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A Guide to The Adventure Zone metaplot

So recently, I re-listened to the entirety of TAZ in prep for the ending and took notes; as we head into the finale next week, I wanted to share them! This is a comprehensive look at every plot thread, bit of foreshadowing, and yet-unresolved ideas as we head into endgame. This involves heavy spoilers through the most recent episode (66) and assumes you have already listened or read the content before.

The full is under the cut!

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Just a Sterek drabble I wrote on this rainy Sunday afternoon because I started my day off watching an absolutely SOUL-CRUSHING ep of House, M.D. and needed a little something to cheer myself up afterwards.

In case it’s not your thing: this fic features Stiles/OMC, but not for long. ;) Rated T, under 1k words

Sometimes Stiles’ new boyfriend can be fairly awesome, like when they stay up until three a.m. together playing video games and making out, or like that time… like… Well, pretty much all the examples Stiles can think of right now are sex things, but. But Jake’s a nice guy, kind of. He’s hot. He’s so hot Stiles still can’t believe he wants to date Stiles, and there are times when he can be a lot of fun.

Then there are the times (like today) that have Stiles questioning all his life choices, especially this one.

“Stiles, stop texting Lydia,” Jake says. No—practically whines. Seriously.

“Uh, no?” Stiles hits send, because Jake is not the boss of him. “We’re still on the ground. We don’t have to turn our phones off yet.”

And now Jake is pouting at him, like he’s six years old. “That’s not what I mean and you know it.”

Stiles can’t help but roll his eyes. “Stop trying to tell me who I can and cannot text. It’s creepy and controlling.”

Jake tries to put his hand over Stiles’, and it actually makes Stiles’ skin crawl a little bit. Stiles crosses his arms over his chest, hands safely tucked into his armpits. In retrospect, inviting Jake along on a trip to Hawaii was probably a bad idea when they’ve only been dating for three months.

Jake crosses his arms, too. “I’m your boyfriend. I’m not allowed to get a little possessive?”

“A little possessive? This is not ‘a little possessive.’ This is annoying and ridiculous and petty and invasive and… Look, yes, I’m bisexual, but Lydia and I are just friends. We’re always going to be friends, and I’m never cutting her out of my life for a boyfriend. The end. So you can stop being a jealous dick—”

“Or what?”

Stiles can’t believe they’re having this conversation right now. “Or maybe we shouldn’t be dating after all.”

Jake runs a hand through his sandy blond prince-charming hair and snorts. “Please, this relationship is over when I say it is. Or do you seriously think anyone else is lining up to date you?”

For a moment Stiles is actually speechless, because how has he spent the last three months thinking this guy was attractive? How did he overlook this level of douchebaggery? Some kind of witchcraft, probably.

That’s when the guy in the row ahead of them turns around in his seat, looks Stiles straight in the eye, and says without even one hint that he’s joking, “I would date you.”

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A little note on the 5th DVD cover

I noticed some people saying that JJ shouldn’t be on this cover, and that it should instead be Otabek.

Quick disclaimer : I’m not trying to drag Otabek down (I actually really like him) nor to play a “who’s better”game. I just want to point out some things.

I think people tend to overrate Otabek’s impact in the anime. Not only did he arrive pretty late, but his impact was really local. He helped Yuri achieve his growth toward Agape. That’s it. And even then, he’s not responsible for the full growth of Yuri. It was an accumulation of events, and his friendship with Otabek was the last piece that helped him reach it.

I’m sure he’s going to get more development and to be shown as a more fleshed-out and impactful in the next-season, but it’s not the case yet. His only impact is on Yuri. He’s not a trial for others skaters, as most are just only discovering him (the “dark horse” of the GPF).

On the contrary to JJ.

Like it or not, JJ is a key character in the series that you can’t erase so easily.

Right from his introduction, he’s shown as “the skater with the most momentum”, and right from ep 9 we see Yuri modifying his jumps in order to beat him. In the last episodes, his presence put a pressure on at least Yuuri and Yuri, who both change their programs and jumps compositions in order to beat him (we don’t see for the other skaters, but it’s not impossible his presence put extra pressure on them too).

He did play a role in Yuri’s personal growth too. Yuri is just starting out his senior debuts, and as we see in the first episodes, he’s sure he’s going to win and don’t doubt of himself for one instant. He’s a sore looser and is used to win, and that’s a part of him that’s pretty immature. In order to grow, he needs to face some defeats, and having JJ beat him several times is a needed reminder in order to grow up. It also lead him to push his limits, to connect with people in order to perfect Agape, and lead him to beat a world’s record in a really elegant way. It doesn’t matter if JJ ended up self-destructing at the end, because his impact on Yuri starts since the beginning of the GP. (More on this here)

But he also impacted Yuuri. Not only did JJ’s high scores push Yuuri to change his program and attempt a quad flip AGAIN (despite not mastering it the first time) in order to have a chance to beat JJ, but JJ’s character as a whole was important, both for Yuuri and for us as spectators. One of the main difference between Yuuri and JJ seems to be the self-confidence (not even mentioning their engagements happening in the same time and their promise of a marriage upon winning gold). But it also resides in their recognition of the love that surround them. It’s clearly said in the series: for a long time, Yuuri didn’t realize how much love and support was around him, and it’s one of the main points of the anime. Yuuri discovering and accepting that love and using it to go farther. 
JJ does realize and accept it. He’s using it to go further. His self-love comes from the love people around him give to him, and he’s using it to go further. He’s only 19 and he’s doing a lot of things, outside of skating (when Yuuri sticks to skating and self-destruct even here). Because he feels secure in the love his relatives and fans have for him. And even when he does fail, he’s still supported and cared for. 
But it’s not just JJ. Yuuri too is supported and cared for when he fails, we see it from the beginning, with Minako welcoming him cheerfully at the airport. But Yuuri doesn’t realize it.

And then we have Yuuri watching JJ fails because of the pressure, and dragging a parallel with himself. He can see JJ -an overly talented young skater that everyone was expecting to win the GPF and who already won two gold medals in a row during his qualifying events- succumb to pressure and fail. Just like him. I strongly believe it helped him step back and re-think how he’s seeing himself, even more that it happens at a time of his life where he’s already growing slowly from his anxiety and self-hatred.

It’s not a coincidence if this shot :

is taking place just at the end of JJ’s FP where he managed to pull himself back up. We see Yuuri quickly tying up his skates and looking determined. Sure, he’s thinking of retiring. But remembers he planned on retiring after winning gold at the finale. Meaning that here, he’s confident about winning a gold medal. 
Something he couldn’t really consider last year when he blew up his performance. What we see happening with JJ in one program is what happened with Yuuri all along the anime, and they put this shot at this exact moment to underline how they are at the same point at this moment.

JJ wasn’t mean to be an antagonist, as I see it said a lot. He was here to participate to some character’s growth, and to show how everyone will recover at their own pace, and how support and love drastically help in the process (as well as accepting that love) and in loving yourself. This event helps Yuuri finalize the process we saw through the series that lead him to now be confident in his ability to win the gold medal and accept his relatives’ love.

tl;dn : JJ IS an important character, whether you like it or not. Otabek, even if full of potential, only had a minor impact in the series.

J2 PittCon 2017 Main Panel
  • J2 came running through the crowd from the back of the room. 
  • Jared: Welcome to our wonderful dysfunctional family. 
  • Jensen was yelling for Jim Beaver (also at the convention) to come back when he was in the glass walkway above the panel room.
  • Jensen teasing Jared: Hearing goes at 35…
  • Jared apologizes for back problems in ops. Jensen: What’d you do? Jared: I think I turned 35 and everything stopped working. 
  • Jared: Are you done yammering, Mr. Ackles? Jensen: Never :P
  • Jensen thanks everyone for being here opening day of football season since Pittsburgh is the most sports city on the planet apparently lol. 
  • Someone yelled that they love Jensen and Jared said, “I love him, too,” so another fan yelled that they loved Jared and he said, “I know” lol.
  • Danneel wanted to FaceTime Jensen during photo ops because Arrow was saying “Dada.”
  • Jensen’s favorite ep to film was Baby. Jared mentioned The French Mistake, Changing Channels, Hollywood Babylon.
  • In Hollywood Babylon, they got bigger trailers for the actors in the ep and J2 were like, “We’ll take them.”
  • Working with kids on set depends on the parents. 
  • Jared says that sometimes kids would rather Game Boy…Jensen: Game Boy??? 
  • Working with kids is logistically challenging because they can only shoot so many hours. Jared says it’s tough when kids don’t seem into it but have pushy parents, but it’s great when the kids love acting. Jensen says it’s nice to have innocent energy on set. Child actors don’t overthink characters like adults do.
  • J2 talking at the same time :P
  • Jensen says watching father-child relationships on television affects him more now that he’s a father. 
  • Fan: When is the s13 promo coming? J2: I imagine pretty soon. Maybe this week or next week. They’re not sure, though. 
  • Jensen: We’ve lived these characters, and have people to remind us of our real life. Each other, our wives… 
  • Jensen jokes that he hasn’t read a script since s3. Jared: He gets a flip book version. Jensen: Really trying to get popup. 
  • Boys cracking each other up :)
  • Jensen: The Winchesters don’t live in a world with superheroes. They live in a world with real heroes. 
  • Fan: Would you guys do an Arrow crossover? Jensen: Oh, sure. Let Misha go over there. 
  • Jensen just called Stephen Amell a “crossover slut” and that he needs to “lock it up” on the Arrow crossovers lol.
  • Except each other, Jared liked working with Gabriel/Richard and Ruby/Gen. Jared said it was a lot of fun to have Richard around because such crazy things happen on set with Gabriel.
  • Jensen liked working with Briana. She helps stretch his comedic muscles.
  • Jensen just said posse magnet and Jared said: “You’re confusing reality with porn again” :P
  • Favorite lines? Jared: Low sodium freaks.
  • Reaction when they found out so many characters were killed in the finale? Jared: I don’t like it, but it makes great TV. 
  • Jensen’s reaction was the same as when he reads a scene when he dies: “Meh. I’ll come back.”
  • If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? Jared: Vancouver and Austin because that’s where my family is. Jensen: *pretends to snore* 
  • Jared would travel to Florence, Italy. Jensen would travel to one of the Scandinavian countries. Would also love to go back to Japan. 
  • Every time the room starts to vibrate (like from helicopters flying by) Jensen looks for Transformers lol. 
  • There were a lot of things behind the scenes during the end of season 11 that made things complicated with the last three eps. 
  • They don’t usually shoot stuff they can’t use in an episode. Jensen says they’ve gotten it down to a science. Things are rarely on the cutting room floor. 
  • There is enough gag reel footage for a 30 min. gag reel just from the first 2-3 episodes. They want the gag reels to be longer, but they don’t budget for it.
  • Jared: I’d watch a season of gag reels. Everyone: Us, too!
  • Fan asks a tech question and mentions Jensen may have more perspective because he directs. Jensen: I usually do hehehe. 
  • Jared: I haven’t seen Magic Mike. Jensen: All the way through. 
  • Jensen watches The Change-Up a lot. Jared sings along to Alvin and the Chipmunks when he puts it on for his kids and watches it even after his kids will go take a nap. 
  • Jared’s favorite big bad character is Lucifer. Jensen agrees, then gives honorable mentions to Azazel and Alastair. 
  • One of Jensen’s favorite scenes in s11 was when he was talking with Chuck. 
  • J2 are open-mouthed about a fan’s amazing binge-watch of Supernatural. 
  • Jared’s favorite dramatic TV show to binge is Breaking Bad. J2 both like BB. 
  • Jared is fangirling over Jensen’s Eric Brady character :P
  • Jensen’s favorite show to binge is Arrested Development. 
  • After mentioning a few shows they enjoy, Jensen says, “But that’s enough advertising for other TV shows.”
  • J2 haven’t pranked each other in a long time. It got too dangerous. They usually work together when doings pranks on other people. 
  • Jared is waving his foot over Jensen’s crotch lol. 
  • Their usual prank target is Misha. Recently made him mess up and when the director was like, “Misha, what’s up?” J2 were like: “Yeah, Misha!” 
  • Jensen hit Jared in the balls when Jared was hugging Misha during filming on Friday. Jensen says that Jared then said, “I hope that was you, Misha.” Jared: I was trying to break him! Jensen says that Jared was squatting a little in front of him during the hug so he just brought his foot up a little… lol
  • Jensen: “I already worked with the actor I wanted to work with.” Jared: Aww!! Jared then hugs Jensen. Then Jensen says, “Actually, my Dad…” lol.
  • Jared would have loved to work with Robin Williams <3
  • J2 fist bump at the end of the panel :)

