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‘ultimate guess who’ anon fic recs

for those who missed it, @mlficwritersanon​ set up a fun guess who challnge. buncha writers wrote fics anonymously and readers are supposed to guess who wrote what! super neat idea.

anyway, i finally read thru all these and felt like reccing the ones that stood out to me =D/ not gonna be as detailed as my regular recs since i read most of these a while ago, and forget a lot of details xD;;;; sorry. i’ll do my best tho ;0;/ 

and for the record, all of these are reveal fics. that was the theme. :]

[listing these in reverse order, cos a lot of the ones at the end got buried by newer fics ;0;]

A Revealing Interview  Alya Césaire uncovers more than she expects to one afternoon when she interviews Chloé Bourgeois for the Ladyblog.
- this is a alya/chloe fic, in which they have miraculous. it’s rly cute ;0; 

We Were Lovers In A Past Life –  Alya’s kryptonite? Blondes and stripes.
 alya/chloe, with miraculous again. but different! this one ended my life. good shit :’D

Tomorrow’s Troubles – But that was a thought for tomorrow. Those were all thoughts for tomorrow. Melancholy was for tomorrow and so was responsibility.
- ladynoir/adrinette. THIS ONE PUNCHED ME OUT THE FUCKIN SEAT. I HELLA REMEMBER THAT. it was really good. ;0; it’s aged up. that is all i’mma say.

Dredging Up the Past Sabine reminisces about her time with the ladybug miraculous.
- s
abine + marinette mainly [also adrien and tom are in it~]. THISSSSSSSS FIIIIC IS ALL OVER AN OOOOLD HEADCANON!! previous ladybug!sabine was a really popular headcanon early on! This fic is nostalgic to me cos of that, and it’s a fun read. xD I loved the reveal hahah. this was cute.

i’m like dropping hints that i’m ladybug – “…I’m Ladybug.” (In which Marinette tries to get Adrien to figure out her secret identity. She was not counting on him being this oblivious.)
 Adrinette. This one is p fuckin great xD i remember cackling a lot. I liked how it ended up panning out too xD well played, anon //salute

If Only It Were That Simple –  Ladybug and Chat Noir have been partners for three long years, growing closer by the day. One night, Adrien argues with Plagg, as he often does, about not being able to tell Ladybug who he is. He just didn’t plan for Ladybug to hear.

Premier Amour  It has always been said that you never move on from your first love.
 adrinette/ladynoir. gfdfkjgjdfk this one is really sweet. it’s got a tiny bit of angst, but it’s good angst.

The Fox is Out of the Bag –  “Could uh, could you maybe forget about this?” she asked, eyes flitting around the room as if looking for an escape route.
"The whole transforming in front of me thing?” he said, raising an eyebrow.
DJWifi. Lmao this is short and funny. 

Those Freckles on Your Butt – It turns out that Adrien has a thing against modesty and Marinette gets a fateful eyeful.
- adrinette. //sobbing// was this fic written for me? b u t  t s //more sobbing//  no but really this is p damn funny :’D 

My Boss is a Vampire… Well, sort of – There’s something weird going on with the Agreste couple, and Nathalie is determined to find out.That, or she may just be paranoid for no real reason and is coming up with theories that mean nothing. Who knows.
- NATHALIE. MY FAVE BABE. This is another really funny one. :’D [also dem ot3 vibes yaaaaaas]

dropping hints Ladybug asks Chat Noir for boy advice. This goes about as well as expected.
 ladynoir. THIS IS SOOOO GOOD. i really liked this one. i cackled at how the reveal went down here tbh. smh@lb… [also think i might know who wrote it 👀 … too bad i am not participating in the guessing lol] 

Orion’s Belt – Here, kitty kitty.
- Ladynoir/Adrinette. pfff WHOEVER U ARE THIS DESCRIPTION SUCKS. tryin’a sell ur fic here!!! lmao. anyway yea this fic is super cute! just. really cute and sweet. good shit anon :> …except for that description :’D [but it’s really good so read it lol]

No Matter How You Spin It – They were bound to find out about each other eventually. It just figured that it would happen at a time where privacy came at a personal cost to both of them. (Or that time that Adrien nearly died twice on his 18th birthday.)
 ok so this is adrinette, but y’all, chloe legit steals the spotlight anytime she steps into the narrative lmfao. i love her :’D bless this fic. bless this fuckin chloe xD

It Had To Be Her… –  Adrien is used to listening to Chloe’s “secrets”. He’s not used to them changing his life… What he thought would be a simple conversation about his friend’s unrequited celebrity crush turns into one of the most revealing conversations he could have ever imagined.
 adrien&chloe. YOOOOOOOO IS ADRIEN AND CHLOE ON THE FRIENDSHIP MY DAMN JAM? IS IT ALSO THE FUCKIN BREAD AND PEANUTBUTTER OF MY SANDWICH? YES IT IS. sorry y’all i just get a lot of feels about platonic chloe/adrien lmfao. this is really cute ;0; 

I Used To Make You Smile, If Only For A While – She was the first person he’d unmasked for and THIS was her response?
 alya/chat [+ lowkey ninette]. holy ambitious premise batman. this is…so good??? and i could see it happening? like legit my fave alyadrien ‘how they hooked up’ set up here, but holy heck this was a rough read. like, i mean, due to the situation and just the charas…i just wanna hug everyone, poor complicated bebs ;0;

Mint Two-Lips –  Marinette thought she would never taste anything sweeter than Adrien’s sweet, minty flavored lips…until she tasted the exact same flavor on Chat Noir’s mouth.
  adrinette/marichat. sjhdfjkhfjkshdjk SOOOO i don’t usually like kiss reveals cos of the whole unfaithful angle [cheating is an instant turn off for me], B U T!! this one does it right! so i was pleasantly surprised :’D i liked how it worked out in the end too. nice play, anon c:

must be love – What’s a girl to do when she finds out her crush and suitor are one and the same? Ladybug finds out that Adrien is Chat completely by accident, and then proceeds to… have something of a crisis.
- guys it’s ladrien, come on … also   a  ng   s t  //laysonface// like i was dead before i even got out the gate on this one lmao 

Just Asking For Some Privacy – “No but she’s right. What the heck could the four of us possibly have to do that’s apparently so important that it needs to be done in private, in an abandoned locker room, and in the middle of an akuma attack?" 
- marinette, chloe, adrien, alya. o m f g. this fic lfdjkfsd these kids. what a mess lmao. i love this

Between The Lines   So he found who she is in the most unexpected way… now what?
- Adrinette. “No, that’s the problem.” FUCKIN CACKLIN’. this is p clever and funny xD  i think the writer’s first language isn’t english, so there are a few places that are a bit off, but it’s p easy to read anyway and it’s p fuckin cute, so it’s worth it xD

Tea and Sweets – When you’re sad, sweets get rid of that salty taste on your tongue. But he doesn’t have any sweets.
- Marichat. AGRESTE. FAMILY. ANGST. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS. my jam. hel lo . this was, like the name, incredibly sweet. and made me want tea lol. thANKS

alright that’s it!! i honestly wanted to add a few more than this, cos all the fics are pretty damn good, but i wanted to keep the list as short as i could xD;; [i managed to fail in that anyway, cos i think i recc’d almost exactly half of them…] 

but yea, pls also go check out the others in the collection!!  =D/

one week since u looked at me

James and LIly fight and it’s 100% the other person’s fault, and everyone is just a little bit unhinged. 

