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Haha just continuing the fic rec trend, do u know any matsuhana fic recs?

(I somehow headcanon Mattsun to be quite a bookworm in his free time…)
This is a part of what I have in my bookmarks, most of them are on the shorter side sadly, but they’re nontheless a good read ~ please enjoy.

✧゜・:*MatsuHana Fic Rec *:・゚✧

on the anatomy of crushes - Teen and up. Short Medical School AU. Very cute :3 Basically pure Fluff.

hang out fall in love - Teen and up. Kind of a magical AU? Mattsun is a witchdoctor, Makki has a medical practice. Hanamaki doesn’t think highly of voodoo at all. :’D  very amusing, good humor.

Try Before You Buy - NSFW Explicit. Pretend relationship to get free wedding cake samples? Check. Actually ending up finding out you really like each other? Check. Very nicely written. This is the rare bottom Mattsun. ö_ö 

it’s cold out here - Mature. This is possibly my favourite MatsuHana fic? … I can’t say why and I can’t tell you much about it, it’s just… to quote the summary: “Seijoh’s parties are always a mess, but this one takes the cake.” Not meant in a humorous way. (I think it should be more like ‘Makki is a mess and Mattsun takes care of him’) Highly recommend. It’s kind of different from the usual Matsuhana with less humor. Refreshing.

poolside - Teen and up. Another one that’s very high up on my personal list. Aged up. Mattsun is a teacher at seijou, Makki comes back for a visit(?).

boiled frogs - Explicit. WARNING. This one deals with emotional abuse. I don’t recommend for you to read if you can’t take it. It was rough to read in some parts but I did enjoy it. Has a happy end! Chapters say 12/13 but once again only the epilogue seems to be missing. Story itself is finished.
Mattsuns boyfriend is an ass. Poor (pining) Makki wants to help but how do you help someone who’s conviced everything is fine?

something of a disaster - Teen and up. Probably for the insults? :D Because that’s kind of pure fluff. It’s Mattsun’s Birthday! And Makki even made a cake! Birthday wishes and insults. Cute and short.

Down For You - Teen and up. MedStudent!Makki locks himself out of his apartment at 3 in the morning right before an exam and now he’s desperate. Neighbour Bartender!Mattsun works odd hours and happens witness it, then decides to keep him company. Very cute. Poor Makki. I feel your stress.

Face The Sun - Teen and up. Sequel to Down For You. The day of receiving the results for his exam, Makki cashes in on the promised ice cream. Both fics are very cute.

surprise, surprise - Teen and up. Last but not least another one of my personal faves. Mattsun surprises Makki with a short trip for his birthday. A skiing trip to be precise. Contains dorks, snow, nosy annoying Oikawa and creampuffs. Ofc. Very very sweet, nicely written.

that’s it for now. :3 I hope you find something you enjoy reading. I love the meme-team. I wish there was more lengthy fic for them as the main couple.

Baby’s First Beach Trip

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Request - 12) Child’s first trip to the beach.

Pairing - Finn Balor X Female Reader + Daughter

WordCount - 1, 073

Requested By - Anon

Written By - Tacha

Key - Y/D/N - Your daughter’s Name.

Taglist - @i-kneel-for-king-loki @littledeadrottinghood @becca-bear

A/N - If you would like a request from the prompt list Send us the name of the Superstar, the gender of the child and a few numbers.

Finn was excited. Beyond excited. Not only did he have a couple of days off to spend with you and your baby daughter but you were also taking your eight- month-old daughter to the beach for the first time. Whenever Finn got to spend time with you and Y/D/N, he always wanted to create new memories. He loved watching Y/D/N experience something new, the way she stared in awe at whatever she was being introduced to. Y/D/N’s reactions varied from each new thing, sometimes she would giggle, other times she became nervous or scared resulting in her crying. Regardless of her reaction, everything was new to her and watching her discover new things fascinated Finn.

When you and Finn agreed taking Y/D/N would be a nice idea, Finn went out buying her a bucket and spade, a life jacket, cute little flip flops, a swimming costume and her first beach outfit along with a few toys that she could play with while she was at the beach. Your husband had certainly gone overboard. Also, he invited Seth, Sami, Sasha and Bayley to tag along. Finn claimed that he wanted Y/D/N to have a special day. It’s not every day you go to the beach for the first time!

You pulled the car into the perfect spot as you arrived at the beach. Finn’s knee bounced up and down as you cut off the engine. If you hadn’t been convinced that your husband was more excited about going to the beach than your daughter who had fallen asleep on the drive here.

“Love, ya did pack the camera right?” Finn asked as you unbuckled your seatbelt.

“Yes and I packed the extra batteries and the spare camera. Finn, I promise we double checked the car before we left, relax. Y/D/N is going to love the beach once she wakes up.” You smiled as you watched your little girl sleep in your mirror.

“That’s alright love, it gives us the perfect time to pick a spot and set up. Why don’t ya stay in the car with Y/D/N while I find us a spot? I’ll be right back.” Finn pecked your lips gently before getting out of the car the faint sound of the boot opening and the rummaging of bags being lifted out of the car. Twisting your body around you watched your Daughter. Several minutes passed until finally returned to the car.

“Ya ready love. The others are already here.” Getting out of the car, Finn began unbuckling your daughter out of her car seat. The commotion woke her up, her eyes fluttered open and immediately getting grizzly because she had been woken so abruptly.

