i think this is better quality than the other versions of this i have posted

dave ubercharge’s really good meme baking tutorial

i serve the people.

i usually use paint, photoshop cs6, and paint tool sai, but you can do this on just ps. the reason i also use sai is to speed up the ‘saving as jpeg multiple times’ thing, and i think sai’s low quality jpeg is lower quality than ps’. without further ado:

1. pick the text. this is the most important step, of course. for this tutorial, i will be using the text ‘my nipples are fucking frozen’. i said this in a competitive match once when i was very cold. we still won.

2. pick a relevant image to use as the background. you can also use a solid colour or whatever else you want, but i think images are funnier. i’m gonna use a picture of a blizzard from google images (filtered ‘labelled for reuse with modification’).

3. apply the text to the image. i do this on paint because i’m fucking lazy and the kinda but kinda not anti-aliased text edges are funny to me. you can do this on photoshop. i use large size (large being relative to the image) bolded and italicized arial.

i gave myself a bit more canvas space for the next step.

4. apply the same text on top in a darker/lighter colour. i like putting it to the upper left of the original text. with ps, you can just fiddle around with the 2nd text layer to get it in the right position. with paint, you might have to try wiggling the text box a few times. it’s a waste of time compared to ps but for me, it’s just a part of the process making the end product funnier.

make sure your text is visible on top of the image! if it’s not, no biggie, use the fill bucket or just try different colours.

5. apply an overlay on top if desired. red is funny, but it doesn’t really work with what i want on this specific image, so i’m gonna use blue. it doesn’t really matter because the following steps are gonna ruin the colours anyway.

i used a light blue with linear burn. i saved it as a .jpeg after this.

remember to have lowest quality. even on this small version, you can see the start to the terrible things this image is going to endure!

6. here’s the fun part! you can mix these steps up, but i’ll just show how i more or less usually do it. go to filter > sharpen > smart sharpen. you can fiddle with the sliders and whatever.

save the image as a .jpeg again.

7. go to filter > blur > motion blur OR filter > blur > radial blur. motion blur is the diagonal (or up/down, or left/right) blur, radial blur has both the spinny and zoom blur. you can use more than one, if you want. since my abomination is already kind of annoying to read, i’m going to be light-handed with a spinny radial blur.

wow! that already looks pretty fucking bad, but we can go further:

8. go back to filter > sharpen > smart sharpen and apply that again. you can also do more overlays and blurring.

i decided to do all of that. here it is with another blue overlay, motion blur, and radial (zoom) blur.

i changed the sharpen settings before sharpening it again. do whatever you think looks good (or bad).

here’s the final image:

you can keep going, but i have stuff to do. some better baked images of mine:

i have a thing for 1. cropping the text weirdly and 2. red

other stuff you can do includes:

  1. doing both (or 3+) text layers on paint with a white bg, then stretching it weirdly before pasting it on the image bg (transparent selection, 2ndary colour should be white)
  2. using the fucking impact font for bad memes
  3. using lens flare (funnier if you have eyes in the image)
  4. stretching/distorting the image at any point
  5. using other filters, ps has plenty. experiment!
  6.  repenting

the beauty of this is that if you make mistakes, you can just re-bake the image, apply more effects, and it probably makes the image funnier.

muji notebooks

frankly speaking, I have a love-hate relationship with these notebooks, but I guess love does trump hate bc I ordered them and am pretty excited to test them out! okay, so I love these notebooks because of their simple design and freedom of which you can design it yourself, but these notebooks only have 30 sheets! so, probably not ideal for school, hence why I had to buy so many of them, and let’s say it did not come cheap lol (at least for me). I bought it for $9 (per a pack of 5 notebooks) off amazon, but had to purchase multiple packs, so the price was bit steep. I would recommend it to those who plan to use it for recreational purposes! for students who just love the aesthetic and build of the notebook, go ahead and buy it, but make sure the price is worth it. these notebooks come in multiple sizes/types. I bought the B5 muji notebooks, however, they also come in A5, A4, B6, B4, etc.

pilot juice pens

I just ordered a 36 pack, but I’m splitting it with my sister since I wanted to save money. I’ve used these pens before and love the free flow of the ink and how it works with various handwriting styles! they come in so many different colors and shades making it fun to experiment with! I bought them off of amazon for $30 I believe (but technically payed $15).

staedtler fineliners

I remember being obsessed with using these when my friend had bought a pack and honestly I still am. these fineliners are so beautiful and really thin in terms of the tip (.3mm). they come in various shades depending on what pack you get. there’s the pastel set, 10 pack, 20 pack, 36 pack, etc. all coming at various prices, however, they are not the cheapest, nor the most expensive. I may buy some eventually, and they sell on amazon for $7-$35 depending on which pack you purchase.

kokuyo campus notebooks

okay if i being honest here I used to abhor the design of these notebooks but after checking them out and doing my research I found myself falling in love with them. they are a bit more expensive than muji, nonetheless they’re still worth it. I plan on buying them when I have money (rip wallet) or maybe just solely sticking to muji notebooks. you can find them on amazon for about $10-$11 per pack of 10 notebooks.I know that @studyquill uses these notebooks, so go ahead and check out her posts and videos if you’d like a better insight on them!

kanken backpacks

*starts drooling* these backpacks are just so…so…aesthetic. for lack of a better word. however, aesthetic shouldn’t be the only role that plays into it, and it sure isn’t. these backpacks have amazing quality in terms of build and can last for years. they come in various colors giving you many options to fit your style. however, and you may want to prepare your wallet for this, its cost ranges from $80-$150 (or even more from what I’ve seen). amazon sells these for pretty good prices, most of the classic ones costing $80, so save up your money if you’re looking to buy one ;)

washi tape

washi tape has so many different uses! use it as you would any tape, or for decorating your bullet journal, notes, etc. they’re really pretty and come in various designs. in terms of pricing, the more “flashy” the design is, the more expensive they get, but they range from $2-$15 dollars (also depends on how many rolls per pack). I’m thinking about buying these, but I don’t have a real purpose for it yet, besides maybe decorating my binders with it.

lihit lab pencil case

i just purchased this online at amazon for about $10, but it takes such a long time to come!!! i won’t be getting it until school starts, so rip (lol). i love how efficient it is, in terms of space for so many items, and the design is really nice too. the price is really good for me and…yeah! haha. oh! they also come in multiple versions/colors, fitting various styles.

zebra mildliners

I actually just ordered these and plan to do a swatch/review on them, but what convinced me to buy these were the wide range of colors and the fact that they’re double sided (highlighters and markers), so I was like a 2 in 1? yes! (I need to save all the money I can get lol) I bought 3 packs (yellow, blue, and pink) for $14.88 on amazon. the prices are pretty good, but try not to buy all 4 at the same time because some sellers charge $40-$50 for it (helll naaaaw, too broke for that). make sure to scope out good deals!

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hope you guys liked this post! s/o to anybody who saw me accidently post an unfinished version of it on my main blog lol. inbox/hit me up with an ask on what you’d like me to make next. also, some original content comin’ up with my notes, and study space, and other stuff (haha)

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hey jess, there's a ton of talk ab jin but here's how I feel, of course jin is a talented and an amazing individiual but i think he doesn't get many lines bc he differs from the rest of the boys? His voice, although beautiful, doesn't really fit with BTSs music... he should be singing ballads, not pop (tae, jk, and jimin's voices are so flexible). Idk i just hate hearing that it's bighits fault/that bighit is a bad company when clearly it's just not a right fit,, idk how do you feel?

OKAY so i have such a big problem with people stanning bighit more than they stan jin lmao. bighit is still a company. they are still part of the entertainment industry, they are inherently!!! flawed!!! i don’t know why this fandom likes to baby and protect bighit, when they are a company (not poor anymore, hello, thanks to bts) just like every other company in the music industry.

if we’re gonna use the “excuse” that bts’ songs don’t “suit” jin, let me just list songs from bts’ entire discography that are THE MOST “less pop.” here they are broken down by album:



skool luv affair

just one day

outro: propose

dark & wild

let me know

hyyh pt. 1

move/moving on

hold me tight

love is not over

hyyh pt. 2


whalien 52

autumn leaves/dead leaves

house of cards

“young forever” from the repackaged young forever album

youth (japanese album)

good day

wishing on a star

for you

wings (excluding awake) + you never walk alone repackaged

2! 3!

spring day

a supplementary story: you never walk alone

that’s 17 “less pop” or ballad-y songs that jin could have had more lines in. but surprise, surprise, jin doesn’t have the most lines in ANY of these songs. we’re gonna exclude spring day live version (bc the live version does it RIGHT). 

i really need the fandom as a whole to stop pretending that the “vocal color” bullshit we heard is real. it’s not. ALL VOICES ARE VERSATILE. if you’re a singer, you can sing whatever genre. i’m not gonna pretend to be a music expert, i was only in choir for a few years and i did theatre in high school. but voices don’t ONLY sing ONE thing. now, could jin’s voice SUIT ballads more than pop songs? sure. is that true? no. we can’t sit here and say maknae lines’ voices are more versatile than jin’s bc that’s so untrue. YES, jin is better at ballads. but to say he can’t sing pop is ridiculous. pop is SO easy to sing. any vocalist can sing pop, i’m sorry. pop doesn’t need some magical vocal quality that only some people have.

disclaimer before i keep ranting that i love everyone in bts and this isn’t me HATING any member so don’t come at me for that lmao. anyways let’s look at taehyung and jimin. jimin has been straining his voice since debut. his voice does not suit the more hip-hop/rap songs that bts have. YET HE HAS MORE LINES THAN JIN. taehyung has been forced to growl in a lot of songs. that’s not versatility, that’s just bad. when i think about boy in luv era, i wonder why jin didn’t take more of the verse taehyung had where he growled because jin’s voice could’ve sang it just fine. in my head.

anyways this is getting disorganized because i just rolled out of bed for this but here’s an amazing post written by my pal kinga (@taejinmin) on why bighit is shitty to jin.

i’m gonna end this by saying, let’s stop pretending jin’s voice is somehow second-rate compared to maknae lines’ voices because he’s “more of a ballad singer.” no. give him lines and he can sing well. he can sing pop, rock, r&b, whatever. bighit have consistently sidelined jin since debut and it’s just a fact? i don’t know why people want to keep protecting bighit. they don’t need our protection, they need to be held accountable for clearly doing jin dirty.