3371 Words

For @expressopatronum​, who requested a jily fic based on the Barenaked Ladies song. :D


James Potter to M8S B4 D8S: well. Fuck.

James Potter: im broken up

James Potter: literally

James Potter: and metaphorically

James Potter: and every other kind of shitty ally tbh

James Potter: hello?????

James Potter: im in Crisis here

Peter Pettigrew: we know, mate. You ok?

James Potter: how??

Peter Pettigrew: well…

James Potter: she texted u???

Remus Lupin: she texted me

Peter Pettigrew: then he told us

Remus Lupin: wtf, Prongs

James Potter: u believe her???

Remus Lupin: didn’t say that, mate. Just a weird situation, yeah??

James Potter: Weird = shitty, then yea. her fault tho for being so dramatic!! And do u arseholes have a group chat w/out me???

Sirius Black: nah. y would we do smth like that to u prongs. go chill @ mine. AND i for one am being a good mate and withholding judgment. (except on evans cos shes clearly at fault here)

James Potter: damn straight she is. 100%!!! and im already @ urs, actually. where r u tho?

Sirius Black: alcohol

James Potter: Good Man

Remus Lupin: I’m getting pizza

James Potter: don’t bother?? never eating again

James Potter: PS no more talking to evans unless its for espionage

Peter Pettigrew: this should be fun

 - - -

 James Potter to Not Lovely Lily: ready for ur apology, like, whenever, babe

James Potter: no?

James Potter: sirius’s sofa is super fucking cosy, btw

James Potter: PS whatever the current differences between us, pls dont stoop so low as to eat Mums biscuits

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starlitgeode  asked:

the paladins on their s/o 's BIRTHDAY!!!!!

i return


- shiro isn’t one for theatrics

- he wakes you up w a gentle nose kiss!!!!

- “morning, sunshine. happy birthday.”

- so!!!! soft!!!!

- he doesn’t plan some giant celebration

- instead he gets hunk to make some sort of special dinner 

- y’all eat it in a room on the ship that has the best view of the stars

- you talk about anything and nothing, just enjoying each other’s company

- at some point after you’ve finished eating, he wraps an arm around your shoulders and you guys just lean into each other as you look out into space

- he tells you about how much he adores you and how he’s so glad that you agreed to go steady with him

- it’s sappy but it’s true

- he wouldn’t change anything about you for the world

- the moment is just so quiet and full of love and adoration

- what a man


- also not one for a big party tbh

- if he can get away with it, he likes to let you sleep in bc you deserve it

- when you do wake up, he wishes you a happy birthday

- smiles at you a little whenever he sees you around

- doesn’t really??? plan anything. at all.

- so instead, you guys just hang out in his room

- you guys talk a bit

- it’s nothing extravagant, but it’s keith so you wouldn’t change it for anything

- he tells you happy birthday like 5 more times in the span of 3 hours

- he’s down for cuddles tho that’s your gift p much

- he lets you rest your head on his chest and he wraps his arms around you and kisses the top of your head

- eventually y’all just fall asleep like that

- it’s a soft, gentle moment and just so keith you really wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world


- excited!!!! boy!!!!

- wakes up super early to make you a nice, heartfelt breakfast!!!!

- speeds to wake you up right after he’s done cooking so the food doesn’t get cold

- a quick kiss on the cheek and a “good morning, [nickname]!!! happy birthday!!!”

- he’s so proud of the meal he made you!!! he sits you down at the table and tells you about all the food he made just for you!! he’s too good

- whenever he sees you in the castle, he kisses you (usually on the cheek!!) and wishes you a happy birthday, even tho he’s said it a million times

- 100% finds a way to make you a birthday cake and you + the rest of the team eat it after dinner

- he cuddles you real tight once you’re laying down in bed, ready to sleep

- he’s so soft and warm it’s a blessing

- he probably tells you happy birthday 1 more time while you’re just cuddled together in the dark of his bedroom

- a good boy


- theatrics. all of them.

- he probably plans a surprise party if that’s your thing

- if not, he convinces hunk to make you your favorite meal for dinner

- he makes a big scene of wishing you a happy birthday when he sees you in the morning

- he sings “happy birthday” obnoxiously loud and kisses you right in the middle of the commons room

- what a dork

- so the day is full of exaggerated kisses and loud “happy birthday, babe!!” wishes

- but when you’re alone, he mellows out a ton

- he wraps his arms around your waist and kind of sways w you almost like you’re slow dancing

- he tells you how happy you make him and how everyday is a good day when he’s with you

- a very sappy thing coming from the guy who is always flirting

- but it’s sincere and you can tell because he has this dopey, in love look in his eyes

- it’s really nice

- you love him


- is very simple

- wishes you a quiet happy birthday at breakfast

- probably a quick cheek kiss

- you don’t think they really have anything planned

- which is False

- after dinner, you both head back to their room

- you talk for a little bit about things

- then they pull out this little makeshift box and hand it over to you

- “it’s nothing much, but i figured i’d try to make something for you”

- so you open the box and there’s a little trinket inside

- the screen shows pictures of you together, sometimes including other people like matt or other voltron members

- it’s really sweet and you almost start crying

- “thanks, pidge. this is really nice.”

- “it was nothing-”

- “no. seriously. thank you.”

- a good pure kid

Give me a movie/show and I will give you my honest opinion on it (if I have seen it that is).

Rick and Morty (2013-) - Ahahahhaaa!! My friend gave me such a death glare when I asked if it was for kids. X,D For some reason I imaged it being in the same league as “Regular Show” so I kinda avoided it for a long time. Then I actually watched it and marathoner through it in 2 days. I do not find it HAHA funny, but I still very much enjoy it. There is a cleverness to the writing that I like, and the characters are fun. I am really looking forward to the 3rd season. I do however wish that they could stop with the whole “unhappily married couple” routine. It´s not funny or endearing; I just want to shake people.