“I’m sorry Princess, I know Daddy’s mean for waking ya up. But it will be worth it I promise.” Finn bounced Y/D/N to cry and calm her crying a few moments passed and Y/D/N soon settled. After you locked up the car, you and Finn were more than ready to show Y/D/N the beach for the first time.

Finn settled down on the towel holding Y/D/N settling her in his lap, her eyes drifted around the vast scenery, the beautiful scenery, the large ocean nearby. Finn watched her expression in amazement, it was like she was studying everything. Finn unbuckled her cute little sandals that Bayley had purchased for her, he slipped them off as he held her up before gently putting her feet on the sand. Y/D/N was suddenly focused on the new feeling,  she was looking down intently at her feet before she began moving her feet a cute toothless grin appearing as she looked around at the adults who were watching her reactions intently, Y/D/N crouched down, Finn sat her down in front of him. Finn leant forward picking up a handful of sand and sprinkling the sand back onto the ground. Y/D/N watched her Father intently before attempting to mimic his actions.

“Aren’t ya a clever one? Y/N, ya documenting this right?” You smiled at your husband, you had documented Y/D/N first encounter with sand. Her beautiful blue eyes reminded you so much of her Father’s.

“I don’t think you would love me anymore if I didn’t.” Finn turned to look at you a cheeky grin on his face.

“It’s impossible for me not to love ya.” You cheekily snapped a photo of Finn. Hoping the day would continue to run smoothly.

You laughed as you watched Sami and Seth trying to teach Y/D/N how to put sand into the bucket, she wasn’t quite getting it as she rested against Seth’s legs. The amusement on her face was magical, while she didn’t understand most of what they were saying she was still paying attention. You laid back on the towel talking to Bayley and Sasha.

“She’s already so much like Finn. She’s into everything. She’s definitely like you too, the way she looks at people when she’s thinking. How do you think she’s going to react when she sees the ocean for the first time?” Bayley asked as Finn plopped down beside me.

“She’s either going to love it-” You began, Finn lifted your head up so your head could rest on his lap.

“Or she’s going to freak out.” Finn finished for you. He checked his phone, before showing you the time. Y/D/N would be due to have a nap in the next half an hour or so.

“Love, what do ya say about taking Y/D/N down to the ocean now before she falls asleep.” Looking up at Finn, I agreed as he helped me up. Bayley and Sasha followed behind us as Seth picked up Y/D/N. With everyone wanting to see her reaction. Seth stopped near the shoreline. Crouching down, Seth waited for the ocean to retreat back before he holds her near the ocean waiting for the ocean to touch her toes for the first time. Finn had the camera, taking photo’s every now and then. As soon as the water hit her toes she squealed followed by a fit of laughter.  

Finn bent down watching his Daughter her tiny emotions vary. She soon sat on the shore splashing the water before it disappeared again. One of the great things that Finn was learning about being a parent was getting the opportunity to see what it’s like to be completely new to the world. There was still so much for Y/D/N to discover. Next on Finn’s list to show Y/D/N was a lego set….  

Four’s a Party

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Author’s Note: I’m still sad about everyone being on different teams now and so this was written. Also, this gif never ceases to be hysterical to me even if it doesn’t quite capture the spirit of the story.

Warnings: ABSOLUTE, UNADULTERATED SMUT. This is the smuttiest thing I’ve posted so far. It’s a foursome with Taylor Hall and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and another girl and I should probably bathe myself in holy water for writing this.

“Y/N, remind me again why we needed a couch this big?” Ryan asked, trying to disguise the clear amusement in his tone.

You glared at Ryan. “I didn’t think it’d be this fucking big, okay? I figured we needed a big couch because you’re so tall and also the last time we fucked on our old couch, we fell off and missed hitting the coffee table by about an inch.”

You both stared at the item in question, a large sectional sofa that looked more like a bed than an actual seating arrangement. When Ryan had bought the house so he could finally move out of his bachelor pad and you could move in with him, he had been wowed by the large, open living room. The couch, however, had done a very effective job of making the room look about half the size.

You shrugged and walked to the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of liquor and two glasses before returning. “Nothing we can do about it now, so how about a toast to the monstrosity?” You filled up two glasses. handed one to Ryan, and raised yours in a mock cheers. “To the strangest investment we have ever made and probably will ever make. May it be comfortable and hopefully it will endear itself to us in time,” you toasted, then drained the contents of her glass.

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GOT7 Reaction to their s/o being jealous about their long-time female friends.


JB would not be impressed by your jealousy, but he’d probably find it quite amusing since it was so unnecessary. “You want me to not have any female friends? You have male and female friends,” He would tease you subtly, pretending to be unhappy with how you were acting, but really he’d just want to see how you reacted to your own jealousy. “You don’t have to be jealous of any of my friends. I haven’t dated them, so clearly I’m not interested in them.” He would say, thinking that was comforting, not realising it didn’t help you in the slightest.


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“You trust me so little,” Mark would sigh and shake his head, frowning slightly as he continued to tap away on his phone. He was still going to talk to his friends no matter how you felt, since your jealousy was a bit silly. He might make more of a point of messaging the girls you were jealous about and letting you know he was doing it, but he would also be very open about what he was messaging them. Sometimes he’d read every message he got outloud, just to be like “Jealous about this? We’re discussing socks.”


Jackson would probably take this the most seriously, because to him, you being jealous wasn’t a measure of his behaviour with his friends, but actually your lack of trust in him. Jackson would be pretty romantic with you and he’d tell you how much he loves you every single day, so for you to just not believe his sincerity would actually be upsetting. “What, you think I’m going to cheat on you? I don’t so much as see the attractiveness of any man or woman in my life, it’s only ever you!”


