i think this is even a valid argument form

“No one has made a law against this identity and no pastor has ever given a sermon on-”

Gee, I wonder if maybe that’s because this is a NEW thing that most people DON’T know about??? There isn’t a law which specifically targets me as a perisex Agender person, and I’d be surprised if the local Catholic homophobe stayed tuned into enough gender expansion discussions to know it’s a thing, but do you ignore when Cis people who DO know about A Agender identities bash them???

THIS is what we mean when we say this discourse is using recycled arguments from others. Cuz I’ve literally had to read someone say that, because there’s no official law that specifically mentions Enbies, they aren’t even discriminated against let alone oppressed because fuck personal experience.

And if you DO want to argue that Enbies are also a privileged group, please remember that I as a Black person have had to hear that, because there aren’t currently any laws that specifically state that they are meant to police the Black population, Black people are not oppressed, not discriminated against, and any instance of racism that a Black person encounters is a specific instance that isn’t even at the very LEAST evident of racism in our culture today.

The idea that a privileged group has to openly and specifically say “I hate you” through some form of legal measure or religious doctrine has ALWAYS been used to ignore the oppressed, marginilized, and discriminated. And when you use that argument, when you engage in that line of thinking that allows this argument to form, you are granting validity to every person whom has ever used this to ignore a non-privileged group.

I’m not demisexual. In fact, I’m pretty confident in the fact that I’m not demisexual. For me, that confidence is what validates demisexuality as an orientation, and most arguments against classifying demisexuality as a valid orientation piss me right off.

Sometimes, people will look at strangers and think, “wow, they’re really hot, I’d hit that.” It happens to people of all genders and orientations (minus the one in question). Even if you just keep that thought to yourself, or if you forget about them once you’ve moved on with your day, that was still you finding a complete stranger sexually attractive and it’s a perfectly natural biological function. Some forms of casual sex, like one-night stands, are based on finding a stranger sexually attractive enough to hook up with for the night. Hell, our media is obsessed with capitalizing on consumers being sexually attracted to complete strangers to sell their products. “Eye candy,” anyone? How about the “male gaze?”

So when someone tries to argue that demisexuality isn’t real because “everyone is demisexual, no one actually looks at complete strangers and wants to fuck them” what the Hell does that say about people who do have that experience from time to time? Isn’t it weird how REG rhetoric always seems to circle around to sex-shaming? And by “weird” I mean “infuriating?” And they say that a-specs are the ones who hate people who have sex, like jfc get your priorities straight, will you?

In all honestly. That’s my belief. So there’s that.

Everyone has different political beliefs.

That’s why there are things like debates and politics. Go figure.

I honestly did not read all of that. I shouldn’t have posted my opinion on this stupid site.
I hardly every do.
Tumblr turned to a weird world politically.

I don’t have time to debate like that.

But, for anyone who wants to know. I’ve been prolife my whole life. Even though I lean more towards the liberal end of things, I stay pretty conservative with abortion.

Guess what.

One night I got real fucking drunk. Good lord was I wasted. I had sex with a guy I was dating. I got pregnant. I was at my prime. I was about to go to NAU, halfway though with my degree… but, I got pregnant. I didn’t run down and get myself a free abortion because the state will pay for it and clear my sleight, I didn’t kill a spark of life because I was irresponsible. I took control of my actions and became a mother. I was the irresponsible one, not that bit of life growing inside me.

And guess what…

It was the BEST choice I made. I love being a mother. I love her so much. That little girl brought a different light of magic into my world. She’s made me more kind and humble. She’s taught me not to lose my child spirit because it’s so special, and losing your imagination is so detrimental to the soul. Because I became a young mother and it shaped me.

And it also gave a little girl a happy healthy life.

I’m still in school, and found exactly what I wanted to be.

I work a decent job in the medical division.

So… no! I don’t believe that if you get pregnant from being irresponsible you should be able to get an abortion. Yes that sounds vague but fucking use your head.
No, I obviously do not believe that by having sex the women should be punished. I don’t believe a women getting pregnant IS ANY FORM OF PUNISHMENT. I think it’s beautiful, and should be treated as all beautiful things are by being nurtured or preserved or whatever, however you want to say it. To even use that as a valid argument is ridiculous and grasping at strings.