ADDITION: when big 3 companies do better line distributions than bts, it’s time to start wondering what the fuck is going on.

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so why is autism speaks bad? I'm confused


There are a number of reasons why we feel that Autism Speaks isn’t good for Autistics. I’m going to give you some bullet points, and then link to a couple of resources both from our website and from the community.

  • There are no Autistics on their board of directors, or currently in any of their major decision making bodies. (While they did have Robison on their Science advisory, he left when they released a pretty bad press release after years of them being unresponsive to his feedback.) An organization that fails to include the people who they are “serving” in meaningful leadership positions is unacceptable. NAACP run by white people wouldn’t be alright; NOW run by men would be unacceptable; and an Autism organization without autistic leadership is not okay. 
  • Their Budget. While they have a high transparency score, they have a VERY low financial score on Charity Navigator, and for good reason. Only 4% of their funding goes towards supporting families via things like service grants. 21% is advertising and 22% is fundraising, and 5% is administrative costs. (44% is research, but we’ll get to that in a minute.) The executive pay- several over $400,000/year- is pretty high for an autism non-profit. 
  • The research doesn’t help living autistics. Very very little of the research Autism Speaks funds actually goes to quality of life. Instead the majority goes towards causation and prevention. As a lot of that research is genetic in nature, prevention means research into selective abortion of fetuses with markers for autism. Not only does this not help autistics of any age, it encourages the idea that it’s better to not exist than to RISK being disabled (and in particular, autistic). 
  • They promote stigma. Remember that “awareness” and advertising budget? A lot of that money goes towards things like Autism Everyday, a video in which a parent talks about wanting to complete a murder suicide with her autistic daughter and deciding against it because she has a “normal” child as well.* They also funded a video called I Am Autism (Transcript) in which a menacing voice claiming to be autism brags about “tearing families apart” at great detail. And remember what I mentioned about Robison resigning from his involvement with them? The final straw for him was an open letter written by Suzanne Wright, one of Autism Speak’s founders, to open a national Autism policy summit (which co-incidentally didn’t involve Autistics) in which Autistics are equated to being missing and being a crisis comparable to needing military intervention. These are just major examples; this tone of horror, tragedy, destruction, and crisis permeates Autism Speaks’ public message. Even in their more positive campaigns, it is an underlying message that being an autistic is not a good thing. 
  • They take money out of local communities. Many people attend walks thinking that the money raised will help support their local autism centers or families. Very little of this money if any comes back to the community it came from. 

We at ASAN put out a flyer a few years ago with a short version of this information. It’s slightly out of date, particularly when it comes to the alternate places to donate list, but the points still stand. More recently, we put out a Joint letter with a number of other organizations going into more detail about why we at ASAN as an organization- and our co-signers as well- object to Autism Speaks. 

This is Autism Flash blog response from the Autistic Community in response to Suzanne Wright’s Call to Action letter. ASAN didn’t run this, though we are supportive of it. 

A lot of people wrote or made video responses to the I Am Autism video. As far as I know, though, there wasn’t an especially organized response. You can still see a lot of them by searching google for “I Am Autism Response.” 

Check out boycottautismspeaks, an independent collaboration between autistics and autism positive parents. (They are also on Facebook!

A number of autistics have written posts talking about why they don’t like or support Autism Speaks. Some might be out of date on some of the details, but still current on the major issues.

* In Autism Everyday, she also talks about her daughter being non-communicative while her daughter comes up to her multiple times throughout asking if her mommy is okay. 


Today our HUGE Amiami box came and it’s two months of backed up YOI stuff (plus stuff from other series but this post is focusing on just YOI), so here is an absolutely massive loot post. I  think this literally almost doubled our YOI collection.

First off is the Chara-Forme Yuri on Ice Acrylic Strap Collection Vol.3 by Empty! These are all Kiss and Cry themed and in my opinion this is one of the cutest sets they’ve released. Look even Georgi is adorable lol. 

This is the Yuri!!! on Ice Rubber Strap Collection Pair by Movic. There’s actually one non-pair in there as you can see lol. Yes they did remember the ring on the Victuuri one, by the way. Recent merch has been getting better about this, thankfully. I really like this set a lot (especially the bottom two. IDEAL). The only thing I’m not a fan of is how the ‘transparent strap’ style of them washes out the color in their faces a bit so you can’t see their blushes from the original art! 

The  Chara-Forme Yuri on Ice Acrylic Strap Collection Vol.2 by Empty! These are all based on the ED theme. The Yuuri in this set is blessed by angels. I don’t make the rules. It’s just true. 

Yuri!!! on Ice Clear Rubber Strap by Sol International. These are really cute and creative and all the straps have different colored sparkly backgrounds!! The top three are obviously themed to go together (both Yuuri and Victor are singing omg), and Yuuri is talking to a tiny Phichit on the bottom one of him. Also Victor and Yuuri as JOINT HASETSU AMBASSADORS is the best thing I never knew I needed. 

Yuri!!! on Ice Choko Kawa Rubber Strap by Sega. I really like the art in this set. It’s really soft and the thick lines are nice!! Also the skating Yurio has a sweet expression, which is rare but good. 

es Series nino Rubber Strap Collection by Kotobukiya. Chris’s pose is so extra. Haha I don’t have much to say here. They’re cute. 

Yuri!!! on Ice YuraYura Keychain by Bushiroad. For some reason my photos of all of these turned out really poorly, so you get these photos where the ones I’m selling are cut off, which I guess doesn’t really matter. I wonder why they put Yuuri in that promo outfit he never wears in so much stuff. I mean it’s a nice outfit but. Anyway, I ended up really LOVING these. The colors are super bright and the art is adorable!! Also no photos but they’re just as detailed on the back (for example Yurio’s hair is braided in the back on the keychain). 

Yuri!!! on Ice Tojikore Acrylic Keychain Vol.2 by TwinCre. So these are actually keychains, but they came with plastic stands, so you can display them as acrylic stands as well which is the BEST IDEA EVER. I love this so much and I dearly hope more keychain sets do it because it is so clever and handy. @abarero figured out a really, really awesome way to display our excessive amounts of keychains, but even then, this is always going to be better to me than hanging up yet another set of keychains. ANYWAY, every single keychain in this set is a gift; from banquet dancing to katsudon pirozhki to just… all of them. It’s so good. Absolutely one of my top three faves released for the series so far. 

Here’s keychains that came by themselves!

The History Maker Yuuri and the ending theme sparkler Yuuri were ACTUALLY amiami exclusive bonuses that came with the Kiss and Cry keychains and the Ending Theme keychains, but since they packed them separately I forgot to include them in those pictures. Whoops. 

Anyway, the big chibi keychains of Victor, Yuuri, Yurio, JJ, and Otabek are by Avex and they’re chibi versions of the Comiket exclusive release keychains. JJ, Otabek, and Yurio belong to @pantacular. 

Charappuccino Phichit is by Birthday. I actually did have Victor and Yuuri ordered too, but they were a couple of the items that got canceled, and they were out of stock. I actually did manage to find them on another site and have reordered them, but they’re not here yet. This keychain is so precious. 

The Tsumamare Victor and Yuuri are the little keychains hanging by their shirts. They’re by Cospa. They’re so cute and expressive. Especially the Yuuri! 

Bocchi-kun are by ACG and they’re the little tiny pouty keychains. They’re super cute, but I admit I’m a little disappointed by how tiny they are. Though I’m familiar with the line, I’ve never ordered a Bocchi-kun before, so I was unaware of their size. I don’t regret ordering them, and I’d still have gotten them (it’s not like they were pricey), but yeah, small. 

That single Yuuri is a Jelly Charm by ACG. And lastly is the Oshikura Victor by Orange Rouge. This actually came out in January, but I missed ordering it. Victor and Yurio are relatively easy to find, but Yuuri seems to be sold out everywhere, so Victor is having to wait. I did find Yuuri somewhere, but he’s a bit overpriced. It’s not TOO bad though, so I’ll probably go ahead and bite the bullet and get him instead of having to resort to bidding on auctions.  


In front, Love&Life and On Ice Victor and Yuuri cellphone stands from Atelier Magi because they’re great. Behind that, Cospa’s Vkusno! rice bowl. Next to that, Gyugyutto cushion straps of Victor and Yuuri by Bell House (Victor gets katsudon but poor Yuuri doesn’t lol). Behind them, Victor and Yuuri mugs by Gift. And inside the mugs, Victor and Yuuri Nitotan plush by Takara Tomy ARTs (which are super cute and nicely detailed). 

Here’s the inside of the rice bowl:

‘sup from Yuuri

Okay here we go. More non-keychain loot.

The Playful Mind (that’s the brand) collaboration stuff was cute as shit so I picked up some stuff from it. Good stuff, high quality, adorable art. 

There’s two (faux) leather trays, a coin purse, a phone case, and two cord holders. 

Above that is two pass cases of Victor and Yuuri being dapper in suits by A3! There were keychains released by Animega with this art, but they are near IMPOSSIBLE to get, and I’m resigned to the fact that it will never happen, so when I saw these pass cases, I decided to snag them instead. You can use them as keychains, so they essentially serve the same purpose.  

There’s Victor and Yuuri hair clips by Emu, which I’ll actually probably sell because they are big! I thought they’d be little ones judging by the price, but they’re big and I have short hair, so we’ll see about that. Above that is three sets of can badges, all by Movic. Then there’s the super cute 2016-2017 School Calendar, which I’m so pleased stands up on its own. 

