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If I Had A Star (Lin x Reader)

Word Count: 9,636 (YIKES)

Warnings: swears, little nsfw


Summary: a series of short stories to your forever. 

(each bolded word starts a new short story, the horizontal lines also divide each story.)

Dedicated to:

@hamilton-noodles Jo is a blessing to this earth. THE MOST eloquent person I have ever come across. I personally give this story to her, and all the stars in the sky. I want to publicly thank her for being one of the best people I have ever met (PERIOD) I love her so much and she is my bestest of the best friends. 

@adolescenthowell RACHAEL was my first friend on this blog and I want to thank her for reading my shit, facetiming me when I need motivation to write, and most importantly sticking by me. She is so talented and I love her. 

@fanfrickinhamiltasticimagines Sophie is the kindest human being alive. I want to give her all my thanks for proof reading for me. She is an amazing human being and so so out of this world talented. Love ya girl!

@whatdimissmotherfuckers Ruby for being such an adorable little bean. She’s the most giving yet still sassy person ever and I admire her self confidence. I hope you keep doing you babe. Her art and writing is the BESTEST. AND I ALSO LOVE HER DEARLY.

Not requested


If life had worked out perfectly; you would have never met him. You took the wrong train going downtown. Stupid, you knew, but being a first time New Yorker was hard. You wandered the streets aimlessly until you found a subway station late at night, hoping and praying you’d be able to find your way back home, your phone having died hours ago. You sat on a bench tapping your foot anxiously waiting for your train going up when a subway car rattled its way to your station. You were passing the doors when you saw a man runselfning down the length of the aisles in the subway car, singing loudly with a pair of headphones on. He didn’t notice you immediately, but when his eyes finally fell on you he practically tore off his headphones and stopped dead in his tracks. You gave him an awkward smile before he blushed red and returned one.

“Can you help me with directions?”

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99 and Marlowe

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jongin

Genre: Soulmates!AU (kWritersNet May Prompt) + Angst 

Prompt: “You can’t eat solids, only liquids until Thursday.”

Rating: PG-13 

Word Count: 4,158

Originally posted by princewangeun

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Baby Logan - Wolverine x Reader

Summary : You have to tell Logan you’re pregnant, and that of course, it’s his. You’re terrified he won’t take it well…

This is part of some sort of a serie, where the reader is afraid to announce their pregnancy. Here’s the one I made for Captain America : Baby Rogers, and the one for Batman : Baby Wayne. Also, slightly NSFW, and sorry if it’s a bit crap, I just have so much trouble writing good things lately ! : 

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


It was Storm’s 40th birthday party, and you were probably the only person present, along with Logan, that wasn’t drunk. Logan because his healing factor prevented him from getting drunk too long, and you because….

-You’re not drinking (Y/N) ? 

Ororo. The queen of the party. She was drunk since 4 in the afternoon, and was the most hilarious one ever. She kept trying to make sure everyone was having a good time, and unintentionally buzzing them with a small and weak lightning coming out of her fingers. Right now, she was afraid you weren’t having fun…

-You always drink, why are you not now ? Hahaha are you pregnant ? 

You don’t answer and look away. She stares at you, and it hits her. 

-Wait you are ?! 

-Shut up I didn’t tell Logan yet..


-No really, shut up ‘Ro ! 



She looks at you and, in her drunken state, suddenly understand what you just meant. From the corner of your eyes, you make sure Logan didn’t pay attention to what just happened, but he’s in a conversation with a very drunk Nightcrawler, and seem to have the time of his life listening to your blue friend’s Bible stories…Drunk Bible stories. He didn’t notice anything. Thanks God. Storm comes close to you and whisper : 

-Sorry. You didn’t tell him ? 

-I’ve only known for a day…or two…Ok I’ve known for two month. 


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Wrong Brother (Fili X Reader)

Originally posted by cozy-lovelyness

Request for @thealbersclan   Hi hi hi!! Love your stuff!! Could I please do a request?? How about reader x Fili. Fili wants to get reader a present to show his affections and he is unsure if reader likes him. He has no idea what to get her so Kili tries to talk her up to get ideas. Reader Gets the wrong idea and tells Kili she’s not interested in him(Kili) and she actually likes his brother! ❤️  

Authors Note: FOR @thealbersclan SO SORRY this took so long, I’m in the middle of exams and have been stressing out. But I did promise I would get this done, so I’ve taken a break from studying to finish this. Hope you like it

Word Count: 1,254

Fili was a Prince. Heir to the throne of Erebor. A member of the First Company who reclaimed the mountain from a Dragon, for crying out loud! So why did he find this so difficult? Was it just not meant to be? Why did her heart seem so out of reach?

Fili sighed loudly and his shoulders dropped slightly as he maneuvered his body to rest more comfortably in the tree. Yes, you heard correctly, Fili was currently perched in a tree, waiting for his brother to walk through with (Y/N), the young dwarrow that had stolen his heart.

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Well, it’s officially been a year since I posted my first series on this blog. I never thought that The City would be the starting point of this journey. And even though the past few months have been extremely difficult, I am so glad to still be here at the end of the day.

It’s hard to fathom that there are now almost 10k of you reading my work or not (many of you just like me as a person and I think that’s great!). I know I probably sound like a broken record at this point but I would not be here without you all. It’s because of you that I am still writing. It’s because of you that I keep finding ways to break your heart (and let’s face it mine) over and over again through my work.

Honestly, I am shocked that y’all are still around after everything I have put my readers through. There have been so many ups and downs in my real life and in my words that I feel like a completely different person than I was a year ago. If I could personally thank each and everyone of you for the love and support you give me, I would. I went through some of the hardest times of my life this past year but you all stuck by me and gave me so much love and support.

This blog may be evolving into something new this year. I know many of you are scared of change, and I am too. But I will always be the same Ramsey. I will always be the same person regardless of what group I am writing for. My love for BTS will never change and nor will I ever stop writing for them.

Thank you for embracing this next chapter. Thank you for one of the best years of my life. Thank you for everything you have given me. I hope I can somehow in some small way give you the same amount of love back,

I would never trade the community we have built together. Because this space is just as much yours as it is mine.

There are some people I want to thank, but I know I will probably be leaving someone out and I am so sorry if I do.

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Ong Seongwoo; pregnant wife

Member: Seongwoo // Wanna One

Genre: Fluff, headcanon???

Request: Can I request for a fluffy Ong Seongwoo x Pregnant wife scenario?

A/N: My sister has a 1y/o daughter, so I know a little about pregnancy haha,, but honestly my search history probably would look vERY odd without context hahaha,,, anyways: enjoy!

Originally posted by nielongs

  • literally nobody is gonna be surprised when I say the pregnancy was not planned
  • seongwoo has a tendency to do before he thinks
  • it’s okay though because he still screamed like an adolescent schoolgirl when you told him
  • which was a huge relief because you’d been worrying about it for like three days straight
  • the hug he gave you was crushing
  • but also warm :)
  • okay enough of that
  • another thing nobody’s going to be surprised about -
  • he called daniel like .03 seconds later and screamed into the phone the whole time
  • so moving on
  • seongwoo worries more about the baby than you do
  • he snatches tasty-but-not-good-for-pregnant-woman food out of your hands daily
  • like that sushi you spent $8 on
  • nope sorry he’ll shove it all in his mouth right in front of you, even if he hates your favorite kind of sushi, just so you won’t eat it
  • he’ll also replace your favorite tea with this special tea that he researched and found is good for pregnant women
  • his google search history is like:
  • good tea for pregnant women
  • foods pregnant women should avoid
  • how to prevent morning sickness
  • can men carry fetus babies
  • wait what
  • …….. anyway 
  • he bought couple shirts that say “baby mama” and “baby daddy”
  • you refuse to wear yours out in public, no matter how much he pleads
  • y/n, please~?
  • seongwoo, hell no~
  • no matter how much he messes around, he’s always there to support you and take care of you
  • morning sickness? he’ll hold your hair back
  • cramps? he’ll rub your feet
  • obgyn visit? you  b e t  he’ll be there with you every single time
  • he says he didn’t cry when you got your first ultrasound, but you both know he did
  • for a solid month, 60% of his conversations were wondering what the baby’s gender would be and brainstorming names
  • he has a solid list of 30+ names for each gender that he makes you pick from
  • he claims he’d be happy with either gender, but you see his phone is full 
  • I can’t believe I agreed to marry you with a family name like ong,,, how could we saddle a child with that name?
  • ong is a fine name! it’s strong and memorable and-
  • he claims he’d be fine with either gender, but you see how his eyes shine a little brighter when he talks about having a girl
  • you don’t mind what the gender is, but his bias is so cute, you find yourself hoping for a girl too
  • you reach the point in your pregnancy where you can find out the gender, but you decide not to
  • Seongwoo almost combusts from the curiosity, but he respects your decision barely
  • Finally, one night around 2am, you’re woken up by intensely painful contractions
  • you shake Seongwoo and he’s wide awake in .4 seconds
  • he’s more freaked out than you are, running around the house and rambling a mile a minute
  • at one point, you’re hit with another round of contractions and you’re sick of his spazzing out, so you’re like:
  • seongwoo shut the fuCK up and drive me to the hospital
  • the whole way he keeps asking if you’re okay
  • “no, I’m not okay - there’s a human being pushed out of my crOTCH,
  • and although you’re kind of preoccupied with the pain, a little part of you thinks he’s kind of cute
  • when you get to the hospital, he’s all ready to demand your care, but he doesn’t get a chance - thank GOD, because although you’re in labor, you still can feel embarrassment!!
  • you know he can get a bit queasy, but he refused to leave your side through the whole ordeal
  • even when you almost break his hand because you’re squeezing it so hard
  • you pass out more times than you can count, but eventually finally it ends
  • and when you come to for the last time, the nurse is placing the baby on your stomach
  • there’s Seongwoo’s anxious voice: “what is it?
  • you move the cord to the side, and then look up at your husband
  • it’s a girl,
  • and that was the first time you ever saw Seongwoo cry

anonymous asked:

Lis! Would you mind combining your fics (longshot, wips, one shots) and their artwork/links/bio in one post?

Dance to the Distortion

Rating: Explicit

Chapters: 10/10

Words: 97K

SummaryLouis accidentally breaks Harry’s camera lens and in order to get it fixed, they decide to participate in a romantic couples study. The only issue is that they are not actually couple. Well that and the fact they cannot stand each other. 

The Night Sky is Changing Overhead

Rating: Explicit

Chapters: 11/11

Words: 124,832

Summary : Harry is a tattoo artist, Louis is a drama professor, and they meet when Louis steals Harry’s coffee order.

Resist Everything Except Temptation

Rating: Explicit

Chapters: 10/10

Words: 100,118

Summary : Louis is the commodore’s son who is forced to become a part of Harry’s crew when gets captured.

For Doves and Sparrows

Rating: Explicit

Chapters: 1/10

Words: 6,644/100k (roughly)

Summary : Sequel to Resist Everything Except Temptation  One year later. A pirate with a gluttonous thirst for vengeance, set’s their sights on Captain Styles’ little dove, Louis Tomlinson.  

Chasing Empty Spaces

Rating: Explicit

Chapters: 10/10

Words:  79,028

Summary : The year is 1934 and Harry Styles was to inherent the largest tobacco firm in the south. His parents have picked out the “perfect” girl for him to marry and he has the privilege of receiving the highest education possible. The problem was, Harry hadn’t realized he didn’t actually want any part of that future until he met a mechanic named, Louis Tomlinson.