Jinyoung would get a little pissy thinking about how jealous you got over him just having female friends who has known for a long time. “You mean the friend that’s like a sister to me? She’s the one that’s made you like this?” Jinyoung would purse his lips as he looked at you, his gaze narrowed in annoyance. He would be good at controlling how upset he was, but his eyes would reveal how unimpressed and upset he was. “Please, just take a moment and think about what you’re saying. If you’re serious, you need to grow up. This isn’t high school, Y/n.” Like Jackon, Jinyoung wold take it personally, taking it as a sign that you don’t trust him.


Youngjae would laugh a lot, he really wouldn’t take you seriously when he realised how damn jealous you were of his friends. “You’re so cute, Y/n. That’s crazy,” Youngjae would hold your hand and hug you, ruffling your hair and kissing your cheek. It’d really help you feel better about all the negative feelings you’d been having recently, the doubt that had been in your mind suddenly being erased with Youngjae’s affection towards you. “I love my friends, and I love you too. It’s completely different types of love, I promise you. Don’t be jealous.”


“Don’t bring that attitude to me, you’re so darn rude,” Bambam would roll his eyes at you, turning his back on you because he just couldn’t believe your attitude. But it wouldn’t last long, he wouldn’t be able to ignore how annoyed he felt about your behaviour, wanting to make some more comments. “You’re being so stupid, Y/n.” Bambam would cross his arms, tapping his feet as he stared at you, wanting some kind of apology or explanation for your attitude. “Just don’t be rude to my friends, Y/n. That’s not cool. And, just so you know, your jealousy is ridiculous.”


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“You think I’d cheat on you, or-or leave you for my friend?” Yugyeom would frown, getting quiet suddenly, not sure what would make you feel that way. Sure, he hugged his friend, but there was absolutely no romance or attraction between the two of them. You’d seen each other grow up, that was quite hard to get past. “You never have to worry about me, Y/n. I’m yours, always,” Yugyeom would smile at you, hoping he had said the right thing to comfort you. He’d still talk to his friend, but he’d be more subtle about it around you, and he’d mention them less around you.

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Quick question, Who's your favorite paladin and why? Personally i love Pidge.



I love the blue space son :D Because he’s an upbeat flirt and I think his insecurities make him a really interesting character in comparison to the others. Also, I think he’s quite amusing XD

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Titan Talk

Des2 fic, 625 words

Destiny 2 spoilers, safe if you have played up to Titan.

Selene has grown a lot to even be able to have this conversation

I would like to thank @sedimentarydearwatson for coining the term “titan talk” because I love it. Also gentle nod to ye olde r v b for the sniper rifle joke.

“You’d be a Titan.” Selene mused, but with a layer of certainty. Like she’d been thinking about it a long time. She sounded bored, as though she was trying to stir a debate up to amuse herself. “To answer the question.”

“I didn’t ask.” Suraya sniffed, not quite offended but on the brink. She was only beginning to like these towerfolk.

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i think tp zelda is quite good at telling ghost stories LOL and she doesn’t get scared by almost anything. link is always trying to scare her but,he always fails :D

“…kid saw a murderer carry the corpses of his dead parents…” Zelda said in calm tone with a serene emotion on her face.

Kids of Ordon shuffled closer to the bonfire, girls whimpering and hugging one another, while guys tried to act like as if they weren’t scared. Meanwhile, Link stood near the fire with his arms crossed. He was looking at Zelda with an amused expression.

He knew the story. She had a knack for telling scary bed time stories. He learned about it few months in their marriage, where she started telling him all kinds of terrifying tales, with the most innocent, chaste look on her face. But he knew…

He knew it was all part of her perfect plan to strike when her target least expected it. She would use her magic to turn the lights off or make a random thunder sound and then move in for the kill with her whispering or screaming the crescendo part of her story. It worked on him quite a few times.
Whenever she managed to scare him, she would laugh merrily and whenever she failed she would cross her arms, pout like a little kid who got caught stealing a cookie and turn her back to Link as if he committed a treason by not getting scared.

“…when he finished propping them up on a chair, he went towards the wall that faced the kid’s bed, only to write something with bloody fingers in the darkness…” she slowly got closer to the fire “…before hiding under kid’s bed…

He smirked. He knew what she was about to do. Oh, those poor, unsuspecting kids…

“W-what happened next?” Talo asked, acting as if he wasn’t frightened.

Her eyes shone with mirth.
He loved seeing her like this. He could feel her excitement through the air.

“Kid laid still as the bodies, quietly hearing breathes from under his bed, then…”

“Then what? Then what?” Beth asked while covering her face in Colin’s shirt.

He kinda felt bad for them. They had no idea, then again, they brought this upon themselves.
He brought his Queen here to have a few days off the royal duties and enjoy the spring festival…
But the kids of Ordon didn’t even let them be for a minute. Tagging along all the time, asking awkward questions and doing all kinds of troublesome stuff, overall being a nuisance. That is why he asked her to use her special power.

“An hour passed, and kid’s eyes adjusted more and more to the darkness… He tried to make out the words, but it was a struggle. He gasped when he finally made out the sentence…”

“W-w-what? What was written there?”Colin asked.

This was it. Links eyes met hers and he gave her a wolfish smirk. She smiled devilishly in return and snapped her fingers. Fire diminished immediately, leaving everyone in darkness and kids gasped in unison…

“I know you are awake…” Zelda whispered with a blood-curdling voice…

“Kyaaaaaa!” girls screamed, causing boys to start screaming as well and soon they all started running back to their homes.

