i think this is how love is made

if you’re looking for a high risk high reward kind of way to make thursday interesting: make a list of the five most influential relationships you had in your life. i don’t mean romantic, but they can be. it doesn’t have to be people or even something tangible, a relationship with music counts. but if it is people? write out what changed you and what your journey was with them and what happened between you two. and tell them. tell them they mattered to you. watch what happens, because the plain truth is that we don’t tell people enough that their love for us made us better. just for a day, in this whole ugly world that’s trying to kill any form of kindness: be thankful. it’s important. imagine what it would be like to get that kind of affirmation that you matter. just… watch how it changes someone to hear that. i don’t know. i think it’s sort of cathartic to be vulnerable like that. but i love you. and you matter. 

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tbh i feel really guilty bc i have a really hard time caring about cows, my primary motivation for going vegan is seeing firsthand how much destruction theyve caused to the environment of my home. like i know it's not the cows fault and i want every cow to have a happy long life but at the same time like... get them out of here pls, central australia wasn't made to handle large herbivores and the damage they're doing is heartbreaking

I don’t think you need to “care” about cows or any other animal in the sense of love and admiration to advocate for their basic rights. Besides, the fault lies entirely with animal agriculture corporations and the farmers themselves as I’m sure you know. It isn’t really damage that cows are doing, it’s damage farmers are doing by breeding the cows into existence and exploiting them in the first place. 

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Have you seen the script tease where Emma and Snow are discussing the engagement? The dialogue feels very carefully constructed... like they're trying to emphasize Snow's expectations for Emma's love life! Immediately made me think of your multiverse theory

Yes! I had the same thought right away. It’s like they really want to draw our attention to how this is about Snow. It already started when she was still Mary Margaret and suggesting that Emma was in love with Graham, while Emma made it incredibly clear she wasn’t interested when she was… actually interacting with Graham. They’ve been supporting it in subtext. Like before the ball, when Emma was dressed in white, she looked so sad and uncomfortable and Snow was oblivious to it while she went on about having dreams to take her daughter for her first ball. That scene breaks my heart, cause they both want to make up for lost time in their own way.


I LOVE POEMS. I AM GENUINELY OVERWHELMED BY HOW MUCH I LOVE THAT SONG. Everything about it. The way Jake’s voice sounds when he sings the low notes. Nathan’s guitar riffs. They way you can get lost in the chorus and the way it builds.THE SECOND VERSE IN GENERAL. SERIOUSLY THAT KILLS ME. The bridge. The incredibly amazing bridge that I seriously can’t even comprehend. I’ll never forget hearing it for the first time. It was when they were in Denver and I remember thinking “holy shit this band is so fucking special.” It was such a surreal moment. It made me realize how important and how cool music really is, especially seeing it live. It was a moment that made me realize that these boys are doing what they love and I really freaking want to do the same. They had something to say, something to share with us and I’m so grateful they did. It was first song I memorized from the album. This song hasn’t been out for that long but it’s crazy how much it has effected me. It blows my mind that a song that is about a person I don’t even know can feel like a chapter of my life. I LOVE THESE BOYS SO DAMN MUCH. What hc song are you especially grateful for?

If I could time travel I’d go back to when my aunt used to keep animals and pet every one of them seperately for a long time. Sheep were my favourite always warm and they smelled relatively nice, and bunnies who lived everywhere and dug holes underneath all living houses.. that was a very magical time, and pigs who always ate those big snails and I thought that was very gross so gross it fascinated me and I was always looking for snails to give them. And those boar babies thinking about them makes me cry sometimes because some memories I have feel like a fairy tale. And that doe and raccoon, also that weird summer we kept two horses because they didn’t have anywhere else to stay and the prettiest of them really disliked me and that made me sad but he disliked everyone so it wasn’t that awful. God I love animals so much how can a person with a heart not care ?.!. ..