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003) - Another one of my all time favorite animated movies. The CGI effects have not aged very well, but the rest of the animation is still out of this world. Eris is one of the best villains I know and Proteus is THE price for me. This is one of those movies that I can watch over and over again without ever getting tired of it. But now as an adult I do wish that they would have kept in more Middle Eastern influences instead of creating this fantasy Greece land. :P And why was that darn book never explained more properly??? Who made it? Why was it made? What was the world like before it? I want answers!! >:(

Star vs The Forces of Evil (2015-) - I’m currently somewhere in the middle of the latest season, so no spoilers OK. ;) When they released the opening as a teaser I got super exited for the show, but compared to other cartoons like SU, Gravity Falls or Avatar, it didn’t really pull me in. I do watch it (obliviously), but I would never sit up past 12PM to stream it the day it airs. I like Star and Marco as a duo, but I’m not a big fan of the whole romance subplot that has entered the picture. It´s like a watered down version of Kim Possible/Ron (last season), with the difference that they were older, more mature and had both dated other people before even thinking of getting together. That was nice. This tho… Meeeehhh… But I still like it. :D Favorite character = Queen Butterfly

The Swan Princess (1994) - I grew up with this film on VHS and let just say that it was rewinded many many times. Now I like watching it for pure nostalgia. …and ripping the story to shreds. It one of those movies that starts out so promising, but then falls right back into the cliché hole and never manages to get out of it. Like, how much better would it have been if we focused more on the relationship of young Odette and Derek? Then maybe we would have understood better WHY Derek loved her. I did not buy his confession as a kid or now as an adult. PS: I totally had a thing for some of the background ladies as a kid. My bi was showing early on. :P  And also - Why does there exist SEVEN sequels to this movie!! DX

Treasure Planet (2002) - I love this film! Typically I’m not big for sci-fi, but this movie´s aesthetics really gets me. Old fashioned/steampunk ships in the gorgeousness that is space??? GIMME MORE!! (O_O) Who cares is it makes no sense. The story may be really simple, but it´s the characters and their animation what make this movie shine. The only thing that I miss from it really is that emotional connection to Jim´s backstory. I don´t think I have ever shed a tear to his father leaving, which I blame the tone of the montage sequence for. If it had been shown in a more calm manner then I think I would have reacted more strongly. But yes - a 9/10 movie in my books!  

Taehyung college AU

Pairing: Taehyung x reader
Genre: fluff, smut
Warnings: NSFW stuff
Word count: 6.1k

Requested by @raisa-eletae: Tae likes you and calls you as an anonymous and you two keep talking, (you are a medical stud and Taehyung is also in the same college; maybe different department), he knows you through your brother Suga.. and Suga guesses it and calls you over at their dorm in a time when none but Taehyung was there…and then after talking for some time you finally understand that Taehyung is the one who was talking with you all these days and you always had some kind of fantasies about him so thus things get heated?? well I hope it’s not too confusing or weird…

My dear, it’s not confusing or weird at all! This was fun to write so thank you for requesting this. I did change the calling thing to a messaging thing, because I think you would recognize a voice like Tae’s; you would know it was him in a second. I hope you don’t mind ^^ Anyways, here you go, enjoy!

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Seventeen Reaction: Him Being Your First

To keep it short and simple for anyone who doesn’t understand the title: You losing your virginity to him 

S.Coups: “Wait what, really?” Feels honored to be your first. Do not get it twisted though, it’s not because he somehow feels superior or anything like that, but rather because he feels honored that you trust him enough to care for you in this manner. 

Originally posted by svnteen-idiots

Jeonghan: Won’t make it into a bigger deal than what it is. “Oh Y/N, don’t worry. If at any point you don’t feel good let me know, okay?” Jeonghan is super caring and attentive of your expression during the doing, he only cares about you being comfortable. my angel

Originally posted by jnnghan

Joshua: “Oh” actually shocked because it’s probably his first time too and he was hoping you would guide him. “I guess that makes it even more special right?” definitely a learning experience for the two of you. 

Originally posted by lovejoshua17

Jun: Although he’s not super experienced, he’s experienced enough to know what precautions to take in order to make you feel good  and no not just sexually u perv ;p “Don’t worry, if anything just tell me when it’s too much for you to handle.” 

Originally posted by fy-junhui

Hoshi: Flustered, he doesn’t know what to say. “Guess that makes two of us then.” probably blushing super hard too. Probably thinks about everything he should and shouldn’t do. 

Originally posted by wonuflake

Wonwoo: Feels a great amount of pressure, he was already under a lot pressure due to this being this being his first time going this far with a person. But gentleman Wonwoo is more concerned about you feeling comfortable rather than worrying about himself. “It’s all right we- you’ll be okay.” tries to reassure you and him both that everything will turn out fine. 

Originally posted by halungkat

Woozi: Inexperienced bean too, the second he hears you tell him that he would be the first he turns bright red. He’ll try not to let you know that though. rosy cheeks are a giveaway tho Similar to Wonwoo he’ll try to reassure you the best he can. 

Originally posted by woozioppa

DK: Will probably tease you a bit. “Oh really now?” like ye duh thats what u said. The teasing is short lived though, Seokmin could never be that careless. “I’ll make sure to take care of you, trust me.” 

Originally posted by pabospoiler

Mingyu: You two would be in his dorm kissing it up, as things started moving to a different direction. Mingyu already knew it would be your first time, which is the reason for his attentive attitude towards you. “Are you sure you’re ready? We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” You would just reply with a nod and off you go

Originally posted by mvpgyu

The8: One minute you were watching a movie, the next minute things were getting heated. Minghao’s hands starting moving closer to your abdominal area. “Minghao? I- this is my first time doing anything like this.” The second you tell him that, he’ll become really nurturing. “We don’t have to anything, that’s okay.” he’ll say trying to make you feel comfortable. After convincing him that you’d be okay, he’s really caring towards you and will try to make this experience as good as it can be for you.

Originally posted by dokyummm

Seungkwan: Gets all giggly about it, but will snap himself out of it. Has to remind yourself that this is something that will stick with you and him both, so he wants to make the best out of it. “We’ll be fine Y/N, we’ll take it slow and figure it out. All right?” !!!

Originally posted by performanceunit

Vernon: When you first told him that you were a virgin he wasn’t surprised, after all he was the first boyfriend you ever had and you both were still quite young; yet he still treats you as if you were some fragile china. a concept vernon holding you by the head lmao kidding xD

Originally posted by hanwooz

Dino: From the moment you told him, Dino was completely understanding. He never once pressured you into doing anything you didn’t want to do. When you finally told him you were ready to take it to that level, he was surprised and kept asking you if you really wanted to go through this. “There’s no rush Y/N, are you sure about this?” asks you for like the 100th time. 

