i think this is my longest post ever on this blog

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I’M SORRY IF YOU’RE PYNCH BUT I’M A BLUESEY BLOG FOR THE MOST PART (hence the captaining of the ship illustrated by my bio) AND THAT’S WHAT I’M GOING TO DO

just saying btw this is going to be one of this longest posts you’ve have ever seen

to get in the mood i’m going to use questions first:

Who cooks normally?

  • blue. gansey cannot cook. he can’t make tea. he can’t cook. all he can do is cultivate mint (which is apparently a lot more than most of our fellow trc tumblrers :( )

How often do they fight?

  • they fight all the time over the most petty things.                                    “jane where did my book go”                                                                      “why do you think took it?”                                                                            “no, it’s just that you were looking at it”                                                       “I WAS READING IT DO YOU THINK I CAN’T READ HOW BAD IS THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM CMON HUH HUH”

What do they do when they’re away from each other?

if this is supposed to be a loneliness one then i’ve got you. 

  • they call each other all the time. like nonstop. also late night two am phone calls definitely. 
  • gansey tries to get her a cellphone but she refuses. finally, he pulls an adam and the hondayota and gives her one for her birthday but only after profusely promising her that it was his old one and that it is complete shit and that he doesn’t need it AT ALL. she doesn’t believe him ‘cause it’s a model that came out a week ago but she appreciates the sentiment.

Nicknames for each other?

  • jane and dick for the most part. no babes, nor baes unless one of them is drunk

Who is more likely to pay for dinner?

  • ganseyganseyganseyganseyganseygansey

Who steals the covers at night?

  • blue but gansey doesn’t care blue could take the entire goddamn bed if she wanted

What would they get each other for gifts?

  • FIRST OF ALL, it would take a hell of a lot of work to get blue into the idea of gift swapping in the first place, because she would just know that gansey would use his richard campbell gansey iii powers and get her something hella expensive and she would not be down for that
  • but if he finally succeeded, then blue would get him a new mint plant and something handmade, perhaps a sweater
  • gansey would get her the world
  • haha lol but he would if he could but really i’d say an atlas/tickets to poland (i believe?)/ or the financial aid needed for her costa rica thing in bllb

Who kissed who first?

  • i don’t think this is an appropriate question.

Who made the first move?

  •  still TOTALLY NOT APPROPRIATE but i believe it was mutual?

who remembers things?

  • gansey has a pretty good memory i’d say but idk blue too. if i had to choose one i’d say gansey if only bc of all his research work

who started the relationship?

  • no.

who cusses more?

  • blueblueblueblueblue

what would they do if the other one was hurt?

  • blue would fight the world and gansey would burn it down looking for the cure.

also i was out away from my computer and happened to find this lovely headcanon for otp’s that just screamed bluesey

now original headcanons :)

  • the wedding ring is a gansey tradition™ handed down through the ages. it’s a sapphire and even though it’s kind of small, it’s really bright and you could say it has an iridescent almost reflective quality (wink wink)

          they do get married, but the proposal is really awkward like

         “hey dick”


         “when r u going to propose”

         “what? did adam tell you about the ring”

         “i was joking wtf”


        “what do you mean ring”

        and the rest is history.

  • they cuddle a lot: gansey’s the big spoon purely bc blue too’s tiny to be it also he’s a bit more soothing 
  • gansey gets blue a birthday cake filled with blueberry yogurt (without actually blueberries tho) 
  • bc of the whole kissing thing, after it all ends and it is revealed that after the primary, fatal kiss, blue can kiss gansey with no repercussions, they kiss a LOT. i’m talking everywhere. but they try to be secretive and do it with closed doors bc they don’t want to be that couple but if they come out with mussed hair everyone knows what was going on
  • therefore, there is a lot of making out in the camaro
  • one day, they go on a circumnavigation and blue is happier than she has ever been in her life. (there is a good chance that i will continue these specific head canons in a different post :) )
  • they go to poland
  • gansey takes her to see a pygmy tyrant for as a birthday present
  • blue is the only person gansey can sleep around

ok ok i think i’m done (if you do yours tag me in them! also we should do more ships/people/things/places)

goddamn this is long sorry for everyone that had to read through it it’s probably terrible i know i know

Happy Midsummer!