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what do you think about how the series ended? i've heard a lot of criticism regarding naruto just kind of perpetuating the shinobi world despite talking about how he was going to completely change it. while it's definitely possible that the next series might elaborate more on that, i feel bad that naruto's series didn't have a "real conclusion" regarding all those promises naruto made.

Okay so this took me awhile to answer because I have so many mixed feelings. At times I love the ending, and at times I hate the ending. I also wasn’t sure if you specifically meant the anime ending so I’m gonna talk about both the anime and manga.

Let’s start with the anime. It’s no big secret that I’ve often had issues with Studio Pierrot’s decision making skills, most recently with this blank period arc, i.e. reducing Sakura’s airtime compared to her original role in the novels and turning Temari into nothing but comedic relief. With that said I am still thankful that they took the time to animate the epilogue novels, and had I not actually read some of them beforehand I might actually have been very satisfied with most of their adaptions.

As for the final episode, I did enjoy it more or less. I loved seeing Naruto ask Iruka to be his father, after all this is a man that’s been there for him from the very start. I loved the sweet moments between the canon couples, although the scene between Sasuke and Sakura was definitely lacking and disappointing especially as someone who has shipped these two for the past 10+ years. I also wish we had gotten to see more of the actual wedding between Naruto and Hinata, or at least gotten the same end credit scene as they used in the last movie to make it feel more complete. Because as a series finale and despite my intense love for Naruto and Hinata as a couple, most of the episode felt a bit underwhelming and I was left thinking “is that it?”.

I have no idea why Studio Pierrot decided not to animate chapter 700, nor can I understand why they even made a Boruto movie before Shippuden finished (I do love that movie though). But like you said anon, they may have decided to leave this for the Boruto anime, but because of that we never get to see Naruto actually being the hokage in the anime (if you don’t count the movies and ovas), and everything just feels a bit incomplete for me. But alas, I take what I get, as it is too draining to spend my time actively disliking the decisions that have been made especially for a series I love so much.

Now, over to the manga. Again, for the most part I do love the ending, but that doesn’t mean that I’m satisfied and agree with everything. Unlike the anime, we do get to see Naruto being hokage here. However, because of the time skip among other things, we never get to see him actively doing anything to keep his promises to the other characters like changing the Hyuga clan for Neji (may this beautiful man rest in peace in anime heaven). He did however, keep his promise to Nagato about ending the cycle of hatred to a certain extent, as the shinobi world is now seemingly at peace, and the five villages are in an alliance.

What I don’t get about the ending (and Naruto gaiden) though, is why Orochimaru despite everything he has done, Is still allowed to roam free doing whatever he pleases. Why were there so few casualties in the war (at least for the characters we actually get to know)? And why are the two war heroes such terrible parents? Despite having grown up without parents, Naruto still neglected Boruto so much during the latter’s childhood. I get that being a hokage takes its toll, but this could definitely have been handled better. The same goes for Sasuke, who barely even spends time with his own daughter, to the point that she tries leaving the village to find him. By giving us an epilogue chapter and a semi closed ending, Kishi raised more questions than it answered. Despite showing us where the characters ended up, it feels like too much of the ending is up to us to fill with our own imagination.

Okay this ended up getting quite long and I don’t even know if I’ve answered your questions properly or if this long rambling even makes any sense to people. So long story short: Yes, overall I do like the endings but also yes, I do agree that it has a lot of disappointing flaws that leaves everything feeling incomplete. 

As a series finale for both the manga and anime, it would definitely have been better to give us an open ending like that of chapter 699/ episode 479, with Naruto returning Sasuke’s forehead protector to him, and Sasuke’s speech about what it truly means to be a ninja. That way, despite leaving everything up to our own imaginations, at least we could think that all the promises were kept and that the problems rooted deep in both Konoha and the ninja world would have been somewhat fixed .

The kids are adorable though and I’m quite excited for the new Boruto anime when everything’s said and done.

Honestly though, straight people mocking gay people without even taking a second to consider that one of more gay people may be around is so damaging to young gay, bi, pan and questioning people ect.?