Originally posted by tekukii

A/N: As promised. I will be working on some request I have in my inbox tomorrow, so to anyone who sent them don’t think I’ve forgotten!! Also make sure to check out the small drabble I wrote today  maybe give it a bit of love? idk if it’s any good, constructive criticism is always welcomed

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Best friend Namjoon Includes:

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

  • his late night calls about his philosophical thoughts
  • “ How do you know that your experience of consciousness is the same as other people’s experience of consciousness? I need to know Y/N, I need-”
  • “The current call has ended”
  • to be fair, you are up for deep conversations
  • just not at 3am 
  • having to sometimes fucking s p r i n t to his house cause he has a date in an hour and you have to do a quick outfit inspection
  • “I think what I’m wearing is good tho”
  • “not really,” you’d say as you ransack his entire wardrobe 
  • “a friendship is built on trust, Y/N. you need to trust that I can put together a good outfit.”
  • “that outfit isn’t going to get you laid now shut up and help me find a better one.” 
  • his taste in clothing can be so questionable
  • especially around Christmas
  • because he will buy matching Christmas jumpers
  • and no matter how ugly they are you will wear them with pride
  • you having to deal with him when he’s drunk as fuck
  • you literally had to ask a security guard to help you drag the drunken mess out of the place cause he was so insistent belting out more tunes into the mic
  • you using video evidence of said night as blackmail when he’s acting tf up
  • `you laughing at him during dance practices
  • and then shutting tf up cause he’s actually nailing all those moves whilst you’re tripping over your own two feet on a daily basis
  •  him being clusmy as hell like damn Namjoon do you have two left feet or something
  • will constantly walk into poles
  • constantly
  • and will most likely trip when there’s something fragile in his hands
  • having to do some quick repair work on the shit he breaks cause you’re not about to see your best friend being beat tf up cause he broke Jungkook’s game controller
  • him initiating rap battles cause he knows that you’ve never rapped a day in your life
  • you getting him Ryan merch almost everytime cause there’s always a forfeit and he always wins
  • being forced to shut all the way up in some petty argument you’re having with him cause he’s hitting you with facts and smart comebacks
  • the two of you reading together
  • and by the two of you I mean Namjoon
  • you got bored half way and ended up throwing the book at him
  • this is why you’re banned from your library
  • both of you being dirty minded asf
  • like you’ll both make literally anything sexual
  • taking his Kim Daily pics for him
  • him constantly having to talk you out of doing dumb shit cause you’re reckless af
  • him surrounding you with all his plushies cause they make you a little less sad
  • him skyping you from literally half way across the world cause you texted him a simple “ :( “
  • you fighting literally anyone who makes him upset cause he deserves so much more
  • you not leaving him until he’s laughing instead of crying
  • “I’m glad you’re here, Y/N”
  • “I’ll always be.”

anonymous asked:

How do u draw bodies bc I am no good :^( ily 💕

ngl.. me neither xD idk why you’re asking me anyway cause I seriously doubt you’re worse than me (ALSO I LOVE YOU TOO ANON <3)

because im bad at explaining and constructing good proper advice.. here are a few tips/pointers from a bad anatomy artist ;P

there is so much more to ramble on about small details like how fat settles on the body, the bones and how it affects the curvature, and SO much more, but this is all I could fit in a simple and terrible tutorial (it isn’t even that) but hey!! here are a couple of links that might helpful and that I found useful:

also i thought I’d mention some artists that you might wanna look at for unique style for bodies!! (totally off of the top of my head rn):

@me-za-me-ro, @syrva, @thunderpot, @lackadaisycats!!

thanks for asking anon!! sorry im so late to replying tho haha ^^;

edit: don’t forget that bodies don’t have to stick to just one type of shape per body!! feel free to explore different shapes and sizes for the body ;P thanks again <3

Korean!Keith HCs

Disclaimer: I’m projecting a lot from my personal east coast Korean-American experience. oh, and NO K-POP/IDOL HCS. BECAUSE KOREANS ARE REAL PEOPLE WITH VARYING DIASPORIC AND ETHNIC BACKGROUNDS. WE ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN UWU PALE ASIAN AESTHETICS kthnx :) :) :)

These aren’t in any particular order btw. If you don’t necessarily hc Keith as Korean, that’s cool too! I shared some of these with @hakpng (who also has AWESOME Korean Keith hcs!!) so they might be familiar to folks.

  • surnames! 안키스 (Keith Ahn) or 설키스 (Keith Seol). I also love @hakpng ‘s hc of Keith’s Korean name being 박김수/ Park Kim Soo. so imagine: 안김수 / Ahn Kim Soo or  설김수 / Seol Kim Soo. beautiful. (also lol projection bc those are my parents’ surnames).
  • Keith isn’t as strongly connected to his roots (2nd gen immigrant kid ftw!) but he still wants to learn more about his history and culture.
    • always desperate to learn more about Korean history (wtf with that single paragraph in the thick U.S. History textbook about the Korean War) and even mythology. but there aren’t as many resources in English so he’s frustrated and often stuck scouring the web for hours.
    • he once stumbled upon traditional music and discovered that he LOVES IT SO MUCH! listening to 사물놀이 and 판소리 helps him calm down. the constantly switching rhythms, the raw power and energy of the music, the tales that are woven into performances; it’s all v comforting for him.
    • English is actually his first language. At home, his parents talk to him in Korean/Konglish and he always responds in English. it’s p natural for him to do so. 
    • He understands Korean and can read most of it (minus business/political jargon). He’s not as confident with writing and speaking it tho… he’s actually SUPER self-conscious about speaking. when he was growing up, he’d get made fun of by other Korean kids/extended family for not being “fluent enough” bc he never really spoke the language. all the teasing and shaming added to his insecurities about speaking.
    • BUT Keith loves the Korean language! he loves the warm, familiar feeling that sprouts in his chest when he hears it!
    • his parents once sent him to Korean language school at church but it was so overwhelming and Keith felt so anxious and inferior he ended up teaching himself the language (gradually, over the years, and immersion in the culture at home helped a lot).

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Promise {Fell!Poth fanfic} C1. Cupcake

So, I’m somehow making a fanfic in wattpad, ‘cause I can and honestly I miss the times when fanfics were what I lived for. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever done but still I wanted to shared it here considering the fact that it’s written originally in Spanish.

Excuse for the simple English, I haven’t actually practice it since, aprox 2 years ago, so I have a lack of vocabulary (?)

Enjoy it!

Fell Goth belongs to @nekophy

Fell Palette belongs to @angexci but I think my fic has been already noticed somehow :///D

I’ll refer to them just as Palette and Goth in this part.

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The Job

Summary: Early in Ian and Mickey’s relationship, Mickey, who’s part of the SVU, gets a call about a raping, and Ian’s the victim.

Word Count: 3297

Notes: Ngl I started this a while ago and it took me so long to write, loved this request though :)

Warnings: Mentions of rape

Mickey had been hooking up with this tall, redheaded guy for about two months. He really liked him, even fucking dreamt of having a future with the guy, but he was still scared about being ‘too gay,’ so he never allowed to go any farther than a simple fuck, despite that fact they knew every waking thing about each other. He blamed everything on his job, and it worked, being that he was part of the Special Victims Unit.

