i think this is hilarious idk about you

People always write fics where the turtles are suddenly human as these big serious dealios, or as overdramatic love stories, but in reality

It’d just be four very uncomfortable teenage boys.

Like, they’d spend the first ten minutes just going “whAt tHE FuCk” because oh my god they have HAIR now and holy fUCK is it ever ITCHY.

Then they’d move on to being weirded out about having tiny-ass hands and feet (“how do you guys pick up anything your limbs are so fucking SMALL”), followed quickly by freaking out about having One Of Those hanging between their legs. Like, it’d be so WEIRD for them to have something there. Like a permanent limp boner they can’t get rid of. Shit would be 100% awkward for them to have swinging around down there.

And CLOTHES, my god. They’ve never worn pants a day in their life, and now they have to wear that and More??? It’s even itchier than the hair good god.

And don’t even get me started on how badly their internal balance would be shot. No Fucking Shells, how do humans even get around like this it’s so EXPOSED feeling.

Point being it’d just be Hyper Discomfort until Donnie fixed things. That and they’d probably go be public nuisances for a few hours in daylight. (Social skills, what are those?)

Remember that one time Pete tried to drown Mickey and Goofy, decapitate Donald and pretty much brutally murder them with no remourse in a literal Disney movie?

Because I think about that sometimes.

TBT Pilot Script Notes

First off, the script introduces Kat as “gifted and overpraised as a kid” which i loved lol

When Jane is talking about the pitches she sent to Jacqueline while the girls are walking into the office there was supposed to be a line where she says “Do you think I’ll get to do the one about sexting the wrong number?” to which Kat replies “You did not seriously pitch something from my personal life!” KAT HAS SENT A SEXT TO THE WRONG NUMBER AND I AM LIVING LMAO i want @starchasertonight to write an AU ficlet where thats how she meets Adena

Richard is introduced as Richard “DICK” Hunter which i found hilarious until it said they call him that “because all the girls would like to get on his” ://

When Adena speaks Farsi when Kat shows up at her studio she’s supposed to say “Sorry, give me a second” idk if thats what Nikohl said but yeah. And Adena is actually a little bit meaner in the script. She starts off the convo by saying “I can’t believe I have to tell you this but: No means no.” Im glad they cut it.

Carl the driver tells the girls “I’ve been driving Scarlet girls around for 15 years. This doesn’t even come close to my weirdest day” lol I guess stalking exes is just a normal day at Scarlet

After Adena says “Those are illegal in my country” shes supposed to give Kat a smile and say “…but I’m well travelled” ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

So Katie was 100% right Im pretty sure the dildo packing scene was dark because they didnt have the set for Adena’s apartment ready yet. It wasnt mentioned at all that they had to do it by candle light lol

“Adena puts her hand over her own HEART. The girls make eye contact. It gets a little intense. Flustered, Kat looks away.”

After Kat asks her why she still wears the hijab Adena is supposed to say it liberates me “As do my tattoos.” which I wish they had kept.

“Kat and Adena stare at each other, a real connection forming. Who is going to be the first to look away? Suddenly, Kat’s cellphone rings.”

“They end with a firm but loaded handshake.”

“Kat turns and looks out the window. She’s thinking about her victory. But also still thinking about Adena. She feels like she has more she wants to say. Slowly she spins her chair so she’s facing away from her glassy office door. Then takes off her top. What the hell is she doing? Oh my God. She’s taking a TOPLESS SELFIE. Adena gets the picture from Kat. The message accompanying the picture says: You touched me here. Adena reacts in surprise when she sees the photo. Yes, Kat is topless. However, she’s drawn a PINK HEART over her chest.”

For the final scene where Jacqueline sees them drinking the champagne in the fashion closet theyre supposed to be making toasts. Jane says one about kicking ass at her dream job. Sutton says she thinks shes falling in love. And Kat says “I think I like a girl…”