Like I remember being 14 and super deep in the closet and like. I had this boyfriend, but then one day at school one of his friends made a joke about how I was probably secretly a lesbian and in love with my best friend in a very “ha ha gay people are funny” way, and the thing is. I was a closeted lesbian and I was in love with my best friend at the time and that comment literally killed me inside?? Like I can still feel the “oh god what if everyone knows and hates me and thinks I’m horrible and dirty” in my body when I think back at it and I’m actually crying as I’m typing this

We need to do better by gay kids and we need to teach our children to do better by gay kids as well

my tumblr is just progressively turning into an alteration between shitposting, crying about my ocs, and posting about hating myself, so here’s all three at once:

-I gave my Ryder a tool hairstyle and I love him so much
-I hate myself especially a lot today (mostly body image and future-me shit)
-Cody bought a ring sizer and made me test out how big my left ring finger was so that was !!!!

If I’m not responding to you on messenger/asks I’m kind of in that bad anti-social funk right now but know that i love you all


//I can’t be the only one that likes btvps like vampires can I?
+ Felix finally waking up from a thousand year slumber by Brad and having to get used to all this technology.
+ Felix being confused on how to use a computer
+ “Whats YouTube?”
+ “Whats Tinder?”
+ “Brad! What is this twerking they speak of?”
+ “Brad help me start this Channel thing”
+ “Is it on?”
+ “Brad, I have been asleep for thosand years what do kid’s find funny”
+ “Brad I am what the kids call cringy”
+ Felix slowly making his way up to the top on YouTube, by his cheer vampire charm
+ Felix making jokes about why he’s never seen outside is because he’s a vampire
+ Actually burns in the sun cause that what vampires fucking do!
+ Making meet and Greets at night
+ Felix finding people to feed on through his meet and greets
+ Felix finding Sean channel by accident
+ Felix reaching out to Sean because he sees that YouTubers do things like collab
+ “What is skype?”
+ Brad helping Felix set up a skype
+ Felix awkwardly doing his first collab with Sean
+ Sean can’t help but think Felix is cute being all awkward
+ Felix and Sean starting to film a bit more because Felix likes filming with him.
+ Felix not knowing how people flirt so he flirt the old way with Sean
+ “I have to say you’re eyes are breath taking”
+ “I would love to hold your hand at some point my love”
+ “It’s an honor just to be in your company”
+ Sean being crazy about Felix’s way of flirting
+ Felix staying up with Sean talking to him when the other boy can’t sleep
+ Sean wanting to meet Felix.
+ Sean going to visit Felix
+ Sean opening up the curtains in the living room to let in some light without telling Felix.
+ Felix hissing and getting a bad burn on his arm as he walks out to the living room.
+ Sean being freaked out and Felix trying to calm him down.
+ Felix explaining everything
+ Sean calming down eventually and listening
+ They stay friends and keep flirting while Seans there.
+ Sean smirking and saying things while they film together
+ “Oh Bite me”
+ “you act like your out for blood Fe”
+ Sean visiting every month for a week
+ Felix finally asking Sean out
+ “Can I kiss you?”
+ Sean teasing Felix about being an old man
+ Felix doing a lot of stuff the old fashioned way with their relationship.
+ “Would you ever turn me?”
+ “I’m not sure you would want that love, it’s not that great living like this”
+ “As long as I’m with you Fe I would love it”

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Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for posting the convention spending tracker, I'll be tabling in a con for the first time so I think it will be very useful for me. Also I was wondering if you have any tips for me since it's the first time I'm doing something like this and honestly I'm very nervous, thank you and love your work by the way!

Hey! I’m glad you like the spending tracker, but check out the new link I just posted - someone took it and made it into a tracker that automatically calculates itself and I’m so happy! It’s way more useful and accurate now. 

Congrats on getting your first artist alley table! I remember how nervous I was at my first convention. Honestly, it was a horrible experience. I was 18 and had several people walk up to me, say my art was ugly, sheepishly apologize, and leave. I made way too many prints and sold less than 10 of them over 3 days. It was so awful I honestly don’t know why I even signed up for another table.