Zelda laughed heartily, while wiping the small tear that escaped her eye. She looked at Link and winked, her cheeks were flushed pink from laughter.

“Well…We are alone, now.” she sighed over dramatically “whatever shall we do to pass time?”

Link slowly moved towards her.
“How about me telling you a scary story.” His wolfish smiled turned into a grin.

She raised one delicate eyebrow “Oh? What is it about?”

He knent in front of her, his face inches apart from hers. “It is about a man, who kidnaps his wife to ravish her for hours and hours until she begs him to stop.” he whispers with a hot breath.

Her whole face flushed immediately. Pink on her cheeks turned into crimson. Her eyes fluttered and she replied shyly.

“W-well, sounds boring…” she tried to reply coolly but the desire in her eyes wasn’t missed by Link.

“Oh, then…I guess I have to demonstrate it to make it…interesting, huh?” and in an instant he scooped her in his arms -while she gasped with delight, before giggling- and start running towards their home as fast as he could.
Needless to say, she enjoyed the story.

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Hey! How are you? Just wanted to say hi to an idol of mine and oh god I'm screaming inside. Keep up the good work! And have a good summer <3

I’m doing rather well, thank you! To think I’m someone’s idol fills me with utter joy and some amusement; I know what it’s like to try and post/message something to someone you really look up to (even though the person themselves don’t see themselves as being anything special). 

In other news: I got a bit bogged down with D&D (I run my own game and play in quite a number) and I do apologise for that… I’m behind on getting my Simon picture out. 

Also as a side note, the script is coming along nicely! Got some real “mystery” shenanigans stuff going on there, couple of one liners and such I’m proud of and a couple of really bad running jokes. Once I get the one-shot images out of the way I can get started on drawing the comic again. 


Hufflepuffs In Random Situations

So there are many random situations that could happen in life, and there are many ways someone could deal with them, but have you ever wondered how a Hufflepuff would act in a certain situation? Well if you have, then you guys should send me a list of random situations and I will write how I think a Hufflepuff would act in them! :) I think some of them could turn out quite amusing. What do you think? Good idea? Well if it is, then send me some random situations  :D :D

Ride or Die


Taehyung’s basically fucked.  He’s cornered on all sides and his back is up against a wall.  There’s no way out, no way he can slither out of this trap unscathed. But that’s okay.  This is what Taehyung lives for.  He lives for violent encounters with bulky, unnamed, shadowy brutes in back alleys in the middle of the night.  It’s his favorite past time honestly.  Even more than executing high-stakes heists.  Which is what has landed him in his current predicament.  “Listen boys,” he says with his hands up as the gang of thugs all take a step towards him, “I really don’t want to hurt you.” That earned him a deep grunt from Thug #4, or Sparky as Taehyung liked to call him. “It’s just a little, teeny, tiny stash of high grade explosives.”  Thug #2, or Boomer, cracks his knuckles and Taehyung has to force himself not to lick his lips because the sound reminds him of popcorn and wow, is he hungry. He shakes his head, letting his sienna-colored bangs fall into his eyes. “Nothing too unusual and it’s not like you guys were going to use them all anyway.  I just wanted to see some pretty lights along the skyline, nothing too crazy.”

“It’s not that you stole the explosives, darling,” an eerily familiar voice drawls into the crisp night air.  Taehyung narrows his eyes as he tries to figure out if one of the thugs is speaking.  As if reading his mind, the voice murmurs, “Excuse me, Theodore,” and Thug # 3, or Scooter, and Thug #1, or Tank, sidestep to reveal possibly the most gorgeous man Taehyung has ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on.  “It’s the fact you saw some things you weren’t supposed to see and I can’t have you ruining the punchline to my upcoming joke, now can I?”

Taehyung can’t decide what he finds most attractive about the man: From his disheveled mint hair falling haphazardly over the tops of his sleepy eyes (which seem to be casually boring gaping holes deep within Taehyung’s soul) to his pouty pink lips that contrast so beautifully against his smooth milky skin (which Taehyung so desperately wants to uncover and explore every inch of for hours on end) to his slender neck draped heavily in loose gold chains (all of which Taehyung would happily wrap his fingers in and yank the mysterious man closer as if they were a leash of some sort) to his slender frame that perfectly filled out his aubergine suit (Taehyung had to force himself not to try and reach for the buttons of the suit jacket because now was certainly not the time for his hormones to get the better of him), everything about him was steeped in mystery and dripping in dangerous power, an irresistibly lethal combination.  And his raspy voice…Taehyung hadn’t realized just how much he missed hearing the signature drawl of his home until that razor edged voice spoke to him.  And of course, Taehyung could not ignore the subtle ‘S’ shakily inked right at the corner of the man’s left eye.

The man blinks lazily at him and Taehyung realizes that oh shit, he’s supposed to say something. His mind is racing with a million and a half thoughts and though he’s certain there’s much better ways to start a conversation, he blurts out a cheery, “Hello there, hot stuff! I’m Taehyung!”  He has never wanted to bang his head against a wall harder than he does at that moment, and he was honestly about to when the man’s lips curl upwards into a slight smirk.

“Hello,” he rasps as he smoothly steps towards Taehyung, his casual and confident movements reminding Taehyung of a pet snake he used to have as a young boy before his– “It’s so nice to meet you, Taehyung.”  He offers his hand for Taehyung to shake, which the brunette eagerly does as he notices the comically macabre jester grin tattooed onto the back of the pale hand.