Down below is three pens. Two of them are those kitschy ‘floaty’ ones where a figure floats down the pen, in this case it’s Victor and Yuuri ‘skating down’ a rink in the pen. They’re cute. The other one is a really cool, elegant pen themed after Yuuri’s FS outfit. 

Some closer up pics: 


The softe things.

Usually I crop images to just the merchandise but like hell I was going to crop out my cat. Oxford now graces this post with his remarkable presence. 

Makkachin tissue box cover by Avex Pictures. Just as fluffy as all the rumors have foretold. 

Then! The Victor and Yuuri pillowcases by M’s. Extremely soft fabric!! Would recommend for resting head upon. The picture is kind of a bad angle and frankly they BOTH look weird in this photo because of it but… I think, upon seeing it in person, the complaints about Victor’s face are very unwarranted. He actually looks really good and sweet and gentle in person and very much like Victor? The problem is parts of the rest of his body, where the anatomy is wonk (but this is just the pillow, so it’s only shoulders up and you don’t get that). And Yuuri looks great of course.  

ANYWAY, that’s end of this massive post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll have a sales post up pretty soon.  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

some Antisepticeye & Darkiplier things to point out

Okay so idk if other people have had the same thoughts, but I’ve GOT to point out some uncanny links between what happened at/before Jacksepticeye’s panel at PAX 2017 and in “SAY GOODBYE”, and what happened in “A Date With Markiplier”.

Here’s some footage taken at PAX by someone in the crowd: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qowSA0ul4NQ

Here’s the Anti part of the isolated video featured in the clip previous: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sg5DtQn-6bs

Here’s “SAY GOODBYE”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcGpACOXxMo

And here, of course, is “A Date with Markiplier”:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyU_1JD2wuA

Ok so lemme start out by talking about Anti’s PAX “takeover”. He appears suddenly to usurp the intro video, but you hear him before you see him. The screen glitches a bit, convincingly enough to fool the crowd into glossing over it. But then the quality degrades, the track stutters noticeably and the screen blacks out. After a moment it explodes back to life and you see flashes of some of Jack’s previous videos, blurring from one to another with the colour pallet all out of whack, faster and faster until it slams back to black. You hear Anti chuckle, and as he appears visually, the first thing he says to you is, “Did you miss me??”

Keep that in mind as we move on to a Date with Markiplier. Pay for the dinner, go to the horror play and Mark disappears from his seat. The screen starts glitching out and the viewer’s field of vision widens until the stage is all they can see, over and over. Rumbling sounds can be heard, and for a moment, the figure of Dark appears reflected in a couple of the frames. Faster, faster, a high keening sound and slam to black. After a moment Dark appears to address the viewer, and what’s the first thing he says? That’s right. “Did you miss me?” Those same words. They both pulled a Moriarty- kinda strange, right?

Now, one might think “what a weird coincidence, moving on-” because it’s kind of a creepy thing to say in such circumstances, and it might make sense that both Jack and Mark would go for such a line. But wait, let us continue, back to PAX and Anti’s speech:

“You stopped paying attention! Well I hope you’re happy. You found someone new, threw me aside- someone, to replace me!!”

We were all paying attention to Anti during the events leading up to “SAY GOODBYE”. That much is obvious. After said video, Jack made his Halloween vlog and most of us thought it was over, at least for a while. We weren’t sure if/when Anti was going to come back, and we certainly didn’t expect it to happen as soon as a mere three months after the apex video, in which Anti won, so to speak, and Jack was apparently murdered. I wouldn’t say we forgot about Anti- its awesomeness lingered long after “SAY GOODBYE” was posted- but yes, we moved on to other things. Things like “a Date with Markiplier”.

Anti had his moment in the spotlight, retreated back into… hiding, or whatever you want to call it, and that’s when Mark’s Darkiplier project started, the countdown reaching 00:00:00:00 on Valentines’ day. If I remember correctly, Jack started to bring Anti back in the second episode of his Detention series, on January 25th. Between Anti’s two active periods, when he was on hiatus, Dark was running amok and had become our main focus.

What I’m getting at here is that when Anti says we “stopped paying attention”, and “found someone new”, someone “to replace me”… I think he means Darkiplier. I’m pretty sure Anti’s pointing out that he doesn’t appreciate Dark stealing the limelight and distracting us from him. He was/is jealous of Dark for holding our attention, and that might be one of the reasons he’s come back- to prove that he’s not gone, and that Dark isn’t better than him.

Which ALSO means that Anti is, somehow, aware of Dark’s existence, and possibly vice versa.

Dark used very similar dialogue to Anti as well, if you remember. In the “HORROR” video, he says,

“I’ve been pushed aside… replaced… mocked.”

It sounds like he’s talking about Mark, and he very well might be. It sounds like Mark has pushed Dark aside- out of fear, or a desire to live his normal life without Dark’s interference, whatever the case may be- but the wording is really similar to what Anti chose to say at PAX mere days ago. They both describe being “replaced”, and say that they were “pushed aside”/”threw me aside”. Although Dark could be talking about Mark, he could also be talking about Anti in a way, or both at once if you go for the double meaning interpretation.

This is where the cohesion of what I’m saying stars to crumble a little bit, but bear with me: Let’s say Dark was also talking about Anti as well as Mark when he said he was “pushed aside” and “replaced”. One might think, “Well that can’t work, because canon Dark didn’t exist when we first started glimpsing Anti flickering in Jack’s facecam.” Well… he actually did, to a certain extent. In a couple of Mark’s older videos- notably “Relax” and “Surgeon Simulator IN REAL LIFE”, Darkiplier appears. It’s an older, cruder version of Darkiplier, but it’s Dark nonetheless. (When in doubt, check the subtitles.) Back then, at least as far as I’m aware, Dark was the only one of his kind who had actually appeared in videos and not just in fanart or fanfiction generated by the community. And for a long time, he remained like that, in a class all by himself. But then Anti happened, blowing him out of the water by a lot. Dark came back afterward possibly for several reasons, one of which could be to take our attention back from Anti, to move it onto himself. (This link has less integrity because “relax” and “Surgeon Simulator IN REAL LIFE” were posted seven and ten months ago, respectively, so the connections between those and more recent events may or may not be 100% purposeful.)

If that last part is true though, then their argument has been going on for quite a while. If not, well, there’s still an argument, still jealousy going back and forth as they battle for our, the viewers’, enthusiasm. It’s just a little more recent.

Long story short, I think @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier are in cahoots, and we may or may not have something bigger to look forward to.

Sorry for the huge post, haha I just had to get all this out of my cluttered brain.

Explaining Molly as a "Mirror"

Since I’ve been asked about this specifically a number of times I thought it would be helpful to just make a post.

So “Molly is John’s mirror” not some clever subtext that someone in the tinfoil hat brigade discovered. It is, in fact, a very old trope of the “Ms. Male” or “Distaff counterpart” that certain fans are applying here.

Basically it means taking a male character, slapping a female signifier on him, and voila! Same shit, new character.

One of the most recognizable examples is Ms. Pac Man. In order to appeal to the female market. Media Execs simply slap a lipstick and bow on whatever they happen to be making at that moment and hey! look! inclusivity! Buy our stuff, dumb ladies!

Here are some reasons why this is problematic:

1. It diminishes the female character’s role to her relationship with a male.

2. It does not leave room for dimension as this character is not her own person. She is merely a “girl version” of someone else.

3. It reduces female identity to shitty gendered signifiers (pink, frills, sparkles etc…)

Usually this goes hand in hand with the “Smurfette principle”. Where women are tokenized as the “girl” in an all-male cast. She may be a character that has other qualities but the one given highest import is that she is female in a way that remains very rigidly within the scope of the social gender binary.

This is not how Molly Hooper was written. She’s being read that way by fans who have a lot of internalized misogyny that they are projecting onto her character.

So far the only overlap I have seen is that Molly likes ugly jumpers and she’s nice.

But Molly wears ugly jumpers far more often than John, yet it’s a characteristic that belongs to him by default?

And let’s be honest, John is really not that nice. I mean sometimes kinda, but only if there’s something in it for him. (eg: getting to be the “hero”, flirting with women, looking superior to Sherlock) but apart from that, he’s just kind of a jerk who treats his non-neurotypical friend like some lovable “idiot savant”. Any one of us who met him in person would probably instantly label him as a “fuckboy” because well… the shoe fits.

Molly has a level of kindness that is completely unprecedented. Her kindness and loyalty are her trademark characteristics and I, personally think, that it’s very not good to hand that off to John just to make him seem better or to apply more validation to a fan-made narrative that actively works to erase female characters.

It’s definitely something to unpack and examine.

The pros and cons of dating NCT's Ten


Anon: Hi!! I absolutely loved the post about pros and cons when dating NCT 127, it was amazing! Funny thing that what you wrote about Jaehyun (my bias) it sounded like you were writing about me lol.. I would love if you could do Ten as well since he’s my other bias… Obvs I know he’s not in 127, but if you ever had the time, i’d love to read about him as well 💕💕 if you don’t have the time/want to, then ofc thats okay 😊🌼 love your blog!!!

Anon: for the pros and cons post with NCT 127 (which i absolutely loved so u kno i hadda hit u wit dis), is it possible that you can do it for ten? thank you in advance!!

Sorry if this is crap, I feel like this is a different style to my NCT 127 and I don’t like it😂🤧fuck it lmao. If you want more units or members, please do ask!

You can find NCT 127’s version here!

