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Okay but seriously, look at Onodera. Look at how happy she is, getting the opportunity to play Romeo and Juliet with the man she loves. Onodera is so precious, just look at that sparkle in her eyes and don’t even tell me that isn’t the look of a girl in love. But the best and worst part? Raku loves her too. He loves her just as much as she loves him but they’re too shy to understand their feelings are mutual. It’s painful, but at the same time, it makes the (hopefully?) confession that much better. Chitoge loves Raku as well, and maybe Raku even returns a little of her feelings, but don’t even put it on the same level of what Onodera feels for Raku instead. I don’t even know why I’m typing this but I just look at this gif and it really makes me smile. Nobody knows how the manga will end, and we can only speculate, but I think if Raku ends up with Chitoge, it’ll be the biggest disgrace to two manga/anime characters I’ve ever seen for a very long time. Look at how beautiful my ship is uwu

Do you guys realize what Raku is going threw? First of all, he thinks Chitoge likes another guy. Then she takes off around the globe and what does he do? He chases after her!! His long time crush confesses to him and he still chooses Chitoge. Even though he thinks he’s going to get rejected.

Boi, I have to say Chitoge has been through hell and back but my boy Raku is putting his neck out on the line here.

Got give it to him.
I was just sitting here thinking while waiting for the next chapter update.
Raku Fighting!!

NISEKOI Chapter 226

Title: Farewell
Raku rejects Onodera. (LRR: RIP Onodera Fans)
Onodera gives Raku her key and leaves, while Raku moves on alone.
Raku then used Onodera’s key to open the pendant, and found a ring inside, along with a letter for their future self.
Onodera’s Letter: “Raku-kun, do you still love me even today?”
Though it pains his heart, Raku has no regret. And with new resolve, he head towards the summit where Chitoge is waiting.
Additional Spoiler begins here:
Raku replied that he also likes Onodera, ever since Middle school, which the latter was happy to hear that as she closed her eyes.
Kosaki: “Thank you… I could tell from just now. I’m very happy…really… But it’s different now, isn’t it?”
Raku: “…Yeah…”
Kosaki: “There’s someone else in your heart now, right…?”
Raku: “…Yeah…”
Onodera took out her key and gave it to Raku. She then revealed that she was the promised girl, but this key no longer suits her. She doesn’t remember what she put in there, and decides to leave it to Raku to do what he wishes to do with the pendant, and left.
Ruri and Shuu meet up with Onodera, and Ruri asked why Raku wasn’t with her, and if she met with Chitoge. Onodera was initially silent, but then revealed that Raku is going ahead to meet up with Chitoge.
Onodera: “It’s really weird…I’m… not as sad as I thought I would be… I thought I’d cry a lot more than I did…I feel like I don’t even understand my own feelings… Ruri-chan… how do I look right now…?”
Ruri, hugging Onodera, called her an idiot as she told her that she looks horrible. (LRR: …Had to pause here because of how emotional this is…)
Raku took out the pendant and remembered what Onodera told him about leaving the fate of the pendant to him. He decided to open it, and there were two rings in it, along with the letter they wrote to their future promised person. This caused Raku to remember everything. He then read what he wrote.
Raku’s Letter: To the older Kosaki: How are you? I should be doing fine. When we grow up and get married, let’s raise lots of our favorite animals. I will buy you a real ring too. When we are married, I want to eat your cooking every single day.
Raku chuckled on what his past self wrote, and then read what Onodera wrote:
Onodera’s Letter: To the older Raku-kun: When you grow up, I bet you will be really tall. I wanna grow up quickly and see you again. I have so many things I wanna tell you. I’m sure we’ll meet again. I think it will take a long time, but I believe I will like Raku-kun all this time. Do you still like me even now, Raku-kun? If you do, I’m really happ-…
Raku felt a pain in his heart as he kneel down, but he has resolved to have no regret no matter how the outcome turned out. He was happy that Onodera was by his side all this time, talking with her, laughing with her, among others. He believes that if he chose Onodera, he’d be happy all the time. But he thought it over that day, and on that day, he realized the one he likes is Chitoge. Despite all the nagging, selfishness, fighting, difficulty of understanding, and the beatings, along with believing that he probably would never be happy with her… He would like to laugh with her wholeheartedly like that again. When he’s with her, he enters a world beyond imagination. He feels like it’s a world he alone can’t reach, but can be reached if it’s with her.
Raku, now finally reached the summit, sees Chitoge in front of the rock.
Side Text: Finally arrived, the end of this long journey of love.
Translated by: LadyRuneReader

© Nisekoi Addicts

If Raku confesses to Chitoge

OK but if the Rakutoge (the mangas almost over and i still dont know the ship name) confession goes the way I think/hope it’s gonna go; Raku being the one to put forward his feelings FIRST, then that means something special.Throughout the manga he’s been offered the love of different girls….but when it comes to Chitoge he’ll be the one offering up his love, and it just goes to show how important she is to him nejsosjsow I LOVE THEM SO MUCH

Nisekoi 221 Spoilers

okay guys I know we are all freaking out over the nisekoi 221 raws but I really think the past regarding the promise girl will end up not affecting Raku’s choice at all. Think about it, only Chitoge and Onedera know who the promise girl is; Raku does not. He had no idea who it was when he made his decision of who to pick a few chapters ago. The promise he made years prior didn’t even seem to cross his mind, and I think that’s a really big deal. I really think it will end up unfolding the way many, including myself, have predicted for a while now. The promise girl is Onedera, but Raku chooses Chitoge anyway because she is who he loves NOW. He has seemed to find the distinction between having a crush on someone and loving someone; he said himself that his feelings towards Chitoge are different than his feelings towards Onedera [and the others], and he was positive that they were indeed romantic. He has always had a crush on Onedera; he has GROWN to love Chitoge. I think Shu’s words in helping Raku decide fit his relationship with Chitoge so much more, and I think ultimately Raku will realize that his love for Chitoge surpasses the legitimacy of a promise made when he was little.

ok if Onodera takes advantage of the situation and plans to confess while Chitoge is away I’m gonna hate her especially since Raku is down atm but I hope she tells Raku or maybe the reason why Chitoge ran away 

(I have nothing against Onodera I like her but sometimes she irritates me I mean if she liked Raku since middle school as she claims why didn’t she make a move or confess to him before Chitoge came in)

and from my view this is only my opinion but I think Raku sees Onodera only just a crush nothing more and yea I notice too hes not that much blushy blushy around her anymore too.