He was laying in his bed right now, thinking about Ian. He couldn’t figure out why those emerald green eyes were so intriguing to him, or why the freckles on his face were the most beautiful marks he’s ever seen; he really could not figure out why.

Giving up on the idea of trying to push the thought of Ian out of his head, Mickey reached over and took his phone off the nightstand. He scrolled through his contact list, and pressed the name “Gallagher” to send him a text. ‘Ay. U around? I wanna fuck,’ he sent.

He laid the phone down next to him on the bed. He waited for a response, but after ten minutes passed and he got no answer, he felt strange because Ian always answers right away. It had to be nothing though; it’s still morning so he’s probably asleep. Why am I worried? No reason to be, right?

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I’m so proud of you, I love you

u can read it on AO3 

They had been dating for three months now, him and Hunk, and it was good- no, great, and Keith knew Hunk was an amazing person, probably one of the best people in the world. But that didn’t stop Keith from worrying about coming out to him. He wanted to come out to him, he wanted his wonderful boyfriend to know. Keith was proud of being a trans boy. He was just scared.

But why?

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potatoes-is-food  asked:

How would s&m react to a mute lover?

A little pre-thing. I believe that if the boys truly loved their significant other, the mute part would have no affect! They would still love them very much (in their own little ways, of course)

Shu: he would always make sure his s/o had something to write with so they could communicate at all times. He would definitely find being with them for peaceful, as they can’t exactly run their mouth at every little thing. He honestly doesn’t really care about it. He loves them anyway, them being mute doesn’t change much about the relationship!

Reiji: He gets pretty irritated about his s/o being mute. He can’t hear their responses, he has to see them! And he finds it slightly annoying to have to take a few seconds to read everything to understand. However, he really loves his s/o, so he puts up with it. The only problem is now he wants to experiment and try to find a way to “fix” his s/o. //r U N

Ayato: Jokes. J OK E S. He would JOKE all the time about his s/o being mute. Of course, this would make his s/o pretty upset. //REGRET He would often find himself apologizing for being a complete ass. He really does care for his s/o, he’s just a pretty shitty person about showing it.

Laito: He internally pouts about it 24/7 because he can’t hear any satisfactory moans/squeaks/gasps (or much of it). However, he kinda finds it pleasing to watch his s/o quiver and open their mouth without any sound being produced… Maybe he’s just weird that way (he thinks to himself like… everyday). He would find some sort of cute ass nickname that involves his s/o being mute and would use it ALL. THE. TIME.

Kanato: Fits. He has SO many fits about this. He will always be with his s/o of course, but he complains about them being mute constantly. When he calls for them, he has to assume they heard him. If he’s trying to find them, god help. He can’t be like “where are you” and hear back “right here!”. No. He has to look extensively. His s/o will never hear the end of it. He’ll make sure they have the cutest pen and pad for communicating, though. So… that’s a plus.

Subaru: I mean the guy would practically stab his eye out for his s/o. He gives no shits if they are mute. In fact, he’d love it so much. It just adds “spice”. He would make sure everyone knew that they were mute so everyone could help out. However, sometimes he loses his patience a little bit (if his s/o is writing a PARAGRAPH worth of words for him to read. HE’S NOT PATIENT ENOUGH FOR THIS)

Ruki: Simple: help in any way he can. He’s a man of logic, and understands that his s/o can’t help being mute. He buys them a nice phone so that they have ways of communication and research. He’s always considerate, but doesn’t let his s/o off the hook for being mute. If he says to do something, they’d better do it.

Kou: He has no p a t i e n c e for them. He definitely gets his s/o a phone so they can just text what they want to say. He would die if he had to deal with them writing every word (let’s hope they type fast tho). He treats them the same otherwise. He doesn’t try to make them sing with him, though he’s kinda bummed about that.

Yuma: He doesn’t see his s/o being mute as a fault, but as just another reason to love them. He helps them in anyway they need, and normally does the talking for them when they’re out in public. He would look for ways to improve the situation, honestly. At the end of the day he doesn’t mind it because he knows that his s/o would not shut up if they weren’t mute.

Azusa: he’s very considerate until he starts losing patience. At first he just gave his s/o a pad and pen to write with, but quickly discovered how annoying it is to wait on them to write a paragraph when they already write very slowly. Also, his s/o has horrible handwriting so he can’t even understand it half the time. He has invested in a phone for his s/o because he honestly just… he just can’t. He still loves them very much, because they’re super quiet! Azusa finds it adorable tbh

prettymacca  asked:

🌜Sleep over q! What is your McLennon theory? <3 I am so in love with your drawings/animations by the way. Please, never stop doing what you're doing!

Omg, thank you so much!! :) I’ll do my best to continue drawing things for this awesome fandom! <3 

And my mclennon theory… well, I think the following: 

I’m completely sure that Paul and John were a thing at the very beginning, in the early days, for me it was totally love at first sight, they went straight on to a relationship, and also during the early 60s (maybe till 63). 

I think that they weren’t a couple during The Beatles most iconic years (from 1964-1969), but John always wanted to (also I think John always loved Paul more than Paul did John T.T), something definitely happened in India (most likely John wanted to renew things, Paul didn’t). 

Paul didn’t really wanted to get marry but he did so because it was what was “right”, he proposed to like 4 women in a span of a year, he just wanted to get that over with (tho I do believe he loved Linda but Linda knew about P&J). John, for all he claimed to love Yoko by that time, waited till the last moment to see if Paul was really going to get marry and the moment Paul did, he married too (a week later or two? so fucking sad). John never loosed hope, but well… it didn’t happened. 

I think John always loved Paul, even with Yoko, during all the 70s. I think most of their solo songs were for each other, and John wanted to go back to Paul from 1974 but was too scared to do it. (”I am only learning to tell the trees from wood.” I think that means something along that, what he had with Paul were the “trees” and other relationships just simple “wood”). 

I think Paul only realized how much he loved John after he was killed.

I think John is completely Gay ([Lennon] adds that he had never met an attractive woman that had sexually aroused him to any great degree.) and Paul is Bi. 

And that’s it :) Want to tell me yours? This is interesting tbh, never have  really thought about it.

anonymous asked:

sometimes i think about what could have made me like sc*tt. like. s1&s2 sc*tt definitely had his faults- esp. wrt his treatment of derek- but i think he definitely could have developed as a person from there and had a rly interesting character arc? like real personal growth and shit. it gets harder after master plan. is there a way that episode could have gone down the way it did and still made him a likable character after that? is there any apology he could give that would suffice?

cont. - like im not sure of the answer, but id love to see someone manage it. i don’t know if ive ever come across a fic that manages to redeem him from that moment while still acknowledging it. most fics either dont forgive him for it or they just sort of ignore it. for me tho, i think the real breaking point for sc*tt is the true alpha storyline. after that i don’t think there was anything they could have done for him to make him an interesting or likeable character. that storyline ruined it.