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i fucking love this gif dont fliPPING TOUCH ME ok


  • Family man - Ten clearly has a very big heart for his family and is very grateful and thankful for them. He’d always be calling his mum up to chat and gossip, be messaging his sister throughout the day about random crap or send photos to his dad of his food and things he’s bought. He’s probably a big mama boy too and has been brought up well, with an innate respect for women and chivalrousness. He’d know exactly how to treat a woman (or man!) right and be so helpful and patient with you if you were on your period/going through rough times/stressed. He’d love you to spend time with his family and to spend time with yours too; it’d be good quality bonding time and a side to him that was soft and fluffy. Loving your family means appreciating them and appreciating the value of the relationships you have created through that bond. It’s easier for him to value other people, you especially, and what they bring to his life because he’s had the same group of people bringing wonderful things to him since he was all young and tiny. He’d have seen the grave effects his human relationships have had on his life, and therefore he values all of his friendships and relationships
  • Your biggest supporter and #1 fan - Ten would be your biggest and only hype man in your life. He’d always be encouraging and supporting your decisions and opportunities, pushing you out your comfort zone a little just to show you what possibilities are available for you. He’d visibly very encouraging too, always being positive, cheering and showing you affection whenever you succeeded in something. It’d be embarrassing for his partner/you, but really, you’d appreciate it enormously. I guess being an idol would make him more hardworking and independent than the average person, so he’d always be trying to use this to help you. Although he’d be supportive and encouraging of his partner, he’d still be realistic and realise that sometimes things aren’t going to go to plan and things might fall through. Bearing that in mind all the time, he’d also not be intimidated or leave you if hard times were in store. For Ten, being with someone you love that much, doesn’t mean that you’re only there for the good moments in their life; you’re there for the tough times too, where your relationship is at breaking point and you’re at your lowest. Even then, he’d be so incredibly patient and understanding, helping you get through it slowly and at whatever pace you wanted. I think that’d be a very special quality of Ten in comparison to the other members. The other might get scared or worried if things started to get tough and possibly distant themselves subconsciously; but that wouldn’t be the case with Ten. 
  • Lively - I don’t think there’d ever be a dull moment with Ten. And depending on the person he was dating, he’d always be able to find something to please and entertain his S/O. He’d never push them into doing something that was unlike them or scared them; rather he’d pick activities and dates that suited their hobbies and interests perfectly. Even if it wasn’t something he was fond of or maybe have never usually liked, he’d always try taking an interest in it just so he could be able to enjoy it with them. He’d be so enthusiastic about it too, his heart warming to see the love of his life getting excited and having fun. His contagious animation would catch on to you quickly, regardless of how quiet or loud. Within months of dating, they’d be become more extroverted and probably more optimistic too, a lot of smiling and liking a bit of adventure in their lives. Ten would be a positive influence on their life and wouldn’t be overly-excitable or lively that it could get tiring. He’d know his limits, and yours, and wouldn’t even try pushing them. He’d know that there’d be moments where it’d be better to just calm down. And he’d know how his partner was feeling towards his liveliness (e.g. he’d stop if he could tell he was winding them up) He wouldn’t be unpredictable and out of control with it, but he’d still be spontaneous and charming with his excitement. 


  • Too easy-going - Although Ten would be quite animated and involved in a relationship, there’d be times where he’d literally abandon it and put no effort into it. Sometimes, he’d be far too relaxed about things, not bothering to patch up little arguments or reconcile with you after a misunderstanding. He just wouldn’t put the effort into the relationship; he’d lack the enthusiasm to even try. Thinking things would just “sort themselves out” or “it’s not that big of a deal”. It’s really hurt your feelings and doubt his love for you when he was like this. He’d be like another person, who didn’t care about anyone else and would only react if there was something in it for him. He’d be able to go days after an argument without talking to you or go days after an argument acting like he hadn’t just told you that he “doesn’t care if you leave or not”. During arguments and heated discussions, he wouldn’t even bother looking at you or showing any sign that he was listening, remaining seated on his bed, just browsing clothes stores on his phone. His voice would be calm and soft, but would have this tone that sounded patronising and as if he was intentionally trying to wind you up. If you stormed out or started crying or packing a suitcase, he would even look up at one. He wouldn’t try to stop you. He would call after you. He wouldn’t try getting you back. Only after weeks of being apart, would he finally come to his senses and try to win you back. This side of Ten would be rare, maybe only occurring once or twice for every year of your relationship; but the effects and consequence of it would be dramatic and pretty damn serious.
  • Oblivious to signs and hints - Another painfully irritating characteristic of Ten, would be how oblivious and clueless he’d be to your hints and signs. For some reason, he’d be an expert at noticing you were upset or disheartened by something concerning friends or family, but whenever it came to things about him or maybe things like stress or work, he’d be utterly clueless. If you wanted affection or skin ship, he wouldn’t understand why you were clinging on to him for dear life, playing with his hair and trying to lace fingers with him. He’d brush your hands away hastily, trying to get on with whatever he was doing. If you were in the mood if u get what i mean lmfao, he’d literally have no clue or realisation that you wanted him unless you blatantly said “hey, let’s have sex”, otherwise you’d be left deprived. If you were mad at him, on the other hand, or stressed, he wouldn’t realise that you were giving the cold shoulder or silent treatment. He wouldn’t be doing it to wind you up, he just genuinely would be unaware of your anger towards him. Attempting to smother and cuddle you, he wouldn’t be disheartened by your groans and heavy sighs, your complaints and moans at him. Eventually, you would end up snapping at him, physically pushing him away from you and telling him to leave. Because of his laid-back nature though (as mentioned above), it wouldn’t end up in a fight but things would be tense between you and it’d be very awkward. Likewise, if you were trying to play a prank on someone or jokingly lie about something, giving Ten a hopeful look as if to say “please play along”, he’d completely misinterpret your singals and accidentally tell the person what you were doing lmao.
  • A people magnet - Like Johnny, and Jaehyun I guess too in fact, Ten would just naturally attract a lot of people and attention to him. He could walk into a room and people would instantaneously gravitate towards him. It’d depend on his partner about how annoying this would be to them (in general) If they were the kind to be laid-back and chill like him, not really caring about a lot of people around you, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal; maybe if he was to completely ignore, would you begin to get annoyed. If they were the type to get a little jealous or self-conscious about the amount of people near you, it could start some little arguments and then feeling very low and self-conscious (which Ten would hate, and would hate himself because of too) Normally, Ten attracting this amount of attention wouldn’t be a problem; yeah, it could be annoying or irritating at first, but over time you’d just learn to grin and bear it. There could, however, be times or moments where Ten could be inconsiderate about the attention and basically wind you up about it as a result. In front of you, he could be off flirting with someone else, touching their arm or playing with their hair, your hands on his biceps trying to pull him away just being impetuously pushed away. He would sometimes just ignore your calls or texts, be late (or not even turn up) to dates, pick other people over you without even thinking twice. His ignorance and insensitivity towards you would be the most common reason as to why you’d have fights and arguments. There’d be phases where these fights would be very often, and your relationship would be pushed to breaking point; and then phases where him acting like this wouldn’t ever occur. It’d be a bit odd honestly; you’d never be sure whether he was just obvious to the effects or his actions, or whether he was intentionally doing this to upset you. 
My Top 11 + Thoughts

Here’s an unrealistic Top 11 (sorta in order of how much I want them in Top 11):

  1. Kim Jaehwan: Top vocalist for sure. He fits all types of songs. If anyone was doubting Jaehwan’s idol ability, I’m sure he proved them wrong in Sorry Sorry; if they were doubting his high note power, he proved them wrong in Downpour. Thank god he won his group, he was just so amazing. And for a singer, he’s got pretty damn good idol presence. I hope one-pick voting doesn’t hurt him too much, because with what this group looks like, BOI/OIO is going to need him a lot.
  2. Noh Taehyun: Thank GOD Taehyun won dance. He’s so amazing. Choreography genius, dance king, looks so amazing onstage, seems to have such good leadership qualities… and on top of that, he can sing and rap as well. Shape of You really brought out the best in him. If you don’t have him in your Top 11… what are you doing?!
  3. Ong Seongwoo: I love him. He’s such a witty dude who’s been working so hard for so long, and on top of that, he can do EVERYTHING- his singing and dancing are both so great. And he’s really hot. That’s always a plus.
  4. Kang Daniel: What is there to say that others haven’t? He’s not just attractive, he’s good at dancing, he seems really kind, and he’s also stable enough to make A rank.
  5. Ha Sungwoon: STOP SLEEPING ON THE (A-ranked) HOTSHOT BOYS. Sungwoon is a stable, excellent vocalist and dancer. His voice is really nice and his vocals in Downpour made me tear up a little. I’m angry that he didn’t get that many votes, to be honest… and now I’m worried he’ll fall far enough to get eliminated before concept evaluations.
  6. Park Woojin: Amazing stage presence, amazing ability… what’s not to like? His Get Ugly performance made me sweat.
  7. Park Woodam: That Mansae performance had me sold immediately. Amazing, amazing, amazing. My heart hurt for him when he couldn’t select a vocal performance… I hope he doesn’t fall far this week, since he shot up so many ranks last week.
  8. Park Jihoon: I’ve been caught by Wink Boy’s charm! He’s got excellent stage presence and he can dance decently well. Also, wow, he’s so cute! He’d make an amazing center for BOI/OIO.
  9. Jung Sewoon: Wonderful voice, amazing vocalist. One of my faves. After reconsidering, I thought he might be better as an indie soloist, but for now I don’t have that many absolute Top 11 picks and so I’ll leave him in there for now.
  10. Lee Daehwi: Decent at everything. Cute. Not sure what else to say. 
  11. Im Youngmin: This guy’s a good rapper- why not?