Info via: Fangasm, Michael, CherieSil’s livetweet list 


A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[23] Toothpaste – The Next World, 6x10

Now this, this is the show I want to watch: casual co-parenting in the apocalypse. The Next World is probably my favorite episode ever. It’s bookended by two perfect Richonne scenes, starting with this one, which serves to effectively reset the narrative after Carl’s near fatal gunshot wound. If you were anticipating dramatic aftermath, tough luck! We got ourselves some heavy domesticity instead! What a timely reminder to us all of how slight the shift will be when Richonne becomes official. In about… ooh, 40 minutes. Set your watches.

Michonne’s never been more relaxed onscreen than in this moment, robe-clad and grinning away as she rolls her head from Rick to Carl. (And just look at the way she watches Rick with Judith in the eighth gif.) Likewise, Rick is in embarrassing dad mode without a care in the world. We see two people who are exactly where they’re supposed to be. She even says to him, in some high-key flirting, “You be good out there.” The sweet little hand touch as they walk away reminds me of tennis doubles players between points; they don’t need to stop and check in with each other – they’re on the same page without words. And for one playful extra detail, as if to support my unnecessary tennis analogy, the ball gets passed back to Michonne just at the very last second. It’s in her court now.

  • Danai: The bonding of [almost losing Carl in No Way Out] and the fact they have a newly formed life now — it’s two months later, they get Carl back, and they’re able to rebuild Alexandria. Rick transformed as well. He’s able to take on all that Deanna used to say and that Michonne would encourage him to believe — to come to Alexandria and consider himself one of these people. He’s now much more hopeful and I think that’s something that appeals to Michonne as well. They’re in a place where they can actually allow their hearts to express themselves. Things are stable and better, they have a new lease on life.
  • Andy: It makes complete sense. It was that sort of domesticated, familial relaxation between old friends.
Song 101 - Finn x Reader

REQUEST: @cxxl-gall Can I get a Finn Wolfhard imagine where his band comes in a bit early to the studio while you’re just finishing up recording and when reader comes out he asks her to stay and listen to their stuff (so he can show off lmao) and to just hang out when he’s not playing and like watching the others play (bc they’re all talented blessss) and like he compliments her voice etc. Like proper cute and fluffy

NOTE: Yo yes I really enjoyed this one. I left it sort of open ended so I was thinking about maybe making it a series? LET ME KNOW IF THAT’S WHAT Y’ALL WANT! 

The song I mention by The Tragically Hip can be heard here. The song Calpurnia is recording is this one!

PLOT: Calpurnia is using the recording studio after you and it turns out that Finn loves your music a little more than you though he could.


Recording was your favourite part of making an album. After your debut EP was released over a year and a half ago, you could not wait to get back into the studio. But before that, you had to write the music and collaborate with others which was a long process but it was totally worth it and you could really feel it in the studio. There were only two more songs that you needed to finish up before you were done. Today you had been working on your favourite song, one that was reminiscent of The Tragically Hip’s song Grace, Too. It was mellow bit still alternate rock.

You were in the middle of the final run when you noticed a small group enter the room just outside of the booth. You couldn’t quite make out who it was since you were trying to concentrate on your harmonies but once you had finished you removed your headphones and made your way out.

“Who’s our guests?” You asked at no one in particular to the room full of people.

The boy with the mop of black curly hair who was bent over a guitar case stood up and turned to you. “We’re Calpurnia.” He introduced. “I’m Finn- “

“Finn Wolfhard” You interrupted. “Yeah I’ve heard your guys play before!” You said.

Finn looked around at his other bandmates with a smile. “That’s awesome!” He exclaimed. “We’re fans of your work actually, Ayla won’t stop singing your songs”

“Your voice is amazing, you’ve got such a unique sound” Ayla said.

Your face turned into a great smile. “Wow thanks, that really means a lot” You said sincerely. You were still a small artist, so it really felt great to hear people say that they loved your music.

“We’re recording some new material today,” Finn said. “It’d be cool if you stayed and listened but uh, only if you wanted to, you don’t have to!” Finn stumbled, spitting out his words nervously.

You looked at your phone and checked the time. You didn’t have to be anywhere for a few hours so you figured you might as well hang around and listen. “Yeah sure, I’d love to” You smiled.

A huge grin came across Finn’s face and he nodded before moving around to get everything set up for their session.

Malcom was the first to record on the drums. They were recording their first original song during this session. It currently didn’t have an official name yet. Finn only referred to it as Song 101. While Malcom was recording, you were sat on the old purple couch outside of the booth watching everything going on inside. Finn came and plopped himself down next to you and started talking.

“So how did you get into music?” He asked right off the bat.

“Well my dad was a sound engineer, like one of the people who works on producing music sort of, and so he would always be playing all kinds of music around the house and I just sang along. My mom stuck me in piano lessons which I loathed but reluctantly did anyways. I wanted to take guitar but she said that piano was the base of understanding all instruments so I didn’t start guitar until I was like eleven I think.” You explained. Your music history wasn’t that interesting yet everyone wanted to know it.

Finn eyes were lit with excitement. “That’s so cool, I’m not great at piano, like I wish I was better but guitar is my thing.”

“It suits you,” You said. “Your voice is great too but the guitar makes the complete package.”

“You like my voice?” Finn asked.

You shrugged. “Yeah, you’ve got this cool indie rock persuasion sound which I totally dig.”

Finn’s already there grin slipped into a full smile. “Thanks, that means a lot” He said sincerely.

Before you two could talk more, Dan, the man in charge of recording, announced that Finn was needed in the booth. Finn looked at you with a look of excitement before pushing off the couch and picking up his guitar.

“Break a leg!” You encouraged and Finn let out a deep breath before pushing open the door and entering the booth.

“Let’s do vocals, yeah?” Dan said into the mic so Finn could hear. He nodded his head before Dan pressed some buttons so Finn could sing. You watched intently as Finn closed his eyes before starting.

See you driving round town with a chip on your shoulder

Well it’s you who gets the last laugh after I call her

I feel cold, oh lord I feel cold.

I feel cold.” Finn sang.

Dan stopped to comment. “That sounded great. Let’s move on to the next part, okay?”

Finn nodded and Dan cued him again for singing. This time you noticed as Finn didn’t close his eyes as he sang. Instead he looked right at you.

“When I’m gone you’re there,

When I’m gone you’re here,

When I’m gone you’ll be older,

When I’m gone you’ll always be cold.

I feel cold, oh lord I feel cold. I feel cold.”

Finn sang with a look of both aspiration yet desperation at the same time. You could only wonder who he was singing to.

Nonetheless, he sounded great. He was able to move his voice around, creating a crisp sound that only he could. You’ve listened to Calpurnia before, once live at the Strange 80’s show. Their cover of Weezer’s El Scorcho was your favorite. You knew that this band was going to go far.

Caught up in your thoughts, you hadn’t noticed that Finn finished with the vocals and now Dan had him working on guitar. Now as you paid attention, you watched as Finn waited for Ayla to join him in the booth. Until she was ready Finn decided it was time to goof around.

First, he was trying to play with his opposite hand but the sound it was making was as atrocious as it was funny. Finn enjoyed seeing you laugh so he continued on. He swung his guitar behind his head and tried to play the chords without being able to see. He was actually pretty decent at this, something that can only be done with lots of practice. Finally, you watched as Finn attempted to play the chorus while only standing on one leg. By now you had already pulled your phone out and was snapchatting the whole experience. Finn was holding his balance pretty well before toppling over, guitar and all. At this point, Ayla was ready to go and Dan was not impressed but you were doubled over with laughter.

“Finn, please get up.” Dan said over the speaker before glancing back to you with a look.

Finn quickly jumped back up, adjusting his guitar to the right place. “Yep, sorry Dan.” He said with a nervous smile but as soon as Dan looked away, Finn was winking at you with a smirk.

Ayla and Finn worked together, strumming out the chords and swinging the melodies. You couldn’t help but stare at Finn as he played. On stage, he has such a persona that was completely different from what you were seeing. Here he was concentrating, rocking to the rhythm and letting it take over him as he played. It was a whole other Finn. And for some reason you felt lucky that you got to see it.

Soon enough, Finn’s time in the booth was over and he was walking back to you, slinging his guitar off his body and into its case.

“How did that sound?” Finn asked slightly out of breath.

“It sounded amazing.” You said. “You sounded amazing!” You added.

Finn blushed and sheepishly looked away. “Really?” He asked.

“Yeah! You’re like a whole other person in there, completely different from when I saw you on stage!” You explained.

“You’ve seen us live?” He asked with wide eyes.

You nodded with a grin.

“When?” He asked, hungry for your answers.

“Strange Eighties.” You said. “I know El Scorcho was an exception to the theme but you guys killed it! Best version I’ve ever heard, hands down” You added.

Finn looked like he was about to pass out. He threw himself down onto the couch beside you.

“No way!” He said astounded. “I’m going to need you to write that down for me because no one will believe me when I tell them that Y/N L/N likes my music!”

You laughed at the boy next to you and reached for a scrap piece of paper on the table nearby. “Okay sure” you said shaking your head. You quickly scribbled out the sentence you had just said and held it out to Finn.

He glanced at the paper before accepting it. “You should also write your number on that too” He said with a cheeky grin.

You leaned back into the couch and crossed your arms still holding the paper in your hand. “Are you asking me out Finn Wolfhard?” You raised an eyebrow smirking back.

Finn blushed but didn’t give up. “Well technically I am asking for your number, but since you seem so willing I guess I could ask you out as well.”

You uncrossed your arms and started to write your number on the scrap paper. “Okay, but I’ll only say yes if there’s ice cream involved.” You stated with a smile.

You held out the paper for Finn and this time he took it from you. “Are you serious?” he asked with wide eyes. You looked at him with confusing face. “You’ll actually go out with me?”

You nodded your head while tucking your hair behind your ear. “Yeah, of course.” You smiled.

“Fuck yeah” Finn said, excitement all over.

From across the room Jack piped up. “Swear jar, Finn.” He said in a monotone voice. He must have to say it often.