NCT 127: Boyfriend Taeyong
  • the visuals on this kid is no joke right 
  • so he’d probably catch your eyes in a matter of seconds when you first meet him through a mutual friend 
  • it was Jaehyun probably lmao he’s been trying to hook yall up for the longest time
  • and despite your protests, you still decided to go ahead and actually meet this mysterious Taeyong character 
  • oml he’d knock the breath out of you bc he was so gorgeous 
  • but also he was struggling to breathe as well bc wtf ??? he didn’t know Jae had such an attractive friend tbfh and now he’s sweatin hella
  • conversation will come pretty easily bc he’d know what you’re interested in and etc.
  • plus he’d be amazing at making all the first move bc admit it you’d be too scared to approach him
  • no matter how cool and mysterious he tries acting in front of you…………all of that goes out the window when you say something funny and he smiles 
  • like ACTUALLY smiles like an ACTUAL sun not just a smirk
  • and that’s when you were like !!!!! I’m making him mine dammit
  • he’d be such a goofy boyfriend tbh
  • like I’d imagine he’ll never run out of compliments for you or ways to make you smile
  • and it’s so effortless man idk how he does it
  • his kids tease him all the time about this and it’s hilarious bc he’d be more embarrassed than you???????
  • it’s only bc he’s so unaware of everyone else’s presence around the both of you that he’ll literally come up behind you and nuzzle his lil nose into your neck and tickle your sides a lil
  • Johnny’s like “yall idk about the rest of u, but I’m gettin real tired of this disrespect while I’m tryna eat-”
  • sometimes he forgets that you’re not one the members
  • that he’s confused why he doesn’t see you backstage sometimes 
  • “why’s taeyong hyung looking around like a confused puppy”
  • “idk I think he’s calling for y/n again lmao”
  • I mean you can’t blame him tho you’re always chilling w/ them at practice and plus they’d always hangout at your place afterwards and sometimes crash there cough haechan cough
  • it would be an understatement to say that he’d mother you
  • but like not in an overwhelming way ?
  • does that make sense or 
  • like he’d always want to remind you to eat and stay hydrated and omfg just imagine like 
  • he’d have your schedules on his phone as well just in case you forget 
  • and he’ll send you a dozen texts bc he’s worried that you were going to be late oml
  • “y/n my love ur going to be late and miss the bus if u don’t leave now omg :o”
  • “bb relax, I know how to use a reminder on my phone lmao”
  • and you’d never tell him this but honestly it makes your heart flutter when he does stuff like that 
  • as if you needed another reason to love him agahsjdkflg;
  • he’ll always tease you about having a crush on him in the beginning 
  • and you’re like ?? boi u asked me out first, u held my hand first, u kissed me first///////
  • **shuts u up w a kiss** :)
  • he’d always be smiling in adoration @ you when he sees you w/ the NCT kids 
  • like not even playing around and causing a havoc around SM lmaoo
  • just when they come to you for advice or when they’re thanking you over and over again for bringing them a snack
  • he knows dang well they love you and appreciate you
  • but what he doesn’t know it’s bc they genuinely believe you make him a better person and a better leader and wow just imagine how emo he’d be when they tell him this
  • he just stresses less when you’re around tbh 
  • you’d probably be the only person that he’d let play w/ his hair
  • esp when he’s tired and laying in your lap
  • he’d struggle to stay awake aw 
  • he doesn’t want to fall asleep bc it feels so nice just laying there and spending time w/ you during his schedules like he just wants you to hold him
  • did I mention he loves being the lil spoon :’)
  • he’ll start off by wrapping you in his arms and then suddenly you’ll find yourself enclosing your whole body around his and playing w/ his hair and stroking his neck and the next thing you know you’re both asleep wow I want this 
  • coffee and park dates have become your guys’ thing like there’s no going back
  • he’d take hella pics of you and giggles like a lil kid when you do the same and whip out your phone
  • “everything I do is a pose, y/n”
  • yall would unintentionally match each other’s outfits sometimes 
  • like his closet is full of your over-sized sweatshirts and vice versa 
  • that you can’t even differentiate anymore tbh but hey he’s cool w/ that and it gives him a sense of belonging :’)))))))
  • like ye that’s all mine and that’s my shirt and those are my sweats and- wait y/n that better not be my snapback :o
  • Taeyong texts you pictures of him eating and he looks so adorable trying to convince you to come over 
  • also tries being nonchalant and sending you shirtless pics just casually w/ him being all sweaty and lookin like a snacc
  • he knows you can’t resist it ahahsjkkflg
  • not that you’d want to ummm
  • pls love this smol leader forever 💓

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ok but think of how hilarious even must have thought it was when he found out that sara just accepted the fact that isak started the insta account he was bitter about their break up. like 'isak,,, you're so gay. so so gay. how does she not know this.' while isak's like 'idk even! i don't claim to understand straight people!' and probably for weeks even will randomly be like 'isak. be honest. am i just a rebound for you? are you not over sara yet?'

bless this im laughing so hard

I’ve watched Maleficent like six times in two weeks because there was nothing else on TV and I’m fucking dying

Bucky as Maleficent. The king rips off his wings. He curses the king’s child to die. Queen Sarah begs for her child’s life. Bucky’s always felt bad making women cry, so he switches it to a never-ending sleep when the prince turns twenty-five instead of death at sixteen, and only true love can break the spell. The king orders for the three good fairies to take Prince Steven to a secret place and burns all the spinning wheels in the kingdom.

Steve as Princess Aurora. The fairies are slightly more competent than the movie fairies so Bucky doesn’t actually have to keep his dumb ass alive. But he is inquisitive and wanders off so he does meet Bucky and they become… friends. And Bucky feels bad about making Queen Sarah miss her child growing up but he’s also clutching onto these good memories with both hands. When Steve says Bucky’s his fairy godfather he nearly weeps. Prince Steve is good and kind and inquisitive—he’ll be a good king someday, if he finds his true love. Bucky tries to revoke the curse but can’t and is distraught. Bucky is the one that wakes Steve up with True Love’s Kiss.

Natasha as Prince Phillip. She’s supposed to get to King Rogers but there’s this fucking wall of thorns in the way fucking piece of shit and then she happens upon Prince Steve and they both talk about getting through the wall of thorns—Steve because he’s curious, Natasha because it’s her fucking job I hate my parents GOD. But they never get to because Steve runs off to the castle and pricks his finger like a dumbass so Bucky has to drag Natasha’s unconcious ass through the thorns.

