i think this is her new trend

I don’t know the ins and outs of it, but if you look at the trend of how many years are between each album then [new work from Taylor] does seem likely. But I think she is enjoying her time off - I don’t think there’s any rush. She has kept a very low profile, and the music will speak for itself.
—  Ed Sheeran on what’s next for Taylor in The Sun
A NEW album from TAYLOR SWIFT will be released this year, predicts her BFF Ed. He says: “I don’t know the ins and outs of it but if you look at the trend of how many years are  between each album then it does seem likely. But I think she is enjoying her time off – I don’t think there’s any rush. She has kept a very low profile and the music will  speak for itself.”
—  Ed Sheeran, in the Sun (x)

For any woman who decided to stop shaving, or wishes to stop, and is afraid of public embarrassment, shaming, being called out, judged, and degraded for it, here’s a list of good comebacks for anyone who makes inappropriate comment!

  • do you tell that to men
  • you should start telling that to men
  • you want to tell me men and women aren’t equal? we have to shave and they don’t? (watch them try to wiggle out of that one lol)
  • i’ll start doing it when all men start doing it, every single one
  • you know what is disgusting, when men do this same thing, leave their hair as it is, I hate it, and yet you don’t see me harassing them
  • why can men walk around like this then?
  • wake up women shaving is capitalistic propaganda
  • women only started shaving in 1915, when razor companies figured they could get more money if they shame women for their leg and armpit hair
  • do you think I’m going to give my money to razor companies? to rich old men?? for what purpose? so they wouldn’t shame me? get out of my face
  • entire population of women was literally bullied into shaving and now you’re trying to bully me into it? good job
  • what would i gain from shaving my legs tho
  • not shaving legs already helped me locate the mysgonist congrats its u
  • did you ever feel the wind blowing through your leg hair ur missing out
  • it’s a new trend its called being good enough as you are
  • it’s a new trend its called who the fuck would i have to shave my legs for
  • it’s a new trend its called protecting your skin from infections
  • you just laugh, but i’m the one saving money
  • I decided to educate men they might not be aware that every single woman grows hair all over her body you’re welcome you’re smarter now
  • it’s special unicorn hair only certain women should grow it u should try it
  • do you really think if you shame me enough you can control me
  • shaving trend ended last week didn’t you hear? this must be embarrassing for you 
  • don’t be jealous, i know my leg hair is pretty but i’m sure yours could be too if you tried harder
  • add more!
Bilogy-(Isaac Lahey)

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Characters: Lydia Martin, Allison Argent, Malia Tate, Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Isaac Lahey and (Y/N)

Word Count: 817

Warnings: none

Pairing: none

Summary: (Y/N) is new to Beacon Hills High School, and immediately becomes smitten with the one and only, Isaac Lahey.

(A/N) Legit just a little drabble I put together, I’m currently doped up on painkillers so this is the best I can do rn :(

“I’m telling you, they’re about as harmless as a flock of ducks.” Stiles rolls his eyes in my direction and proceeds to park his jeep next to an expensive looking car. How could high schooler even afford that kind of car?

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Yes - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 2)

Part 1 

*Word Count 6,116

Love Is In The Air… Again? 

On again and off again couple, Y/N and Harry Styles are reportedly on again. The two were both in NYC last weekend, Styles for his appearance on SNL and Y/N for her show on her Y/Tour/Name Tour. Y/N was seen on Styles’ best mate, Nick’s snap chat in the SNL audience and fans took to twitter saying they saw Styles and his group of friends at Y/N’s show. 

It’s also rumored that Y/N’s newest song that she performed at that very concert was all about her rekindling a relationship with now Solo artist Harry Styles. 

We’ve reached out to both Harry and Y/N’s camp, but neither has responded to the rumors. 

One would guess we would just have to wait and see if our favorite Pop couple is once again a thing. 


You have had a long couple of days during your tour and since tonight was your off night, you decided just to have a quiet night in your hotel room. You put some candles on and some music before starting the water for a bath. You took off your robe and got into the water and closed your eyes. 

A few minutes later, your phone rang and you groaned. You reached over for it and saw that Harry was face timing you. You smirked and accepted the call. 

“Baby!” he smiled waving to you. “Wait, where are you?” 

You laughed. “I’m right here, hold on,” you said. “I’m in the tub, so I had to look a bit decent.” 

“Aw come on… You don’t have to do that,” he smirked. “I wouldn’t mind a little sneak peek.” 

You rolled your eyes turning the camera to face you. “You’re such a perv,” you joked. 

“It’s not pervy if you’re my girlfriend,” he smirked. 

“Whatever,” you giggled. “So, what have you been up to?” 

“I just finished rehearsing,” he said. “So, my voice is a bit gone, but it’s all good.” 

You nodded. “When do you have to record for the show?” 

“Um, it airs on Friday night, so sometime Thursday, I think,” he said. 

“Well, make sure you rest of your voice,” you said. 

“Yes, ma’am,” he laughed. 

“Did you that we’re trending again?” you asked. 

“Yeah, I did. My Mum called me and asked me about it,” he said. “I told her we spent time in New York and that we’re going to give ourselves a second chance.” 

“How did she react?” you asked. 

“I think she was a little hesitant at first, but then she asked me if this was what I really wanted and if being with you made me happy and when I told her it did and it is what I wanted more than anything, she said that was all that matters,”  he smiled. 

“Well, that’s good,” you smiled. “Especially since your mom hasn’t always liked me in the past.” 

“It wasn’t that she didn’t like you, she just didn’t like the situations surrounding our relationship,” he said. 

“Which is understandable,” you sighed. “Do you think you’re going to get asked about our relationship during the interview?” 

“I don’t know, maybe,” he said. “It’s only supposed to be a short interview so there might not be time for it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was though.”

“And if there is a question, what are you going to say?” You asked. 

“I’m not going to confirm our relationship,” he said. “I might just say we’re friends or something.” 

You nodded. “I think that’s best especially since we’ve only been back together for a few days. It’s one thing having the media and everyone speculating, but people actually knowing we’re together will cause a bit of a frenzy.” 

“And besides no one but us and our close friends and family need to know if we’re together or not,” he said. 

You smiled. “I miss you,” you sighed. 

“I know, it’s only been what three days since we saw one another and it feels like that didn’t even happen,” he sighed. 

“But you’re still coming at the end of the week, right?” You asked hopefully. 

“Yep. Since we finish recording the show on Thursday, I have a flight leaving on Friday morning,” he smiled.

“Really? So, you’ll be here Friday?” You asked. 

“Well, not there obviously, because you’ll be in Miami then, but yeah, we’ll be together on Friday,” he smiled. 

“I can’t wait!” you smiled. “And I can’t wait to go shopping!” 

“You’re waiting for me to go shopping?” He laughed. 

“No, I’m talking about going shopping for some things for when you get here,” you smirked. 

He looked at you confused and then it suddenly dawned on him. “Oh, OH, oh, now I really can’t wait for Friday to get here, especially looking at you right now,” he smirked. 

You giggled. “Well, I have a show Saturday Night and Sunday night, so that will give us a bit on Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday to enjoy each other and the sun,” you smirked. 

“We’ll there be any enjoying ourselves in the sun?” He said cocking his eyebrow. 

“Oh, of course. There will be swimming and be walking on the beach,” you smiled. “Oh and I’m sure we can rent some jet skis.” 