Finn reached into his jeans pocket and pulled out a quarter. “It was worth it” he said as he threw the coin over to his bandmate.

To Own A Hybrid P.6

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff (eventual smut) Hybrid!AU Cat!AU

Summary: The hybrid world was one y/n never really involved herself in; however, after certain events, she is tossed into a world of uncertainty in the company of a particularly rude hybrid. 

Word Count: 4k +

WARNING: Mentions of abuse, emotional torment, and prostitution 

P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 (im to lazy to link it, but its there!)

“Hey! you new?!”

You frantically looked around for the enthusiastic voice before setting your eyes on the small framed boy walking your way.

“is it that obvious?” you asked nervously as you played with the hem of your school uniform.

“are you here to join the internship competition?” he asked as the two of you walked into the empty school.

“I think I’m too young to join this year, but I’ll try it out next year” you said excitedly as he placed his hands on his hips.

“damn. We would’ve been competitors…well if you do end up joining next year, you know who to call for help!” he said before sending you a playful wink.

You giggled before nodding your head appreciatively

“I’m y/n by the way”

“Jimin, nice to meet you”

Your eyes fluttered open as a tear escaped, rolling down the side of your face before soaking into the pillow underneath your head.

Slowly you rolled your body over, groaning in content as the sun shone through your window and coated your room with warmth.


Why? Why would he do something like that?

“I actually just don’t know the answer” you whined as you smacked your head on the table in front of you.

“yes you do! Your just have to believe in your skills and capabilities” he exclaimed as he patted your head comfortingly.

“what skills and capabilities?” you replied sassily as you indulged further into your self-pity party.

“see! That’s your problem” he said as he rolled his eyes “you think so little of yourself”.

“why are you helping me?” you asked curiously as you played with the edges of your textbook.

“to be honest…I see myself in you” Jimin shrugged as he ruffled your hair.

“I also feel like we’re going to be in each other’s lives for a long time” he smiled before stretching his arms out and leaning back in his chair.

“mmm, I doubt that. You’re going to be working in some fancy company and I’ll be cleaning the ground underneath your feet” you sighed, defeat written all over your face.

“we’ll see”

There must be more too it…there just must be…

This isn’t Jimin. Jimin is kind and caring. Jimin is giving and forgiving…Jimin…

You failed your body around angrily before finally exiting your room.

“hey” Jungkook said simply as his eyes were blown wide by iron man’s delicate moves.

You rolled your eyes before sending a text to Namjoon.

‘I have evidence against the S.T.M member’s in our office. do you want me to bring it to you?’

‘wow, that was quick! You and Jungkook make a good team. Don’t worry ill swing by at 10 and get it. Thank you’

You sighed before checking your watch. 2 hours. 2 hours to collect your thoughts.

“have you eaten?” you asked Jungkook as you examined the set up on evidence on the table in front of you. Everything was organised to the T.

“Nup. But before we eat, I hacked the computer you asked me too, but there’s nothing on it; just some transactions” he said as he laid himself down.

You watched as Jungkook swapped positions, his head facing away from you and his ears perked up as they took in every line of the movie.

“I’ll make some breakfast” you mumbled as you dragged your feet into the kitchen and tried to tear your eyes away from Jimin’s files.

“you picked up!” you chimed happily as his silk like voice flowed through the phone.

“of course, I did, what’s up?” he asked curiously.

“I got the job- well correct, I won the intern contest and they liked me so much they offered me a direct job after school! Isn’t that great!” you epped excitedly as you tried to contain your screams of joy.

“Jesus y/n! that’s fantastic! See I told you!” he shouted with joy.

You laughed at his sudden excitement before a wide smile of appreciation played across your face.

“thank you Jimin…like, for everything” you stated as he hummed in acknowledgment.

“your welcome, any time you need anything. Just call me okay?”

You couldn’t do it…

As the stir-fry stirred around in the pot you glanced over to Jungkook before slowly approaching the table.

Your hands shook as you had an inner battle with yourself.

He played a part in this. So, he should pay the price… but there must be a reason why someone so pure-hearted would do this shit!

5 years…you’ve known him for five years. Sure, you aren’t the best of friends and you don’t know every detail about his life…but you knew him well enough.

Trusting your judgement of character, you quickly grabbed Jimin’s files and returned to the kitchen where you hid them in a cabinet.

You took a deep breath as the smile that has cared for you flicked into your mind.

“kookie its ready!” you shouted out at you walked the two bowls to the couch.

Jungkook flipped up from his laid position quickly as his tail flicked out of his pants as quick as lightning.

Jungkook’s slightly opened mouth, waging tail and sparkling eyes sent butterflies floating around in your stomach.

As you passed him the bowl he mumbled a soft thank you before digging into his meal.

Time moved slowly as the two of you sat in silence and continued watching the iron man movie for the fifth time that week.

“what’s wrong?” Jungkook blurted out suddenly as he shoved his last pieces of meat in his mouth before putting his bowl down on the table in front of you.

You looked at him in confusion as your eyebrows furrowed.

“you’re being weird. So, what’s up?” he asked again.

You sighed before shrugging your shoulders. As you opened your mouth to tell him about the situation. The pleasant tune of your doorbell rang throughout your apartment.

As you skipped your way to the door Jungkook followed close behind you.

“Namjoon” you greeted happily as the blonde headed boy stood awkwardly at your door frame.

“hey! I can’t believe you got evidence! I hope neither of you got hurt” he said as you moved to the side letting him fully assess the two of you with concern.

You smiled warmly before shaking your head “were fine! But are you? How’d everything go?” you asked as you walked him to the table containing the files.

“oh wow, this many…Ronald?” he asked surprised as he flicked through papers. Your eyes glanced to Jungkook who was staring at the spot where the missing file was sat previously.

“So, did everything go down smoothly?” you asked as Jungkook started to piece everything together, giving you a questioning look.

“Surprisingly, yer. We managed to round up all the hybrids and arrest Mr. So’s helpers who were there. But this? This is going to take his whole little group out” Namjoon smirked.

“little group?” you asked curiously.

“well yer, the S.T.M is obviously much bigger than Mr. So, and a couple of idiots. There are multiple divisions, but one at a time is how we’re dealing with it” Namjoon explained as he gathered everything up.

“thank you, guys, honestly, this is a lot of help” he said thankfully.

You smiled widely before walking him to the door.

“I’ll see you at work!” you chirped as he exited your apartment.

As soon as you shut your door you felt Jungkook’s hard stare burning through your back.

“I can explain” you said sheepishly as you walked back over to him.

“what happened to ‘even Jimin’?” Jungkook asked, annoyance plain as day in his voice.

You groaned before running a hand through your hair.

“I couldn’t do it” you admitted boldly “I know Jimin, there has to be some sort of explanation. And oh god if Namjoon found out that Jimin was involved…ugh it…it would just be too much”.

Jungkook clicked his tongue before putting his hands on his hips.

“so, what are you gonna do now?” he asked curiously as you sighed.

“I’m going to go to work tomorrow morning and pretend like none of this ever happened. If he tries to talk to me I’m going to simply ignore him” you spoke, but more to yourself than to Jungkook.

“don’t you want to know why though? This means you’re going to have to talk to him” Jungkook smirked as he shook his head at you.

You flailed your arms in the air before grunting in frustration.

“Go back to watching your stupid show, I’m going for a run” you huffed before walking into your room and flopping yourself on your bed.

“welcome to the office y/n! wait- what desk are you? Your right next to me! Isn’t this great!” Jimin borderline shouted as you struggled to carry all your things.

“Jimin! Keep your voice down! I don’t want to make a bad first impression” you scowled as you made over too your desk.

He chuckled before helping you unpack your things, sending you proud father vibes as he watched you begin your work.

“this doesn’t look like going for a run to me”

You sighed before rolling over and patting your bed next to you, signalling him to join you.

He hissed slightly before laying himself down next to you.

“I’m not a dog, do that again and ill claw your eyes out” he muttered angrily as you sighed.

“Jungkook…do you know what sucks the most about human beings?” you asked quietly as you stared up at the ceiling.

His turned his head to you awaiting the answer.

“there’s a certain saying that goes, sometimes good people do bad things. However, this bad act does not make them a bad person. But sometimes bad people do good things…and going along with the first saying, this doesn’t make them a good person…so, what how do we tell the difference from the good acting bad and the bad acting good?” you stated as a small tear rolled down your cheek.

As small whimpers escaped your lip Jungkook turned his body to you and whipped your tear with his thumb.

“you just have to put your cards on the table. When it’s wrong it sucks but when its right, it’s just better” Jungkook said, recycling the lesson you had taught him previously.

You giggled before checking your watch. 11:30am…

“have you heard of a game center?”


Jungkook looked around in disgust as couples and younger teens laughed and enjoyed themselves.

“why are we here?” Jungkook asked as you gleamed with joy.

“because Jungkook, my purpose is to teach you about the joys of life, the good things” you preached as you lead him towards the one game that single changed your life…

The bumper cars.

“so, what do I do?” Jungkook asked as you bounced up and down in the line.

“first of all, relax and stop being so ‘I’m too cool for everything’. Secondly, you’ll figure it out. And thirdly, have fun!” you explained as you smiled brightly.

You laughed as you watched Jungkook wait in his bumper car with an unamused face.

The others around him chatted and screamed with joy.

As the countdown began, you sent Jungkook a wink, fully knowing he had no idea what was about to go down.

Cars started driving and the music started playing, meaning the fun had begun.  

Jungkook’s face quickly twisted into an expression of surprise as his car started being bumped all over the place.

You made a B-line straight for his car, a mischievous smiled on your face.

The two cars collided with each other causing Jungkook to whip his head in your direction.

“figured it out yet?” you asked with a chuckle before making your great escape.  

Before a cocky laugh could exit your body, your car was jolted forward leaving you screaming briefly in shock. As you looked behind you your eyes locked with Jungkook’s, a wide smile covering his face and a certain sparkle in his eyes.

You laughed loudly before shaking your head. “you’ve done it now” you said getting ready to get your revenge.

In that split second you swore you had heard the bells of heaven come out of Jungkook’s mouth as he laughed whole heartedly and drive away.

“Y/n! Y/n! did you see!?! I won!” Jungkook exclaimed childishly. You smiled and nodded your head as he picked out his prize.

“Jungkook, I think we’re going to have to stop and go home” you stated sadly.

Jungkook looked at you as though you had crushed all his hopes and dreams “what! Why?” he whined as he wrapped his arm tightly around his new teddy bear.

“because kookie- “you started as you rose your arms showing all the prizes Jungkook had won “I’m running out of body parts”.

Jungkook pouted before nodding his head sadly “we’ll come back, though right?” Jungkook asked softly.

“well duh, but for now. LET’S EAT!” you said before running off with all of Jungkook’s prizes.

As you loaded the car, you watched as Jungkook’s sparkle stayed put, along with his smile.

“fun, right?” you asked as you exited the parking lot.

“yer, whatever…I guess” Jungkook mumbled as he tried to hide his bunny-like smile.

You chuckled before turning on the radio “in the mood for Indian” you commented as the buzz from before continued through your body.

Jungkook hummed in agreement as he sat back and relaxed into the car seat.


It was 3am and you weren’t in a good mood but money needed to be made.

As you pulled your work pants up your body you tried not to let the tiredness of your lack of sleep night affect you.

