i think this is the first movie i saw in theaters

It Hurts (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Prompts: “Please stop it hurts”

“I’m not even sorry.”

“Don’t be an ass.”

Warnings: Breakup?

Word Count: 785

A/N: Maybe I can make a Part 2 for this? Idk, let me know!!

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There he was again. Seeing him alone in cafeteria where you had met him, broke your heart even more. A month ago, you caught Peter leaving a movie theater with another girl and hugging her tightly. It was actually your date night with him and he didn’t even bother to make up a lie to ditch you. You had waited him in a restaurant all alone and got quite anxious thinking what if he hurt himself.  On your way to his home, you saw him. Immediately, tears ran all over your face. You still believed he didn’t cheat on you; the worst thing was he kept avoiding you because of his “Spiderman” thing. You didn’t mind him avoiding you at first but when you saw him ditching you with another girl, it was enough for you. He kept calling you for a week then when you blocked his number, he didn’t even bother looking at your direction.

You shook the thoughts off your head and started to listen to your friends talking about school projects that were due next month.

You decided to spend a night out with your friends, knowing if you stayed at home for one more night, you would go insane. It was the first time you went out when you broke up with Peter. You were regretting the ride your friends had offered you, considering it was getting scary every minute you were walking all alone outside, in the night. You felt relieved when you were finally able to see your house from distance. Your relaxation didn’t last long when you started hearing noises from your behind. You fastened your pace but the noises were becoming louder and louder each second. You felt your heart bumping faster than ever. You felt a hand on your shoulder; you were just about to scream when you realized it was Peter’s hand. You slowly turned around to make sure it was Peter. Yes, there he was, in his Spiderman suit.

“Hey! I-I was just going to offer to walk you home. I don’t intend to scare you for the second time but you were in danger just a minute ago.” He was breathless.

You took his hand off your shoulder and murmured: “Thanks but I don’t know if you have realized, we are nearly in front of my house.” You started walking again but when you heard Peter calling your name, you stopped once again and turned to him: “What do you want Peter?” You crossed your arms and waited for an answer.

“Y/N… I-I can’t handle this.” His voice cracked. You couldn’t see his face very clearly because of the dark but you could hear and feel him crying. You felt your heart breaking into million pieces. However, you were going to be strong.

“I don’t want to do this over and over again Peter. Just drop it already. Maybe you’ll learn not to cheat and lie to your future girlfriends.” You shook your head in disgrace. Your voice was stable but your tears said the opposite. You felt your heart aching, you couldn’t handle it anymore too.

“Please… stop. It hurts…” Now Peter was clearly sobbing. You saw tears running down on his face. He kept getting closer to you. You felt him pressing his urge to hug you and let all the things go. You knew he would give everything he had, just to get you back only for a second. “Don’t you think I want to stop?! Do you know how much it hurts for me too? Peter. You didn’t even bother to explain. You just stood there, staring into my eyes blankly. I waited for an explanation. God! I waited for that explanation so bad!” You yelled at him. Now, you were the one who lost control over her emotions. You tried to push him, but there he was again, standing there with a blank expression and it was killing you. Your violent sobs and screams weren’t even making him move a bit.

All of a sudden, when you were calmed down he started chuckling. You didn’t know what was going on. “You know what?” He asked you, grinning. "I’m not even sorry.” You didn’t know what he was trying to do but it was pissing you off. “What the hell?” you whispered. “I tried. I fucking tried! I have been trying to get your attention for a bit for weeks! DAMN WEEKS Y/N! AND HERE YOU ARE TELLING ME I DIDN’T EVEN TRY!” You gulped. You were scared. His face was all red. “Don’t be an ass,” was all you could say before you had left the love of your life in the middle of the street, forever.

Throwback Thursday Movie Review

Batman & Robin

I remember when I first saw Batman & Robin, it was opening night back in June of 1997, the theater was pack and the crowd was really in to it. I don’t think I fully realized back then how terrible this film really was.