And Tony as Diaval, because I can imagine Bucky turning raven!Tony into a human to save his life and Tony looking at himself and then looking at Bucky and very offendedly asking “What have you done to my beautiful self?” “Did you want to be killed?” And Tony seriously thinks about it before saying “I guess not.” Bucky sputters reluctantly.“You—you hesitated?” “Look at this body. What is this—this external genitalia. At least my face is still beautiful.” Bucky finds this hilarious and they become friends. And then more than friends. Tony worries that Bucky won’t need him now that he has his wings back but Bucky nips that in the bud by challenging Tony to races (and letting him win sometimes).

Idk I started this with stuckony in mind but now it looks like Natasha is part of it too. But I’m kind of okay with that because imagine Natasha and Tony low-key bitching about Steve and Bucky but getting offended when literally anyone else has a word to say about their lovers.

</\v/\v/\_/ HAPPY BIRTHDAY REIIII! \_/\v/\v/\>

Hello there @reimeijennoir ~
look who’s ready to make you happy today ( and forever, and ever and ever and eeeever )!

he even dressed up as fancy as possible for ya >w>)9 ! hot hot
and of course he’s got a greeeat plan what to do with you today ~~
yes yes ~ being prof. fLawless aka the ultimate Shakespeare aficionado, he demands you to answer a number of questions, you gotta get the right answer, otherwise he’ll punish you in a LOVELY way, eheh <3

I hope you don’t mind me being inspired by your tumblr header as I was thinking about what to draw for you v.v) dat hairstyle is truly NICEEE!
And then I did.. something >^>)~ idk,the jacket etc was random, at first he looked like a conductor tho, hueee !
but still hope you like iiiiiiit \(*w*)/ !! <3

jokes aside-
I really wish you to have a beautiful day! :D a supportive and cheerful person like you deserves to be happy and receives a lot of gifts ~~ <3
…and your sense of humor is GREAT :‘DDD ! like dayum-
we don’t talk that much but those topics are always hilarious- I MEAN SUPER USEFUL in a professional way ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
yep, very important topics indeed v.v)!
We’re glad to have you in the ServampFandom, seeing your ( improving! ) fanarts and other stuff ~ and I hope you’ll stay as long as possible :D ! the fandom has to exist F O R E V E R <3  I remember seeing your first fanarts you’ve submitted to incorrectservampquotes, it’s been a while! omgggg
And the times when we first talked in the tumblr chat and your reaction to the undress-your-waifu service, hahahaaaa <3 // youknowwhatImean
it’s always fun with you >w>)! so take care of yourself my angel ~~~!

lastly again :
* o° .H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y  . °o * ! :M

