i think this is for tiro

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I have a Child of Alara Maze's End Commander deck that does pretty well on ramp to get the win (Expedition Map, Ulvenwald Hydra, etc). I got the Kynaios and Tiro deck and saw a lot of good cards for my deck, and it got me thinking. Other than Sakashima and maybe a Spy Kit, are there enough ways to get a false Gate out that you could skip having black in the deck?

OK, I’ll admit I was a little slow on the pickup, but essentially what you’re saying is that you want to be able to win with this 

while playing with a commander like this 

that doesn’t have any black in it. Right? 

So trouble is that there are only ten gates total in Magic with unique names, and having a commander with no black in its color identity would prevent you from including the Dimir, Boros, Orzhov, and Golgari gates in your deck. 

That’s a tricky one… 

After thinking about it, I’ve got a couple of cards that MIGHT work. I’m kinda on shaky ground rules-wise for Commander, but it’s the best I’ve got… 

(The “keep reading” link is for those people who want to think about it before looking at my suggestions) 

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Regarding the by-request gig

So, Muse let us choose 10 songs from the provided list and I am afraid that many fans will again make the same mistake.

First, I would like to say that I hardly believe that the whole gig will include only ten songs. I suppose, there will be more, perhaps, 15-18. Subsequently, the 5-8 other songs will definitely be the popular and the most played songs, such as Starlight, Supermassive Black Hole, Plug In Baby, Hysteria, TIRO, some songs from Drones and ofc the newest Dig Down. 



Second, as we are excluding the songs mentioned above, we need to weigh each our decision. 

Soldier’s Poem should definitely be on the list, firstly, due to some recent events: the fact that Matt actually believes it was on Absolution and now it is a fucking meme lol. Secondly, it hasn’t been performed live for 6 years. Thirdly, I think we need at least one acoustic song on the setlist.

In my opinion, there sould be some songs that have never been played live such as Easily and Falling Away With You. However, I remember Muse saying that the latter is just not for concerts and I don’t really think that they changed their opinion. So I would prefer Easily, and Matt even said that he would love to sing it. At the same time, I want my beloved Glorious to be performed, it was played live only like 5-6 times and like 12 years ago. Nevertheless, with a bleeding heart, I would sarcrifice it for Easily.

Next, if Muse put MEGALOMANIA, which was played live only ONCE, on the list of AVAILABLE songs, it means, they CAN play it and it is a fucking sin not to let this happen.

Next, we need some intense rock songs, so I suggest to add Assassin, Showbiz, Darkshines and Map Of The Problematique/Take A Bow. In case of MOTP, I adore it with all my soul, but Muse have recently included it into their gigs, so I think we should incline towards such a technical song as Take A Bow. Bliss has also been played lately, so I personally wouldn’t put ot on the setlist.

Furthermore, we need more piano involving songs, I would request Space Dementia, Sunburn or Falling Down. VERY TOUGH CHOICE, BUT I’D GO WITH SUNBURN, because it hasn’t been played since fucking 2006.

Regarding some fab B-sides, such as Fury, Agitated, The Groove, Dead Star, yes, definitely, these are some rare and wanted songs to be played live; however, they ARE played sometimes, especially Fury and The Groove, so I would rather prefer Eternally Missed, which was played only 3 times, DAMN THREE TIMES!!! IN 2002!
I’d die to hear Nature 1 and Sing For Absolution live, I love SFA so much, SO MUCH, and Nature 1 was performed only during the Showbiz era….. Eh, I don’t know, I think Eternally Missed is the most rational choice.

In addition, I reckon, one song by Chris also should be included, I’d go with Save Me, plus, we need some calm songs too. 

So, finally, the setlist I suggest is:

  • Soldier’s Poem
  • Easily
  • Megalomania
  • Assassin
  • Darkshines
  • Showbiz
  • Take A Bow
  • Sunburn
  • Eternally Missed
  • Save Me

You certainly may offer your options and opinions, perhaps, they are even better than mine.

Please, reblog this post, so that as many people as possible could see it, including the ones who are actually going to attend the gig and who actually are voting. 


Ok, this is shit but actually I really wanted to do it lol this is one of my otp and I would really like to see more of their kind of dinamic in their relationship

I want them to have a baby, a girl baby (?) such as a badass as his dad -sora- screwing his daddy -shun- (?)


My bby Makoto helped me with translation~


bap bios

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{ Mom’s voice } não esperei nove meses pra você nascer e virar fã de best absolute perfect

quem é maior? zelo ou a torre eiffel?

