i think this is really good ok

the tuxes
  • john: sherlock, will you help me pick out my tux for the wedding?
  • sherlock: yes, we should go tomorrow.
  • -tomorrow-
  • john: ok, *holding up a tux* what do you think about this one?
  • sherlock: not your color.
  • sherlock: *holds up another tux* this one.
  • john: *tries it on* i like it, i think it would look good on you too.
  • sherlock: *almost passes out* what
  • john: you should get the same one
  • sherlock:
  • john: what
  • sherlock: nothing, if we were wearing the same thing, do you think that would take away from mary?
  • john: i don't think so...
  • sherlock mumbling so john cant hear him: ok if you really want it to look like i'm marrying you, i have absolutely no problem with that.
  • john: what?
  • sherlock: nothing.
when yoongi's daughter brings home a boyfriend

request: hello! i really enjoyed your Bts as parents and when you mentioned yoongi’s daughter bringing home a boyfriend i wanted to know if you could do a reaction to that please?

A/N:im pretty sure this isn’t what you meant but i knew i couldn’t stop myself from writing a lot (i once again had to contain myself) so here goes nothing :p

•ok i think that’d his daughter would be kinda scared to bring someone home since yoongi is very quiet and that can come off wrong
•but she’s gotta eventually i mean ,,,
•so she’s 15-17 somewhere is that range
•and one day she comes home from school and is like
•"dad,,,i have a friend coming over later so we can finish a project. are you ok with that?“
•nd he’s like ok sure that sounds fine
•a few hours pass and he doesn’t really see her bc she’s up in her room
•and the doorbell rings
•but he does anyways,,,,
•and there he is in all his glory
•this guy (who looks like he is his daughters age) is just standing there nd he just,,,,,who are you????
•and he realizes that he’s his daughter’s “friend”
•but yoongi is smart and he knows what’s up as soon and she come to greet her,,,,,,friend
•shes all dressed up and he’s like iS THAT MAKEUP
•but he doesn’t wanna ruin stuff for her so he just lets them do their thing as long as it is in his peripheral vision
•when the boy finally leaves he’d ask her who it was, his name etc,,
•and she tell him because it’s good to be 100% honest especially with yoongs
•and he’s pretty chill
•"if he hurts you i hurt him but if everything’s good i’m good" kinda father
•at the end of the day his daughter is happy nd he is just slightly concerned.
•also would text the boys to see if they heard of him before just to makE SURE LOL

ty for reading i hope you enjoyed!!!! feel free to request what ever youd like :^>


So I wake up to like 20+ messages about the Chris post LOL 😂😂 I’m glad you guys liked it! I don’t mind people hating a fictional character but attacking actors that have done nothing wrong… anyway Chris Wood is such a kind and beautiful person idk what that blog was thinking coming after my son 😅😅

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hi! ive been stalking your blog for the past few days and i really like it. your fics are super good too. ok so this may sound silly but how do you know youre gay? like i started watching tv shows with f/f couples and i ship them and i think girls are cute but some days im just so confused and i dont know. i guess i just dont personally know any gay people to ask but how did you first realize/think you were gay?

Hey :) first of all, thank you!

Well it had been on my mind for quite a while before the realisation. I’d always found the way I reacted to other girls weird, how I blushed and got really bashful and self-conscious, especially if they entered my personal bubble or engaged in any kind of physical contact. Then there were my million “celebrity girl crushes” and the fact that my “crushes” on boys were pretty much a product of my imagination and didn’t even feel real to me. Then there was this Buzzfeed quiz (I think this one) in college, which Emma are you. I got Emma Stone (I could be gay too). Anyway, it wasn’t automatic, because from that moment on, I shut it down, and I shut it down bad. I can’t be gay, I can’t be gay, I can’t be gay— well, you get the gist, it was my internalised homophobia phase. Then a show premiered, and it was my turning point: Faking It. Basically I went through the same realisation journey as Amy (minus the romance stuff) and exactly at the same time, so that was a character I’ll forever be grateful for (the power and importance of representation!!!), because I grew with Amy, you know? So yeah. Kind of at the same time as Amy realised she was gay (in the broader sense), so did I. That was my realisation. The first thought, however, was definitely when my friend called me out on it. I hope that helps in your journey :)

But remember, labels are not important for now. You’ll have plenty of time to find what you identify the most with. I think the first step is realising whether you feel attracted to the opposite gender or not. Labels can come later :)

A Real Conversation

MOM: You should write more. You’re really good.
ME: (unused to this praise) OK.
MOM: But, seriously, like that show you watch on Sunday nights? You should write a script for them.
ME: (editing chapter 7 of my smutty Swan Queen fanfic) I’ll think about it.