The walk to the kitchen was harder than expected. You stumbled and yawns were just unavoidable.

You quickly wrote a note to Jungkook stating that you would be home late and to call you if he needed anything before heading out to your car.

Fixing your hair in your mirror you let your mind run free, remembering that you would most likely run into Jimin this afternoon…by then the news of the S.T.M members being arrested would be on television.  

Unfortunately, your mind was not all there as you struggled to get into your car. You knew the day would be a long one but you were determined to get lost in your work, hopefully it’ll be a nice distraction.  

The walk to the office was also a quite one as the eerie emptiness of it dawned on you as you travelled through it.  

You greeted co-workers before seating yourself at your desk and mentally preparing yourself for the tasks ahead of you.

You had finally completed the tasks you had set for yourself and Jesus it felt great.

Your bones were aching slightly and let’s not even talk about your muscles but the feeling of achievement was way greater than the pain.

As you examined the office you realised that time had flown by, it was currently 11am and the office was full of life.

A familiar perfume filled your nostril’s in an instant…he was here.

You turned you head in the direction of the smell to see a shy Jimin staring at the back of your head.

When he saw you notice him he briefly panicked before slowly making his way over to you. He awkwardly rolled his chair over to you before setting himself down and speaking.

“I’m not in handcuffs” he stated softly as he stared at you with glistening eyes.  

“I see that” you stated simply, clearing your throat awkwardly as you avoided eye contact.

“y-you didn- “he started shyly before you cut in.

“no Jimin, I didn’t. I didn’t because I just couldn’t do it. I’ve known you for so long, I refuse to believe that you would do something like this…there has to be a reason, right?” you asked hopefully.

Jimin stared at you wide-eyed before a smile broke out on his face.

“yes, there’s a reason and of course, I wouldn’t do something like that…Y/n it’s a really long story but I swear to you I’m not the bad guy” he explained as he brought his hands up in a pleading position.

“okay well then enlighten me. Tell me everything” you demanded as you fully swerved in your seat.

He took a deep breath in before wiping his forehead nervously, a thin layer of sweat glazing over it.

“It was stupid…well I was stupid. Stupid and in love with someone so fucking toxic…it started when I left Busan and moved here to Seoul. She lived next door to me. At first, she was a ray of sunshine…I fell so quickly and so hard. Honestly, I don’t know how it all happened, I just wanted to keep her happy and the next thing I know I’m in debt and owe Mr. So 30 million won…” Jimin breezed past quickly. The events he spoke of might of happened in the past but the pain and anger was still evident in his eyes.

“wait. You are telling me that you started this because a girl got you into debt?” you asked confusingly.

“I could’ve paid the debt off in 10 years with my salary…but they both had other plans. I had no idea she was a part of something like this and they both knew I wouldn’t willing join in, so they tricked me. They made me think the love of my life was in life-threatening danger and of course, like a love-sick fool I did anything Mr. So, asked to keep her safe. It started off with little things…intimating small businesses, shady transactions, fighting here and there…but then it got to stuff like this. I found out it was all a lie and tried to leave but I was too far in. they said I knew too much…t-they threatened my life and people I care about” Jimin explained.

You looked at him shocked as you tried to process everything he had just told you. All the time that Jimin was helping you, he was in some real shit.

“Jimin…why didn’t you tell me, o-or anyone else? Someone could’ve helped?” you whispered sadly as Jimin moved closer to you to hear.

“y/n, I would’ve been putting you in danger…” he replied as he brought a thumb up to wipe your few tears.

“I feel like a shitty friend now…ugh” you pouted as you grasped Jimin’s small hand in yours.

“of course, you’re not a shitty friend, if anything, I’m the shitty friend” Jimin chuckled, the statement-making you shake your head almost instantly.

“no more secrets okay!” you chirped holding out your pinkie finger “I’m legit one of your only friends, you have to tell someone this shit okay?”.

Jimin’s eyes were soft and gentle as they stared into yours. A small smile itched at his lips as he gave you a shy nod.

“thanks y/n” he whispered before pulling you into a half hug.

“we should probably stand up and do this”  


It was 11pm. You were dying as you dragged your body through your front door.

The sound of your footsteps filled the apartment as you started unloading you bag.

It had been a long day…a really long day and except from the random update texts from Jungkook you hadn’t heard much from him.

As you showered you made a mental note to check on the boy in the morning, you had the rest of the week off so you were set on learning more about him.

It’s funny how you think you know people and everything about them…but what happens behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors until someone opens It…

You let out a heavy sigh before leaving the shower and getting dressed.

When you opened your bathroom door you were surprised to see Jungkook patiently waiting for you on your bed.

“hey” you smiled tiredly as you turned on your side table’s lamp.

Jungkook stared up at you with large puppy eyes as he pulled back the blanket and joined you as you climbed into bed.

“is something wrong?” you asked as he laid down and snuggled into the bed.

“you were gone for so long” he whispered quietly as his eyes fluttered close.

you smiled as his eyes twitched and his body tried to subtly move closer to yours.

You slowly brought your hand up to his ears, the urge to touch them was too strong.

As you ran you fingers slowly through his hair Jungkook purred softly “y/n…can I tell you something?” Jungkook asked softly, breaking you from your trance.

You hummed in confirmation before continuing to stroke his head, finding new areas in which Jungkook would purr louder than others.

“I’m comfortable” Jungkook stated firmly causing you to laugh lightly.

“that’s good” you replied softly as you rested your head against the head rest of the bed.

“can I stay here?” he asked innocently as his body finally reached its goal and content covered his face as he smuggled into the side of your leg.

“well it’s not the first time you’ve slept in here so sure” you shrugged nonchalantly.

“no… I mean like here, with you, in your apartment” he corrected shyly.

You paused for a moment, trying to burn the memory of this moment into your brain “kookie, of course you can…I thought you already knew that?” you replied with care.

The hybrid whined as he snuggled further into you, his arm reaching up as he tried to pull you down into a lying down position.

You smiled before tuning your side light off and sliding down into Jungkook’s arms.

You whispered goodnight as you let the comfort of the bed mixed with Jungkook’s warmth lull you to sleep.

“I know…I just like to hear you say it every now and then”

End Up Together (Part One)

Pairing: Steve Harrington x f!Henderson!Reader

Summary: You are Dustin’s sister. You get roped into dealing with the events that happen and somehow you and Steve end up developing feelings for each other.

Warnings: slow burn (kind of), language, major season 2 spoilers esp in later parts, this basically follows on with the show from about ep 6 onwards. this here is your !!!SPOILER WARNING!!!

Word Count: 1102

A/N: this is a series! I’m actually almost finished writing it because i wanted to have a clear idea of where it was going before i posted it. this will be updated regularly (ie. every day or every other day if i manage to write other things)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine (finale)

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The bell signalling lunch rang loudly and the class started packing up their belongings while the teacher tried shouting over the noise something about homework but no one was listening. You were no different, looking to get out as quickly as possible so you could nab a table in the cafeteria quickly before there were no spaces left. You swung your bag over your shoulder and left the class swiftly before almost anyone else had managed to get out. The hallways were already crowded though and you tried weaving your way through the crowd of students in the direction of the cafe. You were almost there, but before you could get in, you walked straight into someone.

“Watch it, pretty girl!” The boy shouted, before walking straight past you.

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Your local Voltron meta trash nerd is back at it again folks

Ok so bear with me if someone’s already done this but I couldn’t watch the newest season until now and I think (again this is all theory) that the last ep of Voltron was EXTREMELY important in terms of foreshadowing and learning more about the Paladins

So we’ve seen some common characteristics between the old and new paladins, ranging from straight up parallels to merely gender/build similarities. Pre-Comet Zarkon is stern but caring, Alfor is impulsive in battle, Blaytz is fun-loving (whooping with joy as he flies his lion for the first time like Lance) and flirtatious (gAY???), Trigel is the only female paladin (before Allura of course), and we didn’t see much of Gyrgan but he seems to be just as fond of one-liner snappy comebacks as Hunk. Shiro and Keith have a similar bond of friendship to Zarkon and Alfor, while Blaytz and Alfor have each other's backs (there is a scene that really parallels a scene from season 2)

But for me, this season has confirmed what I think are the weaknesses of the paladins because now we’ve seen multiple paladins and have been able to draw parallels between their personalities. The greatest things about these weaknesses are that they are actually the Paladin’s strength, but unmoderated they become weaknesses. For example, the Red Paladin’s strength is their instincts but its weakness, impulsiveness and self-centered thinking, is the result of relying too much on their instinct and not others. This one was quite obvious from the start, but the rest of them haven’t been explored much.

The foil to the Red Paladin is the Blue, whose weakness is self-doubt and relying too much on others, unlike the Red (which is interesting because Lance can pilot both thereby reinforcing the fact that he is multi-faceted, not having a “thing”). They are quick to doubt themselves because they can so easily see other’s strengths, but not their own. I mean “rely too much on others,” more so to mean emotional validation, to feel needed, etc. They see their worth through others’ eyes. Allura and Lance also share this willingness to charge in thoughtlessly or sacrifice themselves for the sake of their friends or family. Lance would give up his role as a Paladin for the sake of the team while Allura was lured into two traps because she wanted to see Alteans again.

The Yellow Paladin’s weakness is fear, but not necessarily like Hunk’s. Again, we don’t know much about Gyrgan but after seeing this line from Hunk

I think the weakness has more to do with not wanting to explore the unknown. A foil to the Green Paladin who is inquisitive, the Yellow Lion values security, therefore it’s weakness is not taking risks or sticking with what it knows instead of trying something new.

Which brings me to the Green Paladin, whose weakness is being willing to sacrifice everything for the pursuit of what they want (knowledge, family, etc.) Their inquisitive nature will sometimes lead them to make decisions that are too risky because they are too focused on what they want, like Pidge wanting to collect that data on her family instead of avoiding a giant falling object from the sky?!?!?! I think Honerva/Haggar would’ve made a great Green Paladin pre-Comet.

Finally, we have the Black Paladin and this is THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE. Their weakness isn’t apparent at first but when Shiro said

I realized it was this very decisiveness that is necessary to be a leader that is also their downfall. You have to be confident in your commands on the battlefield in order to avoid chaos and confusion. You have to make split-second decisions, sometimes really hard ones. All the Black Paladins must have this trait (Keith is v decisive. He knows what he wants, it’s just he’s immature and thinks with his anger, not his head), but being too firm in your decisions you make means you may not listen to your team. Zarkon refuses to close the rift, Shiro brings Keith to the Blade, Keith is… Keith.

Zarkon refusal to listen was his undoing and I think this episode foreshadows the same for Shiro. Shiro won’t turn all quintessence crazy, but I think this whole Kuron Phase 3 business is gonna stir things up (there’s a lot of theories about this but no matter what is actually going on, shit’s gonna go down) and maybe something inside him that he can’t control will mean Voltron loses its head… again.

But it won’t have the same ending as Zarkon’s story. This is where the right hand comes in. Zarkon and Alfor, Shiro and Keith, Keith and Lance. Think Hand of the King in Game of Thrones. It’s their job to make sure their leader doesn’t make dumb decisions. The right hand has every capacity of a leader but they aren’t because they see that another has traits that are stronger and they respect that person more. They instead lead by keeping their leader in check, challenging and pushing them to be better. But whereas Alfor failed to keep Zarkon from making the worst decision, I think Keith and Lance will write a different story.