“It’s nice to meet you, too, Mr…” Taehyung’s voice trails off as he realizes that he doesn’t know the man’s name.  “Um, I know this is kind of awkward and a touch bit rude, but who exactly are you?” he asks sheepishly.  He moves to remove his hand from the man’s grasp, but the green-haired man grips his hand tight and cocks his head in curiosity.

“You don’t know who I am?” he drawls amusedly. Taehyung scrunches up his face as he tries his hardest to put a name to this beautiful face, but he comes up short so he shakes his head.  “Now, now, don’t you know it’s not smart for a pretty little thing like you to steal from strange men?”  The slightly shorter man leans forward until his lips are just out reach of Taehyung’s and breathes in quite possibly the huskiest voice ever, “I could be dangerous.”

“We learn from our mistakes,” Taehyung quips with a smirk of his own. “Besides, I like dangerous. It’s fun.”  The man chuckles once and Taehyung swears he has never heard a more beautiful sound and honestly, he would die a happy man if he could be the source of that laugh everyday for the rest of his life.

“That’s something we both have in common then, my dear.” The man winks before he abruptly turns on his heel and strides towards his hired helpers.  “Maybe if you survive the night, I might take you out to dinner some time.”

Taehyung’s heart begins to race in his chest at the thought of being wined and dined by Mr. Deadly, he’s decided to call him.  “Is that a promise, Mister?”

“It is,” he says as his lips curl upwards even further into a wide smile. “Oh, and you can call me Suga.”

“Well if it’s Suga as in sugar then I think I’ll just call you Pudding,” Taehyung blurts out without thinking, the voices in his head all clamoring excitedly about the prospect of being courted by Mr. D (he decides this has a better ring to it) and making it that much harder for him to reason through the chaos in his cluttered mind. Realizing his gaff, he quickly apologizes, “Sorry, the voices in my head won’t shut up.”

Mr. D narrows his eyes slightly as he repeats the nickname, letting it roll off his tongue.  “Pudding…”  There’s a spark in his eyes and Taehyung’s certain he’s never hit a bigger jackpot on a heist before than he’s hit just now seeing the man’s face light up.  “You know, I’ve been called a lot of things before, but never that. Surprisingly, I like it.”

Taehyung giggles and he coyly gushes, “Oh stop it you! You’re making me blush.  How am I supposed to beat your henchmen if I’m a gushing mess?” He can’t help but pout cutely just the way his best friend taught him to, hoping the display of cuteness will make Mr. D laugh again.  It does and Taehyung swears he could have died happily right then and there if he didn’t have an impending fight cockblocking him.  But alas, he rakes a hand through his dark hair and sighs deeply before he gently drops his duffel bag onto the dumpster lid next to him.  “Alright boys,” he props his beloved Louisville Slugger on the dumpster’s side, “I just want you to know that I was going to take it easy on you.”  He slips off his jacket and delicately drapes it over the duffel bag, “But I gotta impress your hot boss over there.”  Mr. D chuckles lightly and Taehyung has to force himself to stay cool. “You can hit me as hard as you like,” he stretches his arms and neck as he steps towards the thugs, “but just don’t hit my face.  It’s my money maker and I gotta look cute for my Pudding.” He tosses Mr. D a wink.  “After all, we’re gonna go on our first date after I’m done wiping the floor with your bulky bodies.”

“That’s a lot of talk from a pipsqueak,” Tank mutters, making his buddies grunt in amused agreement.  Taehyung’s lips spread wide into his signature boxy grin, a wicked glint lighting his dark eyes.  Game on, he thinks as he cracks his knuckles.  Tank didn’t even know what hit him.  Well, he knew it was Taehyung but he didn’t realize that the “pipsqueak” could move so fast and pack quite a punch.  All he knew was one moment, he was cracking a joke at Taehyung’s expense and the next he was blinking himself into consciousness on the cold, hard ground surrounded by his equally dazed but more battered cohorts.  He hears a booming giggle echoing off the bricks lining the alleyway and he slowly turns his head to see the backs of his boss and the freakishly strong “pipsqueak” growing smaller and smaller as they head off.  He drops his head back down as he silently prays his boss doesn’t send his other lackeys to clean up this mess.  It really would suck if he woke up to a bullet buried in his skull.

“So just what kind of crazy are you?” Suga poses as he watches Taehyung tuck his beloved bat into the handles of his duffel bag before strapping said bag onto the rack of his beat up motorcycle.

Taehyung grins and blows the loose strands of his bangs out of his face.  “Clinically, I’m the kind with schizophrenic and psychopathic tendencies.”  Suga can’t help the deep chuckle that rumbles through his chest at Taehyung’s blunt words.  “But realistically,” Taeyhung straddles his bike and gently coaxes it to life, “I’m the ride or die type.”  

He pats the back of his seat invitingly but Suga scoffs, “I don’t ride bitch.”

Taehyung quips, “But you do ride.”

“What can I say,” Suga smirks as he snaps his fingers twice, causing a neon green McLaren 675LT to whip around the corner of the building and Taehyung has to bite his lip hard to keep his jaw from dropping at the beautiful piece of vehicular innovation in front of him.  A hefty driver Taehyung decides to call Hank pops out of the car and hands Suga the keys before holding the door open for his boss.  Mr. D slides halfway into the car and casually slurs in that wonderful accent of his that Taehyung honestly cannot wait to hear purr his name for the rest of his life, “I’m the ride or die type too.”


