i think this is hilarious

I don’t always post artwork of my original characters…

…but when I do, they’re drawn on the pages of my Oliver score.  

I’m still laughing about Henry Rollins getting turned down for the role of Negan. Like, the guy who actually inspired Negan’s entire look physically showed up in his Negan body and the casting director was like ‘nah.’ 

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NGL there is this one dude who sometimes comes in to my store and I 100% am flirting with him. And my coworkers think it's hilarious because I'm too socially awkward to do more than flirting even though he flirts back. I don't waste time, I follow store procedures, and I do everything right. And then the other cashier behind me is trying so hard not to laugh. Thanks ladies, lol.

One of you has to make a move eventually. lol -Abby


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1) When I was little and had imaginary friends, I gave myself an imaginary friend’s little brother to hang out with too. 

2) Because I wanted a little brother, but never got one (my sister is 3 years older than me and had no interest in digging for worms, catching snakes or hunting for goblins).

3) The closest I ever came to asking where babies came from was when I was 4 and asked for a baby brother for Christmas

4) All my invisible friends lived on the roof or in our attic

5) My sister and I once tricked a couple of her friends into briefly thinking they’d drowned me by pushing me into the pool.  (Ok this probably needs elaboration: I was like 8 or 9 so she was probably 12 and there were driving bricks at the pool, so i just swam and got the brick I’d been arguing with them about after they pushed me in, but they didn’t know i could swim and my sister did not enlighten them until I snuck up on them and enacted vengeance by pushing them into the pool…..)

6) I started playing the violin when I was 7, after pestering my parents for probably at least 2-3 years if I could because I was obsessed with Fantasia (don’t ask me how I knew the difference between the instruments, I have no idea).

7) I have never watched The Fox and the Hound and have no intention of doing so!

8) We had a creepy af shed in our backyard for years growing up and I was terrified of it because I was convinced I saw a skeleton walking out of it (this is probably one of the reasons my parents wouldn’t let me watch anything remotely scary)

9) My friends irl call me the cat whisperer because strange kitties will come and greet me and I’m the person that normally anti social cats come out to greet (give me all of teh kitties)

10) Speaking of pestering my parents, I pestered them about getting a cat FOR YEARS until I was 11 and one of my friend’s cat’s had kittens and I just flat out told them I was getting one one night at dinner.  My sister laughed at me, but joke was on her, I got a kitten finally.

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i’m tired af as i predicted and watching buffy the vampire slayer.

sidenote: i think it’s hilarious how they’re like “wow willow ur a powerful wicca”

I have seen Christianity called the Jesus Fandom a couple times on this website (which personally I find hilarious.) So I was thinking, can we have a Fandom name for Judaism? We can call ourselves the Torah Fandom and have ship wars over Jacob x Rachel or Jacob x Leah.

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I feel like im getting a rough read on Corrins personality. Like im reading the supports, but i feel Corrin is too plain in any of them. Like hes always the 'straight man' in a comedy routine. .....I feel hes too normal is what im saying. Which is funny considering his crazy background.

I think it’s another thing players can judge him badly for but I personally think it’s hilarious ^^ As someone who’s usually the (only) “straight man” in every funny situation, I was able to really relate to him in his supports thanks to that. He’s calm but you can see his stillness varies depending on who he’s talking to, as his patience wears off faster with some characters: when he understands that Laslow wants to use him to attract girls and not “actually” have lunch/tea/whatever with him, he turns cold and irritated; Odin confuses him and exhaustes him; Peri dumbfounds and worries him… while he acts like a curious and eager-to-learn-more-about-his-mom kid with Orochi; like a kind, protective but somewhat strict older brother to Elise and like an embarassed “adult wannabe” with Camilla (which actually shows an immature side of him). His background (and those close to him) is crazy, but he’s not. I wouldn’t say Kamui is “plain” (or maybe he is, and in this case I sure am as well): there’s the fact that everything and everyone around him is insane, extreme or extravagant, while he’s just… calm. I think the contrast gives this impression. Yes, of course, he’s a very flawed character and I know like everyone complains about his personality but hey, I don’t really care. I really like him.

Still, it’s pretty funny xD

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Favourite scene about Poker Pair? Sexy headcanon about them?

Favorite scene? Like, from dgm manga or a scenario I like to think about them in? I’ll just answer both lol

From dgm my favorite scene with Tyki and Allen is definitely the one in the ark where they’re all pretending to have dinner. I think it’s hilarious, and definitely shows Allen’s darker side. The entire conversation, how Allen stabs the tease, and then walks across the table ready to fight, was such a nice change of character.

As for a scenario, I always default to modern aus because canon is impossible to work with. I love thinking of Allen trying hard to have a nice and good life you know, going to school, working, being a model citizen, but being unable to separate himself from his roots - lying, cheating, gambling, etc. And there is where Tyki exists, someone who knows both sides of Allen’s and encourages him to keep both. That secrecy, camaraderie, even dependence is so great. Allen disappearing for days and staying at Tyki’s, because there’s no pressure or expectations - just easy criminal fun lol.

And sexy headcanons? laugh I might be the wrong person to ask - I’m more fluff and heart break. I’m hesitant to tread there because of how often Tyki is….negatively portrayed.

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lmao i find it hilarious how these losers think crytyping will get them out of the deep deep hole they dug themselves

And sending their uwu friends after us