“That wasn’t exactly what I was implying, but okay.” he laughed. 

You giggled. “Don’t worry, they’ll be plenty of time for that.” 

“There better be,” he smirked. “We have lots to catch up on.” 

“Yes, we do,” you smiled. 

“I love you,” he whispered. “And I wish I was in that bath with you right now.”

“I do too, it’s been a bit lonely in this hotel,” you sighed dramatically. 

“Well, I’ll be there in a few days,” he smiled. 

“Can’t you just record your parts before Thursday and come now?” You pouted. 

“If I had that kind of power, I would already be on a plane to you right now,” he said. 

You smiled. “What time is it over there?” 

“Uh, just after 1 in morning,” he said. 

“Oh, well you better get in bed,” you said. 

“But I want to talk to you,” he whined. 

“I know, but you need your sleep,” you laughed. 

“Ugh, fine, fine,” he sighed. “You’re so bossy.” 

“You love me though,” you smirked. 

“That I do,” he smiled. 

You giggled. “I love you too.” 

“Night baby,” he whispered. 

“Night,” you smiled. 


It was the next day and Harry was going out to lunch with his sister. He had already told his Mom about the two of you, but he hadn’t told Gemma yet. He was a little more nervous about telling her than his Mom because there was actually a time where Gemma didn’t really like you with him. 

He never told you that and it was years ago, so hopefully, Gemma wouldn’t make a big deal about it. By the time Harry got there, Gemma was already there. She was typing away on her computer when he sat down. 

She looked up at him and finished what she was working on before putting her laptop away. 

“Finally,” he groaned dramatically. “So rude.” 

“Oh, piss off,” she laughed. “Anyway, how’s my baby brother doing.” 

“Great,” he said. 

“How was New York?” She asked. 

“It went well…” he coughed. 

“That wouldn’t have anything to do with a certain ex, would it?” She asked. 

He took a sip of his water and looked at the menu. 

“Don’t play coy with me,” she said. “The evidence is out there that you two were together at some point.” 

He sighed. “Yes, we were together in New York.” 

“Really?” She sighed. 

“Why are you saying it like that?” He asked. 

“Because you’ve been down that road plenty of times and it’s always ended the same,” she said. 

He sighed. “We’re in different places in our lives, Gem. It’s not going to end the same way.” 

“You’ve said that exact same thing the last two times you gave it a try with her,” she said. 

“Why don’t you like her?” He sighed. 

“It’s not that I don’t like her. Y/N and I were really close when you two first got together, but then I saw how your relationship with her was affecting you and how it hurt you were, so excuse me for not wanting to see you go through that again,” she said. 

“I get where you’re coming from and I don’t want to go through that ever again, but being without her in my life is just as painful if not more,” he sighed. “You don’t know what it’s like seeing all your friends or your sister being happy with their significant others and being in love. Or having to go home to an empty house every night and thinking about if you’re ever going to have someone to cook dinner with or open a bottle of wine and listen to music while sitting in front of the fire? And then you think about how you did have that, with that one person that you can’t get out of your fucking mind and heart because they’re the only one that you’ve ever felt anything with. Y/N, is my person and yeah, I’m scared as hell that it might not work out again, but at least I know that I gave it one more shot.” 

She sighed looking at him. “I know that you love her, and I know that she loves you. I’m not doubting that, but sometimes love isn’t enough and people aren’t meant to be.” 

“Wow,” he said shaking his head. “After everything I just told you, you’re really going to say something like that? I understand that you’re looking out for me and quite honestly I’m sure if roles were reversed, I would be the same way, but I would also support your decision if meant that you were happy.” 

“I do want you to be happy, but I also want you to really think this through and just not jump back into a relationship with someone that you haven’t even been around for over a year?” She said. 

“We’re not jumping into anything. Yes, she’s my girlfriend, but we’re taking things slow,” he said. 

“Then you didn’t sleep together in New York?” She asked. 

“That’s none of your business,” he said. 

“Damn it, Harry,” she sighed. 

“Who I have sex with is my decision,” he said. 

“I know, I know, but don’t you think it’s better to build your relationship emotionally instead of physically,” she said. 

“It’s not like we only have sex,” he sighed shaking his head. “Our relationship is more than that, it’s always been more than that.”

She sighed. “Okay, okay, I won’t say anything negative about Y/N or your relationship anymore. If you’re willing to give her another chance, then so am I,” she said. 

“That’s all I ask,” he sighed. 


You were now in Miami for the next few days and since Harry would be arriving tomorrow, you decided to go out shopping with your stylist, Maxy, and makeup artist, Manny, who were your best friends from over the years. 

“Not that I’m complaining, but what’s brought on this sudden shopping trip?” Maxy asked. 

“We’re in Miami, why wouldn’t we do a little shopping?” You said innocently. 

“Normally, I would accept that answer, but our shopping trips don’t usually involve purchasing new lingerie,”  she smirked holding up a red lacy see- through bra from the rack. 

“Girl, don’t you know? Y/N’s little boy toy is coming into town tomorrow for a few weeks,” Manny smirked. 

“He’s not my little boy toy, he’s my boyfriend,” you laughed looking through different options. “And I wanted to get some new things to wear to spice things up a bit.” 

“I didn’t realize that you and Harry were already official again,” Maxy said. “I mean, I know he was at the show and you two were quite on top of each other, but I didn’t know it was that serious again.” 

“It’s always been serious between me and Harry. After we first met initially, we only talked back and forth for about two weeks before we went out on our first date and then we became exclusive in a relationship after our third date,” you said. “If you know that you want to be with him, why should I wait a certain amount of time before we get back together.” 

“I don’t know, it just seems sort of fast, you know? You two were broken up and hadn’t spoken to one another in over a year, but then you meet up for one night and you’re already in a full blown committed relationship with him flying here to be with you,” she said. 

“I can see where you’re coming from, but it’s not like Harry was a one-night stand and now I’m in a relationship with him. We have history and we love each other, those feelings never went away even during our year apart, so to us it’s not like we’re rushing in or moving too fast,” you shrugged. “And honestly what’s so bad about us being together, we don’t want to see other people, so what’s wrong with already being exclusive.” 

“Nothing is wrong with it,” Manny said. “It’s your and Harry’s relationship and if you two love each other, that’s all that matters. We can tell you our thoughts or opinions, but at the end of the day as long as the two of you are happy and in love, then don’t worry about it.” 

“Thank you,” you smiled. 

“Now, that’s settled, let’s pick you out some things for your man to take off,” h smirked. 

You all laughed and finished looking through the store. Once you had a handful of lacy bra and underwear sets, you went back to the dressing room. As you were trying each set on, you smirked to yourself as you got a bit of an idea. You took a few pictures of yourself in the different sets. 

You went to your messages and clicked on Harry’s name. You picked a few pictures that you had just taken to send to him with, “Out shopping, which one is your favorite? ;)” as the message. 

You changed back into your clothes and grabbed the sets you tried on. 

“So, which ones are you getting?” Maxy asked. 

“Um, out of these probably the red, the black, and the dark purple,” you said. “ 

“Great choices!” Manny said. “He’s going to lose his shit when he sees you them.” 

You laughed. “He probably is already losing his shit. I might have snapped a few photos in the dressing room and sent him a bit of a sneak peek.” 

“Damn girl, I didn’t know you were the type to sext,” he gasped. 