Laced With Starlight

Rating: Explicit

Chapters: 1/10

Words: 5k/80k (roughly)

Summary : Ever since the moon made her first ascent into the oblivion of the sky, the truths of the world had been inscribed with opalescent starlight. Along every constellation, there were tales of Gods and Goddesses alike. Each star beheld a stake of history, stories filled with lust, gluttony, and at times, adoration. Towards the left of Pluto, Louis’ story would be adorned by the same brilliant light. It was the truth of the god of mischief, son of the underworld.  

Boys Fall Like Dominoes

Words: 6,782

Summary : Harry slips into an early heat while riding the tube. Naturally, that’s when he meets Louis.

Looking In The Dark

Words: 7,085

Summary: Part two to the mini-a/b/o series, Boys Fall Like Dominoes

Call Me Shallow But I’m Only Getting Deeper

Words: 7,367

Summary : The one where Louis is a brat so Harry spanks him with a riding crop.

Worlds Away

Rating: Explicit

Chapters: 1/1

Words: 7,276

Summary: Astronaut au where Louis is staying on the international space station and Harry is on earth working ground control and he and Louis have really quiet late night chats after most of the workers are gone and get to know each other in the biggest long distance relationship u could ever have…then eventually Louis comes back to earth and they have a beautiful meeting

Judge’s Favorite

Rating: Explicit

Chapters: 1/1

Words: 3,736

Summary : Louis is a judge on The Voice UK and Harry is promoting his single, so he pretends to audition. None of the judges know, especially Louis, who thinks that he is in Paris doing promotional work.


Rating: Explicit

Chapters: 1/1

Words:  7,212

Summary : “Anonymous: Okay so. In sororities when you’re adding new sisters it’s called rush and during rush you can have a “rush crush” which is basically just a girl that you like a lot as a person and you hope they end up in your sorority etc but basically I need a fic where Louis, as an already existing sorority girl, takes rush crush a little too seriously.”

Your Silhouette Over Me

Rating: Explicit

Chapters: 1/1

Words : 6,823

Summary : The one where Louis went out one night after work, wanting to get laid, and then ended up meeting a bartender named Harry Styles.

MommaCQ Fanfic - Geno and Sparks

Sooo… i got another little idea?

I always liked the idea that a grown up Geno would be great with kids (and no doubt strongly inspired by his uncle Asy) and so i decided to write a situation where he becomes a sitter! x3

I wrote two new characters for this story since i wasn’t sure who else to use for it ehehe. ^^

Anyways hope you enjoy it!

MommaCQ and kid!Geno belongs to @alainaprana ~

Asy belongs to @furgemancs ~

Sparks and Aura belong to me. ~

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Hey, Bucky

Requested By Anon

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Coulson has created a chatroom.

Coulson has named the chat: Fanclub Meeting (LOKI IS NOT ALLOWED)

Coulson has added Scott.



Coulson: Do you think you can get Cap to sign my hand for me?

Scott: Sure! Will you be stopping by at the base or will you be shipping your hand over?

Coulson: And miss a chance of seeing the Captain?! I’ll be coming over!

Scott: Are we going to get new members? I enjoy our fanclub but we need more members…

Coulson: I was thinking Tony would make a great addition to the club.

Scott: I would think Bucky would make a great addition? Since he’s the original Captain America fanboy.

Clint has joined the chat.


Clint: what

Clint: what the hell is this

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they say it’s your birthday

rating: teen

status: complete

“Clowns are creepy. We’re not having a clown, Victor.”

“What if I dressed up as a clown?”

Yuuri is pensive for a moment, then he pushes his glasses further up his nose in a disapproving manner. “Then I’m afraid I won’t be able to have sex with you until that mental image of you in clown makeup is purged from my mind,” Yuuri says with a shrug.

dedicated to @victuurificthings!!! Happy birthday Hailey and thank you for everything that you do because u 👏do👏so👏much👏 best🏆person ever u do so much🙌thank u for everything u do🙌👍✨💕💖

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knbreactions  asked:

Hello :) up to how many characters can I request? But anyways, headcanons on what GOM+Tanaka+Ogiwara would do in summer?

Hey! Thanks for the request, I truly enjoyed writing this! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ More under the cut! 🍑


  • As per his father’s suggestion, he works at his family’s company for the summer. His job consists of mostly paperwork.
  • Visits his mother’s grave more often. Truthfully, he’d visit everyday if he could. Leaves her with a bouquet of peonies every time.
  • Travels abroad (for leisure) at least once. While he does fly internationally to nearby countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong for business meetings, Akashi absolutely loves visiting Europe during the summer.
  • Visits historical monuments in Europe: Anne Frank’s house, the Leaning Tower, Vatican City, etc
  • INTERNATIONAL PLAYBOY Quite a few foreign girls he spoke to (asking for directions mostly) found him cute, he’s just so much of a gentleman
  • He also keeps a travel log/diary for his musings. And yes, he goes on trips alone, unless one of his friends want to tag along. (Kuroko actually went on a short trip to Bangkok with him as they had the same flight so might as well hang out right?)
  • Buys souvenirs for his friends abroad
  • Sends Kuroko and Midorima postcards because he knows they’re probably the only ones who’ll treasure it lol
  • Buys Momoi the Ladurée macarons she’s been craving for from Paris
  • Contrary to what most people think, he travels more often with the Rakuzan team due to their summer training programs cross-country or overseas
  • During the beach trip with the rest of GOM, he mostly hung out under a huge parasol, playing shots with Midorima
  • Participates in a sandcastle building competition and wins first place
  • Hold a party in his private yacht

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For the anon who requested yandere boys.

Honey you’ve got a big storm comin’.

-Mod Himiko.

-He will follow you everywhere you go, just to make sure you’re safe and sound.

-He would glare at any other persons(even girls) who would start a conversation with you.


-Because you belong to him, only him.

-He can’t imagine his life without you in it.

-That’s why …

-He will kill everyone who will get in his way.

-Even if he will die.

-He will accept his own fate fate with open arms.

-Because he loves you.

-He’s going to randomly appear in every conversation you’re having with other persons.

-But the way he would glare at the person sent chills down your spine.
-You definetly did not like his aura.

-You swear that you could see an axe behind his back when he’s walking around sometimes, looking at you.

-Was he stalking you?

-You did love Amami but you knew this was not like him.

-You suddenly feel a hand, softly placing on your shoulder.

-You knew who it was.

-And his hand was bloody.

-You tried your best not to scream as you turned around, only to be greeted with a bloody Amami.

- “Amami, w-why are you covered in blood … ?”

-You’ve been hanging with Kiibo a lot, both of you enjoying each other’s company.

-But lately you get a bad vibe when you’re around him.

-He punched Ouma when he last talked to you.

-He even hit Kaito’s head with a plate, causing it to break and Kaito having a serious injury.

-He even wanted to kill Saihara when he put his hand on your shoulder.

-What happened to Kiibo, the goofy robot that would get easily embaressed? Did despair take over him?

-No, it can’t be, his own name means hope.

-“I’m sorry, s/o.”

-Before you could do something, you fell down, unconscious.

-Why was your head hurting so bad?

-Haha …

-The last thing you saw was a robotic figure get on top of you, slicing your neck.

-Oh, the sweet embrace of death …

-“You look even more beautiful when you suffer, this is why I love you.”



-He is too precious for this.

-Gonta doesn’t deserve this!!!!!


-You have never thought that Kaito, the Ultimate As(s)tronaut would be obsessed over you.

-He would visit your room everyday, only leaving 5 minutes early before the nighttime announcement.

-He would smell your clothes and grin, which creeped you out a little.

-He even tried to watch you shower, change and even sleep.

-You don’t feel safe anymore.

-He knew everything about you, and it creeped you out even more.

-Even half of your friends stopped talking to you because of Kaito.

-You suddenly felt two hands covering your mouth.

-You didn’t even have to turn, you already knew who it was.

-Feeling a knife cut your throat, you screamed.

-But it was no use.

-You felt like the world was spinning around you, making fun of you.

-And you were knocked down, unconsious.

-“Oh, you naughty S/O.”

-You’re not going to lie, you never liked his aura from the start.

-He would sneak into your room without you knowing and watch you sleep.

-When you would open your eyes time to time, he would hide under your bed.

-But this time, it was going to be different.

-Yes, he did sneak into your room again, but you were going to pretend that you were sleeping.

-He would sometimes compliment how beautiful you are which makes you smile a little.

-Maybe he wasn’t so bad.

-“My dear s/o, my sister will be happy to meet such a wonderful girl like you.”

-Wait, what?

-Didn’t he mention his sister was dead once?

-No … this can’t be …




-Before you could protest, your stomach was stabbed with a sharp knife.

-You didn’t scream, you already knew no one would hear you.

-Your life was slowly slipping away from you.

-So, this is the end huh?

-In such a torturing way?

-This isn’t fair …

- Life isn’t …


-You were amused by him.

-You loved how he would charge to the other person with such speed, only to be held by you.

-He sometimes glares at you when you talk to other persons that are not him.
-But oh, this was just the begging.

-“S/o, I would like for you to avoid everyone,for your safety.”

-You rolled your eyes, this was the fifth time he told you this day.

-“Ryoma, I appreciate you looking out for me, but you are going too far with this.”

-You sighed, walking away from him, and going to your room.

-Right when you fell down on the bed and ready to take a nap, you heard multiple screams of other people.


-Another body discovery announcement?

-You opened the door and ran to the direction of the screams.

-When you got there, your stomach felt awful.

-Amami, Saihara, Miu, Angie and everyone you were friends with were laying down, the entire room was covered in blood.

-You noticed that all of them had injury on their heads.

-And a bloody tennis ball was laying down next to Saihara’s lifeless body.
-Ryoma …

-“Didn’t I tell you not to talk with them anymore? It’s your fault for this.”

-He was covered in blood while holding another tennis ball, ready to aim it at you.

-Ha …

-Hahaha …

-You were the reason all of your friends died …

-And you couldn’t even save them …

-How pity …

-Is this true despair?


-He has a huge crush on you.

-He would write love letters for you and leave cute presents at your door.

-You did love this boy.

-But lately he was becoming a little creepy.

-He had a journal with everything you like and dislike, even your most embaressing secrets. (You found it while you decided to sneak in his room while he was hanging out with the others, just to see if he wrote other stuff for you.)

-He even had pictures of you around his room.

-How did he even manage to pictures of you in different positions in the first place?

-There were even pictures of you sleeping.

-He would also ‘innocently’ interrupt a conversation you’re having with other guys.

-What’s wrong with him?

-Was he THAT jealous?
-A knock was heard at your door.

-You shrugged the weird feeling in your stomach, thinking it was just Saihara leaving another 'cute’ present for you.

-But oh, you were so wrong.

-Your stomach felt sick only looking at it.

-Amami’s head was in front of your door, a small attached to his hair.

-You closed your eyes, taking the note from the poor boy’s hair.

-You felt so bad for Amami …

-“Dear S/O,

I’ve been in love with you ever since I laid my eyes on you, even the little things you would do would make my heart melt every second.
And this is the perfect time I can ask you this.

S/o, will you be mine …? I will not take no for an answer.

-Saihara Shuichi.”