I don’t want to save that baby to punish the women. It’s not about the women anymore once you’re pregnant. Trust me.

But I guess that, that is our biggest down fall in this world. We think everyone is out to get us don’t we.

Not out for the greater good of an innocent soul.
No, that sounds barbaric. It makes more sense to say we’re evil and we just want women to suffer.

Well, no. I just think life should be treated more delicately, and not something we think we should tamper with because we figured out how to with western medicine.

Sexual Intimacy and Hannigram

(crossposted to AO3, because this is looooong)

okay so all this of discussion about Hannibal and the “queerbaiting/platonic versus romantic/sexual  intimacy versus other types of intimacy/validity and canonical nature of the Hannigram relationship/whatever etc” has gotten me thinking obviously.

yesterday i posted an angry off the cuff meta which i don’t think sufficiently explains things for me. i actually enjoyed a lot of the conversation and different perspectives, and it made me think about my own perspectives more.

so i’m writing this list of observations on the matter and examining my own reactions or opinions in relationship.

first things:

i am but one person. i am not claiming objectivity in this matter, and in fact, i will openly state my biases, perspective, and limits, which include:

  • i’m a queer dude who is emotionally invested in this topic and the show.
  • i do not currently identify on the ace spectrum, though, i did briefly identify as demisexual prior to medical transition. my sexuality changed simply because the hormones made it possible for me to find a table attractive given the right circumstances.
  • i am a writer and overall creative type, and i recognize and understand the uneasy relationship between the personal and political in creative work, because it’s stuff i have to deal with all the time.

so anyways. i am going to start with the main arguments, which seem to boil down to:

  • Fuller and company need to shit or get off the pot in regards to the sexual elements in Will and Hannibal’s relationship, ie, either go there that or stop alluding to it without actually exploring it further.
  • Will and Hannibal’s relationship is already canon and doesn’t need sexual intimacy for XYZ reasons.

i am firmly in some hazy middle camp to be honest, and here is where things get complicated and where my own ambivalence shows.

  • I truly and honestly agree with points in the first bullet.
  • I truly and honestly believe that Hannigram is canon in terms of the fact that the relationship has emotional, sexual, and intellectual intimacy.

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tjasna-deactivated20170123  asked:

Yet you are supporting abortion, so you value the lives of animals more than human lives and this is nonsense.

First we need to review the terms “pro-life” and “pro-choice”. To have two “pros” is a misnomer. To have a “pro” you need a “con” or “anti”. No one is “anti-life” just like no one is “pro-abortion”. Those that are “pro-choice” would really much rather there not be a need for such a service. We would much rather every pregnancy was planned and wanted. We would much rather women didn’t get raped. Anyone who is “anti-life” or “pro-abortion” is a psychopath.

In reality, what we have is “pro-choice” and “anti-choice”. What I believe is, no one has the right to tell another person what they can and can’t do with their own body. The typical argument I would hear from an “anti-choice” person is “life starts at conception”. This depends on how you define life. At conception, you have a clump of cells. If this is murder at this point, then you commit genocide every time you scratch your nose since it destroys millions of cells in the process. To be honest, “when does life begin” isn’t even a valid discussion. Since, it’s no one’s choice but the mother’s. If the mother thinks it’s after conception: fine. If the mother thinks it’s only after the brain forms: fine. Again, the whole point is that it’s up to the mother.

Abortions have always existed, sorry to tell you. Some cultures even have teas and herbal medicines to induce it. If you outlawed abortion tomorrow, it wouldn’t stop it. The term “back alley abortion” exists because that is a thing. Women were getting dangerous procedures that resulted in mutilated babies or the mother’s death. Women have the right to safe and informed medical treatment as well as the choice to have such treatment.

We have to talk about the social and economic impacts as well.