I think one of the biggest places where people take issue with Scott –– and this doesn’t mean they hate him or he’s a horrible human being (although some people feel that way too, and are entitled to it), but where many people see Scott falling short as a character is in that the show seems to have decided that “main character” or “hero” should mean perfect, and that’s just… that’s not good for character development, for plot building, or honestly, for a character’s likability.

Characters need to grow to be engaging. And people grow by making mistakes, learning from them, and moving forward. Scott’s mistakes, his flaws as a human being (and yes, he has flaws, everyone does, that’s not character assassination, that’s just fact) are really never addressed. He isn’t made to apologize for the things he does wrong (and why should he, honestly, since no one around him recognizes his problematic behaviors and calls him out on them) or face any apparent payment for them. This compared to the rest of the characters in the series, who are called out on their mistakes –– either by other characters or by consequences in canon. I always use Derek as a comparison, because there are a lot of straightforward parallels, such as the key moments with Isaac. Derek throws a glass at Isaac to get him to leave the loft. We know that’s an absolutely shitty thing to do, it reads immediately on both Isaac and Derek’s faces, and as consequence Derek loses Isaac as a pack member. That’s some hardcore, immediate reaction showing people in the scene and in the audience that This Was Not An Ok Thing To Do. The fact that Derek knew it wasn’t ok as he was doing it, and that he did it on purpose to get Isaac to leave for his own safety, does not make the behavior alright, and Derek acknowledges and pays for that behavior in the permanent loss of Isaac as a housemate and pack member.

When Scott, a short time later, throws Isaac into a wall in a moment of jealousy, it should, on the surface, seem to strike a fairly close parallel. We have Isaac’s Alpha, someone in a position of power over him, physically lashing out at him in some way. But in this instance, neither Scott nor Isaac react much to it, Isaac continues to go on living in Scott’s house and remaining a member of his pack, and there is just… no real follow up to that moment. And while I understand how that can lead some viewers to dismiss the moments as not being parallel (Isaac wasn’t upset there, so clearly Scott’s behavior is acceptable), what I and many viewers are instead left with is the message that Derek lashing out is unexpected and unacceptable, Scott lashing out is expected and acceptable, and that makes him… more heroic?

In season five I believe there finally was a moment between Stiles and Scott where Scott seemed to be being called out on his behavior, but even that came off as very “I’m flawed and you can’t understand that because you’re perfect,” which is… it’s how Scott sees himself, and it’s how the writers seem to see him, but A) that fails to acknowledge the ways in which he is flawed –– meaning that he can’t learn from and improve upon those flaws –– and B) makes for an incredibly un-engaging character. How can we identify with perfection? How can we root for perfection? And how can we fully get on board with someone we are told is perfect, when we can look at them and point out a dozen instances where they weren’t?

This is my major issue with Scott’s character. That we are told he is perfect when we see he isn’t, that he has a double standard of being excused from all of his bad behaviors when the characters around him aren’t, and I do think this connects very much to the True Alpha problem (I got another ask about my thoughts on that so I’ll answer that in more detail separately), because it’s just another level of saying “Scott is a better man, werewolf, and person in general than everyone else.”

Ok, now after all of that, how do I think Scott could have been improved and made more likable for many critical viewers? To be honest, for me it would have been really simple. Include moments where he apologizes for things. That’s… really, honestly, all I would have needed. Because like I said, I’m not looking for perfect characters. Scott acknowledging that he screwed up now and again would make me ecstatic because it would mean that he’s learning and growing and is trying to become better, and that makes for an amazing character arc in any show. If Scott had done the exact same thing in “Master Plan,” except when Derek asked why Scott didn’t tell him Scott had said “I’m sorry… I was afraid if I told anyone then Gerard would find out my plan. And I couldn’t risk that, my mom was in danger” then bam. I would have had a complete turnaround on my attitude toward him in that moment. He would have been humanized, we would have seen that he was in a tough situation, and he would have become more sympathetic by sympathizing with the shitty thing he’d done to Derek. Honestly, that simple.

An epic Phan analysis awaits.

So. Yes. *Ahem* This is a bit nerve-wracking because of the comments I might get (but tbh I have a rubbish number of followers so it’ll probably just get ignored), so yeah. (long I’m sorry oh god I’m a nerd)

Here it is.

I love Dan and Phil. Like I actually, truly care about them in way that I’ve never cared for celebrities or internet stars ever before. Why? Because I can feel the love between them, and I know they are genuinely good people. I’m also their age (right between, actually). I can relate to their experiences, both of them. They click with me.

I also wholeheartedly believe that Phan is real. (well, no one can be sure, but I would bet a helluva lot of money on it). If you’d like to read my ramblings why, feel free! Or just keep scrolling and avoid my madness, idc. I’d understand.

Before I start, listen. I don’t really “ship” people. Not that I see anything wrong with it, but I just don’t - especially not couples that I don’t believe are possibly canon. It’s never appealed to me. This might be because I’m 26 years old and totally missed a ton of internet cultureguys, I was in high school when YouTube came out in 2005, so… The only other couple I have ever shipped was Brolin/Merthur because it seemed sooo plausible. I root for canon relationships in shows. That’s just me, but I don’t judge others! I’m totally a fangirl regardless.

For some background on me, not that it really matters, I have two bachelor’s degrees, a Master’s degree, and have just applied to PhD programs. I have traveled alone around the world and lived and worked in various countries, so it’s safe to say I’ve witnessed a lot of human behavior and interactions. I have also been in my fair share of relationships, had best friends that doubled as roommates, and even been in a secret “friends-with-benefits” sort of situation that escalated into more because I realized that I can’t, apparently, separate sex from emotion for very long (and I’m not convinced this is possible for any extended period, but I could just be a hopeless sap). I’m not saying that I know anything more than teenagers do. I’m a teacher. I respect teenagers. I just want to take preemptive measures in order to avoid arguments against me accusing me of being young/naive, because I’m neither of those things.

These are some facts that stand out about Dan and Phil that I just can’t rationalize if they’re platonic (though, again, I’m not some all-knowing oracle and could be wrong). I feel weird putting so much time and investment into such a creepy detailed relationship analysis, and have been avoiding it, but they’ve pulled me in… and I’m also starting to get really annoyed by all of the poorly-informed and thought-through debates that focus more heavily on opinions than facts. The real truth is that NO ONE KNOWS THE NATURE OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP. But I do think we can make a pretty educated guess. And here are the truths on which I’ve based mine.