anyway things that were amazing about 2x11
  • VISUALLY what a lovely episode!!!! that awful green colour grading from 2a seems to be gone (or mostly gone) and yeah, the lighting is still dark, but i feel like they’ve finally struck the appropriate balance between season “looks like a commercial’ one and season “who the fuck even is in this scene?” 2a lol. like if you look at the rooftop scene from 2x05 compared to 2x11, it’s night and day. 
  • speaking of visual effects, did anyone else love love love the way the end part of the episode looked, when azazel was fuckin screaming into everyone’s ears or whatever? the pentagram and everything and then like the ash and i really liked the effect where azazel evaporated into bats or what fuckin ever
    • GOLDEN EYES JACE HOW COOL IS THIS plus basically that whole badass leap and sword thing whatever you wanna call it i just loved that whole thing it’s like this really really cool mythology coming to life and i really liked the aesthetic of it all with the glowing runes and eyes
  • azazel recognizing magnus was my favourite thing in the entire world tbh like ohhh man i really hope they go down this route when they’re exploring magnus’s backstory and the way alec in the background just kind of looks between them…..is there anything better than this 
  • starting from the top, i really love the institute courtyard set! i don’t think we’ve seen it before? but anyway it was really nice and it set a really cool atmosphere for both the demon summoning scene and the parabatai sparring scene and i really hope we see more of it 
  • and uhhh speaking of the parabatai sparring scene…. i mean…..is there anything better than this just tbh
    • like i said before i love the set and the atmosphere of it i thought it was super cool and it wasn’t even that poorly lit for being at night lol and the music was nice! i love the kind of electro techno what fuckin ever im too old for this stuff they play during the sparring scenes
    • and the fight choreography this season has been out!!!! of this!!! world!!!! personally i loved the sword/axe fighting they did but the hand to hand was just as fun and more cute and almost like play fighting between brothers and i just loved it 
    • the teasing!! the smiles!! just a really good lighthearted scene that didn’t feel extraneous either 
  • okay hate climon if you will but that scene was really pretty visually
    • the attempted hug between jace and simon had me in stitches dom and alberto are so perfect at their dynamic whether you ship it or not it’s fantastic 
  • im glad we’re seeing a more increased presence of the clave because it’s only appropriate and it rounds out the world better and is hopefully going to make certain things implied about the clave more explicit
    • plus……herondale reveal…….soon hopefully lol
  • ive seen that restaurant multiple times in person that azazel decimated and i think that’s a cool fun fact irrelevant to everyone but me 
  • I LOVED THE SCENE between alec and izzy….like i did not like the yin fen plot but it seems like we’re wrapping that up thank god…and it was just so damn sweet!!!! alec is so sweet and nurturing and caring isn’t he :)))))
    • oh lord that sweet sad little smile that they exchanged when he said “they all think you have the flu” kill me now that was perfect 
    • matt and em have such a damn perfect dynamic and chemistry it kills me every single time and em was also fantastic in all of the withdrawal scenes
    • when she’s trying to put her makeup on is especially touching and i think it’s as good a character moment for izzy as we’ve gotten recently and i really liked it 
  • motherfuckin luke alpha garroway that was so badass and i loved every damn second of it (plus idk about you but that “detective garroway” was nice)
    • luke being 100% done with ollie was hilarious and i loved it 
    • his excuse about taking notes on his phone was great too i just loved that whole scene tbh
  • loved the moments between simon and maia!! i’m so glad they’re not trying to put any unnecessary drama between them and just having them move on and stay friendly with each other!! 
  • magnus’s outfit basically saved my life so there’s that 
    • i want his coat and someone in that costume department deserves literal emmys
    • plus whenever magnus just….knows everything….all the time…… i love it
  • love the boyfriends working together!! solving problems!! helping each other out like real people do and i also really liked the aesthetic of the scene with that garbage can fire lighting it up….probably not gonna be fun as a gifmaker but it looked cool as hell (esp with that coat)
  • GOODBYE!!! UNECCESSARY!!! INCEST!!! ANGST!!! hello to a sweet and healthy relationship being allowed to form w/o unnecessary incest angst :)))
    • i actually loved the scene between the two of them right after, when clary is a little bit upset and tells jace to “feel something” i feel like it’s really indicative of the different ways they look at the world and themselves and yes i enjoyed it 
  • cute bonding moment between luke and maia!!! im really glad that they’re acknowledging the problems while not ruining their relationship, because i love it a lot and it just really shows how much trust maia has in luke and vice versa
  • the scene……..with………….jace and alec on the rooftop……….is there anything better than this……i just love how it was completely wordless and yet you understood the emotions perfectly and the little pat alec does on jace’s head fuck me up man
    • more scenes like this please where emotions aren’t thrown in our face through over-expressive dialogue and the actors are allowed to act because holy shit it was perfect
  • speaking of which, SUBTLETY!! with ollie being potentially ??? who knows with that pic she took of luke and maia, plus the tiny little hints (i mean we all know who he is but if we didn’t) about sebastian (also kudos to will tudor for a fantastic first episode!!) like the way he talks about jocelyn which is some pretty sick dramatic irony for us at this point, and the weird hand burn thing he was doing……i really liked it and i think will is gonna be amazing and i’m excited to see what’s next
    • like it’s not punching us in the face with information and i really appreciate that 
  • alec and izzy’s phone call!!! it’s so cute and im so glad they’re handling their conflicts in character because they just care and love each other so so so so so much and you can see that so clearly and i love it 
  • though im not a fan of the trope in this context, i cannot fucking wait to see harry shum fuckin jr killing the game next episode because he will and it will be phenomenal tbqh

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I absolutely love everything about this blog. I just got one question, Jeff still loves his brother here, right? Maybe it's just me, I just think it's a lot better they don't hate each other. Either way, I think this is hilarious and your art is great. Hope you're having a nice day! :)

OOOHG i have such mixed feelings about this…I don’t think jeff ever hated liu (or at least i like to think so lmaooo) and maybe deep down liu still loves jeff but like

jeff did kill their parents and pretty much ruined liu’s life so like…it would make sense for him to hate jeff lol. idk liu is such a cool+complex character to me, imo he deserves more attention!!

anyway here’s a doodle of some pre-angst boys for ya

Day #5: High School AU!

Selfie! Hoo boy this one took a long time to do! So this one was due yesterday but better late than never maybe??? Meh.

I’ll post a little doodle of Tom Tord clothes swap because I’m a little scared to post NSFW on here soooo. Anyway, for now, I hope you like them!

(idk about you guys but i think it’s hilarious to look at really bad selfies you took a long time ago)

Something’s Fishy

“But Poll…I wanna see the fish.”

“The fish? Not the horses?” She asked confused and you just nod you head eagerly with closed eyes while you frivolously sipped your drink.

“Well you can’t go home Y/N, the grooms not supposed to see the bride the night before.”

“I know I know but I don’t wanna see Tommy, I wanna see the fish.”

“Oh come on Poll just take her to see the damn fish so she’ll shut the hell up.” 