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honestly I think it shows just how good of a person you are that you would even reach out to a mutual acquaintance to make sure they were ok, even after all they put you and others through. I'm so glad that you and everyone else is coming forward and sharing your experiences and helping each other. It's so brave to speak up about abuse, and it's so good to see everyone come together as a community to help each other heal. 💞 you are appreciated!!!

Thank you, so much. I really need to just step back and calm down for a few hours i think. i’m just so invested because he hurt so many people, so truly an deeply and still i’m expected to worry about him first??? he’s not my priority right now. i’m not going to put hima nd his well being over people he’s hurt worse than he can even imagine. i wouldn’t be surprised if he’s never even felt the level of pain he’s put others through.

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Your dead on with this being Sadurday, man. Hope your doing ok

Hey thanks, really appreciate you checking up. Yeah I’m doing better. (And im not just saying that! Small part of me is always worrying that whenever i ask people if they’re OK and they say yeah, they’re just saying that so they’re not bothering me with their problems/whatever, so yeah, if I say I’m doing good I am, I’ll let ya know if I’m doing bad!)
When I get in these funks it’s usually me just over thinking stuff. So what usually happens is I’m in a mood for a bit, worrying/whatever but then at some point I just take a step back and realize I’m over thinking too much and I go ‘it’s all good’ and then it’s all good. At least for the most part. And hey, you said I was dead on about sadurday so if you’re feeling bad or anything, I’m here for ya, always. Take care!!!


I’d like to think that Otabek was there to comfort Yuri after his breakdown. I also like to remind myself that Yuri is 15 years old and is still very much a child and people give him way too much credit for his strong and tough self, he’s so vulnerable and tries his hardest and wants to be loved the way he’s learned to love throughout the season ok plskthxbai.

I was supposed to finish this earlier but Carrie Fisher passing away really shook me and I cried and I was just lost for a good long while.

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

list of things girls do that make me 10xs gayer:

  • when you do something silly and you laugh it off but they r also laughing and i just… thank u for cleansing my soul with ur beautiful laugh
  • when they genuinely smile at you and ur just thinking “what good deed did i do to deserve this blessing”
  • when theyre talking about something they like and they get excited and tell you everything about it and its so pure
  • did i mention their laughs? girls laughs are all pure and amazing
  • when they do literally anything
  • girls are all so wonderful
  • i love girls
  • you are all literally so beautiful ok
  • all of you
  • i love girls so much
  • this post 100% includes trans girls you are all wonderful
  • and excludes t//e//r//f//s / t//w//e//r//f//s and s//w//e//r//f//s yall can choke

i went to the psychiatrist today, looking to get a professional diagnosis for bpd. when i told her that i think i have bpd she said “oh good! its really hard to diagnose people with things when they have no idea what they might have.” she also said that if i think i have bpd, then i probably have bpd. its that simple. she even told me to do my own research and come to my own conclusions and then bring back what ive put together. so everyone that has said that my self diagnosis was stupid or wrong, eat my entire ass.

Ok so like I think Roadhog and Junkrat are both probably really good at chess?? theyre always missing pieces though so they need to write down some of them on paper slips (They make silly bets every game too)

i can’t wait until vilde starts figuring out her sexuality and goes to isak for help and he introduces her to even’s 2 moms to show her that she can have exactly the life she wants being exactly who she is!!


Like I said, she had fond memories of being relaxed and comfortable in Nantucket, so that makes sense to me that she would just not want to hold onto that house and go to a place that she had fond memories for. I think the turn at the whaling museum is nuts, it’s kind of wonderful. She’s evolved yet again in that she’s suddenly really empathetic to the animals and the environment. I thought, “Yeah, OK, good. She’s growing.” I liked that part too. - Kelly Bishop

shout out to people who have really morally wrong intrusive thoughts! people who know those things are wrong and can’t stop thinking about them, people who are disgusted by themselves. you aren’t disgusting! those thoughts aren’t you and you can’t control them! it’s ok, you’re a good person.

  • Me: *browsing through otp tag*
  • Family member: *peers over my shoulder* wait, are they gay? (slightly disgusted voice)
  • Me: *turns around slowly* /silence/ What? ahahahahahahahahahaha oh no of course not they are just really good FriEndS. Ahahahahahaha what're you talking about. (;-;)
  • Family member: /suspenseful silence/ *Smiles* oh ok! Never mind them *walks off*
  • Me: *Turns around and strokes the computer screen while thinking about how I've betrayed the lord of otps, my fandom, my otp, and everyone in the entire fire nation* I'm so sorry ;-;