1) They have never stated that they’re straight, so it’s wrong to assume as much. Even if we try to be fair and ignore old Formspring answers, we have no reason to believe that they’re hetero; all we know for sure is that Dan “likes vagina” (and also Evan Peters). Bi-erasure is so commonly talked about on tumblr that I’m sure you all understand this already, but it drives me crazy when some people spout out things like “They’ve repeatedly said they’re straight and not together, GAWD!!!” just… no. No, they haven’t. Why do people ignore Dan’s constant comments about guys being attractive? Phil’s much more quiet on the matter, but we all know what he’s admitted in the past (and he was in his 20s at the time, much older than Dan was when he claimed he often lied to get attention, and was probably much less likely to say anything untrue). Also, straight people don’t generally have problems admitting that they’re straight when asked. It’s quite telling that they haven’t.

2) They haven’t openly denied being in a relationship in YEARS. (A surprised Dan telling a phangirl no when she asked him on the street and a mouthed “no” at TATINOF don’t count, because what else was he supposed to do? But remember that the “no” did, apparently, follow a wink, so make of that what you will.) Why wouldn’t they put the phans to rest and just say “No, we’re not together” if they’re not? I refuse to believe that they’re simply manipulating us to believe in Phan in order to increase their views and popularity. If people believe that this is, in fact, what they’re doing, okay. Maybe it is. Maybe I am naive after all. I just think that they are better people than that, and if that were their intention, it would be played up much more than it is. Despite accusations of queer baiting, they’re actually very tame around each other. (I’ll get to that later).

3) They avoid stating that they’re single, at least in those exact words. Look at Jameela on BBC1 asking if they were and both just awkwardly laughing and Dan saying “Is it that obvious?” That’s evasion. So was their answer to the American radio interviewer who asked if they were married (awkward laughs and ”Don’t ask me about the future” instead of simple denial) or Phil reassuring a viewer of his live show that it was okay to be single without saying “I am too, I get you!” Not definitive in and of itself, but surely indicative of something.

4) If Dan and Phil were mixed-sex, ie if one of them were female, it would be much more difficult to argue that they’re platonic because of the whole “straight people of the opposite sex can’t just be friends OMG there’s always attraction there” (despite the fact that this isn’t necessarily true, it’s a common belief). Just an observation. So if two potentially gay/bi/pan guys live together, doesn’t that at least create a scenario of possible mutual attraction? At the very very least. Start to put these numbered points together, guys.

5) People wonder why, if they’re both gay/bi/pan (or even if just one of them is), they’ve never officially come out. That seems clear to me, and it’s also another reason I believe in Phan. If either one were to reveal his sexuality, it would immediately put pressure on the other to make a similar declaration, or at least to handle a bunch of invasive, personal questions. It would also basically force an official relationship confirmation or denial just because their audience would be relentless, and avoiding the questions would be just as telling tbh (as it already is now but x100). The best way to protect their relationship is to avoid stating anything concrete about their sexualities, though I do believe (or hope) that the hints we’ve been getting might be a gradual, unofficial coming out that won’t require any public declaration. If they weren’t together, Dan and Phil strike me as the kind of people who would have come out a while ago, especially Dan, since Phil is more naturally private.

6) I hate dredging up Dan and Phil’s private and largely deleted past, so I’ll just be general, but come on. Over the years, they’ve left a trail of evidence indicating a relationship so irrefutable that they’d be found guilty in a court of law if they were trying to defend their platonic-ness (if this makes sense).  At the very least they’ve created reasonable doubt that should mean anyone with common sense should be able to admit that a long-term relationship is a distinct possibility. And no one can tell me that the V-Day video was a prank. It’s much too genuine, detailed, and heartfelt, and not funny at all - shouldn’t pranks be funny?

7) There’s just the constant feeling that they’re hiding something and avoiding the elephant in the room. Sure, they play up Phan a bit now, at least more than they ever have, but in the big picture, they’re such small things. The occasional innuendo. Hands-on-heart. “Ironically” written vampire phanfiction (but goodness if that didn’t tell us how strong Dan’s emotions really are for Phil). We have ONE on-camera hug between them in SIX YEARS (2 if you count the tackle at the end of PINOF, and it was completely spontaneous). Yes, they always sit close together (their default, I think, which just shows their fondness for each other), but they generally avoid open touching that isn’t a pat on the back. And people think they’re queer baiting? I think the opposite. They know how to make fans happy, but they’re not going to make a total mockery of Phan and the idea of a physical relationship because it would turn their love into a joke. It actually makes me sad to look at collabs Dan especially has had with others because he is so much more unabashedly physical - hugging Caspar twice in their video and joking about him getting a boner because of it, touching hands with Tyler and saying that his crouching friend looked like he was giving him a bj, even Phil skipping around and holding hands with Dean was something he never would have done with Dan. Why? There’s clearly something to hide. Doing those things with each other, taking their affection up a notch, would increase speculation that might force a coming out, even though all of it was clearly a joke with other people. It’s sad they can’t just be themselves. They don’t even say very affectionate things (though we can feel the love through the screen in other ways, and the “I hate you’s” and “You’re the worst person in the world’s” carry a lot of subtext). I just think of Joe hugging Caspar from the back around the shoulders and saying “I’m so proud of you” in Caspar’s 5 million subs video. D&P don’t do that.

8) They just don’t act like roommates. It’s true that there’s not one “right” way to do anything, but look at other YouTube co-inhabiting duos. Joe and Caspar, for example. Yes, they’re shipped together, but so is basically everyone. They laugh about it. They’re very, very touchy with each other (*ahem* because they’re not hiding anything *ahem*). Their apartment doesn’t feel like  home, and they don’t seem to have many shared possessions. No one thinks that they’ll live together forever. Even Ian and Anthony moved into their own places, and stayed that way after splitting from their girlfriend/fiance. Why? Because they were financially independent and secure and wanted to start their own separate lives. Even if their friendship is as strong as ever, that’s all it is, a friendship. There’s just no great reason to have a platonic roommate for much longer than Dan and Phil have for anyone else in a similar position, especially since they’re both creeping out of their 20s and might naturally want to get their own place and look for a partner to settle down with. They’ve already done that. I think that if they live together for even one or two more years, that’s basically confirmation. Dan even said in the TABINOF audiobook “What if we ever don’t live together?” Not “when”, but “if”. 