-You fainted.


Kick-Ass Chicks: Summer Meddock

We’ve been lusting over Summer Meddock’s perfectly curated Instagram filled with dreamy spaces and places she’s created— not to mention her epic collection of Vans she’s got going on too! No, but seriously… take one look and you’ll be drawn in (consider yourselves warned)! We caught up with Summer to talk about how her love with interior design came to be and advice for aspiring interior designers that you just have to read.

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More than words - A Yousana AU. Chapter 5

Idea explained here

All the chapters here


JUNE 2015 (15 and 17 years old)

“Hey, don’t worry about that. You’ll fit in just fine. I’ve told you this before: you’re the coolest girl I know, everyone would love to be your friend!!!

And if they don’t want to, then it’s their loss. I don’t really know what advice to give you. Just that you shouldn’t worry about what people say, you’re perfect just the way you are.

I’m sure that in a few months you will be writing me telling me about this awesome people you’ve met in your high school and I’ll be lowkey jealous because they have the chance to enjoy your company and I don’t. But well, I like to think that I enjoy your company in a whole different and more special way.

I’m looking forward to your answer on July! xx”


JULY 2015 (15 and 17 years old)

 “Thank you for the advice and thank you for being so nice to me! I know I don’t say this too often but you’re also the coolest boy I know. And of course that what we have is special, no other friendship will be like this.

I‘m still amazed about how comfortable I feel while talking to you. As you may have guessed already I’m not a very opened person. But with you, I don’t know, it feels like I can tell you anything and it’s not because we’re anonymous anymore, it’s more than that.

Wow, I’m getting too sentimental here. I should say something rude to keep my façade. Uhm…your jokes suck and are lame.

Although, now that I think about it, it’s been awhile since you’ve made one of your lame jokes.

Anyway, I’ll read you in August xx”


AUGUST 2015 (15 and 17 years old)

 Sana unlocked her phone to look at the time. She always used to wait until the afternoon to go to the book shop and check if her anonymous friend had answered her yet. But that day she was way too anxious.

As the months passed by she would look more and more forward to reading the letters. She knew that this would happen. That’s why she had asked him to keep the letters to just once a month because she knew that she would get too invested on it. But how wouldn’t she? That boy, whoever he was, made her feel something that she had never felt before. She was starting to doubt if those feelings were strict friendship feelings. She didn’t know what being in love felt like but she did know what friendship felt like and this wasn’t quite that. A part of her was worried that maybe she was a little bit obsessed with it. That part of her was mostly scared of what would happen if he decided to stop the letters. What if he got tired of her? What if he got a girlfriend or new friends and he just forgot about her?

She wasn’t stupid or naïve, she knew that eventually that would happen. They couldn’t keep this letter friendship forever, at some point they would have to either stop or agree to meet. She was hoping that it’d be the latter. And until then she was going to try to enjoy the letter as long as they’d last.

With those thoughts in her mind she got out of her room just in time to see her brother entering the house.

“Elias I’m going out, if mom asks where I am just tell her that I’ll be back soon” she said as she put her jacket on without noticing that her brother wasn’t alone.

“Okay, uh, Sana? I want you to meet someone” Elias said pointing at the boy next to him “This is Yousef, we’ve been friends for awhile now but it’s the first time he comes to our house”

“Hi” Yousef said shyly as he looked at her

“Yeah, yeah, nice to meet you. I’m leaving”

Sana walked past by the boys without even looking at Yousef and left the house. She didn’t have time to lose, she needed to get to that book shop and read the letter.

“Your sister is…interesting…very friendly” Yousef told Elias faking a smile

“She’s usually nicer than that, I promise” Elias said still frowning because of Sana’s behavior

“Yeah…I’m sure she is” his friend said not convinced.

In any other moment, Yousef would’ve minded about his friend’s sister not liking him, but his mind was elsewhere, in a book shop where the girl he couldn’t stop thinking about was going to go during that day to read his letter.

They had been talking for four years now but especially this last year Yousef’s mind had been on that mysterious girl almost every day. He would count the days left to read her answers, then reread them several times until he practically knew them by heart. He hadn’t told anyone, he knew his friends would tease him about being in love with a girl he didn’t know. In love…was that what he was feeling? Love? He had never been in love, he didn’t know how that felt like, but he did know one thing…there was something in that girl that made him want to be more than just friends.


Sana entered the book shop almost running. She greeted the seller with a shy smile and walked to the young adult section. She wondered if the seller knew why she came so often to that shop. Maybe she knew who the boy was, maybe she could ask her how he looked like. Sana shook her head, there were rules, she had been the one to make the rules in the first place, she couldn’t be the one breaking them.

She reached their hidden spot and took the paper, her heart beating fast.

“Hahaha!! You really made me laugh with that comment about my jokes. But come on, let’s be real here, you LOVE my jokes. You even admitted you miss them (I know you didn’t say exactly those words but it was implied)

And I’m glad that you feel like you can talk to me. That’s how I feel too. It’s like I’ve known you my whole life. I think that I feel more comfortable with you than with people I see every day.

And this is embarrassing but I’ve always sucked at talking to girls. Not that I’ve really tried talking to many girls but yeah, I always get awkward and say things that make no sense. But with you, I don’t feel awkward at all. You make me feel confident enough to be myself (now is when you tell me that you do think I’m awkward)

I mean, I’m a dork, I’ve accepted that, I’ll never change that but with you it’s like I’m allowed to be a dork and that’s nice.

Now I’m the one getting emotional.

Uhm…I’m a 40 years old creepy man ha! Ha!….wow that was too lame even coming from me.

Yeah, I’m going to stop writing right now…Bye!! ♥”

SEPTEMBER 2015 (15 and 17 years old)

 “Oh god I should stop writing to you right now after that joke because a) that was so lame and b) you know I have a thing for 40 years old creepy men (a thing as in I think they’re creepy, you don’t have to make another joke about that saying that I have a “love” thing for them). So I guess all I can do now is leave you to think about what you’ve said. I don’t think we can be friends anymore…

Just kidding! I know you’re a dork, I’ve accepted it and to be honest I really like your dorkiness. There, I said it, don’t expect me to say it again though.

But seriously I really like the way you are and I’m glad you feel like you can be yourself with me ♥”


OCTOBER 2015 (15 and 18 years old)

 “Awww look at my girl getting soft! You’re not as tough as you were a few years ago huh? Now you’re all soft and saying nice things to me. That’s so cute!

Please don’t get mad, I’m just kidding haha.

But seriously your answer made me really happy, although you ruined my joke…yes…I was going to make a joke about you having a thing for old men. But I’ll forgive you because you’re you.

Hey in your next answer you should tell me about all of the amazing friends you’ll make during this month since you’re starting high school. I can’t wait to hear about it! ♥”


‘My girl’. Sana kept repeating those two words in her mind on her way home. What did he mean with that? He called her ‘his girl’. Did he mean it as ‘my girl who is my friend’ or ‘my girl who is more than my friend’? Did he mean anything with that at all? With those thoughts in her mind she entered her house and went straight to the kitchen, not noticing that there was someone already there getting out of it.

She bumped into him and almost fell backwards but he was fast enough to grab her placing his hands on her elbows. She looked up and frowned at the unknown face.

“I’m sorry Sana, I didn’t see you” he said

“Who are you?” she asked

“Okay, wow…I’m Yousef…Elias’ friend? We met two months ago?”

She looked at the boy confused. She couldn’t remember seeing him, she would remember that face. He was really handsome and attractive and hot and…stop staring Sana! She shook her head and tried to focus. Then it hit her, she did remember Elias saying something about her meeting a friend but she left the house before even looking at him. Now she felt embarrassed about her behavior but she remembered that she was going the book shop that day and she was in a rush.

“I’m sorry” she said “Yeah, yeah, I remember you now. I was just distracted”

“Yeah, I could tell” he chuckled

Was he mocking her? She frowned once more trying to decipher that boy. Her task was interrupted by her brother entering the room

“Oh I see you two have met again. You remember Yousef, right Sana?”

“She does now” he said

Sana rolled her eyes and shook her head

“Yeah well, I tend to forget thinks that aren’t important” she said shrugging

“Wow, you were right Elias, your sister is super kind” Yousef said half bitter half amused

“The kindest” she said faking a smile “Well, see you around, I guess”



NOVEMBER 2015 (15 and 18 years old)

 “Hi!!!! I’ve actually made some great friends during this month!!

Especially there’s one girl I met in my German class and she’s super cool. She introduced me to these other girls and they’re really cool. We’re like the losers of the school but we’re the coolest losers so there’s that.

There’s this other group of girls though…they’re pretty mean. They’re like the popular girls that think that they own the place or something. I’m worried about one particular friend, she’s the best, she’s really strong but at the same time she’s fragile. I think that she’s very impressionable, she always wants everyone to love her and to fit in and I’m scared that she’s going to end up being hurt. She kind of reminds me of me in middle school. How I wanted to be popular and fit in and instead I started to sink because of other people’s comments? I really hope that she trusts us enough to tell us when something is wrong, not everyone can have a anonymous friend to tell them about their problems you know? :)♥”


DECEMBER 2015 (15 and 18 years old)

 As every 1st day of every month Sana was walking to the book shop ready to find a new letter waiting for her. As she was about to enter the shop she bumped into someone and almost fell backwards but two hands held her to prevent her from falling.

“We really need to stop meeting like this” she heard a voice saying

She looked up and there he was, Yousef, Elias’ friend once again blocking her way.

“I’m sorry I didn’t see you” she apologized

“Do you ever see me?” he joked

Sana frowned at him not sure if he meant it or not.

“I’m just joking, relax Sana” he said chuckling, god she really had perfect teeth.

Perfect teeth, Sana? What?

“So, what are you doing here?” he asked, he seemed pretty keen on having a conversation with her

“Well, this is a book shop, what do you think?” she said glaring at him

“Yeah, definitely the kindest”  he said under his breath

Sana pressed her lips together trying not to smile, she had to admit that she wasn’t being the nicest person to him and still he was polite towards her.

“I’m sorry, I’m just…”

“In a rush? As always? Yeah, don’t worry about it, I’ll see you around. Hope you find what you’re looking for” he said walking past by her

She frowned confused

“What do you mean with that?” she asked him

He turned around and looked at her for a moment as if he didn’t understand the question.

“This is a book shop, I guess you’re looking for a book? I just hope you find it…I was just trying to be nice, I guess that the concept is foreign to you”

“Ha ha” she said rolling her eyes

“Bye Sana” he turned around once again and this time he finally left.


This time she didn’t read the answer until she got home, she didn’t want to be interrupted.

“I’m really happy you hear that you’re making friends, it’s what you deserve.

And about your friend…please take care of her. She may seem okay and you may think that she’s doing just fine but maybe she’s not. Maybe she’s going through a rough patch. Maybe she’s thinking that she has no one and she just wants life to stop. And then you’ll be left wondering what you could’ve done for her. And this isn’t only about your friend but also about you. I know you’ve been through a lot in middle school and I’m afraid that being around those kind of girls again you’ll feel bad again. Please, PLEASE if you ever feel like life is too much PLEASE talk to someone, anyone. YOU’RE NOT ALONE. Please always remember that. Everything will be alright.

I’m sorry I just…something happened to a friend this year and…I don’t really want to talk about it, I hope you understand but…I just wanted to let you know that I’m here okay?”