Trainees that were just too unrealistic, even for me:

  • Kim Seongri: One of the best vocalists on this show for sure, and yet he’s always slept on. He finally got his moment to shine as main vocalist and then got outshone by Yongguk. I know he’s going to be eliminated- which he doesn’t deserve- but I would just like to mention him. He’s amazing and deserved so much better.
  • Yoon Heeseok: A 6-month Jellyfish trainee who can do lots of things well?! YES. Also, he went from F to B rank! Unfortunately, his screentime hasn’t been great, and his rank has dropped over the weeks, even though he’s always been well-received by the live audience. His presence in Amazing Kiss as well as his decent Call Me Baby performance have really made him a favorite of mine. I’ll be sad to see him go.
  • Takada Kenta: He’s good and seems really cool… unfortunately I don’t think he’s getting anywhere close.
  • Kim Taedong: Hmm… maybe. I don’t know. I hope he doesn’t drop, I’d love to see more from him.
  • Yeo Hwanwoong: Man, I’m sad about him. He’s definitely one of the best dancers on this show. But despite how well he did in Right Round, he only got 3rd. I think he’s going to be eliminated, and I’m not ready for him to go. He’s so good.
  • Woo Jinyoung: He’s good, but no one has noticed him. I’m sad :(

Okay, here’s the part that might get me killed. Trainees that I for sure don’t want in Top 11:

  • Bae Jinyoung: His vocals were pretty weak, despite everyone calling him amazing or whatever. I just don’t think he has what it takes.
  • Joo Haknyeon: Call me what you will for saying this, but the words Haknyeon said to Eunki can’t just be edited THAT maliciously- they can’t pull words from his mouth that he didn’t say himself. He complained about his rank falling and about the choreography that he wasn’t even helping to make- all this to a leader whose rank was more than 25 places below him. And then he won his group when Hwanwoong was so much better! I’m not even going to get into him being “lazy” because I know editing can easily influence that, but anyways… that’s the definition of annoying to me.
  • Kwon Hyunbin: He doesn’t really have any talent. Again, I’m not going to get into the whole “lazy” thing because that’s easily edited, but he really doesn’t have anything at all that would attract me to him as a Top 11 trainee. He’d honestly be better off going back to modeling.
  • Lai Guanlin: I like him, he’s really good-looking, and he clearly works really hard, but there’s too many visual F trainees in the current Top 22. Enough with that, please. (Wouldn’t it be great having 5 male Sohyes in BOI/OIO? /s)
  • Yoo Seonho: I just don’t really feel anything with this guy. He’s good-looking, sure, but I just don’t feel anything there.
  • Park Sungwoo: He’s cool, but it was a little cringey seeing him try to keep up with the dance for Shape of You. Again, we can’t have five people in BOI be male versions of Sohye.

What do you think? Did I forget anyone? (I probably forgot someone, rip.) If you have civil disagreements to voice, I’d be happy to hear them. Hate will be blocked. Most likely no one will pay attention to this post anyways, but since I spent so long finally sorting out who I want in Top 11, discuss it with me! 

You can find me on Twitter at @luxsideris. :) <3 Also, if someone called semisomniac replies to you in the comments of this post, that’s my main account :P

College Textbook Lifehacks

Okay so it’s not the beginning of a semester but whatever. While I’m thinking about it, let me, a bonafide degree holder learn you some knowledge about college textbooks so you don’t have to take out a mortgage or try to short the market just so you can have a $1,000 paperweight that you never read.

Rule #1 I don’t care what your syllabus says or what your pre-semester welcome email from your professor says or what the bookstore website says, don’t buy the book before classes begin. Show up the first day and ask the professor if the book is necessary for passing the class. Sometimes, it’s not. Sometimes the professor teaches from his or her own memory and never consults the course textbook. If this is the case, unless you just love reading textbooks or want to keep them for whatever occupation you pursue once you have your degree, don’t get the book and save yourself some money. If he or she can teach the course without a book, you can pass it without a book.

Rule # 2 If your professor’s response is yes, you absolutely do need the book, ask him or her how different the required issue is from previous issues. Book publishers are dirty swindlers and will release a new edition of each book every year or two. Often times the new edition has minor changes like maybe now chapter 14 is split up into two chapters or they changed a couple of the review questions. If an older edition will suffice, just like iPhones, they will be a lot cheaper than the newest edition and you have a better chance of finding an even cheaper used copy which brings me to rule 3.

Rule # 3 Don’t buy the books from your university. Like publishing companies, universities also tend to be dirty swindlers. Copy the ISBN listed for your textbook and paste that shit into a site like half.com valorebooks.com or amazon.com where you will find discounted versions of most every textbook. You could also try to torrent them off of those sketchy russian sites that are listed under that post with the “Leak college textbook PDF’s not nudes” tweet but when that doesn’t work, you go to those sites I listed. Now you have to choose what quality you want, this is important because it can affect the resale value which I’ll talk about later. Obviously the higher the quality (New, Used-Like New etc.) will give you book without creases, markings etc. but will be more expensive. If you don’t care about this (again I’ll explain why you might care in rule 4), maybe go for the rental if the rental is cheaper than purchasing a high quality book-ONLY DO THIS IF YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT RESALE AND DON’T TEND TO MARK IN YOUR BOOKS. Otherwise, the choice is yours. Now you might ask, what will I do for the two weeks it takes to ship my book? This is where making friends in class comes in handy, just ask them to borrow their book for the time being, or better yet, if you have a close friend already in the class, split the cost of the book 50/50 and share it. If neither of these options work for you, visit your professor in his or her office hours, give them some BS like “I’m so sorry professor, I think I mixed up the shipping and billing address so it’s taking forever for the book to get here boo hoo feel bad for me.” Usually, professors have no problem photocopying the first chapter of the book for you or will be a little lenient with deadlines for the whole class if you’re not the only one. This is fun because not only do you get away with not buying the book right away, but you’re a hero for your class.

Rule #4 Even though it’s the beginning of the semester, think ahead to the end of the semester. Your university is going to offer to buy back your books at the end of the semester. Do not sell them your books, I repeat DO NOT SELL THEM YOUR BOOKS. Those dirty swindlers that sold you an overpriced book a few months ago? Yeah they’re going to buy it back for $5.00 or less. I don’t care if it’s a 10 lb, 700 page biology textbook that’s still in the plastic wrap, you will get jipped. Sell them on amazon. Seller accounts are free and though you aren’t likely to get 100% of what you paid for it back, you will make much more money selling there than you would to the school. If you bought the higher quality book and kept it in decent shape, you’ll get some good beer money. If you went with the $0.99 acceptable condition book, maybe don’t try and sell it on amazon because you’ll pay more to ship it than you’ll receive profit this is why it’s important to take into consideration whether or not you think you will mark up your book. Rentals are cheaper than buying new but you can’t mark them and can’t sell them but don’t worry, there’s other places you can sell your book if you bought a crappy one. Find out if your school has a student run for sale Facebook group (hint, it probably does, especially if you’re at a large state-school), advertise your books on the page and sell them for cash to a fellow student. 

Rule #5 Sorry to say, but these rules don’t work for every course. You might have that dick of a professor that wrote his or her own book and makes you buy it which means you can’t find it on any third party website. When this happens, the most you can do is see if someone who has already taken the course still has their book so you can buy it from them. You can also leave a scathing review during evaluations at the end of the semester and on RateMyProfessor.com which may not do much but is good for the soul. 

Also, especially for labs and beginning language courses, you may need to buy a workbook. Used ones are hard to come by but they do exist thanks to people like me who do their assignments on a separate sheet of paper so they don’t have to mark up the textbook and can resell it later (I advise doing this). This works for language courses, I don’t know how well it works for labs since I am not a science student, if it does work-sweet and if not-I’m truly sorry.

These are my rules and I promise they work. If any one else has additional hacks that they’ve figured out I’d love to hear them! Seriously, doing these things saved me an ass-load of money. 

text post gif tutorial

requested by @illegalwhite

In this tutorial I’ll specifically show you my processes when I create a text post gif like the one below (from here) but since I’ve been asked a few times now how I make gifs I figured I’d make it fairly thorough so that you can use it to make regular gifs as well.

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  • kmplayer – to import frames
  • photoshop – for editing (i use cs5)
  • video/clip – with the scene you want to gif
  • print screen – to grab the text post

Also important if you want your gifs to look really good is to use high quality videos, I prefer 720p or 1080p, without subtitles. You can also sharpen gifs to make them look crisp, but I haven’t included that step in this tutorial as it isn’t vital to making text post gifs. Also, I’ll only briefly cover coloring this time.


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Okay are you guys ready for this I’m gonna do some in depth analysis of Gaston’s character and what I think about him, introducing my own headcanons, so this isn’t 10/10 the only reading of Gaston’s character of course. I want to believe in a Gaston redemption arc, so if you hate Gaston (and rightfully so!) you might not be super interested or agree with much of what I’m gonna say. (well, maybe this post you’ll agree with, it’s pretty much all Gaston bashing lol)

Midway through writing this I realized I have SO much more to say than I realized so I’m actually going to make three separate posts. 

  1. Gaston and how/why he’s a villain
  2. Gaston and Lefou’s Relationship
  3. Gaston and The Beast: Why Gaston should get a redemption arc

This one is:

Gaston and how/why he’s a villain

Originally posted by talesasoldastime29

Gaston headcanons include, he isn’t narcissistic as much as he is simply confident. He’s headstrong, in it for his own purposes and gains, and is sort of an anti-hero. By no means is he the “good guy” of anything. I just think he’s a really interesting and complex character, a lot of fun to analyse, watch, and write about!

Alright so I’m going to break this up into Pre-movie, movie (three parts in this one)


So for this part, I’m going to be referencing Luke Evan’s comments on Gaston’s backstory! So Luke Evan’s said that Gaston is ex-army captain, and saved the village from some Portuguese mauraders, which is why everyone respects him so much, and Lefou fought alongside with him which explains his loyalty. 


So! Gaston is a pretty okay dude so far, right? Saved the town from some bad guys. I like to think there are three turning points in Gaston’s character, sort of like three 60 degree turns until he goes 180. 

  • 1. He sees Belle.

Originally posted by luuuuuke-evans

Gaston is obsessed with Belle for one reason: her beauty. To him, nothing else matters. Up until this point he was working in military standards, helping further society in that way, contributing to the town as he may, and he was as likable as anyone else in the town. He’s not a bad guy right now. (This is starkly contrast with the 1991 version where Gaston is just an awful dude all the way around and has zero redeemable qualities.) 

But suddenly, he sees a girl, and his goals change from contributing to society to taking her as his wife. 

  • 2. Belle refuses him

Originally posted by iamobsessedwiththings

Gaston has likely never encountered this, not being able to have what he wants. Everywhere he goes, he’s glorified, and now when he finally wants a girl to like him, she doesn’t? This is where he starts to go sour. 

