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//Fuck off for a moment, Skull Man. This is speshul :3

So for 50 followers I wanted to make a list of people I look up to/respect/ think are definitely worth a follow. *Deep breath* Here we gooo~

ask-bass-forte: The first blog I EVER interacted with. She’s pretty much the reason I am where I am now. She’s also incredibly cool and you should totally give her a look.

crashadventure: Super awesome person, who I owe an apology to. (Dropped thread, sorry >~<) The mun is nice, and the muse is extremely well-written and interesting. 

future-russian-princess: Probably my biggest inspiration so far on Tumblr. Not only that, but my longest continuous RP thread is with this blog. Also most replies are prompt and well-written. (Side note: Skull Man and Kalinka are super cute together c:)

recalibratedadventures: Really cool blog, first and foremost. I’m a fan of multi-muse blogs despite not being one myself, and this one takes the cake. Mun is friendly, each muse is well thought out, and just an overall great blog.

I’m making this post on short notice, as I have to leave for about a day, but here are the people I don’t have time to write about but are definitely worth mentioning. If I had enough time to write about each of these people I would.












If you didn’t make this list, I still love you (no homo), but I probably just ran out of time to make this. 

Thank you to all my followers <3

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i love u omg ❤

ashtonsgenitals u are actually my goals ur so pretty im?? you’re probably the chillest person i know & you’re one of the longest lasting mutuals i have had i think we’ve been following each other since i practically first had a blog!! i trust u a lot and one day we will have to meet bc we live so close omg

pastaluke kirsten is amazing and funny and she’s one of the nicest people i have ever met :’) shes the only internet friend i’ve met in real life and im so glad i did bc i feel like shes one of those ppl im gonna be close with until im old nd gross

trashtons LIZ IS AMAZINg she is so funny and i can talk to her about literally everything. i text her and snapchat her at the same time and she lets me talk about stupid stuff it’s so nice i love liz :’)

celmmings NOA IS LIKE 1/5TH OF MY BEING„„ she is 10/10 the strongest person i know and she is so beautiful and funny i love noa so much. i do not know what my life would be like without her this is cheesy and lame but noa is important to me i cant believe someone as wonderful as her puts up with my constant shit

rad-i-kool shanah is wonderful,she is truly my other half she was the first real internet friend i have had and i think its been like almost 3 years or something like that since we’ve been friends?? anyway she is so nice and wonderful and i trust her with anything and everything!! she knows more about me than most of my out of the internet friends do nd i just love her so much idk what i would do without her shes honestly truly my best friend


First, I’d like to apologize. I started this blog to track my experience as a JET in Japan and also to reassure my family and friends that are following that I am indeed still alive and kicking. Lately, however, it  seems to have morphed into a rant-blog instead, which I’m sure no one wants. I think, for any future JETs that do come across this, it’s important to see the rants – living and working in Japan isn’t some kind of fantasy land: everything might be cute and fluffy but that doesn’t mean that aren’t problems aplenty. But, in any case, I will try my best from here on out to keep the rant to a minimum.

These are a couple recent shots from my walks home from work. As the weather gets nicer, and before the Japan humidity kicks in, I’ve decided I’d get back into the routine of taking Lance on walks whenever I can. These are all taken with an iPod, so fairly bad quality, but I’ll definitely have more in the future!

What follows is going to get a bit long, but if you’re curious please feel free! I’m going to talk a bit about my recent few days, and the past couple months :D I’ll do this in a couple parts, for the next couple days, because it turns out there’s a lot of catch-up to do.

-Part 1-

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1:Favourite Season: Summer or Winter :’)

2:Favourite Animal: White Tiger <3

3:Longest time you’ve been awake: Like 52 hours I think idk 

4:How did you find out about simblr: I had my personal blog and posted sims pics on there some times then sims blogs started following me so I went and had a look at them and saw the term simblr ^.^

5:Bonbons or chewing gum? BONBONS<3

6:Why do you play the sims: To chill out, plus I just love it, and I just can’t bring myself away from it 

7:Whats your favourite simlish song: The one by MCR, I’m tired so can’t remember the name, I think it was nanana idk 

8:Most awkward situation you ever encountered while playing the sims: I’d made a lesbian couple in sims 3, and got them naked and was messing around with poses and trying to get them in the right places when my boyfriend walked over, looked at my screen and he goes “What are you doing?” and I was like oh I was just testing these poses out cause I’m thinking of doing a story” and yeah that was pretty awkward haha 

9:Favourite aspiration: Anything involving family and kids 

10:What kind of a sims player are you: Gosh, I used to be a bit of everything but now I’ve got sims 4, mainly just legacy/challenge simblr, with the odd reblog here and there ^.^

11:What time is it: it is currently 2:35am and I’m about to go to bed :)

I’ll do my questions and tags tomorrow when I get back from work! 