Sana’s stomach sank as she ended the letter. The fact that he had gone through that with his friend and he was worrying about her made her heart ache. That situation, even if she didn’t know the details, reminded her of something that had recently happened with one of Elias’ friends. She wasn’t supposed to know but she had heard her brother talking about it once.

As she was about to write her answer to leave it on the book shop the next month an image came to her mind. A boy, Yousef, coming out of the book shop just as she was going in…the similarities between that last letter and what had happened to one of her friends…could it be?

She shook her head, no, it couldn’t. Then she started to write.

JANUARY 2016 (16 and 18 years old)

 “I’m sorry to hear about your friend. I completely understand that you don’t want to talk about it, I won’t pressure you. Just know that I’m here for you too okay? ALWAYS. And thank you for caring about me, it really means a lot. I really hope that things get better with you and your friend soon.

I’ve been wondering something…do you ever think about the possibility of us knowing each other? Like what if we’ve already met? What if we’re friends? What if we’re school mates? What if we’re neighbors? What if we are acquaintances? What if we just bumped into each other once? Have you ever thought about that? Because lately I have. Do you think we would know if we met each other? Do you think that we would feel something?

I don’t know…I’m just rambling here right now.

But hey, it’ll be new year’s day when you read this so HAPPY NEW YEAR! ♥”


FEBRUARY 2016 (16 and 18 years old)

 “Thanks. I haven’t heard from my friend since it happened, I guess he needs time but yeah I hope that eventually things will get better.

And about your question…I’ve actually thought about it several times but I like to think that we don’t know each other. Because I think that I’d know it, you know? I’d feel it. Like I want to believe that if I ever saw you, if I ever saw the girl I like in person I’d know. At least that’s what I want to believe. I really, really want to. So I’m choosing to think that we don’t know each other and that if we ever meet we’ll feel it. ♥”


‘The girl I like’…her anonymous friend again with the cryptic messages. Maybe it was time for her to hint something too.

MARCH 2016 (16 and 18 years old)

“I want to believe that too. I want to believe that if I ever met you I’d know. I mean, we’re supposed to feel something special when we see the person we like right? So I guess that yeah, we’ll definitely feel it if we ever met. Unless we’re too focused on the letters that we don’t see what’s in front of us? I’ve actually thought about that too. But I like the first theory better to be honest.

I’ll read you in April! ♥”


APRIL 2016 (16 and 18 years old)

“I was planning on acting cool about it but who am I kidding? I’m not cool.

What do you mean with “the person we like”? Do you mean as a general thing or did you mean…well, me? Because when I said the girl I like I meant you. I still mean it, I know this is weird because we’ve never seen each other but I like you. Like really like you,  not just as a friend, I like like you. What about you? Do you like me? But like really like me? Like you like like me? And now the word “like” is starting to sound weird. Ugh, I’m sorry this is embarrassing. Now is when you tell me you don’t like me at all and I feel stupid. But no pressure, just be honest…do you…well, like me? ♥”


MAY 2016 (16 and 18 years old)

 “I like you. I really like you. I like like you. ♥”


Weeeeell! this is it! Things are starting to get interesting!

I really hope you’ve liked this chapter, I was super excited for you to read this one!

Thank you all so much for reading!!!♥♥ 

(In case isn’t clear this is set during Sana’s frist year at Nissen and Yousef’s last year at Bakka)

anonymous asked:

Hey I love you! Your amazing I just found you and now I know love at first site is real? { Get it;) } will you marry me babe!! Anywho... I love when you recommend fics, I was wondering if you would rec some of your favorite bottom!harry fics? ^.^ it doesn't have to be smutty smutty just like young, innocent and like Harry is the more submissive in like just him everyday way?idk how to explain it hahaha just your favorite ones? That probably made no sense. Sorry

OMG. OMFG. I love you too anon !! (please come in my ask with you real url ! i want to know who you are!! I want to follow you !!). I love so much when I wake up with something like that on my ask !!


Let’s start with some young and innocent Harry , smutty but not too much.

- nonstop earthquake dreams of you  : canon fic, X-factor era.

- Red brick heart :  Uni AU, Harry founds out he might be gay. (ok, there’s top!harry too at the end but the entire fic is really awesome)

- Give Me Truths : Uni AU (Louis is a psychology student with a tattoo count as high as his genius IQ. Harry is in a (sort-of) relationship with a homophobic man and hates himself a little more every day. Things fall apart and Louis puts him back together.)

-Want You More Than A : Falling in love with your step-brother’s best friend is a disaster enough. When he happens to be the boy everyone loves and you’re a nerd who wears sweater vests and cries during rom-coms, it takes it to a whole new level.

- feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream      : Royal/magic AU (I think it’s only bottom!Harry? m’not sure?)

- bring out feelings in me i never show      : Louis accidentally hires a felon to be his fake boyfriend for Thanksgiving.

- Sail Across Me : Pirate AU (Virgin Harry/first time)

- Just Lay With Me : the one in which Louis is the coach of Harry’s daughter’s football team and Harry likes Louis’ bum. One day there’s a parent football game and Louis, just maybe, starts hitting on Harry and, just maybe, Harry gives in.

- Web Me Harder  : Spiderman AU

In the Checkout Line : Louis is a cashier and Uni student. Harry is the awkward kid who comes through his line nearly every day. Louis knows that it’s just so he can talk to Louis, but he doesn’t say anything. He quite likes it. They become friends, and then maybe a bit more.

- truth be told, i never was yours : College AU in which Harry is a virgin and Louis is definitely not in love with him. One night, this all changes.

And now, some smutty bottom!Harry fics. Like porn without plot (i love this tag so much OMG)

- give you my fever    : x-factor era. harry’s never had an orgasm before, louis gives him his first .

- i’ll fuck you like the devil    : Harry is 17, dresses as an angel for Halloween, and attends Louis’ Halloween party. Louis fucks him.

- wishing for rain as I stand in the desert : Louis is moving out of the flat he shares with Harry because Eleanor thinks they’re too co-dependent. Harry can’t let him leave

- feels so good getting what i want. : Harry is a slutty yoga teacher with his sights set on Louis and Louis wants to pull that long hair of his while he fucks him really hard from behind.

- Number One Fan : Cheerleader!Harry .

UPDATE  (under the cut, it’s very long) (last update on June 30th 2017)

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You ever think that Newt and Graves are already married though?

Like before the events of FBAWTFT, Newt and Graves had met. Newt was 18 and Graves was 22 and they met through Theseus who was all ‘Perry, this is my precious baby bro and the reason I live in this world, Look at him. Cute as a baby hippogriff, biting and all.’ It’s not even a marriage in a traditional sense. It was more something Newt and Perry sign in for Perry to keep his family property or for Newt to have an international travelling permit or SOMETHING.

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M!Corrin/Nowi C-S Support

Written by Shauni

Disclaimer: M!Corrin has been summoned after the death of Queen Mikoto and before choosing a path.


Nowi: Ha-ha! I’ve finally found him! Now… quietly… very quietly…


Corrin: Aah?!

Nowi: *laughing* Got you! Hahaha, you jumped so high! Did you really not hear me coming?

Corrin: W-what was that for?! You’re Nowi, right? Couldn’t you approach me in a more normal fashion?

Nowi: Of course I could. I just thought it wouldn’t be as funny. *pouting* Hey, you didn’t even wish me ‘good morning’ back! That’s not very princely of you. I looked everywhere for you!

Corrin: But you’re the one who– Oh, nevermind. Good morning. That’s as “princely” as I can get right now with my heart beating in my throat.

Nowi: That’s good enough for me!

Corrin: Glad to hear that. So, why were you looking for me?

Nowi: Because I was curious, of course! Ever since I was summoned, I’ve been wanting to see you!

Corrin: Really? I did not know. If I may ask, why are you curious of me?

Nowi: Because you’re a dragon prince, silly! You and I can both turn into dragons!

Corrin: You too? Who told you that I–

Nowi: I got paired up with your little sister for training this morning! As soon as I took my Dragonstone out of my bag, her eyes lit up. “My big brother has a stone that looks just like this one!”, she said. But according to her, our dragon forms don’t look alike at all. So I got even more curious about you, dragon prince!

Corrin: I see… Is that why you keep calling me “dragon prince”?

Nowi: Partly! Dragons are great, but what’s even better than a dragon?

Corrin: Um… two dragons?

Nowi: True, but in this case, the correct answer is “a royal dragon”! And you’re both a dragon and a prince! A dragon prince! Plus you’re the first male Manakete I’ve met in a long, long time!

Corrin: Is that so…

Nowi: Not feeling very talkative, are we? It’s okay! Say, how about we show each other our dragon forms? I want to see just how different we look!

Corrin: Um… Maybe another time, Nowi. I have… something other than that to do. Good day.

[Corrin leaves.]

Nowi: Huh? Hey, wait! Dragon priiince!… And he’s gone. Humpf! Maybe I was too pushy…

[Corrin and Nowi have reached support rank C.]


Nowi: Dragon prince, found you! So that’s where you were hiding!

Corrin: Oh, hello, Nowi. How was training?

Nowi: Fun! The Summoner is very happy with me and we finished early! Which is why I was able to watch your training.

Nowi: *pouting* And let me tell you, I was very, very disappointed.

Corrin: Beg pardon? (Y/n) seemed pleased of my swordmanship, if I remember correctly…

Nowi: But the sword! That’s exactly what was disappointing! I was expecting you to–

Corrin: Turn into a dragon.

Nowi: Exactly! So why didn’t you? Fae, Clarine and Ephraim were with you, so don’t tell me it was sword training only. And if your swordmanship is that good, then you don’t need to work so hard on it. I mean, you were good, don’t get me wrong. But could you please drop the sword next time? I really want to see how you look as a dragon! I’ve been dreaming about it and then, when I wake up, I can’t even remember–

Corrin: Nowi, listen. I won’t turn into a dragon. Ever. I’m sorry to disappoint but I just won’t.

Nowi: What? Why?

Corrin: I can’t. As simple as that.

Nowi: What do you mean, you can’t? You have pointy ears and a Dragonstone and your tail appears when you attack! A weird-looking tail, by the way, not like mine at all. You’re definitely a dragon!

Corrin: Well, yes, but… Sorry, let me rephrase it. It’s not that I can’t transform; it’s that I don’t know how to.

Nowi: Huh? You don’t? But… how is that even possible? It’s like riding a horse! You never forget how to do it!

Corrin: It’s… complicated. I never knew I could turn into a dragon before a few weeks ago. I spent my whole life until now thinking I was a regular human being. All my siblings possess abilities only Nohrian and Hoshidan royals do but, as it turned out, I am the only one able to become a dragon. And I’ve only transformed once. By accident. So there’s that too.

Nowi: Oh… I see… That explains everything. But still, you said you managed to transform once. Can’t you, like, recreate the same conditions that made you transform so you can do it again?

Corrin: I… transformed because my mother died.

Nowi: Oh.

Corrin: …

Nowi: …

Corrin: …

Nowi: … Well, this is awkward.

Corrin: Agreed.

Nowi: I’m so sorry! I didn’t think it would be such a touchy topic!

Corrin: It’s okay, Nowi. No offence taken. To be honest, I don’t remember much… Rage and despair washing over me. Need to kill, destroy, crush. A headache. I was so furious I couldn’t hear myself screaming. When I looked at my hands, they were turning into… something else. I just recall thinking “Hands are not supposed to do this”. And I think I heard my bones making noises. Even after I killed all enemies in sight, the anger stayed. When a friend tried to calm me down, I… I hurt her.