9) Can we stop talking about 2012? Aside from Dan’s snarky denial comments on tumblr and some scattered live show moments, we have no idea what happened. He’s lied about plenty (both of them, for example, have changed their origin story multiple times, despite the fact that real phans know the truth, which not only indicates that they’re hiding something, but that they’re willing to lie to protect themselves for whatever the reason may be). If anything, I think Dan’s actions were of a protective person trying desperately to hide something important to him, especially because the video leaking had to have really hurt Phil - he wanted to protect Phil, and he didn’t care if he had to lie to do so. Moving further apart on camera may simply have been a way to keep their relationship personal and not for our consumption, to not make the same mistake again. If the video were a prank, and if Phan weren’t real, I don’t think he would have gotten so angry and defensive. A break up is definitely possible for around that time, which seems to be many people’s headcanon, but I just don’t buy it. Why would Dan have moved in with Phil that same year? I would never want to live with my ex, though I guess anything’s possible. 

10) Just look at everything. All of it. The whole picture. Not just what I’ve said above, but the shared vacations. The movie premieres. THE FACT THAT WE HAVE NEVER HEARD OF ANY OTHER ROMANTIC PARTNERS FOR EITHER OF THEM IN 6 YEARS (and the phandom would have discovered this, no doubt). Their clear and obvious love, fondness, loyalty, mutual understanding, and even co-dependence. Dan’s occasional displays of jealousy in live shows. Little slip-ups that have gotten past (”the bedroom”, Dan’s duvet on Phil’s bed in the prank video and the pillows set up for two), sneaking off together at parties, never getting sick of each other. And yes, the old tweets and Formsprings, though I hope I’ve kept this analysis somewhat minimally invasive (we all know what tweets I’m talking about).

In conclusion? I would be much more surprised if they’re not together than if they are. 

But really… I just want them both to be happy. Their relationship is goals either way. Let’s leave them alone, stop arguing, and admit that we don’t know. They’ll tell us if they want to, or if not. (but I sure hope so)

dramaqueenofhell  asked:

This blog is the answer to my prayers(?) Ok prompts, prompts, barman!Peter has known this man for about three years, he always comes to his bar and asks for everything but alcohol, always after a really, really bad time regarding his love life, fights, misunderstanding, cheaters, messed up break-ups, you name it this guy has been through all of that. This guy is so kind, though, kind and and absolutely his type, he wants to asks him out, problem is, he don't even knows his name, yet.

First of all thank you very much for kind words! Hope you like it!


Its wednesday. Peter likes wednesdays. Do you know why? Because…

“Peter, where is your boyfriend?” Gamora asks and she even winks at him. Peter just rolls his eyes.

“His isn’t my boyfriend.” he answers then and starts to focus on the dirty glasses that he needs to clean.

Anyway. So wednesdays are his favorite days, because for one the bar is not as full as it is on the weekends. And Peter hates stress. But also because there is one customer that always comes wednesday.

He already knows this man for nearly three years and of course he is not every wednesday here, but often enough. The man is really sweet and always so thoughtful of everything and he makes Peter smile just when he thinks of him.

There are only two problems.

The man comes only into his bar, when something really bad had happened in his life. Again.

And Peter doesn’t even know his name.

“But you wish he was.” Gamora murmurs again and Peter almost drops the glass he is holding.

Well you see, she isn’t wrong.

“Good evening, gentlemen. And uh Lady.” a voice says then and this time Peter really drops his glass. It’s his luck that it doesn’t shatter into a thousand pieces.

“Hello, what can i do for you?” Gamora asks his beautiful guest and Peter growls.

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caught in the way you caught me || kidge week 2016 day 6

A/N: i am posting so much fic content and being so productive lol who am i 

this fic takes place after this one. titled derived from girls/girls/boys by p!atd.

hope you enjoy! 

Prompt: Arms 

Summary: Keith and Pidge find have no idea where they stand except in apparent awkwardness.

Meanwhile, a mission goes successfully accomplished, but not everyone was left without a scratch, so Allura takes it upon herself to have Pidge take care of our resident Red Paladin.

“Well done, everyone!” Allura called as everyone filed back in the main deck. “Another mission accomplished.”

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voltron/bnha au

hello everybody and welcome to the “gray combines his current two favorite things” post aka the voltron-bnha au

  • allura is the daughter of the world famous hero alfor; she could get into UA off recommendation but decides to take the entrance exam with everybody else because seh wants her talent to speak for herself
    • she has an electricity-type quirk that manifested ridiculously early. she wants to be a hero but not to follow in her dads footsteps. she goes to a lot of effort to prove that shes her own person and that she can be successful not bc her dad is famous but bc she’s talented.
  • coran, alfor, and shiro are teachers at UA; Coran is the only one of them that isn’t a pro-hero too
  • shiro has a simple strength augmentation quirk. hes currently trying to enter the pro-hero field but is interning at UA in the meantime
  • keith (predictably) has a fire-based quirk kind of similar to todorokis left side
    • hes also p skilled in quirk-less combat and is very proficient with small weapons i.e. knives
    • he knew shiro before entering UA but didnt get in based on recommendation from him. like allura, he took the entrance exam to get into the hero course
    • he grew up with his dad who really hated the idea of him being a hero for some unknown reason. his mother also died when he was little and he has few memories of her
  • pidge has a plant-based quirk. she can control most types of flora but excels with flowering plants
    • her quirk took a little longer to manifest than most people
    • she skipped a grade in grade school so she enrolls in UA when shes 14 instead of 15-16, but she enrolls into the support class
  • matt and sam holt are both at UA, with matt enrolled in the hero course and sam working as a teacher there
    • matts quirk is mostly the same as pidges but hes honed it much more (since hes older ofc)
  • hunk and lance are in the support class along with pidge. hunk and pidge are fine being there but lance had originally tried out for the hero courses and been rejected
    • during the entrance exam he was shown up by keith and now holds a grudge against him
  • hunk has a harding quirk similar to kirishima that wld be good for combat/pro-heroing, but he doesnt rlly want to be in that field of work. like, he thinks itd be cool, but he also thinks it be way too dangerous and not worth the fame. plus hes kind of in the mindset that the hero profession is becoming a little corrupt with how rough the competition is
  • lances quirk has two parts to it: echolocation and sonic discharge. most of his family is quirkless or has quirks not well suited for hero work, so he grew up without much help in that field
    • even tho his quirk has the potential to be powerful, hes rough arnd the edges when it comes to controlling it, and he bombed the entrance exam. thats the only reason hes not in the hero course
    • his family was ridiculously supportive of his decision to go to UA and almost as devastated as him when he didnt get into the hero course
  • zarkon is a previous pro-hero turned super villian with an energy-wielding quirk. he can use it to make shields and barriers for defense, and can create powerful amounts of energy for attacks that can tear holes in concrete with ease and rip a persons limbs off their body if he wants to
    • hes leading an uprising of super villians bc of how corrupt the heros in the world supposedly are
    • alfor = his sworn nemesis
    • haggard is his second in command but no1 has been able to figure out what exactly her quirk is yet

thats all i have at the moment but i may. or may not turn this is into a fic of some kind eventaully. we’ll see. if u have any ideas u wanna throw at me pls do