You can see he wasn’t already a bad person because he doesn’t immediately get upset when she says no. He just goes, “Busy?” and then goes whoops oh well I’ll try again. This doesn’t exactly scream “villain” imo. 

The thing that does start to hint villain is when he approaches her again, and again, is turned down. This time he grabs her dress and tries to follow her into her home- this is creepy just gotta say. 

And after this, everything he does is centered around her and his obsession with taking her- this isn’t good guys, like this is creepy and bad and just not okay. You shouldn’t want a girl to the point where you want to own her. That’s what Gaston wants. That’s why he’s bad. 

  • 3. Maurice refuses him

And finally the serious turning point is Maurice refusing him. He tells Gaston he will never marry Belle, and this is important because in the time period, you couldn’t marry a girl without her father’s say-so. It’s not just a silly “oh well father doesn’t want it but i’ll do it anyway” nah son it just can’t be done

At this point, Gaston doesn’t know how to deal with rejection (having never been rejected to such an extent before) he relapses to the last thing he does remember dealing with: war. 

Now Gaston is pretty delusional at this point, they’ve been traveling through the forest probably for days, Maurice has been ranting about the castle and magic and all this stuff Gaston doesn’t give a shit about- he’s already short-tempered. And on top of it all, Maurice poses a threat to the one thing he wants: possession of Belle. And so, he seeks to eliminate the threat.

Even Lefou notices it at this point (and we’ll talk about that in the next post I make) and tries to talk Gaston out of it. This is when Gaston sets himself apart from everyone else. It’s the final point in his character arc where he’s full-out villain.

And the rest just goes downhill from there.

From there he betrays his dearest and oldest friend, turns the entire village against someone that isn’t a threat, and tries to commit murder and for what? A blind grasp for a woman that explicitly doesn’t want him. This is why he’s a villain, he doesn’t listen to what other people have to say, doesn’t value their opinions, has no sense of loyalty, and acts impulsively for his own wants and desires. 

But as I’ll talk about in a different post, I think he can learn to be better.

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Even the pre-BR versions of Digimon have been very beautiful to look at. Sadly I have no idea how to find out if Adventure was done traditionally or digitally, but we can quickly look at some screenshots from Adventure movie and TV series and like, use some basic logic to figure it out

So looking at the movie I’m pretty convinced it was animated traditionally, not just because of the softer feel of the colors and the unevenness of the lines, but because of the shadows the cels occassionally leave against the background.

You know how in traditional animation, the animated parts (aka usually whatever is painted and not meant to move) are drawn and colored on like these transparent sheets of plastic that are then put on top of the background paintings in however many layers as they’re needed (stuff like foreground and background can effect that, as well as how many moving objects there are in one shot)? Yeah, because it’s done like that, when you look really close you can notice that the cels can leave shadows over the background paintings.

This is not something that happens when animating digitally, in digital animation that’s be like a special effect, not a… natural flaw of the medium. And indeed, it’s not at all present in the TV series.

Another thing that suggests to me that Adventure was done digitally and not traditionally is… also shadows, but not the same kind of shadows. No, not the shading on the individual characters, I’m talking about the shadows characters leave on the ground (aka the painted backgrounds).

You see, doing shadows in traditional animation is tricky. You rarely want a characters to leave big, pitch-black, blob-like shadows over background paintings (they’re ugly, distracting and won’t fit the mood the colorscheme and/or background is trying to convey), and doing gradient shadows is franky speaking a pain in the ass. And these two things are the only options in traditional animation, because opaque paints that’re fit for animation don’t really exist.

Because of this, for the most part shadows don’t really exist in traditional animation, and it shows in the movie. The characters don’t leave any shadows on the ground they walk on (even thought furniture does), only on occassion you might see like a small tiny black blob under a character’s foot or the rare gradient for important shots

Meanwhile, in the TV series, shadows are everywhere! None of the characters are vampires, all thanks to digital animation having opacity that allows characters to leave shadows that aren’t distracting or stick out too much!

Again, I haven’t been able to confirm anywhere whether or not Adventure was done traditionally, but based on these things I’d make an educated guess it was done digitally. But, that might not be the only reason Adventure (and the other 3 of the first four seasons) has aged so well compared to the peers.

And honestly… I think another factor might be just a plain ol’ good color designer. Y’know, in animation often times you have someone kind of pick color palettes and whatever to design a scene so that everything looks nice and comes together.

You see, I couldn’t remember if Toei did One Piece digitally or traditionally, and since the two series began the same year I decided to go and take a peek at the first episode. Since there’s no cel shadows but opaque shadows exist I’m willing to assume One Piece was done digitally too from day one, but yeah…

(Picture on the left is older and has lower quality, right one is in HD but it the colors may have been adjusted by Toei (+aspect ratio))

…It still looks way older than Adventure does. The colors feel murkier in comparison, they’re darker and have higher saturation while Adventure is a bit grey-ish, sure, but tiny bit paler too.

It could be possible that Adventure’s color designer had a better idea of what they were doing? Who knows.

It’s also worth noting that the late 90′s are when animation studios started switching from traditional animation to digital. The last season of Classic Sailor Moon ended in early 1997 and it was still being animated traditionally, while Adventure and One Piece from 1999 were both in the digital era.
    Tools like these can have a huge effect on how the piece looks in the end- coloring something digitally is nothing like coloring something traditionally, as digital colors don’t have the imperfections paint does. A technique that works in the traditional medium won’t nececarily work as well in digital.
    So, it shouldn’t be a surprise if animators at the time had to adjust to their new tools and almost relearn their jobs. A transitioning era like that is sure to produce all kinds of products, some being prettier than others.

How to Write Children

The other day I started writing something I’ve been thinking about for a long time.  The first chapter starts with the characters at age 7 and, for the sake of accuracy, I pulled out my notebook from the Child Development course I took over the summer.  I know that not everyone has access to a course like that or even notes from one, so I thought I could share some tips I picked up on writing children.

Age: Infancy (birth to ~2)

Infants don’t really do much besides eat and sleep.  The only way they know how to communicate is through crying; however, they do start making noises that sound like talking as they get older, which can be noted as cooing or babbling.  First words are usually short, brief words that are nouns or actions.  Language develops quickly at 50 words by 8-18 months, and 300 by 18-22 months.

Fresh babies can only see about 7-9 inches away from their face and without much peripheral vision.  Basically, things need to be right in front of them.  Infants respond to sound much easier, though, responding more to the mother’s voice, and sounds and rhythms of speech rather than nonsensical noises.  Babies are sensitive to smell, taste, and pain, being able to determine good and pleasant from the bad.

They spend about 2/3 of their time sleeping (16 hours a day).

Around 2-3 months, the infant starts being able to hold up their head, and around 3-4 months they can start grabbing things voluntarily.  

Age: Early Childhood (2-6)

At this stage, children are developing their gross motor skills, which is the large muscles.  They are learning to balance, throw, catch, push, pull, etc.  At this point, males and females are generally equal in terms of development and abilities.  Children can begin to develop fine motor skills at this stage, but not unless they have mastered gross motor skills.

Children at this stage usually develop patterns of erratic and unpredictable eating habits.  They can develop strong or strange preferences, and often are influenced by parental food preferences.

These ages need about 10-11 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period which is usually accomplished with 9-10 hours at night and a 1-2 hour nap during the day.

Children at this stage begin “symbolic” or pretend play.  They have one-dimensional thinking, and see themselves as the center of all situations, and this is completely normal development.  These children do not understand the laws of causality.  An example of this is that highways make cars go fast, or when I wake up the sun comes out (rather than people make highways fast or the sun will always come out whether you wake up or not).

Preschoolers learn an average of 9 words per day.  They also apply the concept of overregulation, which is applying grammar to words that are an exception to the rule (a child learn that you put -s on plurals and makes the word “mouses”).

Preschoolers start to identify and respond differently to their friends than other children.  They identify friends not by qualities, but rather the toys and activities they share.

Age: Middle Childhood (7-12)

This is the stage when children usually begin losing teeth.  They start going in for regular vision, hearing, and dental checks.  This is also the stage when hormonal differences begin to occur, not until puberty however.  Children begin to develop “executive functions” of thinking, such as goal setting, information processing, and self-regulation.

During middle childhood, children are increasing their speed, strength, agility, and balance.  They are developing hand-eye coordination, faster reaction time, and flexibility.  Their fine motor skills have increased to tie shoes, fasten buttons, zip zippers, etc.

Children at this stage begin to understand the law of conservation, which is the idea that properties of an object remain the same when superficial characteristics are rearranged or changed.  They can also begin to uses class inclusion, or understand that one category or class can include subcategories (**Note: This is Piaget’s theory and has since been proven that the development in this paragraph happens earlier than he accounted).

Children begin to develop a moral conscious that is usually dependent on the world around them.  Basically, children learn that they must conform to an authority or set of rules, and misbehavior results in automatic retribution.  Children at this age may also begin to lie as a way out of retribution, but do not fully grasp the concept of deception (develops around 9-10), so lies will be short, one-word answers rather than elaborate tales.

By age 6, children will have learned 7000-13000 words.  By ages 7-9, they will understand that words have different meanings and enjoy jokes.  

Children will start to develop self esteem around this age, and is usually higher in children with close relationships with their parents, and social acceptance by their peers.  Peers become powerful during middle childhood, and there becomes a lot of pressure to conform due to acceptance or rejection.

Age: Adolescence (13-17)

Puberty may have already happened before this age, but it usually marks the beginning of adolescence.  In males, early maturation is not usually seen any one way or another; however, late maturation in males can make them feel dominated an insecure.  This is reversed in females.  Early maturation can make them feel awkward and conspicuous.

Teenagers are at the peak of physical health, strength, and mental capacity (in general terms), yet this is a very hazardous age.  Rates of death by injury between ages 15-19 are about 6 times greater than the rate between ages 10-14 because of an egocentric feeling of invincibility.

