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Chatstronaut’s Just Keep Sinning Fic-To-Read Rec

Anon made me do it. 

These are SIN fics that have been rec’d to me and are on my to-read list, some of them I have started reading, but I haven’t finished.  Just keep in mind, I have yet to read these completely, but being honest the kudos and comments on these fics speak for themselves. Feel free to rec me more fics if you haven’t seen them on either of my sin lists [Previous SIN Rec List

…OR if you want to rec me non-SIN fics, please feel free to do so! save me from the sin [Regular MLB Fic Rec]


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Escape the Empire: Chapter One

Part two is here! http://orcaspanielmermaids.tumblr.com/post/159537755012/escape-the-empire-chapter-two

Chapter three is here.

Well, I suppose this would mean I’m back from my hiatus. And that I’m unofficially back to writing multi-chaptered fics after… What has it been, four, five years, since I last attempted? Yeah, I’d say around that length of time.

I’m giving the biggest shoutout to @insaneworld21 , who made most, if not all of this possible. Without her help, suggestions and advice, this story would’ve remained an idea, and nothing more. Ty! 

For this AU, I wondered what it would be like, if Pidge had been allowed to go on that fateful mission, with her family and Shiro. Would it have just been better for her to get left behind, and become the paladin she is, now? Or would things have gone down a little differently, had the Holts never gotten separated? This tale will try and answer that.

Here’s to hoping my first, real contribution to the Voltron fandom is a success, and that you all enjoy it!

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A is for...

I keep seeing people vehemently declaring “The A is for Asexual!"  I’ve mostly stayed out of it, but Asexual Awareness Week seems to be a good excuse for me to dive in and share my thoughts on the whole thing, since, at the core of it, it’s about awareness.

A is for Acronym

Quick backstory here:  You’re likely all familiar with the abbreviation “LGBT”, for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender”.  The acronym is often extended, sometimes to “LGBTQ” (Where “Q” is for “Queer”) or “LGBTA”, or some other variant with more letters.  At issue is the “A”, whenever it appears.  What does it stand for?  Many people say “Allies”, but recently, there has been a push to claim it for “Asexual”.

A is for As Defined

The reason people say that “A” stands for “Allies” is because, well, it does.  That’s what it has been for years.  It’s in club names and mission statements and posters that have been around since the Clinton era.  That doesn’t make it right, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t change, but recognition of where it’s coming from is important.

A is for Awareness

It’s important to note these groups, for the most part, are not doing this to spite us.  They don’t want to erase us.  They’re not against our inclusion.  They’re not deliberately elevating “allies” over asexuals.

They don’t even know about us.

And that’s where part of the problem lies.  Things will never change if they don’t understand who we are.  And they won’t understand who we are if we don’t introduce ourselves.

A is for Ad Infinitum

The other part of the problem is the concept of an inclusive acronym itself.  It’s impossible.  By the time you include gays, lesbians, transgender people, asexuals, bisexuals, pansexuals, lithromantics, two-spirit and questioning people, you’ve got a long string of letters that no one can keep track of.  And you haven’t even mentioned the polys, androsexuals, aromantics, intersex people, demisexuals, neutrois, and genderqueer people.  And so on and so on.  By trying to come up with something that has a shoutout for everyone, you end up making something that no one can use and that still will leave people out.

A is for Abandon

The acronym can’t be fixed.  There aren’t enough letters to list everyone, you can’t patch it with stars or plus signs or a Q like some kind of Gilligan’s Island “And the Rest” and think that’s adequate. 

It has to be abandoned.

There are several alternatives out there that attempt to avoid the issues inherent with seeking an alphabet soup of inclusiveness:

Queer:  Reclaimed and adapted to be a catch-all.

GSRM:  “Gender Sexuality Romantic Minorities”

MOGAI:  “Marginalized Orientations, Gender Alignments, and Intersex”

Pick one and start using it.  Push for its adoption.  Or try to make one that’s better, because plenty of people have issues with those choices, which are beyond the scope of this post.

A is for Animosity

Leaving aside the acronym problem for a moment, I’d also like to address the other issue I see here:  The demonization of allies.

A lot of people are painting allies as self-centered entitled cishets that are demanding a cookie for being decent.  That’s not what an ally is.  An ally listens to you.  An ally supports you.  An ally fights for you.  An ally can be any gender, any orientation, anyone who’ll step up to say, “I believe you and I’m on your side.”

We need allies.  We should be collecting them like a ten year old collects Pokemon.  They will be there when we need them.  Without allies, our “A” will stand for “Alone”.

A is for Action

And so, from this view, the answer isn’t to run around screaming “The A is for ‘Asexuals’, not ‘Allies’” at the windmills.  The answer is to work to tear down and replace the foundation that leads to the conflict in the first place.

If you know of an organization that lists “Allies” and not “Asexuals”, go to them and tell them how they’re not being a good ally for you and others like you.  If you don’t speak to them, they won’t know there’s a problem, and they won’t fix it by themselves.  If you just shout at them from the sidelines, they will never understand what you’re upset about.

If you know of a group that calls itself an “LGBT Center” or something like that and claims to be inclusive, go to them and tell them how their name itself is exclusive.  Many centers are starting to call themselves general names like “Rainbow Center”, “Pride Center”, “Queer Resource Center”, and so on, precisely because they’ve come to recognize that calling themselves the “LGBT Center” leaves out people they want to include.

Courtroom Women & Mayfly Men, Part 10: But what does it all matter?

(If you’re just tuning in, this is part 10 of a 10-part meta series. Links to the other chapters can be found here.)

Well. It’s been a wild ride, hasn’t it? Time to wind things down. Today I’m going to get a little bit soapboxy. The seed for this chapter was born when one of my lovely beta readers, monikakrasnorada, had some big questions after beta reading all the previous chapters of this series. True to form, I attempted to answer her question in a concise manner, and 3500 words later, I had a partial response put together that wildly spiraled out of control and touched on some of the big topics in this fandom. At which point I realized that I would feel remiss if I didn’t address these topics at some point in the series. So here we are.

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