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Se você acha que eu vou perder meu tempo sendo fã de 6 japas gays você está completamente certo *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

{Jongup’s voice} to com fome

{younjae’s voice} vamos daehyun, não se misture com essas gentalhas

{zelo’s voice} sdjskldjsdkuejfnjsfsjmdsjdmskdmadmskamdsdm

{jongup lispector’s voice} manga com gelo tem gosto de manga com gelo

se a vida te der limões faça limonada,se a vida te der bap,faça filhos

{Himchan’s voice} desejo a todas inimigas vida longa

sua mãe sabe que você eh yongguk biased?

{Jongup’s voice} hoje eu to bandida

se a vida te der limões, esprema na cara do youngjae

amo aquele filme em que o zelo faz, bambi

sabe qual a diferença da bosta pra b.a.p? é que a bosta não canta 

{daehyun’s voice} eu sou um negão de tirar o chapéu, não pode dar mole senão eu como tua comida vacilona

não nasci pra ser fã de bieipi

porque sou baby mesmo?
porque eu sou trouxa

mv do bap é tiro porrada e bomba

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ bap aka perfect *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

{jongup’s voice} WHERE’S THE HAMBURGUER?

비에이피 my heaven

I don’t think I can see you anymore, I think I’m really dying

We’re Hurricane


♦ ♠ ♥ ♣ ♢ ♤ ♡ ♧☽ ☾● ◯ ☚ ☛ ☜ ☝ ☞ ☟ ✌ ♻ ♼ ♽ ❝❞✥ ✦ ✧ ✩ ✫ ✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰ ✱ ✲ ✳ ❃ ❂ ❁ ❀ ✿ ✾ ✽

☼ ☀ ❂ ☁ ☂ ☃ ☄ ☾ ☽ ❄ ☇ ☈ ⊙ ☉ ℃ ℉ ° ❅ ✺ ϟ

(^_^) (^ω^)V (^O^)/ \(^.^)/ (^▽^)

(◡‿◡✿) (◕‿◕✿) 。◕‿◕。 ⊱✿◕‿◕✿⊰

▽▼ † ∆ ▶ ▼ ▲ ▷ ▽ ◁

/≧▽≦/) (╯3╰) (≧ω≦) (≧ω≦)



*:・゚✧*:・゚✧  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ 

I know I’m probably the last person to post this, but I would feel weird if I didn’t:

“In the age of antiquity, the humans of the region that would one day become the largest polis on Theros were ruled by the tyrant Agnomakhos, an immortal archon. Unchecked for generations, his power grew as he carved out a mighty empire. Kynaios and Tiro, joined by their love for one another and for freedom, rose to challenge him. The people rallied to their cause, and Agnomakhos was defeated. The polis of Meletis was founded on the ruins of Agnomakhos’s empire as a beacon of freedom and enlightenment, and its people chose Kynaios and Tiro to be its guardians.”

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・:*✧ biozinhos do meu amorzinho, da minha vidinha, isso msm pessoal, Justin Fuc[king] Bieber ・:*✧

˗ˏˋ jb, march 1, 1994 ˎˊ˗  

eu n sei vcs mas justin bieber mexe com meus psicologicos

se bieber esta por vós quem sera contra nós

tudo posso no justin bieber q me fortalece

justin bieber é meu pastor é música boa n me faltaras

eu nem queria ta aqui, isto aqui por justin drew bieber


justin deveria me pedir muitas desculpas, por ter chegado na minha vida e ter desgraçado tudo co akela carinha de fila da puta

pergunta ce ta fácil segurar a barra q é ser belieber

nois podia ta saindo se divertindo, mais ser fã de justin bieber e meio impossível faze isso

justin drewfence zquad [ aka uma bio jb + zm, pq eu so doidona, mas se n qse é só muda né]

❛❛ my “forever” be with justin bieber ❛❛

˖✧ justin is my greatest love ✧˖

ainda bem q deus me fez na mesma época em q justin bieber existe

‘@JustinBieber love you with all my strength, you my happiness every day, your smile makes me weak, I will love you and protect you …’

・゚•̤ᴗ•̤*ૢ✧ justin bieber is honestly a more beautiful human being, inside and out, we must love sponge cake and protects it ・゚•̤ᴗ•̤*ૢ✧

por causa de vc perdi minha dignidade arroba jbieber

o nome é justin bieber, mas pode chamar de jesus cristo tbm

*♡*∴✧ when you think justinbieber i hope you think on me *♡*∴✧

eu só n me prostituo pq justin bieber já me fode de graça

rosas são vermelhas, violetas são azul, eu n aguento mais amar o justin e tomar no cu

justin bieber é minha preciosidade, irei ama-lo e protege-lo desse mundo cruel

°˖✧ my love for justinbieber grows every day more °˖✧

minha nossa acabo de perceber q estou perdendo minha adolescência sendo fã de justin bieber

justin bieber me da tiro todo dia, mas sigo bem


jb é demais, jb é sensacional

[mamis voice] eu deveria der batido na minha filha qnd vi ela assistindo uns video de um tal de justin bieber