“Usually, I’m not, mostly because of the whole like hacking and iCloud issues and things getting leaked, but there are ways around it. Especially, when you’re away from your significant other, it helps the time pass by a bit,” you smirked. 

“Ew. I don’t need that visual,” he said shaking his head. 

“Oh, but it’s perfectly fine picking out lingerie for me and talk about my sex life, but god forbid we talk me sexting with my boyfriend,” you giggled. 

“Oh my god, stop talking about it!” He laughed covering his ears. 

“Anyway, I’m going to go pay for these and then we can go get lunch,” you said. 

“Sounds good to me,” Manny said quickly.


Harry was finishing up his packing before he had to head to the studio to film for the Graham Norton show. He was literally counting down the hours until his flight would leave and he would be seeing you again. The conversation with his sister the other day had stuck with him a little bit and it made it wonder if she would ever really be happy that you and him were together. 

While it didn’t really matter to him about her opinion on you and your relationship, he still wanted his girl and his sister to get along. He heard his phone beep a few times, while he was packing, but he didn’t think anything of it. 

Once he zipped up his suitcase, he grabbed his phone from the bedside table and saw that you had sent him a few messages. He slid his finger to open and his eyes widen when he saw the pictures that you sent. 

“Bloody hell,” he mumbled to himself. 

“Out shopping, which is your favorite? ;)” he read the text along with your pictures. 

How was he supposed to choose just one? You looked fucking amazing in every single one of those and all he wanted to do was see you in them before he ripped them off of you. As he continued to stare at the pictures, it was obvious that a bit of a problem was growing. 

“Damn it, Y/N!” He typed into his phone. 

“What?” You sent back with an innocent looking emoji. 

“You know very well, what I’m talking about. You can’t just send me photos of you half naked looking fucking amazing without some sort of warning.”

“What? I was just asking for your opinion, but it’s nice to know that I looked good in all of them.”

“Of course you did! Please tell me you bought them all?”

“Nope, not gonna say, which or how many I bought. That’s something you’re going to have to wait and see.”

“But…but..but,” he sent with a pouty face. 

“You can whine all you want, but it’s not going to happen. Patience is a virtue.”

“Fuck patience, I want to know! It’s the least you could do since you’ve got me all hot and bothered over here! Did you forget that I’m going to filming a show in like two hours? I’m gonna have a fucking hard on and it’s all your fault!” 

“It’s not my fault you’re like a horny teenager.”

“Only for my beautiful, sexy, amazing, gorgeous, hot, girlfriend who I love more than anything in the world.” 

“You’re so sweet, but buttering me up is not going to work on me telling you which ones I bought.”

“I’m offended that you think I was trying to butter you up into getting what I want.”

“I’ve known you for almost 5 years, Styles, I know how you get when you want something.”

“And what I want is you…” 

“Tomorrow you can have me all day and night…”

“Fucking… You’re not helping my situation.”

“Maybe, I should let you go take care it before your big show.”

“Or you could help me take care of it… Video Chat?”

“I’d love too… but I’m out to lunch right now and I’m quite sure others around us wouldn’t be too keen on that type of video chatting.” 

“Damn it! Well, in that case, I’m gonna go have a nice cold shower. I’ll call you after the recording.” 

“Looking forward to it, and you never know you might get another little sneak peek then too ;)” 

“You’re having fun with this aren’t you?” 


“What am I going to do with you?” 

“Anything you want. ;)” 

“Okay. Cold Shower is definitely happening now.” 

“Sorry! ;) Talk to you later! I love you and you’re going to do great tonight!” 

“Thanks, baby and I love you too!” 


Harry was at the taping of the Graham Norton and as he sat in the dressing room with his parents, he wasn’t as nervous as he had been for SNL, but he still had a bit of nervousness. 

“You’re going to do great,” Anne smiled. “I’m so proud of you.” 

“Thanks, Mum,” he smiled. 

“So, how are things going with you and Y/N?” She asked. 

“Great,” he smiled. “You know I’m flying out to see her tomorrow morning right?” 

“Yes, I know,” she laughed. “I think that’s the real reason you have that stupid smile on your face.” 

He blushed. 

“It makes me so happy to see you happy,” she smiled. “This is all I’ve ever wanted for you and Gemma,” she sniffed. “And now you’re performing your own music that you’re so proud of and you’re with someone that you love and I’ve never seen you this happy before.” 

“Mum,” he laughed hugging her. “Why are you crying?” 

“Because I’m your Mum and that’s what I do.” she laughed dabbing her eyes. 

“Mum, you’re gonna make me cry,” he laughed rubbing her back. 

“Okay, I’ll stop. I’ll stop,” she said. 

He laughed kissing her head. One of the show’s producers peek their heads into the room, “The show starts in a few minutes,” she said. 

 “We better get to our seats,” Robin said. 

Harry nodded and hugged his mom one more time before they both left. He was alone in the room, except for his band. They were all trying to get into the zone for their performance that was coming up. 

It was a little more than halfway through the show when it was time for Harry to perform. After he nailed his performance, they brought him out onto the interview stage with the other guests. 

“Harry, Harry, welcome, you did a fabulous job,” Graham said. 

“Thank you,” Harry smiled. 

“So, we’re going to do this little game that we did with one of our guests last week and we’re going to talk about some of the craziest rumors about you and we’re just going to go off of your facial expression,” he said. 

“This could be fun,” he laughed. 

“Yeah, and there’s going to be camera zoomed in on your face,” he added. 

“Oh, god,” Harry laughed sitting up. 

“Okay, is it true that you took a carrot cake to a Fleetwood Mac concert?” He asked. 

Harry smirked and laughed. “I did, I didn’t take a carrot cake to a Fleetwood Mac concert. I like carrot cake,” he shrugged. 

“And Fleetwood Mac, hopefully,” Graham said. 

“Love,” he laughed. 

Graham continued to ask about different rumors and so far they were all easy, until the very last one. 

“Now, this next rumor is quite recent,” he said. “And is it true that you and Y/N have rekindled a bit of a romance.” 

Harry tried so hard to keep a straight a face and he did good for the most part, but then a little smile broke through before it went back to straight face. 

“Oh! That’s a yes, that’s definitely a yes,” one of the guests laughed pointing to him. 

“I didn’t say that,” Harry said. 

“You didn’t have too,” he joked. 

Harry coughed and sat back with a smirk. 

“Well, we’re out of time, thank you to our guests for joining us tonight and thank you to Harry Styles for performing his new single,” he said. 

Harry smirked and stuck his head into the view of the camera giving it a wave. 


It was the day Harry would be arriving. You didn’t have plans that day, so you used it to get ready for his arrival. You picked up your clothes that covered the floor and put them away. You went into the bathroom and tided up your hair and makeup products a bit and then you took a quick shower to freshen up and shave your legs and what not. You pulled out your candle stash and put them throughout the room, but away from the curtains and other possible flammable items. 

You then went over to the shopping bag from yesterday and tried to decide on which one you would wear. You decided on wearing the red lace one and quickly put it on before putting your robe on. You then went and fixed your hair a bit and put on a little bit of makeup. 

You knew that you didn’t have to put this much trouble into it, but you wanted to make it a little more romantic setting than just a random hotel room. You looked at the clock and saw that Harry should be arriving within the hour. 