Teenagers bodies have sexually matured, but they have limited executive functions and tend to be impulsive.  They may end up reacting to peer pressure.  Sexually-active adolescents have a higher risk for Sexually Transmitted Infections (estimated 2.5 million teenagers).

Many teenagers experience sleep deprivation (<6 hours), which can lead to poor performance.  Adolescents experience what is called phase delay.  This concept is the teenagers body shifting its sleeping schedule, making them fall asleep later and waking up later.  It is natural for teenagers to have difficulty falling asleep before 11pm.

At this stage, teenagers have a great capacity for abstract thinking and use of symbols.  They are categorized by hypothetical thinking (what might be rather than what is), Utopian thinking (the future’s possibilities), and symbolic thinking (how a symbol can represent something greater).

Teenagers still experience a sense of egocentrism.  Adolescents are overly concerned about what others think of them, and feel under scrutiny or on stage (”imaginary audience”).  They also believe that their own thoughts and beliefs are special and unique, which can lead to them feeling alone and isolated.

The differences between genders (I’m sorry I don’t have any notes on trans youth we didn’t cover that) is now much more obvious due to cultural experiences.  Girls tend to be better in verbal skills such as reading, and expressive language, whereas boys tend to be better at visual-spatial abilities because of sports.  In a study of 7 million teenagers, they found no difference between boys and girls in mathematics.

*** Please note that this is a very simplified and edited version of my notes.  There are entire sections of the science behind development, and also disorders and diseases.  If you want a deeper explanation on anything, or posts about the two subjects I skipped over, please feel free to ask! ***

part 1 of: i love this fandom and you guys make me emotional

Everyone is being so sweet and adorable and emotional today and I just felt like I should add my valentine’s sugar to it too. 

I got this blog almost two years ago, not coincidentally when I moved to Texas with just my boyfriend, from Florida from where I had spent my entire life in. I was very alone and since I’m not the coolest of cats, making friends has been…extremely difficult lol.

But getting this blog, and joining this fandom, I’ve really found myself looking forward to come home and see who’s posting on the dash, see who’s chosen to grace me with their follow, or who’s left me a tumblr message (remember, before the IM system haha).

@sinuyasha and @inukag were the first people to welcome me and reblog my writing and just became my overall points of contact for anything fandom related. I felt accepted and wanted and this was the only corner of the entire internet I could really call home. I can’t thank them enough for always being genuine and kind and beautifully forgiving ladies. On top of the fact they’re funny and gorgeous so I really lucked out befriending them. I owe my entire blog to them, and my activity, and my heart.

Later on I’d come to meet my squad, @kristicles @thequeenwillruletheboard @narkik @mirsan and @ohstarfire, and grow an overwhelmingly wonderful bond. I mean dudes, we went to Disney AND Universal Studios together. I’m pretty much married to them. (Which does mean you guys have to give me half your shit in case of divorce). I’m keeping it short for ya’ll cause I don’t care about you at all (I would set fire to myself if you thought for one second that was true). You are my people. You are my shots of whiskey in the dark. 

To the fandom:

I really would have never expected to feel love radiating from some of you towards me. I feel in my heart I don’t even deserve it. I have done nothing (or everything wrong). And you guys posting your fics and your art, and your edits, and all you’re LOVE and you’re FRIENDSHIP, it holds no value because it is PRICELESS. But I feel it towards all of you. I get it. It’s weird it’s unheard of maybe for a small anime fandom, but I FEEL IT. I love you guys. I would never want a single one of you to leave, or if you do have to leave, just please stay in touch. Please keep updating your fanfiction.nets, please keep updating your artwork online when finished, I just…

If you’ve been in this fandom for the past year, you get it. And it almost feels like we’ve all collectively been through some drama here and there together. I’ve made mistakes, I regret getting involved in things all the time, but I appreciate every single one of you who hasn’t deleted me from their life. I appreciate how I can still turn around and count on you guys to be there for me. And I will always be there for you. I love that after a giant cloud of darkness shrouded us, freaking @inuyashapositivity pops up like a ray of sunshine. We are an amazing incredible wonderful fandom and we are loud and vibrant and beautiful. 

@onikik, @little-known-artist @wreathoflaurels, @arnavsinghraizada, @gobodosama, @artistefish @meselfandwhy, @inuijiness @starzki@scribefigaro @smilebomber @kaze-ranna @412rebelled @hanmajoerin @ashcanvas (SHHHH…ASHLEY I DIDN’T JUST ADD YOU THIS MORNING BECAUSE I HAD A BRAIN FART LAST NIGHT…ILY) you guys have seen me at my worst and for some inexpiable reason you’re still my friends and I respect and admire you so so much. I really can’t put into words properly, but my respect for you is something that can and will never vanish. I consider you guys a huge reason why I enjoy the Inuyasha fandom as much as I do. I’m comfortable around you guys and I hope you feel the same way around me. I love you guys, and I would do anything for you. I’d end someone’s life for you. I’d jump into battle for you. I’d throw all my money at your face if I knew it would make you happy. Thank you for being my friends. Really. You are my inner-circle, and without you, I am just a square. 

I’ve met some new people in the past year, who maybe I don’t talk to but I feel like I’ve gotten to know more simply through the small interactions we have, and whom I’m so so so happy joined tumblr to grace us with their content, their presence, and their overall humor and love and joy. 

@grapefruitwannabe, I remember I was in a stream with you and someone was urging you to post your sketches and you were reluctant about it, and god now look at you. Your art is incredible. It’s unique, it has a style, it has movement. You give a tremendous amount to the fandom and you never ask for anything in return. You are so nice too? You know how rare it is to find kind people who are just the sweetest creatures ever? You are a precious cupcake too good for this earth, and we so blessed to have you. 

@sess-kik I knew from the moment you made the taylor swift/kanye west meme, that I regretted not being considered one of your friends. You are fucking oustanding. You are hilarious. You make my ribs hurt. You are like a baby beyonce. I mean that. Picture yourself as beyonce’s’ child because that’s how I view you. 

@justafewsmallsteps you know what’s crazy is that I followed and admired you from afar for so so so long. I am a huge fan. I mean. HUGE. I mean, ridiculously huge. I mean I may have printed out your art and have it stored in my cabinet so I can look at sometimes because I was that (maybe i still am idk) obsessed with your work, and to find out you are a shining ball of sunlight and positivity and love and friendliness. You know…what that feels like ? It’s like meeting a Disney Princess in real life. 

@coquinespike HAHA LOOK SOMEONE TAGGED YOU AGAIN. I’M SORRY. Listen I actually always see you in my notes. I always read your tags cause they’re fucking hilarious. Your comments on things are A+. I don’t know why I didn’t start following you sooner. I am an idiot, what else is new. Cheers to the future.

@keichanz what took you so long to join tumblr, i keep asking myself this question. EVERYONE KNOWS THE KEIZ FROM FF.NET. You are always supporting InuKag and the fandom and there’s a lot of bloggers that I know would not be the same without your presence. I see names all the time that were just quiet little daisies, and you watered those plants and now look at them. You’ve inspired so many people, and you are always just so generous and so loving. Thank you for writing, thank you for participating in events, thank you for being the oil in the inukag gears. Quite literally. 

@lovely-taijiya GABY. DID YOU KNOW THAT I THINK ABOUT YOU ALMOST EVERY DAY. Okay well. Now you do. I get so happy when I see your art on my dash. I get full of butterflies and good feelings. If you were around I would hug you constantly and hold you close to my heart, because you deserve unnerving amounts of love. 

@kag-san you are a gift granted to us by the gods. you are an angel. you are a walking living breathing version of the virgin mary and I would weep at your feet if i could because I think you deserve everything in life and more. Trust me when I say the people who ship things, make me ship things harder. And this candle for KagSan is now a torch and it’s setting my house on fire but I couldn’t be happier. 

@piggy-in-pink you are like Sesshomaru. And by that I mean you are silent and we may cross paths and look at each other and I would be totally fine with you killing me because I admire you just that much. But no honestly, you are wise and clever and I love your work and your existence a lot. Thanks for never changing your url also, it makes life so much easier. (TAKE NOTES PEOPLE)

@mmhinman I remember the first time I went to your blog. You submitted a bunch of wonderful art for InuKag week late, and it blew my mind. I couldn’t believe someone would submit SO LATE but also have it be SO QUALITY. Haha. Your art brings me life, and I can’t thank my lucky stars enough that fate pushed you my way and onto my dash. Thank you thank you thank you. 

@macabre-and-cheese you know that really cool girl in the lunch room who sits with her posse, and is immensely more awesome than you and dates all the attractive people, and knows all the cool songs and she could say “frosty” once and it becomes a meme catchphrase, okay yeah, you know that person? that’s you. on my dash. that’s you. I’m always like “if i reblog this onto my personal, my personal blog gets that much cooler” and I think I have 80 followers on my personal blog now and I owe that all to your and your coolness i swear to god I do. 

@kago-make-dean-some-pie YOUR URL IS SO LONG. EXPLAIN IT TO ME. I love that I’ve gotten to know you better and your AMVs are the bomb dot com. You are so willing to make others feel amazing and wonderful and I hope you feel that way every single day of your life. You are so down to earth and I love you very much.

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“A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet” - On Dissociation, Duality and Identity on Supernatural

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven…”
- John Milton / “Paradise Lost” 

After reading an interesting article on the 350th anniversary of Milton’s “Paradise Lost” I found myself pondering one of the themes prevalent in the poem and how it translates to one of the themes I love so much on Supernatural and how it has been especially explored during Carver Era: The Topic of Duality and Identity.

One of the key aspects of Lucifer as a character in Milton’s poem is how the archangel sheds his original name and by that also crafts a new “life” for himself along with it. He no longer calls himself or is addressed as Lucifer but as “Satan” or “the Devil” (interestingly enough that is something Supernatural’s longest standing villain rejects completely, and despises these names which is an interesting aspect to keep in mind and one I’ll come back to later). This re-invention and the power of names is an intricate part of shaping one’s own identity and reality. It’s something we have seen countless pop culture figures go through for very similar reasons.

