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The Christmas Invasion - Behind the Scenes [Part 12]

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s articles in Doctor Who Magazine #365

“Buckle down, folks,” calls out John Older [first assistant director], his voice resonating around the caves [representing the inside of the Sycorax ship], “cos it’s very difficult to work in here. Let’s go for a take…”

“The door!” screams Billie. “Close the door!”

Noel spins around. As the Sycorax grabs him, he manages to pull the TARDIS door shut just in time. Slam! Door closes. Well, not quite.

“Er - he didn’t close the door,” says Jon. “It’s swung back open.”

“Oh fiddlesticks,” cries Noel, frustrated. “That TARDIS door is such a naughty old thing.”

Actually, that’s not exactly what Noel said. I’m paraphrasing. But this is a family magazine, so let’s just leave it.

“Okay, Noel, you blew the plot,” laughs James [Hawes, director]. “If the door doesn’t close, we’re screwed.”

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12.5.16 - 12.11.16 // I think this spread is one of my favorites since I started my bujo. I especially love the Peanuts stamp from my old stamp collection and the picture of Gillian Anderson from the 90s.

I like how this spread is simple and has soft colors. This was the week before my fall finals, so I also probably had minimal time to journal 😋 📓


Request by @chloemac86: Cas x Reader christmas cookies drabble?

Word Count: 974

A/N: Guys, I am not merely in the Christmas spirit this year, I AM the Christmas spirit this year. Last night I dragged my roommates to all over town finding ways to decorate our apartment for the holidays. Then we listened to Christmas music and made the most awesome paper-chain tree you’ve ever seen on our wall (seriously, you should see a picture of it. It’s the best thing to ever happen) and we watched a Christmas episode of New Girl. Also, I spent the last few weeks working on a group project all about Christmas cookies and I’ve made so many desserts with candy canes that I think I’m 28% peppermint at this point. I haven’t been this Christmassy in years and it feels amazing! Anyway, this was a very long-winded way to tell you all that I LOVED writing this oneshot. Christmas cookies with my favorite angel? I am 100% in!

“I still don’t understand.”

You sighed at Cas’s words and set down the bag of powdered sugar in your hands. “It’s Christmas season, Cas. That means we make way too much junk food.”

“That I understand. Humans need food, they need sustenance, and for some reason you humans tend to like foods that aren’t healthy for you. But why decorate the food? You’re just going to eat it.”

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This is our new little man. He doesn’t have a name because I just literally got him a day ago lol. He is sooooo tiny and sweet. His favorite pastime is sleeping. Shio, my other kitty, has actually taken to him. She plays with him a bit rough (she is kind of a dick though), but I think once he is bigger it won’t be so much of a problem.

He is so easy to take pictures of. He is a little ham!

Just remembered I had taken this picture of my daughter watching the freighters go by from Mackinac Island this summer. I think I shall make this my new avi. Seems fitting for me right now… plus I get to dream about my favorite place. I love Mackinac so much. 


It’s already here!!!! Omg, omg, omg!!. This is amazing! ^w^ I just love it so much!!. This fluttercord pack It’s all beautifully detailed, the box has an amazing art and it even has the window with the picture of them <3

The only weird thing I see about the final product, is that they have changed fluttershy’s position inside the box. The original design had fluttershy floating at Discord’s eye level, and he was staring right into her face. But I think I understand why they changed it, it seems it was because the new position allows to use less plastic in the blister (the blister uses half of the box’s space). But even with that in mind, I love this collectible and I think is one of my favorite pieces of my collection.

Gorillaz Ask!

Go ahead and ask me questions if you like! If this goes well, I might make another one of these. I want to see if I could answer all of this. Feel free to re-blog this if you like! :)

Re-Hash: What is your favorite phase?

5/4: What is your favorite Phase 4 picture so far?

Tomorrow Comes Today: Who is your favorite character in Gorillaz?

New Genious (Brother): What do you think about Murdoc?

Clint Eastwood: How did you get into Gorillaz?

Man Research: What’s your favorite album?

Punk: What was your first Gorillaz music video you’ve seen?

Sound Check (Gravity): Do you own any Gorillaz albums? If so, what are they and how many do you own?

Double Bass: What’s your favorite G-bitez episode?

Rock The House: What’s your favorite interview?

19-2000: What’s your favorite music video and storyboard?

Latin Simone: Which character do you relate to the most?

Starshine: Do you think 2D and Murdoc will ever get along in Phase 4?

Slow Country: Which song do you think would make a great music video?

M1A1: Besides Gorillaz, who else are your favorite band or musician?

Dracula: Does Gorillaz inspire you in any way?