Nowi: … So now you’re scared to transform again.

Corrin: … Yes.

Nowi: … Well, you know what? I’m going to teach you how to turn into a dragon and make it a peaceful, happy experience! So you won’t be scared anymore!

Corrin: Um, come again?

Nowi: It’s decided! For now, you’re just a regular prince, but with my help you’ll soon be a real dragon prince! Oh, I’ve never been a teacher before, this is gonna be so much fun!

Corrin: Nowi, please, I don’t think it's–

Nowi: I have to tell Commander Anna and (y/n) about this! I’m sure they will agree! I’ll let you know when everything is ready, dragon prince!

[Nowi leaves.]

Corrin: … My name is Corrin, you know. Gods, what have I gotten myself into?

[Corrin and Nowi have reached support rank B.]


Nowi: Alright, Nowi’s Super Special Dragon Training is about to start! Is my student ready?

Corrin: I… guess. To be frank, I’m still unsure about this.

Nowi: Oh, come on! Everything is going to be okay. We’re going to work together on whatever your issues are, then you’re gonna successfully transform, love it, and become my playmate. See? It’s simple!

Corrin: Um… If you say so… How do we do this then?

Nowi: No worries, it’s easy! Hold your Dragonstone firmly in one hand and let’s start by step one: how do you feel?

Corrin: Right now? Rather unsure of where this is going.

Nowi: No, silly! I meant, how do you feel about turning into a dragon?

Corrin: Oh. Anxious.

Nowi: Why?

Corrin: Well, from what I remember, the transformation… hurt a lot.

Nowi: Really? That’s weird. It never hurts for me. Maybe because it was your first time? The circumstances can have various effects, I suppose. Here, let me show you!

[An hour later…]

Corrin: *panting* Nowi… with all due respect… I think we should call it a day…

Nowi: I don’t understand! Why can’t you transform?! You had the head, the horns, the tail and one arm, but every time your body stays human in shape. I’m so sorry, Corrin… Are you okay?

Corrin: Yes, just… tired. My limbs feel numb. Heh. I’m not that much of a “dragon prince”, am I?

Nowi: No, don’t say that! It’s way too early to give up! I’m sure you can do it. All you need is time and training. And lots of encouragement. Which I am more than willing to provide!

Corrin: Are you sure? You seemed so eager to compare our dragon forms, I’d hate to disappoint you…

Nowi: *laughs* No need to worry! I did see your horns, head and one paw, remember? They all looked so cool! Very different from mine, both in colours and shapes! Actually, even your Dragonstone doesn’t quite look like mine.

Corrin: Yes, I noticed. Your transformation looks different as well. It’s so… elegant. You look etheral, Nowi.

Nowi: Wow! Ethereal, really? I don’t think I’ve ever been told this, even in a thousand years! Thank you, Corrin!

Corrin: … Did you just say “a thousand years”?

[Corrin and Nowi have reached support rank A.]


Nowi: Corrin, Corrin!

Corrin: Nowi? What are you doing here? You should be at the infirmary!

Nowi: But I’m fine! Look, the healers patched me up, I’m good as new! Besides, I came to thank you. I was careless. I didn’t see this Emblian soldier creeping behind my back. Had you not been here, I could have… So thank you.

Corrin: Please don’t mention it. I’m just glad you’re okay. By the way, did you see it? I did it! I changed into a dragon.

Nowi: Yes, about that… I also wanted to apologize.

Corrin: Huh? What for?

Nowi: Well, you turned into a dragon to save me… I promised to make your next transformation a happy experience, remember? And instead, I just… made it another painful, fear-induced one. I’m sorry, Corrin! This is not how I wanted it to be…

Corrin: Come now, Nowi. This was a wonderful experience.

Nowi: What do you mean?

Corrin: The first time, I transformed because my mother was killed. I felt powerless, miserable and angry. But you were still alive, Nowi. There was still something I could do to protect you. I felt anger… but I also felt able. I-it’s hard to explain… I just… I couldn’t lose you.

Nowi: Corrin…

Corrin: Oh! I said that out loud, didn’t I?

Nowi: Corrin, how long will you live?

Corrin: Huh? I… don’t know? For a good while, I hope.

Nowi: No, I mean, do you have a human lifespan?

Corrin: I… guess? Since I aged normally until now, I suppose I do.

Nowi: Are you sure? Are you positive that you have a human lifespan?

Corrin: Nowi, what is this about?

Nowi: This is about you being the most handsome dragon in existence, the kindest person I’ve met in a long time, and me falling in love with you. So I don’t want you to die on me.

Corrin: You– I– I mean… I was going to say it, you know? I love you too, Nowi. And… that’s why I’m sorry, I can’t say I won’t die one day. But that’s not what matters right now. We’ve just confessed and you’re already thinking about the moment we’ll be separated. There are so many happy memories waiting to be made before that.

Nowi: Now is now and later is later, huh? Right. That’s what my friends in the Shepherds taught me. Thank you for reminding me, Corrin.

Nowi: And now that we’re lovers, let’s play!

Corrin: Right now? Um, don’t you want to go buy rings or something–

Nowi: Hmmm… no! I have a better idea!

Corrin: Oh?

Nowi: Matching Dragonstones! Matching engraved Dragonstones!

Corrin: *chuckle* That’s actually a good idea. Well then, Nowi, what do you want our wedding Dragonstones to say?

Nowi: Oh, I have tons of ideas! What do you think of…

[Corrin and Nowi have reached support rank S.]

New comics from Small Press Expo 2017

It’s been a while since I did one of these, but wanted to get back into the habit of sharing my favorite books and new discoveries at cons. As most of you know, Youth in Decline took a hiatus for a lot of 2017 to welcome our daughter into the world.  SPX is a fitting “first show back” as the setting and vibe feels like a high school reunion, packed full of our favorite cartoonists, old friends, and longtime readers.

Here is me doing brief, quick, hot(?) takes on most of the new books I grabbed at the show.

Sex Fantasy by Sophia Foster-Dimino.  Sophia’s one of the best contemporary cartoonists working, and this chunky tome collects her multi-year series of mins into one thoughtful book. You can see Sophia working out cartooning decisions over the course of each book, with dialogue / camera / perspective experiments everywhere. The final two chapters haven’t been seen before. Just an incredible, amazing book from Koyama Press.

New things from my alltime favorite cartoonist (hands down), Michael DeForge. A new mini called Loose in his series of sketchbooks, and a massive, oversized new story from Koyama Press called Placeholders. It’s hard to even talk about Michael’s work, it’s so good.  Michael is an incredible writer, and the drawings (where, let’s be real, he can basically draw any & everything) exist to support the writing.  Special shoutout to the early YD logo sketch that made it into Placeholders as an evil startup / corporation, haha 

Two fantastic minis from my SPX tablemate, the incredible Lauren Weinstein.  Both of these comics, Normel Person and Perfect Maine Vacation, were nominated for Ignatz Awards and show the incredible and personal power of Lauren’s cartooning. Perfect Maine Vacation is gutwrenching (in a sweet way that kills me as a new parent) and Normel Person is a hilarious ongoing journal of life in Trump’s Amerika.  Did you hear that Lauren is doing a new comic for Youth in Decline for Frontier next year?  Dude, I know!!!!! (so beyond excited).

Ethan Rilly released the 5th issue of his fantastic series Pope Hats.  Ethan’s sense of his own characters and the knack for small moments and relatable, too real dialogue between friends really shines here. Pope Hats is such a dense and well-appointed serial drama, I’m a huge fan.

Everywhere Disappeared by Patrick Kyle.  Patrick’s new collection of short stories from Koyama Press.  A lot of my favorites from the last few years made it into the book.  Patrick mixes familiar shapes with hyper-present narration that does this weird trick on your brain and unfolds weird contemporary paranoias and ennui. Patrick’s short comics are almost like little polemics, or allegories… upsetting but also hilarious.

I’m Not Here by GG.  Another debut from Koyama Press – Annie had an unparalleled and unprecedented SPX lineup, I’ve never really seen anything ever before at a show, the r a w  p o w e r of her team.  GG debuts her first long-form narrative, a quiet, slow burn of a story about identity and navigating the transition from un-responsible young adult to the burden of your own parents’ failings (health, decision-making, etc). Very restrained, withholding, and poetic. 

Language Barrier by Hannah K. Lee.  I LOVE THE SHAPE OF THIS BOOK. Both like, literally its formal size (small!) and the flow and design of the book. Included in one tome are Hannah’s incredible type experiments, her comics, her illustrations, and her personal stories. This feels like a true monograph, showing me the many sides and numerous formats of expression from an incredible artist. I loved this book.

Baby Let’s Cruise and We’re Together Now by Jasjyot Singh Hans. I’ve been a fan of Jasjyot’s stuff for a while and following his work on Instagram – these two minis really brought together a lot of interssting threads. Baby Let’s Cruise is the size & form of an iPhone 7 Plus, and captures the furtive feeling of messaging with someone you don’t know, and navigating the power dynamic anxiously.  We’re Together Now uses an arch-metaphor to capture the earnest passion & paranoiac worry of a long distance relationship.  I’m really excited about what Jasjyot is doing (and will do next). 

The Look Book by Jeremy Sorese. A colorful, exploding collection of imagined (and observed) fashion and bodies and cute men. Jeremy depicts people with a weighty, playful, totally wild eye.  I stared at each drawing for 5 minutes, digging into all the little details.  Really loving the illustration and play Jeremy is doing between his longer works, so exciting to daydream about these outfits.

Starfighter Vol. 4 by HamletMachine!~  100% NOT s FOR w, the latest volume of my friend HM’s ongoing space sex opera is now out. I absolutely love Hamlet’s depictions of bodies, of tension between people – she has an incredible skill for composition and the gnarly beautiful dance of bodies interacting.  HM has cultivated an incredible fanbase stayed true to her vision and worldbuilding. <3

Daises by Bjorn Daniel Miner.  A short collection of comics by Bjorn, created, conceived of, and produced on Risograph as part of his residency at SVA’s Risolab. Each spread is full of wild textures and color experimentation, pushing the risograph to ends I didn’t think were really possible. Melts your eyeballs, very nice!

A Modest Upbringing by Amanda Castillo.  A touching short story about families (and their pain + baggage) from an exciting young talent. Printed on Youth in Decline’s risograph this past summer as part of an internship helping us out!  <3

Summer Wasting and Sunset Lover by Sunmi.  Two minis – one huge, one small – from our friend and former intern Sunmi.  Summer Wasting includes a number of observational comics, sketches & poems, and a really thoughtful book design with little asides bound directly into the body of the comic.  Really exciting watching her work change and mature over the past few years, and so excited about her new press, Dandelion Wine Collective.  <3

Kissing, Waves, and I Can Love You Better From Up Here by Rebecca Kirby (aka reweki).  I somehow wasn’t familiar with Rebecca’s work before this SPX, but was really taken with her composition and use of color.  Her panel structures and experimentation in Waves reminded me a bit of Jesse Balmer and other controlled psychedelic pieces, while the bodies in Kissing and ICLYBFUH both showed an extremely confident and fluid sense of bodies (and color). Kissing was extremely NSFW and rad, while her short musing about a lost pet made me tear up a little. Great work from a creator I’m now following closely.