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Rich Goranski X tall! Reader


Requested: yeppers my dude

  • We all know Rich is short
  • You were tall
  • Let’s start of with how you met
  • Okay so he probably knew about you in freshman year, but he was too insecure to talk to you
  • So then he got a squip
  • and he finally had that balls to talk to you!
  • Problem is.. when he approached you, he noticed..
  • You were tall.
  • Like, everybody was taller than him but this kinda shocked him for some reason??
  • He had only been admiring you from afar so he hadn’t expected you to be so t a l l
  • He was like
  • ‘Fuck it, I’ll take a shot’
  • ( he def asks you out on Laser dome as your first date )
  • ((You accept))

  • Fast forward a little bit

  • Rich was now popular and his partner was
  • Drumroll
  • You
  • Okay so he was short
  • We all are aware of that
  • But since you were taller you teased him n o n s t o p
  • “Hey babe” “Jake did you hear anything? I heard a voice” “fuck you I hate you”
  • Rich is so grumpy about you being taller
  • (((((We all know he’s still topping oops))))))
  • But you think it’s hilarious
  • You like, ruffle his hair and treat him like a kid
  • He always uses snarky remarks or dirty idk it depends on his mood
  • “Aweee look at this little boy, he’s so cute I could eat him up” ”How about you use that big mouth of yours for something better than insults?”
  • Or
  • “Go ahead. I’m waiting”
  • B l u s h
  • He always gets so frustrated cause he can’t reach up when he wants to give you a lil smooch
  • You annoy him even more by standing tall
  • He growls and grabs onto your shirt, pulling you down and slamming his lips onto your.
  • He’s standing on his tippy toes
  • He’s so cute
  • You kiss back obvs

  • Lo t s of meme references
  • You both love memes sooo
  • It’s an everyday thing for you
  • Rich, has his whole room covered with memes. Like he just prints them out and puts them everywhere he can
  • It’s art
  • “The floor is lava” “sHIT” *jumps on nearest lunch table*
  • Rich loves too many memes like even the offensive ones
  • Once he said an offensive joke with a slur in it which really offended you
  • You got kind of quiet and glanced down
  • He quickly apologized and made up to it by watching moves and c u d d les

  • Also after the squip goes away you adore his lisp
  • He becomes really good friends with Michael cause they’re both memers fight me
  • That’s all
  • I love Rich


GOT7: walking in on you dancing to “Magnetic”

the dance practice for Magnetic always cracks me up because I see BamBam’s outfit and his hair and I just can’t deal with it

But Jinyoung’s moonwalk !!! why does no one ever talk about it 

also I want to apologize for how meme this got idk how to explain it I just went nuts


a/n: my favorite gif of him just look how fluff he is I’m gonna scream

Mark would know something was up when he heard “Magnetic” blaring from the other room and would probably think you were trying to prank him or something, awh. When he tentatively opened the door to see you throwing yourself around to the rhythm, he’d lose his shit because not only is this hilarious, it’s also really really cute oh my god. When you asked him to join you, he’d gladly oblige, jumping around the room and totally disregarding the original choreography 


Jaebum would be surprised to walk in on you… dancing… to one of his songs and, like Mark, would think it was really adorable. You wouldn’t have to ask him to dance with you, because he’d just sort of start jamming right then and there. I think he’d try to teach you some of the original choreography, teasing you about how much you love the song the whole time. Oh, on that note, he’d tease the crap out of you for this incident, but whenever “Magnetic” came on from that point on, he’d smile and remember and feel all fluffy inside


Jfc Jackson would have so much fun with this. When he caught you dancing, he’d start screaming and cheering you on, calling himself your fanboy and asking for your autograph jfc why so extra tho. Of course he’ll dance when you ask him to, but would probably be even more extra than you, exaggerating his every movement beyond what you thought was humanly possible. He’d probably stray from that at some point, though, and try to act as sexy as possible to make you fawn over him don’t do it girl


Jinyoung would act like he was annoyed with you at first, but you’d be able to tell he was joking around. He’d watch you for a few minutes, a small smile on his face because wow he loves you a lot, you dork. He wouldn’t dance unless you asked him at least five times, though. But when he did, I get the feeling he’d go hard. You’d be one of the lucky few on this planet to see Jinyoung get lit af. I’m very jealous


Youngjae is here for this, okay. He’d think you were absolutely adorable when you were jumping around all happy to one of his songs and would have the most joyful expression on his face as he joined you, taking your hand and spinning you around the room. Having an extra af dance session with this boy would be very cute and would probably involve at least three dance competitions filled with the worst dancing the two of you could manage


Did you say extra??? BamBam lives for extra. He would laugh and make fun of you when he first walked in on you dancing, but would think it was really cute anyway that doesn’t mean he’s not videotaping this tho. When you asked him to dance with you, you better expect some dabbing because that’s his thing, it’s his life. After that, I can see him attempting to teach you the choreography, but he wouldn’t be very great at explaining all the steps, so you would both just sort of descend into a dab-filled hell


Ok, so Yugyeom, like BamBam, would tease you mercilessly for this, but of course he thinks you’re adorable because moments like this are his favorite part of relationships. That said, he will do one of two things when you ask him to dance with you: either he will be absolutely ridiculous and dab the whole time omg no or he will dance seriously and try to impress you

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Thinking about WDDM Chloe makes me think what she would though pf Adrien's crush on Nette. "Soo... you like a younger girl. Why?" "You wouldn't understand" *Chloe sees Mari, she's beeing adorable/badass* "Okay, eighter you gonna make a move or I'm gonna spread my gay vibes" "You're not even gay" "I could be for her" *idk don't mind me, I just need to go to sllep*