I’m trying really hard to think of anything good to say about the movie and I’m currently drawing a blank. So let’s quickly list all the things that sucked about this fiasco. First of all there’s George Clooney … I understand Warner Bros. wanted a popular Hollywood star that would appeal to the women and make a rico suave (see 90′s urban dictionary) Bruce Wayne, but here’s the problem … he sucked as Batman. No raspy voice, and more importantly no toughness or physical presence. It didn’t help that his costume’s muscle structure was lacking next to his young ward Dick Grayson, aka Robin (see photo below). Did the costume designers even notice the major faux pas? I guess they were too busy perfecting the Bat-nipples to notice. I mean, Robin looks like he could kick Batman’s butt. On the plus side of the wardrobe, Batgirl’s outfit was pleasing to look at. 

Speaking of Batgirl/Barbra Wilson??? Alicia Silverstone, who was another hot actress at the time, was flat out awful as Batgirl. A poorly written script was the main downfall with both of the main female roles. Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy was equally hard to digest. And what’s the deal Uma? You get paid millions to be in a huge budgeted film and you can’t dye your hair red? That’s fine Ms Thurman, just put on that ridiculous looking wig. SMH 

Let’s move on to the fact there were too many characters or as they say, too many chefs in the kitchen. Batman and Robin okay, Mr. Freeze alright, Poison Ivy hmmm, Batgirl maybe … Bane? (record scratches abruptly) Hold it! So, much for the more the merrier.

I can remember being so pumped when Arnold Schwarzenegger was announced as the main villain for Batman and Robin. Let’s face it … this was the Terminator!  Unfortunately after two hours of hearing him deliver cheesy one-liners in a futuristic looking garbage can, I was left shaking my head in disappointment.  Ummm, and why was Bane in this? Do I go on? I could.

Horrible Batman ✅

Too many characters ✅

Wait! What’s Robin driving? 

Poor script (and props) ✅ 

Ridiculous costumes! ✅

The few things I can say positively about this film: 

🔴  Chris O'Donnell did another fine job as Dick Grayson/Robin, and the inclusion of Michael Gough and Pat Hingle were nice. 

🔴  Elliot Goldenthal’s score was enjoyable. 

🔴  The surreal shots  of Gotham City were nice. 

🔴   In a weird way, this piece of garbage helped bring Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy into fruition.


(I couldn’t bring myself to give this an F, because Joel Schumacher has apologized for this mess of a film and it did make the TDK Trilogy possible.)

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Any movies that you saw recently and loved? kisses and hugs to you

Hi anon ^^

Thanks a lot for your message ♥ Yup, I saw a couple but I don’t see a lot of movies in theater so, Imost of the movies I listed below are quite old. Here’s my list:

- John Wick 2: Great world building and continuity with the first movie, amazing and bloody as fuck fight scenes (they really couldn’t care less about the R rating) and well, Keanu Reeves. Let’s hope there’s a John Wick 3.

- Passengers: The reviews were terrible, I had a look at it mostly because of Chris Pratt and I wasn’t disappointed at all.  I think that people were expecting a new Alien or Sunshine and they got something very different. I can’t stand Jennifer Lawrence and I enjoyed this movie, which means a lot. I wish it would have been Eva Green instead of Lawrence but you know, I would cast Eva Green in anything, so don’t mind me.

- Hacksaw Ridge: Tough movie about WW2 with Andrew Garfield: the true story of Pfc. Desmond T. Doss who won the Congressional Medal of Honor despite refusing to bear arms during WWII on religious grounds. Brilliantly filmed, particularly the horror of the battlefield.

- Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children: far darker than expected and it was a very good thing! The latest Burton’s movies were a bit boring but this one was excellent and also…Eva Green. ♥___♥

- Moana: Ok, I watched it 6 months after everybody but I was waiting for the little pixies of the Internet to bring me the movie (yes, that’s how it works: you summon the pixies, you chose your movie and they bring you what you want.). Beautifully animated, splendid colors and it was great to see a different setting for a Disney movie.

- Jackie: I’m not gonna lie, it’s Natalie Portman’s performance alone that makes this movie interesting because otherwise the pacing is a bit strange and the editing confusing at time. But it’s a good movie nevertheless.