Social: In 1991 the US saw a dramatic drop in crime. Most groups attributed it to tough laws and/or a crack down on drugs. However, a deeper study showed that ares that had a greater access to women’s health clinics actually saw the drops where those that didn’t have the access mostly remained the same or saw a rise. What they noticed is this was also 18 years after “Roe v Wade” which allowed for these clinics to be available. Be aware though, that these clinics didn’t just provide abortion services but also provided free or reduced medical care, information, and contraception.

What the study showed is children who grew up in a home that was not financially prepared for them were more likely to commit crimes and enter the judicial system. Since those children weren’t there to commit those crimes, the numbers fell.

Economical: When a mother or couple are forced to have a child they are not financially prepared for then it also forces them to utilize an already overburdened social net to obtain medical and financial assistance through medicaid and welfare. Statically, children who grow up on such programs will continue this cycle into adulthood and are more likely to commit crimes given their social and financial status.

Now, let’s talk about what you support by consuming dairy, eggs, and bacon:

A cow/goat/etc is a mammal and for her to produce milk she MUST BE PREGNANT. Mammals do not produce milk randomly and in turn must be milked. To do this a farmer places here in a rape cage (not quotes needed, that’s the term they use) and forcibly inseminates her. Once she has her baby the calf is removed at birth and placed in a small crate away from the mother. Cows, like all mammals, take care of their young and literally cry for their calf just as the calf will cry for it’s mother. The mother is forced to stand in a pin while a machine milks her to make your milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and more. The calf will live in a box until, as a baby, it is killed for veal by having a bolt shot through it’s head (which doesn’t always work) and it’s through is cut. In some cases the calf is raised (away from its mother) until it lives out her same fate.

Chickens, or any bird whose egg you eat, are crammed into tiny pens where the are cramped together and fed diets that force them to lay drastically more eggs than they would naturally. Because of their diet and size the hens can’t stand. If you consider their legs are most likely broken or the weight of the other hens have broken bones, they couldn’t if they wanted to. Once “spent” or unable to lay eggs anymore they are sent to a factory where their throats are cut (which rarely works), they are placed in an electrical bath in case the throat cutting doesn’t work and it makes feathers easier to be pulled out (some are still alive), gutted and then processed.

Fertilized eggs, when hatched, are sent to another plant to be sorted. Since male chicks aren’t really any use (aside from a few to make more hens) they are tossed down another conveyer belt that will either drop them into a bin that will be sealed so they can suffocate or into a machine that grinds them alive. The female chicks have their beaks chopped off so when they go into the egg laying business they can’t hurt themselves or others since they would rather kill themselves than life like that.

Pigs have a similar fate to cows. See, your bacon, ham, loin, whatever, was a mother. Again, males don’t produce more pigs so they aren’t as useful. Mothers are forced into tiny pins to mass produce more pigs who are also kept from her just as the calf was. Piglets have their tails cut off and, in the case of males, have their testicals removed with no anaesthetic. These piglets will either have the same fate as their mother or end up on your plate much sooner. Once the mother can’t have any more kids, she will see the same fate as the dairy cow.

What I described above is not rare and even happens on “small family farms”. 

I hope you made it this far because I have a question for you:

I eat plants: A colorful, living, material with no central nervous system. A food source that provides every required nutrient including all amino acids, vitamins, and proteins. I also believe a woman has the right to choose between an abortion or not. The right to choose when life begins. The right to a safe and informed medical procedure.

You eat meat: A bloody and unhealthy material that feels pain, love, fear, and sorrow. A “food source” that provides virtually no required nutrient aside from some fats and protein. A source that also is easily contaminated/spoiled resulting in illness and death to the consumer. A source that has been shown to aid directly in cancer, stroke, and heart disease. A source that requires another living being to be forcibly impregnated, used, and killed just for your tastebuds. A source that in most cases has the mentality of a 2-5 year old child. You also believe that a mother should not have a right regarding her body. A right to choose when life begins. A right to a safe and informed medical procedure.

I want to know, now that you know where your food comes from. Now that you know what mothers of other species go through just so you gave have your bacon and eggs in the morning. I want to know: Which one of us is really pro-life?

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