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If we didn’t already have plans for Chloe, this would be a hilarious conversation idea for them!  XD

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Honestly as someone who grew up with the 80s Voltron I'm uncomfortable with everyone here laughing at Lotor being mistreated in the old show. As a kid I really felt for him and seeing everyone laugh and hoping this is gonna be in the new show is kinda 😰😰 for me. Everyone in the 80s loved him for being put upon but never submitting to the abuse so idk why modern audience feels differently

I think if you think seriously about the stuff that happen in DotU then you will understand Lotor just wanted to be loved and never was, and was constantly bullied by everyone around him. But I feel like the modern audience perceives old voltron as more of a comedic series, so people dun really get in too deep into stuff? Like everything about it is funny from today’s perspective. EVERYTHING

And like ok, first when I watched it it was hilarious, and Lotor is kinda obnoxious and creepy in a way, so he did deserve some of the stuff, and I did like all the jokes about him, cause they were funny.

But then at some point you kinda begin to feel for him… And I remember there was this one part where Allura says something like

“No one can love Lotor!” and the Voltron team all laugh


(And that is the story of how I adopted Lotor haha. )

And I know Lotor was like super popular and loved character back then, (and people wanted him and Allura to get together more than her and Keith haha) so in a way they did something right with that character.

So I hope that they do keep that “Lotor being a loser but never gives up“ part in VLD, and even the abusive relationship with Zarkon, because it makes him a relatable character, and I know VLD won’t make a joke of these things but will expand upon these issues.

So yeah..

I honestly dunno how they can top DotU Lotor in VLD… I just love DotU Lotor so much I dun feel like I could love any other version more haha, but we’ll see.

Lip Balm

Title: Lip Balm

Summary: Dan and Phil leave the next Danisnotonfire video up to the fans and they vote for the lip balm challenge. 

Relationship: Phan

Characters / Pairing: Dan Howell, Phil Lester

Word Count: 2,139

Warnings: M/M, some serious swearing (I mean, come on guys… It’s Dan we’re talking about here), some bants (meaning banter - lmao it just looks some weird ship name for pants), we got a little bit o’ making out (dayyuuuum but I guess you can kind of assume from the summary??), FLUFFFFFFFF, humour (well idk it depends on if you think it’s funny - personally i think i’m fukin hilarious but idk that’s probs just me), friendstolovers yo

AU where Dan and Phil aren’t married.

Or the one where Dan gets distracted by kissing Phil and forgets to guess the flavour. #friendstolovers


There’s a long pause before Dan finally breaks the silence.

“This is actually happening.”

The camera is on a tripod and rolling, the lights are focused on their faces, and there’s a bag beside each of their feet.

This is actually happening.

They’re sitting on Dan’s bed next to each other and Dan can’t help but feel extremely nervous.

“Hello internet! So last week, we had just returned from New York and couldn’t think of any video ideas. Instead of making an incredibly generic overdone video, we turned to you guys!” Dan explains enthusiastically.

Phil is just nodding along and glancing at Dan every now and then, adding another layer of extra pressure.

“We asked you all to come up with an idea for my next Danisnotonfire video, and the percentage was overwhelmingly outweighed by one specific idea. You’ll never guess what it was…” He trails off, giving the camera an extremely annoyed expression. “A generic, overdone video.”

Phil chuckles from next to him, causing the corner of Dan’s mouth to twitch but he stills it mentally and keeps talking. “We asked you guys for an idea to avoid a generic video, and you guys voted for a generic video.”

“You might want to tell them what we’re doing, Dan.” Phil reminds him patiently, a hint of laughter still in his voice.

Dan shoots Phil a look and retorts, “Calm your titballs there, Lester! I’m getting to it.”

Phil shakes his head and Dan ignores this.

“Today - because an overwhelming 76% of you asked for it - Phil and I will be doing…”

His flatmate drums on the post of Dan’s bed.

“The lip balm challenge!” Dan announces as Phil ends his reckless drumroll.

“I think I’ve seen this before,” Phil comments, looking curiously over at Dan. “Isn’t this for couples?”

“It is indeed,” Dan agrees with a sigh. “Basically, how this will work is person A will put on a blindfold, then person B puts on a chosen flavour of lip balm and locks lips with person A. Person A will have to guess which flavour it is that person B has on.”

“Dan and I went to the dollar store because Dan’s cheap and-”

“I am not cheap!”

“-We bought five different flavours of lip balm.” Phil explains, ignoring Dan’s interjection.

Dan huffs and goes to pull the lip balms out of one of the bags at their feet. “But - of course - we couldn’t go to a bath & body store without Phil buying
a thousand bath bombs and facial moisturizers.”

Phil crosses his arms indignantly. “That’s not true! Besides, you like them too.”

Dan smirks as he holds up the lip balms and prepares to name the flavors for the camera. “Touché.”

He holds the lip balms up higher so they are definitely in the shot. “These are the five flavours we chose.”