- Fantastic Beasts: I couldn’t care less about the Harry Potter universe but I really enjoyed this movie. Great production design and in the end, you’ll certainly want one of the “fantastic beasts” you can see on scree,. On a (almost) unrelated note, the screenplay has one of the most beautiful covers I’ve seen in the last few years (here)

- Watched and I want my money/bandwidth back: Nocturnal animals (a story within a story, keeping one would have been great because everything that happens to Amy Adams in the movie is boring as fuck and I couldn’t care less about her character. And sometimes the way it was filmed was like “look, my movie is SO deep and this is a reflection on human nature!!!”) Ghostbusters 2016 (a movie that should be shown in every movie and marketing school to teach what you should never do when rebooting a franchise. Mediocre at best), Lala Land (boring and even scenes that were shot outside looked like they were filmed in front of a green screen), Assassin’s Creed (I had the hope that with big names like Cotillard and Fassbender we were gonna have a good video game adaptation for once…nope! ^^), Resident Evil the final chapter (It’s a good thing that it’s “the final chapter”, in fact, it should have been “the final chapter” 10 years ago)

I hope I answered your question, Have a great sunday anon ^^

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Prequel Appreciation Week: Favorite Movie

For me, it is undoubtedly Episod III, Revenge of the Sith.

It was the first Star Wars movie I saw in the theater after I became a real fan (just two months earlier; and though I had seen Ep II in the theater, I wasn’t very interested back then).

Even though it broke my heart - I had to go home from school the next day because I felt so sick (yes, because of the movie), it made me feel like a raincloud for a week and I still cry like a baby every time - I just love it so much, possibly more than any other Star Wars film. (The only one which can compete is Return of the Jedi.)

I think it is largely because it is the culmination of the trilogy’s story, a lot of important character development happens, we see the prequel and original trilogy blending more in the design of thing, and the storylines finally meet. These moments where we see the trilogies connect are even more special because of the order the movies were made, with the middle coming last.

Also because it is the only movie where we get to see my favorite two as a married couple, even if only for a short time and with a tragic ending.

Seeing Anakin make his final, physical transformation into Vader is also a very powerful moment, and more on the theme of “the trilogies meeting”.

And of course, the movie ends with “a new hope”, when we get to witness the birth of Luke and Leia.

Let Me Gush about Beauty and the Beast for a Minute


I’m going to preface this blog post by saying that Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite Disney movie. Before I considered myself a feminist, or even knew what the word meant, I loved Belle’s bookworm tendencies, her strength in sacrificing her freedom to protect her father, her fearless defiance of the Beast, and most of all, her kindness, even to the person who had imprisoned her. I think she was my first exposure to a strong, independent woman in pop culture. So I’m a bit biased regarding anything surrounding this movie, and I’m not scared to admit it.

I went and saw the live action Beauty and the Beast this past Friday. I was so excited. Not only because I would get to see my favorite movie in theater, but because my favorite actress/feminist/human rights activist Emma Watson was playing Belle. The woman who had brought my other favorite intelligent, independent bookworm character, Hermione, to life.

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I was also a little worried. We all know that remakes often can’t capture the magical quality of the original. Sometimes remakes can be downright controversial (Ghostbusters, anyone?) or just suck ass in general. And I didn’t know if I could handle the heartbreak of this particular remake being awful.

Boy, was my fear unfounded.

My first thought when watching this movie was, I’m glad they’re filling some plot holes from the original. Such as, how come the villagers don’t know there’s a prince living like five miles away? Where the hell were Prince Adam’s parents when he opened the door for the Enchantress? Where is Belle’s mom? And what the hell did all the castle workers do to deserve being cursed as well? (It did create some other plot holes in the process, but I understand there’s a give and take here. These new plot holes didn’t hinder my enjoyment of the movie in any way.)

At the beginning, much like in the original, the movie shows how Prince Adam becomes cursed. Except in this version, he’s an adult (or nearly one), and the Enchantress shows up during a ball he is hosting. So it’s understandable that the Enchantress punishes him – he knows full well what he’s doing, he’s not a little kid. The narrator also explains that part of the curse is that everyone forgets Prince Adam and his servants even exist. So this fills the plot hole of why no one knows about the castle.