You felt that nervous-excited feeling in the pit of your stomach. Seeing him this time was different than New York because you knew where the two of you stood and it wasn’t a short visit. You would actually have more than a few hours to be together. 

You kept pacing around the room as you waited. It felt like Christmas morning or the night before your birthday. You were brought out of your thoughts when you heard a knock on the door. You were sure it wasn’t Harry because he wasn’t supposed to be landing until about now and it would take a while to get here from the airport. You tightened the knot on your robe and walked over to the door and opened it. 

Harry was standing there with his bags in his hand and a huge smile on his face. 

“Oh! What are you doing here so early?” You smiled. 

“Where you expecting someone else?” He asked. 

“Of course not, I’m glad that you’re here, I just thought you wouldn’t be in for another hour,” you said. 

“I was able to get an earlier flight,” he smiled. “Can I come in or is your other boyfriend in there?” he joked. 

“Don’t worry. He snuck down the balcony,” you giggled. “So, come on in.” 

He smiled walking in the door and putting his bags and guitar on the floor. 

“Now, come here,” he said pulling you to him after you close the door. 

You giggled wrapping your arms around him and he holds you close to him, kissing your head. 

“God, I’ve missed you,” he whispered. 

“I’ve missed you too,” you smiled. “These last four days were torture.” 

“I know, especially with you teasing me,” he laughed. 

“Don’t act like you didn’t like it,” you smirked. 

“That’s the problem, I loved it,” he laughed. 

You smiled. “Well, we have plenty of time to make up for it,” you whispered leaning up to kiss him. 

He smiled into the kiss bringing you closer to him as he deepens it. You wrapped your arms around his neck as you stood on your tip toes. After a bit, you pulled away. 

“No offense, but you smell like an airplane,” you laughed. 

“Is that your way of telling me I stink?” He pouted. 

“Pretty much, yep,” you giggled. 

“I guess I’ll jump in the shower really quick, wanna join?” he smirked. 

“Normally, I would, but I spent a good amount of time on this look and I’d hate to ruin it in the shower,” you said. 

“You know you don’t have to get all done up to impress me or anything,” he said. 

“I know, but I wanted to look nice,” you smiled. “Now, go and shower.” 

“Ugh, fine,” he said grabbing his toiletry bag. “I’ll be out in a few,” he said kissing you quickly and going into the bathroom. 

While Harry was in the shower, you lit all the candles and put on some music. You had some champagne brought to the room and you opened it to pour two glasses. You also had some fruit sent up as well. You set everything up and lowered the lights. 

The shower turned off and a few minutes later, he came out wrapped in a towel. He looked around at the candles and smiled. 

“Someone’s trying to be romantic,” he smirked walking over to you. 

“Well, I figured it would be nice to have a nice night in without feeling rushed,” you smiled handing him a glass of champagne. 

“A romantic night in sounds amazing,” he smiled. 

You grabbed the plate of fruit and climbed on the bed. Harry smiled joining you and laying next to you before grabbing a strawberry. 

“So, how did the show go?” You asked. 

“It went well. I had so much fun,” he smiled. “And the performance was amazing if I do say so myself.” 

“I’m sure you did great,” you smiled. “What about the interview?” 

“Really short, but we played this little game about asking about rumors about me and they zoomed in on my face. Most of them were ridiculous, but then they mentioned about us and I tried to keep a straight face, I really did, but I broke a bit and recovered quickly, but everyone was taking that as a yes,” he laughed. 

“Way to go,” you joked. 

“What? I’m not good at lying!” he laughed. 

“Apparently,” you said. 

“I’m just happy,” he smiled. 

“So am I,” you smiled. “Happier than I’ve been in a long time.” 

“Same here,” he said. “So, I told Gemma about us.” 

“How did she react?” you asked. 

“Not good at first,” he admitted. “She just kept bringing up our past and how it doesn’t seem like a good idea that we’re getting back together. And that she didn’t want to see me get hurt again, but I told her about how much I loved you and how happy being with you made me and she eventually decided that she would support my decision.” 

You sighed downing the rest of your champagne. 

“Hey,” he said taking your hand. “It’s okay, she’ll come around.” 

“I hope so,” you sighed. “We used to be really close, she was like my best friend, but then everything changed.” 

“Well, hopefully, the longer we’re together, the more you two can work on your friendship,” he smiled. 

“I’d like that,” you smiled. 

“You know what I’d like?” he smirked leaning closer to you. 

“What?” You asked. 

“Some of those kiwis,” he smirked leaning over you and grabbing some slices off the plate. 

You laughed. “Didn’t you eat on the plane?” 

“Yeah, but I’m still hungry,” he smirked. 

“We can order some food you know,” you laughed. 

“Nope. I don’t have time for that,” he said. 

“Oh, really?” You asked. “Why not?” 

“Because” he smirked pulling you on top of him. “We have things to do.” 

You giggled looking down at him. You tucked your hair behind your ear and leaned down to kiss him. He deepened the kiss as soon as you lips touched and put his hands on your hips as you straddled him. 

As you kissed him, you moved your hips a little causing him to let out a moan against your lips. He ran his hands up and down your thighs before sitting you both up. 

“Let’s see what’s under this, shall we?” he smirked pulling away and untying your robe. 

“I have a feeling you’re really going to like it,” you smirked. 

He let the sides of your robe fall and he pushed the robe off of your shoulders. 

“Fuck,” he whispered. “I see you got the red one.” 

“I did,” you smirked. “What do you think?” 

“I think I want to see more of it.” he smirked. 

You giggled getting off his lap to stand up next to the bed. He was staring at you with both lust and admiration. You smirked and turned around to show him the back. 

“Fucking hell,” he mumbled. “Now, get back over here.” 

You laughed as he pulled you back over him. He kissed your stomach and ran his hand over your bum. “You’re so beautiful,” he said with a kiss along your stomach. “And sexy,” he whispered with a kiss over the tops of your chest. “And fucking gorgeous,”  he whispered against your neck. “And funny,” he smirked kissing along your shoulder. “And talented,” he whispered. “And nice. And the best person I know. And did I mention beautiful?” 

You nodded. “You did.” 

He nodded turning back around you face you. “And you’re mine,” he whispered before pulling you in for a kiss. 


Later that night, Harry laid his head on your chest. You smiled playing with his hair. 

“I love you,” you whispered. 

He turned his head to look up at you. “I love you too, baby.” 

“So, we should probably order some dinner,” you laughed. “I’m starving.” 

He laughed. “Me too, but I don’t wanna move. Your boobs are the best pillows,” he smirked. 

“Oh my god,” you laughed. 

“What? It’s true,” he said. 

You giggled. “Remember that time after we first started dating and you were at backstage at my show and you didn’t realize I was changing, so you walked into my dressing room and you stood there forever before you realized I was a bit naked and then you tried to leave the room super fast and ended up running into the wall,” 

“Oh god, that was so painful,” he laughed. “I had a huge bruise on my forehead for weeks and the entire show, I kept thinking about you and I felt so bad because we obviously hadn’t taken that next step yet.” 

“Yeah, you were so embarrassed,” you giggled. “It was cute though.” 

He laughed. “I was just trying not to think about it so I didn’t pop a boner.” 

“Aww,” you laughed. 

He smiled. “You know this right here is what I think I missed the most about us being apart,” he said. “Just laying here and talking. Just being together.” 