He hands two to Phil and takes three for himself. “Here I have Rosemary Eucalyptus, Tangerine Lime, and Cocoa.”

Phil checks his lip balms too. “I have Grapefruit Clove and Cinnamon Mint.”

“So - with that in mind - I guess we will begin. Are you ready Phil?”

“I’m ready!”

“Then let’s get started.” Dan turns and grabs the familiar red blindfold from the bag at his feet and looks at Phil. “Who wants to go first?”

“I want to go last,” Phil says quickly. “I want to know what each one tastes like on my lips before I go.”

Dan sighs and his heart starts to pick up pace. “I guess I’ll go first then.”

He hands the blindfold to Phil and turns so that Phil can tie it around his head.

As soon as it covers his eyes, Dan gets a lurch of panic that sparks through his body.

No matter what, there’s no going back now.

He can no longer see anything coming so he has no time to prepare.Taking a deep breath, Dan sticks his palm out with the lip balms he has in Phil’s general direction until he feels their weight relieved from his hand.

Folding his hands in his lap (because what the fuck else is he supposed to do with them), Dan feels his other senses kick into hypersensitive mode.

He’s aware of Phil’s presence, of the racing of his heart beat, of the the blood pumping through his body, he can taste the saliva in his mouth, he can smell the lack of fresh air caused by not opening a window in a while.

Everything is beginning to overwhelm Dan from all of the information his senses are sending his brain.

“Do I just show which one I chose to the camera?” Phil asks suddenly, startling Dan by his spontaneity.

“Er, yeah sure. I’ll edit in a count of how many points we have after we finish filming.” He adds.

Phil goes quiet again and Dan just assumes that he’s showing the camera his choice of lip balm and putting it on.

“Alrighty Daniel, pucker up!” Phil exclaims cheerily.

Dan’s heart trips over itself at the childish words.

He can literally feel the space between them getting smaller and smaller.

His last fleeting thought is, ’fuckity fuckity fuck’.

Then a pair of soft, warm lips wrap around his top one and his brain goes white.

He is too shocked to react, but Phil’s lips move at a perfectly paced tempo, slowly coaxing Dan’s body into reacting.


Dan’s lips twitch against Phil’s and suddenly they’re moving in sync, harmonizing in the beautiful symphony Phil has started.

And fuck this is so good.

Somehow, his hand finds its way to his best friend’s cheek and Dan stabilizes the kiss, relishing the taste and feel of Phil’s lips on his own.

They’re so soft and delicate and Dan’s almost afraid Phil’s bottom lip will just slip right out from between his own, but it doesn’t.

The next thing he knows, Phil’s pulling away and Dan makes what has to be the most mortifying noise of disappointment he’s ever made in his life.

His cheeks flush crimson and there’s just no point in hiding it now.

“What’s your guess?”


“What flavour do you think it was?” Phil repeats.



Dan was supposed to be guessing what flavor of lip balm Phil was wearing.

But he was too caught up in actually kissing Phil than guessing what flavour the bloody ChapStick was.

“I didn’t really get that great of a taste.” Dan admits awkwardly. “Could I get another go?”

Phil laughs and Dan’s ears perk at the sound.

He opens his mouth to speak again when he’s cut off by Phil’s lips connecting with his own.

And he’s sucked right back into Phil’s addictive lip-lock.

Focus Dan! You want to win this thing, don’t you?

Forcing himself to stop twirling in the high that is Phil’s kiss, Dan tries to focus on tactics to get a better taste of the lip balm.

Lick it off.

His stomach flutters at the thought, but it does make logical sense.

Here goes nothing.

Dan slowly lets his tongue venture out and glide innocently along Phil’s lower lip.

And the whine that Phil makes is so fucking hot.

Swallowing a groan, Dan gently sucks Phil’s bottom lip into his mouth, licking it with long, precise strokes.

He definitely recognizes that flavour.

A small moan - so small Dan almost can’t hear it - is released from Phil as Dan sucks skillfully on his lower lip and Dan literally has to pull himself away so he doesn’t jump Phil then and there.

Their lips disconnect with a soft popping sound and Dan resists the powerful urge to lean back in.

That can wait for another time.

Instead he clears his throat and says, “That was definitely eucalyptus. Whatever that eucalyptus flavour was, it was that one.”

“Rosemary Eucalyptus?” Phil muses.

“Yeah sure, whatever.” Dan waves it off.

He holds his breath as Phil is silent for a moment.

“I… I think you’re right…?”

“I’m right. I know eucalyptus when I taste it.” Dan says confidently.

“Should I move onto the next one?”


“Alright. How many am I doing again?”


“Right. Well, I’ll tell you when I’m done, okay?”

“Fine by me.”

And Dan’s forced to wait again.

He can’t help but wonder why he’s always refrained from kissing Phil.

He knew deep down he was scared. Not because of sexuality or fans or anything like that, but scared of losing Phil.

Before Phil is anything, he is Dan’s best friend and Dan would cry himself to sleep every night if Phil left him.

It’s sad, but it’s the truth.

“Phil, I- mmfph.” Dan begins to express these thoughts to him when he’s - again - cut off by Phil’s lips and he nearly passes out.