Then, of course, the movie starts introducing you to the various characters, like Belle, Gaston, Le Fou, and Maurice. You can recognize the original characters in each of them, but they are reimagined and further developed in a very satisfying way. For instance, Belle too is an inventor like her father. I actually really liked Gaston (at least up until he left Maurice in the forest to be eaten by wolves, but he is the villain) and thought they somehow made him even more charming. The Gaston song in the bar is one of my favorite scenes in the movie.

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But who I really want to talk about is Le Fou. I LOVE what they did with Le Fou’s character. He’s funny and lovable (both cornerstones of any Josh Gad character) and even questions Gaston’s villainy. Eventually he switches side because he sees how twisted Gaston has become. Although when he does this, the movie makes it a joke. I wish they had made it more emotional – the jokiness of Le Fou switching sides feels wrong. It’s clear early on that Le Fou cares deeply for Gaston (like, really deeply, if you catch my drift) and I think him realizing how twisted and evil Gaston is should have been more of an emotional realization.

They also make some minor changes to Belle’s responses to situations that is better suited for her character. For instance, when she enters the castle for the first time, she grabs a stick as a weapon instead of just wandering in without a plan. She straight up crushes Lumiere with a pot the first time she sees him, because you know, walking-talking candlestick. And there is no point in time where she throws herself on her bed and cries. Instead she makes a rope out of cloth from the wardrobe and dangles it out the window for a quick escape route.

They also made the Beast himself more likable. He had some personality in the original, but in the remake, he is a much more developed character (and apparently really hates Romeo and Juliet). It’s a bit more understandable how Belle falls in love with him, since he is a more developed character as opposed to just a catalyst for Belle’s actions.

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And what’s important about all of these character developments is that a good story is always driven by its characters. A story can have an amazing plot, complex but clear, with twists and turns and exciting bits all over, but if all of the characters are one dimensional, it’s not going to be much of a story. So it was awesome to see well thought out character development occurring in this remake, and overall it made the Beauty and the Beast storyline better.

Another sticking point in the original is just how quickly Belle and the Beast fall in love with each other. It’s like they know each other a week and then they’re madly in love. The remake makes this process feel more natural. They share experiences (both of them had mothers who died when they were young), they joke with each other, they read to each other, they have conversations and enjoy them. There’s just something the remake did that made all of this feel more real than in the original, and it was much appreciated.

And I gotta say, the set pieces for this movie were amazing. The character design was awesome (particularly for the furniture – Lumiere’s and Cogsworth’s detail was spectacular) and the costumes were gorgeous and different from the original, but clearly inspired by it.

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But the movie wasn’t perfect. There were some hiccups. I love Emma Watson, but her singing in this film was nowhere near Paige O’Hara in the original. From the very first song, I thought, Hm, that doesn’t sound quite right. Although I will say Dan Stevens killed it as the Beast. His song while Belle is leaving the castle is one of the best songs in the movie.

And while the movie fills some plot holes, it manages to create new ones. For instance, if Prince Adam was cursed as an adult (or nearly an adult), how old is he when he meets Belle? Did he stop aging when he became a Beast? And if the curse affected everyone who lived in the castle, why did Mr. Potts and Cogsworth’s wife escape the curse? Did they not live in the castle? Why didn’t these married couples live together (in 18th century France, mind you)?

Overall, the movie was amazing. I enjoyed every minute of it. It did an amazing job of changing even minor details that made it feel like such an improvement on the original, character and plot wise. I was entranced the entire time, and was really sad when it came to an end.

9.5/10 would highly recommend and will watch again.

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Have you watched or listened to any bootlegs of Amélie? What are your thoughts on the show? I'm curious about it but I've only listened to one song and watched the movie.

Yes I have, I have a few audios and the two videos.

I find it… fine. It’s quite pleasant to watch or listen to. Pippa’s voice is gorgeous and there’s a lot of different emotions she gets to convey in the show, so that’s always great. But she is definitely the highlight of it − without her I don’t think I would be interested. 