“We used to do this all the time,” you nodded. “We would just stay in and be together. I think that’s why we grew so close because we didn’t always go out for fancy dinners or a night out at the club. We were both fine with just having a quiet night in watching movies or something.” 

“Among other things,” he smirked looking up at you. 

“That’s true,” you laughed. “Can you hand me the phone? I’m gonna call in an order.” 

He groaned dramatically before reaching over for the phone and handing it to you. 

You dialed the number for room service and waited for the to pick up. While you waited to place the order, Harry smirked to himself and started kissing down your stomach. 

You gave him a look and he looked back at you innocently. 

“Oh, hi, I would like to place a dinner order to be delivered,” you said. 

“Okay, whenever you’re ready,” they said on the other line. 

Harry had now disappeared under the sheets and was kissing your thighs. 

“Stop it,” you whispered pulling the phone away from you. 

You felt him smirk against your thigh and you rolled your eyes. 

“I need two cheeseburgers with everything and fries. I would like a bowl of the house salad with the dressing on the side,” you said. 

Harry smirked while he moved your legs apart a bit and kisses his way your thigh. 

You gasp and pull the phone away from you. “I’m on phone,” you gasp. 

He shrugged and you groaned. 

“Okay, so two cheeseburgers with everything, fries, a bowl of house salad with dressing on the side, and would you like more champagne?” They asked. 

You were holding back a moan as you listened to them list off the order. 

“Ah…yeah…that’s uh… fine,” you mumbled out. 

“Great. Everything will be delivered in about twenty minutes,” they said. 

“Sounds….Good,” you said before throwing the phone to the side. 

Harry sneaked out from under the sheets and looked at you. 

“What the hell was that?” You asked. 

“Nothing… Nothing at all,” he smirked. 

You playfully glared at him. “Well, you better finish where you left off with that nothing.” 

“Don’t mind if I do,” he smirked. 


By the time, you two had finished a quick round of fooling around there was a knock on the door. You quickly rolled off of Harry, who got up from the bed and wrapped the sheet around his waist before walking over to get the door. He took the cart of food from the guy and gave him a tip before thanking him and closing the door. 

“Food!” You laughed putting Harry’s shirt on. 

“Did I say you could borrow that?” He asked bringing the food over to the bed. 

“Didn’t have too. I’m pretty sure I bought it for you a few years ago and it looks better on me anyway,” you smirked. 

“Damn, you didn’t have to mean about it,” he whined. “But yeah, it does look pretty good on you.” 

You laughed and grabbed your plate of food and put some of the salad on the another plate. 

“Want some water?” He asked. 

You nodded and he grabbed two bottles and handed one to you. 

“Thank you,” you smiled giving him a kiss. 

After you both ate, you laid down on the bed and turned on a movie. Harry wrapped his arms around you and held you to his chest. You smiled as you cuddled into him and he kissed the top of your head. You two spent the rest of the night watching a movie before finally falling asleep. 

**LEt me know what you think! :) 

anonymous asked:

Hi sorry to bug you... I'm just curious what you think will happen with Eileen. Its been a couple days and I'm still not over how frigging cute Saileen was!!!! But I'm afraid to get too attached bc the show kinda sucks at keeping women alive esp ones that Sam sleeps with... Anyway again sorry to bother you <3

Not a bother at all, dear. :)

Well, I’m cautiously optimistic about Eileen’s fate, but I completely understand that fear. I make no secret of the fact that I’m still bitter about Charlie and that I don’t trust Buckleming AT ALL.

But, I think (hope) Eileen will be ok. Who knows, they could rip our hearts out, but here are some reasons I think they won’t/might not:

Doing something different

One of the big themes in Seasons 11 and 12 is doing things differently: Chuck and Amara were resolved peacefully, Mary was unfridged, Dean and Sam are on the same page (with a little bump in the road re: the BMoL, but that was resolved quickly and Sam fessed up before it went too far), coming to terms with who they are and their role in the world (Sam’s speech in 11x04, which I’ll get to again, and Dean’s speech to Mary that they do good in this world in 12x01? 12x02? I forget)… So, I think this is also true for the writers, by and large. If it weren’t, Claire probably would have died or become a permanent werewolf in 12x16. 

Only the truly clueless writers/producers (aka Bob Singer and Buckleming) don’t get just how pissed the fandom was about Charlie – and other characters, but Charlie’s one of the big sticking points. If you haven’t seen Jeremy Carver get dragged at Comic Con over that – and hell, even the CAST knew – I highly recommend watching that video (it’s even queued up to the relevant part). Know who else was sitting at that table and made it really clear that he was NOT part of that decision and wanted nothing to do with it? Andrew Dabb.

So, I’m pretty sure Dabb knows that the best way to incur the wrath of the fandom – and get accused of all sorts of horrible things regarding representation (women, d/Deaf community, etc.) – would be to kill Eileen off. 

Is that kind of a cynical view? That they’d only keep her alive for fanservice or to check a box? Yes. 100%. Is that problematic? Yes. 100%. I’m not saying it’s a perfect system, but the system’s broken in that we’re still having these conversations in the first place, so if this is what it takes to smack the system up the side of the head and get things to change, I’ll take it. 

That all being said, I do think that they genuinely like Eileen, and I think Dabb would want to keep her around for her own merits.

Someone who understands the life

Guys, I’m STILL not over Sam’s speech in 11x04 about him wanting someone more, to settle down with a hunter/someone who understands the life (and him prodding Dean to admit the same). And then who shows up a few episodes later? Eileen.

(And what does Mildred tell Dean he should do? Follow his heart. Don’t tell me that’s not good advice for Sam and Eileen, too. Side note: for Destiel reasons, 11x11, in my mind, remains one of the most important episodes of that season. I talk about that more here and here.)

Who do they bring back and have be adorable with Sam in Season 12? Eileen.

If the show plans on giving the boys a “happy” ending – even it’s more like what Sam described in 11x04 and not a white picket fence life – Eileen’s the only person who fits in with that view, unless they introduced someone new AND WHY WOULD THEY.

Now, there’s this argument, granted:

But going back to my first point, I genuinely think the show is trying to reverse some old trends. What’s the point of killing off ANOTHER one of Sam’s love interests? What does it accomplish, narratively? We’ve already had Sam go through this, multiple times. Also, part of Sam’s arc is forgiveness and self-acceptance. It’s been years, but I don’t think Sam has every truly forgiven himself for not doing something to keep Jess safe/not letting her know the truth. Being with someone like Eileen would be perfect on that arc.

Also, to put on my Destiel goggles: Sam/Eileen is a perfect parallel for Dean/Cas, which – I gotta hand it to Buckleming on this one – was made ABUNDANTLY clear in 12x17. And Dean and Eileen’s interactions also beautifully highlight the difference between platonic and romantic. There is absolutely NO romantic vibe between Dean and Eileen.

Eileen is more than just a love interest

Don’t get me wrong, Saileen warms my shipper heart. But Eileen’s story isn’t just about Sam, and her story actually fits PERFECTLY with Season 12 (and 13?). 

Season 12′s Big Bad is the BMoL (well, more specifically, their ideology). Eileen’s a Legacy, and her family is from Ireland (and not Northern Ireland, either, which makes Eileen’s comment that the society is defunct make a lot more sense in retrospect, given the BMoL) – I was actually disappointed this WASN’T really addressed in 12x17. Fakeo Malfoy Eric Trump only knew her as “the banshee girl” and Dr. Naomi Umbridge grouped her as just another unruly American hunter. 

