i think this is one of my favs

This had nothing to do with yams, but I just wanna say I’m soo happy. Like, super happy! First of all, thank you guys for keep supporting me. For your nice comments, for talking with me, for everything. You all are the best! You make me want to draw more and better. If not without all of you, I don’t think I will make this far. You don’t know how much I want to hug and kiss each of you❤❤
And then I finally got accepted at my fav uni (that had been my dream since i’m still in middle school). Yay for me! The entrance exam is hell. I never know I have that much strength studying math, chem, physics, biology, economy, history, sociology, and geography at the same time for two months. I had mental breakdown like twice, or maybe more, i don’t want to remember it.
Once again, thank you! Thank you so much, guys!! I just- I can’t- asdfghjkl. I’m so happy.

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heyy!! a lot of my fav aes/mx blogs went inactive can u suggest me some? u know what i like;;;^)

hi eleanor !! i waited til i was on my computer to answer this kdfjsdf anyways hmm tbh i don’t think i follow a lot of aes/mx blogs?? but here are all of the ones that i do follow i hope i haven’t left anyone out !! some of these blogs post about other groups too!! and these rly range from like…. a lot of aes…. to like 2% aes kdfjskdf anyways i hope this helps!!

@94chae @4jooheon @sonhvunwoo @rapju @wonhoslovr @foreignbydean @hyunwoo @monbebe @ftjooheon (molly is on hiatus rn but… follow her anywaykdfj shes coming back soon!) @04yuta @ilovechangkyun @lavenderhun @kyunie @kihquns @wonhosflower @1kihyun @ilovekihyun @3beautiful @yookihyeun @hyungwon @96mx @3c279 @21stcenturyglrl @moonbebe @9hyunwoo 

i think?? this is all the mx/aes blogs i follow dkfjsdf anyways i love all of these blogs… n i love u!!!!

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Fav aspect :)?

Oh my goddddd this is so hard to think of
I’m just going to give you a list

1) mars square Pluto
Because I admire their bravery and how they aren’t afraid what they have to say, it can be challenging yes but I truly admire them and their bravery
2) venus sextile or trine ascendant
because it gives the person a beautiful aura
3) Mercury trine Saturn
I have this one and I like that it gives the person a wise way of thinking
4) moon sextile venus
It’s my favorite because well I wish I had it because I have it conjunct and I always wondered what it was like to have them not blend together energy wise
5) mars sextile Pluto
Because they aren’t afraid to be themselves and are pretty straightforward

PS Michael you’re too good for this world 😊🙌🏼


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Hiii!!! I'm crazy fangirl number 326824 and I was wondering if you had any fics where Lance gets hurt and tries to hide it from the team until he collapses and it's worse than he thought??? Love your blog by the way, your writing is amazing โค๏ธ

Thank you so much! I think I have one for ya! It’s actually one of my fav fics I’ve written–where Lance is concussed and burned but because Shiro has a broken ankle and the crash was lance’s fault anyway, Lance fights through the pain until he gets sick and collapses. Here it is: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11250186

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which is your fav Batman movie version?

I’m mostly a fan of the animated movies because I think they’re way better than the live action one but…if I had to chose a live action Batman : 

Unpopular opinion : I do not like Christian Bale as Batman, and the Nolanverse isn’t my favorite version of Batsy AT ALL. Like the movie with Heath Ledger was great (though I never liked the Joker as a villain…”some men just want to watch the world burn” yeah well, when a villain just want to do bad stuffs for the sake of it, he’s not interesting…My favorite batman villain are Two Face and Ras Al’Ghul). And Batman Begins was pretty good but…Meh

I actually really like Ben Affleck as Batman. I think he’s great as Batman, like he got the look, AND as Bruce Wayne. But I do also love Tim Burton’s movies, though Michael Keaton ain’t my favorite Bruce Wayne (brilliant actor though)…

…mm…I guess, if we forget about Kevin Conroy, my favorite version of Batman movie wise, is Batfleck, because he’s the closest to the Batman I like in the comics. Ok that was a long answer for a simple question, sorry

i think my fav thing about edma is that everyone automatically assumes soma is the one who’s all over the place  but in reality he looks like the most chill person in the universe next to edward who Dies when he sees a leggy and would aggressively cry over a piece of cereal that looks like his little sister and pretends not to care that soma is like half an inch taller than him but everyone can tell his feathers are so ruffled

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Ash x Fernando is one of my fav shipps. Out of their armors they probably get into pillow fights, eat a lot of stuff together, run around the park, sleep while hugging (Ash is the one who falls asleep in the middle of a movie), or something like that.

That’s adorable! I think Ash is actually softer than what she lets on, considering her stance as a war machine. But when they’re alone and not in armor? She’s probably quite the cuddler. Fernando’s the only one that knows though, and he’s probably sworn to secrecy.

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"robert tells bad jokes in bed. this is just a fact. he likes seeing aaron laugh, and when robert tells a spectacularly bad joke, he does this cute thing where he scrunches his entire face up and just laughs with his whole body, and robert thinks its the greatest thing ever." this is probably my favourite headcanon you've ever posted, this is such a sweet and happy image ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

anon, i’m so glad this is your fav because honestly it’s one of my favourite headcanons i’ve ever come up with (and i am *definitely* writing a drabble based on it, so i hope that puts a smile on your face!)

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you're one of my fav mutuals. i just really enjoy seeing all your text posts and see you in my notes and really think you're a unique and irreplaceably amazing person

thank you very much :)

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I'm seriously so sick of all the Ezra hate. I am not really into any ship but If I have to choose between the main 4, I would choose Ezria because I think they are the ones with more chemistry but like I really hate how most of the other shippers (Haleb, Spoby and mainly the Emison shippers) feel with the right to judge Ezria love and Ezra as if their ships were perfect and as if their fav characters have never made a mistake. Sorry haha I really needed to get this out of my chest.

It’s annoying but I just ignore it. I stay in my Ezria loving bubble and roll my eyes when I need to. The show is over so it’s not like it will motivate the writers to write less ezria.


What a great episode I watched it nearly nine hours ago and I’m still yelling g o o d

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You know, you can use music, you can use a show. I want you to know that whatever it is you brought into this place, whatever baggage, whatever thing you’re working through, you can use music, you can use this show to leave it all here tonight and start fresh. Never forget to start over… please never forget. You can start over if you need. Doesn’t matter what you’ve done.

tyler joseph’s speech before trees, salt lake city [|-/]

“I haven’t signed anything.”

“I hate you.”

I read this fic by @byakurangesso and i am suddenly cured. all my problems have disappeared.

21st century breakdown is so FRICKIN UNDERRATED like that album is literally a rock opera split into three acts and the entire soundtrack mirrors itself forwards and backwards to create a unifying theme through the song titles/lyrics and it discusses issues in our world that are still so relevant to this day and i’m just SO ANGRY