The longest days of the year are finally here! Means a lot to have some sun here in Maine where it’s warm hardly ever.

The good news: the blog is queued up with TONS of posts for up to a month of all our woodland ventures. We will be off celebrating the solstice with a big hike tomorrow. 

The bad news: no new jewelry for the shop for some time. Too much time outside and not enough at my work desk! Custom pieces are being made for The Sage this weekend so if you’re from Portland, go check out the shop :)

Trades going out Tuesday- thank you all for the beautiful messages and propositions you’ve sent. Hopefully I can get caught up soon. 

PHEW- I think that covers it? Have fun frolicking and celebrating around your fires this weekend and please get into some magical mischief ;)


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Hey can you recommend some blogs to follow?

spacespectrum (on point aesthetic + games n stuff, cool kid)

diavolo-relatable (posts jjba, he’s my nest friend and has quality ideas+blog)

roseyfer (grunge aesthetic, my longest term friend, greatest girl I’ve ever met)

missfadewalker (fandoms, adorable weeb, A+)

chincactus (mutual, same name as me, plants and p cool stuff, good blog)

aloeverai (I reblog from them a lot)

frail-eternity (plants)

artsheila (aesthetic)

purityplants (plants n stuff)

rainhy (aesthetic n things)

fuzzypetal (plants)

that’s all i can think of

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A, E, F, I, L, O^^

A - Your current OTP(s)/OT3(s)/OTX(s):
bagginshield of course <3

E - Have you added anything cracky/hilarious to your fandom, if so, what
i remember one post i wrote about thorin being drunk and singing for bilbo at the karaoke: (x) (this is dumb but i can’t remember another one asddfjkds)

F - What’s the longest you’ve ever been in a fandom
i’ve been in the kingdom hearts/final fantasy fandom for 3 years i think. but i’ve been for a long time in the hp and one piece fandom too.

I - Has tumblr caused you to stop liking any fandoms, if so, which and why
actually i made this blog a year ago for bagginshield, and since the hobbit fandom is the only one i’m active on tumblr, no i haven’t had this problem.

L - Say something genuinely nice about a character who isn’t one of your faves (chars you’re neutral on are fair game, as are chars you dislike)
ok so about thranduil (i disliked him before and now i’m neutral about him), i like how sassy he can be, even when it’s rather mean.

O - Choose a song at random, which ship or character does it remind you of
‘white blank page‘ by mumford and sons, so ofc bagginshield!!! makes me cry everytime.

Longest and hardest video edit I have ever made. I think it’s alright. The video editing software crashed as I was making this and literally deleted half of my work, hence a very small mistake about a quarter way through the beginning part. Hope you enjoy this as I sob violently. Also you may be saying “but that watermark isn’t your url omfg liar!!!!1!!!1!2!1!!!” But that’s my Instagram (now changed to lesterslion) just for the sake of posting a small clip there. I typed this for the very few people who look at my blog…

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Fandom thing: Victorious

i can’t believe you that’s so many. some of these are just general fandom questions but i’ll try to answer as many for victorious as possible

a: your current otp looks at icon

b: a pairing you didn’t initially consider but someone changed your mind tori/beck tbh. like i don’t actually full on ship it but if jade didn’t exist…maybe

c: a pairing you never liked and probably never will tori/jade what’s wrong with you people

d: a pairing you wish you liked but just can’t nothing comes to mind

e: have you added anything stupid/cracky/hilarious to your fandom, if so, what nah. i wrote a fanfic at 2am a few nights ago but that’s it. (im not ever gonna post it that was a mistake)

f: what’s the longest you’ve been in a fandom i think i’ve been into ouat since before i started my blog, maybe three years now?