JARED! Hey gurl hey ❤️ thelifeofatubaplayer

1. First impression: this guy is cool look at his blog its nice and he plays tuba thats hella

2. Truth is: youre probably my first and longest lasting tumblr friend and ilysm

3. How old do you look: I’d say you look just about your age yo

4. Have you ever made me laugh: Of fucking course you slay me

5. Have you ever made me mad: Nah son we’re too chill 😎

6. Best feature: your musicality and your smile!

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: nah u da homie

8. You’re my: ur a part of my squad 4 life

9. Name in my phone: I think it’s ‘JARED!! ✨’

10. Should you post this too?: yeh do it so i can send you a hey

sufrir asked:


1. First impression: tbh we’ve been mutuals for a long time and i don’t even remember
2. Truth is: you’re one of the first people i ever followed when i made my first blog several years ago! 
3. How old do you look: 19
4. Have you ever made me laugh: probably
5. Have you ever made me mad: nope! 
6. Best feature: your hair is basically perfect tbh 
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: nope
8. You’re my: longest running mutual (i think)
9. Name in my phone: N/A
10. Should you post this too? ya!

jimmybobjames asked:

hey... that really sounds fucking boring and stale so let me rephrase that: heeyeyeyeyeyeeyeyeyeyeyehahehaeyhyeheaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEWRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY :3

1. First impression: This guy likes Smash Brothers - at least that’s what i associate with you.
2. Truth is: I enjoy your blog, but feel that we are on different enough schedules that I only see it once in a while.
3. How old do you look: I don’t think you’ve done the whole “Photograph” thing.
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Almost definitely.
5. Have you ever made me mad: Probably not?
6. Best feature: I particularly like the “EEWRY” in this ask. You seem a good humored individual.
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: No
8. You’re my: Mutual - and one of the longest standing ones, I think.
9. Name in my phone: I have many names in my phone. None are related to you.
10. Should you post this too? : Sure, why not.

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The Questions:

1. Last thing you ate?


2. What’s the longest amount of time you’ve gone without sleep?

Probably close to 48 hours.

3. Do you drink coffee? If so, how do you like to drink it?

I prefer my coffee extremely strong with sugar and creamer or milk.

4. How long have you had an account on tumblr for?

Almost 2 years now I think.

5. Most hurtful thing someone’s ever said to you?

“I don’t feel love from you. Don’t worry though. I can find my love somewhere else”

6. If you are walking to work one day and see a dog stuck in a sewer, but your boss has told you that if you’re late one more time you’ll be fired, do you help the dog or not?

I would help the dog.

7. Are you in a relationship right now? If not, are you interested in anyone?

No I’m not. Sorta interested in someone but not really.

8. Do you have any pets? Describe them.

Not anymore.

9. What was one of your favorite books as a child?

Spiderwick series

10. If you could travel back in time to change one thing about your own past, what would it be and why?

I would go back to when I was like 8 cause I almost had my first kiss on a school bus when I was around 8. And we were both just really shy and hesitant and it didn’t happen. I would go back and have it happen.

11. How old were you when you got your first cell phone? Describe the phone.

I was 11 or 12 i think. It was my grandma’s old phone and it was a Nokia.


Those of you who know me know that I’m not a blogger. I enjoy reading the occasional blog and have some very talented friends who regularly post but I’m a pretty private person and a perfectionist, so the thought of writing and publishing anything personal makes me sweat. For example, I have now rewritten the previous sentence five times ha. But I’m going to give it a go! This will probably be the longest post I ever write but I think it will be the most important too, so give it a read if you have a minute. This is our story.

One of my favorite phrases is “God may be found midst the pots or the posies.” My hope is that my simple, messy life and this simple, messy tale will be a reminder of God’s faithfulness. Spoiler alert: I’m a Christian and will probably talk about Jesus sometimes on this blog. If you’re not into that, this particular post might seem a little odd, but bear with me. I’ll try to take out the Christian cheese and share what I know to be true straight up.

Four years ago Ben and I began feeling particularly restless. We’d been married for a year and were happy but didn’t feel settled. We both had great jobs in Houston but Ben decided he wanted to pursue a career in gaming (that’s gamer speak for the video game industry). It’s hard to hear God, I mean to really know he’s speaking. But, both Ben and I heard, not audibly but in the weird sneaky way God communicates, that he should pursue that passion. It’s one of the few times in my life that I did not doubt whether it was God or my own mind speaking.