But she’s not. Well, she’s not just that.

Her history is also entwined with the MoL, just like Sam’s and Dean’s. It would be a horrible, horrible waste of potential if this didn’t come up more.

Plus, regarding Dr. Naomi Umbridge’s orders to kill Eileen:

1) I’m pretty sure Ketch isn’t going to “win” this season, and I can only hope that he doesn’t win any battles with Eileen. 

2) If they kill her off screen, we’re back in Charlie territory.

3) If Ketch goes after her and kills her, we’re back in Magda territory… which, they might do since the boys don’t know about Magda, but… again, we’re back in Charlie territory. And I really don’t want their fight against Ketch to be fueled by revenge like Dean vs. the Stynes. Eileen deserves better than that.

4) Kind of shippery, but you could read it as platonic because no matter how you read it, Dean and Cas DO have a more profound bond: killing Eileen leaves Sam in a permanent third-wheel state, unless they also plan on killing off Cas, and I’m pretty sure they don’t plan on doing that.

5) I’ve said this before, but what would be the point? Other than to piss everyone off?

6) Outside of plot and fan reactions, Eileen is FUCKING AWESOME. She’s badass and funny and cute and strong and a little broken and smart and just EVERYTHING. She’s a wonderfully layered character, even after just two episodes – hell, even after just her first episode – and Shoshannah Stern is a delight. True, on SPN that doesn’t grant anyone immunity, but I think SPN would really be shooting themselves in the foot if they let something bad happen to her.

Anyway, hope that answers your question. I’m rooting for Eileen all the way.

Dancing On My Own

A/N: I’ve been wanting to do a one shot to this song for awhile, but the idea I initially had probably would have angered a decent portion of the Rucas fandom.  Then Nat ( @reytonbleyer ) did a beautiful cover to this song, and another idea immediately hit me.  So, this little one shot is dedicated to her and to my birthday girl Augustė ( @hopefulforus ).  

The song is “Dancing On My Own” by Calum Scott (with a minor lyrical alteration that Nat also did in her cover).

Word Count: 5917

Rating: T

College AU:  Farkle never figured out that Riley was stepping back for Maya; therefore, Farkle never stepped in and made the NYE announcement.  

Angsty. (Are you surprised? haha)

Note: I turned this into a multi-chapter.  This is chapter 1.  The other chapters are below:

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | J | Q | K | A | J |

Riley Matthews hissed as her fingers brushed against the hot curling iron.  She quickly set the device down before she turned on her sink.  As she ran her throbbing fingers through the cold water, she groaned in pain.  “Good going, Riles,” she mumbled as she examined her tender fingers.

She looked up at the mirror as she examined her appearance.  She had about half of her hair left to curl and then she would be done.  She had spent the better part of her day picking out the perfect dress to wear that evening.  Part of her, a bigger part than she would ever admit, didn’t want to go, but she knew that there would be no way out of it.  Besides, it was one of her best friend’s birthdays.  She wasn’t going to miss that for the world, even if it meant another backslide, another night spent staring at something she knew she could never have.

‘Because you lied in 8th grade, and never attempted to tell the truth.’

‘You’re my brother, Lucas,’ she once told him.  Those four words had haunted the brunette for the last seven years—nearly a third of her life.  She thought that she was doing what was best for everyone.  She and Lucas had their chance at a relationship, and it resulted in them not even being able to communicate with one another.  She didn’t want that.  She never wanted that.  He was one of her best friends, and she could never imagine her world without him in it.

At the same time, ever since that 8th grade proclamation, her world with him in it was slowly destroying her.

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Wanna One reaction to their crush being close with a male idol

Requested by Anon (thanks for requesting! :D)

I’m gonna assume that you are also a fellow idol (or someone who is able to meet other idols) which is why you get to interact with other male idols

Kang Daniel: He would probably be really bothered by the fact that you and another idol are close but he would keep silent about it because he thinks theres no point in bringing it up. But if he sees you guys getting way too close in front of him he would probably (while inhaling loudly) walk up to the both of you and introduce himself to the male idol, if he already knows the male idol he would probably offer a handshake or a small hug and try to get included in the conversation so that he can stay close to you.

Originally posted by fydaniel

Park Jihoon: Would try to swallow his jealously multiple times to not cause a scene because he doesn’t want any attention drawn to him or you. His mindset would probably be “Ahh… She’s not even my girlfriend, they already seem close… showing that I’m jealous would just make it obvious that I like her”. He would lowkey try to get your attention by being the eye catching flower boy/jeojang master that he is. “Hey Y/N what do you think of this as a new trend” *does some aegyo/dope dance* He would not-so-subtly take you away from the other male idol by striking up “casual” conversations with you. (And then secretly give the guy a smug, satisfied smile because he managed to “win” you over because who can resist wink boy)

Originally posted by fy-parkjihoon

Lee Daehwi: Would probably straight up call your name a lot and be like “Yoyo Y/N come here please I gotta talk to you” and just do things that would make you voluntarily leave the male idol. And when you do, he would probably make extra extra effort to make sure he is closer to you than any other male idol is. “Yah Y/N, who’s the male friend you’re closest to hmmm?” “Yesyes Daehwi it’s you” *satisfied daehwi*

Originally posted by hitoritabi

Kim Jaehwan: Would probably be really oblivious to himself being jealous and be like “그 (uh)…that male idol? Who is he? Why are you guys so close? When did this happen?” and stutter while he says it because he’s so flustered by himself. You’d giggle and just say its nothing but he would just be displeased and be like “Mmm…*안돼, 안돼 Stay away from him okay? It’s not safe to get so close to other idols! Except me of course, I’m already your friend so make me an exception” /cheeky laugh/

*Andwae- It means No no but in this context more like no cannot/you can’t

Originally posted by parkkwoojin

Ong Seongwoo: Would be highkey shocked that you’re close to another male idol at first but when he sees you two interact he would start to get jealous and be constantly giving death stares to the guy glancing at both of you. He would probably be less hyper (and memeable) than usual and when you asked him he would say, while sighing (but still being a bit funny) “That guy… don’t please? You guys are too close… I’m uncomfortable” He would then smile sadly and pat your head while you look at him slightly lost because you don’t understand how he feels.

Originally posted by minsbugi

Park Woojin: Would probably keep his jealousy to himself and try his best to hide it well because he feels he shouldn’t be mad at something as trivial as this (although he can’t help it). He would probably stutter a lot when you speak to him because all he can think about is you and the other idol being so close. When he’s by himself thats all he can think about and he would constantly be sighing at himself.

In short: *woojin.exe has stopped functioning*

Originally posted by kpoppoopie

Lai Guanlin: It would probably be difficult for him to express how he feels to you so he would probably just go up to you and the male idol talking and try his best to be friendly and casual “ayo I’m swagger rapper wbu”. If he really felt like he was serious about you, he might take the (confused) male idol aside and explain to him how he felt about you and ask for his understanding that he was jealous asf. And if the guy idol didn’t wanna listen (I mean what kind of dick are you friends with) he would just tell you “Hey your friend, he’s not nice, be close with me not him please”

Originally posted by peach-somi

Yoon Jisung: As the oldest in his group, he would feel the greater need to act more mature and control his jealousy. (lol jk) He would try not to say anything at first but drop hints to you like “Hey you seem really close to him… What about me :(” or obvious subtle hints to the other idol that he should back off (but not in front of you of course). And he might whine a bit to the other members like “Ayy why are they so close?? Are they dating?? Ahh I’m worried…”

Originally posted by kimsjaehwan

Hwang Minhyun: Would try his best to be calm and mature about it. If people asked him what he thought of that male idol he would drop a lowkey burn while still sounding polite - “Ahh him? Ohh yeah I heard he has an intriguing personality! I admire how he can act so openly in front of others” He would act so gentlemanly yet cold to the male idol to a point where the idol would probably voluntarily back off.