I’m a big fan of the movie. Like, it’s a French movie and I speak French. I saw that movie in the theaters back when it first came out, tiny me back when I was a kid. I still have the VHS of it, I swear. And the thing is… it’s a very French movie. Making an American musical about just does. not. capture the vibe of the movie and the fleeting emotions it manages to grab and put on screen for you to catch. The musical is not subtle whatsoever and lacks the nuance of the original, and quite honestly the magic of it all. So if you’re expecting to find what you found in the movie, I don’t think you will, but as a whole, the musical is enjoyable.

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I think winter soldier has been the only rewatchable marvel movie for me. I loved gotg but sadly the second time I watched it , I was like thinking this is mediocre and the funny lines didn't hit the same spot. Same goes with avengers, the second time I watched I was bored out of my mind until the New York fight scene. Do you also feel the same way with some of their movies? Like you first loved it in theaters and then when u rewatch it by urself and ur like meh bout it

I had that experience with The Avengers but, to be fair, that was after a couple of years of seeing all the anti-DC bullshit Marvel fans spread on here and that definitely played a part in my view. I had to see that stupid fucking post about The Avengers and how They were SOOOOO much more fucking heroic than Superman because of one or two scenes of rescuing civilians. I’d also become a lot more aware of Marvel’s flaws as a result and saw Them more clearly the second time (God damnit, you can stop fucking quipping for two fucking seconds). I’m biased because I couldn’t see Them as films again after They’d been turned into blunt instruments against DC/the DCEU.

I haven’t really rewatched the others though I now have a dimmer view of The Winter Soldier simply because people wouldn’t stop talking about how it was the most amazing, fantabulous film ever and using it as a trump card every time someone said that Marvel films have too much humor and it ruins the tension.

 It’s also notable in that, despite the success and acclaim, Marvel haven’t made any effort to do another film like that even though it’s easily Their best (No, three and a half seconds of looking vaguely serious in Civil War while pretending to suddenly give a shit about politics and discussing it in with a delivery bizarrely reminiscent of how Andy in Parks and Rec sounded when he tried to sound intelligent doesn’t count). 

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relationship status: single, and for the first time in my life, i’m relatively okay with that?
favourite colour: a very light, crisp, clear blue, like the sky
lipstick or chapstick: lipstick!!
last song I listened to: A Different Corner - George Michael
last movie I watched: i think it was actually Beauty and the Beast 2017! i don’t think i’ve had time to watch a movie at home since i saw that in theaters last week…oh, i did watch a little bit of Titanic when it was on TV the other day. 

top three tv shows:
1) Doctor Who
2) Once Upon a Time
3) Lucifer

top three characters:
1) Belle
2) Elizabeth Bennet
3) Clara Oswald

top three ships:
1) Belle and the Beast/Adam
2) Elizabeth and Darcy
3) Whouffle/Whouffez/Whouffaldi 

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I love that you love Beauty and the Beast.

It was wonderful. And made me remember that before watching Aladdin, Beauty & the Beast was my favorite Disney movie.

I also think the animated version was the first movie I ever saw in theaters. I have a very distinct memory of watching Belle riding her horse across the big screen. To see that same scene now, when my son is around the age I was then, was incredibly overwhelming.

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1. Last movie you watched on DVD: i think romeo +juliet?

2. Last movie you saw in theater: probably la la land

3. Last song you listened to: i was skipping around on the radio, but “rhythm and blues” by the head and the heart

4. Last book you read: currently reading a biography about a missionary couple in ww2 europe, tamora pierce’s “wild magic”, and macarthur’s “strange fire”; recently finished piper’s “legacy of sovereign joy” and jen wilkin’s “none like Him”

5. Last thing you ate: currently eating ice cream! before that, pizza

6. If you could be anywhere right, now where would it be: Visiting my sister, Ireland, or literally any of my siblings. or the beach.