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  • What is your favorite word?
    • I don’t think I’ve ever used it, but I really like the word sobremesa because it’s my favorite part of a meal. It literally means “over the table” but there’s a blog that defines it as “the leisurely time after we have finished eating, but before we get up from the table. Time spent in conversation, digesting, relaxing, enjoying. Certainly not rushing. Not reserved for weekends -though it can be longest on Sundays- even weekday and business meals have sobremesa.” My brothers and I always take our time cleaning up the kitchen after dinner so we could sit around and talk, especially after I went away to college. During my first year of college, my core group of (mostly) Filipino friends would sit in the dining commons for 30 mins to an hour after we were done eating. There’s nothing quiet like that contentedness.
  • What is your least favorite word?
    • Perfect/perfection. I’ve grown to hate the idea of striving for perfection. I still think you should always give your best effort, but I’m so over getting bent out of shape for not being exactly the way other people want you to be. As humans, we’re always going to have flaws and we’re always going to make mistakes no matter how good of a person we are. The best we can do is be open to learning more and having room to grow. I also hate feeling like I’m not enough, in various capacities, which I think stems from my parents putting incredibly high expectations on me. 
  • What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
    • Music. I have a really broad appreciation and connection to a lot of different styles of music because of dance and choir and band. I have specific songs or playlists that I listen to if I need to evoke a certain emotion, as well as ones that just help me focus.
  • What turns you off?
    • Too many distractions. Sometimes it’s good for me to have a show going in the background or someone to bounce ideas off of, but when I’m overstimulated
  • What is your favorite curse word?
    • I think I most frequently use “son of a bitch.” I really want to start using “holy shit snacks” like Pam from Archer, though. It makes me giggle.
  • What sound or noise do you love?
    • This is going to be so cheesy, but right now I love the sound of my boyfriend’s motorcycle coming up the street and the way the gravel crunches under the wheels as he pulls into the driveway. 
  • What sound or noise do you hate?
    • Nails on a chalkboard or any screechy equivalent. It really does send a shiver down my spine.
  • If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
    • “You did good, kid.” I second guess myself a lot, so it would be nice to have some reassurance that everything I’ve done hasn’t been for naught. 
  • What is your Hogwarts house and why do you think you fit there?
    • Slytherin. When I first got sorted on Pottermore, I screamed. In high school I would always self sort into Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. But after I read the little house welcome on the site, it actually made a lot of sense haha I really value tradition and family loyalty. I’m sneakily ambitious when I want something badly enough. 
  • How did you perceive yourself in high school and do you think that perception has changed since then? If you’re still in high school, how do you think you’ll change after you graduate?
    • In high school, even though I had an amazing core group of girl friends, I thought of myself as “not like other girls” because I could talk to boys about video games and anime and nerd stuff. I’m still a huge nerd, but I don’t make it a point of pride that I sometimes hang out with more guys than girls. So I guess I’m a better feminist these days. Otherwise, I think I’m mostly the same: easily excitable, using my smallness/cuteness to hide my manipulative side/rage hehe

I’m going to tag sarcasticsaiyan, tinygayliz, and serenadipity. And I’ma recycle one question and make up the rest!

  1. What is your Hogwarts house and why?
  2. What book series would you recommend to someone right now?
  3. If you could go on a date with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?
  4. Do you consider yourself a night owl or a morning person?
  5. If you could teach a class/seminar about something, what would it be?
  6. Who is the most influential fictional character in/on your life?
  7. Where is your favorite place to sleep?
  8. What musician/band would you most like to hang out with backstage?
  9. Coffee or tea?
  10. What would you do for a Klondike Bar? 

tumblr just failed to save the longest post i’ve ever written. i wasn’t planning on writing it, which is why i don’t have it saved elsewhere. it was in response to a really crappy reply too so i don’t expect any understanding about why i don’t want to try to recreate it right now. losing art or writing is so hard. it’s hard to think i might not be able to make it as good as it was. i try really hard on this blog because people have so many different views and opinions of what gender is, and a lot of those people aren’t interested in the possibility that they could be wrong about their beliefs. i try to respond to everyone but sometimes it’s just beyond my capability to do so, especially given how unreliable this blog platform is. the post i responded to was this one