Drag Race Lookbook by Sasha Velour. Okay, so I didn’t get this at Small Press Expo but it was waiting for me when I got home. A lovely and thoughtfully designed book from the one & only… Sasha Velour!  Such a great recap and reliving of her incredible looks from RPDR, and the commentary at the back is the sort of thing I live for…  Who doesn’t adore Sasha? I have sweet but embarrassing memories of our second-ever proper meeting hungover at MoCCA a few years back as tablemates…  such a vibrant and incredible creator!!! ah

The Spectacularly Sad Surreptitious Spinster Snake Sister: Survival Spellbook by April Malig and The Untitled Queen.  This was an absolutely incredible gift from April!!!!  Sasha superfans will recognize this mini as featured in Velour Magazine #3.  That issue smartly photographed and captured this feature as an object mini-within-a-magazine… and this is one of the rare actual copies April made just for Velour.  Incredible risograph work and color composition… and it’s a little piece of comics/drag history. <3 

The Veggie Team by Ginger Craghead. 9-year old cartoonist creates wild mini about the pranks and misadventures of a team of wild veggies.  What more can I say?  This was legit hilarious (See the 2nd panel on the right page above, hahaha).

Yes by Tom Herpich. Final book from around SPX, this is a new mini from Tom… not exactly a comic, but a short story about isolation and gratification. It was startling and lowkey, and the storybook illustrations showed Tom’s incredible sense of framing and pacing. I’m such a huge fan of Tom’s work, it’s exciting as a reader to see him working through new work in his post-Adventure Time life. Available via his Tumblr still (I think?)

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this question has already been asked to you but what do you think Jaime menant when he says: "There are no men like me. Only me."? I honestly love this quote so much but it''s so hard to determine what he meant by that. Some people think it's arrogance, but I don't think it's arrogant to say that we're not like others, because we're all unique in our own way. I personally felt a great loneliness from this quote, what do you think?

actually no no one ever asked me that specifically so… *cracks knuckles*

first thing: I love that quote to pieces I mean I loved jaime like woah before then too but at that point it was just cemented xD that said hahaha nope arrogant my ass. okay here comes another episode of ‘janie’s unpopular opinions about jaime lannister’s true character TM’ brace yourself

okay so, let’s see the entire context and let’s recall that at this point the guy is somewhat drunk since I think he was at the point in the exchange with cat where he was fairly beyond tipsy.

“Your crimes will have earned you a place of torment in the deepest of the seven hells, if the gods are just.”

“What gods are those, Lady Catelyn? The trees your husband prayed to? How well did they serve him when my sister took his head off?” Jaime gave a chuckle. “If there are gods, why is the world so full of pain and injustice?”

“Because of men like you.”

There are no men like me. There’s only me.”

There is nothing here but arrogance and pride, and the empty courage of a madman. I am wasting my breath with this one. If there was ever a spark of honor in him, it is long dead.

now, first thing: obviously cat does not know jaime’s backstory and we know that she’s fairly wrong about pretty much all of her evaluation - like jaime has a lot of pride obviously and he’s arrogant, but his honor is far from dead as you can see later in asos and he’s not a madman. actually, he’s the only one actually speaking sense in this exchange - obviously not from cat’s pov, but tbh his reply is pretty dead-on. he is alive and ned is not, and we all know that killing aerys is what turned him into the cynical pseudo-heartless person he thinks he is these days and that he’s presented as in the beginning (pseudo-heartless because he’s not but never mind), and he’s probably spent a lot of time thinking over the fact. like it’s also obvious from his confession to brienne, but he really fucking resents having been judged that harshly over aerys. I mean:

The water had grown cool. When Jaime opened his eyes, he found himself staring at the stump of his sword hand. The hand that made me Kingslayer. The goat had robbed him of his glory and his shame, both at once. Leaving what? Who am I now?
The wench looked ridiculous, clutching her towel to her meager teats with her thick white legs sticking out beneath.
“Has my tale turned you speechless? Come, curse me or kiss me or call me a liar. Something.”
“If this is true, how is it no one knows?”
“The knights of the Kingsguard are sworn to keep the king’s secrets. Would you have me break my oath?” Jaime laughed. “Do you think the noble Lord of Winterfell wanted to hear my feeble explanations? Such an honorable man. He only had to look at me to judge me guilty." 

wow. he’s totally not angry over it still, isn’t it?

thing is: no one else in the kingsguard at least in recent times as far as we know has murdered their king as he did. he has never gone and tried to correct it with anyone else because everyone judged him on principle because of it and at that point let’s remember that he had guarded aerys for two years and when he burned people in front of him he was most likely dissociating so having to kill aerys was probably the straw breaking the camel’s back to jaime’s feelings about questioning his role in the kingsguard and the likes. I mean, don’t forget that he had been questioning the whole ‘why don’t we lift a finger if the king is horrid to his family’ rules for a long time and no one else saw fit to either do something about it or voice their concerns if they had any. there’s literally no one like him because as far as we know he’s been the only KG member who ever put the entire system into question. and as far as he knows he made the right decision (he doesn’t really regret killing aerys even if he has conflicted feelings about it ie his glory and his shame) but no one else does.

now, after that he thinks that the whole oaths/honor talk is bullshit for obvious reasons and that’s why he doesn’t give a fuck (externally) if people think he has no honor. he’s gonna embrace it if that’s what they think even if deep down he loathes it - or he wouldn’t be telling that story to brienne who’s, guess what, the One True Knight & Honor Personified Except That She Is True To It And Not A Fraud in the entire continent. this stated, let’s look at the first exchange.

cat is basically telling jaime that his crimes have eternally damned him and she obviously means pushing bran, killing aerys and possibly banging his sister, but as far as jaime thinks the only one out of the three he might consider a crime is pushing bran, not loving his sister (as far as he’s concerned) or killing a madman (and I’m saying he’d consider pushing bran a crime because before he pushes him he says ‘the things I do for love’ with loathing, which would suggest he KNOWS he’s doing something shitty). so hey she’s doing exactly the same thing ned did with him ie judging him without knowing the entire story or the reasons why he committed most of his supposed *crimes*. he gives her a perfectly logical answer that also complies with his character development - at that point he’d hardly care about gods whatsoever and he hasn’t for a long time most probably. also he’s laughing the entire time which would suggest he’s finding it all hilarious in the way it is when you’re drunk and you’re already cynical in the first place. anyway, ‘why is the world so full of pain and injustice’ isn’t just aimed at cat, it could be aimed in general, because that’s most likely a question he’s asked himself since he got into the KG. it is the question someone who has to serve aerys and hates it would ask themselves.

and she replies ‘well, because of men like you’, supposing that he is the kind of horrible person that makes the world full of pain and injustice while actually the guy had to live for years serving someone who made the world full of pain and injustice and made everyone a favor when he killed aerys. so basically she went and told him that he is the same as aerys which I’m fairly sure jaime wouldn’t agree with since they’re absolutely not.

and then he tells her that there are no men like him. but like that’s literal truth - there aren’t. no one has done what he has done, no one has been reviled for it as it happened to him, no one went into the KG at fifteen and no one did the things jaime did in that specific context and he’s just telling her the truth. he’s telling her that not only he’s not like aerys, but no one else could have done the things he did and he doesn’t really want to be likened to aerys in the first place.

and as you said there’s obviously the loneliness part of it since if you look at the whole picture, jaime’s basically kept that story for himself until he told brienne. but like he kept that secret for more than ten years also because no one would have cared to hear his part of the story, and he didn’t share it even with cersei when one presumes he would since at that point he still buys into the ‘we are the same person etc’ mantra. but he doesn’t. he never has. and he’s probably felt the burden of it for that entire time, and then again if he never told others it probably was also because he thought it wouldn’t change anything. (and guess what when he tells brienne it actually does change things but never mind.) also jaime tends to keep a lot of things that end up eating him from the inside ie he never tells tyrion about tysha or never tells anyone about aerys and the likes. of course there’s no one like him. because no one’s had his experiences and no one bothered to understand them and he’s not the kind of person that makes the world a horrible place but everyone thinks he is and at that point of the story he had sort of embraced it in the ‘well they think that of me fine I’ll deliver’ sense. he meant all of that, but obviously cat was not the right interlocutor for it since she thinks he’s insane when he’s the one out of the two of them that’s talking most sense. it’s not that it’s arrogance (he’s arrogant in other ways), it’s just the way it is.

(mind that jaime is one of the few people who tends to say things straight and tends to not bullshit in his povs and grows more self-aware with the narration rather than being unreliable - he’s like one of the most reliable narrators in asoiaf tbh if you don’t count the part concerning his feelings for cersei, but he also gets progressively self-aware in that sense as well. so like he generally means 90% of what he says unless he’s deliberately lying and you know when he is, it’s his pov most of the times. I think you can generally take at face value most of the things he says and this one also counts.)

As promised, here are my Royai fanfic recommendations. <3 A lot of people have been messaging me about this. Sorry, this took a while. Christmas and New Year came. HAHA!

I’m not really into fanfics, but because Royai, I just had to read. I’m sorry, but I’m kinda picky with fanfics, especially when it comes to my OTP for life. <3 I don’t like it when the characters get OOC or when there are OCs in fanfics. (Though, there are exceptions. :) ) I’ll be updating this constantly, so just keep checking this list. :) When I find a Royai fanfic I like, I’ll add it immediately to this list. <3 You can always go back to this, because I’ll be tagging it as “justroyai fanfic recs” :)

HERE GOES! (I’m not sure if I can write my comments for all fanfics, I might have to reread some of the fanfics again to be able to write my comments about it. I’ve read a lot of Royai fanfics. And by a lot, I mean A LOT. Trust me.)

I made a similiar post about some of my fave Royai fics/fanfic authors before, but for the benefit of those who haven’t seen/read that post..

1. MoonStarDutchess- She immediately became one of my all time fave Royai fanfic writers. I LOVE HOW SHE WRITES. ROY AND RIZA ARE SO IN CHARACTER. And omg she is an awesome smut writer. All of her Royai fanfics are worth reading, though some are crack fics, tho some of you might enjoy those. :) I also love her Royai + Royai children fanfics. They are absolutely adorable.

My fave Royai fics from MoonStarDutchess, in no particular order:

1. Best Kept Secret- This was actually the first Royai fic I read. And I COULDN’T STOP READING IT. It’s set in the FMA:Brotherhood timeline. Where Roy and Riza were secretly married throughout the whole series. JUST OMG. If you haven’t read this fic, you should go read it NAOOOO. It’s just perfection.

2. Vacuous Heart of Blood- This is an AU Royai fic. (I’m okay with AU Royai fanfics, it’s just that I don’t really prefer it.) BUT AGAIN, this is an exception. SDJSLKDJLSAK I won’t get much into details, but get this: Vampire Roy, Human Riza, fantasy + a whole lot 80s- early 90s feel.

3. How Could You Forget- This was a really good read. I love how it involves Madame Christmas and Roy’s ‘sisters’.

Summary: Roy is distracted by Maes and as a result, he forgets the date and a very special day for Riza and him. 

4. The Things Drunken Men Speak- Funny and sweet oneshot.

Summary: Riza goes to pick Roy up from the bar in what she deems as the typical Friday night. Little does she know that she will get a huge surprise from a drunken Roy. 