The pattern can be traced all the way back to fairytales like Rumpelstiltsken, but it can be found in a multitude of modern pieces of literature, art or television too. Think of Tom Riddle vs. Lord Voldemort, Dr. Jekyll vs. Mr Hyde or Walter White vs. Heisenberg. They all create alter egos for themselves in a fashion comparable to the renaming process that happens to demons in Milton’s work, because once they lost their positive identity, they also lost their names. It’s very much in line with what we see happening on Supernatural as all the more “run of the mill”-demons we have met thus far have been addressed by the name of the person they inhabited, Meg is probably the most memorable example for that. And it’s also of course a transformation the King of Hell himself underwent when he died as Fergus McLeod and emerged as Crowley.

Much like his mother, who always tried to escape her past and shape a new world for herself in which she possesses the power she lacked before when being rejected, so Crowley tried his best to forget about his past altogether and shape a new world and identity for himself. And all that went well and good until, well, the Winchesters came along. Until then Crowley was able to craft his new self and by shaping himself shaping also his own reality, how he perceives and thinks of himself (unintruded) and by that trying to infer how people perceive him. In the end however the dilemma comes down to what Kurt Vonnegut once described as: “Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what we pretend to be.” Because sometimes that - or rather the way we think about ourselves - can turn into your Achille’s heel or something like a self fulfilling prophecy. And on Supernatural, I suppose no one fights that battle with himself harder than Dean Winchester. That battle of how he thinks about himself and how/who he really is (and that aspect is drawn attention to again with Mr. Ketch insinuating that Dean and he are alike or that Dean is merely an unhinged killer (see meta and gifset here) - something Dean may think of himself at the worst of times, but which hardly can be counted as a realistic picture of who he truly is).

And in this regard I feel it’s important to remember that Dean went to Hell, was well on his way to becoming a demon, but got rescued before his soul may have been twisted too far to dip back. That doesn’t change anything about the fact however that Dean remembers that time, remembers what happened to him, what he did and what he became. It left a taint, some darkness within him and one he is deeply ashamed of. Now, question is how far along the transformation or dissociation went when he was in hell. Was Dean close to forgetting his own name, his own positive identity? And is that possibly the reason why Dean’s struggles in terms of identity and perception of self has gotten all the much worse post Hell too (while also of course taking into account the trauma he faced there)? Because Dean thinking about himself merely as a killer definitely stems from his experiences in and post Hell.

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prompted by @magnusbones and this post thank you lovely!

Magnus loves his magic. It’s as much a part of him as his arms and his legs, but it’s the only part of him that somehow feels like another living thing. He used to hate that about it when he was a child because it seemed to have a mind of its own, blowing up before Magnus could think to control it. But over the centuries, Magnus has learned to control it, to have it in sync with himself and ever since he’d managed that, he’s loved his magic.

Still, there are some things he prefers doing the mundane way, his makeup being the main one. Not only does he feel like he has more control and therefor can do it better by hand than by magic, there is also a calming, almost therapeutic quality to it. To taking time every morning to sit and focus on something he loves before he needs to face the rest of the world. 

He’d already picked out and put on an outfit for the day and was sitting at his vanity, just about to start putting eyeshadow on his other eye to match the one he’d already done, when Alec suddenly walks into the room and freezes when his eyes land of Magnus.

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I apologize for the delays, but may I present to you, the Lolirock Crystal Quinta spreads! There are two versions of the spread! The one on the left, with the magical array displayed, is called the “Crystal Quinta: Realms of Ephedia” spread! The one on the right is called the “Crystal Quinta: Princesses” spread. I did two separate spreads, because I wanted to emphasize both the realms and the qualities that make up the princesses. At a later date I will most likely do individual spreads for each of the girls, but for now, have these! 

Spread descriptions and notes on my choices for each card slot under the cut! I will be posting test readings of these spreads up at a later date, and edit the post to link to them. Please let me know if you have any questions! 

And a special thank you to the Lolirockers that showed interest in this!! it really helped me get it done!

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So, Tumblr seems to have eaten the message, but re: my last post about the nature of the self, someone messaged me pointing out that I completely neglected to mention the Heart aspect, which basically represents the very thing I was talking about: the ur-Self! Which inspired some great reflections, so let’s touch on that before I drop eleven pages of Gnosticism on you later tonight. If that was you, please let me know so I can give you credit!

EDIT: Ah, I figured it out! It was homeschool-winner! Thank you for the terrific message! :)

So, in the past I wasn’t much for classpect analysis ‘cause I kinda saw people trying to use them predicatively, like “this will happen because Character X has Y classpect,” and there was always just such a wide range of interpretations available that any claim to certainty seemed a bit dubious. But now that Homestuck’s over, I find I’m fond of them, not as predictors but as tools for understanding all the weird symbols in Homestuck’s hyperflexible mythology.

I totally agree that Heart represents the Ur-Self. It clearly represents the soul, as Calliope tells us, and we see it on full display with Dirk’s ability to suck out souls (and put them in something else). He’s the Destroyer of Souls, and possibly also a destroyer by means of souls (by accidentally creating the Calsoul and thus Lord English? By duplicating his soul in the form of AR/Hal, whose soul is real enough to be part of a kernelsprite and the Calsoul?) Dirk fucks things up with/for souls. That’s pretty clear.

But these souls also seem to carry enough of their person’s qualities to represent their Ur-Self. LE certainly has qualities of all the people in the Calsoul. It seems pretty reasonable to interpret Heart as relating to people’s Self. That would make Dirk someone who destroys or suppresses Selfhood. Makes sense; Bro was certainly able to suppress Dave’s self, as we see it emerging by the ending. And LE’s Hal definitely comes out in Doc Scratch’s manipulations, which serve to rob others of their agency. So it checks out.

I really love the way souls are represented in the SBURB Glitch FAQ/Replay Value AU (which is an awesome AU, btw, y’all should check it out), where they’re nicknamed shinies, and basically everything has one. They’re the code for rocks or grass or game objects or people, and Heart Players can mess with them as one of their means of exploiting the game engine to compensate for bugs like the debug menu in a Bethesda Game. It’s awesome.

Imagine a game engine that calls up individual manifestations of you, which behave like different entities but they’re all called from one base file that’s copied and modified for different circumstances. That might be the kind of game we’re working with here.

But no classpect is ever just one thing, right? That’s what’s fascinating about them, they’re often multiple meanings fused fluidly together. Light is Luck, but also Information, Knowledge. Even Time and Space have subtler qualities. So I think we need to look at the Leijons as well.

When we first hear about Heart, it seems like it might be a silly, power of heart aspect, right? Because we (all too easily) dismiss Nepeta, and see Heart as just meaning love, meaning Nepeta’s shipping.

But I’m gonna say that Shipping, Self, and Agency all roll together into one concept called Heart. By pairing people up, Nepeta is exploring compatibilities among archetypal versions of people. Terezi fits with Dave in some ways, and Vriska in others. A Rogue of Heart might be able to move people around to their benefit to find better combinations. (A Thief of Heart would of course ship people for her own benefit rather than theirs, a classic seducer and heartbreaker…but maybe she’d also be someone who could steal a literal soul.) Meulin does this too, but more directly, as matchmaker more than shipper (the Mage at work). Heck, I think Davepeta’s very existence is a strong argument for this, right? The fusion of Nepeta and Davesprite’s souls created one hell of a positive, affirming combination. Like a bird and cat-themed Garnet. Meanwhile LE’s souls amplify a monster.

So yeah, in Homestuck Heart means: Soul + Self + Agency over Events+ Compatibility + Love.

Thinking about Heart also got me thinking, interestingly, about Mind. They’re an obvious aspect pair, right? One is the soul and one is the brain, duh. But I was never able to explain them on a larger level than that.

And then just now I got it. Because Mind in Homestuck means Choice. We see this everywhere in Homestuck. Terezi’s Mind abilities allow her to see what choices people will make and how to get the best results from them, to the point where she can use people’s choices to defy luck. Her retcon arc (which I will talk about in so, so much depth later) is about rewriting her own choices, or really giving herself the freedom to make new ones. Meanwhile, Latula uses her own choices as a shield but can easily interpret the choices her peers made as the Ancestors.

So, like Time and Space, Light and Void, and so on, Heart and Mind are a balanced pair where the further you go from one, the closer you move into the other. Heart is your Self and your role in the cosmos altogether. Mind is the individual choices you make to differentiate yourself from all your other selves! Heart is what’s consistent across all timelines, Mind is what makes individual timelines exist! Heart is Dave-ness; Mind is the difference between Doomed Dave, Dave, and Davesprite. Heart is what’s unchangable about you; Mind is what’s changing. Every self matters, but so, too, does the eternal Self

You could almost think of it as if Heart’s your base stats in a video game, and Mind’s the stat boosts you gain a long the way. Say, Pokemon. I bet Terezi would be really good at EV training. >:)

Hell, this even gets spelled out for us! Remember how Karkat introduced the concept of different game sessions to us?

EB: ummmm…
EB: crash bandicoot?

Think of all the Dersites and Prospitians, and all the different roles they take on. Jack and all his gang and even WV and PM at different points in their history. Funnily enough, in many ways the players of the Game have a lot in common with its NPCs.

We are all our own individual Bandicoot, yet still part of the much larger Bandicoot that makes us who we are.

Which means that Heart and Mind aren’t just any other aspects. They tie very directly into one of the biggest thematic concerns of Homestuck itself!

That’s so freaking cool!

So yeah, thanks so much for this insight! :D

(PS: Also, I really dug the point that the ur-Self could be described as the Platonic Self, that the “archetypes” I keep talking about really resemble Plato’s theory of Forms. A connection that’s worth checking out, especially when Dirk, Prince of Heart  has the username timaeustestified, a reference to a major Platonic Dialogue. Dirk is the Platonic Form. It’s him. Thanks for that insight, too!)