I don’t mean to make you more nervous, my point is just this - don’t let your first experience define what every convention will be like for you. Each convention is unique even from year to year. There’s a lot of varying factors that go into what makes a tabling experience good, and sometimes they can be out of your control. Each time will be wildly different from the last, and you will see improvement in all areas the more you table. Here’s a few more general tips:

  • Don’t take any negative things people say about you or your art to heart. Most convention attendees are really nice and there to have a good time, but you will meet some rude dudes, especially if you start tabling often. 
  • If someone is standing in front of your table, talking at you, hogging your attention away from customers and is clearly not there to buy anything, the fastest way to get rid of them is to ignore them. This person wants to talk because they’re alone and you can’t leave your spot. I know this sounds super rude, but this has happened to me and every artist I’ve met a dozen times, and I no longer have the patience to sit and entertain this person indefinitely.
  • Take breaks! Go buy some food, get some water, go to the bathroom! It helps to bring a cloth to cover the top of your table with, so you’re not worrying about things going missing while you’re up.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to order your prints… but if you do, most hotels will allow packages shipped to them. Just call in advance to make sure, and keep in mind some of them charge a holding fee of about $20.

Wow this got longer than I intended. Good luck at your convention, and don’t worry too much! There’s tons of artist alley resources out there now, like @howtobeaconartist and animecons.org. Take a breather, do your prep in advance, and you’ll do great!

fanaticfangirl2602: I’ll be going through my dash and looking at cute and funny things, THEN THESE KIND OF POSTS SHOW UP. You constantly hurt me. I love it. You have made me veeeeery worried for Jim. O.O

i can make it less sad bc i have put way too much thought into this

i was talking to @summerweens earlier about how all of the Trollhunters are given alliterate titles like Kanjigar the Courageous, Deya the Deliverer, Unkar the Unfortunate, etc. imagine if Jim is dubbed Jim (or James) the Just in the end, bc even if he does screw up in the Dark Lands he still strives to be fair and do the right thing. Everyone makes mistakes; good people acknowledge them and work to be better and that’s what Jim’s been doing. But Jim is really hard on himself so he’s like stunned when he’s given that title. He doesn’t think he deserves it and he can’t believe the others think he deserves it, and the realization that the worlds he’s tried so hard to protect think of him highly after everything has him close to tears (if not in tears). They all bow before him and Jim doesn’t know how to react. He’s super humble and awkward about it, and for a really long time he’s not sure whether they’re right about him being just or not, but he learns to accept it and it just really warms his heart.

alternatively in a slightly less poignant version, my goofball boyfriend thinks the trolls should fake Jim out first with Jim the Generic after Toby and Claire are knighted, and then reveal Jim’s actual title. We laughed about “Jim the Generic” for a good ten minutes straight yesterday. I can imagine Toby messing with Jim about it afterward. “I don’t know, Jimbo, it’s got a nice ring to it. ‘Jim the Generic’.” “Please don’t call me that.”