5. When One’s World Is Shaken- This is one of my all time fave Royai fanfic. I can’t put into words how beautifully this fic was written.

Summary: When Riza is assaulted the life she has with Roy is shaken. Can Roy help her through her struggle with all her self doubts?

6. Roy’s Teddy Bear- This was really fluff to the max. Cute oneshot.

Summary: When Roy takes a break in one of the nap rooms, Riza discovers a habit he has that she never knew about. 

7. The Trouble With Kissing Booths- A pre-Brotherhood Royai. In short, Young Royai. Back when Riza was still studying in the military academy. This was cute.

Summary: Roy gets jealous when Rebecca has his fiancee Riza run a kissing booth with her and Maria. Will their relationship withstand this seemingly insignificant matter?

8. Does Daddy Love Mommy?- One of my fave Royai + Royai kids fic. This was just so cute and just AHHHHHHH. <3 

Summary: When Roy and Riza’s kids are running an errand, one of Roy’s ex-girlfriends tells their children that Roy doesn’t love them or their mom. 

9. Mama and Papa’s PlaytimeI was thinking dirty when I read the title. You just know it.  Another cute Royai + Royai kids fanfic. 

Summary: Roy and Riza’s kids hear something that worries them coming from their parent’s bedroom and go to their great grandfather for help. 

10. True Reasons- So sweet and so very Royai. <3

Summary: After hearing some women in the locker room talk about Roy’s reason’s for wanting to marry her, Riza has doubts about Roy’s love for her. What will Roy do to erase these doubts from her mind? 


2. Antigone Rex- Another talented Royai fanfic writer. I swear. She keeps Royai so in character - So much that it hurts. *sobbing* 

My fave Royai fanfics from Antigone Rex, again, in no particular order:

1. Reverberations- One of the Royai fanfictions that has OC, but is an exceptional fic. This fanfic made me sleep in wee hours of the morning, because I couldn’t stop reading. This is a post- Brotherhood Royai fanfic. I also love how this also focuses on Roy’s relationship with his other subordinates, not just Riza. But the Royai fluff here is just to the max. ALSKJDKLDJFDF Plus, I love the fact that I learn new words from this fanfic. WOOO More words to add to my vocab. HAHAHA!

Summary: Post-Brotherhood Royai. In the wake of the Promised Day, Mustang and Hawkeye struggle to find normalcy. With a powerful new enemy and a growing Ishvalan Resistance looming at every turn, will they learn to understand one another before it is too late? 

2. The General’s Daughter- Oneshot. A very adorable and sweet oneshot. <3 I just love Overprotective!Roy. <3 

Summary: It’s only fitting that Amestris’ most infamous womanizer should have a beautiful daughter. Introducing Overprotective!Roy.

3. A Dusty Brown Bottle- OMG THIS FIC. Hilarious all-around. Drunk!Riza is the best. The best. Riza might seem to be a bit OOC here, but then again, she’s drunk, so yeah.

Summary:  Vanessa always knew what lay hidden in the dusty brown bottle, secreted on the top shelf behind the bar. 


3. hmmingbird- This girl is very talented. The way she writes, I feel like I’m reading poetry. 

My fave Royai fanfics from hmmingbird, again, in no particular order:

1.  Ruby Throat- Ruby Throat. How do I even begin to describe Ruby Throat? This is one of the fanfics that hurt so much, but it’s still so good. 

Summary: Love fell into his lap at the most inopportune moment. [Royai]

2. The Closed Circle- The ending was quite predictable, but nevertheless, this is one of my all time fave Royai fanfics. <3

Summary: In which Lieutenant Hawkeye drives Colonel Mustang to distraction, and he decides he’s had quite enough cold showers.

——————————– 4. Chuui- She says she’s a horrible writer. (According to her author bio) On the contrary, I don’t think so. I enjoy reading her Royai fanfics very much. <3 Her fics deserves a bit more love. <3 (By love, I mean, faves and follows.) My fave Royai fanfics from Chuui, again, in no particular order:

1. Not In The Mood- Hilarious. Just friggin hilarious. I just love seeing a very horny Roy and a not so interested in Roy’s advances Riza. KJSKJDSKD I really enjoyed reading this one. Summary: Riza Hawkeye was not in the mood, but that never stopped Roy Mustang from trying. 2. Anniversary- This was really cute and hilarious. I was grinning the whole time I was reading this fic. Definitely worth reading. Oneshot. Summary: Roy and Riza are in Resembool and Roy decides to take advantage of the fact that nobody knows who they are and introduces himself and his lieutenant as a married couple. 3. Not Quite Right- I was always so curious about Young!Royai. I love this fic. Hilarious and cute all around. Oneshot. Summary: Riza Hawkeye would be lying to herself if she said she didn’t have any interest in Roy Mustang, he was rather good-looking and she always had wondered what it would be like to…

——————————– 5. Silvery Mist- I stumbled upon this author’s bio by accident. And I’m glad I did. Love her fics. Royai are so in character. <3 My fave Royai fanfics from Silvery Mist, in no particular order:

1. Friday Night- This was hilarious. OMG. SJLKSAJKLSJD I just love it when Team Mustang is involved in a Royai fic. You just know that they ship Royai so hard. Poor Havoc tho. HAHA! Summary: Havoc and Breda decided to check out one of the local bars hoping to get lucky. Unfortunately, they get more than what they bargained for when one girl catches Havoc’s eyes.
2. A Not So Perfect Date- This was so funny. I love Roy here. He’s so in character. Especially when his lieutenant is out on a date. But not with him. He be like she’s MY lieutenant. No one can go out with her except for me. Summary: When Riza goes out on a date with another man, a jealous Roy sets out to make sure sparks don’t fly.   3. Stealing a kiss- Pure fluff. Oneshot. <3 Summary: Why do you like reading romance novels Riza? 4. Operation Miniskirt- This fic. This fic. It’s a mix of action, fluff and humor. KSJDKSLSL Yes, and this one of thos Roy + Miniskirts fanfics. :)) Summary: Riza is far from thrilled when she’s forced to go undercover as a prostitute during a sting operation to catch a serial killer.  5. Confession- This was absolutely beautiful. Enough said.  Summary: Riza always knew that she was an important part of the Colonel’s life but it wasn’t until after Maes Hughes’ death that she knew just how important she was.


6. Lady Norbert- She’s a really good writer. Not just for Royai fics- Like her HP fanfics, Legend of Zelda ones are good too. <3 Plus, she’s really nice too. :D Hello thaaar, ladynorbert! :)

Elemental Chess Trilogy: Just read it, and you’ll know why a lot of people like this trilogy. :D Usually, I don’t read fanfics with sequels, prequels or let alone a trilogy, but this is an exception. Now go read! :)

Prequel: Triumvirate

Volume 1: Flowers of Antimony

Volume 2: Brilliancy

Final Installment: The Game of Three Generals


UNSORTED: Royai fanfics from authors that I haven’t got to browse all their Royai stories yet. Or they are relatively new or they have only written one Royai fanfic. But nevertheless, I enjoyed all of them. :)

1. Hawkeye and the General- This is a good fanfic. It’s the type that makes me want to read more. But, I find Riza OOC in some parts this fic. Don’t know if others share the same sentiments, but still, good. :) This fic is ongoing, btw.

Summary: Ed and Winry’s wedding provides the perfect time for Riza Hawkeye and her commanding officer to sort out their complicated relationship. Or so everyone else thinks. But Riza knows she won’t be able to take control of her personal life until Roy reaches his ever-demanding goal, and she doesn’t think she’ll be able to hold out for much longer. And neither does he.

2. Embarrassed Meeting- Multichapter fic. I think the author intended for this to be a oneshot, but due to popular demand- she kept writing more and more chapters. (I’m glad she did!) This is a fic that makes you want more. I love this fic, because it’s sweet and hilarious mixed into one. 

Summary: Roy’s emergency meeting that ends with Riza in his arms.


Kelenloth- I found this author via Tumblr. Ohhh the things tumblr can do! Amazing really! And I do believe that this author deserves a whole lot more reviews. I love the way she writes!

1. This is Gonna Sting- Can I just say this fanfic is one of the best? I love authors who write fanfics about Roy/Riza POV. :) This is the author’s version of what happened in episode 19 of FMA: Brotherhood. I happen to stumble upon this fanfic when the author reblogged one of my headcanons from my Royai headcanons blog. She said that she wrote a fanfic about that particular headcanon. And here it is!

Summary:  "I cauterized the wound closed. I almost passed out a few times from the pain.“ This is the story of Roy closing and preventing wounds the only way he knows how. A short scene that occurs "offstage” in canon. Chapter 38-39/episode 19 Spoilers. Rated for in-canon violence and in-canon language. Second more Riza-centric chap. added with aftermath of Roy and Lust’s battle.

2. Her Name Is Elizabeth- “AHHHHHHHHH!” is all I can say after reading this fic. OMG This a very good read. And I really enjoyed this fic very much. I love fanfics that has “Elizabeth” in it. ;) 

Summary: Riza drives Roy home after the team’s New Year’s Eve celebration at his favorite bar in Central. Some very interesting people had been there, including what seemed to be every girl Roy had ever dated in Central, and that odd woman, Madame Christmas. Riza has question and Roy has a few tipsy answers. Currently a one-shot, may end up a two-shot. My thoughts on Chris and Elizabeth.

3. My Father’s Masterpiece- Ohhh i just love Young!Royai fanfics or fanfics about their past. It just gets me everytime.

Summary: "This is my father’s masterpiece. He entrusted it to me while you were away.“ That morning they had buried her father. That night was the start of the rest of their lives. - Young-ish Royai concerning Berthold’s death, Riza’s back, and the secrets there. Rated T for safety only.

Janieshi- I’ve read a couple of her Royai fics, and they are just so adorable. Haven’t read ALL of her Royai fics, but the ones i’ve read so far are enjoyable. <3

Espionage- A cute fic about Young!Royai. This is a multichaptered fic,

Summary: "He couldn’t quite find the right words to describe the feeling of foreboding that had curled up deep in his belly when he’d looked into his teacher’s eyes.” Pre-series character study of the relationship between Roy and Riza as young teens, spoilers for manga and anime.

Shot Down- Really cute oneshot fic. Set in Pre-Manga/Anime.

Summary: "There was evidently only one pretty blonde female officer in all of Eastern that frequented the range-but the magnificent Lieutenant Hawkeye proved to be wholly unapproachable.“ Pre-or-early series. Slight hints of Royai, naturally.

UNSORTED: Again, this are Royai fanfics from authors that I haven’t got to browse all their Royai stories yet. Or they are relatively new or they have only written one Royai fanfic. But nevertheless, I enjoyed all of them. :)

Awkward Position- This is a hilarious fic all throughout! <3 And I love it when Team Mustang is involved in a Royai fic, because my headcanon is that they all ship Royai. :))

Summary: Roy Mustang wakes up in a very awkward position after having to share a bed with Hawkeye and he needs to solve his problem before she wakes up. Royai.


esbethwrites- AHHHH she is one of my fave writers now. SKDJSLDJ I think she’s also new to the FMA/Royai fandom. I’m looking forward to fanfics that she’ll be writing. 