Left Hand Suzuki Method: Do you prefer 2D’s singing voice (Damon Albarn) or speaking voice (Nelson De Freitas) 

axis2500  asked:

Running with scissors is now my new favorite episode. It ended so perfectly with Marco being flung back into his old life after years of adventure. I sometimes think there was a small part where when he was younger, he had a picture of Star that he looked at from time to time until he had to give it up to continue his journey. I will admit I did like the Starco but that's only a small part of the enjoyment I felt.

It surely has been a peculiar episode.
And thanks for your drama. Didn’t need a heart anyway.

My Favorite Yuzu Costumes

I’m not the best with words, but hopefully I’ll be able to accurately explain why I like these costumes in particular :) Hopefully this can help some new Yuzu fans, as I’m somewhat kind of new myself

None of the pictures are mine, I take no credit and give all credit to rightful owners. It was pretty difficult to find sources for all of these, since most of them came off of sites like Pinterest. I’m going to go back and try to source them all as soon as possible.

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At about this time some of you are probably saying “what is that? It looks like a bird!” You’re not entirely wrong. Those of you who are saying “oh cool, a Velociraptor” are actually more wrong than those other people.

This is Tsaagan mangas. It is almost identical to Velociraptor, lived in the same area as Velociraptor, during the same time period as Velociraptor, but it is not a Velociraptor. For all intents and purposes, though, they are practically identical.

Drawn for a-dinosaur-a-day, because it seems that no one has drawn a half-decent full-body picture of a mid-sized Mongolian dromaeosaurid that is almost identical to Velociraptor and called it a Tsaagan before. I think Tsaagan is going to be my new second-favorite dromaeosaurid (behind Deinonychus) because it’s basically Velociraptor but it doesn’t get nearly as much attention as Velociraptor and definitely deserves more love than it gets, even if only because, for all intents and purposes, it is the same as Velociraptor.

Tsaagan mangas
Tsaagan mangas
Tsaagan mangas
Tsaagan mangas
Tsaagan mangas
Tsaagan mangas

There. Now I’ve said “Tsaagan mangas” in this post more times than I’ve said “Velociraptor.”

Tsaagan mangas.

Potentially some new Overwatch characters! 

These were pulled from the new Overwatch rap music video when the Overwatch agents are being displayed on Winston’s computer 

I am really loving how this ear has been coming out! A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be able to do the rook and tragus piercings with some beautiful pieces by BVLA, and today she added a new helix piercing with a Sabrina end by @anatometal.

All of the jewelry pictured is made from solid yellow gold, right here in the US by some of my favorite people. I’m endlessly thankful my clients think the same!

anonymous asked:

Hey chocobabes (luna, cindy, and aranea) where is your favorite place to relax?

“Bed.” Noctis says and yawns. He’s still wrapped up in his new blanket.”

“Or in the car while Ignis drives.” Prompto says. “I like parks. Great for picture taking.”

“Honestly? I like to relax in the gym or somewhere I can read.” Gladio shrugs. “A library is great when it’s quiet.”

“Home if possible.” Ignis says. 

“A cafe.” Aranea says with a nod. “Something with nice cakes and good tea.”

“Oh, I think a bath does it for me.” Says Cindy, tugging at her hat. “Nuthin’ like gettin’ clean.”

“My garden.” Luna says with a smile. “It’s so quiet and peaceful there.”

ssv 02.14.17 part I 

@the-orphan-jedi i was your secret valentine this year! decided to draw up your ocs from new new story. i love the concept of it so much… this was a challenge to draw since i dont do animals a lot but im proud i got it down nonetheless. 

i think the blobby doctor alien is my favorite… hes so cute. im looking forward to hearing more about these characters as you develop the story and i hope you can animate it for your project like you wish to! 


Finally got to take my camera out to my first event thanks to Focus OC! This isn’t my first event, but with a camera it was. Found out Mija was going to be playing in town and I’ve always wanted to see her so I figure I take some shots. Here’s my short experience on this night! It’s pretty tough shooting in this kind of environment.. especially because of the ocean of hands i’d have to maneuver around just to get a perfect window to squeeze in a picture. I really wish I could have gotten more angles, but getting around the crowd was near impossible, so I worked with what I had especially since I didn’t have a back-stage pass! Most importantly though, i’m satisfied with my photos and I enjoyed the new experience. I don’t think i’ve ever had this much fun shooting someone or someone djing haha. The eye contact with Mija, the random smiles, the candid poses and photos, those were genuinely my favorite things about shooting an actual person for the first time. Definitely will be doing this again! Oh yeah and Mija, you slayed Orange County tuesday night. Thanks for throwing a killer show.. Till next time! @mijaofficial ♡ ♡

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