How does this get better every single time they do it?

He goes for the tongue quicker this time, opening his lips against Phil’s and gently tugging his lower lip into his mouth, the slow suction releasing a strong flavour of cinnamon.

Dan immediately pulls away and gags, coughing as he turns to face away from Phil.

“Are you alright, Dan?” Phil asks worriedly.

Dan doesn’t respond, instead attempting to swallow away the overwhelming flavour.

Once he can speak again, he chokes out the word, “Cinnamon.”

Phil gives him the point.

Eventually - by the time they’re switching - Dan’s blindfold is untied and he flinches at the bright lighting, giving his eyes a moment to adjust.

Phil offers him the blindfold and Dan smiles and takes his, tying it gently around Phil’s head and securing the knot.

“Fifty shades,” he says in a false husky tone as he finishes.

Phil barks out a laugh and Dan chuckles as well, mentally going through his lip balm options.

Which will Phil not guess?

He settles with Cocoa and holds it up to the camera to show the viewers. He is then uncapping the lid and putting it onto his lips until they’re slick and flavourful.

Dan turns to look at Phil and warn him of his advance, but his eyes soften when he sees the sight presented to him.

Phil is sitting in front of him with his knees pulled up underneath him in a cross-cross position and a cute smile spread across his lips.

For this reason, Dan has no trouble crawling forward on hands and knees and connecting their lips softly.

Phil squeaks in surprise and Dan chuckles breathily through his nose.

After a few seconds, Phil gets more adventurous and rolls Dan’s bottom lip between his teeth to get the flavour off of it.

Dan moans.

He literally moans.

Like… Sexually.

And his cheeks flush with embarrassment, but Phil doesn’t seem bothered by this at all, instead continuing the action with more confidence, leaving Dan in a wrecked state when he pulls away to answer.

“That’s chocolate,” Phil announces, wiping his lips on the back of his hand.

Dan pouts. “You weren’t supposed to get that.”

“I thought it was cinnamon at first, actually. Then I realized it was richer and I knew it was chocolate.”

Dan nods, tasting some off of his lips. “Alright Phil, I’m about to choose the next one so I need you to be quiet, which I know is quite challenging for you.”

Phil sticks his tongue out at Dan and the brunet laughs.

Holding up the Grapefruit Clove flavour, he makes sure that it’s focused and visible.

He applies it to his lips and crawls forward to press them to Phil’s.

Phil - clearly not expecting this - turns his head and they bump noses.

Fuck!” Dan exclaims, clutching it as he retreats.

Phil cringes and grabs at his own too. “Ouch! You could’ve warned me, Dan.”

“I wasn’t expecting you to turn your head, you acorn!” Dan retorts, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Phil sighs and Dan softens a bit.

“… I’m sorry,” he says quietly.

A small smile finds it’s way onto Phil’s lips and Dan’s heart stutters.

“It’s alright, Dan. I should’ve waited for your cue to move anyway.” Phil consoles, reaching out for Dan’s shoulder blindly.

Dan snickers and moves so that it does.

“I’m going to go for it now, if you’re cool with that?”



And Dan leans forward, colliding heaven and Earth once again as their lips meet.

He melts into the kiss and they slowly begin to morph into more lip-sucking (purely for the tasting aspect of course…) and lip-rolling.

Dan even gives into the urge to lean back in and peck Phil’s lips a last time before pulling away.

They play this game again after the video is finished, as well.

They claim it’s to taste all of the flavours, but they both know very well that this is a load of massive horseshit.

Fuck cherry lip balm, Dan’s new favourite flavour is Phil.


anonymous asked:

leela you make laugh because you are the sappiest person trying to pass off as being cold and rational but really youre so mushy it's hilarious

its true, idk why anyone would honestly turn to me for rationality when anytime i think about dnp or romance in general im just like

Remember when someone sent me a very misogynic (among many other things) nasty anon about how I must be ugly and only id as ace because “no one wants me” and how I’m a freak and a waste of space and not deserving of being called a human being etc.

And I’m pretty sure it was one of the anons where at least one exclusionist accused me of having sent it to myself because… idk apparently no one would actually say that shit? Despite what nasty crap many ppl had already said publicly in this mess hundreds of times before (and don’t even get me started on the threats/death wishes)

And now you have like dozens or (looked like it but I didn’t go through them) hundreds of notes on a very vile post agreeing aces and aros are overall just ugly freaks no one wants. and those people think it’s hilarious and they go “haha this is mean to say but also it’s true” and make a big joke of it and talk about how funny it is we’re getting upset about it and shit

And look everyone involved in “discourse” who either agrees with that shit OR has spent all this time ignoring it and similar crap and is part of the crowd that claims no one here hates aces and aros and we’re just imagining it/making it up because “lol ace tumblr wanting to be oppressed”: You’re all horrible you’re really shitty people you don’t even see us as fucking human and that you think treating us like not-people is of no consequence or funny says everything about you and nothing about us (except that we have to put up with some seriously vile shit)

Like holy shit “ace discourse” is the most toxic crap and you all need to stop fucking dehumanizing aces and aros wtf