Long Ask

Hey, it’s, the less romantic anon. I don’t know how long this will be, I’m sorry if it gets really long. I, was in a long distance relationship with someone since last August. She made me happier than I’d ever been, and, she helped me when I didn’t think I could be helped, when I needed it most. She was there for me, and, I really loved her. We talked about so much, how we’d be together, and be happy, spend our lives together. I was able to visit in December, I spent two weeks with her. It was the best two weeks I can remember, she made me so happy, and I loved being with her, being there, away from where I am. Those two weeks, were the only time we were actually with each other. But, a few days ago, she said she was done, that, she couldn’t deal with me. She needed to help herself. Everything we talked about, the things we could do, the happiness we’d have, all gone. She said she couldn’t deal with the stress. It makes me feel like that’s all I did, was stress her out. I miss her. I miss her so much, I loved her with all my heart. I wanted to spend my life with her, and she told me the same. When I was with her, I thought things could be better. I felt safe. All the plans, thoughts, all of it gone now. It hurts. Before her, I thought no one could love me, that I was broken, that no one would be able to stand me, let alone want me. She made me feel like that was wrong. Now that’s gone, and all I can think is that that was right. That I’m too broken. She said she’ll try to still be friends, and, I’m incredibly thankful for that. I’m thankful I won’t lose everything. But, it still hurts, losing what we had. We’ve been together so long, and, she did so much for me, for it to just, stop, is a lot. She wants to be happy, and get better. I want her to be happy, too. And if that means not being with me, then, so be it. But there’s a difference between accepting something, and wanting it. I wish so badly to be with her, but I know I can’t. So now I’m here. I have this pain, this longing for what was. And I’m trapped again. We were going to be together once summer started. But that’s gone, and there’s no way out of where I am. It’s a bad place, a bad family. If I try and do anything, I’ll rip them apart, and I have no idea where I’ll end up or what will happen. I’m scared, and I just want things to be like they were. But I know they won’t. So I’m left thinking of everything that was, everything we did and talked about. I just, I want it back. I know I can’t have it, but I want it. And I want things here to change, but if I try, so many things could go wrong. I loved her with all my heart. I still do. But I know that it’s over. And it hurts. And everything that could’ve happened won’t. And I’m here. And if I try to fix what happens here, I’ll be causing so much. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to think. It hurts. It hurts so bad. I’m sorry for talking so much, I needed to get it all out.

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• What you’re experiencing right now is very common especially after a serious relationship. There unfortunately is no secret formula to assure your full recovery after something like this as much as we would all want it. Right now it feels like its all coming at you at once and that you cant escape it. Believe it or not, i think this time should be used up as much as it possibly can, to be sad. I mean be sad and be upset, frustrated, whatever other negative emotions you may have because we’re just human after all. We wont always have those happy moments but when we’re in a place like you are in right now, it will help us appreciate ourselves more. Allowing yourself to be upset is one of the healthiest things you can do because you’re not bottling it up so that it may explode another time. Your heart was made to be prepared for all these moments in life and even though you may not believe me right now, it is preparing to give you back that happiness you once had, even if it’s not based on a relationship. I understand you may have loved her but you cannot base your whole amount of happiness on a single person. Your happiness is your own and what you need most right now is to observe yourself to find out what you really need to be happy. This moment you’re going through is your own to control, not by an ex or anybody even my own advice. All i can do is suggest what i have seen to be beneficial from both outside perspectives and my own. The harsh thing about relationships is that you cant control them, you cant change what is meant to happen. If it so happens that you two are meant to be with one another, i firmly believe it will happen. However, sometimes we must understand that people are allowed to leave us for the search of their own happiness. I’m so glad to hear that you are one of those few that can understand and accept that but its a perspective that is never preached about. We always hear about how we should not depend on somebody, live for somebody else, or stop ourselves from leaving a relationship if it means we will be happy. But with that logic comes the realistic part in which theres always another party involved. The opposite side of this is never really mentioned because it hurts to think about. Its tough to accept but i ask that you see the reason behind it and begin to accept that just because you were not her version of happiness, doesn’t mean you will not be somebody else’s version of happiness. The future will bring you many gifts when the time is set right. Don’t lose yourself or hope just yet, be patient and allow yourself the privilege to continue living for the retrieval of these well deserved gifts. Use this time to heal and experience every emotion so that you may be rested from them and be prepared to move on closer to the next step in your life. Maybe a relationship wont be the answer to your happiness and it is not always the answer. Focus on who you want to be and what your strengths and weaknesses are so that if you do decide to begin a new relationship then you can use this to make it even better than the last. And if you do find yourself thinking about falling in love again, it just means you’re already heading in the right direction. hope you heal with a healthy heart my love. nicolexx

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Love your blog! Thanks for all the Rupert updates. We need more of that. Also done watching Snatch. I love it and I can't wait for Sick Note. Do you think the NBC Tv show with Rupert is still a go?