Distraction- OMG. THIS FIC IS THE BEST THING EVER. READ IT NOW. Again, I love fanfics that has "Elizabeth” in it. And I think this is one fanfic I can read over and over again. OHHH AND THE AUTHOR IS NEW TO THE ROYAI/FMA FANDOM. *throws confetti at esbethwrites* Welcome to our wonderful fandom! The one that ruined my life. *sobbing* Thank you for writing this wonderful fanfic. <3

Summary: With Lieutenant Hawkeye out on vacation, and Colonel Mustang stuck with a mountain of paperwork at the office, a seductive “Elizabeth” offers a distraction over the phone to help hasten the Colonel’s progress, but ends up halting it instead.

The Seven Deadly Sins- This fic is very interesting. Ongoing right now. I can’t wait for the updates.

Summary: The Devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for. (Royai prompts. Rating to change in the future).

hell-whim- An anon suggested that I should read Royai fanfics written by her. And wow, she is a fantastic writer. I have yet to read all her Royai fanfics, but thank you for suggesting, anon! She deserves a lot more reviews in some of her fics tho. 

Understanding- This fanfic is just giving me a lot of feels and it’s great feeling when you found out that you have a headcanon in a fanfiction form. KDSJFS Best feeling ever.

Summary: There are questions they both know the answer to, but which sometimes must still be asked. [Royai, 2009 anime]

Clandestine- A short and sweet oneshot. Also, the sequel to Understanding.

Summary: Mistakes like this are best made big, and all at once. [Royai, 2009 anime, sequel to Understanding]

Shimegami-chan- This author has written so many fanfics! Not just for the FMA/Royai fandom, but other fandoms as well. And all of them are really good. Again, I have yet to read all her fics. 

Lemon Tea- This is really cute. Nuff said. (Though, it doesn’t really fit the what is now canon for FMA) All the characters are in character and very well written. A good read!

Summary: One-shot. Private Roy Mustang has his eye on a certain female squadronmate. Private Hawkeye has no obvious weaknesses, save one…if Roy can use it to his advantage. Winner of Best Prose in the Anime North Fanfiction Contest.

Elizabeth- Hilarious fic. I just love it when “Elizabeth” and Team Mustang is involved in a Royai fic. 

Summary: One-shot. A note discovered in Roy Mustang’s office leads to an all-out investigation as the Colonel’s subordinates attempt to steal his new girlfriend.

UNSORTED: Again, this are Royai fanfics from authors that I haven’t got to browse all their Royai stories yet. Or they are relatively new or they have only written one Royai fanfic. But nevertheless, I enjoyed all of them. :)

It’s Wedding Day- OMG yaaaay! Royai wedding. <3

Summary: It’s Roy and Riza’s wedding day. Someone in the audience makes observations. Multiple pairings. Post-Brotherhood. Rated T because I’m paranoid.

That Idiot Colonel Wrote a Letter- FEELS EVERYWHERE. This fanfic. <3 Onshot.

Summary: As the promised day approaches Mustang writes a letter to express thoughts he wants Riza to know, should he perish during the war against the homunculi. Letter written for hawkseyeriza of tumblr. A/N: the first two lines are supposed to be crossed out, but doesn’t support that formatting. Also, the combination is the keypad format for “hawkseye”


Cafe Au Liet- I love her fics! She also adds a bit of Havocai to her fanfics. I’m not a Havocai shipper though. HAHA! But yes! Most of her fanfics are good. And she’s from the Phils too! Holla!

Just Get Them Together Already!- This is probably one of my favorite fics from this author. Very witty & naughty. Warning! Suggestive themes. And, did I mention that i just love it when Team Mustang is involved? BEST. BESTTTTT.

Summary: Mustang’s subordinates decide to take matters into their own hands, coming up with a plan to get the Colonel and his Lieutenant together. But they weren’t prepared for this. Royai.

Good Morning- Aww. This is so sweet & very realistic. I can imagine this happening. 

Summary: At this rate, they’ll never get to work on time. Light and fluffy Royai one shot for Royai day! May contain spoilers for 108.

Dangerous- Ahhh! Team Mustang + undercover missions fanfics are the best. 

Summary: Riza Hawkeye finds herself in a dangerous situation. Royai.

Takes Two To Tango- Oneshot. This is a short, funny & witty fic all around.

Summary: “Snipers are amazing at ballroom dancing.” “Is that from experience? Just how many have you danced with?” “Only one.” A short Royai One shot.

Inadequacy- I just love this fanfic so much. I wish she finished this fic. :( But yes, worth reading! :) And ahhh Young!Royai is the best thing ever.

Summary: Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye were made for each other. Funny how they don’t seem to know it themselves. My own take on how Royai came to be.



Babysitter Mishap- I’m usually not so fond of AU fics unless it’s really good. kdjsa;kd this is one of the exceptions. Again, this is worth reading. BUT, the author hasn’t updated for 1234567890 years already. :(( *sobbing* Ahhh, but this fic is just adorable and lovely in all ways. I just can’t.

Summary: Wealthy, young, sexy and the father of three lovable kids, needs a babysitter/bodyguard for them. But will his kids make life easy for Riza or make it a wild roller coaster ride? And what happens if this single father falls for her charming ways?

What You Make of a Family- ksajalkjdls ahhhh another one of my headcanons! Royai + Elysia. Adorable. <3 I wish this fic had a sequel. :(

Summary: Roy is called upon to babysit Elicia when Gracia has an emergency. It’s not his idea of a perfect weekend but he steps up to care of a little girl who is in need of a father figure and realizes what he’s missing in his life. Royai. Chapter 6 up.

Merry Little Christmas- Christmas Royai fanfic! Ahhh again, another one of those very realistic Royai fics. I love it. Bittersweet kinda fic. <3

Summary: Roy and Riza are alone working Christmas Eve but skipping out on work for a nightcap is a much better idea. Chapter 2 up, Roy and Riza face their feelings but it’s not so easy… RoyAi

Security- Oneshot. Very moving & well written.

Summary: Lieutenant Hawkeye has an unexpected visitor in the wake of Major Hughes death.

Someday- AWWW. This fic is so adorable. It gives me so much FEEEELS.

Summary: That morning, Roy held his newborn niece for the first time and imagined a new kind of future. Royai, Hughes/Gracia, and general fluffiness.


UPDATES from May 9, 2014:

taylortot- Some people can write, but can draw. Some people can draw, but not write. But this girl is both. She can write and draw. :) I was really surprised to see that all of her Royai fics are worth reading. And visit her art blog too. [X]

Reversal- OMG THIS FIC IS BRILLIANT. Genderbend fic? TEEHEEEEE! All Royai shippers will def enjoy this one!

Summary: A collection of one-shots set in an AU where Colonel Riza Hawkeye is the Flame Alchemist and Roy Mustang is her First Lieutenant. Not necessarily in chronological order. Rating may depend per chapter.

Can You Feel It- I just love this fic. Made me laugh so hard in the end. :))

Summary: Roy’s stubborn antics have led to both a sunburn and the day that Riza Hawkeye could not stop laughing.

Rumors- Lovely one-shot fic. I can actually see this happening. And, this is actually one of my headcanons.

Summary:  Of course there would be gossip. Mustang and his lieutenant were suspiciously close after all, but that didn’t mean it had to tear them apart. In fact, it brought them closer together. Literally. Royai. One-shot.

Safeguard- OMG I can’t stop reading this. Sorry to burst your bubble, but taylortot hasn’t updated this fic for a year. *sobbing* but yeees, this fic is still good!

Summary: After Roy is called to help catch a murderer, he becomes injured and loses his memory, including the secrets of Flame Alchemy. While hiding undercover in his delicate state, Riza takes it upon herself to reteach Mustang all that he’s forgotten, but some things will never be the same. Rated M as of Chapter 6. Sort of AU.

It’s Hot In Here- There’s only one word that perfectly describes how I feel about the weather here in my country and this fanfic. Hot. JFC.

Summary: The office is sweltering on a late Friday afternoon and for some reason, Roy can’t seem to keep his eyes off his lieutenant.

Chaos and Caramel Eyes- This is really cute. I’m always a sucker for fics that involve Royai and Team Mustang. <3

Summary: Riza has taken a short leave of absence from work and it results in a catastrophic office setting that has swallowed everything. Not to mention the hole it put in Roy’s poor heart. One-shot.

Looking for Trouble- AHHH Young!Royai. This fic is adorableeee. <3

Summary: He has been warned to stay away from Master Hawkeye’s daughter, and he thought that wouldn’t be a problem. He is there to learn alchemy, after all. But one glance of her in a pretty white dress is all it takes to have Roy Mustang breaking all the rules. T because Mustang is such a boy.

AlphaCentauri.42- I love how she writeeeees. She wrote 2 fics only. And both Royai. <3

The Alchemist’s Silicon and Gold- Ohhh yeah! This fic is brilliant. Kudos to the author! She must’ve done lots of research for this. Awesome and very unique.

Summary: In retrospect, Riza had to admit calling her superior “useless” wasn’t one of her more brilliant ideas.

Two Steps Forward- Exactly how I pictured Colonel Dork to proposes to Riza. <3

Summary: Kicking off the Royai Day Festival! Roy kept his back to her when he said, “I don’t want you to follow me anymore.”

UPDATES: 10/31/2014

TheRedHabanero- OH. MY. GOOD. LAWD. I just read some of her fanfics. And, all I can say is.. one of my fave authors! AHHHH I just love the way she writes Royai. SO BEAUTIFUL and so in character. If you haven’t read her fics yet. YOU SHOULD. NOW.

An Unconventional Proposal - The first fanfic I read from her. KSAJFKDLSAJFLDSJFLKDS OMG This made me feel all warm and fuzzy. TOO CUTE FOR LIFE. SAKFHKLD PLS READ THIS NOW.

Summary: Edward seeks advice on a certain topic. Roy shows him how it’s done. And naturally, Riza is dragged into it. -Royai, implied Edwin. Post-manga/Brotherhood.

About Time- Sweet cheesus. This is brilliant. And how I imagined everyone wanted it to happen. JKSAHDJKSA

Summary: Roy held his breath, heart thundering as he waited for her response. For her to kiss him or shoot him or yell at him for this sudden life-changing revelation at such an inappropriate time. Royai.

Cherish- love this. Very in character. 

Summary: Because he just can’t wait around for Amestris to finally 'allow’ them to be together. Haven’t they been through enough already? Don’t they deserve to be happy?

To Whatever End - Warning: Deathfic. BUT DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU FROM READING THISSSS. It’s so beautiful. *cries* buttttt yet so sad. HUHU. 

Summary: Riza Hawkeye would have followed him to whatever end. And up until her very end, she was his.


I have more good Royai fanfics, will update this post again soon. :) I know a lot of you want this already, so I will to post this now. :) If a fanfic you’ve read is good, maybe you can suggest it to me. :) Please don’t spam my asks with.. “if I’ve read this fanfic or that fanfic”. If it’s not in this list, I probably didn’t read it yet or it didn’t really catch my attention. :( OR I haven’t updated this list yet. :) I swear, I have read a lot of good Royai fanfics, it’s just that I really don’t have the time to update this list every now and then. Plus, I lost all my bookmarked Royai fanfics to add to this list recently.. so yeah. *sobbing* Might take me a while to find those fics. If I do, I’ll be sure to add it ASAP. cheesus, now my back hurts from all the typing. WOOO!

I’m so glad I found these fanfics. *sobbing*

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UPDATED: October 31, 2014

Enjoy! :)