i think this is my best gifset yet


And you think I’m the one best suited to lead our people through this?
I think that you are the best of us. The two of you together are the world in balance.


“I mean, I know who I am. I’m this goofball. I look at myself in the mirror, and the person that I know doesn’t match up to what I think people love to perceive me as. I’ve never sought this life that I’ve been given. It could be overwhelming if I didn’t think I could handle it. I’m just some random dude, you know. I’m just some guy. -Happy Birthday Darren Criss 

anonymous asked:

Hey!!! I love Colin Morgan too he is a cutie pie and such a good actor which is why I follow you!! I would like to know if you have ur own gifs that u really like?

Hey dear nonny!
Colin is an amazing actor and I hope he will have a very beautiful career waiting for him!

And oooof, this is such a hard question!! Especially since I have made so many gifs! I have 8 pages of (my own) gifs(ets) on my blog!

But here is a list of the ones I’m most proud of (in no particular order):

- A happy Emrys family AU (Merlin+Hunith+Balinor)

- 2nd Hunger shoot, making of -> photo’s

- A compilation of gifs from the 2 Hunger Magazine photoshoots

- A non-colin fandom gif, of which I am sure others have done it also, but I just thought it was funny (it is from Harry Potter)

- My most popular post, a gifset of all the projects Colin has done (of which is video material online)

- My most underrated gifset. Humans + Muse lyrics  (this gifset took me the longest to make I think)

- I also reeeeaally like my ‘Favourite Colin Morgan scenes’ series.

And to conclude, 2 reaction gifs I made:

I have never used this ^ one yet because I have never come across a good occasion to use it…

And I have used this one several times I guess… It’s great to have.

Thank you sooo much for this ask! It was fun to have to go through my own work in order to answer this! 

So my best friend created a similar network for her favorite fandom and so I thought “hey, we don’t have this sorta network in the fairy tail fandom yet … I think?!” And this is what it lead to hahaha

What is the Fairy Tail Artist Network?

+ a place for artists to share their works
+ a place for support, helpful advice and sharing opinions
+ a place to find more FRIENDS :D

+ a blog that reblogs everything that members put in this tag: #ftartistnet


Who can join?

+ edit and graphic makers (includes gifsets), manga colourers, artists and of course newbie artists :)
+ everyone who is interested in art and is willing to support the artists in the network (though this takes less priority)

What do I have to do to join?

+ reblog to spread the word and/or like this post
+ be an active blog & posts have to be Fairy Tail related (of course, not all of them)

+ repost free blog & no hate (reposters will be blocked instantly)

+ be nice and friendly, always

What do I get for it?

+ more people to see your work (general support of new artists & edit-makers)

+ a place on the member page in the network that links directly to your blog
+ a group chat to answer questions, give advice or discuss your problems
+ new friends & followers + overall a friendly and open minded network for people who love Fairy Tail!

When you’re accepted:

+ I’ll send you a message with everything needed and further information. Please be willing to give me your email for the group chat or I won’t be able to add you!
+ track our network tag ‘#ftartistnet


PS.: I’m also searching for co-admins for both, the chat and the blog.

emmasdarkone’s mini christmas awards!

why you ask? well, only because i want to spread some christmas cheer amongst my lovely followers! ;D

r u l e s:

-  mbf this christmas nerd.

- you must reblog this post. (likes won’t be counted.)

- there will be 1 winner, and 1 - 2 runners up. (dependant on notes!)

- i hope this will get at least 50+ notes because ‘tis the season and all that jazz. 

- deadline: 18th dec. 

c a t e g o r i e s: 




THE DOCTOR AWARD: best gifs/edits.

HERMIONE GRANGER AWARD: best fanfiction. 

JESSICA JONES AWARD: best multifandom.



BELLAMY BLAKE AWARD: best overall.

EMMA SWAN AWARD: personal favourite.

p r i z e s: (under the cut)

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The amount of Richonne videos are giving me life.

I heard it being said how sad we would be when Richonne went canon.  How that would be the peak. Richonne fans would have nowhere to go but down.  Well I think it’s pretty clear not only in the amount of youtube fan videos but also the fanfics, gifsets, and metas, that we not only got our canon, but this fandom is closer, better, stronger, bigger, more inspired, and more empowered than ever.  Despite the haters and naysayers we have one of the most beautifully crafted love stories ever told.  What a wonderful time to love this ship, and to be a part of the journey that’s just getting started.  The best is yet to come friends.  I can’t wait to share it all with you.