Aww thanks!! That makes me happy. 😄

What did you think of Snatch? I looooved it!! (but then I’ve always had a soft spot for British gangster flicks. I can’t tell you how many times I watched Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels!)

I’ve honestly not heard anything more about “Imperial City” since the announcement back in 2015. If they made the pilot I feel like it didn’t go anywhere. @rupelover have you heard any updates on it? It was implied that it would have a 22 episode run so he’d have to move back to the states for filming and right now they’re already in talks about a season 2 for Snatch!! (At this point in time I’d rather have more Snatch than another american comic book show where they think it’s funny to make Rupert use an american accent. ugh!) Still no updates on a release date for Sick Note though!

Rant About Triles

I just wanted to get my thoughts out about this. When watching back all of the episodes since Tristan and Miles first meet I couldn’t help be notice something really cool. As long as Tristan and Miles weren’t fighting or broken up every episode they were in together I never once saw Miles reach for or take any narcotics ever. If this is true then we have an incredible thing that has happened. From the first episode Miles appeared in it was made apparent that he is addicted to all narcotics. This means that Tristan’s friendship and love for Miles made him stop wanting to take any kind of narcotics. This is an amazing thing to happen to someone who has been addicted to this stuff for who knows how long. This is the biggest FUCK YOU to Triles haters that has ever been on Degrassi. Their love in more powerful than anything and I think that is beautiful.

     you know i’ve had a rabbit for just over a year now, and… it’s the best decision i ever made getting one. not many people know just how loving and sweet the little things are once you’ve bonded with them. Kira’s been a source of stability, love and comfort in times I haven’t been able to reach out to others, made me smile and laugh with the silly little things he does… granted, he’s scared me sometimes with his escapes, but at the end of the day… he’s always right there with me, helping me forget about things for a while. if anyone ever thinks about getting a rabbit, i highly suggest them. they’re like a funny mix of cats and dogs.

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I get liking JT but Malcolm? He's cute but literally the epitome of mediocrity. Also why don't you like Tai?

Ummmm ….. I saw somebody last night say Malcolm is overrated? And now ur saying he’s mediocre?

Malcolm is literally one of the key factors in regards to modernizing Survivor and sending it into the Big Move/Live Tribal Council/Play to Win era of Survivor?

How could he be mediocre or overrated if he would’ve won if he made it to the end in Philippines?

IDK….. that’s a big disagree from Me, personally. I don’t see any argument for him being overrated or mediocre. Some people just don’t like his archetype or the fact that he’s one of the most loved castaways of all time (they probs think they’re being Edgy by going against the grain, it’s not new).

Tai on the other hand just doesn’t appeal to me. But I see how he appeals to casuals (the same way Rupert does, lolz). I think he’s a really bad player and I just don’t care much for the character he plays on the show? Just doesn’t do it for me!

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Okay honestly I didn't know how much I would fall in love with Won't Happen Again. Like, I really enjoyed the first chapter and I was excited when you said you would continue for an it but I had no idea I would love it so much lol. You've made Will/Erin my new favorite brotp and tbh I want more interaction between them on both PD and Med. Would you add more if you got prompts? Because if so I'll have to think of something to send you lol.

Awe thank you so much!! This made my morning. I have gotten a few more prompts so I will be adding more and I am open to more suggestions of course!! I’m going to update a chapter on each of my other stories and then I’ll get to writing these prompts. Thanks so much for your note! 😘😘

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Love your stuff! Can't wait to see the Stella/Scully one... I made an AfterDark drawing myself but I'm a bit nervous when it comes to putting it out there... :D

Thank you so much! <3

I am extremely nervous because have never made that kind of art before and have no idea how this will be received. But spent so much time painting it that I think I have no choice but show it to the world :D

I just watched Highlight’s mv and debut/comeback stage and I broke down crying. Before Infinite Beast was my favourite group. And I still think Fiction and Fact is one of the best albums ever created. I saw Dongwoon wearing Dongni Pongni on the back of his jacket and it made me so so happy. I love how they’re handling this and I wish them all the best.