7. First thing you would do with lottery money: panic (and tithe, tithe is good)

8. Fictional character you’d hang out with: Any of the main characters from Archipelago, Atla, or Voltron. << i mean, wouldn’t argue with that! also any of the hobbits

9. What was the last fandom you joined: i’m gonna count archipelago 

10. Time right now: 9:29pm

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I saw the Ghostbusters movie last night and I LOVED IT. It was the first time I’ve ever left a theater thinking “I just saw something that was made for me.“ There were no male gaze shots, no fat jokes, no nasty shoehorned relationships, nothing. It was four women hunting ghosts like total fucking badasses and I am ecstatic.


For the first time in maybe a year, I’m watching my favourite movie, Coraline. But this time it’s with my seven year old sister Tessie. The first time I saw the movie, I was six years old and Mom and I went to the theater. It terrified me. We had to walk out of the room and go home. I’m hoping it won’t scare Tessie the way it scared me.
Anyway, so far the entire time Tessie has had several questions and remarks such as;
“Is he drunk?”
“That’s creepy”
“They’re in costumes?”
I think it’s funny how interested in this movie she is.

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1. Last movie you watched on DVD: Inception

2. Last movie you saw in theater: La La Land. Still salty my suggestion for Lego Batman was overruled XD

3. Last song you listened to: Closer - The Chainsmokers/Halsey

4. Last book you read: Just finished The Great Divorce (C.S. Lewis) yesterday!

5. Last thing you ate: swiss cheese

6. If you could be anywhere right, now where would it be: Snuggling with my sunshine child, so about two hours away from where I am now

7. First thing you would do with lottery money: Idk, the very first? Probably buy a hoagie from Wawa haha

8. Fictional character you’d hang out with: Simon from The Mortal Instruments (& etc)

9. What was the last fandom you joined: Stranger Things

10. Time right now: 11:22pm. I’m not doing too shabby yet this weekend! There’s still hope of a pre-midnight bedtime! (I don’t intend to make that happen, though.)

I’ll tag: uhhh trying to space these out… @potterheadravenclaw, @alwaysfornarnia, @brandonsgame, @thisbibliomaniac, @memento-amare

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7. Least favorite scene?

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9. Which character would you say you sound the most like?

10. Which character would you say you look the closest to?

11. Character you would cosplay as in a heartbeat?

12. Character that should’ve gotten treated better (if any)?

13. Any headcanons?

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15. What did you think of [movie] when you first saw it?

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“When I saw him for the first time in Scent of a Woman, I just knew what true love was, I knew what love at first sight was. It was the strangest feeling sitting in a movie theater and thinking, ‘He’s for me and I’m for him.’ And that was it. Phil maybe had a long list of not-so-great movies [at that point] but he was always the best thing in them. I must admit that [the role] was kind of in the tradition of characters that he’[d] done [at that point]—a loudmouth obnoxious asshole. But I didn’t feel bad about it… because I thought, ‘We’ll make it the best version [of that kind of character].” - Paul Thomas Anderson on Philip Seymour Hoffman


Can I first say I think it was funny how ‘KingPin’ was antagonizing ‘Star Lord’ The whole film and that asian guy from the first movie was there but at first it was an alright movie nothing spectacular and I was gonna give it a Spill/Double Toasted Rating of Matinee….THEN THAT FUCKIN ENDING!!

kinda SPOILERS but all Ill say is 


Thats it Im getting my JP action figures out & filming a video on my youtube so you understand how much I LOVED THIS

It should be up here sometime today https://www.youtube.com/user/jaxblade07

its up!!

Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

When I first saw this moment in the theater and even for quite some time afterwards, I disliked this a lot.  It felt like it was being written that Thor wasn’t willing to make the sacrifice for Asgard over his own personal happiness, that it was being written so that he could go be on Earth instead of in his home.

They also irritated me because I will FIGHT YOU if you think Loki would have been a better ruler of Asgard than Thor.

But eventually I came to love these lines and understood what I think they were actually saying.  It isn’t that Loki would have been a better ruler, but that instead it’s about what Thor’s been dealing with for the past three movies—that he’s recognizing himself in a much more self-aware way and realizing that the throne requires you to surrender yourself to it.  That you have to be willing to make sacrifices that go against what you know is right, that you have to become cold and cruel to rule well, even if you’re still capable of warmth and love most of the time.