–Admin Lily

Boner Puns - Bucky Barnes x Reader

He doesn’t know when it started exactly, it was probably when you were in the middle of a mission and you had to get changed in the middle of it for a reason he can’t exactly recall. What he does remember is the curve of your waist and the lacy bra and knickers you’d been wearing. At the time it probably wasn’t, but in his memory, the moment was played out in slow motion.

That was the first time you’d given him a boner. And now whenever he saw you, you’d either do something that’d remind him of that one moment and give him another boner or you’d just do something that he found very tantalising and therefore, give him a boner.

One day you and the rest of the Avengers were all in the kitchen, it was ‘family night’ which is something that happened every once in a blue moon when everyone was over and free from doing a mission. You, Cap and Bruce were cooking a meal for everyone and Bucky was trying to help as best he could, though no one made him cook because they’d already learnt from a terrible food poisoning experience that he was most certainly not the best of cooks.

All you were doing was bending over to grab a bag of potatoes out from the fridge, but Bucky’s eyes suddenly became attached to your butt and there it was again, the stir in his pants, the oh-so-pleasurable tingle. He shuffled awkwardly in his seat, pulling down his shirt in hopes to hide it.

Bucky turned away from you, trying to calm himself before anyone saw. But as he turned, his eyes connected with Natasha’s, who was looking at him with a suspicious smirk marked on her lips. His eyes widened and he fell from his seat, thankfully recovering before making a big scene. “I’m going to the bathroom, “the words rushed out of his mouth and he was gone before anyone could even process what he’d just said.

He took care of his little problem and returned to the kitchen, the scenery had changed though. No longer were you all cooking, in fact, you weren’t even in the room anymore. But all the Avengers (Tony, Thor, Steve, Bruce, Nat and Clint) were stood in a line, staring at him wearing suppressed smiles.

“Um,” he was nervous, which wasn’t exactly a new thing to Bucky but it was something very unwelcome, “where’s Y/N?”

“She’s just one to get some more pasta,” Steve explained, “which was really nice of her. She’s so good of a cook, you know, I really hope she keeps it up, kind of like you do.”

The group proceeded to burst into giggles, though Steve sent Bucky an apologetic look, it didn’t stop him from laughing along with the rest of the group.

“Hey Bucky, do you want a stiff drink to go with your meal?” Tony asked, raising his own glass of bourbon, doing nothing to hide his wide grin. Bucky pouted, looking very unamused at their joking, he sent a glare at Nat who was obviously the one that told them about the incident, he was just grateful that they only knew of this one time and not the many, many, other times held got an accidental boner because of you.

“Guys, enough with the joking.”  Clint said, holding up both his hands, managing to calm everyone down into a heavy silence. “Bucky obviously has feelings towards her, and we all think that you should tell her the truth, straight up.” Once again everyone exploded into laughter, and it was at this point you decided to walk in, quite confused by the set up in the kitchen. Everyone was facing Bucky, laughing loudly. Steve was grabbing onto Bruce’s left boob and Nat was leaning against Clint even though even he was struggling to stand up because the laughter was overcoming him.

“D-Did I miss something?” You asked, all of them turning to face you which was a very scary sight at first. Though Bucky looked at you with fear rather than amusement like all the others, who were just staring at you with mere amusement.

artsy-jandi  asked:

Erika, what would Sebastian and Ulquiorra think of me and my blogs?

Blog opinions

Sebastian - Sebastian would like the layout of your blog and the way that everything tends to be geared towards reaching out to people and helping them out. A lot of what you post is informative, such as the videos on needles in Hallowe’en treats and is quite innocent. Obviously, he’d fawn over the pictures of the silver fox called Shadow. I think he’d spend a few moments quickly scrolling through, reading and looking at posts, being pleasantly surprised by all the analytical posts you’ve written about Black Butler, especially ones that mention him. He might even tease you about how you know him so well, though the obvious clash with religion amuses him and earns you a chuckle or two.

Ulquiorra - Ulquiorra would see your blog as a way of getting to know you, so he’d likely spend an hour or two searching your tags (he carefully reads over the information you posted about yourself), reading posts and trying to decide if you are what you seem. Logically, he knows that people express themselves on the internet, so he’d also see time on your blog as spending time with you, though of course nothing comes close to physically sitting with you and talking. He’d be the kind of person to send an anonymous message telling you that he likes your blog and he spent a time exploring it. It’d probably spark a friendship…

Selfship with Ulquiorra

- Ulquiorra is of the mindset that if he can’t see something, it doesn’t exist. That’s just how he is and he’d quite cold and uses detached logic for everything. When you’re daydreaming, he tends to leave you there, though he may eye you for a moment or two wondering what has you so entranced. He’s also quite blunt and sometimes that can be hurtful, so don’t be surprised if he rouses you from your thoughts but ludly asking what you’re thinking about. He’d also tell you to do your work because, in his mind, thequicker you get it done, the quicker you can get back to daydreaming. He would be heavily interested in your daydreams, scenarios and stories and would want to share them with you, using it as an opportunity to get to know you (like your blog).  You flit from one activity to the next, which amuses him, though he can be interested by how you focus on so many things at once and don’t slip up, even when you’re not paying attention.

- The two of you would likely argue (more like, ignore each other because if you don’t tell him you’re mad at him, he’ll think everything is fine) over his discompassionate nature and your rather empathetic and kind one. You dislike confrontation and to Ulquiorra, it won’t exist unless addressed so there would always be some kind of tension between the two of you. Neverteless, if you were to tell him that you’re unhappy with him, forcing yourself out of your comfort zone, he would bluntly apologise and in his mind, it’s over now all done. I think, because he’d be interested in you, he might be willing to resolve issues between the two of you because he would love you in his own way.