‘purpose word tour in Brazil, loading…

as veze acho q so lokkkka, mas lembro q so belieber

fico lecal?? vcs gostaram?? eu adorey. minhas conta disse q tem 28 bios, então isso é + - um mega post, ok ninguém se importa

ok, controle laurita, controle *cofcof as vezes acho q sou louca…

acc (: momolandz
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⚤ ~Inquisitor

She was sure how she got her, or how she always seemed to get herself into these messes…at least she found the Collective.
Walking up to someone she was pretty sure was an Iconic,“ Hello, could you help me? I think I traveled into another world. My name is Sidonia Tiro, I am the Herold of Berwyn and Warpriest of the Collective.”

swimmingduckpolice  asked:

Oh My heartu My heartu Ooooh maaaaaaaayyyy Are they getting together then?? Will you write about it, since it has to be a face-to-face conversation???? Oh God I'm so over the heels for this au!! I love you so freaking much!!! When are you posting next? I need to get ready!! É só tiro, porrada e bomba nessa fic. Tem que preparar o coletinho!!

Yeah, i’m currently thinking about this. If i should write the full meeting or just do the txting thing… If there were rules about social media au, i’m breaking them all with this, writing full length chapters to add to the au but… well… fuck it JSALKSLAKJSAJK I’ll update it tomorrow (maybe, MAYBE, maaaaybe later today but let’s consider tomorrow so i won’t be lying xD 

Magic Formats - Chaos

Choas is a variant of Free-For-All multiplayer play, in which a regular game of magic the gathering is played with a Chaos Deck. A Chaos Deck is a deck of player provided cards that have abilities that change the way the game is played in unpredictable ways. 

The way that it works is like this. The player who is determined to go first is designated the Chaos Player. Before their untap step, at the beginning of their turn, they reveal the first card of the chaos deck, and place it face up on the table. This card is now active and all effects it grants are granted. This card isn’t in play and can’t be target by spells or abilities in any way, however if it provides an activated ability, any player may activate it. Some cards may have activated abilities, as such, all players may activate them. No player owns or control’s Chaos Cards. A chaos deck may contain any number of chaos cards, however I would recommend using only 20-30 in a given game, while keeping a few in reserve. This way, even what cards are in the deck is chaotic. If, at any time, the Chaos play is eliminated, the next player in turn order becomes the chaos player. 

There are two different ways to construct a Chaos Deck. You may use cards with abilities that you think would be well suited (Forced Fruition, Howling Mine, Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis) or you may make your own. I’ll include a list of some of my favourites at the end.

Format: Constructed / Multiplayer 

Deck Size: 20- 30 Chaos Cards

Deck Construction Limitations: No deck construction takes place

Additional Information:
This format variant is designed to be played with other formats in a multiplayer setting and so is somewhat universal. It can be played along side a game of EDH, Standard, Modern or even just Kitchen Table magic. 
It is recommended to create a Chaos Card Pool or over 30 cards, and then use 20 in a given game. This enables a greater range of variety when playing, at the cost of a little extra work. It’s also fun to name them


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*˖°✧°˖* bios do gotzinhos7 *˖°✧°˖*

got7 q estais no céu

tudo posso no got7 q me fortalece

se got7 está por vós quem será contra nós

uns confiam na sorte, outros no destino, já eu? eu confio em got7

se já é pecado ser fã imagina ser de got7

um minuto de silêncio pra minha dignidade q foi jogada no lixo assim q virei fazinha de got7

✰*☾ se não gosta que eu fale de got7 me dá um tiro na cara ✰*☾

mil poderão cair ao seu lado, dez mil à sua direita, mas got7 o atingirá

got7 >>> you

rosas são vermelhas violetas são azul eu noa aguento mais ser fã de got7 e tomar no cu

n aguento mais vê as cara linda dos got7, porq cada foto nova eu tenho q segurar o impacto

*♡*∴✧ when you think got7 i hope you think on me *♡*∴✧

to triste pq to sem inspiração pra faze ): foram muitos poucas mais da pro gasto né? amore mio vcs gostaram?

gosto tbm? entoa clica nesse coração ou se quiser aperta nesse tweet em negrito, q ta aqui embaixo!!. (: i lov u xoxo,,,.

acc (: momolandz
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i wanted to make this post, but not post it while everyone (including me!!!) was over the moon about kynaios and tiro because it’s slightly negative (although not towards them, wotc, or the rejoicing gays).

