i think this is the first time i've ever posted my crushes

I keep thinking how knowing Even had a crush on Isak the first day he saw him changes the whole dynamic of the story, or at least it does to me.

The first times we see Isak and Even sharing glances (first in the cafeteria, then outside, then at the kosegruppa meeting) I thought Even was this type of guy who looks at you in the coolest way ever just because he feels he is able to get your attention.

When they met in the bathroom and Even did the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen anyone do when they are flirting with someone, I thought he was just being a pain in the ass since he noticed Isak always looking at him and he wanted the attention I guessed he thought he deserved.

And then in the bench… Well, that scene kind of threw my theory out of the window, because Even totally lost his coolness: he was almost shy and nervous. But I guess I was too caught up by his looks and appearance I didn’t really pay attention.

But Even confessing Isak he saw him the very first day at school and that he went to the kosegruppa meeting just to meet Isak made me realize all those times weren’t about Even being cool, they were about Even trying to look cool. It was always about a boy doing embarrassing and not-so-slick things to get the other boy’s attention. When I thought Isak was getting caught by Even staring at him, it was actually Even trying to act laid back when he realized his crush was looking at him. When Even approached Isak on the hallway to ask him if he was going to the Halloween party, it wasn’t him being casual, it was him being hopeful. When Even suggested Isak going to the pool, it wasn’t him recreating his favorite movie scene just to be the coolest guy, it was him planning the whole thing to finally act on his feelings for his crush.

And you know why just a simple scene was able to threw away what I thought was real? Because Skam just doesn’t make seasons from one character’s perspective in order for us to get to really know them, Skam does it to show that not everything is what we think it is: we don’t see life at it is, we see it in our own way. And that’s as beautiful as it is scary, isn’t it?

Me in 2013:  This is my first Pokemon game… Do I want Pokemon X or Y? I’m just not sure. They both look really cool. Birds are cool, but deer are more my thing. 
Me in 2013:   *Does a ton of research trying to find exclusive Pokemon to each game and makes pros and cons lists*
Me in 2013:   *labors to make a choice*
Me in 2013:   *reluctantly chooses while quoting Robert Frost*

Me in 2014:   Do I want Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire? They both look really fun. I’d play with either of those legendaries that one’s the prettiest fish ever and that one’s a freaking dinosaur. 
Me in 2014:   Team Aqua is hilarious but Team Magma is terrifying IDK I can’t choose. 
Me in 2014:   What one do you think other people are going to get, so I can get the less common one to trade more?
Me in 2014:   *researches to try to find the most comprehensive list of exclusive pokemon to each game prior to release*
Me in 2014:   *v e r y  reluctantly makes a choice practically with my eyes closed and continues to wonder if it was the right one over a year later*

Pokemon Today:   We’re announcing Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon!
Me:   The answer is Moon. 
Pokemon:   You don’t know anything else about…
Me:   Moon
Pokemon:   Don’t you want to see the legendaries?
Me:   Moon
Pokemon:   Exclusive Pokemon?
Me:   Moon
Pokemon:    But-