(Because don’t mess with CEO Hwang)

Originally posted by kim-biased

Bae Jinyoung: Would be visibly sad and frustrated when he sees you and the male idol interacting and joking around. He would avoid a lot of eye contact with you until you asked him what was wrong. He would smile a bit and brush it off, saying that its nothing even though you clearly show that you don’t believe him. Later on he might drop you a short text, something like “It’s that guy friend of yours… I feel uneasy…” If you asked him why he probably wouldn’t reply or just change the subject.

Ha Sungwoon: Would immediately have a change in mood and he might start acting a bit strangely. He would talk more, clap a lot and basically try to distract himself from thinking of you and the male idol interacting. But after awhile he would get tired of the facade and just have a heart to heart talk to you about it and how he felt. After that he would subside more and just be more shy around you.

Originally posted by 116fanxyzihoes

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The MCU is scared of female villains.

Given the amount of replies of my Zemo/Wanda post I was re-watching AOU and CA:CW (ugh) and I got in the conclusion that the “New Wanda” that the Russos tried to sell us and Zemo, was a pretty obvious demonstration of the MCU writers being scared as shit of putting a female character in a villainous position.

Why? I tell: as we saw in the two movies, Zemo is practically a male, old, non-powered version of AOU!Wanda. He just made the plan more complicated, and of course he ended in jail, but his goals were the same as hers. He even ended using Tony’s mental state as weapon to destroy the Avengers. While Wanda is made “the innocent girl that can’t control her powers”, which like I’ve mention in this post and this post and this one, is a big pile of bullshit.

What’s with this subject? Dark female characters in media are often criticized and labeled as “anti feminist” and “misogynistic” because interferes in the new agenda of “making roles models for little girls”.

Which I think that’s bullshit because not all female characters must be perfect fucking saints. When I was a kid I understood perfectly what was real and wasn’t and I grew up loving grey and evil female characters because they were compelling; this new trend of thinking that parents left the TV educate their kids for them and therefore the writers and creators must create a shit ton of role models and what they think these are it’s killing creativity.

So, Zemo receives the story-line that one movie ago was Wanda’s and succeeds, while she…

She disappears.

The Wanda in Civil War suddenly can’t control her powers, suddenly doesn’t give a shit for the Avengers invading countries when that was supposed to be one of her mine motifs when she first appeared and also suddenly followers orders and seems to pass as the poor victim of discrimination against super powered people.

All of this is shit.

They tried to sell us the typical modern empowered heroine and pure perfect girl giving her old story-line the male villain and they failed.


Typical Modern Empowered Heroine:

  • Tries to do good shit and fails.
  • Is blamed for something that she didn’t.
  • Rises up against a male that “oppress her” (Tony and Vision in her case).

Pure Perfect Girl.

  • Infantilized even when she is a legal and biological adult. Example: She’s a kid!/If you want to mope go to high school/You locked in my room, etc.
  • Clearly dressed with more fairer tones that suggest nativity and youth in contrast with her former appearance (red, black).
  • Showed in a helpless situation for the audience to feel pity for her. Example: Lagos, The Raft.

All of this fails miserably.


It contradicts everything established:

  • Wanda certainly not a child.
  • She had control of her powers during all fucking AOU, including the evacuation in Sokovia.
  • Tony and Vision are not the “oppressors” because Wanda is clearly the one power. Tony is a human that she victimized in the past and Vision is younger and more naive than she is.
  • She didn’t like the Avengers messing in her country but seems fine with messing herself in Africa.
  • Given that she’s a powerful being is illogical then a simple straightjacket will not be able to contain her, electroshock collar or not.

As I said: bullshit.

Wanda with Zemo story arc would have being compelling not only for the villain destroying the Avengers being a woman but also because it would have less plot holes because:

  • Wanda using her powers to mess with the Avengers from the beginning to save her skin and his brother’s would have made more sense. She is not in your head?
  • There’s not fucking logic in Wanda caring for the Avengers suddenly.
  • She could have seen the secret about Tony’s parents in Steve’s mind.
  • She knew about Tony’s struggles and mental illness.
  • Her final revenge to Tony would have been in her mind poetic justice: watching his parents die.
  • The Avengers would have been ended really from the inside.
  • The destroyer of the Avengers would have been a powerful being that did more than just want to conquer/destroy the world.

It’s really bugs me that they fear so much this that they just created that male mirror of Wanda. And made this pseudo child to pretend that she was heroic all along.

Of course it’s worse the fact that the fandom complete bought it.

Female villains don’t have to be a taboo.

Female villains are not a taboo.

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The Plan

Edited by the lovely Christine!

Veronica Lodge was standing behind Kevin Keller’s locker door when he closed it, ready to go meet his friends outside for lunch. Raising an immaculately groomed black eyebrow she offered her arm which he quickly accepted and linked together as they began to walk.

“So our dear Betty has been getting awfully close to Jughead lately” she started, a playful, knowing glint in her eye

“I noticed,” he started before he noticed the smirk on her face, “Wait, what do you know that I don’t? Ronnie, spill!”

“Welllll,” she drawled slowly, teasing him with a gloating smile dawning her perfectly lined lips

“Betty may have mentioned that he’s ‘really been there for her’ lately….” she hinted

“They’d make a cute couple” Kevin concluded tilting his head slightly, brown hair coming out of place as he considered the possibility, before giving his dark haired companion a mischievous smile.

“I’m glad we’re on the same page Kev.” A playful glint came to dark her eyes as they met his.

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My theory on the new AD update (really just the painting tbh):

First, I definitely think Olai is an Arrow sibling, and the eldest.Crow and Raven refer to him by name, implying that they are close with him (not emotionally, but in a familial way). Raven mentions his “moods”, so they’ve known each other long enough for her to have noticed a trend in his behavior. (And if they’re always as destructive as the room we’ve seen, “moods” would definitely be an understatement that she makes due to the familiarity of their occurrences.)

We’ve been given a large view of their mother’s study (not an entire 360 degree view, but we get it) to see only Odin’s picture on the wall, so I’m guessing that he was originally favored by his mother over the other Arrow siblings. He appears closer with his parent(s) anyways - he’s got his mother’s ring, he’s mentioned a “role” from them (not a “job”) that he won’t shy away from (like an inherited royal position, as seen by the crown/diadem thing on his head), and the others don’t seem sentimental about their mother, seeing as they’re all cool with her study being destroyed. But if for whatever reason Odin was favored by his mom, I can totally see Olai being super jealous and treat him horribly (let’s keep in mind that, while they’ve employed Merita to clean house, Odin has been starved) - ample reason to destroy his portrait.

There was also a curtain drawn over it? That usually happens when said person has caused shame unto their family, or has died. And I think he died. I think the placement of his hand over his hip (while a common enough pose for royal figures) can’t be coincidental with that huge scar Ava saw with the Limbo-Lenses.