on tuesday i saw a few people saying theros “makes sense” as the place for a gay couple to be from because it’s the greek mythology plane and ancient greece was “gay friendly.”

this sentiment is bothersome because (in addition to the fact that ancient greece was not as progressive as many people think and was not some homophobia-free utopia) the presence of gay people does NOT have to be justified by the setting.

yes, there were gay people in ancient greece! but did you know?? there were also gay people in medieval eastern europe! there were gay people in feudal japan! there were gay people in 17th century germany! there were gay people in ancient egypt! there are and ALWAYS HAVE BEEN gay people EVERYWHERE, ALL OVER THE WORLD, IN EVERY CULTURE AND TIME PERIOD!!!

but Rose, you say, those other cultures weren’t as ACCEPTING as ancient greece! so it makes less sense to have openly gay characters! once again putting aside the fact that that claim about ancient greece is not strictly true, WHO CARES? Sure they were persecuted (we STILL are, after all), but that doesn’t mean they weren’t there! want to make it more ‘realistic’? write their struggles with oppression into the story. or don’t! It’s fantasy– it doesn’t have to have all the bad things the real world does.

(tl;dr gays can be anywhere and are everywhere)

*˖°✧°˖*bio dos meus bebês aka blackpink*˖°✧°˖*

pufavo moça num min da unfollow só pq eu passo a vida falando de blackpink

ta amarrado em nome de jisoo jennie rosé lisa

vc acha q eu vou perde minha vida enaltecendo blackpink?

devo der pecado muito em outra vida, pq nessa deus me fez fazinha de blackpink e num tem nada pior em

pergunta ce ta fácil segurar a barra q é ser fã de blackpink

love blackpink is like dying

cute cats as blackpink

I love them with all the love in my soul, blackpink is the love of my life, my heart, my soul.

✷*ೃ ✶ love, protect, care for blackpink ✷*ೃ ✶

*•:.✿se vc tbm sofre por blackpink vamos tomar no cu juntas✿ *•:.

*♡*∴✧ when you think blackpink i hope you think on me *♡*∴✧

✰*☾ se não gosta que eu fale de blackpink me dá um tiro na cara ✰*☾

#1  blackpink stan

blackpink is my only defense

em chuva de piroca as blackpink fecham as pernas

se soubesse que minha vida seria assim sofrendo por blackpink teria deixado outro espermatozóide passar na minha frente

eae seus cracudos blzinhas??

ai mds obg por me pedirem pra fazer essas bios pq vcs acabaram de me mostra os amores da minha vida, fui da um search pra faze as bio né ai fiquei completamente encantadas com essas manas mds szszszsz

likeo tbm?? então deixa o famoso laique

acc (: momolandz
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Win cons

I’m currently running Kynaios and Tiro as my favorite commanders. Grouphug is fun and hilarious, but i seem to lack a few wincons- I have insurrection and rite of replication in there, but can you think of any other wincons that might depend on the boardstate my grouphug generates?

Two things. 1st, if you have a question, I need to ask if you can send via my ask box. It’s just easier overall to respond to. With this I need to edit and I’m worried it’d be confusing. Just for future ref, onto the question

Kynaios and Tiro are, at their heart a group hug deck, and quite a unique one that at that. You mention that reliance on board state is important to winning and that’s 100% the case. I’m currently building my decklist right now and there are two big ways that my deck intends to win based on board state. 

1st Rubblehulk….

that’s it. The deck is built around playing so so many lands and although relying on one card is dangerous, your deck is built to draw and stall. Shrinking your pool of win conditions is forgivable.

2nd Hunted cards

So this is a little vague, but what it means is creatures that are WAY above curve, but give your opponent a benefit and is named after the cycle from original Ravnica. For example, Hunted Troll is a 8/4 for 2GG with regenerate, but it gives an opponent 4 1/1 fliers. But there are more too, for example Boldwyr Heavweights is an 8/8 with trample for 2RR that lets each opponent tutor a creature to the field. You play them to keep your creatures way above board. Paired with tax effects, or just good creature removal, and these cards are an enormous threat under the facade of a benefit. They also enable Zedruu, which is awesome. 

Oh, and I forgot. With all the lands you play, Omnth, Locus of Rage

E’ che io mi ci incazzo con la vita, come ci si incazza con qualcuno che vuole metterci i bastoni tra le ruote. E questa rabbia mi permette di reagire. Son ribelle di natura. Questo mi salva sempre. Nonostante la testa io l'abbia sbattuta fortissimo diverse volte anche sulle ossa del teschio della morte, che non ho mai temuto (anche quella ho sfidato), e nonostante io abbia avuto periodi di pausa dal reagire. Non mi arrendo, arriva sempre che mi tiro su.