I had a long discussion about this in this post, where I do whole-heartedly agree that Loki understood that the throne required you to surrender parts of yourself to it, that it required things of you that changed you.  The problem is thus:

- Loki is just ALL TOO WILLING to surrender himself to the throne
- Thor does not have surrender in his nature AND if he did, he would be too dangerous on the throne, and he’s recognizing that here

The problem with Loki recognizing that the throne changed you is that he doesn’t have a sense of self strong enough to survive it, nor does he really seem interested in trying to avoid the brutality and cruelty that sometimes are necessary, that he swings too far in the other direction. I typified it with an example of how… if there’s a problem brewing, someone Loki knows will be trouble for Asgard or thinks there’s a good chance for it, he’s going to go ahead and deal with that person, to snip the bud before it blooms.  And that’s a problem because people generally don’t want to be led by someone who is that cold, who will turn on them for something they might do.

On the other hand, Thor is too much a good man and doesn’t know how to surrender to the cruelty of when that choice might be necessary. This is why they needed each other, why Odin planned for them to rule together, why Odin goes off the deep end when he loses Frigga.  The throne of Asgard requires balance.

Now, between the two of them, Thor is far, far more capable and would be the better choice, I think he actually will make a great king someday. But he doesn’t know what’s going on, he sees that his father seems to have calmed down, that Odin is still fit to rule for awhile longer, that Thor is trying to continue his journey of maturing.  He’s only been at this for a few years yet, despite that he’s well over a thousand years old he’s not done yet.

He’s still maturing and settling into his new worldview.  It’s a subtle process, but one that a future king should do, you have to have a rock solid sense of self (which Thor does! but he wants to hone some of the finer points of it) because otherwise it will consume you.  And Thor might be a great king right now, he knows how to win battles, he knows how to win wars, he knows how to rally people to him, he knows the right choices to make, but he’s not yet ready for the heavy weight that Gungnir represents.

Loki’s far too eager for it (and Odin!Loki even says this later, that he wanted it too much) and he’s doing it for all the wrong reasons, he has so little sense of self that’s solid anymore, it will consume him.  And also he never actually wanted the throne, he only wanted it because it was meant for Thor, he only wants it because he wants to prove a point to others, and he’s so angry that the slightest thing is going to set him off.

So, it’s a clusterfuck (both in the universe and as a story being told), but one that I wound up actually really being able to live with for what it said about the weight of the throne and what it means to rule Asgard.

“I grew up my whole childhood watching Disney movies, and although I enjoyed them all as a child, I also grew up thinking that I would never see a Korean character like myself on the screen. That’s why GoGo is so important to me-I actually cried tears of joy when I first saw her-a short, curvy Korean girl like me-in theaters. And I know so many BH6 fans are angry that Disney changed her race, but I can’t help but love her as the company’s first Korean character”

sappy post time.

let me start by saying - i can’t believe that our journey all together is almost coming to an end with the final movie coming out this week. 

i can still remember my lil baby self in 2012, fresh out the books, seeing the hunger games for the first time in theaters. i remember seeing the trailer for the first time and getting chills over my entire body. once i saw it on screen, i was a freaking goner. i wept. 

catching fire was a whole different animal. everyone got HOTTER and the hype was so so so real on tumblr. ive never felt more of a community on here than i did when catching fire promo/hype was happening. when the movie came out, it was unreal. we all know this. we all experienced it together. 

mockingjay pt. 1. i had grown up a lot. i think we all had. it was like a stepping stone, and we stayed together. we’ve always stayed together.

and now…we’re here. the final installment. ive known some of you since day 1, day 1 of the hunger games fandom. and we’ve laughed together, cried together, freaked out together, grown to know and love each other.

we’ve been lucky to have also been given some of the best actors we could have ever asked for. i feel like they’re part of our fandom too, and we owe so much to them. you guys on tumblr have become my fandom family, and i wouldn’t trade this feeling for the world.

here’s to one more movie together. i wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.