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wretchedor30  asked:

I have a Child of Alara Maze's End Commander deck that does pretty well on ramp to get the win (Expedition Map, Ulvenwald Hydra, etc). I got the Kynaios and Tiro deck and saw a lot of good cards for my deck, and it got me thinking. Other than Sakashima and maybe a Spy Kit, are there enough ways to get a false Gate out that you could skip having black in the deck?

OK, I’ll admit I was a little slow on the pickup, but essentially what you’re saying is that you want to be able to win with this 

while playing with a commander like this 

that doesn’t have any black in it. Right? 

So trouble is that there are only ten gates total in Magic with unique names, and having a commander with no black in its color identity would prevent you from including the Dimir, Boros, Orzhov, and Golgari gates in your deck. 

That’s a tricky one… 

After thinking about it, I’ve got a couple of cards that MIGHT work. I’m kinda on shaky ground rules-wise for Commander, but it’s the best I’ve got… 

(The “keep reading” link is for those people who want to think about it before looking at my suggestions) 

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wretchedor30  asked:

Kynaios and Tiro seem really great for Maze's End, but don't have black. There's Shakashima and Spy Kit, but any other tricks to make it work? Otherwise Child of Alara stays the Commander, but many cards from the pre-con can be used.

…Yeah, I got nothing on this one. Anyone else want to take a stab at this? I don’t think you can fake four gates.


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