I say Keith and Lance, not Shiro and Keith because Shiro has been retired from his post, he’s not the leader anymore even though Keith still feels like he should be. The writers have made it pretty clear that Shiro is to step aside from Voltron duties, but will still be important plotwise. If Shiro falls into Galran hands once again, maybe even becoming their weapon, Keith will lose it. He will stop at nothing to save him, just like Zarkon stopped at nothing to save Honerva/Haggar. It’s going to have to be Lance who will have to help him through this trial and talk some sense into him. I think this is why the writers have included a Keith and Lance bonding moment each season. Whether you ship them or not, it’s pretty obvious they have become more amicable and friendly as the show has gone on and this will be crucial in the seasons to come. Lance is canonically Keith’s right-hand man and if the story arc really does mimic the old story of the Paladins then this could be how it will go. I have faith Lance and the team will be able to reason with Keith and work out a plan. And they will still rescue Shiro but as a team.

Again, this is all theory so don’t take it too seriously, but I think it would be AWESOME. Let me know, too far-fetched? Waste of time? Didn’t make sense at all? lmao I’m trapped in meta hell

rain (reddie) ch. 5

Type: Series

Summary: Richie and Eddie had dated each other for a long time, and things had been going great - or so, they thought. After Eddie comes home to an empty apartment and a note left behind, the loving relationship of four years tragically ended. Years of never speaking to each other later, the wedding of Beverly and Ben brings everyone back together, including Eddie and Richie. Hotel room mix-ups, drunken confessions, loud arguments between several losers, bad parties, old childhood games, memories, music, love, and drama ensues over the week of preparing for the wedding.

Pairing(s): Reddie, Benverly, Stenbrough

Word count: 2.7k

Chapter warnings: N/a

A/N: just. i’m sorry lmao. as some of you know, i had a recent tragedy in the family and that delayed EVERYTHING. i owe you guys this chapter. things are still moving a bit slow with the story but just hang in there with me. we’re going somewhere, i promise. AS ALWAYS, credit to my amazing beta @r-u-reddie for helping to make this shit coherent and put together. let me know what you guys think! edit: if you wanna listen to the song richie sung, it’s called disappear (remember when) by issues. listen to the black diamond ep version for a more accurate version. 

AO3 link here

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“Richie, frosting does not turn muffins into cupcakes!”

“Of course it does. If there’s frosting, it’s a cupcake. If not, it’s a muffin. It’s not that hard to grasp, Eds.”

“No, no, no, no, no. You’re wrong. They’re completely different recipes! You don’t know what you’re talking about, per usual. Y’know, I’m convinced you like to disagree just for the sake of it.”

Both men walked through the hotel lobby together, a frown of frustration locked in on Eddie’s face while a smirk that only spelled mischief was residing on Richie’s.

“Hey, look. They’re talking again, and they’re arguing. That’s some sort of normalcy.” Stan commented from their breakfast table, rolling his eyes playfully.

Bill’s expression was one of unease, but Beverly’s was one of glee. Out loud, she wanted to say ‘this just might work, guys’, but one glance at her fiance who was chowing down pancakes like it was the first meal he had eaten in years, told her to keep her mouth shut and to revel internally.

It wasn’t as if Bill didn’t want Eddie and Richie to get back together. He wasn’t an idiot; the two were still clearly in love with one another. He remembered the last conversation he’d had on the phone with Eddie.

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Not sure what to make of this, but could Rian be hinting at a bigger role for Poe in Episode IX?



Okay now that that’s clear…

So I’ve notice that this hasn’t been talked about at all, and it’s something that I think needs to be discussed. During The Last Jedi, we get to know about a very important item that Leia has on her. Rey, as we know, has left in search of Luke. However she took with her a device that can be used as an item to track the Rebels. Leia wears the duplicate on her wrist, and mentions to Finn, when he asks about it, that it’s a device to lead Rey back to them. Her candle in the window so to speak. (Actual words I can’t recall at this second but that’s the gist of it.) This is a very important item as it shows there is life signs on the ship. Thus Rey knows where to find them and can locate them with the Falcon. 

This is a hugely important item, one that, plays a vital role in the story later. However, it becomes a very interesting thing not too long after Leia is knocked out. She drops the tracker and Finn takes it, with plans to get away from the ship and keep Rey safe from the FO as they are going after them through Hyperspace. You would think that Finn would keep this on him, but…in a twist, he does something rather interesting. While working on a plan with Poe and Rose he gives Poe the tracker. 

Keep in mind he tells Poe to keep it safe, and I think he mentions that it is something that will bring Rey back to them, so I believe Poe at least has an idea of what it is. Now suddenly Poe is holding two lives in his hands, in a way. Leia’s and Rey’s. And the interesting thing is, he keeps it on him. I think he actually wears it too. 

Now the thing about Poe is that his story is telling something that is mirroring Rey’s and oddly Ben’s as well. Poe is having to deal with Vice Admiral Holdo, who, if you watched Twelve O’clock high and  you have an idea of Commander Savage is you should have a good idea of Holdo’s no nonsense character. Poe is rash in this movie, costing them a number of members of the rebellion, numbers they need. Leia tries to drill this into his head, but, like Ben Solo, he makes various bad choices that lead him into a fight with Holdo. His distaste of Holdo’s more strict regulations, things that are keeping a number of the crews safe, shows and the two seem to have it out. This leads to Poe going behind Holdo’s back with Finn and Rose to shut down the tracking system, and nearly ends up getting his friend killed in the process. 

At the same time we see Rey dealing with two things. An authority figure in Luke that she has a hard time understanding, and a force bond with Ben Solo, who is all sorts of conflicted at this point. It’s interesting to note here that Rey and Poe seem to be making decisions based, not fully understanding everything before them. They think they know what’s best, but it ends up screwing them over in the end. For Rey it’s trusting Ben, and for Poe it’s not trusting Holdo. 

It’s near the end that both realize their mistakes and learn from them, and this is where things get very interesting to me. Rey, as per the trailers, is being harmed by Snoke, but the shot that it cuts to is not an upset Ben or Finn, but rather Poe. Poe had been Stunned by Leia after his little mutinay and was out cold. He suddenly wakes up as if feeling Rey’s pain, to run and see the world breaking around him. 

Now one thing that I have to point out is that Poe grew up around a Force Tree. During the comics and even the novel of Poe’s story, we learned that Luke had asked his mother Shara Bey for a favor, which was to go with him to get two force Tree saplings. The first he planted at his temple, the second he gave to Shara who put it on their house on Yarvin 4. This becomes important to the fact that Poe grew up around a high level of Force senstivity and seems to display a lower bit of it. Having that explains some of the piloting skills he has, as well as the way he was able to sense out the foxes escape route. 

This bit of that info also plays into another scene but not between Rey and Poe but between Luke and Leia earlier. In it, Luke calls out to his sister in the force, and wakes her up. This is going to seem odd but, what if the same thing is happening with Rey and Poe only in a different way? 

Humor me here for a second. Ben and Rey have a force bond now, created when Ben was going at Rey’s mind for info about Luke thanks to Snoke. Snoke claims he created that, but the force is a strange and fickled thing. So could it be that when Snoke is torturing Rey, to get info from her about Luke, he managed to some how create a lighter bond between Poe and Rey? 

There’s also the fact that Poe is being shown as the man that Ben could have been, and Leia treats him as a son. Poe lost his mother at an early age and Leia has been acting as a mother figure as well as a mentor to him for a long while now. He cares for her deeply, like she is is own mom. So there’s this weird dynamic going on here. Ben and Poe are mirrors of one another, and, I think that the reason why we’re seeing more on Poe now is because now Rey can see him. 

Let me explain, Finn at this point is worried not just about Rey but about Rose as well, and Rey is watching that with a bit of sadness as she probably is wondering what to do now. Poe is also sort of in the same spot. He’s lost several of his team and must figure out their next move with Leia. So both are in the same place and matured enough to move forward. 

Add to that, their meeting. Well new meeting. The very fact that Rey knows who Poe is, and Poe is “I know” clearly shows that he knows that everyone he loves cares about her and he can see why. He’s amazed at her, and has every reason to be, she saved them when they needed it. 

So my best guess is that Poe is going to be used as a mirror for Ben to be pulled back to the light, and more then likely we’ll see Rey and him spend more time together as Finn will be busy with Rose. 

Things I Love About Stray Kids (2/∞)

a/n: hello, this is gonna be a series now because 1) I’m really happy this week, like I legit haven’t been this genuinely happy in a long time and 2) I love them more than I thought sO HERE WE GO AGAIN!


  • okay, this is sad but, the fact that he believes he’s the only one who carries the team? he’s blaming himself for the eliminations and didn’t even want to rejoice with everyone else because he wanted them to forgive him first. like no chan, it was never your fault–you already do so much for the team and everyone knows that. but it’s definitely admirable 
  • that *O* face he does is super cute yo
  • hiS CURLY HAIR IS S U C H a look
  • “i really love you guys”
  • ^^ gave me a heart attack
  • his awkwardness lmao 
  • hello can we have a mini series of chan’s kitchen please


  • “HI HELLO”
  • yo his killing parts in aLL THE SONGS S I G H 
  • i love watching him perform
  • giving his pizza crust to chan slkfjdasfd
  • that dark blue, red cuffed plaid flannel he wore last ep? A BLESSING
  • he seems so insecure ever since the “not a main vocal” criticism and like? he’s working so hard? so fill up his role because he feels like he doesn’t uphold it? like idk what “not a main vocal” means but i just want everyone to appreciate how much he’s taking care of himself to improve


  • he, can dance to Lie, Begin, Dope, Blood Sweat and Tears, Spring Day, idk probably all BTS songs w h a t  t a l e n t
  • okay but also, we have to talk about that brown jacket/striped shirt look he wore last ep bc it iS C U T E 
  • he’s also that lowkey weird that if you don’t catch it, you won’t know so he passes off as the normal one of the group and it makes it x4837234 more funnier
  • him giving up on Felix’s Korean
  • also, the fact that his earrings are just these black circles and tbh it’s sorta hot b y e
  • bonus: i miss him so much and i really really really i need more content of him and get to know him better before i combust


  • is so willing to help everyone in the group oh man he’s so kind
  • doesn’t even get mad when everyone picks on him and just goes along with it
  • goes with the flow of things so well–he gets along with everyone pretty nicely and I think that’s pretty cool
  • “AH”
  • tbhlowkeysortadonewithjypbutthatsjustwhatithinksodontquotemeonthis
  • H I S  B O Y F R I E N D  O U T F I T S man changbin stans how you doin
  • what was that extra pose when taking a picture like klasjdflskadf 


  • like laying on the ground for the perfect angle? wHAT A MOOD
  • how he wants so badly to improve? i really admire how much effort he’s putting into his rap and it’s really amazing to watch and hear the improvement since hellevator 
  • “YAH”
  • he seems like he has his life together and has a pretty nonchalant facade but seeing through the cracks of his insecurities makes him so human and like him so much more than i think i would? 