So being young and dumb, we surmised that meant Ben should quit his current job and move to San Francisco for three months while I moved in with my parents and funded this endeavor. Prior to the move, Ben joined a start up video game development company, Runt, with his brother and another guy, and the group got accepted into IGN’s Indie Open House in SF. We assumed that after three months the game would be out and would be wildly successful so then I would move to San Francisco. Based on these assumptions, we decided to pack our entire lives into a pod that could be easily shipped once we sorted out our living situation. Again, let me reiterate we were young and dumb. Spoiler alert: All of our belongings remained packed and stored in Houston for the next two years.

As you can imagine being apart for three months was incredibly challenging. I don’t recommend long distance marriage. We joke that it’s taken us two years to recover from those three months, but it’s kind of true.

The Runt team worked tirelessly over the next few months and released a demo at the end of their stay at IGN. They continued to work on the full length game but our financial runway was getting pretty short so Ben came back to Houston to work remotely. We stayed with my parents for a few months and Ben began doing contract IT work in addition to working on the game. Still thinking we would be moving out to San Francisco soon, we began signing short term leases at a series of furnished apartments in Houston.

Other than being apart this was the toughest season for us. It was the kind of season where you check and double check your bank account to make sure you can buy a gallon of milk before pay day. I was also personally going through some tough stuff, morning the loss of my best friend’s dad and trying to support and encourage her as she prepared to walk down the aisle without him. I was disappointed, discouraged, and disillusioned. I felt like I’d heard God so clearly, so why wasn’t he coming through?

Finally Ben and I came to and realized that despite our best efforts we would not be moving to San Francisco. After a lot of prayer and HAR-stalking (still one of my favorite pastimes) we found a beautiful apartment in the Heights and ceremoniously unpacked the pod. We still celebrate Pod Day every year, hilariously and appropriately on April 1st. Over the next year or so I got a promotion and a raise, Ben started a new job, and we found a great local church. Due to the demands of his new job Ben had to stop working for Runt, and stop working on the game we’d devoted three years of our lives to. It was difficult to give up, but we both knew it had to be done. I’m so thankful I’m married to a hard working man who values providing for his family.

The past couple of years have been smooth sailing compared to the early ones. We started aggressively saving for a house (more HAR-stalking), traveling and generally enjoying our newly acquired DINK status. But, about 8 months ago we both began feeling extremely restless again despite our comfortable lives. We’re restless by nature, but usually not at the same time. Whenever we both feel something simultaneously it’s exciting and terrifying because it usually means God is up to something.

I was emerging out of an extremely stressful season at work and decided to think about and pray about finding a new job. I am PUMPED to share that starting next week I will begin working with my dear friend Melanie at her marketing/PR firm Meeks Marketing! That whole situation is nothing short of God-ordained, because I can work remotely, from home, which will come into play later. Meanwhile, and completely separate from my desire to make a job change, Ben and I decided he should submit his resume for a few dream jobs at gaming studios to combat his restlessness. There was no pressure this time around so we figured, what’s to lose?

Ben began casually sending his resume out in late November 2015 and in December got a bite. When he lived out in San Francisco he was friends with a guy named Zach (Zach if you ever read this we owe you about 100 dinners) who works at a prestigious triple A gaming studio, 2K Games, located in none other than San Francisco. Zach passed Ben’s resume along and five rounds of interviews and one day trip to SF later Ben was offered the job! I have to brag on Ben for a minute, 2K received a ridiculous number of applications for the job he was eventually offered. This guy is talented.

The days of waiting between when Ben’s 2K journey began and when he was offered the job were excruciating. We had been so close before and were quite honestly terrified that we’d come up short again. I have been forced to rely on God over the past few months in ways I have never had to before and he has come through, like he always does.

One example of God nudging us along throughout this process occurred the day Ben found out he would be getting an offer. Usually, Ben and I watch Wheel of Fortune every night, I know we have the souls of 80-year-olds, but we’re English majors so that should count for something. Ben was on his way back from San Francisco and I was late for The Wheel. So, I turned it on about 20 minutes in and looked up to see a puzzle get solved that said “A once-in-a-lifetime adventure.” Now, you can chalk this up to coincidence and I won’t judge you for it, but I’d been praying all day for Ben’s final interview and in my heart of hearts, I know it was more than a coincidence. Ben was supposed to hear back a week later but found out that evening he’d be getting an offer. Also, the guy who won The Wheel’s name was Ben, and it was a couples show, so both he and his wife won.

If you’ve made it this far, I am impressed! But, to be fair, I warned you it would be a long post. To summarize it all, Ben and I will be moving to San Francisco on March 18th and couldn’t be more excited. He will be a part of the design and production team at 2K and I will be working remotely for Meeks Marketing and traveling to Houston every three months or so. God has been so incredibly faithful throughout this entire journey and I guess the cliche phrase that “His timing is always perfect” actually rings true.

Shout out to our family and friends who have supported us throughout this entire crazy process, we will dearly miss you. But, the journey is just beginning and we can’t wait to continue walking it with you guys.