I wouldn’t be surprised though, if the curtain had been drawn over him due to causing his family shame. We know Odin seeks redemption of some kind (finding the hosts??) to make things right with his family. Until then, Olai has no problem taking out his anger on his brother’s portrait.

Something worrisome I noticed is that Odin is way too young in the portrait, and it’s never been updated. So either he did something wrong and no one wants to commission a painting of/paint him - or he or his mother died before it could be updated. Cue Pedri, who, by the looks of the portrait, had not found a host in Odin just yet.

honestly all the reasons women have been giving for not supporting the female doctor seem really stupid to me. stop hiding behind dumbass excuses and own up to your opinions if you’re gonna make them public. not saying everyone should support/like the new casting. just that if you’re gonna post about not liking it just be honest about it rather than political. 

EDIT: though i haven’t personally seen any of it there have been mentions of fandom discourse. and i wanna clarify that this post is directed solely at folks who are saying there shouldn’t be a woman doctor. i totally get it if you aren’t a fan of this casting but saying should/shouldn’t is not okay. for any reason. 


                         FOUR DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS + moodboard 
Sam is a feisty one, I’ll grant you that. Perhaps she intimidates you.. she’s pretty, strong.. // You think the way you feel about Ashley justifies the terrible trauma she is about to go through. // Jess is cute and perhaps a little stupid, but you don’t need to worry about her now. // Emily is bit too bitchy for your taste? Is that a not just a little bit like… you?

When It Comes to Feud Songs, Ed Sheeran Says Taylor Swift Doesn’t ‘Need’ to Be Defended
Ed Sheeran won’t be wading into the Taylor Swift/Katy Perry feud anytime soon


Ed Sheeran won’t be wading into the Taylor Swift/Katy Perry feud anytime soon.

Perry recently made waves recently for appearing to take aim at Swift in her song “Swish Swish,” apparent retaliation for Swift’s 2014 track, “Bad Blood.”

Though close with Swift, Sheeran says he feels no need to defend his friend in song. “I don’t think she needs that at all,” the “Shape of You” singer, 26, told PEOPLE at the 2017 Songwriters Hall of Fame 48th Annual Induction and Awards Gala at the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York on Thursday night.

What does the honoree of the Hal David Starlight Award think about the current trend of diss tracks? “I don’t think feud songs are a hot thing—there’s always been beef songs.” A famous example? “It’s mainly been like Carly Simon,” the British singer-songwriter said. In 2015, Simon revealed that the second verse of her legendary revenge track “You’re So Vain” is about Warren Beatty.

Was there a frenzied response when Sheeran penned and performed a musical attack? “I’ve done feud songs before but no one cares about them!” he told PEOPLE with a laugh.

Sheeran’s extra fire power might not even be necessary, because Perry, 32, has apparently squashed her beef with Swift, 27, once and for all. “I forgive her and I’m sorry for anything I ever did, and I hope the same from her,” she told Thrive CEO Arianna Huffington last week. “I love her, and I want the best for her. And I think she’s a fantastic songwriter.”

The new shadowhunter fandom trend is “fuck clary! luke isn’t her father figure because we hate her” and I’m here…like okay…fair enough you don’t like her, but where is the rationale to think that an 18 year old girl who does not have a mother, because her own father orchestrated her death, deserves to not have the one parental figure she has known, besides her biological mother, in her life? 

SO you’re basically saying that, Clary Fray deserves Valentine Morgenstern as her father, because you hate her that much to deny her of Luke, right? I agree with a lot of “woke” tumblr rationale, but this one I cannot support nor agree with. 

title: Recognition (5/8)

rating: M

summary: Soulmate trope AU. Set in a world where humans and elves coexist.

a/n: If you’re still reading, let me know.

Past Chapters: (1)  (2)  (3)  (4) or AO3


They’d fucked (made love, Killian had corrected her in that annoying way of his) three more times that first night, with one impressive session lasting a good hour as they’d edged each other into orgasms she’d probably never be able to recreate.

Then she’d all but kicked him out, telling him she needed time.

* * *

Henry watched her as if she was a particularly difficult game level he couldn’t figure out. He had surprised her by the complete lack of questions and curiosity about what had happened after he returned from the Jefferson’s house that weekend.

Emma wanted to ask what it was exactly, that Jefferson had told her son, but was too much of a coward to actually do so. Especially because she’d then have to explain things she didn’t want to.

Instead, she endured three mornings of him looking at her funny before he left for school, his eyes alternating between his breakfast and his cell, the newest communicator money could buy. She didn’t often spoil Henry, but when she did… well.

Still, he was beginning to grate on her nerves, the way he kept looking at her when he thought she wasn’t paying attention. So much so, that on the fourth day since she had shut the door in Killian’s face, Emma snapped.

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First Sentence Writing Prompt 05

I feel like we could all do with a little pick me up. This was my attempt at picking myself up off the floor… there will be more to follow!

An anon asked me to do all the prompts on this list. So here we go! 

Feel free to suggest more prompts if you wish. I’m struggling to write for my other fics and Simsrena and I find in order to get my muse back I need to keep writing. So it’s a win win for everyone :)

5. Pass me the sledgehammer

Title: Options

“Pass me the sledgehammer,” Bernie mumbled into Serena’s ear as she snuck up behind her. “I’ll kill him and while I’m cleaning up, you can get rid of the body.”She slipped her arms around Serena’s waist and dropped a kiss to her neck.

“Can you believe that bastard bought her a flat?” Serena seethed.

“He’s over compensating,” Bernie rested her chin on her shoulder. “Ellie’s team mum now that she’s all cool. Apparently having a female lover is the latest trend.” Serena laughed at that and Bernie nuzzled her cheek. “Edward has fierce competition now and he knows it.”

“It makes our graduation gift look a little… pathetic… don’t you think?” Serena’s voice had softened, saddened.

“I don’t think so,” Bernie hugged her tighter. “You gave her something to remind her of her past, of where she came from. Something that celebrates her present and gives her the freedom and hope to embark on this new chapter of her life. She knows that and judging from the tears I saw in her eyes, I think she appreciated it more than a set of keys. He’s trying to buy her love but she knows the truth.”

Serena turned her head and kissed Bernie’s cheek. “I love you,” she said with a smile.

“Hello Serena,” Edward appeared in front of them. Libby by his side. “Bernie,” he said through gritted teeth.

“Edward, Libby,” Bernie’s voice was polite but Serena knew what she was probably thinking in her mind. Bernie kissed her cheek once last time and untangled her arms from Serena’s waist. Just as she was about to pull away she whispered into Serena’s ear. “Remember the sledgehammer.”

Serena turned and looked at Bernie with an arched eyebrow. A tiny smile pulled at her lips.

Bernie shrugged. “Might as well keep our options open.”

A trend I see a lot in the dead-lesbian trope is a lesbian is killed but her mga girlfriend survives. And often the reaction I see from bpq women when lesbians get angry is “well there’s still one queer woman, that’s still representation, you should still watch”

But,the dead lesbian trope is one that specifically targets women who aren’t attracted to men because straight people find that wrong or tragic.

So when a lesbian character is killed all wlw should listen to lesbians that are outraged rather than dismiss them or claim that they should still be ok with it. Representation should t come at the cost of other groups