  • he’s so bright and happy and optimistic everyone needs a Jisung in our lives
  • casually just smushes his face into the camera so i can see his pretty eyes duh thanks kid
  • okay but when he was singing that parody of Don’t Wanna Cry he did this little thing to his vOICE THAT SOUNDS SO AMAZING I CAN’T GET OVER IT LIKE LAKSJDFLASDF WTF TA L E N T
  • he’s so annoying i love him asldkfjasdf like idk if i like him behind the cam and annoying his members or on screen doing something weird honestly probably both
  • no but seriously? he’s so optimistic and supports everyone and he’s so wonderful and kind and super talented but i think we know that and s i g h i hope ya’ll appreciate this mess of a boy bc OH MY GOSH I FORGOT TO MENTION THAT I LOVE BRACES JISUNG HAHAHAHHAHAHA


  • honestly, i really just like his black hair and i think ya’ll should know this 
  • he’s such a hard worker?? when he showed us the time at 5 in the morning–I have a feeling he stayed up that long rather than waking up at 5 kid don’t do that it’s not healthy but! he’s doing so much and it’s amazing
  • his orange smile laskfjdlasdf
  • him adjusting jeongin’s outfit was so cute hehe
  • the way he clings onto jisung is super cUTE UGH THEY’RE LIKE ATTACHED BY THE HIP AND IT’S SO CUTE idk if it’s bc they’re a day apart so they’re like “WE’RE TWINS NOW” or bc jisung can speak english apparently? something like that?
  • i think people forget that he’s more than just a meme and a deep voiced boy? i love watching him practice dancing in the background and like? he’s part of dance line? LET ME SEE HIM DANCE MORE OMG


  • HELLO THIS IS MY UNDERRATED BABY WHO DESERVES THE WORLD bc he’s funny as heck guys why do you not notice this
  • honestly im gonna say it agaiN: HIS FACIAL EXPRESSIONs especially when he has that dumb dazed look askldfjasdf what a boy
  • messes around with Jeongin in the back
  • when he cornered jeongin u H 
  • he writes things in his journal to improve! and he is! 
  • i really hope he stands out a little bit more when he performs! i hope he’s working on it! but I also like how if you are a seungmin stan, you’ll notice the small things he does when he performs and it’s like a little secret only people who deserve to know, knows and he knows it’s just between him and his fans saklfjsadf
  • when he decides to be a lil sht like that one time chan and hyunjin was arguing and he’s just like “we’ll take three ramens and a packet of dumplings” or something like that 
  • can i just say that his clothing style is probably my favorite because i gush about each outfit he wears like all the time?
  • he’s so into singing and you can see it every time he does and it’s wonderful


  • his escalator impression was hecka nice
  • this baby always has a smile on his face and it’s the most infectious smile ever and i love him i love him please stay as happy as you can be because you deserve everything and more
  • when he was all shy shy with all the girls screaming his name at the busking: tag yourself i was the girls spiritually yelling his name

Title: Always (MOC!Dean. Part 1)

Summary: Dean didn’t really know what being in love felt like until he met her; the girl with the soulful eyes and the brilliant smile that waltzed into his life when he was twenty-four and ended up being his entire world. So, he stood by her through thick and thin, until one day, he realized that the only way to keep her safe was to keep her away from him. But would he really be able to let her go?

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: MOC!Dean x reader, Castiel (briefly), Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, Metatron (all briefly mentioned)

Word count: 4849

Warnings: Fluff. Angst. Very light smut (trust me guys, it’s very light). Language. Mentions of death, loss of parents, grief, mentions of tortures and blood (nothing graphic). 

Author’s Notes: This is my sumbission for @thevioletthourr Fif’s Milestone Challenge. Fif, thank you so much for letting me participate and for granting me the extension I needed, I fell in love with this story and wanted to do it justice. 

Special thank you to @ravengirl94 for reading parts of it over for me and being such an amazing friend. If it weren’t for her support, I wouldn’t have finished this story.. 

My prompt for this fic was Save Yourself by Kaleo (which is the most beautiful song ever and has Dean’s name all over it). The story is set during S10 (right after ep.10, “The Hunter Games”). Original flashbacks and some Metatron lines from the show are included in italics. (Oh, and part 2 wil be posted in late September).

Again, thank you all for bearing with me. Enjoy <3

Dean had always loved moments like this.

He loved holding Y/N close, loved the way their heartbeats vibrated in each other’s bones, the way he could trace veins and scars and freckles with his fingertips or his mouth or his tongue, the way her skin felt against his, solid muscles blending with softness.

He loved the quietness of the room, how it was painted in even breaths and dusty promises, the dim-light of the star-freckled sky sneaking through the open windows and skating down Y/N’s form, just smudges of glow on bare skin.

“So,” Y/N’s voice interrupted his train of thoughts as Dean kept her tucked against him, all fingers and thumbs and lips, “are you going to tell me why you’re looking at me like that?”

“Like what exactly, sweetheart?”

Turning to look at him, she perched herself on one elbow, big, wide eyes sweeping over every feature of his face gingerly.

“Like I’m…” Deep breath. “Like I’m going to vanish into thin air.”

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I just wanted to make a list of some things I noticed during my second time watching tlj so here it is!
1. Finn offering the beacon to Poe was too dramatic to have a heterosexual explanation
2. Poe just nods after Finn asks about Rey
4. has someone made a meme yet with Kyle Ron saying ‘follow my lead’ yet?? I mean I hate that song but it would be great with that clip put into that
5. The kids who were caretakers for the animals might show up again? If they were important enough to be the last scene then there’s possibility.
6. Poe’s “they didn’t make it” BROKE ME
7. Poe’s “no-wait. wait.” while he’s holding onto Finn
8. Kyle uses a slashing technique and not a stabbing technique when using lightsabers, just a mental note
9. Every time Poe exclaims about Finn and Rose he pauses?? “FINN!!! … Rose!!”
10. That moment when Rey is in the elevator with her back to the door but the audience sees Snoke as the door opens and he’s just lounging around like the shiny binch he is
11. That one blonde Resistance officer girl who had the same expression the entire movie?? I love her but what is her name
12. At one shot in the movie Rey is standing with her side to the sun so you can see her face lit up on one side and the other side is shadows and I’m not sure if that was intentional but it was beautiful
13. “plfffffghgh. salt.” me @ kyle and hux this entire movie
14. Poe telling C3P0 to shut up
15. “WHAT THe hell.”
16. When Rey is lifting the rocks you can see this fantastic shot of everyone in the opening but stormpilot is in the front so anyway they’re dating
17. I’ve never seen a more fitting death than Luke’s ok?? It shows him looking at double suns like on the moisture farm and it kinda gives us a throwback to episode iv and I’m just in love with that part alright
18. The red (robotic?) guards from Snoke’s little area there are majestic and perfectly coordinated (bonus double-dagger guard FTW!)
19. There was one time when hux repeated kylo where kylo turned around and was just like “can you not” in one expression that was only on screen for like .03 seconds but was still hilarious
20. Leia has accepted that Ben has fully turned to the dark side. This will probably be important in ep ix
21. When Poe said 'so /we/ can survive’ it sounded like it was pointed at Finn and maybe referring to their relationship? Just gonna put that out there
22. “see you around, kid”
23. Luke just flicks off the salt but there wasn’t even salt there
24. 'so we can finish this’ more great Kylux moments
25. also: the tone of “don’t get distracted”
26. Luke vs Kylo (aka Old Gay vs Young Gay)
27. I’m guessing the reason that Poe cut off from the salt-planet-attack-on-battering-ram thing without Finn was that HE THOUGHT FINN WOULD LISTEN TO HIM BUT NO! FINN WANTED TO PROTECT POE AND ALL OF HIS FRIENDS CAN YOU HEAR MY HEART BREAKING
28. that’s enough. THAT’S ENOUGH!
29. The cleaning nuns are Done Putting Up with Rey’s Crap after she kills that rock
30. Holdo could’ve done a lot better. She needed to especially work on: communication with crew, strategy, maybe not being really rude to people like thanks a lot
32. Near the end when Rey was looking at Rose? they’ll get along really well if all goes well and I CANT WAIT TO SEE THEM KICK ASS TOGETHER
33. Evil BB8? Evil BB8.
34. They just toss trash into the hallway and slam the bin over BB8’s head?
35. BB8 ramming his head into the circuit thing
36. Coin dispenser weapon! Yes!
37. “Did he just…” “He did!” “OK CMON LETS GO”
38. I was happy to see Maz again but the whole hacker story branch was kinda useless
39. The whole floaty Leia thing was really bizarre
40. My sister thinks that maybe Snoke wanted Kylo to kill him to complete his training? That’s actually a pretty interesting theory.
Now, time to bury myself in a pit until next year! Good times…

MONSTA X as Best Friends

this is one of my lil’ au’s that i whipped up whilst i was away with no internet. i need to write more mx stuff(: i tried anyway - i hope y’all like it.

(gif credits to the original owners)


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(boiii look at u w that bandana !)

  • biggest dad friend you’ll ever have in your life
  • makes sure you’re fed
  • gives you lifts whenever you need one
  • also makes sure you never have to walk on your own.-will fight a mean s/o who he may have had a bitter disliking to anyway bc it’s you
  • basically is super protective of u
  • he is always v sleepy tho, esp if you’re just chilling at your place.but you forgive him bc he’s an overworked dad of 6
  • he is super down to earth and most chill human being in your lifehe is also super dependable, and is always there when you need him
  • he also gives the best hugs – they’re rare but bOI are they worth it
  • is always awkward about you seeing him at shows or watching shows he’s on bc he doesn’t feel like he’s a big idol, he’s just your best friend
  • but you force him to tell you when he’s doing anything so you can shout the loudest
  • most easily mistaken for your boyfriend
  • is a lil’ bit dense at times, and is least likely to laugh @ your jokes
  • doesn’t get sarcasm either
  • he’s also clumsy
  • but apologetic, extremely apologetic
  • he can be a lil’ blunt and straight forward at times but he’s never as bad as the ‘shownubot’ he is v sensitive to your emotions, and is super caring
  • you also see the cute side of shownu
  • him beaming at small animals, when he talks about his fave food or his parents
  • again, far from the showminator everyone sees on variety shows
  • buuuuuuut he’s v difficult to read, thanks to that beautiful but often blank face he has 
  • you also get really flustered when he juST strips??? boicouldunotwearepalswthpls 
  • you look at him awkwardly but he’ll either not get it or be like “what? We are friends?”
  • and you remember your best friend is the most endearingly dad-like human in the world and nobody can change that

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Carl Grimes Imagine - Already Gone (pt. 1)

Originally posted by thetruthwecanthandlee

This is my way of coping with what happened in episode 8x08. I have a LOT of feels and I just have to let it out :(

This was inspired by sleeping at last’s cover of already gone by kelly clarkson, and I strongly suggest you listen to it while reading

The really sad bit is coming on part 2 and I’m already working on it so brace yourselves

Pairing: Carl x reader

Prompt: based on ep 8x08

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,557

As soon as the first rays of sunshine poured through the large white windows and reached the sleeping bag on the floor, I opened my eyes. With nothing but silence filling the bedroom, I stretched my body trying to get rid of my sleepy state. Staring out the window, I appreciated the atmosphere for a bit. The sky was clear, the birds were singing and a soft breeze entered the room. I took a deep breath and rolled over, instinctively looking for Carl, only to find an empty spot beside me.

Where was he? He always got up before me and I always woke up confused wondering where he was. Looking around the room, trying to find a clue about where he could be, I noticed a small note next to my pillow and instantly recognized the familiar handwriting.

“Went on a run.

Be back soon. I love you.


