goes, “I totally get that. I too have longed to have a sleepover in the middle of having a sleepover.”

CS Fic: Thaw

Summary: Once Elsa regained control of her magic it took her very little time to melt the ice. Emma, however, needed a little longer to warm up.

Warning: Spoilers for next week’s episode, but only what was shown in the promo.

Author’s Notes: So this was written because I really wanted Emma and Hook to cuddle on the couch and watch Netflix. Next week’s episode seemed the perfect way to make that happen.

Read it here on my AO3 account or continue reading below:

They rushed in as soon as enough of the thick ice was melted away. David got to her first, followed swiftly by Henry.

“Emma, thank god. You’re alright,” David gasped out as he wrapped his arms around her. Emma nodded wearily against his shoulder and pulled Henry into the hug, reveling in their warmth as they escorted her out of the melting cavern. On either side of them were Snow and Hook, and when they were through to the other side she could see what looked to be nearly the whole the town waiting.

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