- You’re very strong and you don’t let the world beat you down no matter what happens and you always find a way to make it through. Ulquiorra would have to admit to himself that you’re strong because he can see the strength it can take you to get through each day when really, all you want to do is sleep. Despite everything, you’re happy and unbeaten by life, something which would invoke pride within Ulquiorra. Sometimes he’d just randomly blurt out, “you’re a strong person and I’m proud of you” and then go back to whatever he was doing, leaving you pleasantly surprised and smiling. You hold your proises tight to your chest and nothing can sway you from them, which is another kind of strength that he cannot help but to admire.

- Ulquiorra has canonically said that human emotions don’t exist because he can’t see the heart but with you… he gets confused. He feels emotion around you that logic says isn’t possible, and this causes some kind of inner conflict when he isn’t around you. He’d definitely blurt it all out to you when you don’t exect it and your resulting happiness makes him think that just maybe… The heart exists after all. Or rather, it would, if he hadn’t given his heart to you before he realised he had one. He appreciates how you slowly open to him and slowly, he returns the gesture.

- You have self-expressive and creative hobbies that give you a lot of time to yourself and your daydreams. Ulquiorra would be quite content to let you do what you want while he does his own things with you, spending time together but also separately, mentally. He would likely research all your interests and would want to learn more about them through you, watching how you are when discussing something you’re passionate about. He would do his best to not be rude around you, but he can’t help often missing social cues and therefore offending someone. It’d definitely be a varied and interesting relationship, where you keep each other on your toes. 

fadewithfury-deactivated2015090  asked:

Alec we think he's in the rain staring angstily out over the cliffs but he's really just in the shower staring at the wall Hardy.

He’d known the cheap rent of the place had to have some catch…

Thoughts about Joker Game Ep.11

Ah… I need to sit down for a bit.

This is gonna be long and I’m most likely being over-dramatic but for someone who’s loved Joker Game from the get-go and also someone who’s still mourning the ending Yanagi-sensei gave this series, Episode 11 really dragged me down, leaving me lost for a good hour. (I was at work when I watched this.)

Doesn’t help that a fellow fan on twitter went on a monologue about the episode.

Scroll down to the line-break. Her views on what happened in general are actually quite profound.

(Feel free to skip my ramblings lmao I really just need to get these off my chest. Ugh. But hello if you want to discuss or know more about the Joker Game timeline/world with me, I’m up for it!!!)

First of all, It was with the very basic Japanese I’ve acquired through a year of cramming for JLPT三級 that I’ve tried reading jokage. Back then, the 2nd book, Double Joker, has just been released smack in the middle of my reviews but I was really excited to test out my new language skills on it. Admittedly, I mostly just skimmed through the pages and just enjoyed how cool and mindful the settings for each stories were.

And yes, I’ve read the part where Miyoshi’s supposedly “dead” but I never expected him to be actually… dead.

I was in denial all throughout the episode, thinking, “wow death-simulating drugs very spy-esque!” Even to the part where I saw he was struck with the pole on the chest, I was all excited, “What whoa how did he make it out!??!?!?!?!?” I even posted a picture of his pained face, commenting on how it looks good (coughs) 

I hate myself orz

It slowly came crashing down when I realized “shit, no one can possibly recover from that…how long did they have his body already– AH WHAT THE!?!??!1?” til the part Lt. Col. Yuuki actually closed his eyes.

I’ve never favored Miyoshi in particular but I love the whole D-Agency and it’s just really… I don’t know how to feel but I feel like a part of me died. Hahahahahaha;;;;;;

Then, a Japanese artist I’ve recently met through Joker Game started a long series of tweets about how espionage was back in the day and then relating it to Miyoshi’s situation. She summarized everything I’ve thought of but the part about death is really fascinating. (I only took the part about life and death but I’ll try translating what she shared about spy stuff too and try to relate them when I can. They’re pretty good.)

Here’s most of what she said. (I’ve tried my best to summarize everything)

“Mind you, I’m one of those who refused to read the original source til the end of the anime. I liked Lt.Col. from the beginning as he seemed to be the character to not die but this is still painful for me. Here goes…

Since the existence of spies cannot be made public, while there are those who are saved, there are certainly those who lose their lives on missions. In general, their treatment as prisoners of war is almost inhumane and return negotiations are almost impossible. From various videos and documentaries I’ve seen, that’s almost protocol.

Naturally, their employing agencies, (Lt. Col. too) understand and are prepared. However, setting aside Lt. Col. Yuuki’s feelings and in accordance to perfectly executing the mission, he only had to bring back the information.

But, if it was only about the mission, why did he have to close Miyoshi’s eyes with such gentleness. As the mentor who has taught Miyoshi everything about the spy trade, it was as if he was saying ‘You did well, the mission’s done. Just peacefully go to sleep as the lone person you are.’

Yes, as you’ve seen, the highest regard you can give a spy is their success in being able to discard any information about himself.

In relation, I remembered a story from before. Forgive my insolence but if I may.

Back in 1985, When I was reading books pertaining to a certain air crash, there was this story…

Some of the bodies of those who have died, being on foreign soil, weren’t taken home by their families. I guess it’s the Japanese and Foreigners’ different religious views about life and death. Basically for them, the body is just the container of the soul and the soul has returned to their God and thus, the mourning and funeral were held abroad (where they died). It was my first time hearing such and I remember being quite shocked.
[me: Sorry if this sounded weird but she was talking about Christianity where death means returning to thy Creator, in contrast to the ever-so-ceremonial Buddhism.]