At least now I knew where he was. But everytime he went out those gates, I prayed, hoping he would come back safe and sound.

After getting ready for the day and coming downstairs, I realized almost no one was in Alexandria. Everybody was out there, doing their best to fight alongside Rick and win the war against the Saviors. So I decided to spend some time with Judith, I wanted to make sure she was safe while her family was away.

After some time reading her stories and watching her play I suddenly heard the gates opening. With my heart beating faster, I ran outside, hoping to see the familiar sheriff hat… and there he was.

His blue eyes met mine while he immediately started walking towards our house. I was so relieved to see that he was okay that it took me a moment to realize that his flannel was almost completely soaked in blood. Already thinking the worst, I ran in his direction.

“What happened? Are you hurt?”

“Hi”, he said calmly, engulfing me in the tighest hug, “I’m… I’m okay.”

I hugged him back and inhaled his scent, mentally thanking the heavens that he was back in my arms.

I pulled away so I could face him properly and look into his eyes. They were blue like the sky on a spring day but still somehow, they looked sad and I suddenly got the feeling he knew something I didn’t.

He was different. His voice was lower than usual and sorrow was clear in his beautiful features but he tried to hide it anyway.

“What happened out there?” I asked him, trying to sound less worried than I actually was, “Are you okay? Why did you leave so early this morning?”

“Everything’s fine”, he replied quickly, looking down and avoiding my gaze, “I just… had something I had to do. Nothing for you to worry about.”

He finally looked me in the eyes, giving me a forced a smile. He always did this, tried to hide everything he was feeling and pretended he was strong. But I knew him better than that. I knew he was upset for some reason but he had just came back and I didn’t want to fight. So I decided to let it go, I figured he would tell me eventually like he always did.

“Okay, then’ I answered, taking a deep breath and trying to forget about it, "go inside, take a shower, eat something. Judith and I will be waiting out here.”

“I will, but come with me” he said, taking my hand and intertwining our fingers, “you can wait for me inside. I don’t know where my dad and all the others are, might as well enjoy probably one of the last days of peace we have. I want to spend today with you. Please.”

He had a pleading look in his eyes, almost like he was begging, it sounded like he was leaving or something and I suddenly had a bad feeling. But I was just overanalyzing the situation, I thought to myself. He looked tired and he probably just needed to rest for a while.

“Sure, Carl. I would love that.”

I kissed him on the cheek and followed him back inside.

We spent the day playing with Judith, laying in bed, reading comic books and talking about our life before everything happened, just like we used to do when we were younger. I almost forgot that we were in the middle of a war with Negan and that everything could be over at any moment.

The night arrived soon and he decided he wanted to take a walk, said he needed to check on something.

I followed him outside and realized he was heading for the direction of the sewers, staring at the wholes on the ground. As I was about to ask him what he was doing we suddenly heard three loud bangs on the gates. We all knew what that meant.

Negan. He was here. His rough voice sounded through the speakers.

“You may be wondering why the hell your lookouts didn’t sound the alarm. See, we are polite. But let’s just go straight to the point. You lose, it’s over! You have three minutes to open this gate or we start bombing the shit outta you.”

Carl instantly grabbed my hand, reassuring me that we were gonna be okay, but at that moment I wasn’t so sure.

“They got out.” I whispered to myself, not wanting to believe this was really happening. “What are we gonna do?” I asked Carl, looking in his eyes and hoping he had some sort of solution.

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna keep us safe. C'mon.”

Before I could react, we were already running ahead and calling everyone’s attention. Carl had a plan and he was so sure of it and if he was, I was too. I trusted him 100%.

“We need to make it look like we’re escaping out the back. Go to the woods and cut the lights. Then we hit them and get away on foot. We just need to get the guns, get everyone else here, and we’ll meet you there.”

That was a smart move. Carl had so much of his dad, the courage, the intelligence, the leadership. His voice was loud and commanding, explaining the plan step by step. I had never seen him like this, ready to take the responsibility for everyone’s safety. While he was speaking I couldn’t help but smile to myself, I was so proud of him.

“Get going”, he continued, “there’s gonna be people in the infirmary that’s gonna need your help. All we need to do is survive tonight, okay? This is my plan and you’re all gonna do it. So let’s go!”

Everyone nodded their heads and started running in different directions, ready to escape. We didn’t have much time.

I was going to follow Rosita and Tara, when I noticed Carl was standing behind me without moving.

“What are you doing? Let’s go!” I reached for his hand and started to pull him with me, trying to make him move but he didn’t.

“I’m staying.” he replied calmly, looking in my eyes. I heard sadness in his voice, and my heart instantly started pumping in my chest.

“What do you mean you’re staying? No way! I’m not leaving you behind!”

“I have to! Someone has to distract Negan while you guys get away, we need more time.”

“Okay, so I’ll stay with you.”

“No! I’m not taking that chance. I promised myself I was gonna keep you safe no matter what. I need you and Judith to be okay. Please, just go. I’m gonna be fine, I promise.”

I couldn’t believe him. This was so typical of him, I knew he was gonna try and be the hero sometime or another. I didn’t want to leave him alone here, anything could happen and I wouldn’t be here to protect him if that was the case. But deep down I knew he had to do this, for his dad, for all of us.

With tears already blurring my vision, I hugged him with all that I had. I wanted to stay in his arms forever but I couldn’t, we had work to do.

“Please, be safe” I begged him, looking in his eyes and grabbing the sides of his face. “I know you can do this okay. I trust you.”

“I know” he gave me a weak smile, holding me closer and touching my cheek, “if we don’t see each other again I just wanna say that I love you.”

“Stop! We’ll see each other again, this isn’t goodbye, Carl!”

Why was he doing this again? I didn’t understand why he sounded like he was leaving, I hated the tone in his voice.

“I love you too, but this isn’t goodbye.” I repeated.

“Okay”, he answered, looking down and nodding his head from side to side, like he didn’t believe what he was saying. He was starting to scare me.

He touched my hair, bringing our foreheads together and I could feel his warm breath on my lips.

“You need to go now, we’re out of time. Be safe.”

And with one last kiss, he was already gone.

We both ran in different directions and I just prayed that the horrible feeling in my gut was wrong.

pt 2 coming soon, some feedback would be nice and feel free to request some imagines if you’re still heartbroken like me :(

ALSO just message me if you want to be in the tag list for part 2!!!!


Youtube Series found »  {HERE}

Scenario: You’re a rising fashion/beauty YouTuber and your subscribers have been asking for you to start a vlog channel together with your boyfriend! 

*wanna one members speaking = “bold” / (y/n) speaking = “italicized” 

Yoon Jisung » [ grocery shopping ] 

  • “Afternoon everyone! So today, (y/n) and I are just getting some groceries for this week. My parents are in town and are planning to come over for dinner tomorrow and—What are you doing… babe we said no chocolate.”
  • Inspects fruits and vegetables together and bickers over which one is fresher.  Film your reaction when he makes food/brand puns. Laughs at his own jokes. 
  • Talks about trying to cook more at home instead of ordering take out all the time. Basically, trying to eat healthier and cutting back on the sweets. 
  • “Just got back home and finished putting the groceries away. We’re chilling now and looking up recipes because we both can’t cook to save our lives—especially (y/n)” 
  • “I’m going to literally stock the entire fridge with everything that has carrots inside. Don’t try me.” “Just kidding. I’m sorry. You’re the best and really pretty and I love you.” 

Ha Sungwoon » [ babysitting friend’s two-year-old child ] 

  • “So today I have a very special guest at the apartment… it’s Stella! We know how much you all loved her when she came to visit so of course, I said yes to looking after her. Stella’s parents are at an emergency business meeting and asked if we could watch over her for a couple of hours today. (Y/N) went on a food run and she adores this little one so she’s trying to rush and come back.” 
  • Is extremely active with Stella and is basically in love with her. Watches cartoons with the child and showers her with cuddles. Lets her play around with the camera and inserts clips of the uneven angles and cute baby smiles.
  • “Ah, (Y/N) is here! You went to Chipotle? You’re the best.” Gives you kisses and takes the food from your hands and places them on the counter. 
  • Films you playing with Stella and decides to have the child choose between you two and obviously he wins.
  • “Honestly, you somehow forced her to choose you. If I didn’t step out to get food, we all know who’d be the favorite.” “No need to be salty.” 

Hwang Minhyun » [ cleaning / arranging new apartment ] 

  • “Hey, everyone! (Y/N) and I are slowly but finally settling down in our new apartment. It’s been a really tedious process but we’re almost done. We’re going to do some cleaning around because you all probably know by now that I’m the clean freak out of the two of us.” 
  • Places the camera on the marble counter top and films himself mopping the floor and wiping down the windows.
  • Talks about how the adjusting process has been and gives tips on what you should do to make the “moving out process” easier. 
  • “(Y/N) just brought home more PR packages and keeps screaming from the other room about some huge collection… COME HELP ME WITH THE STOVE. WE’RE NOT COOKING TILL IT’S CLEAN!!!!” BABY I CAN’T!! LET ME OPEN ALL OF THESE FIRST.” 
  • Films the huge mess you made and watches you talk into the camera about the new products and how you’re going to film a huge first impression video at the end of the month
  • Ends up cleaning after you and becomes a little agitated, but you shower him with kisses and he instantly forgives you.

Ong Seongwu » [“car prank”]

  • “What’s up everyone. As you all have probably seen two vlogs ago, (Y/N) decided that it would be a great idea to cover every inch of my house with my old fuccboi photos when my friends from high school came to visit me. She decided to sleep over last night which gave me the perfect idea. Since she’s so in love with the photos, I decided to tape up her entire car with them this morning and she’s running late to work right now so you bet she’s not going to have time to take them off one by one.” 
  • Casually films you quickly putting on your make up. Asks you if you forgot set your alarm (he turned it off purposely to make you wake up 15 minutes later than usual lmao) Tries to play it off cool and offers to make you a quick breakfast on the go. 
  • Watches you grab the sandwich and waits for you to yell out his name. 
  • “I lost them. Sorry! Drive safe and have a good day at work! Love you!” (ends up giving you his car keys anyways later on) 

Kim Jaehwan » [  karaoke night at your parents’ house ]

  • “So tonight is going to be a really fun one. (Y/N)’s parents invited us over for dinner tonight and that’s not even the best part though. We’re going to have a karaoke party with her relatives and I already know it’s going to be wild”
  • Films your mother cooking and basically, everyone from your immediate family loves Jaehwan and his jokes. You’re like wtf but is actually really happy that he’s getting along with everyone. 
  • “Jaehwan’s currently going through the list of songs on the karaoke machine and my dad is super hyped now. They’re about to do a duet so let’s see—” “YAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOO! C’MON OKAY OKAY!!!!” 
  • You film him dancing hilariously with your dad and uncles. Cracks up from second-hand embarrassment on the side with your cousins. 
  • Chooses to sing Beautiful (Goblin OST yES) while holding your hand at the end. Everyone is screaming over you two and you’re hella flustered but low key loving it. 