In Lt. Col.Yuuki’s case, Miyoshi perfectly secured the information costing him his life and carrying the information home with him was the only thing he can do for him and the other agency members. Thinking this flexibly about life and death, in essence, Lt. Col.Yuuki hasn’t only retrieved the information but also his soul as if saying, "let’s go home together.”

The beautiful face, remains and name of a certain japanese guy was left behind but his soul was properly retrieved by the Lt. Col.

Surely there would have been regrets that this unforeseen accident was the cause of his death but even so, perfectly erasing his tracks, other than leaving behind a Japanese name; “A spy til the end.” He’s sure to be proud of the work he’s done. Is that why, at the end, he had that kind of face?

I can’t help but feel deeply for how Miyoshi accepted his fate. It also didn’t help that he met his end through an accident. I was pretty sure he’d be one of the remaining active members of D-Kikan when the end came. (take note, Miyoshi’s death is 1 year and 1 season away from Pearl Harbor, the conclusion.)

It was so anti-climactic but very shocking at the same time.

I would love to believe Miyoshi is still alive but this story is basically nearing the end of D-Agency Series so I think that’s that. I’m actually conflicted on whether I want him to be with the other guys during the end or letting him rest in peace earlier was a better conclusion for his character.

Either ways, this series has a broken fandom with really mean production staff.

Seriously? Releasing the crack school AU Drama CD JUST. BEFORE. THIS. EPISODE.

I hate you, Joker Game Staff.

Keep it up, guys.


Have this Tazaki-face-swapped-with-my-baabaa-doll-phone-strap to wipe away your tears. (note: it didn’t help me one bit but it’s quite amusing hahaha)

A conversation

Below the fold is a transcript from a conversation.  This conversation happened in real-time, is barely edited for readability, and otherwise is presented exactly as the conversation occurred.  

So, be warned of some spoilers, even more questions, and continue below to read a discussion between Deviser Gaines, whom the general citizens know only as the mysterious Architect, and none other than Mianite himself.

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madshinobi  asked:

There is always a loophole. But fine. It's your very biased and imagined interpretation of myself, right? /The smirk remains, and intensifies, holding a hand out for the expected reward./

/At that there’s a strange, half amused snort of a noise. Yet, nonetheless, he’ll reach down to a pouch at his hip while he speaks./

Biased and imagined? I think you’ll find it’s quite accurate. In fact, I’d say one would be hard pressed to identify an aspect that is not true to life, as it were.

/Having withdrawn the required coin, it’s simply held out between his thumb and forefinger, having somewhat recovered from his outbreak./

levi and the vagina

I started a series of drabbles a while ago, a reincarnation/soulmate au designed to let me switch up sex/gender identities/worlds/universes etc as and when I wanted. This particular ‘chapter’ was super challenging for me so I decided to post this one first.

ereri, explicit, approx 1300 words, ao3

“Fuck, no wait! Stop!” Levi shoves against Eren’s chest forcefully.

“What’s wrong? Did I hurt you? Do you have cramp again?” Levi scowls up at him. “You’re just freaking out again, huh?”

“I’m not freaking out, you shithead.”

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Anonymous said to blueberries-tickle-fanfics:

Can you write a fic where the avengers find out that Clint and Natasha are extremely ticklish and they think it’s adorable and funny since they are known as the top 2 deadliest assassins.  The only person who knew was Coulson, but the team finds out by accident with them.


… as the two most deadliest assassins on the team of the Avengers save the day in New York and hand the thieves over to the police department …

The anchorwoman on the screen stood in front of the crime scene with her huge microphone and the voluminous brown hair that was whipping up and down a little due to the wind. Bad quality clips of Natasha and Clint saving civilians and jumping from rooftops were shown, putting extra emphasis on their “badassness”. Coulson could only roll his eyes and sit back in Clint’s sofa to eat the awful spaghetti the archer had made.

“The two most deadliest assassins!” With the biggest smirk in the history of smirks, Clint plumped down on the sofa next to Coulson with a glass of milk and a bowl of spaghetti. He looked way too satisfied with himself, being the worst cook on the planet and the most unorganized SHIELD agent ever.

Natasha joined them by sitting down on the other side of Coulson, in her bowl another pile of spaghetti hidden under half a tube of ketchup. He immediately wished he’d put the same amount of it on his spaghetti, because Clint’s pesto tasted like old chewing gum.

“It’s actually the deadliest assassin and her archer hubby!” Natasha teased and poked Clint’s thigh with her fork, leaning over Coulson and keeping him from eating. Again he rolled his eyes and sighed.

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anonymous asked:

For the ask: Diavolos, Raydan, Dom, Tevan, and..... Luther 😁😁😁

That’s quite the combination.

  • I’d go to a haunted house with Tevan. Because he’s so nice and understanding that I wouldn’t feel like an idiot if I screamed. Plus there’s a good chance he’d be the one screaming.
  • I’d go skinny dipping with Diavolos. Because uh… All those muscles and that teasing smirk and just… Yeah. 
  • I’d ride a roller coaster with Dom. I think DOm would be a lot of fun at an amusement park. He’d be totally into the thrill. 
  • I’d venture into the woods (at night) Raydan. He’s a spymaster and assassin, there’s no one I’d feel safer with. 
  • I’d adopt a puppy with Luther. Maybe it would make him less cranky and awful.