Kang Daniel » [ GoT Night / Sleepover ] 

  • “Good evening everyone! So I’m heading and sleeping over at (Y/N)’s place for tonight. She’s been traveling a lot and having a great time meeting you all through T*RTE’s sponsored tour. But we haven’t seen each other for three weeks now and yes as you can tell from my tweets. I’m deprived of (Y/N) and I miss her a lot.” 
  • Vlogs on his way there and talks about what he’s been up to and talks about his trip to the vet that morning with Peter. Mentions about helping you edit a couple of clips for your next beauty related video.
  • “Alright! Brought her favorite snacks and we’re supposed to catch up on Game of Thrones tonight definitely can’t wait.” 
  • Rings the door bell and grins happily when you open the door. Takes you into his arms tightly and showers you with kisses.
  • Cuddles on the couch and props the camera up on a stack of books. Listens to some of your stories about your trip and inserts clips of both of your reactions to an ep of GoT. 
  • “Okay, everyone. I think the vlog is going to end here. As you can tell, (Y/N)’s passed out,” pans the camera over at you briefly “And she’s still struggling a bit because of the jet lag so we’ll see you in the next one! Goodnight!” 

Park Jihoon » [ picnic anniversary date ] 

  •  Today is the mark of your one year anniversary and what better way to celebrate than to go on a picnic date. 
  • Jihoon films you making the sandwiches and sides before going into detail with which park you guys were going to. 
  • “It’s honestly a really clean place and our usual little spot that we go to is kind of hidden but it has a really nice view of the city and it’s super quiet. We haven’t been there in months and our first date was actually a picnic one too so we just wanted to relive some memories.” 
  • Helps you finish packing the utensils and the juices before heading out. 
  • Ends up speeding up the some of the clips and replacing the audio between you two with music. 
  • Briefly, talks about how you guys first met and how shy he was when he asked you for your number. “He was super red and nervous! I thought that he so cute so I ended up giving it to him and look where we are today!”  
  • “Alright, that’s basically it for now. We’re going to end the vlog here and enjoy the rest of our day. Promise that the vlog next week will be longer. Bye everyone!” 

Park Woojin » [ Mukbang ] 

  • Does a bunch of retakes on the huge amount of food you both ordered. Didn’t feel like cooking at all today, so ordered a lot of korean food through Postmates. 
  • “We know you all have been requesting us to do a mukbang today so here it is! (Y/N) will basically run through the entire list of food that we ordered today.” 
  • Watches you list out the foods while holding your hand. Would lift the dish slightly to show it to the camera. Smacks his lips and tries to hold in his urge to eat as you keep talking about different ingredients. 
  • When you give the go, he basically digs in and scoops food onto your plate.Silent majority of the time as he chows down his food. 
  • Woojin.. we’re supposed to talk while eating” he blinks and smiles as he continues to chew quickly before speaking “Sorry. It’s still weird for me to talk and eat at the same time.”
  • You both talk about upcoming plans, new restaurants that you want to try, funny episodes between you two. 
  • Basically, you film him finishing every bit of rice and soup and gives him an applause. “I think I ate a bit too much…and I’m getting sleepy” 

Bae Jinyoung » [ Gaming at home ] 

  • “Hi, guys! Today, (Y/N) and I are just staying indoors today so the vlog’s not going to be too exciting. We’re not doing much and for the first time in history… (Y/N) has decided or more like I begged… her to play some games with me. A subscriber gifted us a couple of games for the Wii U so thank you!” 
  • Pulls you into the living room and “interviews” you with the camera on why you don’t like playing games. Promises that you’ll have fun!!!
  • “So she chose Mario Party—don’t worry we’ll read the instructions and stuff hon.”
  • Vlogs you screaming and punching the air and he is cracking up quietly in the back when you do the mini games. 
  • “WHAT THE HECK, I WAS SPINNING. THIS IS RIGGED. CAN WE REDO THIS GAME??” “Don’t hurt yourself please and don’t break the tv”
  • Tries to sit you down on his lap and calm you down but ends up getting elbowed in the face. “SORRY. HOLD ON BABE. I’LL RUB YOUR FACE IN A MINUTE!” 

Lee Daehwi » [ shopping for mutual friend’s big birthday bash ] 

  • Films you scanning around the mall from behind. Catches you whining about wanting to eat everything in the food court on camera.
  • “We’re getting some new clothes for our friend’s birthday bash that’s happening next week. The color scheme is pastel so we’re just shopping around. Not like she doesn’t have enough clothes in her closet to choose from already..” 
  • Follows you around with the camera and watches you pick out a lot of things THAT WEREN’T pastel.
  • “Uh no, you are not getting that. IT’S TOO SHORT. HECK NO!!”
  • Puts back more than half of the stuff you threw into the shopping bag because they were either too short or you had something extremely similar in your closet.
  • “What about this dress? It’s so cute and—” “SCANDALOUS AND SHORT NOPE.”
  • Finally, gives up and lets you buy it but will lets you know that he’s staying glued to you just in case any unknown single guy friends of your mutuals hit on you. 

Lai Guanlin » [ visiting animal shelter to adopt a dog ] 

  • Films a bunch of the dogs at the shelter. Inserts cute clips of you playing with the dogs. “If only we could adopt all of them..”
  • Describes the kind of dogs there and suggests going to your local animal shelter to adopt instead of shopping for one.
  • “Oh my god.. it’s a Shiba..” Films the black and white Shiba and instantly falls in love. Very calm and quiet. The dog slowly warms up to him but is still visibly shaken. Instantly knew at that very moment, that this was the dog for him. 
  • “So everyone.. I think we’ve made our decision. The workers were telling me how she was saved from the meat trade in Asia and she’s still kind of shaken up but I think she’s the one. She’s around four years old now and her name is Sylvie. We’ll probably change her name later on though.”
  • You begin to document the moments between the two. “Guess I’m going to be fighting for Guanlin’s attention later on.. Just kidding. Watch Sylvie end up loving me more.” 
  • “Babe, can you go fill out the paperwork? She’s sleeping on me and I don’t want to wake her up”   
Thoughts on Nice Jacket

Welp. We made it, folks. The finale. I just watched the ep for the third time, and I can’t possibly type out all my favorite parts and observations, but nonetheless, here is a selection of some of my final thoughts on this incredible season of Dirk Gently. It’s been such a ride, and I love every single one of you for being a part of it. Here goes!

1) The first thing we see after the credits is the mage’s charred, smoking body, and I think that’s beautiful.

2) When Tina happy-sobbed at Hobbs being alive, I happy-sobbed at Tina happy-sobbing at Hobbs being alive. Happy-sobs all around. 

3) “Did anybody shoot the freakin’ mage?” “Hobbs, be cool, man, be cool.” Yeah, Hobbs, if you could listen to Tina and try not to bleed to death for a second, we’d all be appreciative.

4) I adored Farah standing up in badass slow-mo with a burning cop car in the background, Hobbs and Tina singing her praises, only for her to collapse to the ground. It’s okay, you’re still doing amazing, sweetie.

5) I will hereby only refer to Suzie Boreton as Goofy Bad-News Voodoo Mama. Thanks for that gem, Martin.

6) I would be totally remiss if I didn’t give a special shout-out to Dirk’s Assistent impression. Insert complimentary Lady Gaga gif here.

7) “Can you turn into a bug?” “Only emotionally.” And that right there is the 2017 mood, folks.

8) Mona-cycle.

9) Hey, Dustin Milligan? How very dare you make me sympathize with Friedkin in these trying times? I have more important things to worry about than if Hugo Cinnamon-Pants is gonna be okay. And yet…

10) This entire episode was basically just me repeating “[insert name here], my brave child!” Literally fill in the blank with any name you want, and I probably said it. Everyone was so brave and they’ve all grown so much and I’m so proud of them.

11) Ken Adams, you slippery snake. I don’t know what made me angrier– you deadnaming Dirk several times (and Dirk’s initial disbelief at being called Svlad), you calling Dirk a fast-talking freak (!?!?!), or you doing even more damage to the right side of his body. Also, I can’t believe you dead-ass pushed Friedkin into a sealed portal. Anyway, I see your brilliantly-devised negative character arc, and I raise you an uhhhhhhhhhh you’re cancelled.     …Kencelled?

12) When Dirk materialized next to Amanda looking all serene in his yellow jacket, my heart probably skipped about twenty-seven beats and then started using my arm bones to play marimba on my rib-cage. As soon as he came back through the portal, he looked absolutely radiant for the rest of the episode, and I just don’t understand how one man can glow that much.

13) Francis pulling a Glinda on Suzie, like, “Are you a good witch? Or a bad witch?” And everyone else being like, “She is literally the worst witch.” Bye, Suzie. You got exactly what you deserved. (And also props to Amanda Walsh for killing it. Literally and figuratively.)

14) The reprise of all those S1 Cristobal tracks actually had me close to tears. They used the most beautiful ones, too. *bowing down* We are unworthy.

15) Everyone (almost) gets a god-tier ending in the finale, and I am over the moon about it. Farah and Tina flirting over cards. Proud Dad Hobbs smiling at them. Farah getting to keep her badge. Todd and Amanda mending their relationship. Amanda and her Rowdy fam, complete with hippie!Beast and a magic wand, off to find more Blackwing subjects. Beast giving Dirk a pylon and a cheek-kiss as a token of her undying love. Amanda giving Todd the Everbulb. Dirk and Todd being so soft with each other. The way they look at each other? Soft. The way they talk to each other? Soft. The way Todd almost knocks him over, and then scrambles to hold him up, their thinly veiled feelings for one another practically jumping through the screen to throttle me? The softest. Everyone in Wendimoor getting their happily ever after (most importantly, Pantlas macking on a bridge), the Boretons playing with their new pup, free from the wrath of Goofy Bad-News Voodoo Mama, Mona staying with Team Jacket, Dirk, Todd and Farah finally opening their agency, gazing happily at their brass plaque with their arms around each other… Honestly, I love this squad more than life itself. *snaps* Did it.

So, yeah, basically, if anyone needs me, I’ll just be over here playing Ra Ra Riot’s Water on full blast until we get a renewal announcement. 

Bonus #1: Dirk had tiny cacti on his tie!!!!!     …Cac-tie?

Bonus #2: That last scene is doing me a major concern. I can’t deal with all this Bart heartbreak.     …Bartbreak?

Bonus #3: I love this show, this cast, this creator, this crew, and this fucking fandom. Here’s to an astonishing second season, and hopefully many more to come.

Q: How are you today?
A: Good … thank you !! Though THIS traffic …. #shame

Q: How many days till you are able to go home?
A: Just a bit over a month … counting down the days !!! #summerfun

Q: #AskClaire are you watching anything good? Binge worthy? 
A: Did someone say @SHO_TwinPeaks

Q: Where’s Eddie while you’re away? You must miss him! 
A: I do miss HER … (i won’t let her know you made that mistake !!) She’s waiting in Scotland for some SA treats !!

Q: You gonna be long? #onbehalfofmycompadres 
A: If I said another hour …. would you a) cry b) explode c) just go home ..????

Q: What do you consider to be your best scene from Season 3?
A: 🌴…. that’s a clue !!!

Q: What book are you currently reading? #AskClaire #Outlander
A: Mirror, Shoulder, Signal …or is it Mirror, Signal, Shoulder … anyway .. It’s GOOD.

Q: Will you get time off this summer before Season 4 filming begins?
A: Well I’d better … I hear people might want us to promote it #AskClaire

Q: What’s been your favorite thing you’ve learned since coming to South Africa to film? #AskClaire #Outlander
A: People’s incredible capacity to forgive and heal … and that it’s a process … LOVE SA ❤

Q: When will you come to France ? #AskClaire 
A: Soon, I hope !!

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